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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 8 1908, Page 3

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 8, 1908, Galveston, Texas Jett was st. Valentines Day Szijj and Freda taxi nor was Yin bustling about the Kitchen. Ill making great preparations. Prof. Mas was coming to Tea and in Freda a open Ion tills teacher of astronomy was the greatest of men. The emperor himself was not half so Wise or handsome the foolish Maiden thought. Her father who was an enthusiastic student of astronomy was a Groat Friend of Herr Max and the latter often came to his House where there was a line Observatory. When Tho two men went up to the House top Observatory to study the heavenly bodies Freda eager to learn went with Thom but. Somehow the a constellations comets meteors and asteroids she heard them speak of to fluently were nil so. Confusing that she could understand nothing try hard As she might a but she Learned one thing which was not Down in the books All unconsciously. During those Long delicious nights spent upon the House top watching the glowing heavens she. Had Learned Tho lesson of love Aid All Tho affection of her pure Young heart was lavished upon the professor. Quot when the Little German Mald first realized that Blie loved him she was annoyed at her audacity and trembled lest he and it out but Quot later on when the Noble passion1 had filled her whole heart she. Trembled lest he should Neter know or care for her in return. Quot then a she tearfully said to. Herself. Quot i can but to Young romantic Maidens it seems an a easy thing to die for love unrequited but he was Wise who said that Quot men have a a a died and Vorms have eaten them but not for the soft summer nights passed and they met no More upon the roof but the two astronomers spent Many an evening in the tra umers. Cozy Little parlor with their books and charts spread on the table beside them. Then the Young Hausfrau sat by quietly knitting feasting her eyes upon the beloved countenance but if by Chance Herr Max glanced in. Her direction she dropped her Blue eyes blushing deeply. And As she always dropped her eyes she never saw the tender smile that played whenever she repeated this. Harmless a /.neuver. A a a when st Valentine s Day came the a Bright Flower of Hope blossomed in in n a Ltd m to 1 n r. R. Ii in a Etc Fife �>0tl Wiltba loudly bating. Jerit ered the ,stationer?8> ski top Aid a alted the Youn clerk to show her the Valentines. She pressed ski hand against her heart to still its beating a Aklog As she did so a far prettier picture than any of the painted graces on the Valentines before her a a. A pms one passing by ,./�?zcaught a glimpse of her and thought up too. But Freda was so engrossed in trying to and a Val Titine to suit her that she did not know the professor had seen her and. Had passed on with that rare a by tender smile ,. At last she found what she wanted. Quot it was a Quot very simple Little Valentine but it told an eloquent Story. On the top of the White embossed Page a blazed a glorious Star with beams of / Light radiating from every Point and beneath it As if basking in its rays a a Lay a tiny by v a hot from the Bow of a. Roguish cupid. A each Quot thought Freda a the Star is Herr Max and mine is Tho heart but i fear he can never stoop Low enough. To reach with this Humble a thought she trembling by addressed the a envelope and then ran to drop it in the nearest postbox. A score of times she wished it Back and reproached. Herself for her boldness but now he t was coming to Tea and if he understood he would reveal it in his conduct c and she would soon know her Fate. A at last the preparations for supper \ wore completed and with a tired sigh v Esq sat a Kwh by the Bright Are to rest. Pleasant visions filled her mind and she did not hear the footsteps which softly Drew near and Only knew she a was not alone when something dropped into her Lap. It was Tho Valentine Sho had sent that he had brought or sent it Back to her Sho knew not which for grief and Shamo so overcame Hor she a dared not turn her head to Bee. Thinking he thus refused her love she was about to cast the now hateful and away and never look at Tho professor again when something stopped her. Her eyes fell upon the Valentine. It was the same and yet not the same for although the great Star still blazed at the top of the card Tho Little heart was no longer far beneath it but instead rested within the heart of the Star. A deep Joy filled Little. Fredni a breast when at last she took courage and looked around she saw a the professor standing behind her add saw for the first time the tender. Loving smile As he gently Drew her to a him and folded her in his arms. Aristee Uch quaint and attractive Valentines Are shown in the shops this season that the giving. Of them will doubtless and More favor with a children and grownups too than it has in Many years. For unlike the average Type that is so perishable these Are More substantial like pictures and Are really ornamental Efa Ough to hang on a Wall or to use on a bedroom table. They differ from the Ordinary styles in that there Are comparatively few verses or lines relating to the Day or conveying messages of love. In addition to these changes there is another marked one that is the absence of glittering Gold or. Silver decorations which save the Valentines from being Gaudy. The colors used Ara conservative too and altogether whey will make desirable presents for girls and Young women for they Are free from silly sentimentality and Are quite artistic in de sign. A strikingly pretty Valentine that is fraught with meaning but unaccompanied by verses is a splendid reproduction of an old English coach cot an old English coach. Rect in every detail even to the step and the shield on the door. The windows in the coach Are heart shape As is the door while the wheels Are most elaborate and full of significance for each spoke is an Arrow and if apparently run through a dark rec heart. Three pretty girls look out of the windows while the Coachman and Footman on top garbed in White drive three White woolly lambs that Are harnessed to the coach with ted silk cords. The predominating colors Are White and red with a touch of Blue As a Wall decoration this Valentine would be most appropriate. Though not As unusual As. The coach a fan Valentine made of a series of heart shaped frames enclosing pretty miss a a Flem Tinnie i am a Sunbeam you Are a Childwall melting and Sweet is the weather a Breeze stirs Tho Bronze of your hair warm and wild. And mingles our treasures together. I Fly from you Over Tho Trees Quot jewelled Heights you follow with Limpid soft laughter and catch with your baby Handa Leaf filtered lights i Fly and you Ever come after i am yours to divinely Yot yours not at All i Pine for your lips moist and glowing. Quot you cry As. I leave you at Sable Nightfall. And Bot i gift undone at the when All is still and in slumber you Quot lie a a dream with our innocent blesses i come in a Moonbeam and lingering by i cover your it red Mouth with kisses. So if you to far or if you a near i always must hover above you of All Tho world s Guerdon to me Tho most dear it i love you i love you i love you. A Genevieve Farnell. harking m Mark of afr than Foloi Ingra by Owen Wister Philadelphia author. A of a Valentine fan. Children s,.faces in colonial headgear is decidedly effective and really serviceable for it is made of stiff paper and could be used. Cards that May be used As Bookmarks or to hang on Gas jets a Knob or a Dresser or Bureau Are always acceptable. Some of these made in dutch designs that Are so popular Are stunning because of the combinations of colors and the quaint costumes worn by the peasant children. Who Are shown in the act of carrying water. Quot heart cards with Cupida. Red hearts and arrows Are also pretty and Are always in demand. Toa8t8 to 8uit the Day., in Honor of st. Valentine All should treat of the Quot gentle even if nothing stronger than Coffee to on the table a dinner is not a dinner unless some toasts be offered. There Are Many books from which no pro plate toasts May be Given. For instance there is the Sailor Toast a Here s to our sweethearts and wives Jay the latter always a remain the former and the former soon become the latter a a and there is dear old rip Van Winkles sentiment Quot heroes to your health and your family Send May you live Long and ,. But sometimes something a trifle out of the Ordinary seems to be in order and such an occasion surely is st Valentines Day. All the toasts on this occasion should of course treat of a the gentle passion a and the More original they Are the better. Often if the Toast Malcer is Clever he or she can give the Toast a personal turn. Often too the simpler it is the better especially for Amateur speak ing. Pretty love tokens of the past. A sir Walter Scott in his a fair maid of Perth Quot on st. Valentines Day has his hero Send the heroine a Small Ruby Cut in the shape of a heart transfixed with a Golden Arrow the Gem being enclosed in a tiny purse made of links of finest steel. Around the Edge of the purse was engraved a. A Quot loves darts a Cleave hearts a. Through mall surely it was a pretty enough Token to win the affection of any maid. These eighteenth Century Valentines were indeed labors of love and Small wonder that on that Day Tho Belles heard the fall of Tho Knocker with eager anticipation. Hough the Little Pagan god who nearly always accompanies st Valentine on february 14 has the same purpose wherever he goes yet he does not everywhere employ the same methods for its accomplishment. His tactics. Differ in. Different places. He is As versatile As he is capricious. In new York City he still finds a Way to my lady a heart by going to her in a Dainty bit of pasteboard tissue paper tinsel and paint All tucked Way in a scented envelope. In Berlin he has recently found a Riew Means of wounding his victims in the Quot coming postal,&Quot-v4, so constructed Fiat a Tieti squeezed Quot they will imitate the pain Tivo Hote of a Dove. In More prosaic London cupid has abandoned the postman for the Telephone and the up to Date London Lover no longer sends his. Sweetheart an. Ardent mess go by letter but recites it Over the wire into her very ear. A yet. The most a picturesque. St Valentine Day customs Are not to be found in Tho a big cities but in out of the Way regions where human nature retains much of its old time simplicity in some of the Rural villages of England for example the season is observed in much the same Way As in the time of Queen Elizabeth and Many a quaint supers ton still survives. In Remote villages of Derbyshire the custom still prevails or Maidens looking out of their windows in the Early morn of st Valentines Day to learn who their lovers May be. Every girl who wants to get married is supposed to jump out of bed just at Daybreak and dressing hastily open a window facing the Street. There she just wait until some Man passes by who tips his hat. And says to her a Good Morrow a tvs st Valentines in reply she says Quot Good Morrow sir i la be your As a usual thing however the passerby a not a stranger. A Derbyshire girl usually keeps the shutters closed until through some Crevice in them she spies the Man she wants. Of Ali observances Quot however the most popular in England la that Best known As Quot sweeping the. if a girl is not kissed by an admirer be fore Nelrie o clock on st. Valentines a morning she is said to be accordingly All the Young men of the neighbourhood on learning that some Young woman has remained a kissed past the fatal hour make an attack on her House with brooms and after sweeping her thoroughly each of her callers kisses her. Nie French province of Lorraine has a custom somewhat similar which is called a beating the it dates Back to the sixteenth Century. On st. Valentine s morning every Marriageable daughter is expected to arise at Daybreak and bake a heart shaped cake for the first Young Man who May come for it. If she should oversleep however and her Lover should Call to find her All unmindful of Hlin and the occasion which brought him to her door then his rivals Are privileged to punish her in the following fashion. Arini with wisps of Hay they May invade her room and compelling her to get up they May administer a not especially a gentle thrashing. -�?o�?Tin1-the county of Norfolk England a Thersy a tet Fol stir Ives a custom which Reca is the times when st. Valentines Day was observed throughout great in ritalin arid the continent by the presentation of substantial gifts. In this Way not Only lovers remembered their ,.but.parents.their children a husbands their wives and in the Mer of Days of Charles ii. I islands gave presents to other menus wives. Among the Yoi Irig women of Devonshire still lingers that they Jire Able to learn who their future husbands will be if they go through a certain Peculiar formula shortly after Midnight that Ushers in st Valentines Dayt. Each Maiden should go alone to the porch of the Village Church and there wait until 12 30 a. M. Then As the Bell strikes the half hour she should return Home scattering hempseed in her path and repeating a hempseed i sow hempseed i a now. A that will my True love be. Come Rake this hempseed after and if she is going to be married in the next year she will indeed see her Lover behind her Clad in a winding Sheet and raking up the hempseed. In Many parts of Germany the cell Dren find st. Valentines Day a special occasion to obtain Charity from Young women who cannot refuse them with out being threatened with the Fate of becoming old maids. In certain villages of Saxony Little boys and girls go from House to House singing a song which has been translated As follows into in slash rhyme. A a god Bloss the Baker if you la be the giver i la be the we have High standards of scholarship in America which Are set for students but thoroughness a lacking. In a not sure either that it is a matter of Standard. It seems to me that Tho manufacturing is bad. Intellectual training goes on in America under bad conditions of All sorts conditions much less favourable than in other countries. It is a Bleak clime. The rewards in sight Are less both in Cash and social recognition. Americans needs in learning Are Moro practical than those of Europe. The american needs Tho applied sciences More than he does sanskrit. To want products. Sanskrit is Tho business of the old countries. Science i b Tho business of the new. We want men like Luther Burbank of California but we also wont men like Agassiz and Norton. America idea however that it should make knowledge productive and useful is idiot a bar to its becoming More scholarly. Original research and discovery Are desired. We have made some wonderful strides epoch making ones in the last few decades in inventions and discovery but it if. A question whether a hey Are not offset by what Europe has done. In this country we have turned out the Mccormick reaper the revolving barrel firearm the breach loading principle in guns the repeating Magazine of the Rifle the Cotton Gin which changed the whole course of an in dub try the Westinghouse air Brake the Telegraph Telephone steel construction of buildings and Pullman sleeping cars. These Are some of our accomplishments. Across the Ocean there have been Radium Crookes tubes the development of the Turbine and of High explosives the Marconi wireless Telo graph and the Krag Jorgensen Rifle a formidable array. A by Mathilde m. Masse m. D., . The Home is Tho one Field of employment where women Excel even the Radical economic changes within Tho past half Century changes wrought largely by the invention of machinery which has destroyed Home industries and driven women into factories stores and offices do not alter the act that the Home is womb no a Especial Field. From the very nature of tilings Excel in no Field of employment which tends to make her less womanly. Unless the economic Independence which Sho Tina gained helps to fit her for Home life All her recent development has been misdirected. A it. A woman a financial Independence gained by her work saves her from the necessity of marrying for support and also from the Mere a Mariage de the practical knowledge of her own nature developed by. Business or professional life tenders her More judicious in the Choi it it of a Quot cd Rige Nial life companion and the More interests woman has in com to with Man the a tote harmonious and perfect is the life of the family. A under such circumstances woman can maintain her own dignity and the dignify motherhood for the work of rearing children requires Tho highest and steadies inspiration. The Home affording ultimately to woman the Opportunity of exercising her highest faculties and present conditions forcing Many women into the wider Industrial Field during Somei part of to Weir life the question arises what occupations Are Best adapted of pc temporary or incidental Pursuit these May be briefly nature women Are especially adapted to the profession of teaching which affords them an Ideal training. In teaching Ypung children1 women certainly Excel. Nursing is another occupation for which women arc peculiarly fitted for the True woman is in her own proper sphere at the sufferers bedside. Saleswoman have become indispensable in Storzb and being both More faithful by nature and More methodical than men they Are invaluable office assistants As private secretaries stenographers or bookkeepers. Of All the professions however now open to women none offers a More congenial Field of Effort than that of Medicine. Woman has always been a natural healer of the sick. From time immemorial she Haa Goth ered roots and herbs and from them has distilled Healing and soothing draughts. As. Midwife she has ministered to woman in the hour of Travail her rank in the profession of Medicine is to Day in disputed. But if we penetrate into the inner life of a successful woman a May nearly always discern the Sweet face of a tender Mother one who excelled at Home and whose remembrance Al a Ifo j a the inspiration of the daughter. Alful Raj i think the world a getting More Andi More restless and discontented. It seems that every one wants to be like a motor car and run through the ways of life at top Speed. I cannot be done without a break Down or a collision or both. If Many a Mission in life were to catch the Speed fever and Rush like a a motor gone mad screaming through life leaving nothing after him but a Cloud of dust be it Road dust or Gold dust Why then instead of being a human being he ought to have been a glorified Dustbin All this fever fret and fume �11 this dissatisfaction with what in and craving for what is not is to any thoughtful Man a Fine proof of the immortality of the soul with its testing place in the bosom of god. There Are Many causes at work to undermine Many a True life the spiritual first of All there is the philosophy on which his mind is not fed hut poisoned. Spencer Huxley Kant Hume All have left their Mark on the present age. These men were Light leading1, no doubt Able Clever and fascinating but their principles were wrong and generations have been led by them into ways of scepticism naturalism rationalism and positivism. By father Bernard Vaughan a famous Catholic pulpit or Tor of London
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