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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jul 6 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - July 6, 1907, Galveston, Texas ía�dtj4f� Library 3 a a too too 5 a Jhb s3a v7a3l-e- Otey of Abb Nail my aet fas Troia of a Aas my us Imo amp Xiv a Vamp no is South d &aa�s0�, by so pm ask �zpoe1b. I l i i it established 1879 Galveston Texas vol. Xxviii. No. 50 of clip Airmy he so stately iat Esse of a 4�5�e a a How a eur ill Oyt la a a tev it so amp i ltd., a a a a a 1s Jfe oily Oie no a l5viff?g. A the passing of mrs. William Mckinley appreciably depleted Tho Surv Lvang White House ladles to the Point that they have Baccomo almost As few As living sex president so and of this latter there is Only oho. While mrs. Mckinley by reason of the continuing illness which had for Many yearn beset her could scarcely be looked upon a an Active figure in social info at the executive mansion her influence on the american nation through the thoroughly sympathetic relations she enjoyed with her husband was not blight. A there have in the course of our comparatively very Brief history been Gay White houses and quiet White a houses. To the latter class belong the administrations a Adf William my Martha Washington. R Kinley and Theodore Roosevelt and of some earlier executives. Of the former Dolly Madison a is generally a looked upon As the most notable or ample with the period of Grover Cleveland a occupancy of the throne As a. Close second by reason of the a great Public interest which attended his marriage with miss Frances Folsom a a the Roosevelt regime. Certainly of recent years the Cleveland regime must stand out As the most socially important in any consideration of the activities of the ladles of the white1 mrs Mckinley practically an invalid had not a the strength necessary to the prosecution of a it vigorous social Campaign. Mrs. Roosevelt has hot the inclination. She has been Ever a retiring woman Content with her family and her Homo life caring nothing at All for the pomp and circumstance that go with High. Office. It whatever gaiety of the sort Washington expects from the a executive family has been in the main due to mrs. Nicholas Longworth formerly Alice Roosevelt that Young woman enjoyed a National popularity which few ladies of the White House have Ever exceeded. A a an everyday heroine. Lucretia Rudolph Garfield was essentially a homebody. She had been a school teacher in Ohio before she and Jamos a. Garfield wore married. She took no Highfalutin notions to Washington when she went there As the first lady in the land. She was a Farmer s daughter and her ways were Plain. The Hon. A. M. Pratt of Bayou. O. Telling of the lives arid loves of the Garfield Homo years ago said Quot mrs Garfield sought and taught scholars in painting and drawing in my then very insignificant Village. Sho did not get very Large classes and lived in my House the. Guest and Friend of. My then wife the future president was frequently entertained at my table he a Young Strong great hearted Large headed youth but two Yearb from College hopeful full of life and push she Graceful Sveet amiable retiring with a disposition As Lovely As a Star lit sky both poor. Their Fortune was their youth health. Hearts intellects Hope and glad am i to say a mrs. Garfield before her a Elevation a was very often compelled to do much of Hor own housework. Ten years before she went. Into the White House she wrote her husband from their a form Home a letter which shows Ftp lines of her character and which in part is As follows a i gift glad to Tell that out of All the toll and disappointments of the sum mor just have risen up to a Victory that Ellen of thought since you have been away has won for my spirit a Triumph. I read something like thib the other Day there is no healthy thought without labor and thought a lakes the labourer perhaps this is the Way i have been Able to climb up higher. It came to me when i wan making bread. I said to myself hero i am compelled by an inevitable necessity to make our bread this summer. Why riot a pleasant occupation and make it so by trying to see what perfect bread i can make a Quot it seemed like an inspiration and the whole of life grew brighter. The very Sunshine seemed flowing Down through my spirit into the White loaves and now i relieve my table is furnished with better bread than Ever before and this truth old As creation seems just now to have become wholly mine that i need not be the shrinking slave of toil but its regal mistress making whatever i 5j0 yield me its Best fruits. You have been King of your work so Long that maybe you laugh at me for having lived so Long without my Crown but l am too glad to have found it at Hll to be entirely discontented even by your merriment Quot. Mary Lincoln a ambitions. Mary. Todd Lincoln wife of the other american president to meet death by assassination held from Early youth the ambition to marry a a Man who should Rule the nation. She picked out As her Choice Abraham Lincoln and this at a time when her selection seemed to have Little of re comm Ida Tori in it. She refused the offer of marriage of Stephen a. Douglas and wedded the Man she was sure was to go to Washington As the chief of America. She realized her ambition arid went to the capital holding her first reception a court of politeness fashion and Charm. She Trade for her husband friends by the Hundred and was never happier than when presiding at the parlor Cabinet. That was her history for awhile the mainspring in the scheme of happiness then came the Darker Side of things wars and rumours of wars the bayonets of the British gleaming in the Washington Suri Shinfen and ainu Alcan officials in danger of sudden death. Just How the volatile lady bore herself under these changed conditions is Well shown in a letter she wrote to her sister at mount Vernona tuesday August 23, 1814. A dear sister my husband left me yesterday morning to join Gen Winder. He inquired. Anxiously whether i had courage or firmness to remain in the president s House until his return on the Morrow or succeeding Day. And on my Assurance that i had no fear but for him and the Success of our army he left me beseeching me to take car of myself arid of the Cabinet papers Public and private. I have since received two dispatches from him written with Pencil the last is alarming because he desires that i. Should be ready at a moments warning to enter my Carriage and leave the City that the enemy seemed stronger than had been reported and that it might happen a they would reach the City with intention to destroy it. A i am accordingly ready i have pressed As Many Cabinet papers into trunks As to fill one Carriage our private property must by sacrificed As it is impossible to secure wagons for its transportation. I am determined not to go myself until. I see or. Madison Safe and he can accompany me As i hear of much hostility towards him. Disaffection stalks around us. My friends arid acquaintances Are All gone even col. C., with his Hundred men who were stationed As a. Guard in this enclosure. French John a faithful Domestic with his usual activity and Resolution oilers to Spike the Cannon at the Gate and Lay a train of powder which would blow up the British should they enter the House. To the last proposition i positively object without being Able however to make him understand Why All advantages in War May not be Rachel Jackson s sad history a very. Sad history was that of Rachel wife of president Andrew Jackson. Early in life she bad contracted a marriage which had resulted unfortunately and on a divorce being granted or As was thought at the time granted he married Andrew Jackson. The repetition of the report that this marriage took place before a divorce had positively separated the woman from her first husband Robards so worked upon mrs. Jackson As to aggravate a heart affection which had Given her much trouble. The fact that a second ceremony positively United Jackson arid. The daughter of col. John Donelson was ignored in the gossip attendant upon the lives of the parties and in the Campaign for the presidency made by March 9, 1861. This is How an old timer recalls that occasion a mrs. Lincoln stood a Tew paces from her husband assisted by her Sisters mrs. Edwards and mrs. Baker together with two of her nieces and was attired in a Rich Pink moire antique Pearl ornaments and Flowers in her hair and hands. She 1b a pleasant looking elegantly appearing lady of perhaps 40, somewhat inclined to Stout Ness but withal Fine looking and was the proudest Day of mrs. Lincoln s life. Laura c., Holloway in speaking of the influence of mrs. Lincoln of official America Iet inclined to the belief that much of unfortunate effect was due to mrs. Lincoln Slack of tact. Plucky Dolly Madison. Of a happier tone was the White House experience of Dorothy Payne Madl Sori wife of the president of that name. A her family came from Virginia and she herself despite the fact of her North Carolina birth always took Pride in referring to herself As a daughter of the old Dominion. When her family removed to Philadelphia arid joined the Quaker sect mistress Dorothy was brought up Iff that severe doctrine. She married very Young John Todd a Philadelphia lawyer and was a widow at 22. Her second marriage to the then congressman a Madison took place less than a year after the death of mrs Todd mrs. Madison a disposition was of the sunniest. She proved an invaluable ally when her husband was elected president and moved to Washington. At that Early. Day of our history Washington was Little less than wilderness. Steamboats were just coming in railroads were unknown. Five Hundred mile to lab on horseback were frequently taken women. The times were rough. Mrs. Madl Soni the softening influences which were hers from birth made of the presidents Home Rachel Jackson. Jackson my enemies made. Much capital of the situation. Just ask Sho was preparing to leave for Washington to Rule As mistress of the executive mansion mrs. Jackson overheard a gathering of women in a room adjoining hers in a hotel discussing her with a Freedom and malice that resulted in her Complete prostration and subsequent death. Other ladles of the White Houte. Other women who have graced the White House have each their places in history Martha Washington Lucy Webb Hayes Julia pent Grant Martha Patterson who. Aided her father president Johnson mrs. Andrew Johnson Harriet Lane the beloved Niece of president Buchanan Abigail full Moro mrs. James k. Polk Letitia Christian Tyler Angelica Van Buren mrs. Martin Van Buren Louisa Catherine Adams and. Martha impression on their country a future has been scarcely less defined than was the Mark Nide by the distinguished men whose names they Boro. For the social influence is every bit As important As the political in Lulu ence and Quot its victories though a Nofle dal just As pronounced. Popular stage favorite used Bible As cipher. Verse from Solomon told of rage engagement. Mar Quot Wood playing the comedy role in a Strong heart with Robert Edeson this season. How to get laughs. V if. Hattie Williams gives secret of sue Cess in of unmaking. A the Way to get a laugh is to go on with a laugh. Good nature begets Good nature. There May be dyspeptic comedians but i know of so declares Hattie Williams Star of the Little Cherub company. A toil can catch some Flash with at to facial flies but you can to catch laughs with artificial smiles. You must really feel in the humor if you expect your audience to respond to you. Now you May say that one cannot always be in Good humor just because one wants to Amnise an audience but Pray. Why not Good humor comes with Good health and a Clear conscience and it it is your profession to engender Good humor Quot y6uv must be Good Humoured Why not cultivate Good digestion and Clear conscience. A a there is this advantage in laugh making with a Good Start you Are quite sure of a Good finish get your audience laughing and it will do the rest after you have raised the first real Broad smile you May if you want be As dyspeptic arid As sorely troubled in conscience As Uriu please for the first impressions decide the Fate of the performance. Of course your digestion or your cons Clerice is not going to change in the course of an hour or so so i can safely Lay Down this seemingly absurd Rule. Quot in a the Little Cherub i am supposed to in amp a my first appearance in a greatly perturbed state of mind. I am supposed to be an actress in love with a Young Nobleman. I am visiting his fathers House under the pretext of giving some lessons in stagecraft to his Young Sisters but really in order to meet his father arid win papa Over to me. Good acting might Call for some signs of that perturbation on my part but i must remember. That a the Little Cherub is a comedy and intended to amuse so i throw Over the traditions of the stage and enter the scene radiantly Good Humoured and Light hearted. A my real feelings that 1b, the real feelings of Molly Mot Rose Are made Clear later but nay first Entrance must to made in a spirit to amuse and not to depress the audience which really does no to care for my troubles but is impatiently awaiting the Happy solution of the its Sam Bernard for keeps. Actor has stage Namel Vlade to Egal so his children can share his glory. Sam Bernard got permission recently from judge Lewis j. Conlan of new York City to change his name. This does not mean that he will hereafter be known As Sam something else. It simply Means that the name Bernard May now be borne by his wife and two children and by himself legally. ,. A Sam admitted in his petition that to Bear the famous name of Bernard before the footlights was almost sufficiency. But it was troublesome to change from the famous Sam Bernard of the stage to the prosaic and unknown Samuel Harnett of private life and think of the children. What was the fun for. Them to have a famous a when none of his Fame was passed on to them thus reasoned Sam in his petition and with such Felicity that his plea was granted Sam explains How he came to make the name of Bernard famous instead of Barnett in this Way. Twenty five years ago when he a began his stage career he was bashful More bashful than he is now1, and he gave his. Name to the manager in such a Way that the manager caught it As Bernard. He just naturally put Sam on under that name in a sketch with his brother and Sam has just As naturally continued it Slanco. When she left her Homo in Tho a it mall town to come to new York to take up a special course of study her pet sister was fast reaching Tho crisis of a love affair say the Tribune. The pot sister Wab a most winsome Young lady and had Long kept a goodly train of suitors a sighing. Was this affair to be Tho grand affair the older sister hoped so for Sho liked Tho Young Man cordially a thought he was just Tho sort to make a proper brother in Law. But the weeks passed and not a bit of definite nows about the Progress of the affair did Tho older Slater receive in her City boarding House. She became a anxious. A Uibo she thought must not go on recklessly trifling in such important matters. Then1 one night about ten o clock just As she was going to bed Camo a Telegram. The servant brought it up. The older sister was country girl enough to to thoroughly frightened by the Pale Manila Black a nod envelope How ominous it looked. At lengthy Bhe gathered courage to open it. Tills 1b what Sho read i a Solomon six three. Louise a Solomon six three whatever in. The world. Of Why Yea stupid it of course Means the song of Solomon sixth chapter third verse. But a and her Cheeks flushed with shame a rho had no Bible there was a great scurrying about the boarding House to find a copy of. Tho sacred Book. Tie girls were routed ont in vain. On All sides Tho cry arose Quot who a got a Bible a a just think of the sister trying to sleep that night without knowing what that verse Vas it would Havo been just like a woman to to Down to pleasant dreams Content to know that Sho could satisfy her curiosity in the morning not a the Landlady Good soul came to the Rescue. She was no Heathen. She had a Bible. Up to her room with it flew the Slater and shut Tho door. Such a turning of pages by Magor nervous fingers Solomon six three. Sho found it and then she cried Quot Hurrah Quot and laughed for tha Varao Waii "1 am my beloved a and my beloved is a plays and players. Early in the autumn miss Margaret Ellington will make her Stellar debut at the lyceum theater new York in a Cdr. patient Quot a comedy by we Geyer and Robert Ord which was produced first at �810 Adelphi in London two years ago. Miss Sarah Traux at present leading woman with the players Stock company during it summer season at the metropolitan theater st. Paul Litas. Is to be starred next season in. A the spiders web Quot of a a three act Hutchins. / a a a a t the realistic drama. An undertaker living in a thriving Nebraska town took his Little boy to the theater the other Day. The play was rampant melodrama and the lit tie fellow watched with a breathless interest the villain kill his victim and impressively go through All the forms necessary to assure himself of perfect Success incidentally satisfying. The youngster that death had actually taken place. When the curtain descended upon the thrilling scene the undertaker arose to seek refreshment whereupon his offspring in. A loud whisper demanded a spa Are you going around to get the body a it a a Lackaye favorite. In telling of some amusing experiences of his Road tour last Winter Wilton a a Kay said he would Back his property Man against any other in America when it comes to making out a property expense account. A favorite item which appeared on the list with the regularity of each succeeding performance of a the Man and that Law a was a one 5 cent Cigar 16 John Drew a next play is to he Quot his wife a a comedy now running at the Haymarket theater London and which is still on View at the theater gymnast Paris where it was produced originally last october under Tho title a Josette a or. Drew will make his first appearance in the comedy at the Empire theater new a Brit in september. -. Common nest for cat and he Bowdoinham cats Are noted for their sagacity but it remains for tha intelligent feline owned by mrs. Sam. Uel Donnell of that town to Cap Tho Climax. A your. Cat has taken a strange place to rear her last Kittens a. Mrs. Donnell told Tho journal Friday. A her Chil v Dren were born in a hens nest and Ever since she has persisted in keeping them there. The queer part of it is the philosophical Way in which the Hen seems to take the matter. Quot when Bhe wants to Lay an egg she pecks at the Kittens who Are too Small to resent it and if the Mother is near Bhe pushes them gently from the nest just As soon As the Hen has last tier egg the cat grabs the Kittens. And puts them in the nest again. A and it is no unusual thing for the cat Kittens eggs and Hen to be All together in oae glorious Kennebec journal. New wonder. Old Uncle Daniel Dewberry Camo Down the Street and halted in Froat of the phonograph Arcade. A this Way ladles and a gentlemen a shouted the pompous Man with Tho big Ina Aphone Quot and hear Jack and the a. Uncle Daniel. Dropped his bag of dough riots in astonishment. A a a Quot a by Heck a he ejaculated. Quot i to heard of lots of things but i Neve thought they could raise Beans that would talk. This Here Man Burbank is a wizard a the Mountain ranges of Europe iia East and West and those of America North and South. The real obstacle at Panama. The White Man at Panama must avoid that which to cannot endure. A we have proved that he cannot allow mosquitoes to bite him and now it must be acknowledged that he cannot allow the sunlight to strike his unprotected body. We eliminated the mosquitoes but we cannot eliminate the Sun Tho Soldier who Duji brately find unnecessarily exposes himself to bullets when he could take cover is not Only a fool but he is not a True Soldier. His fatal recklessness Only weakens the army. ,. The Engineer who can work All Day in the open in Michigan or new York should not do it in Panama writes an army surgeon maj. Charles e.,Woodruff in harpers and if he attain Pat it he is injuring the work instead of helping it along. Touchy. A a Why did you avoid him a a a he a so touchy.�?�. A Quot i never saw him lose his temper a neither did i but to is always trying to borrow Post
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