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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - December 13, 1907, Galveston, Texas For a Quarter of a can turn the opera Glass Bas worked in the interest of the sea or amp it City. A it pvt the sea . The Grade raising and the opera gi/a8s, wih make Galveston the South a largest be8t City and port. Established 1879 Galveston. Texas. Saturday dec. 18.1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 21 the magic javelin. For the Rainy Day. Try making Doga out of blot of 3trlng or paper. Quot some very amusing dogs can to made in the following Way from pieces of string or tissue paper., Tak a piece of thin string about nine inches in length that which the grocer ties round the. Packets of Tea and Stich Lelce. Is the be stand twist it up As tight As possible by holding one end Between the Teeth and the other end a with the fingers now double the string and it will be found that each half will twist round Tho other but not to tight As it should be so it should be twisted again As much As possible. The whole secret of the making of a string dog really lies in the twisting of the string before being doubled As explained above. It you try and twist of string when doubled without having previously twisted it up tightly you will find that it will come unwound again almost do restly. When the string has been Dou the working diagram. Bled and twisted round in the proper manner it appears As in Fig. 1. The next thing to be done is to pull the string out As indicated in Fig. 2. This is Best done by the Aid of a pin after having pulled the string apart As shown in Fig. 2, the two pieces. 6f string pulled out and marked 1 and 2 should themselves be twisted round tightly. It will be found that they have an inclination to twist round without Aid. The dogs head and ears have now been made. Now commence to a pull out the string in a similar fashion As shown in Fig. 3, in and twist round again As before and the fore legs will be completed. Etar making the fore legs the string should be pulled out where marked a a Fig. 2. The Hind legs and Tail Are now treated in exactly the same manner As the fore legs were made Only the string should be pulled out where marked b in Fig. 2. When the Hind legs Are completed the Inch or so of string Over represents the Tail and the dog is now completed As shown in Fig. 4. If the tall is considered to be too Long it May be shortened with a pair of scissors. Now to make the dogs out of paper Only thin Strong tissue should to used. The pamper required should be about nine inches in length and half. An Inch in Width. Twist the paper fairly tightly As shown in Fig. 5, and then twist it very tightly a in Fig. G. Now double it and twist again and Deal with in the same manner As with the string a. A made from a medium sized sewing Needle and bit of thread. Take a medium sized sewing Needle with a very Sharp Point which most Needles have. Take up a position about three feet away from a piece of soft Wood Hung on n door and holding the Needle Between your Finger and thumb Endeavor strongly launching it to throw it Point Forward into throwing the darts. The Wood. No matter what your skill and perseverance you will not succeed. Now pass through the Eye of the Needle a simple bit of thread and you will to successful in the feat without the slightest difficulty. The Little Light Quot make weight Quot that you have added to your Impromptu javelin transforms it into a veritable Arrow and causes the Point Given the Impulsion to strike the object aimed at and Quot to this result from such Small Means will strike the spectators with astonishment having first shown the impossibility of aiming a naked Needle and will elicit their compliments in Celebration of your wondrous magical experiments. A Good trick. Repairs. Redd does it Cost you much to run your automobile. a a Greene Well it seems to Cost me More when it wont statesman. True. This fact is True Thuro is no doubt who gets in Wrons is soon found out. A Detroit free press. Elsie s discipline. It is performed with a piece of string a How it is done. Here is a very simple trick pass your string around your neck crossing it in front As in Fig. 1 put the of string i your Mouth at the Point where it crosses itself and holding it firmly Between the Teeth announce your intention of removing it from the neck by passing the rest of the string a second time Over the head to do this first drop the Cord from both hands for a moment and in taking hold of it again let your hands Exchange places being careful to have the string which is uppermost where it crosses in your Mouth remain uppermost so that what appears to be a second crossing of the string will be really its unc Rossing now throw the rest of the Cord Over your head and though you seem to be encircled by a double Cord draw both sides backward As in Fig. 2, releasing the string. From your still closed Mouth in what seems quite a marvelous Way. You will find yourself disentangled. And the string still tied together As in the beginning and ready for numberless Moro wonders. She Breaks up a boys game of marbles on 8unday. Elsie was born with quite a will of her own she was not always As Good As she might to but from the time she could stand on her Little toddling feet she knew How people ought to behave. One Day she was walking with her aunt in the Park it was sunday and Bhe was dressed in her Best with a big Pike Bonnet hiding her pretty face. She was very old at that time quite three years and she Felt very Gooij and pious for she it had been to Church and had behaved up Well Whitt auntie was telling her How proud she was of her Little girl. A smile puckered the Rosebud Mouth but it died the next moment for just ahead of her was a sorry sight. Some big bad boys were on their Knees shooting. Marbles on the sidewalk. Think of it on sunday Elsie gave a gasp and suddenly dropping her aunts hand and spreading out her arms she rushed Ilka a drawing a distinction a it is More blessed to give than to receive a asserted the parishioners As they one and All give the Good old minister a pair of slippers. A in this Case yes a acknowledges Ifie Good old minister with just a sub Pic Lon of a bitter smile. Not decidedly so. A do you believe in the higher pantheism Quot asked mrs. Oldcastle. A Well no a replied her hostess As she toyed with her Diamond studded fan Quot i can to say As i do although i can to see Why some men Wear them so Low they get All frazzled around the record Herald Small whirlwind into the midst of the players. A bad boys bad boys a she cried scattering them vigorously. A go Home you a naughty boys its sunday Quot. The startled boys fell Back before the onslaught. Some of them laughed some even jeered but they sheepishly separated. Auntie rescued her Little girl and they continued their walk and though they looked Back several times the boys made no attempt to renew their game How they love each other. A my dear i must Tell you a secret George has proposed to Quot i wonder if that s what he meant when i rejected hit by saying he would do something judge. A real calamity. A and Are you out of work my Good Man a inquired the kind lady whom he met. A worse May am a returned the list less one. A a in a out of j Luck in stage affairs. Goddess of Fortune sometimes plays an important part. Two years ago Donald Brian was playing in Chicago As a minor member of George Cohan a company Quot Little Johnny to use his own a words he was Quot Down on i amp today his Luck is in the ascendant Little he then thought that he now would be appearing As leading Man in the biggest hits Ever known in new York As a the merry widow is duplicating the Success it won in Many european cities. _ in an address delivered a Short time ago to the graduates of a dramatic school Francis Wilson said Quot done to ascribe failure to bad Luck. Luck As Lowell Stys a is the prerogative the Reward of valiant to which the comedian added Quot so be valiant and it is the understudy that Waits sometimes in vain for Luck. Luck that will give her the Opportunity to display her talents to the world. She does not wish the Star or leading woman any ill Luck. She even May have a Strong liking for her but under All this liking is longing to get heir Quot Chance to make Carlotta Nillson 1b not a believer in Luck. She says a critics go to a performance and often talk of the Luck of the she firmly Quot believes that continuous work and the capacity for suffering Are the Only Means to a Success. On the contrary Edith Decker says there Are lot of people with Talent but no a piece of Good Fortune recently fell to the lot of a newsboy. Daisy Leon who plays the role of teacher in go s Edwards Quot school boys and girls a came across the Small boy and hearing him sing she asked his name. Hib manners left much to be desired and his language was More expressive than elegant but miss Leon finally discovered that his name was Joe Nolan. She sent him to Gus Edwards who engaged him and he now is playing in vaudeville at the salary of f 18 a week. / while Julia Sanderson was out of the cast of a the Dairy aids her part was played by Frieda Weigold. Miss we Gold did surprisingly Well and when miss Sanderson returned to the cast miss we Gold was Given a part and did not return to the chorus. Aid for country actresses. Yvette Guilbert starts. A project to provide them with gowns. Mile. Yvette Gullberg has not for. Gotten the hardships of her Early life and has started an organization known As Vest air do theater or. The theatrical cloakroom in Paris. The purpose is to collect the theatrical costumes and dresses of the parisian wealthy actresses repair them and give them to deserving provincial Artistes who might otherwise lose engagements through inability to dress for the parts. Mile. Guilbert says the smaller the theater the More exigent the Public yet artists Are paid insufficiently to keep together body and soul. The idea came to mile. Guilbert through a deserving Young artiste asking tor a brides dres3 which she did not. Have in her wardrobe. This proposition has been made to help keep actresses honest where there Are so Many chances to slip. Evans As a Printer. It is not generally known but it is a fact that George a Honey boy Evans was a compositor in Chicago in the Early and Middle 90s. He a a dubbed Quot on the. Inter Ocean record Herald and the daily nows. The Black faced Mon Logist did not As an exponent of the Art preservative of All arts earn much More in a year then than he earns in a week now. Behind the footlights. P \ \ i a Owen Johnson author of several Rove Island Many Short stories is the author of the new play a the Comet a in which mme. Nazimova. Is to. Appear next month. A miss Elsie Janis has written to All the actors she has imitated asking them to visit her at the Knickerbocker theater to see. Themselves caricatured in Quot the it is rumoured that Frank Worthing will be. Starred in a dramatization of the Robert w. Chambers novel a a fighting Chance a following his appearance in London next summer in support of miss Grace. George Channing Pollock s play a the Little Gray lady a will be produced at the Royal theater Copenhagen. The translation is being made by Sten Drewson. George Grossmith jr., the English comedian has been engaged As principal support a for miss Hattie Wil Lamb in her coming production of a miss Fluffy miss Viola Allen has been invited to play the leading role at the London Premier of Henri bernsteins play Quot be a Ercall the Fol which she will produce in this country late next month. George m. Cd Han has retired from the cast of a fifty Miles from Bostons to take a few months rest and Complete two new plays. His place has been taken by Lawrence wheat who Lias beep playing the title role in the Ade comedy Aharry b. Smith has been engaged to write to in Book for the new musical play in which Sam Bernard will be the 3tais, after the expiration of his contract with Charles Frohman at which Tom emr. Bernard will shift his managerial responsibilities to the Shu berts. Til 1 Dukes title attacked engagement of daughter of t. P. Shonts announced. Nobleman is finally victorious after Long courtship father gives up fight and agrees to the Union. . And mrs. Theo Dore p. Shonts announce the engagement of their daughter Theodora to Duc de Chau Ines it de pm Quiny of France the wedding to take place at their new York Home in january. The due recently sailed for France from new York where he had been since the arrival of mrs. Shonts and her daughters from Europe several months ago. The engagement of miss shonts and the due has Long been expected and is not a Surprise to either society in that country or in Europe. The persistent courtship of the due covers a space of Over 18 months and has been most fervent. He met miss in Paris and fell in love with her shortly after her presentation at the court of King Edward. Her Beauty and youth excited admiration in Paris where she went with her Mother after leaving London and the due was the first to become her Follower. It was during the trip of the family in Europe that the reports of the engagement of miss Theodora to the due first gained circulation. The rumours were denied emphatically by the girls parents at the time but again became Fri quent when the due visited at the shonts Home in Washington last Spring. Again they were met with denials from or. Shonts but the rumours have cropped out from time to time Ever since the denials being just As frequent Washington society fully expected to hear the definite announcement , the dues visit Here and its failure to materialize was the cause of much disappointment the cause of the delay in the Young couples plans it is thought Here was due to the opposition to the match on the part of or. Shonts who desired that his daughter should become the amoricr.n.,def cd Cairn life a Foldesi of French nobility and is possessed of vast estates though they Are said to be embarrassed with debts. The sister of. Due de Chau Ines Duchess do uzes is a close Friend of mrs. Shunts and was to have accompanied her brother Here upon his visit last Winter bit illness prevented. She and due do uzes will come to the wed Ding in january As will several other relatives of his family. Miss shonts is now in new York but will come to Washington to attend the reunion at mrs. Shonts school where for several years she was a student. After leaving the school she was taken abroad and was a under special teachers for some time. She is a splendid linguist pretty and 20 years old. Her maternal Grandfather was the late gov. Drake of Iowa. Digging up Paul Revere relics. Boston is still digging up Paul Revere relics. Workmen employed in restoring the old Revere House at the North end uncovered in the Back Yard the old Paul Revere Well. It shows a diameter of four feet and six inches while its depth is not yet determined As of course it had been filled up completely. It proves to be entirely planked in. Vertically like an Ordinary water tank with old Oak Hen Plank. In connection with the work that has been going on there have been also some other discoveries. Two pieces of old Lowestoft China have been found one a part of a cup and the other a part of a Saucer. In some excavating in the cellar there was found an old half Dollar also a big Copper cent of 1844. Laid a8ide As prize. Sensational and mysterious Case stirs British capital. Duke of Portland. Sixth1in succession whose right to Hie title is attacked in the amazing a cd Rice mystery Quot Case in England is the possessor of in imposing list of names and Lille. He is William Lohn Arthur Charles James Cavendish Bentinck Viscount Woodstock Baron Cirencester Marquis of Tichfield car of Portland. He is Uibo lord lieutenant of Caithness lieutenant of the Coldstream guards honorary colonel fourth battalion Sherwood foresters master of the horse and family trustee of the British museum and Fonne msgr lieutenant colonel of the honorable artillery company of London. The Duke was born december 28,1867, and became Duke of Portland december 6, 1879, succeeding his eccentric Cousin who was childless As far As anyone then knew. The Duke was married june 11,1889, to the daughter of Thomas Yorke Vassal Yorke esq., of Wales Gate. Queen Victoria stood sponsor in person at the christening Only child. The Duke is very anxious to retain his title by it is being remarked in London that he is making no Effort to open the Igro a a of a Omri. A a Ali Iii is said to contain 200 pounds of Lead instead of a Lipman Skeleton. If the late Duke and a emr. Drucey were not one and the bume Man then the finding of Druces body would prove it. But if the Lead was found the present Duke would almost certainly lose his title. So far the Duke has not seemed willing to go As far As this but has depended upon the inability of George Druce known son of the Druce who was a successful merchant in has Baker Street Bazaar to prove that his father was the Duke of Portland. Thus far Druce has produced Many convincing arguments but to has. Not had the Bruce a a grave opened either. The present suit it is hoped will Settle the argument. The suit is brought by George Druce against his Uncle charging perjury in that he swore he saw the body of the merchant Druce in its coffin. To prove that the coffin was full of Lead would certainly convict the Uncle. For him or prove that the coffin did contain a body would Settle the Duke of Portland Row once and for All. For if dance actually was buried in 18g4 he. Cor Talney was not the Duke of of crts Nihil who died in 1879 at the time the present Duke secured the title. Until the matter its settled one Way or the other the entire nobility of England Wili be kept on the anxious seat and if th4-Clalm of the Druces be proved finally to be baseless it certainly will take rank As the most monumental imposture in history. For determining the velocity of Light. Nearly 50 years have elapsed since Uriah a. Boyden a Boston Engineer deposited $1,000 with the trustees of the Franklin Institute to be awarded As a prize for determining by Experiment whether All rays of Light and other physical rays Are transmitted with the same velocity. It was not until this summer that the prize was won. Or. Boyden doubted the accuracy of the experiments of Baron von Wredt in 1840, tending to show that Light and Radiant heat travel at different rates of Speed and he hoped to Bave the matter established by a More careful series of tests. Or. Paul r. Heyl of the Central High school of Philadelphia experimented on the rays of Algol a variable Star in the Constellation Perseus and established to his own. Satisfaction and to the satisfaction i it of a committee of expert physicists that the visible and the ultraviolet Raya of the spectrum travel with the same degree of Speed and Germany a population increasing. Germany a population is increasing More rapidly than that of great Britain or France. The prize has been awarded to him. His paper on the subject was printed in the journal of the Franklin Institute for August. The accumulation of the fund for nearly 50 years remains and Tho judges in the contest have recommended that the sum be set aside As a prize for similar successful Experiment regarding the Speed of the infrared rays. Find fragment of new testament prof. Friedrich Mueller the eminent German philologist has succeeded in deciphering some of the manuscript brought Home from chinese turkestan by or. Lecoq. The main interest a let in the fact that they Are fragments of books of the new testament and that their copiers had Access to versiont1 which Are totally unknown and the a differ considerably from All authoritative ancient versions recognized by the greek and Catholic churches. Or Lecoq found these fragments near Turfan buried in the Sand. Census of world s sunday schools. T4ie worlds sunday schools total at 262,000, with 26.000,000 attendant
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