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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jan 30 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - January 30, 1909, Galveston, Texas For a Quad Tab of a a opera g&as8 has worked in the interest of the sea via he City the sea Wall the Grade raising and the opera class will make Galveston the South s largest Best City and port i i i i i $ established 1879galveston. Texas saturday january 30. 1909, vol. Xxx. No. 29. Sou Ven ir8 from Palestine. Business. Venture that grew out of a visit there. When the Young people s society of Christian Endeavor hade its Pilgrim age to the holy land a few years ago it included among the company of travellers a Young Man just out of High school whose father was pastor of a Large City Church. It was matter of regret by both father and son that the minister himself could not a accompany the party but the duties of his office prevented this so the Boti determined to see As much As a possible and remember what he saw in order that hib father might in some degree share the pleasures of tile trip. The first and most vivid impression a which the holy find made upon the Young Man writes Edward Williston Rentz in. Youths companion was a sense of its desolation rite stretches of desert its waste places. But after a time he came to ice that his desolation was singularly relieved by the presence of Flowers. ,. He knew something of botany and at. Once became interested in tracing the plants and Flowers mentioned in scripture but nearly every discovery was a Surprise to him. The Flowers were not at All what his fancy had. Pictured them. Reasoning sensibly enough that the plants which had a interested and surprised him would Appeal in the same Way to others he used All the time at his. Disposal gathering Flowers characteristic of Palestine and pressing them. When he returned he had with him a Large and varied collection which he mounted neatly in Little books As Sou he used ail the time at his disposal in gathering plants. Veners for. His friends. He found As he had expected that the the legs a which astonished him astonished his friends also. Few of them for example were prepared to recognize the Quot lilies of the Fields in a deep red Flower like our poppy or to find in the Quot Rose of Sharon Quot a Blossom resembling a Small land delicate Crocus nor were there Many who knew the rare and Peculiar Beauty of the a Madonna Flower apr were familiar with Tho appearance of the wild Mustard a which in the least of nil friends came to him with Tho suggestion that he extend to a wider Field the Opportunity to know the Flowers of the holy land by actual bight and Possession and he acted on it. By correspondence. He succeeded in securing a further Supply of the pressed Flowers. With the assistance of a 80me pretty Tableaux. Skillful Letterer a Little Boot was prepared in which the Flowers were carefully mounted with allium lated descriptions in old English text and quotations and scripture references. / these were placed on Sale in the rooms of the various religious publishing houses and other booksellers and proved so attractive As to warrant the placing of the Enterprise upon a More definite footing. The Yourg Man has now made three trips to Palestine and has established a new Industry in the land to which the imagination Gfall Christian people so constantly turns. A group of men is there constantly engaged in gathering and preserving the Flowers and. Shipping them to America. And Here another group is steadily employed in mounting them and combining them in the booklets. It has been remarked that whatever May be the Vicissitudes of history and however great Are the changes Whir i time May make in the larger appearance of a country its Flowers remain the same from generation to generation. The remark is True and there is therefore something peculiarly impressive in looking to Day upon the. Same Flowers Wichy brushed the feet of the master and from which he loved to draw his parables., How to make Wax lilies. Beautiful artificial Flowers easily made of simple materials. Hold a lighted Wax or sperm Aceti Candle Over a Glass of water and let half a dozen drops of Wax fall into the water. Each drop will be transformed As soon As it touches the water into a Little floating White cup. These Little cups have exactly the shape of the Bell Flowers of the Lily of the Valley and they May be made Large or Small according to a the distance from the water. At which you hold the Candle says the Peoples Home take a piece of thin wire and having warmed it Pierce the Center of Aie Desno i making the lilies. One of. The Little Wax cups while it is still in the water. Then pub the cup Down to the end of Tho wire which must be curved with a Little Hook at the end to hold the cup. A a repeat this until you have nine or ten of the cups wired and then intertwine wires with the smaller cups above and place the whole in vase furnished it Voth pointed leaves made of Green paper. This will give you a. Stem of Lily cups almost like those of the natural Flower. A ,. Two. Beautiful new scenes suggested for children a parties. The following Tableaux Are appropriate for the Holiday season arid Are very pretty. The first one described is Quot Little red1 for a background a Large folding screen was Bent about in various ways. A foxes head appeared looking Over the top of one fits folds and Little red Riding Hood stood knocking at another Leaf As if it were a door. She was dressed As usual and with a Basket on her Arm. Large plants and ferns benches of different height to from a background. In the second scene the foxes head was on a Pillow in a bed which was arranged with blankets an l sheets. Red Riding Hood , with her hand on the bed and her Basket on the floor. The plants of course were removed for this scene says the people s Home journalist afternoon Tea was the next tableau a Small table was set with Little Tea things and at this tab1� one Little girl a was seen standing with a milk Jug inthe unhappy medium. A Bronson is one of the most Humble men i Ever a Yea. Arrogance seems to be wholly foreign to his a i wonder Why it is that he always has such a Servile manner Quot a i think it is because he is neither Rich enough to get into a Trust nor poor enough to belong to a judge. A a t a a special Days. First Boarder not hungry or is it a fast Day second Boarder yes this is hash wednesday a judge. Wednesday. Her hand opposite a child a sitting Down with a Large old fashioned Bonnet Slung on her Arm. The child standing up was dressed in an old fashioned Lilac Muslin dress very full and rather Long Short puffed sleeves a Broad old Gold coloured Bash arid beads round the neck. The other child wore a Pink dress with Crimson Sash and White beads. A vulgar fractions. A Little Francis seven years old was being questioned in the parlor by his oldest sister s Beau As to what constituted his studies at school. A Reading writing spelling and arithmetic promptly replied the Little fellow. A do you know anything about vulgar., fractions a was asked. A yes a replied the indignant child a i know they Are something you ought no to to. Be talking about before sister a the first costume is a Dainty Little bodice in silk spotted voile to match the skirt. The fullness Back and front is gathered into a band of insertion an opening is made at the top of the deep armhole the fucked sleeve coming from underneath it and being finished at the Elbow by a band of insertion. Satin ribbon the color of spot Forizs the Waist band and is loosely knotted in front with ends left hanging. Materials required one and one half Yard voile 42 inches wide 2 Yards insertion 2%.Yards Satin ribbon. For the second a simple dress coarse Black filet net is employed and is worn Over Pale Gold soft Satin the skirt fits plainly round the hips and is trimmed at the foot by a fold of net headed by a band of Gold passement Erie. A passement Erie Heads the prettily shaped Quot top of bodice to which the net is gathered the Short fucked sleeve is finished by passement Erie at the Elbow. A soft Black Satin ribbon is brought round the Waist and loosely tied at the loft Side. A materials required Naif be Yards net 42 inches wide 7 Yards passement Erie 6 Yards is iii 42 inches wide for foundation 3% Yards Satin ribbon. White Muslin de sole with a Blue and Green sprig printed on it is chosen for the charming design shown in picture the skirt is Hiigli waisted and trimmed with strips of insertion the two Center strips being taken to the top flounce the others Only half Way the deep flounce is set to the skirt by a heading by two rows of insertion near the foot. Insertion also edges the bodice and trims the Center Back and front and the sleeve which is Cut in one with the remainder of bodice several pin tucks Are made. On the shoulder front and Back of bodice also the sleeve. Emerald Green velvet bows Are sewn Between the insertion Down the Center of front the Waistband is also of Velva to. A materials required twelve Yards 2v. Inches wide 20 Yards insertion 1 Yard next is an evening bodice of Fine Cash Mere Aud spotted net. Atlantic Green is the color of the Cashmere with Cream net a wide tuck is made of each shoulder and three on each sleeve a fold of Black Satin is Laid on the inside of Cashmere and also edges the to of net which fills in the Center of front Thi under sleeves Are also of Liet finished by a band of insertion. Materials required one Yard Cash Mere 48 inches wide 1% Yard not 42 ii Lees wide % Yard Satin 42 inches wide. Peacock Blue Rajah Satin is employed for the elegant dries shown last. The Over skirt which it is brought a up towards the left Side is edged with a Black Satin Laid on in greek key pattern so also is the foot of the underskirt and the Edge of bodice where the Satin is finely tucked and set to it folds Are arranged on the outer Side of sleeve a Black Satin Sash is taken round Quot the Waist caught up under the buckle at the left Side and the ends left hanging they Are edged with handsome fringe. Scheme of Pansy decoration. Charming Novelty for the next lunch Veon you May give. Alarming warning. In an English Village an official notice reads As follows a the Public Are warned against using the Well for Domestic purposes unless previously n a decoration for a luncheon that is Seldom seen yet which May be made very charming is a Low Silver bowl filled with pansies in ail colors. If the Stenis Are not specially Iong a piece of wire netting Cam be placed Over the top of tie bowl Anil the pansies stuck in it. A Ora a the effect is enhanced if the bowl is set on a Large round Mirror surrounded with a Border of Small ferns. At each plate have a Small pot of growing pansies which May later be Given As souvenirs. These look Well if the pots Are set in Small paper cases made of Stilt cardboard covered with Silver paper. Should there he a guest of Honor her plants May be larger than the other or the Case can be a Small Silver Candle shades should carry out the predominating tones of. The pansies. Silver candlesticks should.,be used if possible effective shades can be made of White paper garlanded with artificial pansies. Fleur de Lis buttonholes. When the fashions for ornamental buttonholes began it was argued Thali they would run the Gamut of shape they Are now. Doing the straight buttonhole made of Satin Quot velvet and braid we now have All manner of designs up t o the fief Dell which is put on Dressy frocks whether they Are made in Blouse or coat suits. A. The shape is quite attractive and adds a striking finish to an otherwise Plain costume. Care must be taken not to dab Many on i judiciously for the tendency to Day is to Over trim. Use these buttonholes As trimmings. Do not add them to other varieties. The new Butterfly comb. There Are Butterfly barrettes and Butterfly Combs and Silver butterflies All to be worn in the hair but Only one at a time. Athis comb is worn at the top of a psyche knit or. Three puffs. The., Butterfly is of finely wrought Gold bands with the body made of coloured stones and it is mounted on a Shell hairpin. Pillow covers of russian crash. Russian crash is now used for Mak Long very effective and very inexpensive Pillow covers. This crash can be embroidered in Large conventional designs for the living room or for the Nursery it can be embroidered with Nursery rhymes and Mother Goose melodies. These Pillow covers Are laced together at one end to that they can be removed an washed at frequent intervals. F0irthem a vat a birthday dinner which is to be Given next week is so charming in its appointments i can hardly wait to Tell about it for the Benefit of others who May claim the first month in the be for for their Natal Day. I used to think that Winter functions were not half so pretty As summer ones late it seems As if nothing could be More suggestive of hospitality than a room warm with red and Green decorations quantities of candles and a blazing Fly in Ai open fireplace without which no up to Date House is Complete. A to return to our dinner the Tablecloth is of Cluny lace to be Laid Over red silk with a huge cake for the Center piece surrounded by a Wreath of red candles and red carnations which do not fade As quickly As roses. The mantelpiece is to be banked with poinsettias and a novel As Well As decorative feature will be the individual and relish dishes All to be of red Bohemian Glass. The place Carda Are to have the verse for january written in red Ink and they Are to be decorated with red beads in lieu of garnets. A a the gift for the birthday girl is to be a handsome Garnet ring set in Silver which will be presented of a ring Holder of red Bohemian Glass. The maid is to bring it in on a tray when the dessert is served. There Are to be eight guests All College chums. After the dinner there ill be a theater party chaperoned by the birthday girls Mother. Afterwards there is to be a chafing dish supper with a do Licius Welsh Rarebit. Each girl is to ask her Best boy Friend to this. It All sounds exciting but As this Mother said to me a you just have to let them do things so Yogi As Well be in a touch with it All. It pays in the end to keep. Pretty close to your Isnit she a wis woman would there were More like her. She is the same one who always sits up to Welcome her daughter Home no matter How late the hour and she is Bright and interested too. And what is More her first question is a what time is it a there is a whole Sermon right there. Ponder it be who have Young daughters just entering into the Joys of social life. What Moat grocers Are not generous with mtg Thuro what artists what a speaker Una Costuros when one loaves departure a european cities this contest was used to liven up tilings before the regular game of cards in which the club indulges once a week. The cards were foreign postal with thick White paper pasted Over the address Side on which Tho following questions were written where americans go when they die. Paris a make of what housekeepers like in Tho Cabinet Dresden favorite name for a Gir Florenco part of the neck and a roman numeral. Naples a toilet a House of prayer and a Domestic animal Moscow name of a famous modern a girl s name and Tho French for a Good Quot Lisbon a girl relative Leo a guessing contest 1 Hope that the readers who have requested new guessing contents will appreciate this Issue of the department for there has been a special Effort made to get together As Mahy new games As possible. The answers to the following All end in a sure a and they Are All words in common use where Are cows kept. Pasture the Mother of us Al nature what students to what Many aspire culture a name applied to an animal creature what we should Lay up in heaven treasure of what we do not have interesting to Bride i elect. A this is an indent verse let that May help a Bride to be to decide upon the month1 in which to launch her ship upon the matrimonial sea married in january s Hoar and rime widowed you la be before your prime. Married in february s sleety weather life you la tread in tune together. Married when March winds shrill and Roar your Home will to on it foreign Shore. Married Neath april a change Ful skies a Check ered path before you use. Married when bees Over May blooms flit. Strangers around your Board will sit. Married in month of roses june life will be one Long honeymoon. Married in july with Flowers ablaze. Bitter Sweet memories in after Days. Married in August s heat and drowsy Lover and Friend in your chosen spouse. Married in Golden september a glow smooth and Serene your life will flow. Married when leaves in get oboe thin tour and hardship for you begin. \. Married in veils of november Mist. Dame Fortune your wedding ring has kissed. Married in Days of december a cheer loves Star Burns brighter from year to year. R Madame Merri. Tic Many of the designs recall the old polonaise of i8 s0. Faded colors Are More in evidence than the distinct shades. A Paris is smiling at present upon Theta lived Gold and Silver net. A color known As a Kingfisher is being shown in the various pm aclus. A Gold and Silver lace is being used for yokes instead of tulle and net. Sleeves Are never worn on Ball gowns nowadays except for the merest apology. Ribbons Are playing a Foremost part in the construction of the new evening gowns. A a Todne the hair ornaments of this season Aro unlike those that girls have worn before. This Metal fillet with Gauze wings. Is probably the most popular accessory to the coiffure. The wings Are of Gold Gauze ornamented with crystals. They Are mounted in front of a thin Gold fillet which fits neatly Over the top of the head
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