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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jan 15 1910, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - January 15, 1910, Galveston, Texas I a Bose he Borg a of for a a Star tide of a i Century the opera a go ass has worked i in the interest 03? the sea Wai i City. It to a a. To .1. .9. A. To. To it . A it. A it a a a a j. Wjk Vav i t 1�?Tu to Quot a a v i Vav Rev ref a the sea Wail the i 1 Grade raising and t a the opera i ass $ to vile make Gai yes $ ton the South s x largest Best City % and port. ? % z a i established 1879.�?� Galveston Texas Satu re a Jan. 15, 1910. Vol. Xxxi. No. 27. Ivl. Child a hat w f. Achild a hat of Gray Felt trimmed with wide hat band of Marina Blue velvet wit Many looped Bow. New names for old colors favourites of other seasons come be fore us now charmingly designed. A it is not easy to name a new color and there is a curious fashion in such a. Matters that is entirely controlled by the a great fashion makers who direct. Tho vagaries of a la Modoc a in Paris and Vienna. There is a tendency in the Nomen a Clautie of this season s novelties in color to describe More or loss accurately tho color named which is a decided assistance in choosing ones tints 1 for instance tho new Brown is called Caramel and Lichen Green tells its own Story no to was to guess at is the Hue named aeroplane. To find it to be i a Subtle Gray Green with a tinge of Blue in it a wearied of elephant Gray this year some such Shade is known As Mammoth and thames Gray. Crosson As one expects is rather a dark full Green and malachite explains itself a color by the Way to to used with great discretion unless the sit in of the wearer be of milk and roses. A burgundian indicates a Range of red wino cd Lorings and rhubarb one. A of the favourites of tho moment in Paris is a Light red with Green Jones. Who will deny the Charm of a pretty name half the popularity of charmeuse Satin lies in its soft texture the other Halfton its seductive title. A a wedding fashions change parisians forsake tradition and give their Sanction to some de a Elded innovations. It a new combination. An extreme Novelty is to combination garment of knickerbockers and Princess Chemise the upper part fits the figure closely and has a double ruffle of lace which Falls in a Cas Cado from tho Yoke almost to tho Waist line. The lower part of this garment is gathered into a band of lace and insertion at the Knees each being a edged with a full ruffle of Llanon and Laoo. This entire combination is striped with insertion and lace. It is an Attya Pulve. Idea which has been pc Vived �r6m the silk bloomers of last season. In Paris some very notable change have taken place with regard to wedding fashions. One of these is the color chosen for the dress of a brides Mother at a daughter wedding. Forsaking tho traditional Gray or mauve Salmon Pink is now As often selected As any other. At a recent wedding on Socin to the Mother of the Bride wore a Beautiful gown of Salmon Pink charmeuse veiled with mousse line de some the Over dress being richly embroidered with steel beads. Another Beautiful scheme for a wedding was a superbly Cut Princesa frock of Liberty Satin in a soft Shade of Nattier Blue. This which was richly embroidered in the same tone was worn with a Large hat of Black panne the Feather Cluster a which adorned it being fastened in place a with a handsome jewelled ornament of emeralds and diamonds. A for Day or evening. Summer remnants. Always useful. Any. Number of charming articles May to fashioned from Bummer rom Nav to. I -----1 a sofa Cushion offers an excellent illustration of what May to done with a a scraps a it May to made of a remnant of White organdy left from a party Diosa and lined after a Bunch of Flowers Cut from two Small Creyonne. Scraps have been appliqued with buttonhole stitches of Pink Sll Kolne. With another remnant of White Lawn. The three and a half Inch wide ruffle Slio Ulbe a stitched with Pink an Pink Satin ribbon serves to fasten it. Care of stockings. A buyer of Hose in a Large department store speaking of the Wear of stockings informed to that if Lisle and silk stockings Are washed before a worn they will Wear longer. The is that the slight tho Threada a closer together and a there is then est danger of ravages Froni imperfect stitches in the weave and incidentally a shoe Man claims that tan Stiles will give better service of they Are Given a coating of to shoe polish that comes prepared for tan shoes before being lege. This smart and practical coat looks Well a for either Day or even inc Wear if made up in Light mole coloured face cloth. The braiding which forms the trimming is of the same color. As the. Cloth. It is lined throughout. With White Cashmere Batin. The buttons Are of embroidered silk and mole a pored ribbon strings with tvs seed ends form a handsome finish. Hat of mole Coj ored Felt trimmed with feathers. I materials required for the coat five Yards Quot div inches wide live Yard Satin Cashmere 42 Jln Ches wide. Hints for w%9 timely suggestions my for those planning seasonable a a tilt entertainments for Charity. Entertainment. Entertain rents for Charity both elaborate and simple Are engrossing the attention of society Folk and catch Penny novelties Are Tsany and varied. A most attractive Booth at one of these affairs is worthy of description it May be carried out. With very Little expense which is an item to be considered. It was called a the morning glory the space pm copied was triangular and the foundation of sides and front waa constructed of Bamboo poles. Interlaced ov6r this was a bewildering tangle of morning glories in delicate Lavender Pink Blu and White. The attendants wore thin gowns of. These same colors with Lin Gerie hats trimmed with Wreath of morning a Large umbrella which was completely covered with a glories a Tea and wafer were served. Each guest was presented with a morning glory clipped from the trellis. These blossoms pinned to coat Lapel and gown served to advertise a morning glory Tea. Y they were made of crepe tissue paper of various hues. For serving Cocoa there was a Booth representing Holland. Delft Blue yellow tulips wooden a shoes holding ferns and the attendants garbed exactly like the Maiden on the Cocoa cans so familiar to All of us. Quaint mugs of Blue were used to serve this piping hot beverage. A marshmallow floated on top and hot toasted Graham crackers accompanied each order. It Vuk novel handkerchief Shower. A most enjoyable Shower was Given recently january Bride Witch in eluded the bold Groon Rand other men. The girls brought one a for the Bride an4 the men one for the bridegroom. A they were accompanied by sentiments written on. Heart shaped cards. After the merry presentation there was. An informal Little dance. There were lust 20 guests All intimate friends. V it authors guessing contest.1 the requests for contests come in with a regularity that would put the a Little Brooks of Tennyson Fama in the a hades they literally go on forever. The correspondent who asks for a contest for her club May find this suited to her needs. It is not new Tait so old that with the re Lur rect Lon of All old things it May be strange at any rate i give it with the Hope that every one who. May need it in the future will Cut it out what a rough Man said when he wished his son to eat properly. Chaucer a is a lion s House dug in tho a do of a Hill where there is no water. Dryden pilgrims and flatterers Havo Knelt Low to kiss him. Pope makes 5and. Mends for first class customers. Taylor. Represents the dwellings of civilized men. Holmes. Is worn on the head. Hare. A Namo that Means such fiery things i can to describe their pains and stings. Burns Quot a a a a belonging to a monastery. Abbott not one of the four Points of the it com pass but inclined toward on of them. Southey. Is what in Oyster Heap is Elko to be. Shelley is a Chin of Hills containing a dark treasure. Coleridge always Youthful. an american manufacturing town. Lowell a Hump backed but not deformed. Campbell t an internal it Ain. Valuo. Of a word. Wordsworth a ten footer Whoso name begins with fifty Longfellow a worker in precious metals Goldsmith Quot a vital part Quot body Harte a Small talk and a heavy weight. Chat to Ron comes from a pig. Bacon a Domestic worker. Butler. A Slang expression Dickens Young Domestic a Lenl. Lamb Mamma is in perfect health my child and thus he names a poot mild. Motherwell a \ a. A a girls Namo and a male relation Addison. W a a a v disagreeable fellow to Dvo on one s foot a Bunyan an official dreaded by the students of she Lush universities. Proctor. Feist Middle name is suggestive of an in Dian or a hottentot. This May be Whittier or a Thackeray a game it and a male of the human species. Tennyson. Meat. What Are you doing Brown Muir. A fast indeed. Swift to. Agitato a weapon. Shakespeare put an edible Grain twixt an ant and d Bee a a. 7. And a much loved poet you will see. Bryant a common Domestic animal and what it can never do. Cowper a each living head in time tvs said will turn to him though he to dead. Gray. To pro cd do. Prior a Coin fraction i and a weight. Mil a ton an elevated woman. Top lady a a a Small House. Walcott a near and a celebrated in. War and literature. Sheridan a meeting House and a High place. Churchill a a worker in barrels. Cooper a sly pig. Cunningham a a boy s name avid a boy Emerson renters Tennant i \ True of the ladies Lovelace inclined toward Royalty. Kingsley a with my first t a Berry disclose a my second s a tear of a Rose. Haw Thorne. A Madame Mehki. Rat tall seems to to supplanting so tache. A this season probably will see but few hats in Felt. Quills braided in Gold and Sliver Are a millinery Novelty. Long lace sleeves Aro a feature of tho deliciously pretty Tea gowns for tho Winter. -.-v-. The general tendency is away from vivid colourings and few Lustrous surfaces Are seen. A among the colors that will to much Sorn Are the clues Pink Brown and a great Deal of Green. A Blacks will to much used not Only in daytime but evening toilets during the coming season. A newest skirts show a combination of tho popular Pron Cess panel and the new fashionable plaits. The Roll that has been removed from tho allows hats to sit More firmly and they will be worn Low on the head. / Jet embroidered hosiery. All Black effects Are so fashionable now that Many new notions in. Black hosiery have come out. Sheer Black silk stockings embroidered up the in step with tiny Jet beads Are tho newest conceit in the hosiery line and these jetted stockings Are exceedingly v fetching with High heeled Black Satin or More modish still Black velvet Jet embroidered stockings Are. Said to launder perfectly with no danger to the daintily it wrought Flower and Bow knot patterns. Cross stitch. A a. If in campy after Bear Hunt. A very decorative design this to work around a Monogram or initial letters on tho end. Of towels sideboard cloths or anything marked with Crosb stitch it b quite simple and May easily be copied from the illustration c Ca Sion All j while trapping the Maine Woods in search of Deer or Moose the Hunter comes upon another animal the sight of which ,,.hia heart beat than did Over the sight of anti ored game and. Causes him to bring his Rifle into speedy action. More often it is the Farmer living in an isolated Region who corns upon this brute the Maine Black Bear As the big fellow makes off with one of his limbs. In either Casebo it sportsman or Farmer who sees the1 Bear the View be gets is Likely to be Short unless he brings the animal Down for this big brute with All his. Strength and formidable Teeth and claws is no fighter and prefers running to fighting on almost All occasions. bears Are found in Maine in every county in the state with tho exception of the most southerly counties West of Penobscot Bay but Are of course most numerous where the Deer a a Moose Are also found in greatest numbers in Northern Hancock Washington Penobscot Franklin a and Somerset counties and the vast Region embraced by Pisca Taquis and Aroostook counties most of which is heavily timbered. Years ago Black bears were com Mon in the regions named but the Advance of civilization has made far greater inroads Quot in their numbers than on tho Deer and Moose. Tho animals were hunted for their fur and for the Bounty placed upon them by the state legislature / a tho boars had no a Friend. They Wero killed at any and every time of year for even in months when their fur was of no value tho Bounty made Hunting them Worth while. This indiscriminate Hunting of course speedily thinned out tho rinks of Bruin l. A few years go the. Bounty of five dollars was removed and since then tho Hunters have lost most of their Fervour. Beers Aro. Killed now wherever they Are found by tho Ordinary Hunters but tho men who made a business of trapping and Hunt ing them have gone out of to Ltd business except for a few months in tho year when the fur is. In prime condition. the a Maine Black Bear is a. Queer animal. In his makeup there seems to be a combination of. The characteristics of the human the cat the log the Raccoon the Squirrel and several other animal. Though his natural method of locomotion is on All fours to can walk upright almost As easily and steadily As a Man and there is. Something ? laughably human in the Way one of these big brutes will sit up on his haunches and reach a fat. Foresaw around to scratch his ribs. At Many times the bar displays almost human intelligence in the manner in which to evades traps and doa Falls set for his destruction. -. No member of the cat family could be quicker with a stroke of its fore Paw than is a Black Bear and the Bear has his paws armed with cir is a which a Tiger or lion might Ety. With his forepaws the Bear can strike a blow with the swiftness and skill of a trained Boxer and Many Are the woodsmen who have found this out to Thor Cost when Thoy have tried to kill one of these animals with the. Stroke of a a one stroke of that great Paw will Ward Oil a violent Biow and another May Send the Wilder of the a spinning 20 feet away. A Black dear Waltl ascend a treo with the Arjil Ity of a cat and does so frequently to get the various nuts which form1 a. Choice hl3 diet. In general appearance 1 the Black Bear resembles the hog More than any other animal. The head with its found Skull Sharp snout Short pointed ears and Brig t Beady eyes is Liko that of a hog while the Bear will eat anything a hog will. To he Bear roots about among tho Lealofi. In quest of nuts enters Orchards to eat the apples which have alien on tho ground and if they Are not there shakes tho tree until the fruit comes tumbling about his ears wherein he has tho advantage of the hog and resembles the human again. I More than one Black Bear has Conio to an untimely end because of his pro Pei Eity for entering Rubrn Fields it ind eating tie Sweet Corn from tho stalks a favorite occupation of the Raccoon. Like the Raccoon too the Black Bear. Is an Export will lie at Fuu length on a log Over some quiet Pool and drop a bit of Wood or offal on the water. To watches the bait with his Small Bright eyes until some unsuspecting Troat or Chub comes up to investigate then a Quick sweep of one of those mighty Paw viands the Flash flopping on the Bank and Bruin Dainty meal off his prize. A when the cold frosts of fall arrive the Black Bear begins. To think of a snug Home during the Winter months. To looks about until. He finds tho Placo that suits him. May be in a hollow log and if the hollow is already tho Homo of a family of Coons Bruin has no scruples about turning them out. It May to that the Bear finds a slowdown a hire the passing years Havo deposited limbs and leaves until there is a. Covering it pervious to Snow and rain and he crawls under Neath and Burrows into the Scurf to. Sleep for tie Winter if he can find a Cave or a deep Cleft in the risks Bruin is As Well satisfied acid he will sleep fully a comfortably until warm weather comes again., tho Bear has no Larder to resort to during the win term and he wants none for to sleeps soundly while his waste tissues Aro replaced by the great Rolls of fat1 which cover ills ribs As a result of a. Summers foraging on to fat of the �land., a a. A a. Tho Bear retires for his Winter sleep just As Sooh As the ground be gins to freeze which is usually about the last of november. This will of course not. Apply to All cases it a for a Many bears Are found roaming about until Iong after the first of a december. I but ordinarily they Den up Early. The Maine Black Bear has been a much maligned animal. Long Obser a vation by old Hunters shows that tho favorite food of the Bear is vegetables nuts berries roots Etc. A Many com Quot plaints have been Quot made by Farrens in the Northern and Eastern parts of to Stato of bears that Havo done damage to their sheep flocks
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