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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 8 1908, Page 2

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 8, 1908, Galveston, Texas A Gay Charles Clark Muff to �opyr1ght, 1906, a Lothrop la it u a Shepard co. 3yn0psis. Chip co Giro a la year of Ltd Kiri living at Tom o Placo la Tho. Maino Woods 1� old by her futher Mol a Oto Bolduc a half Brood. Brio runs Uway and reaches the Camp of Martin of rouble. Occupy i by Martin his wife Rio How Laymond Stetson and Gulden. Sho tolls her Story and a in cared for by mrs. Friable. Journey of for Lahlou a party into won in father of mrs. Friable in old Hermit who 1ms a resided in the wilderness for Many year when Camp la broken Chip and havoc Cupy same Canon. Tho party reach Camp a of mrs. Friable a father and Uro Ancl a co mod by him and by ? Frond and Termor townsman of Tho Sci tilt they Settle Down for. Summer a stay. Chip and Ray Aro in love but How Ono realizes tiny but by Walker. Storm ii a Sanoo inn Ltd found on Lake a Boro in front not their Cabin. Strap Moko in been Croas Tho Lake. Martin and love knee for settlement to get Oll Lycra to a fruit Mogu Irp who la known As outlaw and eur Cape a murderer. Chips Ono Woods Frond torn Ali an Indian a who y believes to both a boar on the Ridge. Chip if stolen byte i3oiauc Vii cd cripes with her in a Canoe. Chip is Rea cued by Martin and Devi a they Aro re a turning from Tho not Loment. Bolduc escape. Old by prop one to Ray that he. Romali in Tho Woods with himself and amyl and trap during the Winter Umi Lio a concludes to. Do so other if of Tho party to turn to ure Evalo taking Chip with Thorn. Chips starts to school in Green a a Vjio and in ride life a unpleasant at aunt comforts Amdo to especially by Han jiah.,. Old by and Hay strange a tracks in Tho wilderness. They penetrate further into Tho wilderness and discover Tho hiding Placa of Tho Man who had been sneaking about their Cabin. Pegy investigate Tho Cavo Homo of Mcguire during Hla absence. Bolduc finds Mcguire and Tho two fight to Tho death finding a watery stave together. Ray a returns to Groen Valo and 4ns for him. Chapter for a Long hour Alie sat there while Tho tide of feeling ebbed and tears came unchecked and then the reaction came. With it also came some thing of Tho old courage and Defiance that had once led her to face night a danger and 60 Miles of wilderness a alone. A a. A i have made a mistake a she said sitting up. A and Hannah was right am a nobody Here and Ray has been told so and has a Impf a and How with returning Calm and soothed maybe by the still ethereal night she saw herself her past and present As it Ali was. Back in an instant she aped in thought to the to intent a when kneeling to these people she begged for food Back to that first. Prayer she Ever heard in the tent and 1 a the offer of Rescue that followed. A and then her life Here with All it 1 Hopes and humiliation Rose before her. was All wrong toy coming Here a a a a he la so adj lop cing away a of the via Lage 1 Wiere lights a a i Iam wort nor. They mine id better in �Way.�?�. Then lifted a wee bit by this hew resolve she Roso and returned to the 3iouse. A. A. Tho tall clock5 in tile sitting room a was just chiming ten when she end stored and aunt Coli fort Ems Thore. Alone. It Quot Raymond was Here this evening she said kindly Quot and waited quite a Quot spell. Where have you been a a ooh no where Quot answered Chip pleasantly a a oily to it wrist lonesome and a went ,<w.allc.�?�,. A. It. Little did Good aunt Comfort realize a what a Volcano of Hope despair shame and tender love was concealed beneath that Calm answer or the new resolve budding in chips heart. No More did. Ray suspect it when he. A met her coming Home from school the next during those two wretched hours when she was alone on Tho worn Scho Ollious step poor Chip Mcguire the Law born pitiful Waif had become a woman and put away girlish in Kulaea. Quot i Coli Len t Como to see you that first a a evening who said at once Quot for Uncle and aunty kept to talking til bedtime,.-where were you last night Afroh i did no to much think you would iome Quot answered Chip calmly smiling at him in a far off Way. Quot i am. A nobody Here ask you will soon and out and i done to expect anything. X got lonesome last night and went off for a walk.&Quot/. A Ray looked at Quot. Her in wide eyed astonishment. And we i lie might for Only two Short Days since she had met him an eager simple girl and now she Spolito like a woman. No a word no hint of his neglect escaped her but a Cool India Deronco was apparent quo Quot Tell me about the Woods and old by a she said not waiting for him to. Soieau again a and How is the Hermit i want to know All about them.�?T�?T-. Quot of i left Mem All right Quot answered Ray sullenly for like a boy to wanted to to coaxed. And then urged a Little by Chip he told his Winters Peiperl. A Nee. A one episode interested her most of ally the strange trapper s doings his v theft of Thor gum a their ii Ursula of him and discovery of his hiding spot. = Quot i know who that was a she said when it was All described. Quot it was my father and if he had caught you spy ing upon him i guess head shot you both. He always used to go somewhere trapping every fall but nobody could Ever find return to the my Myrlea of the i wilderness wore away something of chips col Reserve and when the House was reached her Eye had grown tender. "1 shall be glad to see you often As a a As your folks will let Vou come a Sho said somewhat timidly when they parted arid scarce understanding this speech Ray left her. Quot Chip has changed a whole lot a he said to his aunt a Little later Quot and i wish she Hadnot she done to seem the same any / a a in a glad of it if she has Quot answered Angle smiling at him. A there was need enough of it a chapter Xix. Old cd had bullied Wiser than he realized a lib a he coaxed Ray to spend a Winter in the Woods. The Long tramps through the vast wilderness face keen Hunt for signs of Mink Flash Potter and Wildcat with constant guard at list. Danger the unremitting though restful labor of gum gathering the far sighted need for Winter preparation and last but not least old Cyl a cheerful philosophy had broadened the lad and developed both muscle and mind. His1 Success too had encouraged him. To was eager to try another Cea son there and planned for hiring men to gather gum and saw in this vocation possible the change in Chip . He had returned expecting to find her the same timid yet courageous Little girl ready to be his companion at ail times and to kiss him when he chose a a somewhat better educated girl of course using More refined language but otherwise the same con titling child As it were. She was All tills the Day of his return and then Presto like a sudden blast of cold air came a change. Too Loyal to her to question any one he could Only wonder Why this change. A he called again soon after that first a unsatisfying walk. Home with her to find her the same Cool collected Young lady. She was Nice to him in bade Good by after which they trooped away glad to escape. This ceremony now took place As usual. All a departed except Chip and she remained at her desk. Some intuition of pity or sympathy Drew miss Phinney to her at once and then at the first word from her Chip gave Way to tears not Light ones but sobs that Shook her. As a great grief. Vainly miss Phinney tried to cheer and console her stroking the bowed head until her own eyes grew misty. A i did no to mean to give Way a Chip said at last looking up and brushing away the tears a but you be been so Good and patient with me i help it x Hainet Many friends Here i guess and a choking Back another sob a i shall be More lonesome a 1 it was True enough As miss Phinney Well understood and somehow her heart went out to this unfortunate girl now As never before. Quot you think about that a she said at last in her most soothing voice Quot but come and see Moas often As you can every Day if you like foe i shall always be glad to have you. Id keep on studying if i were you Quot she added As Chip brightened a it will help you on and i will gladly hear you recite every a then hand in hand like two Sisters they left the dear old schoolhouse Little did miss Phinney Good soul that she was realize Hoty recently poor Chip had cried her heart almost out on its Well worn Sill or that never again would this strange War some woman grown Pupil enter that Temple at the parting of their ways the two embraced kissed and with tear dimmed eyes separated. Quot i can to account for it a ,1/ilss Phinney said to herself when Well. Away. It May be a love affair with. Young Stetson or it May be something a that evening she called of Angie. The result was fruitless so far As obtaining any Light upon this puzzling matter was concerned for Angle was either Blind to the situation or feigned ignorance. A a they were together All last summer of course a she said a in fact they were forced to he like two children you know. I was glad to have it so feeling it would Benefit the girl. If any love flame was started then it has had ample time to die out since.1 Quot there is something else the matter Quot i wish you were going Back with diced him to talk of the Woods once More find his own plans but it was not the Chip of old who listened but quite another person n Quot i am going Hack to the Lake with Uncle and aunt a he said at last Quot and i mean to coax them to take you along. You have been shut up in school so Long it will do you a please done to say. A word to them about it a she urged in Hurt tone a for it will do no Good. I go a not go to the Woods if you could a he exclaimed in astonishment Quot Why what do you mean a just what i say a Bho returned firmly and alien added wistfully a a in a Fly there if i had wings. Id give my life almost for one More Bummer like the last. But i shall not go again now and maybe a a it was unaccountable and quite beyond rays Ken this strange decision of hers and her a please done to say any More about it Quot closed the subject. Another and even Quot greater Shock came to Ray when late that evening on the porch he essayed to kiss heir. A no no please done to she said with almost a sob pushing him away. A a it a silly now and and you a v a weeif1 later school 1 closed and Chip s conduct was then also a Puzzle miss Phinney As usual it in these occasions when the hour came each Pupil Young and old filed past the teacher at her desk the boys to shake hands Tho girls to be kissed and All with Chip then Quot miss Plain Rte rejoined a she has be ii snoody and quite upset at times for the past few weeks and to Day a when school closed she sobbed like a broken hearted woman. It Yas quite pathetic and i had to cry a it that night Angle took counsel of her Well what if it is so Quot he responded to her suggestion that a love affair might have a tarted Between them. Quot it win t harm either. So far As in be observed the girl have been better behaved since she came Here. She has Neves missed an hour at school All Winter no Platter How cold it has been. Hec the fac or says Bhe has made wonderful Progress. She has attended Church with you every sunday and As for Ray Well if i were in id be in love with her myself.�?�. It was Clear enough that Angle s fears were not shared by Martin. A but think of her origin and parentage Quot answered Angie a and that outlaw father who might appear at any time the very idea of Hay marrying her is preposterous. It would wreck his . A put what about Chip Quot returned Martin who had broader views of life. Quot you brought he hero to Chrls Tianio and Educa to her do you propose to turn her adrift because she has a pretty face and the boy sees it Sho in t to blame for her origin. As for Ray if he shows that he is Able to support a wife and wants her i Honor him for it and ill give him a House to Start a at aunt comforts however no signs of in be troubles were a Lsible in fact no1 signs of any sort except the malicious Quot hanging around Quot interference of Hannah whenever Ray was . She seemed to feel it her duty to remain on guard at such times much to rays disgust. No annoyance at this was apparent in Chip. She helped at housework studied at Odd hours and when Ray came she met and talked with him As if he were a brother. The Day he was to leave Greenville was close at hand however and the evening1 before he came Early bringing his Banjo and by tacit consent perhaps to escape Hannah they both left the House at once. Just above the Village ther5 was a Long narrow Pond wooded upon one Side arid around its upper end with partially cleared land and scattered Trees along the opposite Bank. One of these Trees was a monster Beech near the Waters Edge the trunk of which was scarred by Many entwined initials. To this lovers trusting tree now a amp me Ray and Chip. The evening was not one for Romance for no Moon graced it Only stars were reflected from Trie Ponds motionless a surface while fireflies twinkled above it. The Shadow of the near parting also hovered Over these two As hand in hand they picked their Way up and along the Bank and once seated beneath the tree. It seemed to forbid speech. Quot i wish you a play some of the songs you used to a Chip said at last hurriedly Quot id like to think in a Back at the Lake to do so Ray Drew out his Banjo and began to tune it. He started a song also one of the a grave Yardy Quot ones which old by had inter dieted but choked at once and stopped abruptly. A i can to sing to night a he said to too Blue abot t going there were two in this Frame of mind evidently for Chip made no protest and Fob another Long interval they watched the fireflies and listened to the whippoorwill. A i wish you were going Back with Ray offid at last Quot it Breaks my heart to go away so soon and leave you. Why wont you let Moalc my Uncle to Talee you he might be glad to do it just for Quot no a answered Chip firmly Quot you . It we uld shame me so that i could t look them in the then As if this subject and their Oen feelings must be avoided she added hurriedly a Tell me what Yogi will do when the folks come backs whether when Winter a at his oldest and coldest and boldest then cometh Good st. Valentino to show that love is burning and sighing and yearning and breath upon Tho wintry Earth Halo tenderness do Vino. When Ulfo la at its bleakest and Meek est and weakest Thon cometh Good st. Valentino to show that Lovo is Rosy and Wistful eyed and cozy. And breathes on every apr old heart Hla tenderness do Vino. A Good . A you will come with them or stay at the a. A stay there i suppose a answered Ray somewhat doggedly lot Money making and love were Ini conflict. A old by says we can make a lot of Money if i will. I wish i were Rich he added with a he was not the first Young Man to whom that wish had come at such a moment but Converse Between them was at ebb tide just now and the parting moment Ever creeping nearer overshadowed All else., to Chip Mcnown Only to herself it meant forever. To stay another Long isolation from All the world and Young associates and. All for a few Hundred dollars sorely needed by Himyn to seeming of scant value cd in pared to the Sweet companionship of this maid. Then chips feelings and the reason for them were quite beyond him. He could not see Why she was unwilling to ask to be taken to the Woods again nor Why she held herself aloof from him. She had not done so at the Lake or when they met again and Why should she now something of this might have been inferred by Chip. For she suddenly arose. 1 Quot i think wed Best go Back a she said. A a it a time and Hannah will be watching for what Ray might have said had he been a world Lse Man does not matter what he did was to pick up his useless Banjo and clasping Chip s Arm led hei1 along the winding walk. / below the Falls and near the House they paused for now the last moment Alono together had come and with it the real parting. Quot Tell old by in i Haven t forgot him a whispered Chip her voice quivering a a arid and you wont forget me either will you Hay a that Little sob in her speech was All that was needed to break away the Barrier Between them for the next instant rays arms were about the girl. No words of love no protestations no promises. Only one instant a meeting of soul and impulse fierce As love of life sacred As the hand of consecrated it. The shadowing Maples blessed it. The. Stars hallowed it. 1 and yet. It was a Long Long parting. When Ray Rode away next morning he watched for her at the first Sharp Hilltop. A it was in vain for chips resolve had been taken and he never saw the forlorn figure crouching behind that Bush topped Wall or knew that two Wistful misty eyes had seen him de part. To be continue at the literary club. / a How did everything come off at the literary last night Quot a Well the barbecued beef was Tiptop tiny the Brunswick Stew could no to be. Beat while Tho Corn licked had Quot enough a beads on it to make a Pearl necklace look a a but was there no lit Ettry dibcu8sion?�?� Quot Lemma a a now a i believe the president did lilt the Tice president Side the head with a a copy of Bunyan a a Pilgrim s a a a Atlanta Constitution / o wonderful Day the fourteenth of february. It is so wonderful that it. Spreads its Charm Over the preceding week and the week that comes after. For Days and Days the Small person sneaks into the House with unnatural unhealthy and suspicious quiet holding queer shaped bulging packages under her coat or smuggled away in the innermost caverns of her absurd Little Muff. The paste pot appears everywhere in the House. The paste Brush disappears entirely and is finally found in a state of suicide and the inc bottle. You see something on the floor that looks like a Cherry. You pick it up and it is a red paper heart. While you Are looking at it the Small person trots into Oie room gives you one mysterious glance. Immediately separates you from your treasure and scampers away to a hiding place under the dih i Groom Tahop whore she sits for three straight hours in a Billowy Pool of White paper lace big White envelopes and numberless samples of scissors. Then after these. Charming hours of mysterious preparation the great Day. Approaches. The mail Man is. The Kris ice Ingle the Santa Claris a tie a a a a fairy. With by need shofllders.he.1 plods Down the Street while the Small person has her Hose glued to tightly to the window pane that there is considerable question whether or not it will detach itself without the Aid of a paper knife. A a at last Hooray the Bell rings. At imminent risk of catching everything from a cold to a spanking the Small person dashes out of the front door and fairly leaps into the Moll bag. A of. She emerges looking like a Young stationery establishment nothing but envelopes big Little and Middle sized. With a squeal and a Scurry she blows back1 into the a House and opens up her treasures. There Are paper Trees filled with Brilliant paper roses and beneath the Forest Trees sit Little cupids Quot without to Cion son. At All a just As if it were not february and Chilly. Great big Beautiful White Swan cars a More Beautiful even than a new automobile Are dragged out of their White can jugs and to who i Yori touch a Little Spring somewhere the Swan carb Are filled with Flowers and All sorts of wonderful exquisite Beautiful things like Birds and. Jewels. And Loving hearts. Of it is very very delightful being a child on st. Valon to new a Day. While All this excitement to beating the quiet Homp atmosphere into quivers you sit Down in a far away Corner and think of the time when a a a were a Little girl. Perhaps you did no to have As much attention As the Small person perhaps things did no to somehow come your Way arid perhaps its because you had so Little that you Are ready to make any sacrifice so that the Small person shall have much it is from deprivations that you learn what Good things Rilean and Toiv much they mean somehow your mind goes Way Back so far you would t dare Tell the Yearb you would t even guess Sherii. It seems so Long ago that it must have been another world or anyway another life. You see a Dingy old schoolroom where the benches were frightfully hard and where the clock was so Lazy it never moved its hands at All. The Days were very Long for a Little tiny child who should have been romping and playing out of doors. One Day there came strange whisperings about st Valentine. You wondered if by were the Man who came to trim the Trees in the Orchard. It vat All very new to you because everything,.was new and you had so much to get acquainted with in a big Btry nge world j a the other children talked knowingly about a st. Valentines Box. Next Day they filed in one after another Ani into a big wooden Box they dropped White school was about to to dismissed the Beautiful lady who took care the children opened up the mysterious affair and took out the envelopes a no by one calling the name of Tho let to boy or girl. You held your breath. When would yours come a exquisite moment of anticipation your heart Suphia tiny Little Billy lovable heart too fairly ceased to beat for every moment you expected that your Nairnie would be spoken. The other children were Busy showing their White lace Valentines and never noticed the Wistful Littie face in a far Back beat. It was All Over. The Box was empty. The t Beautiful lady closed her desk. The children ran for their hats and Coats 1 you placed two soiled fat Little hands to two very Tolsty Monty eyes and Felt your first great sorrow. You did did no to you Well it Yoti did no to i did. The heart of a child is so sensitive a Flower. A thought will crush it a tear will Bruise it. His one Day to get even husband sent burlesque Valentine Sand had hib wife guessing. T a a Sadr old r fellojy.�?T�?T, said Brown As he land is. And familiarly on of a Otter b shoulder a did no to i a by you in a the stationed a a a Day of two ago Ion oking at Valentines?�?T.�?T Quot you probably did As x was in there a was the answer a. R a buying for some sister or niec0? Olio a for my .wife.�?T. A a but you Are Over 60 years old and have been married a Quarter of a Ceu Quot i Gat a Hundred of the meanest Bur Lesque Valentines i can �?T1 j i 1a i Turr. You done to say that you Are still romantic Quot 1 a i say this that my wife can beat me at argument or scolding or doing As she pleases whether i like it or not. She a obstinate and pig headed and Touchy and the Only Way i can get even filth her is on Valentines Day. Then i get 100 of the meanest burlesque Valentines i can find and Send them to her and for the not thred months she a wondering who sent a Erfy and treats me fairly Well. Try it once. It is Quot it a Good Deal better than threatening her with the family love s lottery. One often wonders How st Valentine s Day Ever got a Start. It is said that in England and France the Young Folk were Given to playing a game i which the names, the girls and boys were written on. Tiny slips of pamper thrown into a general receptacle arid alien drawn out lottery a fashion care being taken of course person drugs Tho name of one of the other sex. The person thus drawn became one s Valentine and the allot ment decreed by Fate was supposed to impose upon the couple a sort of up Jav Alty for Tho coming year. All of which sounds very romantic and Beautiful but which in Plain fact must hafe mixed things up fear Fuller and i is a question whether or not Fate Tho right Maiden or Tho right Beau
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