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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - January 16, 1909, Galveston, Texas Rosenberg Library i i por a Antes of a i Century the opera i ,a8s has worked 1 a a in the interest 037 i the so a Wai i cite to a a Quot 0 a a. /�on7 a Leo 1 the sea Wall the 5 Grade raising and a the opera class f % Venitt make gives f j t6n the South s t largest Best City f and port t i i i i Estabi shed 1879galveston. Texas. Saturday. January 16. 1909. Vol. Xxx. No 27 How to make an ice boat. Thrilling sport to to had wherever there is a body of ice. A the sport o Balling on Tho Ico has within a few years attracted considerable attention on our Northern Rivers i and Laltoo and steins Likely to increase. It 1b an a amusement Well adapted to big boys being Etc citing requiring Aklu Acyl certainly not More Langenus than skating. It is even More fisc unating than yachting with out the danger which always attends the latter Pursuit. A Small ice boat that a b6y can build will sail ten to 20 milc3 an hour with a Good wind. Some Large ones strange As it May seem can sail with a wind on the beam actually faster than the wind a which is blowing. This fact is attested by the highest scientific authorities having seen some unsuccessful attempts at ice boats by boys in various a places i propose to Tell you How to build one at a Small expense that will sail Well and give you a great Deal of sport writes j. Ii. Hubbard in people s Home journal. The directions and measures cents Here Given Are a the result of careful experiments and some failures. Fig. 1 a Vul a fro. 3. Details of the boat. Is an Elevation Fig. 2 a ground plan of the Frame and Fig. 3 a Section of a runner. Get a Spruce Plank a., 12 feet Long. C inches.,wide, 2 inches thick. This 1b the Backbone of the Structure. Cut near one end of it a Hole two inches Square to receive the foot of the Mast. A i fake two Oak Cross bars e a 8 feet Long 4 inches deep 2 inches thick. The Crosb bars Are bolted to a one foot apart the Forward one a foot from mass Holo. This distance is Best. Next get one Oak Plank a 1g inches Long 3% inches deep,12 inches thick. The hard Wood piece a is for Tiller 4 feet Long 2 inches wide 1 Lucli thick. This is to be set into the top of Plank and fastened there with screws. To each end of it is attached a rope which runs Over in Sheave fastened to the Cross bar. A 0 a and tie Ropoza 1 1, constitute the Toering apparatus. Two boards f of each 11 feet Long i inches Wido Inch thick Aro Plano and. The edges matched together at the Stern. They Aro nailed to the Plank at and the Cross bars e 13, us. Bowne a in Fig. 2. Four blocks each 3 inches thick must be put under Thoni Wei o they lie Over the Cross bars. A Board a foot Long Inch thick must also be put under f f at the Stern. Six slats i Gas Long As May be needed 2 inches wide Lnch thick ave nailed Over a and under f f. The Mast is a natural Spruce stick 13 feet Long shaved Down to 3% inches at butt 2%inches at the top. The l on is 13v4 feet Long 2 inches thick at each end and a Little thicker in Tho Middle. It is fastened to the Mast by an Iron Eye screwed into the. Mast and a Hook in the end of the Boom. The sprit is 10 feet Long 1% inches diameter shaved to -2 inches at each end. A the Iron Collar 1, through which the Mast is inserted loosely stands two feet above the top of Plank a. It is supported by three Iron braces i h hand is bolted to the tops of them. The braces Are Inch round Iron and bolted to the Frame As shown. The Hind runner Block a is fastened to a by a Strong Iron Mas shown in Fig. 1. It allows the runner to Rock up and Down and to be turned bid Wise by the Tiller. A must be plated with Iron top and Bottom where m goes through that the runner May pot the construction of the runners j a a must be attended to with the greatest care As upon these in a great measure will depend the Success of your boat. Get a Square bar of cast steel c feet Long Cut off 22 itches for third runner and Divide the rest in halves across. Shape two. Forward runners and one Hind one As shown in Fig. 1. The beating surface is a right angled Edge As shown in Fig. 3. This Sharp Edge holds the ice firmly without much friction. Holes Are bored two inches up into the. Crossbars near their ends and the runners driven in and fastened with rivets. After the runners Are forged they should lie finished with a. File and Emery paper if not perfectly smooth. The front turn must be Long and gradual like a skate two thirds the length however Flat on the ice. The running edges should not be top Sharp they will project two and one half or three inches below the Bottom of the Wood. For the sail get 20 Yards three quarters of a Yard wide of heavy Drill ing. The dimensions Are head 5 feet foot. 13 feet fore Leach 10 feet after Leach 14%. Feet. Make these measurements on the floor and Mark the outlines with a Chalk line. Cut the after breadth first and the others to match. Lap the breadth one Inch. Allow an Inch All around for a hem. The breadth should lie basted before stitching. Put two rows of stitching where the breadth Lap. Look out for puckering. Put a narrow hem Clear around the sail. Then stitch a three eighths Lucli rope around the hem. Make a Loop at the Peak to put the end of the sprit into. Draw the rope tight around the Boom and fasten it Tiro High a Hole in the end. Fasten the Throat of sail tight to the top of the Mast. Cut a number of Short pieces of heavy twine arid lace the sail 4t intervals of a foot to the Boom and Mast fasten a Becket or Loop of rope at a suitable position on the Mast to set the Heel of the sprit into. Rig main Sheet Over two sheaves As shown it brings less Strain on the Boom and clears the skipper s head in tacking make a Good Large wooden Cleat to Belay it to. The Cost of compote materials will amount to about $16. A boat l u it As above will sail nearly As close to the wind As a Good cat boat. It is managed much Tho same. Done to turn too Short in coming about. Jibe when you like without fear of capsizing. Your boat will carry three persons in a Light wind More if it blows fresh. Rig it neatly and try to make a finished thing nil through. Your ice boat will then be More than a. Boys plaything and will be admired by old and Young. Franklin s Wise words. Good senso is a thing All need few have and none think they Franklin both pretty and popular amp Hume Frederick Young actress who is a favorite with patrons of mud Fca comedies. A boy Globe Trotter. A a. Indiana lad goes around the. World alone in two years. When some american society gives a medal for perseverance one will go to in Indiana boy named Stroh who completed a Clr Cut of the Globe. He was two years on his journey and was .Only/14 when he started. After making a his Way to san Francisco working Here and there at anything Aud everything he shipped on a whaler. 1 becoming tired of son life he left the vessel and took Refuge of one of the islands of the Japan archipelago. The Savage islanders made life very unpleasant for him several times threatening to a make a meal of him a hut another whaler arrived in the Hick of Tipsie and took him to Manila thence lie went to Hong Kong gradually worked his Way around to Aden on the red sea and for six months cruised around the next journey was to London and then becoming homesick sailed for new York and one Lino Day Mado his reappearance at Home. His extensive travelling Cost very Little and although he returned no Richer than he left he certain y. Gained a wealth of experience. A Railroad to electrify. Permission has been applied for by the new York new Haven amp Hartford railway to electrify the Harlem River amp Portchester Railroad. This line runs through Mott Haven to new Rochelle where it joins the main line. The fact that this line is to be electrified indicates that it will be used for extensive passenger service As it. Would be hardly Worth while to change to elect Trinity if freight is to be the principal traffic. I. Disillusion. Little Johnnie had. Just Learned the heartbreaking fact that there Hasni to a a a really Santa Claus and he Felt that the world had collapsed about his ears 1. A a i do Don t believe no nothing at actress played interpreter. Miss Loie Fuller admits she did a rapid guessing. Miss Loie Fuller has just published her memoirs in French and in them she tells a most amusing Story about Sada Yaccov a husband a Iwakami and the French society of authors. It was miss Loie Fuller who brought Sada Yacco and her husband to Paris eight years ago and they immediately became the fashion. One Day miss Fuller mentioned that Kawakami was the author of most of the plays in which his wife acted and m. Sardou. Said a then we should be glad to admit him in the French society of. Dramatic he was received in state by. The committee in full ses blon and Sardou made a Long and eloquent speech con Gratis plating him. He sat Down and1 All eyes turned to Kawakami. A a a understood a mibs Fuller says a that was expected to ply but. He did had riot of bourse understood a word of Sardou a speech and sat in his place smiling contentedly at everybody present a Tell him what i. Said a said Sardou to me and if you have Ever attempted to translate a Long speech into signs you will know Bow i Felt. Quot i had not the courage to remain silent so 1 gave Kawakami a translation in rapid English of what i remembered of Sardou a speech. And Sardou punctuated it with a yes yes yes a the Only English word he knew. Kaw Altama knew to English at All Quot but i made him understand by signs that he was. Expected to get up and speak. He did. He spoke for nearly three quarters of an hour in japanese of course and everybody gaped in admiration. A then Sardou asked me a what did he say a and i made the first and last speech of my life and Only Hope i did not undermine poor Kawa Kamle a reputation. For As i speak no word and understand no word of japanese i doubt whether i did his Long speech Justice a a gossip of the stage. Charles Frohman will Star Eva Tan Guay in a new musical comedy. A Arthur Dunn is to be starred by messes. Askin and Singer in Hilly Clifford and Maud Lambert will head a company to play a the girl at tie a John Philip Sousa has completed the score of a new opera Quot called a the Glass Goghlan is to revive the play written by her father Charles Coghlan called Conor will play the principal male roles with Blanche ring in her australian tour. The Railroad ticket gag. How comedian Lauder treated the Friend with a touch. So much has been told of Harry Lauder s nearness that it might be inferred no one would Ever turn to him for Aid. Notwithstanding foreign performers say he is usually the first Man approached where Money must he had at once. A the reason of this is assigned As being the knowledge that the scotch comedian can not possibly assert he would like to be obliging. But really Hasni to the Money. The Point to be considered therefore is whether he can be induced to listen to reason. Soon after his arrival in new York he was approached by a performer he had known for years and after listening to a Long Story of thwarted ambition was asked a Harry can to you let me have Tho pro cd of a ticket to Chicago a if you can do any g of going to Chicago Quot Lauder answered deliberately a you shall go. What time does the next train leave a. The negotiator of a the loan had not prepared himself for this and haltingly replied a ooh there s plenty of Quot find out the next one a returned Laider a and then come Back prepared to Start a ,. When he was making ready for the evening performance Back Canto the a Man bound for Chicago and exclaimed breathlessly Quot my train leaves grand Central at 5 44. In be just time to make a a it a never Good to be in too great a hurry a was the answer. A besides i be looked up Chicago and a train goes at 11 20 that gets there nearly six hours the one you picked. Then too i want to go to the depot and wish you Good Fortune. There la be plenty of a at about 1045 Lauder and his companion took a subway train for the i grand Central Quot. The traveler had no baggage but the comedian refrained from comment. Arriving at the station he bought a Railroad and a Pullman ticket to Chicago and persuaded to in guard to let both through the Gate. Aboard the train he turned Over. The transportation to the Pullman conductor with the request that his Friend should be Well treated. As the signal to leave was shouted Lauder pressed a Bill into the hand departing performer with the remark a a to cheer you on the Way.1 Quot a a a a three Days later he received a letter of which this is a part f a dear Harry until my arrival Chicago was Only a name to me. I can to find any one with enough Money to Send me Back so i am Here still. I never realized before How much you enjoy a joke yourself a fallow att cute frat a so re Tib by a Pillow top is one of the few embroidered articles of which there cannot be too Many. What woman has Ever been at a loss to dispose of an extra Couch Pillow for if they Are really enjoyed they get hard Wear and need frequent replenishing. A Flower designs Aro especially at Tractive though conventional scrolls hold High favor. As for the mate Rifle to be worked Pongee China silk Satin velvet or velveteen especially the latter treated with Gold thread would be extremely Good looking though there is nothing for Ordinary use quite so acceptable As the Art linens and crashes. These May be secured in such Charm ing shades that the work must necessarily result in a Good effect. In View of Tho popularity of Stencilling the work vill be most effective if done in in fit embroidery heavily outlined. The a Ltd la known Kensington stitch is the one to us. Supposing the design to be one of roses or carnations one Shade of Pink and one Shade of Green will effect a Good result and then the whole should be outlined in a Darker Shade of each color or a very striking method would be to Gold thread the entire design. Treating it in this manner the effect is a Compromise Between a stencilled design and one for embroidery. Some consideration for this color scheme of the recipients boudoir will be greatly appreciated Green of course tones in with any Hue and for a Pink room a Rose May be embroidered in Pink for a yellow in yellow. For the room done up in red or mauve the conventional Flowers May take on More or less the Shade to match. If. The work he done upon Linen it should be done with a View Quot to its launder Bleness in. Which Case you must of course eliminate Gold thread and do the entire work with Wash silk using Filo for the Kensington embroidery and tie rope silk for the ii Lino work. A Back the Pillow with the same material As the face not embroidered of course and if for boudoir use a pretty method is to hem each Square joining front and Back at the line of he stitching this gives a simple but effective finish and is a Little Relief from cords and tassels. If the slip be made with buttons and buttonholes or Button loops and the materials be All selected with a View to their washable its the Pillow Niay be kept fresh and Dainty. A \ for Den or sitting room if dark and heavy fabrics Are used a Cord is the conservative and Best finish. To piece lace to piece lace take the1 figure at the end of the lace and commencing at the end of the Scallop Cut around it close to the thread that outlines. The figure being careful not to Cut the thread. If there is Plain net at Tho top Cut straight through it. Quot Baste this figure Over a similar one being careful that every Point and Dot is exact. With a Fine thread silk or Cotton according to Tho lace sew the Cut Edge of the lace Down sewing Over the outline thread with Fine stitches. Alien Cut away the extra lace on the wrong Side leaving Only a very narrow seam. If carefully done the Seani is almost invisible. Curt an hindu there is a fashionable decoration that should be helpful to Tho woman who must fit Short curtains to new windows. This is the idea of having does decorative Borders on fabrics of solid color. New curtains Are made in this fashion and sold at expensive prices at the shops that make a specially of new things. A skillful woman can accomplish Tho same result but mind you stress is Laid Uii ii the adjective skillful. A woman who Hasni to a Clear idea of color and who Hasni to Tho inborn Knack of getting things right with scissors and Needle should turn the work Over to the woman who has this Power. Many a seamstress has it whose world costs Little. Separate Borders can be bought at the shops with surprising ease by the woman who knows How to Root out the artistic thing. They do not come for curtains is a Rule but they Servo admirably. Tie foundation color is usually deep tinted although some Good patterns can be gotten with the foundation in natural crash tones these Are usually the Best to work on they Quot go so Well with almost any other cover. The designs of these Borders Are egyptian byzantine or whatever i ame suits Best thebe formal lines in vivid colors. They can be put at the sides Bot Tom and top of Short narrow curtains and. One is surprised at the effect. They not Only make an old curtain of use but they give it new character and style. These Borders can be used As a Plain or plaited Valance. This fashion has widely returned in decorating rooms and although it keeps out Light to a certain extent it gives finish to the top of the window. Often the effect without a Valance is Bare. Thib 1b a pee Olally so when the window Jamb is deep and wide. There is another fashion of using ten Inch Borders across the tops of windows and Down the sides with pane curtains that Are set deep in the window Embr asure against Tho Glass. Velvet buttons Are popular trimmings muffs Are Gigantic in size and in Cost i. Cloth top boots again Are to be in Vogue. A Paris declares that All hats must to dark. Clinging Robes Are the feature of the year. Squirrel pelts Are in great demand for linings. Black is in the height of fashion for opera skirts Are unlined and cling As never before. Startling effects in. I Hynery Are now discouraged. A Gold is a conspicuous note in present fashions. Many of the Best Coats have detachable fur linings. Ulcer Tore hat scarfs come in colors to match any hat. Opera bag for glasses Cpin and handkerchief made of embroidered silk
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