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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Feb 5 1910, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - February 5, 1910, Galveston, Texas Vosi qt7ahtb& of a i Century the Opra ,as8 has work by m the inti Hust of i the 65a Wax City. The 8ba Wax a Sor grads ha�z3�no, Tab Ofira cx/a08, a wih make Oak Veston the South s a a Hgt St by St car and poet. I a established 1879.galveston, Texas sat Prda 5,1910. Vol. Xxxi. No. 40. Separate blouses / 0k the separate Blouse. When 1 matches the suit or skirt in a color. Is a smart and practical addition to the wardrobe and May be worn on endless occasions. This season it is in High favor especially if. Made of a net or Chiffon Over Matching silk. A a two sell Dressy blouses Are care lace curtains Imus the handled gently during washing process or they will Sooja Wear out. I lace curtains will not hear rubbing. A All the work must be done carefully land gently. For two pairs of curtains half fill a a Large tub with warm water and add to it half a Pound of soap which had a a been shaved flite and dissolved in two a quarts of boiling water add also a Gill of household ammonia. A i. Jot the Cut to airs Oak in this i Over night. In the morning sop the Well a la the water and squeeze it All out but do not wring the curtains. Put them into another tub of water prepared with soap and ammonia As / on the night before sop1 them gently in the water and then after squeezing out the water put. Them in a tub of Dean warm water. V continue to rinse them in fresh tubs of water until there la no Trace of a soap next rinse Thom in water con a talk Long bluing. After pressing out All the water a possible spread the curtains Over sheets on the grass or if you have no a grass put them on the clothes line. When they Are dry dip them in hot thick starch Andi fasten Thom in tho Frame that comes for this purpose., if you have no Frame fasten a Sheet on a mattress and spread the curtains on this pinning them in such a manner that they will be perfectly smooth and have All tho patterns Border brought out place in the Sun to dry. A if it is desired to have the curtains a Light Ecru Shade rinse them in weak a Coffee and if you want a dark Shade use Strong Coffee. Sketched the first of Olive Green tucked net with a frill and Glumpe of Cream lace Gold Cord and Gold embroidery tho other Blouse is old Blue tucked Chiffon braided in Matching so tache and Silver and trimmed with velvet ribbon of much Darker Shade. Jewels for every Crown some prec Loub stones Are being used with the Best of effect just a. Now for those who cannot afford handsome jewelry in precious stones and for those Siso who want a change from tho conventional there Are Lovely effects to to worked out in such Semi precious stones As Lapis Lazuli Light emeralds or amethysts. Costumes matched in such accessory Aro smartly finished. Fps instance one Young woman is wearing on the Little linger of her right hand a huge Silver ring of greek design embedded with a very dark cab Chi a Lapis Lazuli. It is used with a Navy Blue Serge Russia Blouse the Black Satin Belt held at the front by two antique Silver buckles. Another instance of original and Beautiful jewelry is carried out in the Pale emeralds which Are Lovely in opaque Light Green. The owner wears them As rings five stones in a Row set Low in roman Gold and there is a bar pin to match with the stones but round and set in full roller. With a Black gown embroidered at Yoke in Green and Gold these trinkets Are stunning. Affix Ethys a Are Lovely with suits or gowns that Shade into that color. The Golden Topaz a has coma in o great . For the evening. The Flat Muff. A the Flat Muff soft and flexible with ends fully opened is a favored Model but in order to keep the hands warm on a really cold Day it has been necessary to add an extra one can. Easily manufacture this article at a Home to that if the Muff lacks this addition the owner May like to Brit in it up to Date if she 1b told How to Mako the pocket. Cut two. Pieces of silk or Satin the length Muff and of such Width that when sewed around in Muff shape the a a Muff is. Just Large enough to receive the hands. This is slipped into ends at the top. Below the Quot bed the Muff lies Flat. It is really a Muff within a Muff. A on Lapel enough. <7. The single Lapel is sufficient unto the Day and night for a now Long coat. It is faced with Beautiful embroidery and weighted Down by Means of a Long Tassel at the Point. It. Is extremely. Largo and Falls from the Chinto thou Waist in a Ripple. At the wearers wish the Lapel May be taken and thrown Over one shoulder so that the Tasse led part. Will. Hang at the Back. In front the Throat and Chest will be coolly covered. It is a charming Quot idea when making a walking or motor coat. A a hats oddly trimmed. A new and More or less eccentric note in millinery is to place the trim to Ming of a hat at the Back., Bunches of Quot Aigret Tes a Ock Ades stiff quills that no self respecting Bird would own and a great panache of feathers Rise upstanding at the Back of. The hut. The simplicity1 and Charm of this dress mafias it most1 suitable for a Young girl our Model was made up in Cream Bloom silk and has the bodice and Over a Kurt both arranged so that they Cross Over from right to left the skirt part is edged by a pretty Rose patterned insertion while the bodice has a lace Bertha taken round the top and partly Down one bide a the Little Over sleeves. Are it trimmed to match and fall Over Chiffon puffs the Tucker is also Chiffon and the under skirt la closely plaited. Materials required 8 Yards silk 42 inches wide 5% yards1 insertion 1 i Yard Chiffon. For hostess timely suggestions for those planning seasonable a a entertainments wonder Ball party. This was a Rainbow and wonder Ball party combined and it was a Post delightful affair. There were seven guests air people who knew How to knit and in this age. With the revival of Many . Lost arts knitting a among them Many Young maids and matrons know How to Wield the Needles in an expert manner. The hostess produced balls one of each Rainbow colors the guests taking one from the pretty Basket passed by the Little daughter House. The object to be started was optional a a pair of mittens for a Small child a Scarf a wee sweater a pair of knee pads All these were commenced. As the knitting progressed Little favors were unwound. The first one was awarded a Lovely Box of homemade Candy the one who found her treasures the last had a Home made cake beautifully iced. This party was Given for friends who did not play cards and Cost no More than the average card party. The refreshment table was especially pretty at each cover there was a tripod made of steel knitting Needles from which was suspended a wee brass Kettle doll�?T1 size filled with salted almonds a chafing dish was used for creamed Chicken and Mush rooms and there was Coffee and Choco serv cd in tall glasses with Small cakes a whilst the size to to embraced. And two Ripe lips Rose red to taste and if the lips Are soft and Sweet you la find your happiness completo. Toast to a this is a charming sentiment to Send to a Bride on her wedding Daft or May Quot be Given As a Toast if the right Opportunity offers. There have been numerous requests for a verse of this kind and after careful searching. I think is the Best of All the ones i have looked Over lately to a Bhide. A a All earthly Good x wish thee \ n All stood for thee and thine and still not Only earthly but All that is May Earth and heaven Mit Igle. May Earth and heaven be one a throw High your earthly journey till sets your earthly Sun. The1 heart that you have Given. The heart that a Given to you Quot May both be linked together it May both be Good and True. Ai a in Sunshine and in. Shadow in sighing and in song May heaven bless your Union throughout your whole life Lonoff. a Musicale luncheon. As musical luncheons an teas seem to be the Correct thing just now,1 the following quotations Are appropriate for menu cards or programs there a music in Oil things if men ears. Hero we will sit and let the sounds of music break on our. pass our joyous hours away. With Flowers and music books and friends. I am never merry when i hear Sweet music. 3ome to the Church repair a a not for the doctrine but tho music a 1 Muthio exalted each Joy allays each grief. And softly the delicate veil was heard like the murmur of love or tho notes of a Bird. A music is nothing else but. Wild sounds civilized into tune and time. A recipe for. i following came to the department and As this is the season when rules and suggestions for happiness Are in order we print it the recipe May be accompanied by water color or pen and Ink sketches. Here is the a recipe take a Hall dimly it a pair of stairs when two May sit. Of music Boft or so two Paira of just pairs you kn6w of Little love pats one or two or one squeezed hand will do. An anecdote party. With a dinner invitation went the request that each guest Coupe prepared to Tell a Good Story or an anecdote. In this Way the hostess insured herself against that dreadful Calm which All hostesses so dread. I heard a Clever woman say once that she Felt that each guest owed it to he Miseli or herself As the Case might be to make it a Bounden duty to be it As Bril Light As possible at any social function. Story telling May be cultivated As with everything else practice makes perfect. Keep a Book with Bright sayings in it and Quot consult it while dress ing. A it Quot a a a. V Madame Merri. Old style returns russian Blouse once More very much in favor. A smart garment has been missed and it revival will. Be Welcome a adds smart effect to dash log Street suit the new year brought Back an old time favorite to the world of dress and in its present shape no style set on the shelf for several seasons could prove itself1 More worthy of renewed interest. A. A. A the garment in the russian Blouse which some years ago had such a tremendous Vogue and which is now seen in lengths which vary from the hip Point to some ten or laches above the skirt hem. But whether Long or Short the Blouse is invariably the a a top Gar the Large. Polung brim hats Gainsborough Type hold first plaice for afternoon and evening Wear. Small boys Are wearing tam of Shanter hats in cloth Bearskin and Corduroy the ear Flap silk lined. A Pine Gold wire is entwined through curls while immense cabochons of Dull colouring appear in the hair. Mandarin is the name Given to a Yellowish tan while Corinth is an extremely faded Shade of old Rose. Two Rich materials tapestry and fur Are to be found on some Lovely Little turbans and the effect is Beauty now scarfs this year Are wide perfectly Flat and very Long Many reaching to below the Knees in front. While the Short coat has Little Vogue for the Winter predicted that it will be the Leader in the Spring styles. Boggan frooks. Quot with this tho Stripe material would take the Placo of tho fur at the Side fastening of tho Blouse and on tho sleeve. A Matching Muff and Tippet Are almost a necessity with this Redin Goto style or at least a Muff for these trappings will be important details of dress right up to a fur cannot be afforded the cloth Serge Corduroy or velveteen gown May be used for the Mutt with bands of some inexpensive skin about the open Ings. But if you Mako your hand warmer at Home be euro you follow the models huge muffs for a ruin Kyd ones Are passe. Also Leo that your hat ,1s not a flyaway affair but such a trim close shape of tho Model wears. 1. A embroidery / h e3rr is a pretty design in Emrold Ery for Orna menting the Corner of a handkerchief Satin stitch with Beau a dots for filling some leaves i worked vat la Fine Cotton a a la or Olej the a panels Are two Ilnez of Salto stitch and in this initials Are to be Wori to to Transfer design to handkerchief make a Clear tracing of it rub a soft Jack Lead Pencil Over the Back place tracing Black Side Down on handkerchief then go Over the design with a hard Pencil a Clear outline will be left on handkerchief. The design is not hard to completo. Kimonos As evening wraps Beautiful garments. Deserve the pop. Us arty that has been a. Corded them. The gorgeous a hand embroidered japanese a Kimonos with their quilted linings wide pocket like sleeves and Silken Tasse led cords Are being worn As evening wraps by a number of girls fortunate enough. To possess them. The real japanese Kimono is a work of Art in that wonderful silk crepe in exquisite colors embroidered with Gold and Silver thread with japanese Iris Cherry blossoms Long legged cranes and flocks of smaller Birds it is admirable for wearing Oyer evening frocks and. The quilted soft lining makes it Dolleh fully these Kimonos there Are Long scarfs of Japa Tiese so Lac embroidered and finished at the ends with Long knotted silk Fringo. They Are worn about the coiffure or carried Over tho arms and shoulder at the opera or at a dance. A. Cotton fringe. In Plush looking Cotton fringes Are among the decorative materials sought for. They Appeal to those who make a business of refurbishing and restoring interiors and to tho Amateur whose object it is to furnish her bedroom or to renew its hangings. These fringes Are mounted on Cotton Gimp and vary in color from White to deep Ecru and even to Blue and White in interesting patterns. It they measure from one to five inches and. Are used to Edge almost any bedroom upholstery including the Long tied Back window curtain of English design. They form an excellent finish to the Bedspread for the old time High ii Oster and the modern brass bed to the cover for the Small and to the Couch Cushion As Well As the various footstools and upholstered . And forms a part of a dashing Street suit or smarter dress of some sort made in wide Wales Serge with fur or braid bands with handsome Belt buckles a Short plaited skirt a big fur set and a russian turban the russian Blouse a suit is bewitching for a smart promenade or a spin on the ice. Newet velveteen or Corduroy Are frequent materials for wearers of Chilly Constitution and the dressmaker who suggests the appropriateness of Fiir bands for these effective textures is Good enough to show you How easily they May be removed for Milder Wea a her when Blas bands of Satin or taffeta could be substituted. With a a Aii dome suit of this sort Rich Frog fasteners will be used and sometimes the buttons Are very splendid jewelled affairs with the gems sharply contrasting with the gown color. The belting likewise gives Opportunity for Superb buckles Back and front and if these adjectives seem to suit Only fat pocket books let to. Tell you at once that they concern Only effect. Quot a a your illustration shows a russian Blouse dress of Brown velveteen with bands of Skunk fur. The bodice coat is simply fitted with underarm and shoulder seams and the tall is practically a very Shoft and scant skirt the skirt itself is in a Box and Side plaited Model in the narrow walking length needed for of course the russian Blouse never tops a trained or trimmed skirt. A any wide Walo Serges with Hercules braids in two widths would do for this stylish suit if it is intended it for practical Quot Wear while for smarter use velvet or cloth would be Superb As Well As a Rich Grade of. Corduroy. For skating velveteen would be appropriate also a Blanket flannel such As is sometimes used in Canada for to a Seal Sombrero among the. Newest models of millinery is Largi Sombrero of Seal Musquash. It has a dash of tho Western Plains the modish turn of a know ing designer. Quot around the Crown passes a band of Embro Dory reminiscent of venetian design and colors and the rest re Mains with the proper tilt Waldo brim. A a White lace Waist. This new Model is of White lace in crusted with Plain tulle bordered with Chargu Eltes of embroidery. Tho Yoke is of tucked Tihe bordered with pearls the Glumpe is of lace. The upper part of. The sleeves is lace the part tucked tulle
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