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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jul 10 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - July 10, 1909, Galveston, Texas A Fotta fit Peteh of a a Century the opera a i ass has worked in the interest of the sea Wali City. Library 0 t. I ? the sea Wau tub 4 i Grade raising and t the opera class ? wimp make Galves ton the South s t largest Best City i and port. I �sta15 l1shed 1879.galveston, Texas so to Rdv Yaj july 10,. 1909. Vol. Xxx. No. 52. Bricks made without Straw blocks of compressed Clay have Baon used from time immemorial for building. A �?��?�./. Wljcn-1 was young1, says a writer used to to much interested in the the israelite. In Egypt and always wondered Why they should have been unable to a make bricks without Straw a there was a Brick Field near where i went to school and i often watched the workers but never saw them using Straw. It wan Long afterwards that i Learned that the egyptians did not Burn their bricks in a Kiln is is done now but Only dried their bricks in the Sun so the Straw was needed to keep them from falling to pieces. You know How frail the Day things you Model Are these egyptian bricks would have been of Little use in countries where it Rains a in afew. Years they would have a been pushed or melted away but in Egypt or at least in that., part where the israelite lived it never Rains and unburnt Bra cats served their purpose very Well in fact they May be seen to this Day in a fair condition although they Are 3,000 or 4,000.years old. A 11 the romans were and used Many bricks. These bricks were baked or Burnt in a Kiln a they too have lasted to our time. In spite of Sun and Frost rain and wind. A Well made Bricle will outlast any. Ordinary building Stone. When this country was first settled nearly ally the houses were built of Wood. Only Rich people could afford to use bricks and these at first were imported from old houses built of bricks brought from Holland May still to seen near new York. Concrete a mixture of Cement Sand and broken Stone a has been introduced for building a a it bids fair largely to take the place of bricks. Perhaps in a few Hundred years from now a House built of bricks will he a curiosity try to get into my Garden interesting Puzzle of getting to the Center by walking in paths and not climb Hedges. Here is a plan of my Garden. The lines show the Hedges. The White spaces Between the lines Are the walks. Some folks a my it is a great Puzzle for them to find their Way to the Middle of my Garden. Some say it is quite As hard for them to get out As to get in. Well my walks Are meant for a Puzzle and if you do not like to be puzzled you must not get into my Garden. You must a not go in unless you mean to and your Way to the Middle where you Seo the two men with flags. If you go in you must not torn Back. You must keep in till you. Plan of Garden. Come to the flags and you must not Cross any of the lines. You must Koep in the White path Between the lines. I do not let folks climb Over my hedge. Say hedge is five feet High. But i will Tell you what you can do. You a an take a pin or a Pencil and track void the plan the Way you would Goy if i were to let you walk to the Middle of my Garden. Remember you must not Cross the lines. Now look at the plan and see if you can get to the Middle without crossing any of the lines. Mow would you go which of the walk would you Lake. Another Boring question i say a is a Man from Poland called a Polo a. A yes my a then a Why. Isnit a Man from Holland Cal a a Hole Quot a comic cuts i a flip to the my gites Tibai off a humane people. The arabs even though barbarians and half Savage Are the most Humano interesting old time magic people. Everyone knows the Fame of a a a a a arabian horses. The a Arab loves his removing scissors tied to Soma ll0rse As much 33 Lle does a Quot a member object is puzzling when the 1 of his family. And in turn the Faith track is first seen. A piece of Strong Cord is doubled and fastened to a pair of scissors with a slip knot As shown in Fig.-1. How the scissors Are removed. After passing the ends of the Cord through the thumb Hole of the scissors they Are tied fast. To a chair door Knob or any other object that May be of sufficient size a to make the ends secure. The trick is to release the scissors without cutting the Cord says popular mechanics. Take hold of the Loop end of the Cord in the lower handle and drawing it first through the upper. Cantwe and then completely Over the Blades of the scissors As shown in Fig. 2 this is very simple when you know How but puzzling when the trick is first seen women say As mean things of the pics As they can think of in Public hut in Public men Are a always com tho Globe. Ful horse loves him. Each would offer his life for the other. The Arab never touches1 his horse with whip or Spur but wins his obedience and affection with kind words. There is a Story told of the freeing of Hassan the Arab. He was captured by some enemies and put in prison. He was bound hand and foot and Laid outside of the tent prison. When night came Hassan could not Ridep soon he hard tho whinny of in Iii faithful horse he rolled to where a he horse stood and the dumb Anima sniffed about him and recognized i san Ester. He picked up. His master by.,ill s Girdle and ran All. The Way Homo with him Between his Teeth. When they reached Home the poor animal died. The Arab never forgot hip friends last act. Thus we pee there Are humane people All Over the world. He realized it a very us realize the terrible things that May result from n word hastily spoken Quot said tho benevolent woman. Quot Well i realize it a answered tho Young Man who sat by her on the train. A a a in a a baseball a a Beach picnic. There was nothing very remarkable about the invitation 1 found on my in Sec last week save that i was asked to come at three and id Large letters were tha words Quot bring your bathing the hostess lived on the Shore of an Inland Lake. Of yes Quot or. Mine. Merrit was asked to cd me at six. Well the whole thing was so delightful so delightful so possible tii nearly every one that we All found ourselves asking a Why Haven t we done it before a As with almost everything there must be a Leader some one who realizes possibilities and makes them realities. In this Case the hostess had lived for years on this self same spot iad regularly gone to the seashore for the bathing a he it was Only because the family exchequer had been struck by the financial panic that tile summer was lining passed at Home. Its Mill wind that blows no a one any Good and there is More than one person who is grateful that the a a Blanks had to remain at Home for there have been a number of affairs just As pleasant As the one herein described. At four o clock water suits were donned and under the Protection of automobile Coata the run to the Beach was made. After a Jolly splash and an hour spent on the Broad Piazza the men came out from town and Quot there was a regular Beach supper served with All the comforts of Home close at hand. A huge Driftwood fire cooked the potatoes just to the right turn and a real Gypsy Kettle boiled the Corn. So horses with boards of top made the table and the cloth was White paper with the cutest napkins and rings of paper each with a souvenir in.-, Side. The guests went in raptures Over Thev dislikes i Means the plates Quot a which were of pasteboard each with Dainty painted Flowers for decoration. The hostess said they came in sets All packed in one Box. As there have been several requests for menus for outdoor suppers i am going to Tell exactly what we had. First there was a Cantelous Cut in half by the Man who was dubbed Quot to liar Knight of the knife a then there were sandwiches of minced him mixed with Mayonnaise and. Chopped pickles sandwiches of sliced Chicken and Plain Raisin Brown bread sandwiches devised eggs and potato salad garnished with beets. Bottles of olives iced Tea tiie ice brought from tho House Ginger and White cookies and delicious Little frosted chocolate cakes. The Corn and potatoes cooked Over the fire made the heavy portion of the repast. For the finale there was a hugs Watermelon and afterwards a marshmallow roast Over the dying Beach fire. Every a no declared that they had Learned a lesson by learning to appreciate what was within their Roa pc and the hostess received a vote of thanks for the a pleasant Outing. Hope will fully answer All questions asked 1 a a a. \ the invitations Are engraved with letters of Gold and of course Golden Yin allow will be the color Scherno throughout the House. If the affair it in the fall Golden glow and Golden Rod Are just the Flowers to use. Fob the table Canter piece there should be 60 roses preferably Marslin Al oils the can Lles of yellow in brass holders. Gilt slippers make. Charming souvenirs filled with almonds. The Bonbons May be wrapped in Gilt paper the Calce frosted with a yellow icing made from the Yolk of. Eggs and the ice a top am Frozen n rings new York ice Cream is a deep yellow and should be ugh a. Serve Orange Frappe in a punch bowl wreathed with yellow. If the Young people who assist Are gowned in yellow it will add greatly to the Scenic effect. In Way of gifts on such an occasion Gold pieces Are in order Flowers and any Dainty remembrance foil of course quantities of elaborate things Arr not expected. Or in Good taste. When a couple have reached this period in life s journey they do not want the care of a lot of new things but rather to be relieved 01 what they have. In Many instances of this kind the children and near relatives have a really Golden Quot Shower for Taliej honoured pair and then they do what they like with the Money. A the Golden wedding is a fitting time for reminiscences and a feature of the be a description of the original ceremony with toasts music and letters read from absent friends. A Madame Merri in it headgear showing the Vogue of enormous wings a he feathers. With girdles and sashes. The Golden wedding.1 this is in reply to several requests for Golden wedding celebrations and i a a military brushes now come with pig skin lacks. In Laws of tiny buttons rival rows of Large ones. Buttoned shoes Are More popular than laced ones. The newest covers and chemises Are Cut Low. 1 Quot in. Stylish Riding boots for women come in White Buckskin. The new coat collars Are Large round affairs of Irish or Cluny lace. -. Raffia handbags Are to lie found in almost every color and every shape. Ostrich feathers Are much used although few of he unfurled sort Are seen. Satin crepes on account of their Light weight Are the preferred hat facing. Pearl embroidery. Pearls Are a great Deal worn embroidered on tulle there is too a great fancy for dead Gold filet lace and this Over tulle or Chiffon is quite1 becoming. For Gold like oxidized Silver i an h Coppe effects is much in Vogue and shows the trend of Magnlii-uance.�?Vogue.1 seasons fashion has led to the putting out of Beautiful and novel ribbons. Gowns Are nearly All to to worn with girdles or sashes. Consequently the shops have on display a Beautiful collection of Novelty new ribbon is made of a. Silk material called cry Pon. Which is like a soft finished Rajah. It comes in. A number of handsome flowered designs and is an expensive ribbon to be used with the Laucy silk gowns. Moire ribbon in Light colors will form the sashes for Many of tho More elaborate Light weight toilets. It comes in. Many varieties thus differing from tho old watered silk designs. An exquisite Pale Jilk Sash worn with a Cream Coile gown had a flight of butterflies embroidered on a moire ground. Many of the silk mores introduce Satin figures in dots a or stripes. A pretty design soon in a number of shades showed a series of Satin Bow knots on a background of the silk moire. Oriental ribbons Are conspicuous to be. Employed on the Lilit cloth dresses that introduce Oriental embroidery. One of the simpler ribbons with the fashionable old Gold decoration was of taffeta silk with large1 dots of. Gold Gauze. The same kind of ribbon came with the stripes of taffeta and Gold Gauze alternating. The Sash will be More of a Novelty than the Girdle on the new gowns but of course it. Can by Iise a Only on tresses of a certain character. To careful that you tie the new ribbon in the right Way. The ssh is brought years Vintage and All Are trimmed with buttons. Old Silver Pearl Sonia hand carved and Jet continue to be used abundantly. Wide embroideries and sout ached insets Are among tho much used trim plugs. .1 i a visiting dress Alligator Gray Cashmere makes up a Well in this style the Over skirt is pointed each Side front acid is trimmed at each Point with a silk Tassel the upper part is draped round the Waist in1 soft folds the entire Edge being Sci my the Waist in Quot rather Aldei close outlined with silk chem it Falls Lysette is of tucked Chiffon of the same folds and tied at the Back. A Little More than half Way down1 the skirt the two ends being of about equal length. The How at the Waist is formed of two loops one Over the other and has a Good sized Rosette at tho top. A tied and untied. Said How so your Friend found marriage a failure did she said she no indeed the jury was kind and granted her $50,000 Alimony a. Like to get into picture similarity in ,noted by observant and interested \ . Quot you note Quot photographer Quot that in pictures taken anywhere in any part of the Globe the humans face tho camera As. If they a wanted to be taken. It May be vanity but they All seem to Lite to get into tho pic1 Ture. Quot take a group picture made any where say Anong your own tribe. Note tho people in the rear with necks or cd to get out from behind Blank Etling people in front so that their faces will shyness or modesty May keep some who Are in the background from doing this but unless the photographer has ,. Personally posed every member of the group so that he a will show you will always find in such pictures some figures of persons who would otherwise have been More or Nifisa obscured but who have so disposed themselves As to make sure that their aces show fio of any set group and the same would be True of any sort of picture in which Many persons were taken As at a banquet or a wont Long. People like to get into the picture. Quot just How True this is appears in Many ways Vinvall sorts of pictures in pictures in Wimch people Are not the main incidental or subordinate features As of accidents or ruins or scenes of a great variety of sorts. In such pictures where the presence of the Camora was known you will always find some persons facing or turning toward the photographer with an evident Delro to get into the picture and easy to imagine that the gratification of seeing themselves there May give them pleasure. Quot loot at pictures taken of Semi Savage or Semi civilized people in remotest countries where Phi chaps they had never seen1 a Mirror or heard of a camera but you. May be sure that human vanity exists is it does with us and you May see somebody trying to get into the picture or smiling to look Well in it. A re if fit in pah White linens Little worn. A very decorative and useful Little article this to hang on the Wall or on the looking Glass. Cut a piece of silk the shape and size of -no.>2, allowing a third of ail Inch at edges for turning i embroider it with sequins and ribbon in the design Given or in Satin and knot stitches if preferred Gold sequins and Pale Pink ribbon on White silk would be very Dainty and would Accord with most bedroom Deeo no. 2.�?design for no. 3, rations. After the. Embroidery is finished Cut a piece of card the shape of no. 2, cover it with the silk and line it with White silk then Curvo round and sew the two edges neatly together. Cut a tiny Circle to fit the Hole at lower end cover with silk and seam in position put Pom on Center a Small silk Pom Hatpin Holder. Vogue is All for colors and the reason is apparent in the designs. Shown. 1the coloured linens Are taking a the irad this season instead of White. The reason is. Not hard to find a the col prs a that Are modish now Are of the loveliest tones to be found on the dyers they Are ipod unlit out in the. Linens to the Best advantage. A there is an a unusually Large number of weaves among the flax textures. Tho newest is the one. That imitates Quot Pongee with great faithfulness though without the gloss it might be mistaken for Handwoven Linen which in the machine work of the Day is not far from equal to the old hand loom product. The Mach no Woven textures in silk1 and Linen with uneven threads which remind one of tho hand loom materials have lost tho crude appearance which the imitation fabrics of the kind had not so Long ago. \ the skirts plaited below the tight fitting Princess hip Yoke or Cuirasses a lend themselves Well to the linens. Most of the embroidery on linens is Dono in the color of the material. Heliotrope Havana Brown and Khaki Are popular tones though a full Range of colors is shown for one s Choos a ing the coarse ribbed new linens Are made into suits with Coats in a Host of shapes. Some Are open and a great Deal tit away some Are double breasted with the Long Waistline at the Back which Stamps it of this color a band of the Cash Inere closely braided crosses from below bust. The zouave is also braided. Hat of White Chip trimmed with silk and feathers to match dress. A materials required 0 Yards 40 inches wide % Yard tucked Califon about 7 Yards balloon 2 i Yards lining two those who press when you wish to press your dark Linen frock this summer do. Not Trust that a White ironing Board will leave no Mark May easily cover the Board for a moment with some dark material an old skirt or a bit of lining and when the frock is pressed this May be removed and kept Tili the next time. A a you know the appearance of a dark gown with splotches of White lint upon it. It is to avoid just these that the dark cover should be used also it is just As necessary to. Moisten the dark Linen with a Patch of its own material instead of White goods. Overcoming mildew a cure for mildew that is the remedy of an old negro laundress is excellent for All White goods and will not injure Fine materials. Pour a quart of boiling water Over two ounces of Chloride of Lime add three. Quarts of cold. Water let the mixture stamp until settled Strain and it is ready for material should be steeped in the Lime water for a Day a or Over night when the spots will be found to have disappeared. Proper use of Talcum it a Talcum was never intended is a toilet article for while bldg tho face but it soothes a burned skin. If however Talcum a added to face powder the. Irritation1 that often follows the application of face powder will not to noticed. It makes a powder Smootie
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