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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 6 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 6, 1909, Galveston, Texas Established 1879galveston. Texas. Saturday february 6.1909. Vol. Xxx. No. 30. Ressy a air Serge costume. A 8mart coat. Visiting dress Vin cloth and velveteen. Navy by Lite Serge is used costume shown Here the skirt has Black Fine braiding Down each Side the front breadth finished with tassels the jacket is braided in wave pattern All round Edge and Down Center by a be the to Virg cuffs and Collar Are faced with White cloth and Are braided. Buttons of Black braid fasten and trim the double breasted front hat trimmed with feathers and silk Gimp to match dress materials required seven and one half Yards 48 inches wide 4%�?TYards lining silk for a \ a Ais Mart coat dark Green cloth makes a very smart a Bat when Cut a this Model it fits tie figure closely and it buttoned in a slanting direction from the bust to several inches below the Waist the three capes Are edged a with a narrow braiding design worked with silk braid the Large revers and cuffs Ore faced with silk which is also braided. Velvet hat trimmed with roses. Materials required for the coat five Yards 48 inches wide % Yard silk. Visiting dress a Hole coloured cloth is used for the tight fitting bodice and skirt of this dress the front breadth is of velveteen edges land Over and machine stitched Down Button and Cord loops being carried up each Side. The front of the bodice is arranged to match the skirt backs crossing Over a velveteen Center the Slee vet Are entirely of velveteen. Muff composed of bands of Sable divided by silk embroidery. Hat of Strete hed Blue Satin trimmed with mole coloured Chiffon and feathers. Materials required four Yards velveteen 4% Yards cloth ,2& , 7 Yards sateen. New belts made to fit. Dress accessory which May. Be relied upon to Quot stay a Quot if the heavily embroidered Linen belts or Well canvassed cloth ones persist in slipping up to disclose the Waist and skirt attachments there. Is a Way out and its All in the shape.1 was there Ever a problem in the realm of fashion that could not be solved by some we Many a Genius there Are women who have just exactly the Correct contour to be perfectly fitted about the Waist line by a straight band of material which Quot stays put Quot but is that h reason to suppose that every Belt must needs to straight it is quite enough of a. Tax on the general amiability to accept the lace Stock Quot made in one size Only for every neck the spirits be praised for collars in Quarter sizes a but while the ready to Wear beatings in embroidered balloons and the like sire necessarily straight air belts turned out by tailors and at Home need not conform to a pattern fitting half the Public. \. A very simple solution Job the Belt looking like every other Belt when round the Waist but Cut two inches and a half wide in the Center Back and sloped gradually to a Width of an Inch and a Quarter at each Side of the front. The extra Width in the Back lies Over the Hooks of the skirt band and the usual narrowness in the front slips More readily into most Belt buckles. Ideas for vanity cases. One of most popular actresses in world photo by Moffett studio we ago j. Miss Maude Adams in her. Newest part Quot a Yaggie Wylie a in barriers play a what every woman knows Quot now running in new Elliott s mystery. Are Nosir made a thing of Beauty Aswell As usefulness. Fan vanity cases,-12 inches wide six and a half inches Long Are composed of four folds of a shaped stiff Linen covered with figured silk or Plain Satin joined with Inch wide taffeta ribbon. The upper edges of the fan Are frilled with narrow Valenciennes lace and several Long loops of ribbon take the place of a handle. The inner Side of one fold shows a limited manicure outfit of steel and Mother of Pearl a a second fold is fitted with a powder puff bag a third with a Oval Bevelled Edge Mirror framed in shirred Satin and. A fourth with a toilet pin Cushion when closed the fan forms a Triangle with top Corners joined by ribbon second vanity Case is of circular shape and three inches in Dlo Moter. It is composed of two cardboard discs covered with delicately tinted Satin or flowered bilk and hinged with Matching ribbon. On the inner Side of one disc is a silk powder puff pocket having a shirred hem run through with elastic. On the opposite disc is set a Bevelled Glass Mirror framed in by erred silk. Admired turban. To hold the Muff. If you want to avoid losing your Muff in the car or leaving it at some shop As women Are Apt to do Lyvo it attached to. Your wrist by a tiny Gold or Silver Bracelet and Chain a Novelty which is made expressly for this Safe keeping of valuable fur accessories. A Gold or Silver a slide adjusts the protector to the wrist and the chains ate Long enough to allow of a comparatively free movement of the hand thus decorated. A sewing help. Anybody who has agonized at the be wine machine while the bilk scorning its spool has wrapped itself around the spindle and snapped at the crucial moment will be glad to know that there is a Little invention now on the Market to prevent the loosening silk from getting below the spool. Why Maxime Haa a new Bath tub in her dressing rooms. When Maxime Elliott tried the door to her suite of dressing rooms in her new new York playhouse the Max. Ine the other afternoon she found it locked. Her key disclosed the fact that the lock had been opened and since the door would not a Budge she concluded it must be locked from the inside. Her first thought was Quot that a burglar was ransacking Quot the rooms which contained Many personal articles of called manager Frank Hennessy a who knocked at the door and demanded that the occupant open the door and come out. But All was silence within. Quot strange a said miss Elliott a i wonder what it can be. A Quot Sonje one 1b in that room a said Hen Essy. Quot you Are hero an hour earlier than usual and the some one Bob. Been taken by Surprise we will get him or her out mighty quickly.�?�,. Hennessy called half a dozen husky stage hands. Their combined weight was thrown against the door the Bolt gave Way and into the Toom they crashed. And behold there was stagehand Fitzpatrick who had just emerged from miss Elliott a porcelain Bathtub a dying himself with miss Elliott a French towels and trying to get into his clothes. Miss Elliott screamed and fled. Manager Hennessy emitted some Quot Loose talk Quot and the crowd pounced upon Fitzpatrick and dragged him out on the stage manager Hennessy a first impulse was to Send for a police Man but miss Elliott would not permit it a. / Quot it would to dreadful a she said a if any of my friends should Ever hear of this. If you discharge that Man i shall feel flt was ejected from the theater. Then manager Heri Nessy went Back to soothe the wounded feelings of the Schubert Star and after he had apologized profusely for permitting such a thing to happen miss Elliott issued this ultimatum Quot i want that Bath tub taken out and an entirely now one put in. And what is More i want new plumbing under it a. A a a. A but we can scour this one thoroughly a pleaded or. Hennessy. That May. Be a said miss Elliott a but it would never seem the same. I could never get any Comfort out fax it knowing that that horrid Man had bathed in it Joseph Jefferson s gun. A unique turban which on account of its costliness has not become popular with the masses. The top of gathered velvet is attached to a Wing . The right Side near tie Back is a Large breast the Only needed decoration. Why they were late. Robert Ede Sori has added this one to his collection of Quot kids stories two youngsters shambles be intently a into the classroom Long after the school had opened for,., the morning Quot boys come to a my desk they meekly obeyed. A Tommy Why Are you late this morning Quot a i overslept myself May am a said Tommy. Quot i dreamed i was going to take a Railroad trip. How that weapon7 figured in prominent actors Start in life. It was an old Rusty Shotgun that gave Joseph Jefferson actor his real Start in life and brought out a trip Van Winkle a one of americans greatest modern dramas. Forty five years ago Jefferson owned the gun in the Little Pennsylvania town of Paradise Valley 90 Miles from Philadelphia. The gun is now the property of George a Halterman a Carpenter at Omaha a neb for the old Rusty firearm the players club a theatrical or a Gani Patlon of new York City has offered ?5 0, which Halterman declines with thanks. The Story of Jefferson and the gun is Best told by the Omaha Carpenter who was Well acquainted with the veritable Quot Ripe before he entered theatrical life Jefferson was known throughout Paradise Valley As a shiftless sort of fellow., and fond of fishing and Hunting. One Day he drifted into the Village Blacksmith shop conducted by Francis Jelier to Chat a with the Smithy. / a a if i could raise $40 i would go to new York and make some Money a remarked Jefferson the dreamer of they discussed rip Van Winkle which both were fond of Reading. Jefferson had been out in the Woods a acting it out a and thought make a Good play and it fitted his life thus far to a Tbone. A athe Man of Iron Muscles agreed to let the dreamer have ?40, and took the gun As part Security. Jefferson hustled away to new York and upon his return paid Back the $40 and requested Keller to. Keep the gun until he called for it a a time passed. Jefferson made a hit with the play and was soon floating in Prosperity. When he returned to visit the Little Valley again he gave the gun to Keller who in turn gave it to Hal Terman his son in Law remarking that if he Ever heeded a gun to thought he could Purchase one. \ citizen a Jot Monroe county Pennsyl Vania have subscribed Money for a suitable Monument to the memory of Jefferson and have engaged Macmon Nies the sculptor to chisel the likeness of the great actor in the character of rip Van Winkle. A number of Jefferson a curios Are being placed in the museum in Central Park and Hal Terman intends placing the Rusty gun therein. V Muldre ifs Mai i mire few with Ozment Uch has been said and More has been done and Many Are the hats that have been shown by the Way of fostering a desire on the part of mothers and among those who dress our offspring for smart clothes for Small children but Quot we have come suddenly upon a demand for the picturesque a a picture child will make its Way anywhere a we Are told. These Little frenchy chapeaux Are not playtime hats it is one form or cruelty is a it not a to Burden a child during play hours with personal elegance that impair its Freedom but perhaps equally unsuitable to tie under its Chin a Quot Sundown when it is garbed As a Flower girl of a wedding or decked in fur Belows for a dancing school Soiree. The Large White fur hat with its ruching of lace trimmed net around the brim and held near the Crown Cord with a Tassel at each Side is among the richest. One of the prettiest hats shown 1b a Turquoise Felt of the very soft variety faced underneath in a smaller Circle with velvet the Crown is draped with Satin Messaline bordered with ribbon velvet arranged in a soft Chou on one Side. All of these materials Are of the same Turquoise Blue. Muff made More elaborate. Goes charmingly with costume of some Brilliant color. A new Muff has. Thade its appearance in the fashionable shops this year that is bound to take with persons who can afford an extra Tex Penbe for. Such trappings. I it is made in the fashionable Rug style the skins sewed together Flat with tails paws an Heads at the ends and a pocket for the hands on the inside., Quot the Rug simply throws Over without being caught at the sides and the pocket for the hands is of fur like the outside. 1 the Rug is worn thrown Over this pocket or thrown under. It. Thib brings equal Wear on the upper and under sides of the skins As Well As varying the style of the Muff similar muffs that Are reversible have the pocket for the hands made of Satin or shirred Chiffon a new kind of Muff intended to be used it formal indoor functions has been put in the Market this is not made of fur but of White or pastel coloured Marabou and is not intended to give any warmth. It is merely to give an effective touch to the costume. In it As in most other muffs there is a wide pocket of Satin which holds the purse the card Afie and . It is not very Large this Muff and it is so soft and Fluffy that it goes charmingly with a. Long sweeping indoor frock of some Brilliant color. Glints from the footlights. Cohan amp Harris will have ten stars under their management next season. The american name Given to Paul potters adaptation of the French piece Quot Loute a a is Quot the girl from a Laura Nelson Hall who originated one of the chief roles in Quot girls a is to be in the support of Francis Starr in a the easiest mine. Blanche Marchesi the a laughter of the famous Paris teacher trimming for a the girl who is slim and who de blues to Wear a ruffle inside her Corset of something else to make her look a Little stouter there is an idea that is Well Worth trying. This is to buy Bome Dainty and thief material such As Nain Sook or Dimity or use any thin material that you May have Handy and make a ruffle for the top of the Corset making it full a two ends where it will be sewed to the front of the Corset and leaving the part that will be sewed to the Back of the Corset with barely any fullness at All. The ruffle can be edged with lace and be made Dainty with the lace and ribbon and it will be found much dainties than bows. The ruffle can be made so that it can be easily taken off when it needs laundering. It will always be fresh and Dainty and it will give the appearance of fullness to the front of the Waist. Dress for the evening. Designed to be made up in Oysten Pink Satin Cashmere. Oyster Pinlac Satin Cashmere would look charming ill this ele Garit style the bodice and skirt Are Cut in one Tho the lower part of the skirt is Cut up in a a a a a showing an under skirt of lace Silver trimming in key pattern is sewn along the lower Edge of Over skirt and also on the bodice the lat it trimming a Blouse. If you have Only a scrap of material left Over from a cloth skirt trim your Blouse with it. If the Blouse Isnit of , it will be of net or Chiffon dyed to match in color. To be quite Correct it wants a touch of the skirt material on it. The Mere scrap left from the skirt will do it. Cut it into As wide a band1 As the shoulders will stand and the material allow. Stitch it at edges Coyer it with an egyptian design in so tache and apply it to the Blouse. If you. Have still another piece left Over make another band As wide As you can so tache it and put the figure under. Arras. Where it passes under the upright band join with an embroidered Crow s foot or a Satin covered Button. Ter has a strip of insertion sewn above the trimming and a White tucked Chiffon Tucker the under sleeves Are also of Chiffon edged with insertion while Satin is used for the Over Al eyes it with trimmings to Edge them. Materials required seven Yard Satin 42 inches wide 6% Yards trim Ming two Yards insertion one Yard tucked Chiffon., Floral trimmings for millinery. A an enormous velvet Poinsettia in its exquisite a natural colouring a Rich Cardinal toned Down to a warm glowing Chianti tone the Long slender petals Are Only loosely joined and the imitation is perfect. One of these Flowers is quite sufficient for trimming a hat of even Large size but it May also to combined with Ostrich or other Fine plumage if desired. A Large chrysanthemum looks like a. Little Feather Ball in softest mauve tones it is composed of innumerable crinkly petals of soft velvet and May be used instead of the Marabou or Ostrich pompous so very much in Vogue at present on one of the Chic Large a toques a or combined to form a Garland or Wreath on a Large hat a a dire Toire or . M grooming is an Art. Beauty of grooming Correct Poipao and ability to make Tho most of ones Good Points count for More than a Beautiful face. Any woman with a passable face May be attractive and even be con soldered Beautiful if she will cultivate the Art of being Well groomed
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