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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 8 1908, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 8, 1908, Galveston, Texas Us w i i. I a i for a Quarter of a 1 Century the opera f Glass has worked 1 $ in the interest of f 1 the sea Wall City. I tory m i the sea Wall the i i Grade raising and x t the opera class % will make gales ton the South a 1 largest Best City a and port. I i f a z i established 1879galveston. Texas. Saturday feb. 8. 1 908 vol. Xxx. No. 29 for parlor maqician8. Good trick with which to Start you slight of hand travelling Penny is a Good trick to begin with. Drill two very Small holes i Obj together through the Center of a Penny past through them a piece of. Flesh coloured silk some three inches in length and fasten the ends neatly and securely pass the Loop thus formed a around the left thumb. Borrow a Penny which May be marked by the owner for from any one in the audience. Pretend to pass tills into the left hand but really Palm it in the right at the same time a howling the prepared Coin to the left. Close the left Palm toward the audience and at the same to me swing the prepared Coin with a Jerk of the thumb on to the Back of the hand. Then open the hand the Penny has vanished. The borrowed Coin hidden in the right hand can. Then be discovered in any place desired the pocket of its owner or the hair of some unsuspecting Young lady in t the audience. Quot haying commenced borrowing you May continue by asking the loan of a watch. Taking up a Square piece of paper from Yorior table you Roll it into the shape of a Cornucopia and ask one of the audience to put the watch inside. Request him to feel the paper to make sure the watch is within. Then tap the Cornucopia with the Wand and unfolding it in full View Stow that the watch has completely disappeared. The Sheet of paper used is really double forming a Flat bag. In the Jat nac cd carefully Stow a tame Rabbit and put on the tray. At the Bottom of the Cylinder Lay a Are of paper and shavings something very Light and having asked the assembled company to watch you make a Welsh Rarebit and expatriate upon your proficiency As a Cook putting Tho necessary ingredients for a Rarebit into the tray press the lid Down and place the Saucepan Over the lighted Are which at once goes out. You continue your remarks for a to. Ment presumably while the Rarebit la cooking and then lift the Saucepan from the Cylinder taking off. The lid which of course carries the tray with it. Out hops the live Rabbit twitch. Ing his Long ears and blinking at the spectators much to the amazement of the same. Trick with toothpick. A Quot v How the bags Are made. When the Cornucopia is formed its Mouth must be the Mouth of the bag a a single thickness of paper being on one Side a and two thicknesses. On the other that when the watch is apparently placed in the Coriou amp Opla it is really placed Between the two sheets of papa which Are securely gummed at the three other. Tildes except for a Small opening in one Corner. A a shows the open aide of the bag cd the smaller Mouth. The Plain Aldo is the one chiefly seen by the audience but if Well made in Dart coloured paper the Mouth Side can safely be shown. In the diagrams of course the openings in the double paper Are exaggerated to make the1 formation explicit. In the actual paper bag the edges do not perceptibly separate and the whole must appear Asa single Sheet. After showing the apparently empty paper in turning to throw it away let the watch slip out through cd and Palm it or slip it in a convenient pocket assuring the owner that it will rematch Waltze later on. If you Are at All Apt at Metal work a Moat effective finale for your Little entertainment can be arranged. Got a deep Saucepan and fit the top of it with a tray a half Noh perhaps in depth constructed that when the lid is pressed Down tiny wire clamps grip the tray and the two can be lifted a Oft together. You also want a Plain tin Cylinder just big enough to fit the Saucepan. How it can be made to drop Coin in bottle. Bend a wooden toothpick in the Middle which will of course almost break it through the two parts being held together by an Uncertain Section. Now place it at an acute Angle across the toothpick bottle and Coin. Mutli of an empty bottle with a Nickel on top. Ask the spectators How they would set about causing the Coin to fall into the bottle without either touching or breathing on the Bent Stacta or Nickel. They will beat about for a solution of the problem but Are hardly Likely to discover it without assistance. Yet though hard to discover it is by no Means difficult to do. Dip your Finger in a Glass of water an a holding it above the Angle of the Bent Wood allow a Tew drops to fall upon the broken part. Swollen by the moisture the fibres of the Wood will tend to straighten themselves and Little by Little you will see the angl6 of the stick growing larger and larger until no longer supporting the Coin the latter will fall into the magical experiments. A cutting Board. One which will serve for Mother and the children. This cutting Board can be made by any Bright boy Handy with tools from a strip of half Inch Pine 36 Inthea Long and 23 inches wide. Saw out a curved piece on one Side and piano the whole Board nicely. Outline with a Lead Pencil the checker squares. Cutting and game Board. Backgammon Points and Yard measure get a a Small Quantity i Black Walnut stain from. Any paint or drug store and with a Small Brush go Over the Board tracing the outline and making each alternate Square or Point in solid color As shown in the die. Gram. Speaking of divorce. V yeast owing to the unusual activity in Railroad building it is estimated in Ontario alone 4,000,000 ties will be Cut this if Dakota will be Able to beat that a Yonkers statesman. For the open grate. A make thl8, pretty Wood Basket to carry Large Sticks in. It a r a a a if you Are Handy with tools you pan make this pretty Wood Basket Tho materials required Are a Pine Box brass casters i Brabb tack Black paint twine and varnish. The Box must be ten inches High two feet Long and a _ foot wide. It should be planed thoroughly both inside and out and. The ends taken off before it is painted. The color May. Vary but just now Ebony seems most desirable. Put a Little Japan varnish in with Tho Black paint and cover it inside with two Coats and on the outside with one. A handle is made from a barrel hoop nailed across the Box and twine is wound close around it once the twine Triay be twisted arid put Over a second time at greater distances for a finish if liked. A stud the out ado with a design in brass nails. Poor Bobby linkup. Did t appreciate the thought of a Fine funeral. Old Bobby link us Hung in his Cage feeling decidedly 111, and Mother watched Donald and thought How Best she could Comfort him in Case Bobby link us should die. Finally she said. A Donald you know Bobby is very old and he May not live Long but he has had a plentiful Happy life and when he Dies we will put him in a pretty Box cover him with Flowers and Plant him under the Rose while Mother was speaking Donald a face lost the woe begone look and an expression of intense interest followed. He tool to san re a a a beside the Cage eyeing Bobby link a i. An anxious gaze. Finally he gave a deep sigh and turned a Way. Quot Well a he muttered Quot if you Aro going to be silly enough to keep on living when you might have that Lovo by funeral in a going to play Hora Law gild individuality is. Beauty. Former Worth More thai latter arring present Day actresses. 1 regular features Are no longer necessary attributes of the stage Beauty.1 irregularity of features in which character and individuality Are expressed count More to Day than the doll face prettiness raved Over several years ago. The actresses at the present time noted for their fascinating manners Are not beaut Les according to the old time standards intellectuality is Quot absolutely essential to the new Beauty. A _. Minnie Maddern Fluke perhaps More than any other woman in the stage has attracted attention by her great individuality. Her face has nothing of Mere profit tines about it yet she is one most fascinating women on the stage to Day. No actress has More of that indefinable Quality often called Charm than Maude Adams there Are Many actresses with far More Beautiful and regular features but judging from the Box office receipts she is the biggest Money maker of the present time. Leonora Duse cannot Lay. Any claim to a striking App Ewance but no one can deny her individuality. She is a great thinker As Well As student. George Bernard Shaw says of Ellen Terry a she is new arid irresistibly critics have spent much time in trying to Analyse this Charm of Ellen Terry. Yet this actress was described by Charles Reade As a clean and a. Mrs1. Pat Campbell is essentially a woman of brains but above All character has done much toward making her notable a a a stage Beauty. Be Jane the French comedienne is the actress whom Maude. Adams most admires. To be the american Rejane has Long been one of miss Adams cherished Hopeb. There in no More charming woman than Rejane yet she a not Beautiful according to the rules Laid Down by our forefathers. Her features Are too Long her Chin in particular being to pointed. Blanche Walsh has lost some of her earlier Beauty but her face shows mature thoughtfulness which has come from vast study and much Reading. A i Warfield stylish hat. An Experiment. A a a an interesting Experiment has been initiated at Bournemouth. A grand Hall has been built onto the theater Royal in which people can wait before the Quot theater doors open for the performance and to which the audience Are requested to retire Between the acts to permit of the theater being thoroughly ventilated. A Tea will be served in this Hall and the orchestra will play there during the inter amp is. A a a in be observed one thing about a Bald Uncle Allen Sparks. A if you be got any Money up on the result it always turn out differently from what you think it polka to.�?T1 actor claims Honor of haying been first to Wear Green headgear. David Warfield claims a a thou Honor of having led the. Styles in one. Partie ular at least. But he says it Wasny this fault. He entered a hat shop not Long ago and turned from one shape to another until ils Eye fell on one that pleased him. A what about this a a he asked. Quot of that Quot diplomatically hesitated the clerk who did riot wish s., customer but who had fears of con sequences a Why that do you think you would like that. Or. Warfield a Quot i do like it a said the actor. Quot Why not i like the shape. It is such a Hice Dull Shade too soft in a to lib clerk said no More and the tec Tor took the he looked it it the next Day. His Teeth met in a Way that boded no Good for the bashful clerk. The Hal was Green. However he determined to make no complaint he recalled the hesitation of the Man in the store,.and to in the daytime the Green list Hung in the closet at night or. Warfield did not hesitate to Wear it Toad from the scene of his labors. Hii friends All asked you get the hat Dave a. But Quot Dave never would Tell for he know the joke Wai on him. Each morning he would gaze Long Iri Gly at his favorite hat and then with a shake of his head would hang it Back on its i Haven to got Tho nerve a he would mutter. A the shapes All right but of the color a a. One Day last week a member of his family who was Reading a newspaper suddenly looked up and exclaimed a Why what do you suppose a Quot i done to know Quot answered Warfield a somebody dead or married i guess. I give a a. A the Kirin of England swearing a Green hat like yours.�?�, a no really a said the actor. A the King can do no wrong hand me that hat in a going to Wear it. Wonderful How great Heads fit in the same i ats what a gossip of the stage. Miss Elizabeth Schober has arranged to give th8 College theater patrons a taste of classic in the form of a she. Stoops to conquer a by Oliver Goldsmith in which William h. Crane Jindy a ills Jeffreys were seen Here last Winter. Quot Graustark Quot is underlined for production at the College theater following Quot she Stoops to a the merry widow continues to draw capacity to rises at the colonial theater at Chicago and there is every indication that the Lehar opera will re Maln in town until next summer. The famous Waltz is gaining in popu Larty around town and the end of the second month finds the world Beate a bigger drawing card than Ever. Many simple and effective Valentine hints Are Given us from Paris a few of which Are shown in the sketches they May be used As luncheon favors Cotillon favors or As Valentines As their usefulness As Well As dainties a is their Strong recommendation. Figure no. 1 is a heart shaped Sachet of silk covered with sheer Linen and a narrow ruffle of lace. A Butterfly is embroidered in the Center. A heart is first Cut out of absorbent Cotton seven inches by 7vi, the Sachet powder being Laid in Between the two layers of Cotton. Orris and Violet or Heliotrope and Violet make a Good combination. Then cover this with a pretty Shade of Pinlac or Blue China silk Cut out a trifle Large Tyfian the Cotton and Baste firmly around the Edge. After the Linen has been embroidered making sure the Butterfly is exactly in the Center press on the wrong bide and Cut out the same size As the silk heart. Baste Over silk on both sides that is Plain Linen on one Side and the embroidered piece on the other. Bifid neatly with a half Inch Satin ribbon the. Color of the silk. This is done by Hemming the ribbon first on one Side then on the other just far enough from the Edge to fasten the Linen. It must be slightly fulled Over the rounded portions of the heart. Then the half Inch Valenciennes lace is whipped on. Figure no. 2 enables the Linen cover to be taken Oft As the ribbon. Is run through eyelets made in the Linen for the purpose. A a Cotton heart is made As before Tjien a silk slip is made leaving the largest part open in which to put the Cotton. Sew the edges of the Siik together turn on the right Side put in the Cotton and overcast the edges left open. Care must be taken to keep the Cotton perfectly smooth Mark out on a piece of handkerchief Llorien two hearts with scalloped edges one a lightly larger Thau the other the smallest being about half an Inch larger than the silk heat buttonhole the edges of both with White mercerized Cotton and make the eyelets Large enough to allow baby ribbon the color of the Lac to a be run through. The eyelets on both pieces of Linen must correspond As the ribbon 1b run through both sides at once a just outside of the silk Pieart. Figure no. 3 is a heart shaped Satin covered Box with an embroidered Linen and. Lace frilled top and a gathered Cliffon ruffle edged with narrow ribbon for the sides. The inside 1b quilted Satin. Cut out two heart shaped piece of cardboard and a strip of cardboard four inches wide and Long enough to go around the Edge of Tho heart. Cover one Side of oho heart with Satin the desired color and do the same with the Long strip of cardboard. Then after quilting enough Satin to cover both hearts and Tho sides cover the other Side of the first heart. Thin is for the Bottom of the Box. Cover the other Side of the Lone strip arid sew neatly one Edge to the covered Quot heart leaving the quilted sides inside. Care must be taken not to break the cardboard when bending into the heart shape. The Chiffon ruffle is Novi sewed around the upper Edge. The cover is made by slightly padding the outside before covering Wotli the Satin the inside being the quilting. Then after pressing the Linen carefully which hag been already embroidered Baste to the Edge of the padded Side this is then bound with half Lrich Aatlo ribbon the narrow lace frill being put on last. The quilting is done by taking a single layer of Wool wadding and Basting to the Yurong Side of the Satin then either by machine or hand stitching across. If the Box is to be used for handkerchiefs a suggestion of lbs Sachet powder is the embroidery is very simple to e Bow knot in the Center being the Madeira Beltch which is simply a succession of overhand Btl Ches made in mercerized cot ton. / novel jacket formed of six handkerchief8 just now popular. This novel jacket is Ohe that has lately been very popular it is composed of six handkerchiefs which should not be less than 19 inches Square. These May be of White Cambric simply he stitched or May have embroidered Borders and Comers or coloured stripes in1�?Tfact, any kind of handkerchief May be used. The making up is quite simple As will be seen from the illustration one Falls Over each shoulder one forms each Side front and two the Back which Falls in a pretty triple Plait. The Corners at the neck turn Over in polenta pretty fashion for the trimming of a Mart indoor gowns the method of trimming nearly All indoor gowns with net embroidery in tache has Given Rise to a pretty fashion for trimming the new shirtwaist. Heavy White net is used in Cotton weave and on this is a Rug design As the new Eastern work is called done in White or coloureds tache. This is used As Yoke filid Stock As panels As wide cuffs. If for instance you Are making a Blouse of Cotton Batiste which is better than handkerchief Linen and want to keep it simple put it in pin Tucka from shoulders to Waist on each Side of a front panel four inches wide of net and lace. A cover this net with a design of Blue tache and on each Side of this strip put a Row of Cluny then one of Val. Insertion. Whip the edges of this panel to the Fine Tucka on each Side Fristen Down Back with White Linen buttons. Make Stock of the embroidered net with two kinds of lace insertion at each Edge. Have sleeves rather Small tucked at shoulder line and below Elbow and finished with a two Inch cult of embroidered net edged on each Side with ruffles of narrow a Jiny lace. White net with White tache la very Dainty and it is ubed in a deep a shaped Yoke Back and front quite narrow on shoulders remember that a and applied to the Dublin on each bide with Val. Lace. The sleeves Are Long with a pane of net Down to it ack and a wide turnover of the net edged with two ruffles at Val. Lace
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