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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jan 22 1910, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - January 22, 1910, Galveston, Texas Won a Quarter of a Century the a opera Quot a a amp ass has worked a in the interest of the sea Wall City. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a v Quot a a a a a a a a. A a i a. X the sea Wajs the a Grade raising and the opera Cavass Wlla Lamake g Ai Veston the South a largest Best pm Var and port. A i mourning styles Tel j w timely suggestions is by Jura Bottomley. C All fabrics whether selected for costumes or uni Illery when Ono la in Monr Nungi should be of Good substantial Quality. A styles or fijo Dps selected a should a be quiet and Knob True save wild All workmanship faultless. Gonna and Coats should be made in the Mode but not in any extreme of thou Mode simplicity of to Liming lends distinction to Quot mourning apparel As Well As a finish a and in this a word is yield the secret of the most elegant and desirable results in the making of mourning clothes. Everything must be beautifully finished find trimmings Are most appropriate when they Are placed to really or apparently finish the article which they adorn i a Well made Plain gown of Good material will Quot last out the term of mourning if one follows the can vent Tiona rules which govern in this matter of time. A Well a made hat of t properly selected materials will out last term of mourning. C poor Tusto in dress or conduct id Nevoso inexcusable As when one is to mourning our friends. Are not charitable when we Quot make mistakes they a pinot be our mistake must be a credited either to.�?~,carelessness or Den re Aitor. A .-jij7&Quot 7&Quot i a Quot a certain fabrics have come to be recognized As belonging to and signifying mourning. Crapo ,1s appropriate for deep mourning that is Quot mourning. For a Pear relative and should be used a in millinery ind a a finish for gowns nothing else can tace its place. Nest to Crape bilk Grenadine Are ofteness chosen nun s veiling uncut velvet mourning Silks and other fabrics hav eng a deep soft Luster Ini pure Black Are available but Crape>�?T1b, for flt St mourning As nothing a Lse is. A three a Fine examples at mourning hats Are shown. Here. They1 Are from an establishment Blob makes a be dial feature1 of this class of millinery v a a its Best examples ure found in America As the Best fabrics Are made in England Tolg. 1 a round list which is part a a turban. And. Part Toque in outline is very neatly be overdo with. Crape tips -s3 a As the Brlit finished a with tiny rows a a of folds set very Piso together a a. V i Beauy Teppe veil Jas or spa a about a a a the a a amp to Back in Flat \ a Laili. An of Dull Jet fast Ena the veil tit tho hat and series to of finish this fit celled out dipl of a hat r for deep Quot a mourning Quot n an Totti Issue Bat made of rape folds a a or Quot lob is a Large beautifully.made1 to a set Willbo Mao of folds i Laneir at the in Border. Quot a gauge _ ribbon 1 Argo Rosette a of the finishes this design which May be a accepted a a Ideal hat of this material. A time was when Crape and grenadines were a Law Rory of the Rich for they were As fragile As they Are Beautiful. A tho process of crave net tfx a them hag so changed this that they Are now among the most durable of All fabrics manufactured. Their Fibert Art practically impervious to water Radii runs through but is not absorbed . tho material Quot it should be tested otherwise it will be impossible for tho purchaser to be Bura of getting the waterproofed variety. Water is ruinous to. Tho fabrics that have not been made proof against it. Princess dress. Woodfen wedding suggestions. A request comes for suggestions for a wooden wedding which. Is. The fifth anniversary the invitations May to written or printed upon Birch bark or on imitation Wood paper giving tho Date of original wedding and the Day and Date of proposed celebs Alolu for a table Centrepiece a Large Canoe of Birch bark would to charming filled with violets or other Small Flowers smaller canoes could be used to hold salted nuts and As place cards , with the guests mime written on the bide in fancy lettering. A a wooden chopping Liol. Filled with a fruit and Flowers could a As a Center Piec Orif the Canoe is not obtainable Bittle wooden dishes that come for dolls make Fine individual nut or Bon Quot Bon holders. Place cards May also be made from scuba res of Birch bark if a Carpenter is accessible get him to make some Nice Long curly shavings to use As festoons about the Robins. For amusement try a Nail pounding contest for the. Girls and a whittling contest for the men or let All. Dress dolls made from clothespins. Fill a Smalli tub with sawdust and make a a a pie out of which the guests Mayi draw tiny wooden Boies filled Vith wedding cake. One of the a a stunts at a wooden wedding Celebration was to gather the a guests in one room in two Long lines. Lights were extinguished and wooden articles in common everyday use wore passed from. Hand to hand Down the. Lino. After each one had held und Felt of All the articles the lights were turned on and the one wilting out the received a prize. _ mixed with Mayonnaise dressing then a delicious Tutti Frutti in Bell shaped holds. 7>\ s a o4 % a a a a 7v a a. A j a spoon Shower a Young girl who was to marry Man not blessed with a great store of oils worlds goods was the recipient of this novel and a acceptable Shower. The girls 12 in number contributed the Price of a dozen spoons each one was done separately in. Tissue pa-., per and put in a Lovely pie made in shape wedding Bell a White Satin ribbon ran to cach plaice. When the Bride pulled her ribbon a spoon Bear ing this Jingle was forthcoming to Quot Quot a no spoon for two. Of Liat inn but then you see you two Are one. Tho rest of the girls each Drew a spoon an exclaimed As they just matched the one drawn by the Bride elect that they must All go to a Quoter. The. wore a let to out of the Ordinary so ill Tell about them. First shrimp salad served in. Heart shaped Cabes. With Coffee and nut sandwiches a a a a a aft Thlu �8�?~wbr9>llbqut0i it vejs ii. For Volls be nov work a it ambera1 la it a of a fam la a i Dur info a 11 a amps amp Al. A or a those to in ditto ing. Foj a. made fit Ltd Ifni a silk Grenadine. Fl8��lly Ltd la a san after the first ouro or v a up a a nos Westfi trow .,.thb/ a Petori at a tto re l9�?T>ngt go in tip a he Naif ,ft�8 of thu it Fiat Latte ii of pm is placed it butjl��rtop.$i�iji-. To be a a Llis Islda our Model is in Flea Serge but any other form but foot top Tiok material will answer equally Well. The upper half is Princess. It with Lianel front and. Bali. Reaching to the in Iltong is turned up a with a. Hem about three at the wrong Side v pretty one and pne Hali a inches v Ai l9 0fi to 0kfid�?~ soft 8llk��?owlui a boil Plait up Cepter fron that is Oma ment a v mat do ii urea a Freyen Jand site half��?Tds>4s inches wide a six in Rita ene Ard to oked h ? j \ a braiding upon Coats has lost Afono ,0f its Vogue and it All a Rauner. Of a for Lair Nal results Are gained a by its 1 combi nation,.with Polk coi Dinge rattaubtlt-51�?�?Tiisdvbftdrbftnsiitea�?T��� after dinner tricks. A stunt which is now and am rising and Novar fails to make fun is a trick in balancing. Have the one who Quot tries tho thing measure exactly Throe times the length of his own foot out from the Wall of the room then stand with heels together facing the Wall Thon stoop Forward until the top of his head touches the Wall. Then place a Light Stool or Tabouret about 20 inches in height Between a lev and the Wall. The trick is to hold the the a floor and at the same time lift the head from the Wall. A woman generally succeeds in doing this with comparative ease but for some reason the. Trick is not so easy for a Man. So i ask i woman to do. It first then it is i very funny to Seo the Man fail bar Romean Island Lake Maggiore Italy. A measuring contest. Ask tho guests to state what they think is tho height of a. Many a silk hat by indicating on the Wall the height. Take it record of each guess alien bring in a hat and see How far Short most of the guesses Are. A a hat Box Candy Box May be awarded for a prize Ito the one who comes the. Nearest. Madame silk blouses Are severe. The sleeves Are Flat with Little or no fullness. / Flat Jet ornaments As Well a those of Metal Are frequently used As trim1 Ming. The Vogue for Gilt a is now at its height and Silver trimming is also in demand. a Tasse led ornaments a and fringe vie with a cach other for chief favor in trimming. A a but Cerit a Abri. The brain is turned Over in front very Jet Alq of tho hair is Sii own. Some of the now bracelets encircle the wrist and eau in a tiny jewelled Bow knot a Coats Are a bit closer than the half fitting ones a of tiie past season a a a skirts Are usually plaited. A fetching suit was of canard Blue Homespun with the jacket 1 end hem outlined with a Fine band of Skunk fur which by the Way is the leading fur. Of the season for every Day Wear. Party dresses three Dainty Little dresses ire shown bore that be Nide Ujj at Tome with Little Cost. _ the first is in Pate Bine soft Satin and Chiffon. The Empire bodice is covered cd tic Pic fed a Hison la front cute Back of of a in ten Plata the to ave fronts edged with lace Are connected run front under a Rosette the wave i and a psf part of sleeves Are braided braid. The skirt la gathered. To the bodice. ,. Yff a rials. Rejiuired.,three Hamff. Leafon 42,inches it Yide one Yard Chiffon. Two and Otie Hauy ads lace. A a the Center costume is in soft Pink velveteen the bodice is Laid in plaits i Taiyi is not a so a Well known a As a France and Germany for its spas and watering places. There Are two reasons for this first the place Are further Oft and More difficult or Access and secondly it is Only of recent the medicinal Waters of Italy were rediscovered and introduced to the european Public in tho Days of the , before the invasion of the barbarians these Waters Wero Well known and highly esteemed but later they fell into disuse among a people who cared Little for water either for drinking or for washing. Not the East of tho benefits conferred by re nascent Italy is tho reopening of these Springs and health resorts which Are gradually making their Way to the knowledge of Europe and Only need to be More widely known to be As favorite places of to sort is the most pm Pular French or a Erman spas. Salso Maggiore is. Perhaps lib most frequented a of. Tho water Long places in. Northern Raly for its medicinal Waters have effected some wonderful cures and indeed they Are Strong cough to cure anything if the Neathy visitor May be allowed to judge from a cursory inspection. The let to town lies on one of the most Northern spurs of the. Apennines just off the line Jialu Way Between Piacenza and Parma and is reached by a Light railway trom the station of Bongo Sari Dennmo it is a merry Little place which has been discovered by the russians and it germans1 especially but would to very glad to see More eng Lush visitors. Its bathing establishments Are quite magnificent and have the reputation of Many apparently. Hopeless cripples and invalids on their legs again. It is. A very warm. Spot and rejoices in tho italian Bury in All its a Beauty. And marvelous Depths of Blue. The other spas of Northern Italy Are situated in the Southern Gorges of tho Alps. The most Beautiful of them All is san Pellegrino which is reached by a winding Mountain. Railway from the charming Little old world City of Bergamo. A san Poller no is so new that it is not marked on any but the Roost modern maps. Three or four years ago it was nothing but a Mountain Hamlet Only known to tho people who lived close by.1 it had perhaps Somo 500 inhabitants and Lay hidden away on the Banks of its River shut in by mountains and completely out of the world. Then tho famous san Pellegrino Mineral waterway redl8covered, which has. Now Tbs come the favorite drink with visitors to Northern Italy and the value of its Baths was realized Monitor hotel was built on the Banks of. The River and across the Stream a magnificent Casino was set up. Tho Casino has a splendid Star Rase and wonderfully Fine rooms and it is quite surprising to find such a building in d let to Mountain Valley. By the Side of the Casino a cd Nicular rail Way runs up to the top of the n Oun Tain and provides Beautiful views oven the most southerly ranges of the Alps san Peregrino is a Ideal Ataee for a rest car \ and we nothing More delightful than to be lulled to sleep by the murmuring of the Mountain Stream flashing Juver its. Stony eed in the autumn before tho Rains have swollen itto its Winter volume. A a Ermione. The a Eye of Garda one of the Lovelless spots on Earth which has been Sung of by poets so far part a a Tulita and Giuseppe car Duce has also its More Prosale Side. It the spot of which catullus bang a a pm a insular us 8irmlo, insular Simque Ocelle a. Possesses beb Ldes the marvelous Beau-t/0s of its position on Lake Garda sul tired with such rapture. Thoro is another place among he. Italian lakes which must be mentioned though it la not strictly a watering place and Al though it is geographically in Italy it is a politically in Switzerland. By on of those strange freaks which Possee great Powers who. They Aro delimit at ing frontiers by treaty. Monto gon amp Roso was included in Switzerland Ami. Not in Italy it is absolutely italian but to Boundary dips Down au<4 a places Lugano and Monte Generoso of the Northern Side of tho a Iron tier. Monte Generoso is another restful place and being a Mountain of considerable height it has to to reached by a a funicular railway. Bella Vista near tho Summit is a Placo in which to enjoy tho magnificent air and the Wildra views while to top of the Mountain itself is a Favorito spot from which to. See the Sun Rise. A tho Panorama tfx wonderful including the Valley of Como Iho Lake of lug and and the Dos. To it Apps As far As Monte. Rosa. J Venice has of late years taken a amp new role and has now become a Fatah a ion Able bathing place the Udo Wulc Jcj used to to a Mere Sand Bank with a Lew fishermen s cottages is now the it. Center of same of the Al nest sea bathing the world. Huge hotels have sprung up on this once desolate spot and far. Into the autumn the a wide Fiat Ennd Are crowded with people in smart Cost Turnes or in bathing dresses. For not Only Are the sea Baths fashionable bub Quot also the Sun Baths for which the via., tors lie about on the Sands Oil any Jong in the scant est of attire. Trans a ways connect the hotels and tho balt ing establishments and the Lido itself a la connected with Venice proper by steam launches or by Gondola if Tea slower but More dignified Modo of transit is preferred. There is no trouble with tides there for rises and Falls very Eftig tfx Ify Tfir of the wide stretch of Sand slopes by imperceptible degrees into tho sea. But to order to Malte everything absolutely Safe a Largo Square is railed Oil or the which there can a no possible danger. In addition to this each establishment has its. Ont stretch of Shore on which no Unaa theorized person is allowed to trespass so that there is no uncomfortable crowding it is a Lotos land. The sea Shore lies baking in the Sun. And even in these modern Days Venice asserts her claim to be still the Queen of the Adriatic. Electric clock a Marvel timepiece of. Remarkable Beauty that is declared to be absolutely accurate on a lining and is finished at the top by a shaped band that is branded the yokels of piece lace. The. Skirt is set in plaits at d piped to tho vetoed 24 inches wide. Of Princess Pfluf Baths of a most penetrating odor with a flounces at Edge Wiloh to. Heads i t is Sald. Of . Poetry by. A crosswise strip of silk gathered at each Edge with narrow outstanding frill the Sqq be trimming forms a Point on the bodice Back and front the space being filled in with gauged cd Iff Fon Ond prose Are thus harmoniously blended but the poetry overcomes to Proge. For one might travel far and not come upon such a View As that across and up Lake Garda from the Peninsula of Sirlone where the materials required is Yards silk legendary Grotto of catullus Murk tho 22 inches wide. Byte of the poet s Villa to which he re one of the largest elect rec clocks a existence has just been exhibited. It to a Marvel of Beauty and workmanship. The pendulum weighs Over 3,00� pounds the clocks contains g.48� multicoloured electric bulbs for which 11,000 connections were necessary and of wire. In making the connections 140 pounds of special screws were required. The dial although it ind cotes hours minutes Anit seconds has no bands the time in minutes is indicated by 60 series of lights each series containing 32 Globe covered bulbs radiating from an ornamental Center Leca to the outer Edge of the dial. Shorter rows of different coloured lights int Cate the hour and these change their position times during each 60 minutes or once every five minutes the seconds Are shown by 60 lights placed a at equal distances around the a Treme outer Edge of tho face. A a a the hour figures Are three feet big five outlined in coloured lights. Each. Aeo Ond tfie1 illumination in the outer Circle of Light moves Forward Ono bulb and when tho dial has Beon entire Lar circled the lights indicating the minutes also Advance and tho hour hat of med by lights makes its slow Jour Ney at five Minuta intervals. Despite the huge proportions of the clock t has been found that it keeps absolute. In Conraot time even to the Sedo oot
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