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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1909, Page 4

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 27, 1909, Galveston, Texas A so a a of Teller successor elected to Colo Rado s Brilliant senator. A Han unique record in that to has 8orved 18 Yeasas Republican and 12 years As Democrat without interruption. dispatches recently Nuno Ungcad simply that Charles j. Hughes of Donver has been elected to Tho United states Senato to succeed Honry m. Toller. Literally that was All. Politically there was much More. It was that the election of or. Hughes marked the passing of Henry Moore Teller the grand old Man of. The la one third of a Century or. Teller to a greater or lesser a extent has been continuously before Tho Oyes of the nation. For a Large part of that Timo to held High rank in the councils a of his party few Abler men have a come out of the West and Nono who longer held Tho affections of his Peci pie. Yot when the final Sun Mary was a Mado up the Only mention he received was that his name was it Mong those entered. Y a a a. A or. Tellers entry into the Senate was coincident with the entry of his a Tate into the Union. His record is unique in that to served in that body 18 years As a Republican and then without missing a Day he served 12. Years More As Aii Independent and Democrat. A few older men Bavo been elected to the Senate at different times by political parties of opposite beliefs a but a period intervened in a which they waited for the people to experience a change. Or. Teller repudiated Hia old affiliation and took up with the new without interruptions .1n his service. A since Colorado has been a state one half of its representation in the United states Senate except for three years has been Henry m. Toller. The other new strength for women 8 backs. The very last. How to make a bad Back better. Women who suffer with backache a earing Down pain dizzy spells and that constant feeling of dullness and tiredness will find Hope in the advice of mrs. Mary Hinson of 21 Strother St., it. Sterling icy. Had a i not used Doans kidney pills x believe i would not be living to Day a says mrs. Hinson a my eyesight was poor i suffered with nervous splitting headaches spots would dance before my eyes and at times. I would be so dizzy x would have to grasp something for support. My Back was so Weald and painful i could hardly Bend Over to Button Niy shoes and could not get around without suffering severely. Doans kidney pills helped me from Tho first and i continued until practically Well sold by All dealers. 60 cents a Box. Foster Milburn Ca Buffalo n. Y. Where he stood. A senator Henry m. Teller of Colorado half varied As Quot one term followed another and the ability arid character of that representation likewise varied. Born in now York state in 1830. Or. Teller when he became a Young a Man studied Law and was admitted to the bar. He sought the great West in 1858, and As Illinois at that time seemed to be a Long Way toward the setting Sun to Como to tills state and began the practice of his profession. To Only remained hero two years however As he foresaw greater possibilities in the territory of Colorado. That his judgment was Good when he decided to take the Long jump to Tho new and Little known land in the Rockies was proved by the later events in his. Life. Fifteen Yeara afterwards while the nation was celebrating its. Centennial Colorado was admitted As a state and among the first acts of its. Legislature was the a Iee ton of Henry m. Teller As one of its representative in the United states Senate. A chosen As a Republican he served in the Senate until in april 1882, when he was called to president Arthur s Cabinet As Secretary of the Interior. Hoi o to twice honoured Iila state bringing it an important Cabinet Post after Only six years of statehood and being the instrument by which this distinction was Given to a state beyond the great american Plains. Quot. A a. A or. Teller served As Secretary of the Interior during president Arthur s term but near the close of the pm Hod there was a sensational election in Colorado and he web offered his old seat. He accepted it and when a his work As Cabinet member ended a on March 4, 1885, to walked Over to the Capitol and took the oath of Willce As a senator. A a a \ a a. A few years later the Money question began to make trouble for men in Public life and what a was destined to to or. Tellers greatest political sorrow began to take for a a. Financial str Genoy followed by the repeal of a the Sherman act precipitated the free Silver controversy upon the country and or. Tejler an ardent advocate of free a Olnage. Found himself in conflict with Many of his political associates. Subsequent developments Are of too recent occurrence to require recounting Here. Or. Teller was approaching the end of his third senatorial term his state was overwhelmingly for Sliver but a majority of the leaders of the Republican party in the country at Large were bending their efforts to obtain a declaration for the Gold stand Ardi -. The crisis far the Colorado Man was near at hand. It came with the Republican National convention Ait St. Louis in 1896. The retort Salty. Summer visitors did you Ever sea a waterspout capt. Old Salt capt. 0.�?aye, mum that i have dozens of Mem. S. , How remarkable where did you see them if i May ask capt. 0.�?at the plumbers mum at the plumber s. delighted to see you major. I thought you had a died Madam that a thing id do the last Home tqn1c for old people wonderful results eventually Restor ing full physical vigor Are obtained from the following to one half pint Good whiskey add one ounce syrup Stra Arlila and one ounce Toris compound which can be procured from any druggist. Take in teaspoonful doses before each meal and before retiring. Percy do you think your father would object to my marrying you Pearl i say. If he a any thing lace me he Woi ild. Quot we have Many similar Quot the following is an extract from a letter received from or. H. H. Meyers of stung arts Ark Quot you would greatly oblige me if you would introduce Hunts a lightning Oil at Milli Evilie iii., As i have Many friends and relatives there in whom i am. Much concerned and i understand the Oil is not kept there. I can recommend it. As the Best Medicine i Ever had in my House. It cured me of a bad Case of the bloody flux in less Quot than one half hour and it cured my grand daughter of a bad Case of cholera Moribus in a very Short distinction without difference. While holding a term of court at a gusts once. Judge Walton sentenced a Man to seven years in prison for grave crime. The respondents counsel asked for a mitigation of the sentence on the ground that the prisoner s health was very poor. A Wyo air Honor a said he �?o1 am satisfied that my client cannot live out half that term and i beg of you to change the a Well under Thoke circumstances a said the judge a i will change the sentence. I will make it for life instead of seven got mixed. 1 a Young american who is particular about his washing the other Day wrote a note to his laundress and one to his sweetheart and by a strange fatality put the wrong address on each envelope and sent them Oft. The was woman was delighted at an invitation to take a ride Tho next Day but when the Young lady read a if you Tumble up my shirt bosom any More As you did the last time i will go somewhere else a she cried All the evening a he declared she speak to him was logical. One afternoon i overheard Niy two children talking about the sunday school lesson. A it a a a Dick who was much smaller than Margaret believed All she said about it. So he asked her what god looked like and site quickly answered a god looks Liko a stalk of com because Mamma said he had ears Ohall sides and a stalk of Corn is the Only thing i know that has ears on All food palatable economical nourishing. A Nebr. Woman has outlined the prize food in a few words and that from personal experience. She writes a after our Long experience with grape nuts i cannot say enough in its favor. We have used this food almost continually for seven years v Quot we sometimes tried a other advertised breakfast foods but we invariably returned to grape nuts As the most palatable economical and nourishing of All. A a a a when i quit Tea and Coffeo and began to use Postum and grape nuts i was a nervous wreck. I was so irritable i could not sleep nights had no interest in life. A after using grape nuts a Short time i. Begin to improve and All these ailments have disappeared and now a Well woman. My two children have been almost raised on grape nuts which they eat three times a Day. Quot a they Are pictures of health and have never had the least symptom of stomach. Trouble even through the most severe siege of whooping cough they could retain grape nuts when All else failed. A a Quot grape nuts food has saved doctor Bills and has been Quot therefore a most economical food for. Us a name Given by Postum co., Battle Creek Mich read a the Road to Well Ville a in pkg. A a there a a a err read tie above letter a nerf one no nears from to time a they Are a be Sobic True and full at Fanf sufi interest. A \ to save Elmo. A Small machine Glass with Mark Ings indicating different numbers of drops will be found a great saving of time to every Mother while the accuracy of measurements Quot by Means of it in Well Worth taking into consideration. As we grow older it is very comforting to assure ourselves that wrinkles Are merely the dimples of second a childhood. Important to Vlot Horo. Examine carefully every bottle or Castoria a Safe and sure remedy for infants and children and see that it bears the signature of in use for Over 30 Vears. The kind you have always bought. Why does no to some enterprising attorney write a Book of unwritten Laws _. Allen s foot it Eano a Howdor for swollen sweating feet. . Tho original powder for Tho foot. 25c it All druggists. What you Call temper in your wife you Call temperament in yourself. Mrs Winslow s soothe nor syrup. Forcell Drin soothing Boft Cna Tho gurus a Maucea to Gamma Tola allays pain Cuerou wind Colic. 25c o Bottlo a woman probably feels Blue when she is Green with envy. Itch cured in 30 minutes by Woolford a sanitary lotion. Never fails. At druggists. Call a Spade a Spade and you May get it in the neck. A. A m a or nervous tired women we recommend car dui. Cardui is a woman a Medicine. It acts specifically on the female organs and has a tonic building effect on the whole system. It contains no harmful ingredients being a pure vegetable extract. If you suffer from some form of female trouble get Cardui at once and give it a fair trial. If will help j 35 Toya. W. W. Gardner of Paducah ky., tried Cardui and writes a i think Cardui a just grand. I have been us intr it for eleven years. I am 48 years old and feel like a different woman Smee i have been taking it. I used to suffer from bearing Down pains nervousness and sleeplessness but now the pains Are All gone and i sleep Good. I highly recommend Cardui for Young and try it. At All drug stores Quot a a i. A a personal knowledge is the winning actor in the culminating contests of this competitive age and when of ample character it places its fortunate possessor in die front ranks of a the we informed of the world. A a a vast fund of personal knowledge is really essential to the achievement of the highest excellence in any Field of human knowledge of forms knowledge of functions and knowledge of products Are All of the utmost value and in questions of life and health. When a True and wholesome remedy is desired it should be remembered that syrup of figs and of Jim of Senna manufactured by the California Fig syrup co., is an ethical product which has met with the approval of the most eminent physicians and gives Universal satisfaction because it is a remedy of. Known Quality known excellence and known component parts and Bas won the valuable patronage of millions of the Well. Informed of the world who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual use that it a the first and Best of family laxatives for which no extravagant or unreasonable chums Are made. This valuable remedy has been Long and favourably known under the name of syrup of figs and has attained to worldwide acceptance As the most excellent family laxative. As its pure laxative principles obtained from Senna Are Well known to physicians and the Well informed of the world to be the Best we have. A or a a adopted the More elaborate name of syrup of figs and v of Genii a As More fully descriptive of the remedy but doubtless it will always be called for by the Shorter name of syrup of figs and to get its beneficial effects always note who purchasing the full name of the company California Fig syrup printed on the front of every package whether you Call for syrup of figs a or by die full name syrup of figs and elixir of Senna. Of san Francisco Cai a Noor Porteo Louisville by. London England. New Vork a the night of the game. First split located person a does Thysh student belong Here Landlady coldly a no All my students were brought Home sin hour Sphinx. For headache try Hack a Cape done. Whether from Cotas heat stomach or nervous troubles Tho aches Are speedily relieved by Cape Date. Its liquid pleasant to take effects immediately. 10. 23 and 60c at Drue stores. A a each person lives Best who does his Best for one Day at a time and then refreshes himself for his level Best the next Day.�?robertson.,. A bc4i weak weary watery byes relieved by Mulno Eye remedy. Compounded by experienced physicians. Conforms to pure food and drug. Laws. Murine does no to smart soothes Byo pain. Try Mulno Lii of our eyes. At druggists. If a woman had any other excuse than a a because Quot for falling in love with a Man she probably do it stiff neck does no to amount to much,1 but might disagreeable. You be no idea1 How quickly u Little Han Lins wizard Oil will lubricate the Corda and make you comfortable again. It makes a woman awfully tired to see a Man make a fool of himself Over any other Couch if neglected often affects the lungs. A a Browne a bronchial troches Quot give Relief. 25 cents a by samples sent tree by John i. Brown amp son Boston mass. When a Many a heart is broken by a woman lie employs Bome other woman to kind it. I youve never worn a Slicker you Vayntr to team the bodily Comfort it gives in the wettest weather mac2f0r�? a a a and guarantee Waterproof �302 at a. G0qd stores Catalon Frt wantje1>�?i3ookkoepora, owl Braot Bool Citee Ora. Office men Elmo keepers dorks for general stores and commissaries shipping clerks and Bales men c60 to Clifio per month. Give age experience position and salary desired. Address t0�� dept. �4. . Defi1hge Gold Wiser starch makes aundry work a pleasure. 10 of. Pkg. Loo. Costa 60c�?soe Par acre or teed. 1 most wonderful or Tufts of Tho of entry Al Olding from in to 10 tons of Imp Craco and lots of pasture boat a is tics. Ca tit today i iandln4 weeks \ t looks for the Mower again and i Iso on. Rowa and flour eyes everywhere on ovary a farm in America. Cheap and let lunar Qantas to get a Bottom lands or Egypt Catano Freo Orl ii Ona Loo to Stamps and Roo tvo Sample of thlse1 i wonderful of spelts. Tbs Coral wonder 9 Barley Oats Glover. Urae ses eto., Etc. And Cata u flog free. Or mod 140 and to will add a Sample i novo soon by you before. 1 Sauer seed co., Box a la Crosse win. Most grateful and comforting is a warm Bath with Cuti Cura soap and gentle anointing with Cuti Cura this pure Sweet economical treatment brings immediate Relief and refreshing sleep to skin tortured and disfigured Little ones and rest to tired fretted mothers. For eczema rashes itching irritations and chafing Cuti Cura soap and Cuti Cura ointment Are Worth their weight in Gold. -_8old throughout Tho world. Depots London. 27. Charterhouse so. Faria. 5. Duo do 1ft a Nix Aua trn to. It. Towns . Sydney India a k. Paul. Calcutta a China Hong Kong drug co. Japan Maruya Ltd. Tokyo put Tesla for rely. Mon cow of. Africa Lennon i-td., Capo town Eto Otto drug amp Click. Corp., Solo props., Boston typewriters rebuilt All makes it one half manufacturers Price. Gooda Snew we sell them on $5 monthly payments or rent them at a and allow credit for rental if bought within a year second hand a from five dollars up. Houston typewriter Exchange phone 19j7 1010 Prairie Avenue Houston Texas iid Ioco new. Discovery Gros m Quick Rollof goo of and 10 Days Troa Mont fuck. U. Al h. Guu ism s sons. Box in Atlanta a. W. N. Us Houston no. 9, 1909. Creed in one Munyong a cold remedy relieves the head Throat and lungs almost immediately. Checks fevers stops discharges of the note takes away All aches and pains caused by colds. It cures grip and obstinate coughs and prevents pneumonia. Price 25c., have you stiff or swollen joints no mat ter How chronic ask your druggist for Munyong a rheumatism remedy and amp to How quickly you will be cured. If you have any kidney or bladder trouble get Munyon s kidney remedy. Prof. Funyon has just issued a Ftp Agazine almanac which will be sent Freo to any person who addresses. F the Arunyon company Philadelphia to introduce a our Choice seeds to those who have never used them we will Send 12 packages of Choice vegetable or Flower Needa tor present planting postpaid for 25c. Special prices on bulk seed to mar Lee gardeners. Wite Forf Teegarden guide. Tie Bollwinkle seed co., Ltd., new Orleans la. Put if am color More goods brighter and faster colors than any Olford let. One too Ackloo colors All Al born. Thor Dye in cold wafer better hah any Olhorn Dio. You can Dia any qty rent nil out ripping apart. Writ for How to Dyo. Bleach and mix colors Monroe Orus oo., Quinoy Filizola. A Man is never to utterly unoriginal a a when to a lovemaking or praying. Pm blues orb Kly in o to 14 was. Pazo ointment is Arna unteed to cure any Case of it Ohloff Blind bleeding or protruding Pylos in 6 to 14 Days or Mono refunded 60c. Athe common people Bellevo wet Trout . Distemper for Pink Eye epizootic shipping fever amp catarrhal fever sure care and poet tire proven tire no matter How horns at amp by Aee Are infected cart liquid. Riven on the Tongue act on the blood Ana Uund to expos Tho pour Noufel Ferms from the body. Cures distemper in hogs and sheep and. Cholera a poultry. A Lireet Selling have a Tock remedy. Cures la Grippe among human being . 60candila bottle,l6and10adoren. Cott Bloot. Keep it. How to your Dru Fricia who want get it forgo in i ree Booklet m distemper. Causes and special agents wanted. Up thu medical co a a a boo�orloo8lb Goshen ind., 11. S. L ugly. Sri Zuly Era Chalrs. Price. , retell
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