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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jan 29 1910, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - January 29, 1910, Galveston, Texas Voua que Artur of a Century the opera g&a8b has worked in the xnt3xu38t Ltd Tbs Bra Wax i City. The sea uts Grade raising and the opera c1vass, Wiwi make Galveston Jhb soft the a largest Best cd to and port. I t a it la Fri 4 established-1879.galveston, Texas saturday Jan. 29, 1910 vol xxxi., no., 29. Pretty blouses w., in the first is in pint Cashmere and has a Yoke of finely tucked Crepo de Cal roof the same color edged with a shape piece of old Rose vet vet on which passement Erie i sewn the velvet is carried to the Waist where it crosses slightly a to the left Side four Small turks Are made each. Bids of front below velvet the upper part of sleeve forms a Small puff and is set to a velvet band at the Elbow then a continues in a deep crepe de Chine cuff to the Wolst materials required. one fourth Yards Cashmere 40 inc Heij wide one Yard velvet 18 inches wide two and one half Yards passement Erie one and one half Yards tucked crepe de Chine. In the second is shown a simple morning style that might to made in Dei Alne Lyella or nuns veiling groups of Small tucks Are made across the front then strips of material Are sewn Between each group a Light design is embroidered at the Edge of the Stypb the outside of sleeve is trimmed to match while the lower part is tucked to fit the cuffs which turn Back and Are embroidered at the edges the Collar la of the same. Materials required three Yards 30 Onchea wide. The third would make up Well in Chiffon taffeta it has a Yoke of tucked net edged with narrow balloon two tire rows trim the other part of Blouse also Edge the cuffs to which the sleeve is gathered they Are of tucked net finished at the. Wrist by narrow lace. Materials required two Yards Chiffon taffeta 48 inches wide one and one half Yards net four Yards balloon. Useful Aid. In altering to be made up in Tweed tucks and hems in skirt will be found invaluable Bost Way to remove 8pou. Tucks and hems in Skurta Are invaluable aids in altering. If an extra piece of material la allowed for when making Wash dresses so As to have something to piece or Patch with t should be sent to the Wash with the dress at least onco in a while and Hung where it will perhaps fade a a lit tie so As not to show too great a difference when the time comes to use it an extra length in children s sleeves can. Sometimes to allowed when the sleeves Are put into cuffs. The length being put la Between the two sides of the cuff then when lengthening. 1b necessary the cuff can to ripped off and set on the Edge of the sleeve. A often there Are spots which washing will not remove from table Linen or wearing apparel. Unless those things Are aeon at once the stains Are apparently indelibly fixed. Oxalic acid will take out most stains but unless carefully used will remove the material As won. A use a teaspoonful to a cupful of hot water dissolve thoroughly and then bold the material either Side of the stain and drop it in and out of the solution. Keep lifting it in and out until the Etalon disappears then rinse and Keef musing under the cold water faucet until. Sure that none of the acid remains. Serviceable and exceedingly useful costume most becoming to any woman. This is both a smart and useful made up in Tweed would be exceedingly Nice. The Plain a skirt is trimmed at the fo6t by a single Row of silk braid to match color of costume it also edges the Semi fitting the new tamp. A new lamp for table or desk is one Yilth two tall brass standards of rods held upright in a Metal base. Topping this is a Shade of opalescent or faceted Glass either in dome shape or a Dundr Lettl. A it a in the Metal base is a rack in which is a growing Plant in a pot either Begonia or Gardenia or Maidenhair or. Other Small Fern the lamp ,1s-arranged for an else a talc bulb Gas attachment or Candle. of All kinds. In greens Quot blues and Fellows and in the More delicate pinks greens and lavenders Are to 1>e had for such a lamp. It a tepid or cold Bath and in just Tief Ore going to bed. Iff you. Wear any clothed be sure he Are perfectly Loose and Donot impede in any Way the movement you wish to r v 1 Quot a who it to exercise. The beet time to exercise is on getting no Lyl the mor Ingr after which you should Taka a rub Down and your a a a a a in a v hat of Black Chip trimmed with cob which has a shaped panel front and Back continued into nerve it straps that join in with the bide seam. Moire silk is used for the Long Revere which have tho fastening exactly below White. Ostrich feathers. Materials required seven and a half1 Yards cloth 48 inches wide i Yard moire. -1% dozen Yards braid 6 Yards a ilk tor coat lining. Or hostess timely suggestions for those planning seasonable. Entertainments a thimble party since sewing is again classed among the Fine arts thimble parties Are. Much in favor tor afternoon entertainments. The hostess sends her card with Day and Date written thereon with a Needle threaded with some Gay col ored silk thrust through Ono Corner. After the guests have arrived and an hour or More of merry Chat with comparison of work has past cards bearing the following words Are handed to each with a Pencil and the re quest to straighten out the seemingly unintelligible Good words the objects described being in. Common every Day use. After a limited time the cards Are to be collected and compared with the. Key which is kept secret by tho hostess. No help la allowed and each guest is to work out her own problem. A Dainty prize is Given to the one who succeeds in transposing the most words also a Consolation prize to the one least such Dainty trifles As work bags embroidery Scis sors Emery Needle cases Etc., make the most appropriate prizes. Refreshments elaborate or simple May be served. Ices and cretins Frozen in holds to represent thimbles spools and emerges Are a pretty conceit but expensive. A bathroom Shower. A bathroom Shower was gotten up really As a joke on a Young girl and her Fiance but who were known to to addicted to water fellow swimmers Aoa i advocates of cold water plunges to when the engagement was announced one. Of a the crowd said Quot Well the Only thing a Polly will appreciate will be. A bathroom Shower a the result was a most a Jolly evening for the men wore included. As the couple were to go into a new House the soap dishes Towel Racks Etc. Were most acceptable besides towels soap sponges Bath powder toilet water Wash cloths and a Fine big hamper for soiled Linen tied with tremendous bows of White flab on. The souvenirs were doll Wash tubs boards Etc., which were ubed or the. Refreshment table. Madame Merhl l 3l a. L sewing intricacies. Nips Pena. Radetti thread. tape measure. Stossl Csc Ecle Sora. G. Blimey he thimble. Amp Bield Cne Needle. 7. Hopson hoops. Amp sued a Duck. A 8 tub not Button. 1. 10. Reymes Emery 11. We Tate twiet. 12. Dbl a a braid. 11. Nelly Linea. 14. Stork be Dawn work Basket i ton oct Cotton. 15. Evet Vlene velveteen. 17-eblnoawhe�?whalebones. 19. Phelan Lreh Percalene. 20. To los tet stiletto. 2l bold girl army darning Ball the army. Rape. And. Overcoat Are fashionable wraps for late fall Days velveteen is a fashionable and practical material for the Long Dressy coat. Prune coloured doth with Long ties and. Gold ornaments Moke a handsome theater cloak. Black still indicates that it Means to Rule in tailor As Well As in afternoon gowns. New Winter materials Are rough for Street and crepe and Dull finished for the House. A. Stripes prevail in the latest French some of them Are highly effective. Quot colors Are the same in names As inst year but this season they Are of duller hues. Every Well fitted wardrobe will have a Black suit or costume of some sort this season. A neckwear of to Day much of the. New neckwear is made of mull of the sheer est and dainties variety combined with lace. Irish Crochet and its very Clever imitation Cluny and imitation Cluny Are the fashionable laces. Nothing is prettier than the hand Crochet and tatting for pretty neck pieces and these prox de fascinating pick up work which is More useful than doing nothing 1 it. A revival of tatting May be looked for and those who have a shuttle should bring it out and and take up once More this work which is really a recreation. In order to fulfil the requirements of elegance neckwear should be Wash Able pieces Are most successful when they Cita be easily taken apart laundered properly add put together again a these Dainty web pieces should be Nudd by hand. Laces Are to i be whipped to narrow rolled or it Jem a stitched a hems. The mull should be Well Woven and possess a Little Otke no by when the pieces Are laundered they a require some starch Verf than and Clear. A some neckwear is made of silk ribbon in the form of stocks and turn Over collars or Robes Are worn with their ties and bows of velvet ribbon Are worn a with a stiff Collara and a there Are some pieces of silk and lace others of Chiffon and velvet ribbon not intended for washing. The Best of neckwear however is washable and it is a lady a work to Wash them for ones self. F Fine embroideries Are used As Well As lace in combination with sheer mulls. Hand embroidery it goes without saying 1b most Beautiful. A Little buckles Mak i a pretty finish for some pieces and tiny Pearl but ions Are used on of Hera sometimes with a a i Pearl buckle Little balls. And Bells of Crochet make the prettiest Fin Ash for those Piec Fis made. Of Irish lace Cluny lace should be chosen for neck pieces which Are to be worn with tailored gowns and Apt to need frequent laundering. A Good neckwear is an expensive item if one must buy it ready made Burmith time to , any woman Mey turn Ash her own Supply of these pretty a chess poles which do much toward completing the toilet and giving that neatness and finish which by speak elegance. The names Guild guile and Gilo belong to two branches of the same family established in this country by two Brothers other forms of the same name Are. Guld guide Guild and Guy de and they All mean tho same thing. The old guilds in Holland were Friendly Trade societies each member had. To pay a certain piece of Money called a Gilder which originally came from a word meaning Gold. Hence the societies were named gilds or guilds. Similar societies existed in various other countries and tho various forms of the name have All the same significance. The Guild family derived its name from the name of tho Trade societies. A Little is known of the immediate ancestors of tho two Brothers Guild who first came to America. The family had existed for. Somo time in England also in Scotland and in the Island of Guernsey and probably the various branches sprang from the same source. In 1636 two Brothers John and Samuel Guild came to new eng. Land from old England probably. John settled at Dedham mass., and established the Guild family Samuel settled at Haverhill Mabsie and. Established the guile or Gile family. Both families have prospered and grown and spread pretty Well Over. Tho country. John was born a rat 1615, and As stated above came Here in 1636. To led a retired life and not very much is known about him in. 1643 he is mentioned As a Freeman of Dedham and two. Years later records of his marriage with Elisabeth Crooke of Roxbury Are dated. A it their three children that lived to maturity were Samuel John and Elizabeth Samuel was a member of capt Mosley a company in King Phil Lupjo War in 1675, Aid was a Brave Soldier. He was made1 a Freeman of Salem in 1678 but later returned to Dedham. The witchcraft persecution Wab at its height in Salem in 1602 but As Samuel Waithe next year made selectman of Dedham it is Likely that he left Salem before the trouble. To remained a selectman of Dedham until 1713,. And As he had ton children he left a Large family there. Johns second son Samuel a brother also named John removed to Wren Tham in Lisl. And was made Deacon of the Church there in 1707. He had eight children and likewise founded a big Branch of the family. Descendants of Dedham Branch of tho family later moved to Lebanon Walpole and Attleborough. A in the meantime Samuel brother of John of Dedham had settled at pen Tohet now Haverhill mass., and he had established a big family there under the name of guile or. Gile which his descendants Bear to this Day. So by the third or fourth generation the Guild Gile and guile families really All the same were numerous throughout new England and other parts of the East now of course the family extends All Over the United states. One of a the members of the a fourth generation Nathaniel. Descended from John of Dedham a had a big mine which he worked in connection with an Iron Furnace he a made wheels shot gun carriages and other implements of warfare and when the revolutionary War broke out his business received a big Boom so he petitioned the government that the Quot men in Bis foundry be exempted from service in the militia service so that he May be Able to Supply Garrison wheels a and shot for the this request was granted in 1776, Quot it being of so great importance for the defense of this and the to jolted states of another member of this Samo generation named Aaron Guild was blowing in the Field with his Bon when a messenger came galloping Down tho Road with the news that the War had begun. Aaron left his plow standing and probably the patient oxen had the vacation of their lives Aaron rushed to the House took his favorite a a King a arms from its place on the Wall and started for the lighting line Post haste. C a Joseph guile was Captain of tha minute men of his Region when tha War broke out. He served at Ticonderoga Montreal and other places when the news of tho Battle of Lexington reached him to led his minute men from Dedham along1 the Road to Lexington. On the Road to met a Man who said that the reports of. Tha Battlo were Faribe. Joseph did not hesitate to Deal with the gossiped Asho thought fit. He bound the Man and gagged him and left him in. Charge of an armed guard to see that he did not spread his news whore it might to believed two other guilds were officers in the War Jonathan of Massachusetts a first lieutenant and Ralph of new Jersey a second lieutenant. Samuel a of the a fourth generation moved to new York state. To had bought some land in that state for Bis sons,.Samuel Joel and Elijah. It was the. Custom then to let tho Pattio Ango the uncultivated Fields and sometimes a they would wander Miles away from Home. Ono Day Samuel Joel and Elijah were out searching for some strayed and male when they came to an Ideal spot near the Unadilla River. They wrote to their father to come there and buy land for himself. And Settle so in 1792 their father Samuel Ppd All his goods and started out with his Money an d his clothes. In his Saddle bags tho Money Well hidden among the clothes. He travelled of horseback All Day Over rough and unit Nown roads and at night he stopped at whatever Wayside inn to could find he took Caro that no one but Hemsell should touch the. Saddle bags but to used to toss them under a Bench of table As if they contained nothing of value and he finally reached his new Home after Days of hard travel and a Good Deal of worry without mis . He became a prominent member of the Community in the part of the state where he settled and helped organize tho first Church and the first school his hospitality to pioneers passing his. Way Wab noted throughout the . Tho arms of the Guild and Gall families Aro-,.blaeoned a Quot a lion rampant or. Crest an Arm souped holding in the band a Broadsword or. Motto Maintien be Droit had other use Fob clothes wife a admitted purpose probably did no to add to Hubby s. Enjoyment of ,. / there sat least one Little nub of o Man Over on the West Side who jumps it through doughnuts when his. Wife around. A Shols a Largo person with definite opinions about any Given thing and. She can give him one look. And Wither him up like dried Beof. A not Long ago this Man and his wife were a invited out to dinner. She went Early in the afternoon and to was to go Home from the Ollice change his clothes and get around to the scene of the dinner festivities As soon As he could. When he started to dress he ran across a Ian be pasteboard Box in a clothes closet containing a Black sack buit that he Hadnot seen for months and which his wife had told him was lost or stolen. He decided to Surprise and Delight her by wearing that suit and showing a her. That the lost a was found. A Well Here a what happened Accord-1ing to Eye witnesses and this is one of those True ones. His wife. Gave. Him a cold storage look and inquired right sharply where he got that suit. He told her. A and after this Quot says she raising her voice to its height a Don t you Wear clothes that Havo been put away without asking me i was saving t hat blk suit for your funeral a Cleveland Plain dealer. A a precocious Boston youngster. A boy aged three year named Gordon p. Parent tho son of a Boston grocers assistant was sent to school a fortnight ago. His Progress has been so rapid that be has mastered the contents of tho first primer acid Quot a can now read elaborate sentences without prompting. As the child appears Ner pub and High Strung a doctor has advised that he should be allowed to rest for fear of injuring Bis
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