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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1909, Page 2

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 27, 1909, Galveston, Texas Ezra the scribe finds n Mission it Babylon. By the Quot Highway and byways preacher copyright 1w9, by Tho author a 8. Diou scripture authority Book of Ezra Ezra scr Foo and was the flon of sural a and was. Probably born at Babylon. To Wae a famous of crib and priest descended from Hll Klah Tho Hilgh priest in Jaolah a mfr Len. Bevalah Ezra a father is quite a different person from Sorata Tho High priest mentioned in Egra 7 1. All that la really known of Ezra is contained in Tho last four chapters of Tho Hook of Ezra and in Tho Book of a Shemiah chapter 8 and 12 20. From those passages to learn that to was Learned and pious priest residing at baby Ion in Tho Elmo of arts a res Long manual. Tho origin of Hafl influx once with Tho Al Nuj Dot a not appear but in Tho Sov eth year of Hie reign in Salto of Tho unfavourable report which had been sont by Folium and shims Al to obtained leave to go to Jerusalem and to Taka with him a company of israelite together with or lost i Voltes singers portors and Neth Nam Tho journey of Ezra and Hub companions from Babylon to Jerusalem. Took just four months Ana they brought up a Lii them a Largo Freo Wylli offering of. Jold and Silver and Silver vessels. Amp \ Sermonetti. M v amp of first introduction to Ezra it is in his own account of How he fit a a prepared and executed piano for journey to Jcruz Alum some 70 Ltd it years after the,.-first return of a a a it the pop 70 years that Ezra waa a a at Plikh 1m Bruit ctn it Patlaf i in a. A fading a he to v Eru a m a i i a. I 1 . _ Loun la. A tale a a a Tori than the we a. Know Othling concerning his a amp As Huv Alfed by the narrative of a amp a exp a and a to the. Jew i it Jeru his his character had seen Well Laid in his . _ $ Mark that Point Well Jcj Vou won t fish d Gold in the a a a Earttie except in the places where Ujj it was put when the old world a it it was Young and in. The making. 56 Yii to be i the a Best kind a of a evidence Jim that in. The Early years it was $ put there by the Wise training a go Zjr. He Feci Elved it. A a a a a a it Ltd a the a tamp of a god fearing amp Mother was upon him and the $ strength la fld firmness of a Wise and faithful father Are there. ,. If it had not been to a what could have kept him True to is it it god when surrounded by the Cor a Ltd rust Long and unholy influences of % yet the voluptuous persian court. Ish people from contamination if to Ujj amp not extinction by unlawful inter a it Marr Hajje with the Heathe peo a. ?, 1the Story. Llor a xerxes King of Persia was a Raili Happy by Contzen Torii i ii Skirls. Doit i waa great and tie had ail Tho Power arid pleasure Tomt heart. Could Wisti a Hilt in it All there Betti let i to to something lacking. Tho was an his Lii it and a Tipp. Nebr to tie bub Nebb of the enjoy a Jet of to Mora eat was Over. A therb wins Dotin reality Abonit c a tall it a a. To waa Sclomia of at Nias Lioi la. 1 1, which Lio lived a of the. Flattery and subservience of liis could Sellors and attendant oven to the priests. Who Zilfi Latercia in Tempo and who strove of Center the worship of Tho god about the King and hike him feel that to himself was a deity. Hut in it All he Felt tie element of in inc orly rhe could not Tell Why bit he did. A a v i one did a we Liq in Sulci a Frame of mind mischief counsellor bad a come to him with a request from a Youmg a hebrew of the realm Fiat he to Given permission to return a to Jeru Salem. Quot Whit can Lead a Young hebrew to want to make such a Long arid perilous journeys that?1�?T he asked himself a Wilh sudden interest and More Nia a passing a whim he. Ovd Rcd Tajc Yong Man brought into his presence. A no a exclaimed the King after he had listened to the Young Many a Story a you cannot go a a and tie watched to se<3 what effect his words would produce there was no reason Why he should not giant the request but in a spirit of wilful. Obstinacy he decided would opt. A a for an instant the King thought he detected a Shadow of disappointment Oft the Young Man s face be spoke it was with a voice Clear and1 firm. /. Quot then i can serve my god Here Quot he said. A was that what you were going to Jerusalem to do a asked the King. A a it was a said the Young Man. Quot Well thou Shalt indeed stay in Babylon and thou Shalt serve me Here in the Palace a and waving his hand As a sign that Tho interview was at an end and there was nothing More to be said the chief counsellor led the Young Man out of the audience Cham ber and had soon assigned him quarters in the Palace telling him at the same time Attiat he could not leave the Palace save by special permission of the King. And the chief counsellor left him the former to Ponder Over the new whim of the King and the Young Man to think Over the strange happenings of the past few hours. When the words of the King had fallen on his ear and he had replied that he would serve tils god there he had not realized All that those words had Cost him but a he sat there alone virtually a prisoner Palace Witti uncertainty As to what would next befall him lie almost Felt like upbraiding to Imgolf for Tia Long ambition to go to Jerusalem. Alien ashamed of himself for the thought he exclaimed Quot no it was a worthy impulse and x was act Itig from the highest sense of duty. A if such Lead into difficulty then i Strail not bemoan my Fate for indeed lean serve the god of Israel As i had intended to serve him at Jeru i a Ezra for this was the Young Man s name a Roni his earliest childhood As he sat at his mothers knee had eager by listened to the Sturles of his people and of their return under the decree of to you s to Jerusalem to rebuild the City and the Temple and As he had listened be had thought in his childish heart of the Day when be too would go Back was not he. Of the priestly line and was not he some Day to take his place in the Temple worship he would go Back. And serve his god and bad grown up with this thought Ever before him and when the time As be thought had arrived tie made bold1 to seek to obtain Tho Ponsen to of Ite King. A the results of this move one rats part Wie have already seen. It was a fitter disappointment. It seemed like a blasting of All his Hopes and plans. A a How can i serve god in this Heathen court a he exclaimed a a there is. Nothing i can do thus under such trying conditions arid discourage iii its did a Ezra begin his service in the Palace the King was interested in Man As he had not been in any one be Bre. He often sent for him a and talked with him because in him he found something which was lacking even in the most profound and Learned of his Wise meld. A a a so. It was that without realizing it began a great in lesion there in the Palace. The King was tired of the persian stories and so he listened with growing interest to the accounts of the hebrew people and the do a lungs of their god with them. A you say that the hebrew god is one god and the Only god a demanded the King one Day. A a suppose _ Sti Ould Tell you it was not so and that the gods of the persians were As great As you claim your god is a seeing that the King asks a direct question a replied Ezra with a deferential Bow. Quot i can make but one answer and that is that make no difference what the King said for the Jehovah of the hebrew is the one god of Tho heavens and the never before had the King had one bold enough to strive to maintain his Point in his presence and he shot a searching glance at the Young Man. But the did not Quail before his look and the King said. A a How do you know this a a Quot because of the record of gods dealings with his people a Ezra replied confidently. Prom that Day Forward the King became an absorbed student of the his try of dealings with tie hebrew people and one a Day startled Ezra with the announcement that he Ezra was to return to Jerusalem. Mel exclaimed Ezra. Art thou jesting Quot. A. Nay that i am not. Sep and he handed to Ezra a copy of a letter tie had prepared Quot and tie King gives me to a asure and people to go with me a Ezra a exclaimed. Quot it is Well that the King withhold has consent at first.�?�. By George to Pardy True Story unrevealed for years then face to face. The True Follower and Friend of the master is not devoted to him simply As to a Beautiful memory. He sustains n most intimate Rei Atbin to. A living person. He the living Jesus is How thinking of tils friends guiding them opening the ways for them revealing tils will to them giving them assurances of his love. Many a time in the pages of the gospel in prayer in the fulfilment of some taxing duty for his Sake to seem to catch intimations of his. Pro sence and then some Day there will be a Swift transition from the Stony streets of our a earthly cities to the Golden pavements of tie new Jerusalem from the dwellings of Wood and Stone in which we live to the fathers House from seeing him through a Glass darkly to beholding him face to face if. You a will be governed by reason end be True to the Best a yourself standing boldly to the truth you will be Happy Marcus Aurelius. A Hope deceitful As it is serves at least to Lead Sis to the end of life along an agreeable Boche fou could. ? a a. All dark and forbidding on the Banks of the St. Lawrence Rivelo Mothe a massive Stone Walls of Kingston Penitentiary where the desperate criminals and All Long term convicts of the province of Ontario Canada . Within its gloomy precincts occupying separate. Cells Aro three men whose sentences Are for life English Law just but merciless has seized them in its Iron grip a grip never to be relaxed until the Angel of death strikes the Fetters from the limbs of. The prisoners. The crime for which these three men Are undergoing expiation was no Ordinary one it involved a conspiracy against the British government by which through the use of dynamite a Reifen of terror was to be inaugurated throughout Canada and thousands of innocent lives sacrificed. The intervention of Fate Providence Call it what you will prevented the outrage from being successful but the failure of the plot waa not owing to. Any Lack of Zeal on the part of the human instruments employed to carry out the design. To detective John Wilson Murray is due the credit of having gathered together the evidence which shed Light on the past careers of the a dynamite evidence which proved them to be outside the rank of Ordinary criminals ibo execute desperate deeds in the Hope of financial gain placed them in tie category a of men a who would willingly Wadei through seas of blood to accomplish their political Aims. At seven of clock on the evening of april 21,1900, the Little Canadian town of Thorold lying along the waterway of the Welland can Al within easy walking distance of the Niagara Frontier was shaken to its foundation by two terrific explosions. A 1 masses of solid Rock were torn up by the Shock immense spouts of water leaped a Loti in the air. Window panes were shattered a into Minnite crystals and for a few awful seconds the firm Earth trembled As though in the throws of an earthquake. For Miles around the people terror stricken and amazed waited dumbly for the after math a descent of death and destruction who Chi would sweep them and their Homes into the Black chaos of oblivion. But it did not come tie Blind gods of Chance had averted a. Calamity almost too horrible to contemplate. One of the a a a witnesses of the explosion was miss Euphemia Constable a 16-year-old girl who lived with her parents about 300 Yards from the lock no. 24. She was going to see a Friend across the canal about 6 20 of clock and when nearing the Bridge which is by the lock caught sight of two men. Then came Trio thunderous Roar of Tho of rpt exploding charge. After the first Shock miss Constable lost consciousness and knew nothing of the second explosion both of the Valise lowered into the lock contained dynamite. They were fired by fuses and the explosions were not quite simultaneous. They broke the castings on the head Gate Tore up the Banks on Botler sides of the lock knocked people Over who were sufficiently near smashed windows and Shook the coun try roundabout. Water surged upward in huge volumes but the Gates held. The Dyn miters had blundered by lowering the dynamite into the Gate pits instead of into the Gate holes. Experts later showed that there was not sufficient resistance to the explosive matter and this fact alone prevented the dire disaster Itiat would Bave followed if the dynamite bad done Iho work planned for it and bad smashed the Gates. A a a a a a third Mari who had been seen around with them before the explosion and who was staying at the Ros-11 House at the Falls was also arrested. The third suspect gave his name As Karl Dallman and the two men first secured declared themselves to be John Nolin and John Walsh. The three prisoners were taken to jail and guarded by soldiers while other soldiers a patrolled the cd Nai. Murray who had been sent for immediately after the explosion arrived on the scene and hastened to the jail. He communicated of once with Scotland Yard and sent descriptions and photographs of the prisoners to the police of London England. Nolin and Walsh seemed unmistakably to be from across the sea and Walsh had particularly the manner and speech of a Man just Over. In search of information regarding Tho movements of the men on this continent he visited Mew York and Eav friends there both a and out of the police business.-. He Ilso made journeys to Philadelphia Washington. Virginia ind other Points whither the Trail led. The results of Bis persistent quest were As follows in the year 1894 three Young men set sail for America. They were John Nolin a Young machinist John r6w-an, a Mechanic and John Merna a Mechanic. They arrived in new York and on May 17, 1894, Merna declared his intention of becoming a citizen of the United states took out his first papers and gave his residence As no. 41 Peck slip new York. Nolin went to Philadelphia. The four Johns after spending a few Days in Philadelphia went to new York. They stopped at Tho lodging House of John at. Kerr 45 Peck slip and Hung about new York until december 1899, when Rowan returned to Ireland and went to work at his Trade in Dublin. Nolin and Walsh applied to the South Brooklyn Branch of the amalgamated society of machinists for donation Money which amounts to $3 per week for those out of work,.and the request was compiled with by John a. Shearman Secretary of the so piety who worked in the Pioneer machine works in Brooklyn. In the latter part of tills month Nolan Walsh and Merria went to Washington d. C. Nolin remained Oliero a Short time and then went on to Richmond a where he obtained a Job As fitter in a foundry. On Christmas Day 1899, merna7 went to work As bartender in a Washington Saloon at 212 ninth Street of which Joseph Mcenerney was proprietor and on january 1 Walsh was giver a set Tillar position in the same Saloon. They relieved each other at. The bar and shared a room together Over the Saloon. They worked As bartenders for Mcenerney through. January and february Quot and along into March while Nolan stayed on in the Richmond foundry. Early in March Karl Dallman had registered at the Stafford House in Buffalo and had then Goue away. On monday evening March 12, Merna was found dead in his room Over the Saloon. A it. Somewhere a about april -10, 1900, Nolan received a communication from a Lodge to which he belonged known in secret circles As the Napper Tandy club. It was a clan a Gael organization and the members met at Toni Moore shall Corner of third Avenue and sixteenth Street in new York. Nolan and Walsh Wero both affiliated with this cilia having been introduced into it by a Man named Jack hand a Sailor. Nolino a instructions sent to him in Richmond were to go to Washington get Jotis Walsh and go with him to Philadelphia where at the Philadelphia amp Reading Railroad station at. 7 p. Mon saturday april 14, they would meet a third Man who would give them further instructions. Nolan obeyed the summons promptly and hastened to Washington from where accompanied by Walsh he went to Philadelphia As instructed. As. They stood in tie station at the appointed time a Well dressed Stout Man came up and accosted them. Their replies being satisfactory the stranger said a exam the Man you want to see Quot and engaged them in Earnest conversation at tie conclusion of their talk the Stout Man handed $109 to Nolin with two Railroad tickets and sleeping Cir Coupon from Philadelphia to Buffalo Over the Lehigh Valley Railroad. He then left them and. Nolan and Walstin took the Lehigh Valley train for. Buffalo. They arrived in the latter. City at noon on april 15, went direct to the Stafford Housou and registered As John Smith of new York and Thomas Moore of Washington. They were assigned to room 88, and immediately ordered up drinks. While waiting for the refreshments there was a Knock at the door and Dallman stepped into the apartment. He introduced himself and a a Atis factory understanding was reached Between the Trio. Dallman told them to prepare for an Early Start nex Day and after breakfast on the following morning april 1c, he gave to no-11� Aid Walsh two Canvas grips or telescopes. In each of these grips were about 80 pounds of dynamite mixed to the consistency of stiff dough. Fuses were with each cake lying on top but unattached. It was shortly after this that the near catastrophe occurred. Karl Dallman the Arch plotter in the Consi Plucy turned out to be. An even More picturesque character than Murray had suspected before commencing his investigations. For following in one clue after the other the det octave ocame aware that the so Callert Dallman of Trenton new Jersey was Ono other thaa Luke Dillon of Philadelphia who had figured prominently in the world famous Cro i in Case. Dillon v. As a member of the executive come Pittee of the clan a Gael and defended that organization and publicly championed it achieving More than National notoriety when in his official capacity he went to Chicago at the time of the murder of or. Cronin. At that Elmo he denounced Alexander Sullivan raised funds a for the prosecution of those accused of Cronin s murder advocated the throwing off of the oath of secrecy so far As necessary to run Down the assassins went on the witness stand and by liis testimony revealed the secret of the Triangle,1 the Ohlef three who had ruled As of the clan a Gael made Public the charges against Sullivan and fought throughout on. The Side of tie Antl Swillivan Wing. A the identification was made r absolute arid final. Men who knew a ult Dillon who had worked nday. By Day near1 Triin visited Kar Dallman. And identified him positively As the former High official of a the clan a Gael. It but above All Murray a careful in a erring tracing of the chief suspect s career convinced the Canad if gov a or Ament that Dallman and Pillori were one. Originally Dillon was a Shoemaker. In 1881 he was working at his Trade at ,639 Paul Street. Philadelphia. The members of the dynamite Trio were brought up for trial on May 25. 1900. With the mass of damning evidence Accurti plated by Murray a patient efforts and submitted tothe court there could be but one result. As the clock struck six on the even no of May 26, the jury retired to consider the verdict. Four minutes later they re entered court and the three prisoners were declared guilty. The Dyn miters were sentenced to imprisonment for life and taken to Kingston Penitentiary j for two years after the trip entered upon to their prison life the general pub lie knew nothing of the identity of Karl Dallman then Buffalo paper made known the fact telling of his connection Witti the Crorkin affair. The Story was denied by some of Dillon a friends who asserted that he bad been killed during the. South Africa a War while fighting with the Boer army against the British. But tie real grim truth is that the once famous Leader of tie clan a Gael is burled alive within the Walls of Kingston Penitentiary copyright 1308, by to. G. Chapma copyright in Ureal Britain
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