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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 27, 1909, Galveston, Texas Kcf Enberg Library us for a Tjai Itab of a Bih Terv the opera a faqs has web kid in tue into syst off that. Osa Taxa car the Bea the Grade raising and the opera c�.a8s, win to Lake g Ai Vul Toh the soothes Lang but Best cite a port Vitili established 1879 Galveston Texas. Saturday february 27, 1909. Vol. Xxx. No. By. I How they began. Tom and his 1 brother have a quarrel a a and learn a lesson. Quot i wish that Pony wore mind a Enid Tom who stood at his Nursery a window looking Down the Road. Quot what would you do with him a brother. A a a ride him the nth a what id Quot All Day Long Quot Yea from morning till a a you a have to let me. Ride Why should i you d have no right in him if he v Quot yous Are too selfish to live a cried the brother. �?o1 bet father would just the Pony that started the quarrel. Make you let me ride Quot no he so. There smartly a Quot my children a said the Mother who had been a silent listener thus far and now saw that they were begin Ningpo get angry with each other All for nothing Quot let me Tell you of a Guarnirei Between two Hoys not bigger nor cider than you Are whom i read about the other Day. They were walk ing and talking pleasantly together when one said a a a i dish i had All the pasture land in the Quot the other said a and i wish 1 had All the cattle in the \ v what would you do with them asked his Friend. R a Quot Why i d turn them into your pasture. Land.�?T. Quot no you a was Tho reply. A yes i would. A a a Quot but i let Quot a i ask you a r \ a Quot Youj fihs Ulah a tto of it a a a a i a a a Quot you a a i win Quot Quot with that they fell on each other and had a re Al fist fight a the Brothers laughed hut their Mother Bald Quot you see in that trifle a quarrels begin. Were you any. Wiser Tymn those boys in your Holt angry talk about an imaginary Iony if i had not been Liere who knows but that you might have1 been As to Jelly and wicked As they were Quot a Philadelphia Ledger. What a baby can 00. It Cun Wear out a intr of 24l in Rah. Cut Ait can keep its father Busy adverts id in the newspapers for a nurse. It can occupy both sides of it the largest sized , simultaneously. It can cause Luis father to be insulted by. Every second class boarding House keeper at the Seaside who Quot never take a. Children a Wilch in nine cases out of ten is very fortunate for the children a. It can make itself look like a fiend a just when Mamma wants to show a a what a pretty baby she a / it can make an old Bachelor in the adjoining room use language that if a Sedy in pm bloc Dulu a �?�get1., him in. Prison for a year. It can go to Bleep Quot like an Angel a and just As Mamma and papa Are a starting for tile theater it can Wake up and stay awake until the last act. A mothers hands her band 1b a Oft. And White a nil Fino it flutters when Isom Etimoa in Mino. A. A Ucb. , so delicately Blue a a Cruver till nil with so to my ,. A a a Surprise. A it l8,so. Del qty and to Faleri on it she bows her head in prayer perhaps b it when she pen Mats her wayward boys with what a loud resounding noise it a Lap a. A a Royal Magazine. A a j 1 a a 1 a 11 a a / 11 1i the the frown. It to a dimple said Quot i it would give you halt a Crown. A to Toach me now a compliment to to the frown replied the dimple Quot Why the Tricot. Lava by simple. Dance on tiptoe All around the Routh and Chin. Quot higher than a Captain. The Little girl thought he must have been a pirate. A a lady who has recently returned to this country from Europe says that on the boat coming over1 was a Little daughter of Edward Milton Royle the playwright. Also there was the widow of an Admiral. One Day a number of Young girls including Little miss Loyle gained permission to go up on the captains Bridge and the widow of the Admiral accompanied them. After the children had been introduced to the Captain miss Royle Eaid addressing the widow. A it must be grand to be a Quot yes dear. It is splendid to be a a a s Quot quoth is the highest officer on the ship Isnit he a Quot the highest on Thi kind of a ship Quot a a a my my Isnit that just Fine How proud the Captain must be to be the highest officer on the Quot it is a great Honor to be a Captain but my husband was higher than a Quot higher than a Captain really and truly a. Quot yes really and truly he was higher than a Captain.�?�. A dear me he must have been a pirate then was t he a is. E. Kiser in Chicago Ile Cord Herald. Attend to Burns at once a simple vane. It will Tell the direction of wind As Good As the More elaborate ones. A a simple vane May be sawed out of a single piece of Wood with a fret saw. The Best plan is. To procure a slab of Wood free from knots and about a Quarter of an Inch in thickness. 12 inches wide Aid 18 inches Long. A when the Arrow has been Cut out it should be smoothed Down and Given two or three Coats of paint. At the Point of balance Pierre a Hole through the Shaft of the afrow. The vane May be balanced by cutting a deep a in the rear end. And by weighting the Point with Sheet Lead. Cut two pieces of Sheet Metal to act As .�?owasljefs�?T.�?Tfor. The top and Bottom of a simple weather vane. The Shaft and then Pivot the vane to the top of a Broomstick with a straight wire Nail. A touch of Oil suggests the scientific american to insure that the vane re dives. a the. Home a Jade article is practically Complete. The weather vane May now be fixed up on the top of a Garden House or barn. A a. A / Dan Brave War horse. Remarkable animal a hat carried Gen. Mcclellan in Nalany Catnap line. Gun Mcclellan a favorite War horse usually called Dan we a dark Bay about 17 hands High Well bred with Good action and no ver showing aligns of fatigue no matter How Long the course he was an extremely handsome showy animal with More than Ordinary horse sense. Dan was a very fast Walker an important requisite in a commanders Charger but a a Sagi enable accomplishment to far As his staff were concerned As their horses in general wer kept on a slow Trot. After the War Dan became the family horse at Gen. Mcclellan a country Home. In Orange and seemed to be proud of his position pm a forming his duties Well and easily. On one occasion when drives to a neighbouring estate by two ladies of Tho general a family and left untied As usual at the door Dan came to Tho conclusion that they had remained Long enough for an afternoon Call so declining to waste any Nilore time there he trotted Quot Back to his stable carefully. Turning out to pass carriages and other vehicles met on the Way Home. Dan died and was buried in Orange n. J., says the Chicago Dally news. The general said of him a Dan was one of those horses that could Trot All Day Long at a very rapid gait which kept All other horses at a Gallop. He earned from the aides the title of that Devil Dan a a name that he justified on Many a desperate ride before i gave up the command of the army of the Potomac. Dan was the Best horse i Ever had he was Quot never ill. For an hour never fatigued a never disturbed under fire. The dear old fellow survived the War for Many Yeara dying at a Ripe age in 1879. No matter How Long we might be parted a once for nearly four years he always recognized me the moment to met again and in his own Way showed his pleasure at seeing me. Even on the Day of his death which was a painless one be still attempted to Rise and Greet me but. Unable to do so neglect often Means that a scar is left which Means Perma nent blemish or worse., Small Burns Are too lightly regarded though seemingly Light if they Are not properly treated or if the blood is in bad condition they May fatally mar ones Beauty. A Young girl dropped some hot fudge on the forefinger of her right hand. It did not pain very much arid after the preliminary scream Little attention was paid to it. The Blister that was raised was allowed to break rather than be opened carefully with an Antiseptic Needle Poison got into it the Finger became infected and eventually had to be. Removed below the second joint. Exclude a air from any Burn however slight. This can by done in several ways. If no other remedy is at hand common Kitchen soap applied in a thick paste helps remove pain. Wrapping the burned place in a rag wet in baking soda or keeping it moist with Witch Hazel will quickly give Relief even to rather severe Burns. A Good proportion for the former is to use a heaping tablespoonful of the soda to a pint of water. A do not neglect a Burn As soon As the first sting is passed. Should there be the least sign of inflammation or of pus accumulating Call in a doctor at proper care of the nails visiting costume. Satina Are to retain their press age a throughout the autumn and we later and manufacturers Are Laiu Ching several new varieties of this Populis fabric. Satin direct Ole marvellously sort and supple is one of the Best of these variations upon the Satin thei i and is particularly designed to meet the demands of the clinging Directoire models this modish costume bps a Princess skirt of prune Coli cloth with Satin Casque coat drawn slightly across front. As will be noticed Tho sleeves Are Cut in one with front a and backs. The braiding is done in self tone so tache and the buttons and greats Are of Black passement a Rie. Adequate attention necessary for the woman who would have i her hands Beautiful. R rett y nails Are considered a great Beauty. At the base there v. Should be a1 White Crescent and the nails should be As Rosy As a vice Dawn. Beautiful nails Are compared by the poets to Onyx and. In fact in greek Onyx Means Nail. According to the mythological legend Quot one Day love finding Venus asleep. It it her nails with the Iron Point of his Arrow and flew off. The clippings fell on thousands Shore and As nothing which comes from the body of. An immortal can perish the pates carefully gathered them up and changed them into the quasi precious stones which Are called a part of manicuring was originated by Stitts who was Louis Philippe a pedicure. His descendants Are Bitil famous Iri. France and the slots method which totally condemns the use of St i Eltheia under or around thie Naii undoubtedly is the proper and Solen Tilc one. Madame Sitts says a a a or Gewood stick with a Little pfc Nch Ai Nadine will keep the nails perfectly smooth and clean underneath. Why roughen them with a piece of Sharp steer or thicken them with an acid and As for cutting and cuticle around the outside of the Nail Why that was intended. By nature As a Selvage Disier and if you Cut it you make it ragged just As you would the Selvage on a bit of cloth. As Well Cut the Border of the eyelid or the nails should be. Cut in a curve which follows the shape of toe end of the Finger. The surface of tie nails should also be polished. One hour a week spent in caring for the nails is sufficient to keep them in Good order if a they Are rubbed and cleaned carefully each effects. A a persian effects Are still Good and Are conspicuous among the Best members of trimming collections. One of to a. Most charming classes of trimmings is the one in. Which the Bead work plays a Large these trimmings Tine silk braids of exquisite weave furnish outlines and the beads a solid filling for a the centers of motives and for Borders. The loveliest greens blues Rose colors etc., Are worked out in these braids and beads. The solid Bead work of today is not embroidered on a background like Indian work but. Is made in Woven Quot and Strung patterns the result of lighter effects. It. If que fancy Gilt and flowered ribbons Are used As Dally bag accessories. The Small three cornered Continental hat or trick Rne revives among Tho Straw shapes for Spring. It is a pretty Quot fashion to add a frill of soft Satin or. Very closely plaited a Bifid a to the lower Edge our muffs. The milliners Are introducing Flowers made of Chiffon and in a my re novel manner though it is really quite old composed of beads Strung on Fine wite. Wall Koninis the first sketch shows a very stylish costume in aubergine Amazon cloth the Lon High waisted skirt imperfectly Plain and gracefully. The Directoire coat is handsomely braided in Black and has re vers of Black velvet the sleeves Are Long and perfectly tight and Are braided at the wrist. The coat fastens invisibly Over the left Side. Hat of aubergine stretched silk trimmed with feathers. Materials required eight and one half Yards cloth 48 inches wide one third Yard velvet 5 Yards coat lining. In the second a More simple costume is illustrated it is in Royal b be Fine Serge the skirt is Cut walking length and has a Box Plant arranged up the Center of front buttons a be sewn As trimming to Joist below the Waistline. The coat is Semi fitting and has the sleeve Cut in one with the bodice the fronts Are Cut in step and edged with braid of the same color a braid Aik it edges the. Other parts of the Cost. Hati Ftp Blue felt4rimmed-wlxh�? Flowers and ribbon. It materials required seven Yards Serge 4 1 inches wide 6 Yard braid 4 Vij Yards coat lining. Front View. Back Vieve. Here Are Many ways in which our unused half sheets of Lote paper May be utilized for making memorandums on and our sketch shows a very Handy Little Board de sighted to it ser this purpose. A Stout piece of cardboard forms the foundation and this is covered both Back and. Front with dark Green Art Linen and edged with a silk Cord. On the left hand Side a Pencil is attached by a Fine Silt Cord and there is a Loop of Ribb ii at a the top by which the Holder May be Hung up by the Side of the writing table or at some . Place. Through the upper part of the Board two Small holes Are made and through the upper part of the half sheets of note paper two holes Are pierced Voth a Penknife to correspond with the holes on the Board. Through the a oies in the paper and through the holes in the Board a Fine silk Cord can be passed and tied in a Bow at the Back of the Holder thus keeping the paper on the Board firmly in its place. A glance at the sketches will explain All this and the sheets Are. Easily torn off one by one after they have been used. A Board of this kind is also very useful for shaving papers and can be Hung up by the Side of. The i Ressing table or Over the Post of the looking Glass. Rollers prolong Linen life hint for care of paint trifles Oear a to feminine heart. A�o1 the pretty Centrepieces Buffet Bureau and table cover can be kept so much More perfectly in Linen clips Etc and a id by Ard drawers if rolled round a Long pasteboard Roll. The regular mailing Case it or tube will fill the Bill if it is of the length required. A Dainty anti washable cover for it can be made tube shaped of White Linen into which1 the roil should be slipped. One end of it May i be permanently drawn Fig Ether and the open end arranged with a casing and tape to close after the Roll is replaced. On this should be rolled Ali of the embroidered and lace trl mined covers As soon As they come from the laundry and before they have been folded. A a a one Matron to lab of a Roll on the Wall of the. Butlers pantry. This a is a device for Linen in Dally use but because of Whit Howell so aptly Calls the Quot invasive pervasive1 dust a the permanently arranged Roll could net be recommended for freshly laundered linens. A pretty cloth Waist. Black shoe thread is Best. Excellent for fastening millinery ornaments in place when trimming a hat the great problem is How to fasten the ornaments in place. Fine thread anti Needles do hot seem to be adequate for the purpose and in fact they are1 not. The Best thread is bin ii shoe thread and the Best Needle is a so called Quot Glove Needle a one with a Tiree bleed Point that Rivay be Rune Sily through inn Post any substance. With these two allies at hand it is not1 so very difficult to sew whatever is required but it is Worth while to mention the different sorts of trimmings and How to sew each to the lat says a writer who Wotila encourage Home millinery. Velvet bows should always be made a with shoe thread and it should be wrapped around the Loop of the Bow so it will be. Quite firm. It should then be sewn to the hat with the same thread and the. Needle just described. A a quills and feathers May to attached to the hat in the Quot same Way but when the tips of Ostrich plumes must be caught and held at a required Angle it is by tto i to Lisp h very Fine Black a thread and a no. 10 Needle the stitches Are then practically invisible and the result will be very -. ,. Bandanna Kimono. As thi3 is a season of vivid colors even room Robes and dressing Jacques have taken on sees less of the Pale blues and pinks Al. A. Used for these one of the new ideas is to use Tho immense Cotton handkerchief called a Bandanna or j rather several of them to make up a Short Kimono Lor room a Wear a five of these Are Apt to make a Good looking garment. Ope should get Vliem in yellow and red. With a wide Selvedge which does not heed a hem or trimming. The edges Are put together by ribbon run through buttonholes and tied in Little Flat bows on top. A pretty Waist of a no coloured cloth or Cas Meie. with plaits and a scalloped Yoke which furnishes the Little Pla Strons. The Edre and the buttons and buttonholes Are of Satin of the same Rhode As Are also the Cravat and Girdle. The Long tight sleeves Are trimmed to correspond. A toilets of Silken tissues. 411 toilets of dress and of ceremony Are of Silken tissues. Vihti. Rather left in the background for several years is pursued now with a Lovely ardor. In Plains Ike and sat in in ottoman with coarse and Fine Corda crepes and meteors to say nothing of the sick feed Satin cloth and silk Achemire they present a variety from which to select a costume. The draping wrinkling folds of these soft thick stuffs in their colors show changing lights like those it precious stones or reflect the metallic glow of Silver Gold a and Broom from a Perls letter to Vogue
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