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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1907, Page 2

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - December 21, 1907, Galveston, Texas Elixir s�8 mrs. Hay Mower what do you Wear that mask for chauffeur Well i la toll you. 1 Wear it so that the people i run Over won t be Able to recognize me. Ways of William Penn. Simeon Ford recently said at a banquet in the course of a Eulogy on William Penn a Penn was a Man of peace and always got the biggest one. He believed in doing right by the indians and when he did them he did them right. A the puritans extinguished the Indian title by the simple expedient of extinguishing the Indian but the pious Penn instead of shooting them got them half shot and accomplished the same result. Hence the saying a Penn is fighter than the a Catarrh and headache. Mrs. Z. K. Goforth 211� Holly Street Kansas City writes a after using a a ample bottle and two 25c bottles of Hunts lightning Oil i am almost Well of Catarrh. It stops my headaches. It the the Best Midi Rene i Ever saw and i jus can t keep House without shot is right. Point of history cleared up. The dentist now open wide your Mouth and i won t Hurt you a bit. The patient after the extraction a doctor i know what Ananias did for a living lists. There is nothing meritorious but Yurt to and Friendship and Friendship itself s Only a part of . Johnson. Carters if pills. La a positively cured by these Little pills. They also relieve Dis Trch Efremi Dap Eption in Tifi halon unit too Hearty kit tue. a remedy for dizzy Yohb Nau leu prot nah Lnor no dad Tashio in the Mouth coated Tongue pain in Tho hide torpid l1vkr. They re Gulotto the Bow lib. Purely bendable. Small Pill. Small dose. Small Price. Genuine must Bear fac simile signature refuse substitutes. For soldiers and heirs All femoral soldiers an Ltd sailors who nerved 00 Days pct Woon 1mn Atul 1w41 and who Honesto Cleil less than Jid acrus before june 23, 1h74. Uro on tit led to additional Homestead Rlph of which 1 buy. If sold Lur is dead Liis Bella can sell. Tuk let it old amp of Lori it. Widow and Liel is. Kind Kozio hold or Rota Tive who went West or Booth after Tho War an t Boies rated land. Get Busy and make some easy Money. Write ii in u v n. Coi in Washington. . For further particulars Mccaney a detective Agency. Houston Texas operate the largest Force of competent detective in the South they Render written opinion in came not bandied by Thotam Atea. For trifling ills importance of some knowl Edge of Medicine. Onna Cli with tidily dispels a a id s a a in do it to acts naturally acts truly As it i if Iraln c. Best Jirm in a Mon ant i could a a in to Miff and old. Lii Iet Ude Otts Law tvs but the Tronu int which Lias Ini Lull name Ottlie com Quot Quot Quot California s Frap co. By whom it to Nuj a Hiir i. Printed on tin front of i a try pork no a. Sold by All leading druggists one Moo Only regular Price 50$ Billle. Not to beautify. A terrible condition. Drank with his feet. Tortured by Sharp twinges shooting Clergyman knew the Best place to pains and dizziness. 1 put the whisky. Ailments Likely to become serious can be checked in their Incipit ency if one understands How to Deal with Case. It is a Good filing for it ii tsp one in mkt of i Vicy a Miry in have a Lif tic Knower do of medic he a. In Cash of oink or i it not a. And the information shot lil he acquired by Ono Sll Fri c i<�?~111 i v infer Holt a to malic some study of tin matter. Sonic icon regard minor ailments As to it Trilling for any. Attention while others Grant so much importance to a Light disturbances that there in eventually great waste of time and Money. It would scene that Home one in a family who would observe carefully storing valuable knowledge by experience. And who would study Trust worthy to Urrih would prove to be an indispensable Comfort in the Home she will know just when the doctor is needed and just what to do without Jilin or to assist and in that knowl Edge will show Hernel As praiseworthy in a ii Rufly housewife or a matchless Cook. A to Many emergencies for which frail humanity must be prepared that one Short article could scarcely begin the Jon list. Hut the following few suggestions May serve the first guide Pom on whih particular path of a Charch cause proven Tion and cure should be the divisions of this study Quot a Olds Quot arc concerning a Good Many households just now it is always so at lie change of seasons. Impure air is a powerful ally of this disease. It May to in a bedroom a schoolroom a Public Hall a crowded drawing room. There is njord illness caused by defective ventilation than by draughts. If one is exposed to the latter and yet is warmly Clad and moving briskly there is no danger. The Factor most potent in resisting cold is a healthy circulation of blood such a condition cannot exist for a moment without pure air. Preventives of cold and various catarrhal conditions consist chiefly in common sense that rarest of All Vir tues. That Means keeping the body sturdy in All vulnerable Points a Throat that is used to exposure a head that often goes hat loss feet that May get wet without harm providing they Are re shod As soon As inactive body that never feels the cold when it is hurrying about in fresh air. The cure of colds is a simple matter if begun in time. The first signs of cold should be the signal for treatment. Then there Are such Little trouble some matters As nosebleed earache inflamed eyes Mouth sores and the Large and various number of ills re suiting from fever and deep rooted disease. The Amateur student of these difficulties should not rely upon her scrapbook when biding emergencies. She should learn by heart her store of Wisdom and above All things cultivate Good judgment. Tenderloin and oysters. Tenderloin and oysters while making a unique and distinctive dish Are at the same time so simple to prepare that the ability of the inexperienced Cook is not taxed says the Delineator. Let her first mix a Little butter and flour in her Stew pan and when the blend has browned let her add a chopped Spanish onion and two pickled walnuts that Hae been Cut into Small pieces. A moment or two later two tablespoonfuls of mushroom Catsup and a teaspoonful of Worcestershire sauce Are added Afu a which the uncut tenderloin Steak is placed on top of this mixture to simmer for about an hour. It must be turned three or our times during the interval. Celery in cheese Shell. Cut the celery stalks into Inch pieces Cook until tender in boiling water slightly salted. Kor three cupfuls of the Cut celery allow a pint of White sauce using the water in which Tho celery was cooked with the Cream As the liquid. Turn into the Shell of a pineapple cheese cover with half a cupful of i be Cracker crumbs mixed with two tablespoonfuls of melted butter and let it Brown in the oven. Serve with powdered cheese. Edam choose shells can be utilized in the same manner. A is it a a do How to boil an egg. Most people drop an egg into boiling water and let it Cook steadily for three minutes for a so called soft boiled egg. The proper Way to soft Boll an egg is to remove the Saucepan from the fire when the water reaches boiling Point drop the egg in at the moment of removal cover the Saucepan and leave the egg in the water for six minutes. When there Are two eggs let them stay eight minutes. For medium cooked ten minutes Are required and for hard boiled half an hour. When eggs Are scarce. When eggs Are High one May be economical in Many ways. For settling Coffee break an egg into a Jelly Glass All with granulated sugar and mix thoroughly cover closely and use a half teaspoonful to a pot of Coffee. This will keep any length of time. For pumpkin pies use but one egg to a pie and one tablespoonful of flour no one can Tell tile difference. For custard pie two eggs and a Tablespoon Ful of hour. Put Snow in cakes. A cupful of Light new fallen Snow stirred into cake of other waiters briskly the last thing before turning it into the baking pan is a Good substitute for eggs. When Snow is used More flour is required about two tablespoonfuls. Hiram Cantor f. I a Knuth Oak Street f a pc t i a Minna \ s a Quot i was so bad with kidney trouble that i could not straighten up after st on j j n l without Sharp pains shooting though my Back. I had Dizy spells was nervous and my eyesight was affected. The i Dave secretions wore irregular and too frequent. I was in a terrible condition hut Doans kidney pills cured me and i have enjoyed perfect health sold by All dealers f>0 cents a Box. Of scr Milburn co. Buffalo x. Y. That Sweet child. Quot try at his f Whis a a you la be too old to sit on Peoples Knees soon a ooh no i wont auntie i m not half As old As sister and she sits on or Wilson s knee. I m never going to be too old for that sort of thing Quot Black itching spots on face. Physician called it eczema in worst form patient despaired of cure Cuti Cura remedies cured her. A about four years ago i was afflicted with Black splotches All Over my face a and a few covering my body which produced a severe itching irritation and which caused me a great Deal of suffering to such an extent that i was forced to Cail in two of the leading physicians of. After a thorough examination of the dreaded complaint they announced it to he skin eczema in the worst form. Their treatment did me no Good. Finally i became despondent and decided to discontinue their services. My husband purchased a single set of the Cuti Cura remedies which entirely stopped the breaking out. I continued the use of the Cuti Cura remedies for six months and after that Ever splotch was entirely gone. I have not Felt a symptom of the eczema since which was three years ago. Mrs. Lizzie e. Sledge 540 Jones Selma. Ala., oct. 2s, 1905.�?� insult added to injury. An Organ grinder had been playing before Tho House of an irascible old gentleman who furiously and amidst wild be stipulations ordered him to move on. The italian stolidly stood his ground and played on and at last was arrested for causing a disturbance. At lie court the magistrate asked him Why to did not leave when he was requested. A me no understand mooch Inglese Quot was the reply. A Well but you must have understood by his motions that he wanted you to said the magistrate. A i tink he come to dance Quot was the rejoinder. Good workers Illy rewarded. Swey Heym and Pennartz the two germans who were the first to print books in Rome used paper and types of excellent Quality. Their Ink on pages printed More than 400 years ago can in in blackness with the Best of the present Day. Vet with All their labors they often lacked bread. In a petition to the Pope they informed his holiness that their House was full of proof sheets but they had nothing to eat Thor la More a tatar re in thifs Section of the country a ban he other Olsom a a put together and until the last few yen wan supposed to he incurable. Fur a great Many your doctor pronounced h u local do Tiease and pm re had i it Eui Rem Edlet. Und let a Louii Ustiy falling to euro with it Cal treat men t. Prouo suced la incurable. Science a proven Catarrh to he a constitutional disease and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall s Catarrh Curt. Nil thu fractured by f. amp co. Toledo. Ohio in the Only constitutional euro on the Market. H in taken internally in doses from 10 drops to amp Tea Poon jul. It Acta directly on the blood and mucous Hur Fures of to a syst Etc. They offer on bund Ivd dollars for any Cane it rails to cure. Sew tor circulars and testimonials. Addre Flat f. J. Chunky let co., Toledo Ohio. A old or . Etc. Take half b to it my tute tor constr Parloa. There was no fire in that snaking car an i was Hhie and i i o u s with cold a my fret fail \ a it he Quot a i Man. Twin a drummer Wink neighbors pulled out a Tia by. Quot Here s in Best tiling going for cold feet Friend Quot or said. And the Clergyman extended his hand fur the hot tie eagerly. A you bet it said or lie poured a huge drink into the Glass lifted it toward Tho drummer with a Quot Here s looking at you. Sir Quot and then slipping off his boots emptied the whisky into them. A in two minutes my ice cold feet who said a will be in a warm glow. Whisky poured into the boots warms the feet like a hot it will stay there. A in my family Medicine Chest no remedy is permitted to remain unless it proves beyond a doubt to Best to be obtained for j articular purpose. Kor treating All manner of skin troubles such a a . Fetter ringworm. Etc. Hunt s cure has held a place for Many years 1 have failed to find a surer remedy. It cures itching it. M. a Franklin lit. Equal to the occasion. Pay i caught Young Smith hugging our Maria tin other night. M goodness gracious what did Yon say a i said a you Are getting on fast Young and what answer do you suppose he made me j a dear knows what did he j say i pay to said a Well in a holding my i important to mothers. Examine carefully every bottle of castok1a a Safe and sure remedy for infants and children and see that it bears Tho a a Quot errs a signature of j in use for Over .�?~50 years. The kind you have always a sought. 313 girl dolls dress. Wilh separate Grimpe and coat. 312 Gui dolls Kimono via it it or or Drex tag Mitele. To teach the future Mother to dress the future child we have prepared the butterick rag doll and a series of pallens of attractive dolls dresses Etc. I his doll is about 18 inches High printed Flat in eight colors on durable cloth quickly and easily made up. Remember a is but a step for the Little Onet from the making of pretty clothes for Hinr dollies to the More useful accomplishment of making Dainov garments for themselves and others. 1 or this reason we make the following special offer �?1 for 2sc to Stumpn or Coin or will mail you Tho Rutt Ericc ring doll and die la it it l it it la patterns shown above. Send Al Oner to cruel. Quot boo Hoo a Quot what s the matter. A a lot caught stealing bin a did he thrash you0�?o a no made me eat the apples boo Hoo a a John Quot apples at or. Boo try it once. There is More actual misery and less real danger in a Case of itching skin disease than any other ailment. Hunt s cure is manufactured especially for these cases. It relieves instantly and cures promptly. Absolutely guaranteed. I too much delay. Miss Gibson girls How Long before you can let me have this gown 1 dressmaker two weeks miss. Miss Gibson girls heavens in the meantime he May propose to some one else. _ done to it Jar you to have a cough that you can t leave off even when you go to bed put it away for Good by using Simmons cough syrup. It heals inflammation of the Throat and lungs gives you rest and peaceful sleep. The department the butterick publishing co., Ltd., butterick building new york.9 j go where labor is Light returns Lairg and sure and life is Worth living. South Texas offers the Home seeker the Opportunity he Ever had to quickly acquire a competence. B�s13 10 to 640 acres of the Best land the Sun Ever shone lots for $210 payable $10 a month without on and two Towd interest. St n or. O. F. Simmons i it ear sir tins a the Simmons Handi pressed with la Quot till foundation and is \ cry it is a cod or an on represented by i r. Simmons. Brown Wood \ Riten to. Tosun. \ o Ceri 11 y l list 1 have i it it in Atascosa county to of then tilt a lamp i a or fert i if. The a t or a and f lie e get men i Texas apr 26, 1907. 1 Tho Roi Iii by known to and am favourably in up Loam a with a Dar i Mah he a a Cheri. An Trail Lulu in in in just to Hespert it Der. .1. V. Talk. Investigate this be Ore it too late of the ranch and name of the nearest agent or. 215 Alamo Plaza f. A delicate Job. Doctor the increasing deafness of your wife is merely an indication of advancing years and you can Tell her that. Husband hum would you mind telling her that yourself doctor a Philadelphia inquirer. It cures while you walk. Allen s Kool Kase is a certain cure for hot me atm Raih tis and swollen Ach Itig feet. Sold but a i hruggist.��. Price a to. Don t Nice i any Susti Muir. Trial package Frek. Address Allen s. Olmsted Leroy n. Y. Tho world May care Little for theology. But it recognizes with Joy Tho heavenly life and love. Tiki in 0 to i i pa7.0 ointment i cur. Tit Raso of la uni. Pliml. B1<ti1i ii 11 r i a it Ruil. Ii i lies in let to j a it i it or Money it t under. ¿>0v. He is not free who drags his Chain after . Write today for literature Book of vi�t70 san Antonio Texas. Colt distemper can in Iii Ikumi a cd by a no let a. Tie melt tired. Ltd fill Orbr mgt Sui i to Stillio in inn t Irr Lieuw i it Ltd a a it Quot kick f a it in i a a fit Tiv to a a Liy lining m Olin h Isth Mukk Cucuk. Give 01� l Vikt us Luft i in. A Ltd to Ltd Trio mul Nrma of a l Nihil Ein j a r. He i it Rinn l y Mir in ii it fur Loaren in a Raj. Olioli ii. I n i Trini re 11 a Fol to it it Diirr Quot ill i la .�h1 it i Fri a Imi tui to film tin it it i. I Ejmi bar or a be in. Or sch t a prow it a it id by Fri Quot i it. Cut a Law Imp in Iii it Etc in nmn. Mir fre Folt of it it it t i a r a a a a Vir a t Lili to. I t Liori i1 11 a v Hiex Moncor to Spohn medical co. New disco Dkl lilacs re Rollet my Loren Buorsi imms a it it a Ikot t Oki i it n my n l h r Iki 1 ii Ili v so i i fio Rin Niku k 10 Oll. H. Ii. I Uicon a Hoss. Lion 11. A . <.a. A no i Meixl a re a it to Ihbe lie i a on a. Gootie ind u. G. A dropsy 0efiance starch is Good sea Miro Worth $6.00? has Leo amp Taksa to with our re Erfy go rounds we also to inn finite in itt Straim. Hire Kan tuck Quot 1,1. Simm. A jut thu re. . M. Iii a ,1 sly ill Lanco. it i in a night a. H. 1l More men Are injured by having things made easy for them than by having their paths beset with . H. Parkhurst. Whenever you see a Man in distress recognize in him your fellow Seneca. Taylor a cipro Kim or mealy of Sweet gum Ami Mullen is nature Reat remedy a urea coughs colds croup and to on Kun Inktum and All Throat and lung tro Uhlen. At , 50e Ami if 1.00 per bottle. A woman can keep a secret if nobody cares whether she does or not. Oni Fonk a a promo not link Quot that is lax Ati v k not 1nin k. A it of for the Bikini Are a it of k. A. Oko k. T Wil 11 0 world Over a it Juro u cold in one Liny. A pc. Quot when a Man is full he Isnit fat july responsible. Ices for every member othe family Cuvien boys women misses and children. W. Pm Dou Faa mottos and so to Moro 05 Man o$2, go $.3.00 and $3,60 Shoaa than any other Manu no Tutor in Tho world Boca Uso Thoy hold their shape fit bettor Wear longer and Yhip Aro or a rooter value than any other oho a to Tho world to Day a a $4 and $5 Gilt Edge Shoon cannot Booc matted at any pro co re a a Cain Tion. A w. L. I it 1.121 he Iii no Uichi Jiurleo is a tii Perl it it a . T a to no bul it a Btl into. Bold by Tiiu �?��?��?��.�T�. Pm a it Ali i everywhere. Stion Fyrnn factory to any Petri of the world. Lust rate i Camatog Fri it i w. Dot Hilas Liro Clou &1bb>. �?Tas9 it Ofleta used Kiriu Tinct amp boo Auto of Throo us Fly sri Zuly Gray Hale lion a a la Creole hair re8torer. Price , retail

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