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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1910, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 19, 1910, Galveston, Texas Re sen of it g Xii Tyr a by % Foa a Quartz a of a Century this opera g&a88 Bas worked in thu interest of the 9sa Wau City. The sea Wam a by Grade raising and the opera clyans Wim us so a Al fobs xon the of a Otth a largest an port. T Catir established 1879.galveston, Texas saturday feb. 19, 1910. Vol,.,Xxxi, �?Tn0.42, for evening Wear by Julia Bottomley. Twi me new coiffure have proved the i inspiration of numerous new dec a orations fitted to the v arrange. Ment of the hair in smooth masses. Large jewelled pins of. Shell have proven the most attractive for evening Wear. After their adoption comes the problem of keeping a hat on or keep ring it properly a adjusted after it is on / -. This has brought. The evening hat having a bridle under the Chin or hair straight to the Foro. For the bridle a is extremely becoming to Youthful suited for the afternoon visiting Oreas that would make up to perfection in Satin and a spotted voile. This is elegantly carried out in a Satin Vand spotted voile. The tight fitting Princess part in covered Ini Satin arranged in folds at. The Back a wide Box Plant is formed and taken 01 insertion 19 earned across the faces and useful in fastening the. Large picturesque and. Beautiful hats which Are worn for evening. A a a hoods of Chifton Are preferred to bats on All those occasions when the head needs simply to be protected when one is on the Way. A these Are supported a wire Bonnet Frame such As is used for making children a is covered with Chiffon stretched on Plain and forms a foundation for the shr rings and ruffles a which Are so lavishly and Iluf Luy supported by stand altogether this sensible Little affair for evening Wear is As Light a an equal bul of Down and As soft , As a new. Devices for fastening on hats help out immensely where a. Hat must be worn. They have it no a other name than Bat fasteners. They a ten the hat More securely than pins and it arc steel hair pins to reality fastened a in the head size of the hat by a Patent pin a Barb or Small la Monde shaped a finish at the Points prevents them from slipping out. As nothing in the world Cati so finish and give character to a costume As. An elegant hat this device for. Keeping bats in place is. A Boon to the wearers a millinery. Resides they save Quot jabbing a the hat by the Ordyn Ary pin Point a repeatedly which Dos figures and ultimately wears out the. Fabric of which it is made it a a there ares innumerable pretty Little Colf fuse a decorations which Are worn with new coiffure but there Are a Longi Wory in themselves. They Are won Dempil in helping out and adding to the finish 6t the Tolletti front a the upper Edge of band of Satin at foot is scalloped a lace applique is. Sewn at. The Point of each Scallop. Hat of a Oft Felt trimmed with Ostrich feathers. Materials required four Yards Satin Ltd 2 inches wide three Yards voile one and one half Yards lace one dozen appliques. A to foot this join tha deep band of Satin that1 is sewn to the voile the a upper Edge of which is gathered to the Princess. Piece lace fora the Yoke which has folds Satin taken Over the shoulders sides these pure caught Down by Rosetto a Atrip a a decollete gown finish. One of the prettiest ideas in a finish for the top of a decollete gown is a narrow band of fur sewed to the Edge of the bodice and outlining a1 full Tucker of Mil a. The style will be generally becoming and la appropriate for gowns developed from every kind of fabric from Chiffon to Chiffon cloth and May the adopted by either maid or Matron with equally food results. A simple Flat band of pass Emeterie is a Dainty finish to the top of some of the girlish looking frock is in net Messalle or Marq Jilbette. Or a a \ Pine for hat.,among the Brilliant assortment of hat pubs that come in sets for the fur turban Are those which have for Heads the tiny faces of foxes. These Are att amp Ohe to a Long steel pin and they Are site attractive on any heavy hat that la of fur or trimmed with far. Hints for hostess pm Al timely suggestions in my for those planning seasonable entertainments Washington birthday seems to to a favorite time for entertaining among All classes judging from the letters that have poured in from All sections of the country. First. I am going to describe a luncheon on which the hostess has put much time and thought. There Are to be eight guests Juho Are requested to come with colonial . And Alsoto bring the oldest relic they possess. If it is not bring Able the Story is told. Can to you imagine the transformation in these eight Dames with their powdered hair As they gather around this Festal Board ? the Centrepiece is to be a real Cherry tree Lua Smucz As the cherries Are to be plucked and eaten with the. Dessert. True they Are made of French Almond paste and Cost a Dollar a Pound but there Are Over fifty cherries to the Pound so the expense is not so much after All. The tree is an Azalea. With All the blossoms off. A Christmas gift the hostess said which she has watered carefully with this very end in View the favors Are tiny Cherry logs filled with candied cherries and the Diane cards Are hatchets bought by the dozen. To hold the salted nuts there Are cocked hats in Buff and Blue. White candles in brass Sticks furnish the a Light and the China is to be. Gold band for several Coli uses the fest to be in Blue Canton the latter a priceless heirloom. After luncheon there is to be a Puzzle contest a different a one for each guest but All made from pictures symbolic of Washington. Several wore made from Post cards and All were Cut and pasted on the Wood by an obliging lad in the neighbourhood who is turning Many Quot a Penny Yak ing puzzles for hostesses at about half the Price of the shops and then too on has the advantage of choosing the subject for the Puzzle so can carry out any desired scheme. The head prize is to be a Cherry pie a real one and the Consolation Reward is to be a framed picture of mount Vernon rather a Surprise for the one who gets her Puzzle together the last. A toasts for the Twenty second. Those who have asked Quot for a toasts or a a sentiments appropriate for. Washington a birthday dinners will find something to. Their mind in the following. A a. A a a a to find Hie Little. A Toast we now demand a so lets and More who tolls Trio truth with a Shaf Pax in. His hand. A to the memory of go Rojc Washington the childless father of Millionth tins american Eagle heres to. The great american Eagle proud Bird of Freedom All Hail that nobody can i Veigle or put Salt on ills Beautiful tall our country. Our country whether bounded by the St John s and. The Sabine or however otherwise bounded and described and be the measurements More or Lens still our country to be cherished in All our hearts and to be defended by All our hands. Our country our whole country and nothing but our country. Tho Union no North no South no Oast no West but one and indivisible. Our native land May. It Ever continue the. Abode of Freedom and the Birthplace of heroes. The United. States. stripes a of. Red. Throb with a Tho life blood of thousands your stripes of White High with the women a tears your Field of Blue breathes the steadfastness of a country firmly United and your stars sins of a Union that la welded together by Tho mighty hand of an almighty a god. Madams Merri. M he convenient hardcase con be i. Beautiful so it May be Ini part of a completely fitted handbag or it May be carried alone in All its glory. Whichever is your Choice there Are easy ways of decorating the bought leather forms or of even making your own. These suggestions Are so arranged that they May be treated. In two waya., the May be traced of from the drawings and by the use of Carbon paper transferred to suede leather which a you will afterwards fashion by hand into Tho Lovely cases. Or they May be transferred to Stencil Board and the Deb Lens painted through Tho open portions which Are Black inthe draw Inga. In the Iatter Case Stencil dyes May be used to color forma for Cut leather work a Sharp knife is necessary for thrown out the do sign. The form is thrown into Relief by a lining the color of which depends upon your leather and your Good taste. Great Cape must be exercised when cutting out the conventionalized Roso Fonn. With the Long blender Crescent formed petals. If you hardcase be the soft Gray so pro curable in of suede a Dull Orange will look very Well tor the lining old Rose for the five pealed form and a Dull Green for the leaves look Well dark Brown or a dark Green leather. The same directions hold As in the previous suggestions. In All these designs the maker must afm at Harmony. There must be no obtrusive striking color but the decoration must be a part of a Lovely whole and this completed whole must be in keeping with Tho occasion and gown of Tho wearer. / a for the Short time necessary to make or decorate one of these card cases the results Are wonderfully satisfactory. If it be Brown Tho greens or Golden tints Are always harmonizing. In Linen of course Tho Range of colors is wider Andelt is advised that the Linen be selected to match Quot a gown and the color to give just the touch that will keep it in Harmony with the dyes used Are proof against fading if a and lukewarm a a water be used. In the next round Flower form color ideas May be carried out. The Brilliant babes Are very effective under or. On Gray a a in the �?~bitter-8weet�?o�?~ design p dark Reddish yellow can be used for the centers and the three leaves you will shake of yellow c in a lighter Shade this is easily dons Frith. Dyes but u your hardcase is a to be a treated to the ."cut-direct/11 Why Orange lining May be used and the centers touched up with water color mome garments dressing is a very useful dressing gown and one that. Might be made of veiling flannel or Flannelette. It has a j la Collar which is Cut in a Point on the shoulders also at the Back and front Russia braid edges it and it is also carried Down the front of gown and1 round the e cuffs. The fullness in drawn in at the Waist by a Girdle composed of. Plaited Cord of the same color As material and finished at the ends a by big Pom Poms. Materials required / Sevon Yards 44, inches wide one dozen Yards braid simplicity in the bedroom style that has become popular in recent years is. A great improve a ment Over the past. V there is a great improvement in the treatment of bedrooms. There was a time Wien the bedroom was crowded with i heavy. Pieces of furniture heavy draperies about the bed and. Much useless de collation. Whether the change to simplicity has come about through the lessons of sanitary living and exposure of dreaded germs lurking in All sorts of dark place we cannot say but certain it is that Tho present Day bedroom is much More sane and More tasteful in every Way. The very. Heavy pieces of furniture have Given place lighter Loeb which can be moved easily and consequently oftener heavy drapes have Given place to Dainty Cre tonnes and it seems As if one must. Sleep More sweetly in Tho present Clay bed Flom the bedroom More than any other room in the House reflects the personality of its owner. The Library the living room the. Dining room Are shared by All alike and must repro. Sent various tastes but each person in the family even to the youngest likes to have has bedroom the room where he can show hib. Own personal like and references. Lot the children have this privilege Magazine of the Cleveland Leader the mourn no Bonnet. One of the most pleasing changes of the year is the revival of Tho Marie Stuart Bonnet either Sharp or round pointed which is a so becoming to the majority of women and from which draperies hang As from no other Bat form for the first three months of the period of mourning this Bonnet is Trade entirely of crepe with a Black crepe face ruching thereafter a White crepe ruching May be substituted and the Bonnet May be bordered in addition with unpoll8hed Jet Heads or cabochons also the heavy crepe veil worn during the. Earlier period May give pl9.ee to another of silk voile or veiling Cashmere. The Little face veil of ribbon bordered not May also to used at this Bazaar. Homo in caul dress la in Navy Serge of a soft Fine texture a panel is taken Tho whole length Fromi Back to front the lower Side of skirt Are then plaited and Sot to the Yoko which is out in Points at the so desk one tuck is made each Side of bodice at Back and front it is then set to a braided strap which surrounds the Yoke straps trim the sleeves and also form bands at the Waist. Materials required Sevin Yards Serge 48 inches wide one dozen Yard braid one half Yard lace when the Days Are cold practical school coat adapted. Girl of from ten to twelve years of age for a very practical a school coat via shown .1. This number it is. Stylo that 1 May be copied in. Talc of Winter Quot material or in Chavanette for a. Waiter proof. Oui Model is lined the front is Cut with a panel which buttons a brocade blouses. By oubs of brocade Are being worn with the High waisted tailored skirts and Long a Coats to Complete the Street costume they Are veiled with a net and Chiffon in the color of the suit and Aro most attractive. With elaborate costumes blouses of lowered brocade Are worn and these Are veiled with Fine spotted net or own and rows of Fine Valen Clenca laces joined with Fine Gold or Silver braid. Well Over Tho loft Side and quite up to Tho Throat where it is finished witha straight Collar band the pointed end of which is but one Over to the Side Thi wrist bands Are arranged to match the Collar a Bat of stitched doth is worn. Materials required three Yards 48 inches wide. A. A it a a. Bridal Linen. Tho bridal Linen should be Emrold ered with the three Maiden initials of the owner of if Only one letter la to be used the initial of the surname the work should be. Well padded and. Closely worked. In Satin stitch the initials on table napkins Are placed across one Corner so that when folded they will be in the Center of Tho fold. on Tho table cloth Are generally placed Between the Center Plexco and the carving cloth so they. Wilt not be covered by either or el3e la one Corner beyond Tho Salt cellars
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