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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1907, Page 3

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Phone 533 fruit cake per la. =30c 1 la h m Ilac Anil lion i ii is male i la in a. A i h 1 111 1111x i ii 111 5w Solidi Solil us Noi every ii pc Ripe Ion from. Centimes Diamond r Nofs Isom. Coli Kilimi Bra Elul. From. To ? i it i join uni Colatc from. To lid Lii hoi Hihi Ivor and it. killed , Kuliev menus an i s a Froni comi us brushes Ami mfr Rorn Protu Ster 11 in a is i ver and wout manicure Seih Ironi old i ill menus Ltd a a Iii. Old filled ladles chums. $7.50 15c 501�.00 5.50 7.50 1.ti5 50.00 7.50 50.00 s5e 25.00 g5c 12.00 15 5.00 s5c 5.00 1.75 0\\ a it a is All ask is a \ Isit store Anil Vou will Neo for yourself that eunsijerin0r i Quality prices Are lowest in City. Mitteis 24th Market 1 Pel Iii. Maxcil i Aii by. In r i. I.ic., Illi. Iii 2 in a a 11 a a a Aily Jet up in line la gets Anil Laski at Casim i 1 Ile prices. Geo theophilakos prop. W a a. ¿07. ¿7. ¿3?. ¿7. A a. Or. A a a 5 a it a Model laundry and Dye works Why take it h a ii she. A v i i i Sunn it if tin Lau Myrv pm i re work v Hsc Ltd i Nii i u it r a a Iii it Asin a a a ,. 1 a a f. In tier Shi ii 1111 or .,1 \ i As Leo pm apartincf.. Hal try that. I Riu of an of sri Quot Mccry thug 1 Anijarv at it i m. I. A i he Klodt i Annor let 1 it cd works Vou inc y air turn. A Whit c Many a i aum i y j met it a i an my a y it a i m h of 1�?~, my 1 you Patric Guniy. A auit Irv which in l As Sci Pizii apartments it sch Ai i and men a no la s \ v. It it it a it it tank ii is i a i ate not hygienic. Why tit pc tio your Mon it a Litnor a lilt b u1 a by it Vith us Atul hip us do away with Thorsr Vou Shim a a Hoiu i i a 1 in \ he Wall i ailed Lau Mit is. Saundi in lie City. Model i it be works. Model ,\ met for White a elks it it nov. I 1 or who e it uus a a Tua i id you inc Black Tibet suits single of Dou blk breast sold c v i y Whf a Lor 5 1 in we Quot \ i it it y Star dishing House 2105 2 0/ a arks it Street about Santa Claus i h i Aii a i i i \ f Oes your Laundr Man 1 inv water on your oo11 s Ian Xii them 1 forc in Orrin i a of a he that wave i Yon patronize Model Famh Liy if Dye works. It works for White people Only. \ of Are subject no it Model i Audi \ if dampening a it i create a Quot of a it Ltd passed Date ten for i r is a Aundt y for White it or a i i Ltd a handsome gift can be made for an Xmas present from Large Stock of Fine furniture carpets window shades and lace curtains. I or Low prices Call at 30. A, Meyers �5 co. X a a a a a amp amp amp 4 a for 4? a in 4 4 a 4 4 a 4� 4� ,4 4� 4� 4� 4� 4 4 4� 4� .,4� -4� a 4� �?T4� 4s 4� 4 4� 4� 4 4> 4� 4� amp 4s 4� 4� 4� 4a 4a 4> 4> 4 4� 4� 4, 4, 4> 4 j. R. Edwards manufacturing jeweler and engraver Pont Olloe st near 22nd Neit i Lynno of lion do Vou not Peeler Patroni a i a 11 n cd r \ a ,. Moder n Lau Mary with. ,. Whose Jia trons Art a 1,1, w 11itk if Mishin. F i id a ars met a a Soju hone or 1 4i. A a a a Quot a Hialit y of a be i. U a i Matici amp Dye works. ,1-Itirulry will lit of v nay Koosis at one Lime i Quot us or he 1 it so s Only Model i he we Yufor White persons it n e 1 w 1 Quot u n a 8 Otio w Hosi my a i \ i 1 Quot Iii. Done you ? a Art \ no 11 of \ cry i u1 a 1 k a holi a \ Iti 11 a s w i i a 11 a or i 1 y. A 111 a h 1 1 r it Wildron it o 1 o f i it in fun. Old in it f ii ? Hwy u . It a Horve you a 1. 1 Nino sit 1. W 11 11y . And it a i i ii Iii Wil h be win Joo i i ii in i on a it h a i a is a 1 ,. F a i this old a of a a of ii a a Iii Ltd a very Woad a Dai e ii. A i 1 d he s e i a Der ii it is in. To sighing Tiver hard Rounel w �i1 or Progress he As Cut Imi of Wii ft�-1 t-,1. A ing Over Doco hard ,.lt 1 it tin i a. A iit1 of Ilio e d Saint. 1 a a. I us Hir j n. Bed w a n e d a position As launderer. Will work for White people Only. Model laundry amp Dye works. For same reason it hut you do not a a Heap Battel House if we Dunk o. Should Tell Gitl Ive you 7 j Ltd 1 id a White Many a laundry is Model Dye works Christmas spirit has certainly Pic evaded j. Our entire establishment each department is 4 showing Arri Clas selected particularly for gift 4� 4 giving. Extra sales people also in readiness 4� a. See that All patrons Are Given exacting ser vice. Surely no better Way decide any prob Flem of buying something for remembrance y 4� whether it be for Man boy or his Mother than 4�?o 4� a visit store. A sure remedy for Christ 4 a Mas uneasiness. You find tax on your purse Light i Rob. L Cohen 4s Correct clothes for men and boys 4a 4� Mistletoe Holly Smilax and Flowers tor holidays. Rom omber 1�?~ruessnor�?Ts i Lortt Elass Florist it Mont for fragrant tot cons of love and cd Rutina offer legs. Not Huhg is my and Welcome than a Beautiful decor Toti Plant or a Bunch of fragrant Lovo Inesa Aro equipped please most extravagant tante As Well As slim pocketbook. Alvo us 3�?T orders for Holly Mistletoe and Mellax american beauties and Alt kinds of Cholost Cut Flowers and plants. To have a Fine Uno of japanese and fancy Crock eries and Vayos. J. D. Pruessner Trust building read of i pm line a Cidboy and bladder troubles j v Hub airy i ilm discharges relieved in i 24 hours Kach Cap s \ j sule bears wily a j Nam efts a lie Ware of count or exp All dec hoists. 1 bottle Wilson whisky. Sgt ii 1 bottle Pepper whisky bottled in Bond .@5>c 1 bottle Cherry Brandy 1 gallon imported port11.80 1 gallon imported . 5<0> 51b Box cupid mixed Candy. It 5it> Box yacht club Candy. B oi5 lib Box Gold medal Candy. 4hd� lib Box Broadway Candy.25c a ii a in Jii of Dojk ill d hoi it Lions Hir clip and i thousand j Nin a Tiki in. 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In a i with lug it r he oat and a a a. T e r a a v .ir4 re apr out a a Happy balls prot Aln it not a a do no is Tfir Blind and for Ife is Prince of Wobu love a v0 my least of Ihu a a a Glen Ca Thorto it it it. We will be pleased do your a Mek 5dil a ski Potow opera ql/4ss phone 30 Christ a a in Mountain How Nhou id you like keep Ghriri Mas in Mountain regions of South there All ancient Trade Louo cod a Runft Yule log Aron it Quoin by g and Elt Irrie it i out even yet on 1 1r-. H As night it crackles and blazes that ride Cabins of no i roes and let Pickan Inneo Rouch Tiro Iii l no Ltd hearts almost by Char nov it their Toen and rolling Black eyes in Anticipatory glee. The a Hearth fire 1a sometimes not permitted dlr oat until Marco

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