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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 8 1908, Page 4

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 8, 1908, Galveston, Texas Thos. Gale 0� Al la so member Ivell Knou n Dii a the. Pacific slope. A Iii Washington address is 1313 qty st., m. H a Ivy d. I. Congressman tho8. Cale. Hon. Thos. Calo who was elected to Congress from Alaska is will known on Tho Pacific slope where to tins resided. His Washington address is 1812 flt i st., n. W., Washington d. C. Washington d. C. Peruna drug co., Columbus Ohio. Gentlemen / can cheerfully recommend Perugia As a very efficient rent Edy for coughs and colds. Thomas Cate. Hou a c. Slettin congressman from Quot Virginia writes a i have used your valuable i Vinedy Peruna with beneficial results and can unhesitatingly recommend your remedy As. An invigorating tonic and Ari Effe Tivo and permanent cure for Sian a Lin the Ideal laxative. A Tempo near a Aitay Sarafel my Summ suitable for any room never holds mildews or drops off the Wall. Comes in dry powder add cold water. Brush on Wall with 7 incl Flat Brush. Quot a is in packages correctly labelled Al Bastine. Each package covers from of to 450 Square feet of Wall a sixteen Beautiful Spotti velvety shades that never fads As Well As a cleats Brilliant White Malabo Stinnis absolutely sanitary a and thoroughly Beautiful. Try it the fall. Your dealer has it if not write to a a Fie Voik City Brand rapids mob 1 will Stop and permanently cure that terrible itching. It is compounded for that purpose and is absolutely guaranteed. It is a never falling cure for eczema Tous affections of All kinds including Niimd Teller herpes sail Breum Praldo Holert Aptilon fun Yum Blat Vorm Tsi scabies lid this lost named disease is not due to inflammation like other skin diseases but to the presence of Little parasites which Burrow under the skin. The itching they produce is to intense it is often with diff cult Tho refrain from teaming the skin with his nails. Hunts cure in an infallible remedy for this aggravating trouble. Applied locally. A sold by All first class druggists. A Price so cents per Box and the Money will be refunded in every Case where one Box Only cure. Quot Only t1y a. B. Richards Medicine co. Sherman Texas s96k heada6hi positively cured by these Little pills. They also relieve Pis Trafla from by ape palk in digestion Tooji Carty eating. A perfect rom Edy for a laziness nausea drowsiness bad taste in the Mouth coated Tongue pain in Tho Side torpid Uver. The regulate Tho a Vrela. Purely vegetable. Small Pill Small dose. Small Price. Genuine must Bear fac simile signature refuse substitutes. We have a big Stock of High Grade be Minotos and Oliver typewriters for rent at $3 per month. Credit will be allowed for rent if you buy within one year. Repairs and supplies for All makes. Bwl Toa typewriter Exchange. Thu id Tex Defiance starch a a a Cliel clot by Wolcut. More happiness now the tendency la to make farm Tulfo desirable. For Many years past the migration of population from the farm to the City has been marked. It has challenged says the Dallas Tex news the thought of Tho most eminent1 so Coli it gifts and coif mists and the government has had Tho subject investigated and studied by experts. In Sonje sections the removal of Farmers and. Particularly Farmer Quot boys from their country Homes to the cities has been so great As to be actually alarming. Trio a a Ifni tin is ii stifled Ipi the reason that v6v�ry�u� knows tit jul in a a country we Edh a essentially Arrieu Itne Vii. Tho la is Bra vhf eth e farm fit by to hts ? a is a clip ii do i a a let it Itiat a a do ii upon a which rest the pros Peri $ Oil All other industries and the country generally. Many and diverse have been the causes Abl Ned for the removal of the Rural population City Ward and equally numerous have been the suggestions intended to Check this tendency and reverse the movement. Among tie former Are Tho excitement attendant upon life in a City better facilities for education for As a Rule the children of the Farmer Are always anxious to get an education. Added to these is Tho idea which it is asserted prevails among the Farmer boys Toa great extent that they cannot attain prominence or be of great service to their country and people unless they take up residence in a City. A All these and other causes have doubtless been potential in this shifting of the population. But it occurs to the news that there Are other very potent reasons that have not so far tip in considered with the seriousness that their. Importance do minds. The one most prominent and the one which has been most neglected so far its remedial Effort has been exercised it seems is the social Side of Rural life. All people naturally crave com Panton shop they Are desirous of social entertainments and when this is not att enable to a Deree commensurate with their wishes discontent is aroused and they intuitively begin to look around in an Effort to make it so. It has not been Many years since the in a social was of a Community in which the population was comparatively scant were very Mea Ger. Such conditions have been vastly improved recently the Monotony. Which was. Once characteristic of life on the farm no longer exists by no a Cassity. As it did. Indeed so rapid a have been the changes in these conditions that it is doubtful if the Farmer himself has realized to the full the opportune ties now afforded to wonderfully improve the social life of him self. His family and his neighbors. The creation of a Beautiful Homo life in connection with a. Community of interest in Industrial and business affairs will go a Long Way in this direction. R a a among the improvements that Aro pow helpful socially As Well As in a business Way Are the Telephone Rural free delivery of mails improvement of Public highways better methods of cultivation of crops improved farm machinery diversification of crops extraordinary cheapness a of newspapers magazines and general literature the organization of associations such As unions institutes etc., in which the principle of co operation is used in a business Way and there is certainly no reason Why it should not be used in a social Way. \ by use of it is possible for one to Call tip a neighbor and Chat about business or social affairs and by its use also it is easy to project social entertainments and get Tho assistance of neighbors and friends in making them successful. The Rural free delivery of mails brings promptly to those in Tho country their mail. Including newspapers. And other publications. Better roads make travel to and from places of entertainment easy in All kinds of weather. Better methods in the cultivation of crops make it possible to get More from a. Given amount of land thereby incr Asting the profits of the farm. Improve a a machinery renders their cultivation cheaper Lebs laborious and More remunerative at the san a. Time requiring less time and giving the Farmer greater Opportunity for social recreation. Diversification of 1 crops renders it possible for him to have chances for pleasure distributed throughout the year. The cheapness of newspapers magazines books etc., puts them within reach of every one and they give hints and helps useful in the promotion of. Social life among the people engaged in All Avo Catlos. The various Farmers organizations will prove of vast assistance in the promotion of social pleasures for they Are of themselves of a social and fraternal nature. The news Calls attention to these things with the Hope that they May be Jug Lvi a the thought they deserve it is astonishing to a Good farming Community to notice the number of Farmers who allow their farm implements and machinery to remain out in the weather. Why not build a shed at a once to protect your implement the life of farm tools a a very Blip it when a a exposed to Tho weather and you save enough in two years by. Having a tool shed to pay for it. 1 a a rather than to sell Grain or Hay off the farm feed it All at Home and buy More. Buying More is buying Fertility a from other farms to enrich your own. May f i it Jjck mane to overcome l y pro Mer personal efforts a a it the assist i ice of die one truly Jjon Jacial \ remedy syrup of Kos an it a Vuvra of Sinnai ski ask Denali left Onito orm regular habit it a ally so Tkv to assistance w nature May be a Racla / a i Spenser with Vitch to longer needed a the bestow pc a Rcd arc to assist nature and not to supplant pc a titty cd junctions thick must depend Alti to Matefy upon pro cd Zhoutis Kueht proper of of tvs aha Vigo a tie Rall to tits Benej Itiat effects Afiwa s 1 buy the genuine a Nanu actor Day Iii Fig s"yic2up co. Only sold by All leading drug costs one size Only regular Price 50$ a a Bott e different. A do you believe in att. For arts Sake no i sell my pictures Quot had to get strength first. Hard forked woman not ready to face hired girl problem. A Massachusetts Man whose business frequently takes him Over the line into Vermont says that one evening he was a guest at a farmhouse in that state when to observed that the wife of the owners a poor wan Little woman was doing every bit of the work around the House. As he himself put it she did an amount of work that would have put an Ordinary Massachusetts horse to shame and he really Felt like a Vik lain sitting there watching her. Feeling considerable compassion for the woman who looked As if ready to drop from overwork the visitor asked Quot Why done to you get help Here surely you Are not going to try to pull through the Long Winter without u hired a sickly smile came to the pallid face of the woman. Quot Waal i Dunno a she said. A i done to feel As if i could just Yit but pm raps of i should get to feeling a ittle better and stronger x might Quot a illustrated Magazine. It seemed incurable body raw with eczema discharged from hospitals As hopeless Cut Cura remedies cured him. A prom the age of three months until fifteen years old my son Owens life was by eczema in its worst form. In spite of treatments the disease gradually spread until nearly every part of his body was quite raw. He used to tear himself dreadfully in his sleep and the agony he went through is quite beyond words. The regimental doctor pronounced the Case hopeless. We had him in hospitals four times and he was pronounced one of the worst cases Ever admitted. Prom each he was discharged As incurable. kept Quot trying remedy after remedy but had gotten almost past hoping for a cure. Six months ago we purchased a set of Cuti Cura remedies. The result was truly mar Zelous and to Day he is perfectly cured. Mrs. Lily hedge camb Lewell Green England Jan. 12, 1907.�?� ext 7t�?T la a ii alcohol-3 per cent a vegetable preparation for assimilating Ling the stomachs an bowels of promotes Diges tion cheerful. Ness and gains neither opium morphine nor Mineral not narcotic. It nip cot Firsa a a i arc Meh pumpkin std m , a rothut salts a it st to Appennino flip str amp Matte Setfor i form cd. Atari find sugar in amp Jar text. Fat a perfect remedy for Constina a stomach diarrhoea Worms convulsions feverish Ness and l a ass of sleep a fac site lip signature of a the Centaur company new York. For infants and Childrs a it the kind Voi have in bears signature of thirty fears guaranteed in Der the Foo Dan exact copy of wrapper. J1�o the Centaur Tommny new York 6ifk a a a thirty years of it. A a fearfully Long siege of Dally pain ,. And misery. Charles von Koehnen of 2ift.a st., Colfax Wash. Says a for at least thirty years i suffered with ice deny troubles and the attacks Laid me up for Days at a. Time with pain in the Back and rheumatism. When i was up and around Sharp twinges caught me and for fifteen years the frequent passages of kidney secretion an noyed me. But Doans kidney pills have Given me almost entire Freedom from this trouble a and l cannot speak too highly in their sold by All dealers. 50 cents Box. Foster Mii bum co., Buffalo a y. A a a. .0 . The athletic son wrote Home Tom College As follows it \ Quot dear pop watch the papers. Next week i distinguish myself by throwing the and the irate old gentleman stamped his gouty foot and replied a i a Cine to care to read any such disgraceful antics in the paper. If you break any windows you la have to pay for them unshaken Esteep. R a your husband is still very fond of horses a a said the woman who disapproves of betting. A yes a answered Young mrs. Tor Kins. A a a Well its nothing to his a a a done to know about that it shows he has a very forgiving r rapid Rise. A spa Quot said mrs. Ardapple As she opened the letter a the Man who ran Over our old crippled cow with his automobile wants to know How much she was a Tell him about six dollars a drawled Hiram Ardapple. Get me see. It was that poor Village doctor Wasny to it a p a no Hiram it was a City a was he Well by Heck to i him she was a first class Critter and Worth every cent at $50.&Quot a and come to think of it Hiram his automobile was alms st As Long as1 a Steamboat with Glass windows six rights and a Horn that you could hear five miles.�?�. A what then write and to i him the cow he killed was a genuine imported prize winning Holstein and to a $500, and if he does no to Settle lip every cent in Cash ill put the jaw on ,. Quot a chickens in the Snow lil. Several boys at Tusten Sullivan county started a bail of Snow rolling Lown a Hill a and it went flying through Farmer Schneider a Chicken it Joop the big Ball gathered up nine of Schneider a Fai hens. With the poultry packed into the Ball legs and Heads of chickens sticking out of the Massif rolled farther and brought no Ili the barnyard of the next Farmer on the opposite Side of the Tusten Turnpike,1 where the pigs ate five of the Jervis dispatch to the n. Y. World. One to Cifes mail of beast <51 for Man a Quick Relief l from pain caused by cuts bruises 1 Burns sprains stiff joints sore Muscles insect bites Catarrh neuralgia and a headache when applied externally. For cramp Colic stomachache diarrhoea and dysentery when. Taken internally. A a for Stock it is invaluable for Colic,1 Spavin and fistula foundered feet and lameness bruises and external injuries weak joints and sprains and Blind staggers. Hunts lightning Oil is pronounced a perfect liniment by Many thousands of people. Full directions for external and internal use for Man or beast with each bottle. Sold by All first class druggists in 25 cent and 50 cent bottles. Manufactured by a. Q. Richards Medicine co Sherman Texas Thompsons Eye water w. N. U., Houston no. A 1903 i hmm Raie less Dye flood brighter and faster color than any other die. Ono 10o a Accooe Colon All Al born a they Dye in cold Waler boiler than any Tihor Dyo. Voo Cuadro write apr Bee Booklet How to die. Bleach and mix Colon. Monroe druooo., jul nos it notch do not neglect to plow the Garden sey Mel this Winter to kill that May be in to soil and to make the Plant food Moro available for the next crop., produce and use wisely As much barnyard manure As practical and. Ithen use Green manures As necessary. Get the soil so Rich that Little work will make i big Harvest. If you have female troubles which need attention take Cardui. The ingredients of which Cardui is composed have a Strong influence Over the womanly organs and build up the womanly strength. They Are purely vegetable perfectly harmless and act in a a scientific manner on woman s vital energies. If sick you Are urged to try. A a a a mrs. Annie Ham i top of Stetsonville , a a a it re sult of womanly Dot suffering terrible Dis m i troubles i could no sleep a at or stand on my feet witho1. Tress at last i top. Cardui. Now i feel better than. I Ever did try write for free 64-Poffe Book for women causes Bome treatment Etna valuable hints on diet exercises Etc seat free on request a Pialo wrapper by Trail prepaid to Dies advisory dept the Chattanooga Medicine co. Chattanooga tean. Assisi is first Post office scheme. The first Post office scheme was a private Enterprise and was inaugurated about 1464. Browne a bronchial troches have a world wide reputation for curing coughs sore throats and relieving bronchitis and Milkman does no to cry Over spilt milk if there i8 a pump Handy. Mrs. Twin slow a soothing so rep. Forc Hildrea Teeth a Sot tens thesauro re does in it win Collu. 25c it bottle some men just can to foot a Bill without kicking a keep tobacco at Home. The turkish government absolutely prohibits the exportation of the seed of turkish tobacco. Little wonder that Garfield Tea meets with approval everywhere it is the Ideal laxative pure Mila health giving it regulates the liver and overcomes constipation. A virtuous deed should Nevor be delayed a Alexander Dow Only one a Rbromo quinine is laxatives Bromo Nink. To to so Nataro of b. Glovis Sou to world Oyer to curo a cold in one Day. 25c. No Quot Alonzo a nervous woman Isnit necessarily nervy. A ssh Mcne a 92.60, 93.00 and s3.bo Shoaa than any. Othar manufacturer to tha. ,j5@ world Boca Uso they hold their Sofil Bispo. Tit better Waar Tangor. And jk3n Ora of arb Tor Vatu than any Othar chums ahoy Oththo pm red to Day. Rab w. L Douglas $4 and $5 Gilt Edge shoes cannot be equalled at any Price of Vav Tiv. I Douglas Namo and Pricolo by raped on Bottom. Nueno Sah to la aau 8old by to be to Hoe dealers orrery Obero shot a ailed irom factory to any part of the Irold. Ills a. Rated Cut la go Reo to any Odds cd. J we Puglia by it Tocktoo Aiom no Yusoof Throo ugly grizzly Gray Hal a. Use a la Creole hair prior , retail
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