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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 20 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 20, 1909, Galveston, Texas Rosenberg Library 3 for a que bib amp of 4 a a can tray the opera of a a by Bab work my in the interest a athe so a we a a the sea Wam the Grade raising and the opera class w1xi, m Akin a Gai ves ton the South a largest bb8t City and Post Titi t a. A a. Established 1879 Gaivs Estony Texas. So a february 20. 1909. Vol xxx. No. B2. A torn for a smart and useful walking costume no style could to More suitable than the one illustrated Here. The skirt is quite Plain and trim add at the foot by Ai band by plaid. The reverse Waistcoat and cuffs Are also of plaid the remainder of the coat is Plain and tight fitting. A motor Cap of the clot i is worn. A a materials required 7 >6 Yards cloth 48 inches wide 1% Yard plaid 46 inches wide a 4 Large and-1 dozen Small second picture shows a charming costume in Atlantic Green face cloth is but Down the Center of front Quot widening As it nears the foot of cloth which is Cut in turrets deep band of Chiffon velvet in a Darker Green. Velvet covered buttons Are sown in each Turret. Shaped straps of material Are Broi ight round at the top of Shehigh waisted skirt and joined together by straight straps of material Over a Vest of Chiffon velvet the other material on bodice in quite Plain the Long tight Flat Long sleeves Are of velvet. Hat of Green stretched Chiffon velvet trimmed with roses arid ribbon. A materials required 6v& Yards cloth 48 inches wide 4 Yards Chiffon velvet 2 dozen buttons. A bar pins still Are popular. Dress accessory of which seemingly. A there cannot be too Many. There to no diminution in the popularity of the bar pin it is ubed for a collars for the Stock and for Jabot. Every girl need As Many As 1 get she wants them in sets of coloured stones to match the color Schieme of her various costume and she wants them in different uses. Ras far of the fashions go she cannot have too Many. Therefore the manufacturers Are bringing them out anew in All kinds of Lovely shapes and settings. A. The Horseshoe Lias been run to the ground arid few of the now. Ones Are in this shape. Lovely As. The Bow knot was it did not become wide Lar popular in Semi precious stones. The straight bar a always been an. Escelle it investment especially in three sizes. The new bar pin. Used to catch the lower edges of the turnover Collar and the Jabot under it 1b in the shape of a now. Moon. Tho Crescent is slight in its curves it is not wide a even at the Center its ends Are Sharp. Pretty theater Waist. Daily Bath for cleanliness. Blouse of. Mauve Ehll Fon Mouss Ellne trimmed with bands of White venetian lace and with motifs of Irish Guipre. The Long sleeves Are tucked Lengthwise and elaborately trimmed to correspond. Contrary to expectations White waists have not gone out of fashion but Are being worn almost As much As Over. A a. Weekly ablution. Of our a ancestors a no longer suffices. There is Many a Man or woman who would be horrified to be told that he or she Falls Short of cleanliness yet such is the Case even when one prides herself on personal dainties a. A a Quot you cannot be clean if you do not tal Reat least one Bath each Day. If that seems like a harsh judgment try going for two Days without a Bath then wipe off the skin with cold Cream. The condition of that cloth is an unpleasant revelation. The Dally Bath need not be in a tub Quot but it should be Moro than Tho British cold sponge that with Many does duty for cleanliness. Cold water no matter Hov invigorating does not remove soil. A. Bath to to cleansing should consist of plenty of hot water so soft if possible a a pure soap and a scrubbing Brush and plenty of friction in drying. Cold water May be used later As a Spray or tonic but the warm Bath is is Sonilal. T it is. Doubly necessary if one lives in cities Quot that care is paid to bathing. The. Grime of the big town is not Only disfiguring it is germ Laden and every Effort should be 1 made to keep free of it. In addition to the daily Bath one should be particular to Wash Tho face ears and neck and under the arms cach time she hands As most of us kno for to our sorrow need Sci in blog a dozen times a Day. 1 it is Folly As is so often done to Point to our ancestors weekly Bath and Superb strength. Times have changed and so have ideals of cleanliness and the person who. Takes two Baths a. Week these Days is ashamed to have it found put. Dainty lace Blouse. Despite the Vogue for one piece frocks the lace Blouse is still High in favor with women of limited wardrobe. The simplest of these blouses Are of heavy tuscan or Brussels net Laid in a succession of Fine tucks running vertically in the wearer is Stout and horizontally if the wearer is slender. Sometimes from four to six tucks Are sufficient for each of the fronts while Tho sleeves broadly tucked from shoulder to wrist Are finished with a net Ruche harmonizing with the Jabot which relieves the front i it Anel More elaborate net blouses Are combinations of tucks with Venise imitation Irish or. Italian lace. In these blouses Broad bands of lace tire let into the shoulders from Collar to sleeve top while rows of alternating Large and a a mall medallions form the Border of Fiche drapery overlapping pin tucked narrow Center panels. Odor should be elusive just a suggestion of perfume is a the really Dainty girl will allow herself. who Are decked for con quest unconsciously make them selves a nuisance to every one who comes near them by their Choice of perfumes. If Fiey would but learn that heavy scent is vulgar life would be More comfortable for those who a cd me their Way. The girl who restrains her love of onions for the Sake of her fellow Man who would be horrified at the thought of an odor from perspiration will saturate herself with Cologne or sachets and think she Lias added the finishing touch of elegance. There Are some persons who Are made i by even a suggestion of perfumery there Are others who become unconscious from the smell of heavy scent in a close room while still others Are made to sneeze violently by breathing Ratchet refit red girl would want to make herself a nuisance to her neighbors. Leaving the question of Lack of refinement out of it perfumes should not be used excessively from a humanitarian standpoint. We should refrain from any practice that May make oth ers uncomfortable. A girl once wondered at her Lack of popularity. She was a charming girl but slipped up on Many an invitation that a went to less attractive friends. Her amazement was great when a candid older woman told her that liar Lack of invitations was due to her love of tuberose which she constantly wore. A heavy odor of perfumery also gives Rise. To that it. Is necessary to Deaden Uncleanly doors that it is a substitute for personal dainties a. A an odor to be permissible should be so elusive As to be almost a imperceptible. Delicate caches May be placed among ones clothes. The new american Beauty pad makes everything fragrant. So do the blips of perfumed pasteboard. Toilet Waters used after the Bath or in it rarely Are objectionable As they have a fresh clean smell. A heavy perfume Skuchas Musk Attar of roses tuberose or Patchouli should be Tabooed. A drop May make the wearer a nuisance. Y. If one cannot refrain from the perfume habit and this habit is As. Common to a certain Type of Man As to women to least a scent should not be used when one is going into a Public assemblage. No one has a right for a personal gratification to make others miserable. The doctor who goes to Church smelling of Dodo Foron or the Gerni fear Ful woman who attends a theater reeking of Asafoetida May be no More of a nuisance than the girl who has poured the perfume flask Over herself As a finishing touch to her toilet. Proper care of the neck when climbing stairs. I have heard girls complain because they have to Many flights of stairs in order to reach their rooms. Now with a Little practice they will be Able to go up the stairs without feeling the climb it All. Hold the head erect the Chest up breathe slowly and deeply and put the Ball of the foot la rely on each step. \1 if you follow this method you will soon form the habit of a making the climbing task less tiresome. Lace yokes and sleeves continue popular in spite of their Long use. Woman tells How to avoid double Chin and sagging Throat mus cles the Marks of age. Ii now do i keep my. Back straight and my neck from sagging a said the woman who spent hours each pay a at a typewriter Quot i write with a my Chest up and. My eyes turned Ceil Ingward. ,. A i never allow myself to stoop sitting Well Back on my chair to mate the erect position possible and whenever i do not have to look at my copy i throw the neck Back. A a when taking dictation it. Is quite easy Quot to keep the head up and i arrange my notes on a rack on the level with my. Eyes naturally i use the touch system so the keys need not be watched. A a often when working in a room by myself i twist my head and take neck stretching movements Fille writing to fight off the double Chin and Sag Ging Throat Muscles that Are so common for women who sit at a desk or piano much. A the Way i happened to think of combining neck development and work was by watching my grandmother. Her1 Throat is As thin and supple As a girls though she is nearly 80, and she has none of the sagging lines that most of us connect with age a she told me that whenever she got a Chance during the Day whenever she had to plan any of. Her work or wanted a minutes rest she sat with her eyes turned heavenward her Chest up and the Muscles at the Back of the neck contracted. A a often As she sat there she would Massage the Throat Muscles with the tips of her fingers or draw the Palms of her hands alternately from the line of her Chin toward her a he to. She usually carried a Small tube of cold Cream in heir pocket and Quot would put just Eno ugh on her fingers to keep the skin from getting sore. A How did she manage. About her Collar she never wore one around the House but had her morning frocks made with a narrow surplice neck to give Fri Edom and air to the Throat. A grandmother never went to a Beauty doctor in her life but 8h�.agre��i Witt most of them that a tight Collar is fatal to a Beautiful Throat. I cannot Jap collarless in an office but i take it off the minute i reach Home and always Wear a dutch neck dress in the a in my dresses fashionable fur stoles Are Long and Are extremely wide. The lace coat figures As a part of Many of the , of the sea Sony White furs Are worn As toques stoles and muffs not to mention trimmings. 1. Cashmere de some and Dull Henrietta Are the most approved mourning new Shade of dark Green very popular wit i Young girls is called Atlantic. A the walking stick after a period of retirement is now highly fashionable for men. An immense automobile Muff has constructed in it a special Pool get for carrying a pet dog. From inner decoration. V. 1.fire Side shelves Low shelves at the Side. Next to the Couch bookshelf in popularity is that which is placed in reference to the is something Coily suggestive in the association of books and a fireplace. It makes one think of Long comfortable Winter evenings with Bright flames Andja Good Story notto mention roast apples and Kindred delicacies As a variant Sci literary absorption and a girl Friend sitting on the opposite Side of the Hearth to help enjoy the evening in a sociable silence. The Couch the fireplace and the bookshelf Are All placed in Friendly relations yith each other the Couch or Chimney seat is built in and is upholstered in striped Chintz. Above the seat is a shelf for the books and above this shelf Are. Little Glass Wail cupboards. Tea things May be kept in one of the Wall close and confections1 in another a moderate amount such As will not damage the complexion and in the third the apples for . York Herald. V. Mere Are three simple dresses that Are just the thing for morning Wear in the House. The first is in rather Fine Navy Blue Serge the skirt is trim Nied Quot with wide Black braid straps of the material and braid covered buttons. It fastens at the Side under the braid. The bodice is made with a very tiny Yoke and Collar band these and the under sleeves Ara of White washing silk the material is tucked each Side front from shoulder to bust and at the Back is Plain the sleeves on the top of Arm and have a piece of braid carried round the Yoke to form a Point in front Andl quite Down the outside of Arm. The fastening is at Silt be under the braid. The bodice is sewn to a narrow Waist band which is tacked to the skirt band to that both can be slipped on together. Materials required 7 Yards 46 inches wide 7 Yards Wald about 4 dozen buttons % Yard White so Lac 22 inches second is in Grey mohair. The skirt is Quie Plain the bodice has a straight Vest Collar and under sleeves of tucked net straps of tucked Mai trial bound with silk Are carried Over the shoulders and terminate under the shaped Waist band. Pieces of silk form a sort of Vest etch Side which is laced with ribbon Oyer Quot the ends of the silk tie. Long fringed ends of rib a on Quot fall from the left Side of Waist i materials required 7 Yards 46 inches wide 7 Yards sateen for Lunins it 1yard silk 22 inches wide Yard tucked Neta the third costume shown is in Brown Cashmere. The skirt is made it a Ith wrapped seams closely set pleats being let in at lower half of Side seam. A band of silk 2 inches wide forms a trimming. The bodice Vest of tucked Cream silk then from the Edge of each front stand out shaped pieces of silly embroidered in various shades of Brown and Blue. The ends of this Prosa below bust and Are buttoned to the fronts. The. Material for sleeves is arranged 4n.folds that Are finished by Low the Elbow with Embroli Epcy silk cuff. Sash of ribbon to match silk. On skirt. Materials required 7 Yards 48 inches wide Yard silk 4 Yards ribbon. 1% Yard silk for vests 7. Yards sateen for lining. Use for the separate tunic keeping the piano in order. Will transform old fashioned frock into something smart Clever women have found out Liat a separate tunic made of another material than the gown and draped Over it a is an excellent method of altering an old fashioned frock. It. There Are some skirts that Are too Short to be lifted up even for two inches on the bodice to give the Empire effect and they Are too much out of style to Wear As they Are. If the skirt and bodice Are put together by their a innings and two or three folds of self coloured material neatly draped around the Waistline in order to make it invisible the foundation work is finished. F the tunic May be made of net Chiffon cloth bands of net and embroidered Satin or All Over Jace edged with fur of Gold balloons. This is Cut with a seam Down Middle of Back and neatly draped three inches above the Waistline headed with Tolas of the material or. A piece of the trimming used elsewhere. This tunic drops from bust to Knees and gives the exact line that it needs this Winter on smart Ultra modish hat. An extremely modish hat in All Black is pictured in above Cut. The shape is the Corday or mushroom Type in Black velvet with a a Ong Black silk Scarf whose ends a re finished with deep fringe artistically draped around Crown and falling Over brim on left Lover has growing plants in water. In drawing room. A Matron who is Foud of music and owns a Handsone grand piano Saya Ahe keeps it in tune much longer and prevents it from drying out with Tho intense heat of her City House by Gro Wing plants in water in her drawing room. A ,. She raises chinese lilies and hyacinths in Glass bowls and jars and usually has standing on the piano or near it a big Rose Jar or a Large Glass Pitcher filled with a dozen or Moro vines of tradesman la growing in War ter Quot. I a a this Vine is better known As a wandering jew a and thrives As Well in water As in soil. It comes in the Plain Green and variegated leaves and is a charming addition to a room As Well a making the air More moist. The vines Root readily in water and need comparatively Little Light. About once a week the plants Are carefully removed the Jar washed and filled with pure water. A Small Lump of charcoal in the water will keep it from getting impure. Colors must be in Harmony no sudden or violent color handling of showy colors in any Way whatsoever in suit materials in millinery or in dress trimmings and plumes is to with this season says Vogue. Perfect adaptation and Harmony reigns which of course bespeaks exquisite taste in every direction. A word about these new colors will furnish the right idea of a distinct de. Parture from the colors of last season. There is far less obtrusive ass in the a prune a which we knew As the Plum Shade for the new tone has More red Tiwiah Blue in its tint and is far Richer in tone smoke Grays and two blues a a Beauvais and a Royal Quot Blue and first a tapestry Shade the latter that deep tint seen in a Sapphire Are very Lovely. Saving the hands. Cotton gloves worn when dusting or fussing around the House Are much cooler and just As useful As old gloves. Most workmen who do their own work will be very glad to hear this for it la so hard to work round the Bous e without injuring Juthe Hinds and old kid gloves Are hot and Clumsy
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