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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1907, Page 5

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - December 21, 1907, Galveston, Texas Established 1879galveston. Texas. Saturday dec. 21. 1907. Vol. Xxx. No. 22 work for the afternoon at Home. Lace leaves and Spray a pretty decoration for Tabic or chair a easy to make by following directions. First Leaf fifteen Chain stitches turn and work a it half t a it i a in to eighth from Book. Uni Chain one treble in next. On Chain one double treble in not it on Chain one double treble in next. One Chain one treble in next one Chain one half t re 1� 1� in next one Chain. And catch to the end stitch with single Crochet second Leaf Kight in Chain a half treble in eighth from Hook one Chain one treble in next one Chain one double treble in each of the next. Five working the third double treble a Little longer than the others one Chain one treble in next one Chain one half treble in next one Chain one single Crochet i i end stitch. Third Leaf Twenty Chain a half Treb a a in eighth from Nook pass one one treble in n Ltd \ i pass on one Dou a Reble in next pass one one double treble Iii Neyt. Pass one one treble in next Pas one. One half treble n net pass one. One single in end Miteb. Fix the leaves in Posl i Ion see Ili uht ration Ali h a stitch in Center. Stem eighteen Chain turn and i wok a treble in each Milch Back to Here s useful toilet tidy. Place for Small articles that should be ready to hand. Our sketch shows a rather novel form of toilet tidy fitted with five books at the Back for keys Button Hooks scissors Etc. H is simple in construction and can be made of Plain or figured silk Linen or sateen. It will look very pretty in Pale Blue Art Linen edged with a Cord of a Darker Shade of the same color. A piece of Stout cardboard Cut out in the shield shape shown in the sketch should to used for a foundation and this should be x50v.er.cd evenly with Hnsen and Large dress Hooks sewn on in the positions indicated. The front of the pocket is embroidered with a pretty Little Floral design and there is a Loop of Cord at the top by which the leaves work a half treble into each Chain round the leaves with a Pilot at every third stitch. This com j plates one Spray the others Are i worked in the same Way. And the in j lust ration will show where the leaves Are connected for the heading a work Chain 1 stitches from Point to Point joining i with longer or Shorter stitches As required to make the work level and finish with a Row of trebles. It May be Hung upon the Wall or suspended at the Side of a looking Glass. A Kev rack of some kind in a bedroom is always a useful article for a it May find a place the keys d�<2jl0se- doors Etc., that for safety a bake should be locked up each night before going to bed. J blouses for growing Giris. A Wise Mother will never lose sight of the fact that the Best designs for growing girls of the so called awkward age Are those which Are the simplest those which allow the freest possible movement Are advisable. One litre dress which would be pretty made of any Woolen goods which is plaid checked or striped is made with the skirt in one piece straight. It May either be gathered or plaited As preferred. The Waist is a Blouse Waist which is made without tucks or trimming of any kind except for a Little pocket of the material which May be stitched to the left of the Waist. The sleeves Are medium full and Are full length. The Bottom of the Waist is hemmed and has a draw string in it to tie around the Waist. A Little Collar of Linen made in the Buster Brown style freshens and brightens the dress though this May be made of White Serge flannel or Cashmere and be attached to the Waist. A Little Bow tie is worn with it. B i i f i a a a i but it i a a i i j a i j i he boy s lantern glowed like a will of the Wisp As he came Down the dark Mountain path to the Little Church. Soon other lanterns joined his and the thought of the sheep brought uneasiness. Up there on the Mountain his flock Lay waiting for him to come and open to them the shelter 1 of their shed but the temptation to 1 go a pleasuring had been great and Vogue of filet. Rilet is destined to be the favorite where laces Are concerned and will appear on every garment in. Sonje Fot or or rotifer during the coining Winter. For evening dress the Long tunic of filet net Cut into Sharp Points Back and front and weighted with tassels is one of the most fashionable accessories. Draping for blouses. Many handsome blouses of soft silk Are draped with rare old ficus. A a tunning one of gorgeous length Over a Nlle Green Liberty Satin Blouse arranged so that it Falls Down Over the shoulders and tops of the sleeves 1� held at the Waist line by the Girdle under Ivsich it Pastew the a ends reach nearly to the hem of the skirt. Ono of the recent fancies is to Dye the lace Scarf to match the Blouse with which it is to be worn. These Are also frequently seen worn Over Fine White lace or lingerie blouses. It is these Little accessories that make the House blouses a attractive. Fotr an informal afternoon Tea there is nothing that quite equals a pretty Little separate Blouse. As much elaboration As one desires May be lavished on the fancy Blouse this is Why the average woman is Louth to see it pass out of sex Ujj ence. The Bottom of the skirt. This seam is slightly hollowed and gives part of the features of a new parisian skirt in draped effect Only the sides of the front panel Are straight and not gathered. The skirts Are wide and full though close fitting Over the hips. Making skirts. The walking skirt of this Date is a Roomy one though noticeably Short and Many Are made of heavy coating unlined and trimmed with bands of lighter material. The stitched hem 4b again in favor and the walking skirt will be seen with As Many As 11 it etched rows around neat Button bag. Take a round piece of figured silk or Siik Oline 18 inches in diameter Cut Plain sateen the same size for lining then sew nearly around on the wrong Side fastening in at intervals a dozen brass rings about three fourths of an Inch in diameter turn right Side out finish sewing spread on table draw ribbon through the rings and draw up. The bag now is ready to hold the Loose buttons Cut from worn out garments s Well As those on cards and by spreading the bag out Flat on the table the desired buttons can be found easily and quickly. Choosing a hat. When it comes to the. Choice of a hat do not get a Small Toque if the features Are Large particularly the nose. The tendency with too Small a hat will be to exaggerate the size of this feature. Be equally careful should the features be Small not to choose too heavy looking a hat and Thea no matter How tall you Are. Now and then the flickering lights j the smile of the Pink cheeked girl the played on the Bright dress of a girl or the eager face of a child but for the most part the shadowy figures gave no hint of race or degree until at last the Little crowd gathered Inlo a poorly lighted Robin ? flare of an Oil lamp showed a Motley gathering of country people. As the boy slouched toward a seat a girl stopped him. She wore a pint knitted Hood and her Cheeks rivalled the color of her head covering. A merry Chris she said and gave him a coquettish glance from her Bright eyes As he returned her greeting. The boy walked by her Side a Little awkwardly but unafraid. He was 19, and he lived on the Hills. It was the time for love and the girl was has. Chosen mate a fur the Fet Tiv a a tip a they Quot Woulff go up the dark path together and to would kiss her at the door of her father s Cabin and that would be their betrothal. They Aat together on the front Bench and read from the same hymn Book. The boy Sang softly. He would not let out Hla voice in the Little room it was Only on the Mountain top that the deep tones rang like a Beli As he chanted a wild song to his sheep. Music the lights the companionship had lured him from the lonely watch under the stars. Then the girl whispered to him and he forgot care until a Little a later an outer door opened and a Man stepped in his shoulders White with glistening flakes. Quot its snowing said the boat the girl nodded but kept her eyes on the stage where four Small girls recited a Christmas poem in unison. Again the boys thoughts flew to the Mountain where the Snow was blowing and Curling and Drifting against a closed door and where the patient flock nose to nose and body to body for warmth pleated for the Shepherd who did not come. At last he moved restlessly. Quot in be got to Ger life Siirid. A a a no you Hainet a her voice pleaded. Quot its a fearful storm a a he whispered. A a hear the wind an the sheep Are a they Hainet a going to Hurt a she Back a an you got to go Home with a Wyo air Papas Here a he said. A if you Don t stay Quot and now she threatened query loudly a if you Don t stay. Ill go Home with the boy looked at her at her Ros Iio to find my sheep Quot he said and 1�� it her lie found them in a Dost Gray Bunch against the shed. The wind howled around Ihetu and the Snow piled Over them and those that were nearest the it Joor stumbled in Stilly when 1 he boy unlocked it. Inside was a rude fireplace and Wood was piled beside it. The boy built a great fire and the flock retreating before the Blaze Lay Down on the trodden Straw with soft sounds of Content. Then the boy brought in two weak Mem dose to Tlle flames and wait died them anxiously until they revived mud staggered Back to their Fellows. For a Jong time after that the boy sat in front of the lire and thought of the girl. She would go Home with his rival and they would part at the door the boy s face flushed and his hand clenched As he thought of the parting. A would she he Rose and went to the door and Flung it open. Outside the stars were blotted out. The wind raged and the whirled. He Felt As if Between him and the girl there was the Barrier of an unknown world. He had done ins duty and she had not understood. He went in and Laid Down in front of the fire with his great coat drawn Over him. A let her go. Let her Sang the roaring flame Quot let her go let her go Quot raged the the wind outside. Then came he soft Consolation from within Quot you cared for the sheep you cared for the and so he fell asleep and was comforted hut his Cheeks were wet. In the morning he broke a path Down the Mountain. The Sun shone and the sky was a flue and the world sparkled after the storm. When he reached a certain Clearing he stopped and looked Over the glistening expanse toward the girl s House. Suddenly his Eye was caught by a Flash of Pink. Through that White White world the girl was coming to meet him As she came up. He put out both hands and took her smaller ones in his. A i had to he said. The girl Felt a new dignity in his manner. She blushed and trembled then her lips quivered. A i went Home with Pap a she sobbed her Cheek against his coat. A a in a glad you did t go Home with Jed a he said simply a a and that you knew just How i was a feeling she did not know would never know what that night had meant to him for it is not Given to such women to touch the d6faths of a Many a soul experience but she knew love and so he missed nothing As in the stillness of the perfect Christmas morning she raised her Radiant file to his. Rome made can Dikis Honey Candy. It gone pm i White s 11 a i. W 11 i e enough 1 a it it i i i d \ e it. And Tom i until in become Inu dropped into �<<1 Wilt Lori a i 111 Peanut Brittle. Hue c m j i a i j 1 Mil in i Ini \ m o 11111 s i y o \ e i hoi is dissolved add on it Mills Dia k iut b i i so i \ of to bin n pea n it l s chocolate caramels. One half Pound of chocolate one half cup t u i a d Mill it 1 to cupfuls of Milt Brown a Uga. One cupful of Nolasses. Ami a piece of Butler As bit As a Small App. Ink tor -0 minutes is ii i him constantly i oui into a pan and Cut into Sipia res. College girls fudge. Four ounces of chocolate Lump of butter size of an egg. Two heaping cupfuls of granulated sugar f free quart ers of a cupful of Sweet milk mix and boil ten minutes take from fire and stir until i1 begins to Harden. Add Vanilla Ami chopped nuts. Turn into but t ered tins and Cool Everton Taffy. Dissolve a Pound of granulated sugar in a Tea cupful of water add one Quarter Pound of but Ter that has been beaten to a smooth Cream flavor with Lemon Cook until it a cracks Quot from the spoon turn out on greased pans or slab and Mark into squares with a greased knife. Cream Pound of Wilto sugar one half Tea cupful of water 1 put on the Range and boil until it threads flavor Well with Vanilla remove from the fire and stir unlit White and creamy. When Cool enough to handle Roll into Halls press Walnut halves into the sides and drop into granulated sugar shaking violently for a second of t to. Fruit nougat. Remove the Brown skin from a pint of roasted peanuts and one Quarter of a Pound of almonds by dropping for a moment into boiling water. A hop one half a pint Ach of legs Citron raisins seeded or seedless und candied Orange Peel moisten two pounds of sugar with a Little vinegar add u heaping tablespoonful of butter and Cook until almost hard but not Brit tie beat Well adding the Trnini and nuts pour on a wet. Cloth and Roll up like a pudding slicing off Candy la pieces after it is cold. Popcorn balls. Pop Corn and Only take tin kernels which Are All popped out make a syrup of the following one cupful granulated sugar two cupfuls molasses butter the size of a Walnut tablespoonful vinegar boil without stirring until it spins a thread and then pour Over the Corn forming into balls before if cools Lay on buttered dish. Cream nut bring slowly to boiling Point two cupfuls of granulated sugar and two thirds of a cupful of milk. Boil hard until a soft Ball can be formed by dropping a Little in cold water then add one a Tablespoon fun of butter. Remove from the fire and add Vanilla to suit the taste and one cd Pool of chopped nut meats stirring until smooth then pour into a buttered pan to the depth of half an Inch and Block into qua res. Contrasts. A my husband s attention to my when i am away is unremitting. I get a letter every Day. You Don t hear so often mrs. Jones a a no. My husband s attention is not of the mire mitting kind. He always in close it a Christ s birthday. Its Date first set As december 25 by hippolytus. In 225 hippolytus a theologian an-nountd�?Ttli5t As a result on careful research he had determined that a Jesus was born on a wednesday on the Twenty fifth of he is regarded As the original authority for celebrating Christmas Oij that Date. A later theologian declared a Rob 28 As the Date of Christ a birth. The belief founded on jewish traditions that the world was created at the period of the Vernal Equinox or about March 25, was taken by both writers As a starting Point upon which to base their calculations. They held that tills would naturally be the period of the creation of the new order of things springing from the incarnation. Just when the Celebration of Christmas As a religious festival began is not known or at least has not been definitely established. The Isid Oxian decre tals assert that the festival was established by Teles photos during the second Century but this authority has Long been discredited. Other authorities More highly regarded state that the festival of the nativity was instituted at Antioch in 3.7.3. Some of the christians of the Early Ages held their Christmas Celebration in april others in May and still others in june. It was not thought i Kely that the shepherds would have Ren watching their flocks by night in december even in India which is Apt to experience cold and Rainy weather at that season. Still it is the spirit of the a time and not the Day itself that is observed with such rejoicing and the Christmas Celebration serves As a pleasant break in the Monotony of Winter hippolytus selected the actual birth of Christ As the beginning of a new Era while other theologians have placed the beginning at the time of the annunciation by he Angels

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