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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jul 3 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - July 3, 1909, Galveston, Texas a a. A 1 Quot a a a Quot a. A a a a Quot a x a Ora a Ahtu a of a 1 can tray the opera j i ass has worked z in a interest of a the sea Wali City. % a a a i a a Rry a by to or it a 4 re a to to Quot 1 a a a a it t x the sea Wai a tto be ? i Grade raising and or the opera i ass a Wii a make Gantes ? i ton the South a % largest Best City i air a port. Stab �oshebis79. Galveston Texas a sat Tarj Gay july 3, 1909. Vol xxx. No. 51. Nor painted spangled stencilled and Macphe fan is a Dainty trifle and should be in Harmony with the i gown. A fan is carried More for its picturesque by a Uty than for actual use therefore the materials should be of the inst fair like Deli Cacy. A fan is always held so near that exquisite Ness of detail in the decoration is Osso tial. In the inexpensive bouffe ten fans there is naturally an utter Lack of this Fine attention to the detail of both a design and workmanship that distinguish the expensive fans. The design should delicate Gay follow or be in entire keeping with the rounded outline of the fan. A it is possible to Hare a very Choice fan or Small Cost if one Doerthe Doc oration at Home. \\3jen buying the fan give the whole attention to the Quality of the Frame while the spread of the fan is of Plain White Chiffon. If a cheap lace edges it this May be removed. A four designs for fans Are shown in the sketch the modes of decoration being quite within the Power of the Moat inexperienced of craftsmen the fan in the upper left hand Corner is of i j ply in White chaff of. Edseth w 1th a Fine a Venchy Lack. The Center of the spread Island painted with Dainty Little Pink wild ro8os and delicate Green leaves. There is a quaint old time Charm about a painted fan that is altogether Lovely. In this Model this roses and leaves Are lightly sprinkled with we Silver spangles sewn on with a Fine Needle and Fine thread. The stitches on the Back of the fan Are hardly . The next fan is a Dainty affair of White Chiffon spangled in Gold. A Row of. The spangles gives a pretty Flieh on each Edge. A the lower left hand fan has a Stencil decoration this is something de Negligee of White Swiss. Wash fabric deservedly popular for to Many. Uses and it goo appearance. Even the. Most fashionable dressmakers lend their talents to the marking of most attractive Negligee Quot of White a wish lace and ribbon. It his Wash fabric has come into More favor for the kind of garment one wears in one s own from or for breakfast and luncheon with the family alone the bibs is Fine and Small Dot and the Negligee is usually made in pieces put together ont one Quot Belt which is covered by a Broad Sash of coloured Satin. Tuts is often Hilgh Walsted tit Back and is finished at the left with a a Large Rabotte and two Long ends. The neck is a open in a shape and finished with deep lace ruffles and a Bow of Satin at the Back. The tight Elbow sleeves Are finished with deep lace ruffles .4kd a Bow of Satin at the backs such Negligee Are cooler and fresher than those of silk or other materials that do not Wash. I it to lower ceilings. A you can make a your room appear lower cell need by letting the paper of the Selling run Down the Side of the Wall in a. Deep frieze finished by a picture Mold. Use Plain paper on the ceiling and figured or striped on the Walls. J. ,. A the illusion a May be. Furthered if you wish by adding a plate rail at Eye level and standing numbers of Afualo framed pictures and bits of Bric a Brac Blong it in a Row. A e applique fans to be made at Home. V a. A. A cd deadly novel and artistic and is the dainties affair imaginable. The fan is of White Chiffon arid the Flowers Pale yellow a with dark Green centers and stems a delicate Green. The Frame of the fan is Plain White Ivory. To Stencil the fax make the Stencil first then mix the color and try on a Side piece of Chiffon. Be sure to put the White of ail egg in the Dye so that the color frill not run. Have a Sepa rate bristle Brush for each color. Hall the design is Given so the finished Stencil will have two groups of flow ers with the stents in toward each other i a a a -. Lay the fan on a Hoard with a piece of White blotting paper under the fan measure up where each Motif will come. Lay. Tho Stencil on the fan and fasten All edges Down with pins. The color should be lightly dabbed in not washed on with Long strokes. Very Quot delicate handling is necessary. Do not have too much color on the Brush. Wipe it on a bit of old White Cotton cloth before applying to the Chiffon. The remaining sketch shows a fan Chiffon which was spangled in Silver. Over the spangled fabric Are applique a. lace butterflies. The edges of the fan Are finished with a Point lace braid. One half of the pattern for the Butterfly is Given. Trace the whole butter Fly on a piece of Pink Cambric. Make the lace Over the Cambric. The braids most effective for the Butterfly Are no. 155, for the outline of the wings no. 145�?z,Purling to Edge the wings and size 00, crocheted ring for the upper the body of the Butterfly is made of the braid with Plain stitches. The stitches should be of the finest texture using Plain Era a stitches in the upper wings and a Loop of braid in the lower. Quot the fan is edged with no. 206 braid. Suggestion for hat. High crowned hat of old Rose Chip lined with Black Chip immense Chov of Fine Cream it lace. A. Color schemes. A when in. Doubt use Pink a so said a successful hostess upon being asked the Best color scheme. Pink bears both the a Daylight and the artificial Light equally Well and is always becoming. A fact not to be overlooked by a thoughtful hostess. Blue changes to Green at night but Jinder certain conditions it is a rather Good scheme to use it. Yellow is not a satisfactory color to have at night Jis it is Apt to look faded from the sunlight. Violet is not Good at Naglit but at present is much in favor for Spring luncheons. With Corsage bouquets at each place for the guests. Red is rarely used in warm weather but is always delightful in Winter time carrying with a suggestion of warmth and Welcome that is grateful. A North Side hostess invariably uses red the year round As it harmonizes with her furnishings and service so that the color has come to be recognized As her own individually and her red dinners Are noted. V Green alone and combined with White is always pleasing and is a summer time Are always Good and May be kept fresh a Long time if Pla pod one Oyer tho other on a Flat Board then immersed in it cold water and kept in a Cool dry place. It is in Good form to use the. Flower that is in season and the japanese method of using Flowers is being adopted More and More As the Flower Holder Are on Sale now at nearly All of the department stores. Carnival of merry lovers. A Young woman who wished to announce her engagement. In a unique manner issued invitations for a fancy dress party in giie3ts were requested to. Come dressed As Quot famous a husbands and Elvee Brothers and Sisters maids a and their favorite and great was the untying tongues who was who. There were John Alden and Priscilla Hiawatha and min Shaha Paul arid old Glia Queen Elizabeth and Essex a Dante arid Beatrice Napoleon and Josephine Etc. All characters were kept secret and the Host asked the following questions Are you fact or fiction Are you living or dead if left alive to the Story they Are supposed to be living. Did your love. Lead to marriage either. What prevented or did you la vol Lippy Ever after what influence had tile Many a. Love on Thi tot Mut what influence had the woman s love Man. What was the most stirring event of your history. The Young hostess was dressed in a becoming evening gown and her brother who acted As Host was not disguised. There was one Man whom no one could guess As lie wore a masque and Black Domino. After a Lively time guessing and when nearly every one was discovered the mysterious stranger was a found beside the hostess and a her brother in the Fol lowing words broke the news. To the merry lovers Afi you dear friends Are fact and not fiction living and not dead As your love Lead to Rob triage and you have lived Happy Ever after to wish to night to offer our congratulations Good wishes for the it future to our hostess and her ii Naff or Tohn Blank. It. Is a needless to say that Hearty congratulations were in order and a Lolly dance followed. The refresh my Nta were simply. Ice Cream in the shape of double hearts one Pink one White and Small heart cakes. A fruit Frappe was. Served from a bowl surrounded by a Wreath of Pink roses Arida a of guest was Given a Rose As a souvenir. A. A Madame Jerrt. A the hip Yoke. The Cuirass or. Princess hip Yoke effect which has been conspicuous in imported gowns since the first openings of the season is being brought out in Many unexpected ways. One of the newest is the entire Princess gown with the lower part of the bodice and the Hlf portion of the skirt covered with embroidery which makes them one in a line and treatment. ,. R in this Way. It is possible to turn a two piece gown Ito a Princess lib simple process of covering the Waist seam with embroidery or braid being ail that la needed. Some of the trim rings of this kind Vare put on in jacket or coat shapes. Lingerie ribbons. Lingerie ribbons Are wider than formerly. Some an Inch or even two in Width Are employed through beaming proportionately wide. Ribbons of this kind thread the tops of flounces in lingerie and lace petticoats and Are used in Corset covers chemises Etc. The tying of the soft Long Loop Bow is one of items. 1 ask a in a a to clean tan leather raw. White potato Cut in halves and peeled if excellent for this purpose. Hub the potato which Muse be freshly but Well into the leather leaving no part untouched let this dry on then polish with a rag with a Light Quick motion. A Littva turpentine on a flannel rag is also a Good Cleanser for tan leather while several drops of Lemon or Orange juice give Brilliant polish to any leather. Olive Oil with a brisk after polish is used of Patent leather. A. Walking costume a a costume of Thil description would look Well if carried out in silk and cloth. The High waisted skirt is in Fawn finely corded silk and has a deep hem of a flip racer Shade of face cloth. The coat which reaches to just below the bust in front and nearly to the cloth hem at Back. Is made in cloth Andias revers cuffs and covered buttons of silk a White Lawn ruffle finishes the Fri ats and neck. Hat of Fawn Straw trimmed with a silk band and three shaded Fawn feathers materials required Yards silk 42 ,4 Yards cloth 54 inches wide 4 buttons 6 Yards silk for coat lining. ? a. Useful coat a really useful co6t that can be. Worn a Waterproof and yet look suitable when it does riot rain is made from Era Venette material which can now be procured in Many colors and various textures the coat shown Here is bottle Green it is double breasted and has a High Collar that can be turned up or Down one wide tuck is made on each shoulder and continued Down the front. The expression a a Panama hat a As indicative of the origin. Of this celebrated article of headgear is an evident Mlsna prior inasmuch a these hats Are made in the greatest perfection in Ecuador Peru and Colombia. Formerly the entire output til this product destined for the foreign Trade was shipped via the principal port of tho isthmus of Panama which became the great mart., and intermediate depository. Of this important article of South Amei ican commence. And in the course of time these Fairous and much sought for hats were inappropriately designated. In the markets a of tho world Quot Panama for Many years Pai Iama enjoyed. The enviable distinction of being the chief near. Ket for the Sale and distribution of these hats but Guayaquil eci Fador Long ago wrested that Honor from the Isthmian City and remains to Day the great Emporium and distributing Center of the Panama hat Industry of the world. In latin Merlc these hats Aro. Not now nor have they Ever been known As a a Panama hats but verbally called Quot Jip Japa a in. Honor of the town in Ecuador where it is said they were first manufactured a in Europe and specially in France it is generally supposed that the Straw out of which Panama hats Are manufactured is so expensive in the countries producing the raw material that lots made of it Are articles of luxury beyond the Means of All except the Well to do or Rich. This is a popular error Sirice pm Nama hats Are in common us by Rich and poor alike in the South american countries which engage to any considerable extent in their Many fax Turether High Price of Panama hats in foreign countries is largely due to the Iiri port duties placed upon them and to the fact that they pass through the hands of a considerable Nunier of commission inert habits before reaching the ult taste purchaser. The Price of the hats in the places where they Are.,manufactured varies Fern atly according to the Quality of the material used and the skill of the workmen employed. A Fine Quality of Jip Japa. Or. Panama hat made in the province of Manabi Ecuador out of a particularly Strong soft and Silky Straw is Seldom seen in the United Sta Tea be Ause ,-the.v planters along the ecuadorian coils Are willing to pay �z80 to $100 for a hat so pliant and flexible that it can be folded up and the pocket without the slightest of the finest Panama hats Ever made was sent to the Prince of Wales some years ago Aridis twas so delicate and exquisitely Woven that. It could be folded into a package no larger than his watch. The raw material or Toni Villa Straw out of which Panama hats Are made and to which is due their compactness lightness of weighty durability elasticity impervious Anesa to water and ease with which they can be cleaned when soiled comes chiefly from Ecuador. A tho Shrub. Car Ludo Vica palmate from which Toquilla Straw is obtained 1s from six to Teri feet High and grows wild in the hot and Huir iid regions of the Pacific coast of Ecuador and 1 Columbia and. In tho forests of the Tipper Amazon in Peru. There Ira a Flye. Or. Six species of the Plant Sonie of which have been. More or1 less successfully cultivated but the main Supply of tale fiber or Straw comes from the Plant in its natural state a the., Price of the Straw varies according to the. Place of production color Beugt thickness and number of thread Toji the strand or skein. Tho. Plant resembles Trio saw Palmetto and la in an shape. Just before ripening when tho Shrub attains a height of about live feet it s Cut boiled in hot water. And after being thoroughly dried and assorted is ready for use. Iri the a Case of the highly prize shrubs that grow in the Damp and gloomy Depths of the tropical forests a slightly different process of gathering and. Curing the fiber is observed inasmuch As the fan shaped leaves Are Cut from the trunk of the Shrub just As Thoy Are in tho act of opening Are stripped of. Their outer filaments immersed for a few seconds in a vat of boiling water then withdrawn for a moment and again submerged for. An instant. Taken out vigorously shaken and. Carefully suspended on a string to dry in the Shade and a Day later bleached a a the intense rays of the tropical Stin greater whiteness of Straw a a May be seeded by1 originally ,. , water containing a certain proportion of Lemon juice. A Central school of hat making has been established at Pau Iima. Pro video for by government funds. Fourteen scholarships have Hoenes Tabi shed two trom eatau the seven provinces of the Repi bks. Pupils nips not he less Thap 15 years of age of Good conduct and health willing a and desirous of learning hat weaving have Good eyesight and contract an obligation to Quot teach the same Industry wherever designated by the government. The school was opened june it 16, �z1905, and general interest la taken in tho result of this new Enterprise. ,. On tho. Pacific slope of Ecuador Panama hats fire triad q. In the prov. Prices of Manabi and guavas tho former producing the. Celebrated Juipi Japas of Monte Colsto and Santa Ana and the latter those of Santa Elena and Manglara Ito. In the. Inter Andyne Region of the rep Hill. The manure to re is confined to the provinces of Azulay caviar Pic Fricha and Loja. In the. First named province over3,000 persons Ore engaged n the hat. Industry. The celebrated Sig Sig Brand of Panama hats Are made in this province out of a fiber so. Durable that a hats made of it Are a Aid to stand with. Out injury the most violent cruel rings. In the Amazon Region of Ecuador Panama hats Are manufactured at Santa Rosa out of Straw brought from Napo. The province of Manabi How Ever is the great Toni Villa Straw producing , most of -. The hats manufactured in Ecuador being made out of this Straw and Large. Quantities of it Are exported to Piura Peru notwithstanding the heavy Export tax to which it is subject to be used in making the celebrated peruvian Catacalos hats. Antioquia is the principal Panama hat manufacturing Center of Colombia. The United states is the largest purchaser of Panama hats having imported. From Ecuador in 1906 Juipi Japan to the. Value of 5000,901. Germany great Britain and France a in the. Order named Are next in importance in this traffic. Tue Straw. Exported from Ecuador to Peru is shipped in Bales weighing about 85 pounds a Obj a round of the. Straw bringing from 70 to 80 cents according to Grade. Germany also takes a Small Quantity or Straw. The manufacture of a Panama hat often requires the labor of a skilled Weaver working five or six months in the late Twilight or Early Dawn the Only time available for making the floor grades of Grin Here lies the body of Jim Pyle beware voting Man. Of Cima Flung he started out to Quot take a. Smile a and now he a died of Laughton go i the Quot easiest Way. A my wife a in tears a said or. Peek. I guess ill sigh another a a a a a a a Promise. The error Dinar Angel wrote in his Book and Euld Quot ill remember the Man with a patient Liepart and u rugged co fit. Whom Trio world cull san Usu rain Quot
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