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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Dec 7 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - December 7, 1907, Galveston, Texas Fob a Quarter of a Century the opera grass has worked in the interest of the sea Walt City. The sea Wam the Grade raising and the opera if ass Wii a make Galveston the South a largest Best City and port. 1879galveston. Texas. Saturday dec. 7.1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 20 Robbie and the 80up. Halo do Sullko for Tho latter got him into trouble. Robbie detested soup. It was so much trouble to eat and there really a Wasny to it great Deal to it after All. But Mother said that Boup was Good for him and that by eating it he would soon grow to be a great big Man cuts his sleeves. This did no to cause Robbie to enjoy eating soup a Whit More however. To Day Robbie Felt less like eating it than Ever before. At last he gulped it Down and walked slowly from the table. He had been so very naughty that Mother sent him to his room to think Over what he had said. Like a Little Thunder Cloud he looked a not at All the Bright cheerful boy he should have been. A Only wish i would grow so need to eat any More of that Nasty soup a he. Muttered. Just then he saw before him a pair of scissors. A wonder if i make Mother believe i have grown a Little a he said to himself. Without thinking How very wrong it was to. Deceive his Mother Robbie carefully Cut a Little strip from the Bottoms of his trousers and from his sleeves. That evening Robbie a father observed to Mother a do you know i really believe Robbie is Robbie smother glanced at the clothes which appeared too Small and ridiculed by playmates. A a old Robbia that it was because he ate soup that to was growing of big. Mother wondered and wondered that Robbie should grow so quickly but when to was to go to a party Ono afto Rimoon and Bhe saw that his Best clothes fitted him As Well As Ever Tho secret came put. Robbie was made to Wear the spoiled suit of clothes to the party and to appear among his playmates in them for Ono Long month. And although to had hoped that soon he woul 1 have to eat no More. Soup to was still made to eat quite As much a Over. Waking up a boy. Henry Johnson a Labouring Man living in fond do Lac Wiby a has a Bon 13 years old named Charles. Charles 1b to hard to Wake up mornings that the father has to Wake up several of Hla nearest neighbors in getting the boy out of bed. Last month they threatened to go to. Court about the matter and since then the father has taken to throwing the boy out of the window into a Pond when it is time to get up. Charles goes into the Pond with a great splash the feel of the. Water arouses him and he wades ashore and gets ready Quot for breakfast with a no harm done to anybody. The invention is not patented and any father can . When Winter comes the boy can be pitched out head first into a Snowbank. A an easy one. Quot what a queried the Man with the conundrum habit �?o1b harder to keep a than p. Diary a. Ltd a silk umbrella a a promptly answered the party at which the query a been daily news. Wig Lukl a mys my Gran a says when Olio was just a tiny let to girl Llomo silo always kept her hands so clean. And looked As tidy to could to. Sho says Sho Nevor smeared her face. Nor lost Tho ribbon hair. Nor Tore her frock nor anything and of her books she took great Faro. That in her Day it was not thought Polito for let to girls and boys to Gallop All about Tho House and sing acid shout and make a nolo. That a a children should Boscon not heard Quot great grand Mamma to her would say and that Sho simply Bat and worked her Broider Many hours a Day. In a very sorry for grandma and ask a would Sho not Lelce to play. And skip and shout and have Somo fun. Now that great grand Mamma Al away a a Elizabeth b. Piercy. How to make a pantograph. Here is a Chance for the boy to Mako a drawing instrument. Secure four pieces of Wood from which Cut and dress Down to 3-16 in. By % in. Make two of them 31 in. Long and the other two 24 in. Long. These 1 pieces of Wood May be of any material but it is Best to make them of some hard Wood. The Quot screw in the sketch is a screw Eye Ding enough to pass through the Arm and an old the Home made pantograph. Silk spool. This will keep the arms up from the Board or table so As to allow a Point at tracer Point and Pencil to be a Little above the work. At tracer Point a round headed brass Wood screw is used which is filed to a Point and slightly rounding so it will not scratch. A Lead Pencil is sharpened and fitted in a Hole marked at Point marked a roller Quot a screw Eye is pit in from underneath to allow a rounding Edge for this Point to rest the Small holes on All arms Are marked on the left from 1 1-3 to 6 on the right from g to 1 1-13. When matched and clamped with a screw Eye will enlarge sketch or pattern from tracer Point to Tho size of holes that Are numbered in the sell Circle. If holes marked 1 1-3 on loft Are matched arid holes 1 1-3 on right Are matched then it will increase the size of the drawing 1 1-3. If no. 6 on the left and no. G on Tho right Are matched then the increase will be six times. The distance the holes Are made one from the other says popular mechanics is shown with the figures and Inch Marks. Whipping the Prince. It is said that Prince Krut the Little son of the Crown Prince of Denmark once threw a sponge in the face of his nurse at the end of a warm dispute. The Royal Mother was sent for. Sho decided that her son was in the wrong and told him a to fetch a Cane in order that he might be punished. A Little later the Prince returned and politely handed two pebbles to Hla Mother with the remark a i can to find the stick hut Here Aro two stones for you to throw at looks suspicious. Mrs. Brown looked around her uneasily. A do you know a she said to or. Brown Quot i m expecting every it minute to hear the Doorbell ring and to to told that Clarence is in some dreadful a what makes you think that a asked or. Brown. Quot of he a been so Good All Day and this morning he took Down one of his lesson books and studied for nearly two hot air artist. A Larry a Bald Denny at the dinner hour a what is Yez brother Timothy doing now a a a tim a replied Denny. A Shure tim has a Job Makin tin dollars a Wake Awn Only a few hours our Ruk Ivory a tin dollars a Wake Phoy the told a times Job was All a hot air a a a Dawn so it is me Bye. He fills the big balloon out at the fair civil cab Dally news. For Sale on easy payments 100 Choice lots. A Well drained Rich soil Good grounds for . A musical comedy favorite Daniels As an Admiral. He was hard on the a a Crew who is now waiting for revenge. Frank Daniels is As fond of fun in private life As on the stage. Anent the sea Daniels has a Houseboat called the hardly Ever tor the reason that it hardly Ever leaves its moorings in its Home at Rye n. Y., and when it does it hardly Ever escapes going Arock or aground. There Are two Small boats which serve As tenders named the Why and the but and it is in them that practically ail locomotion is accomplished. Incidentally there Are two giant anchors said to have been intended for the Lusitania. In order that the whole affair might have a truly Saline flavor one Day near the close of the season when the guests save one who shall be named Peters had departed it was decided to have an Admiral and a Crew. By some arrangement arrived at after Long and Aba tonary discussion or. Danl a was to to Admiral one Day and Peters the Crew the positions being reversed on the following Day the honors thus alternating. The first Day this unique scheme was tried or. Daniels won the position of Admiral. To arrayed himself in full uniform and proceeded to order Tho unfortunate peter3 about with the severity of a Martinet Daniels went ashore an unnecessarily Large number of times always being rowed by the unhappy Peters who nursed his Wrath thinking of the Morrow when ills turn would come. When not engaged As a propeller the a Crew Quot was weighing the anchors throwing the main Peak overboard or busied with other comic duties a and when night came Peters had mapped out a perfect Campaign of revenge. But As morning dawned or Daniels received a Telegram calling him to new York for rehearsals and the Crews Opportunity to a get even was frustrated. To is waiting patiently until next summer and in the meantime consoles himself with the knowledge that the physical exercise a did him Star press agent fake. . Was fit st brought get a a a Public notice. Tic serious illness with pneumonia of Anna held recalls one of the Best press agent fakes Ever successfully worked on the local papers. It was when miss held first came to this country and while she was yet known Only As the Singer of a a won to you come and play with me Quot she needed Niobe booming and on broader lines. The press agent tried by getting. Printed the report that miss held s remarkably Good complexion was the result of daily milk Baths. Til is was treated More or less As a joke but one Day a suit was regularly begun in court by a Long Island Dairyman against miss held for an amazing amount of milk hundreds of Gallons. This looked like the real goods so reporters were sent to the Dairyman for confirmation. He confirmed All Highfi. B gum he meant to have his rights against the play actress he did b gum. Anna was interviewed. Yes she bad refused to pay for her Bath milk because it did not stand the test for percentage of Cream. The papers printed columns about it. Years after the fires agent confessed. He had Given the Dairyman 520 to let the suit be brought in hib name and to a stand for the Story that was All. Carle and the orchestra. A Richard Carle is Back in new York after a tour of the one night stands of Pennsylvania a writes William it ten. A the tall comedian says he is convinced that music and the trades cannot go hand in hand without More or Lebs danger to the hand. A in one Pennsylvania town or. Carle noticed that the flute player of the Home Talent orchestra had one of his fingers bandaged. When the comedian made sympathetic inquiry he Learned that this important member was a Carpenter who had planed off part of the Finger the Day before. Quot a too bad a said or. Carle but he did no to know How bad it really was until he tried to sing at the evening performance. Every time the flute player brought the bandaged Finger into action he covered the. Instrument with something worse than confusion and drove or. Carle off the key. A after trying his second Bong or. Carlo stopped and leaning Over the footlights said. A never mind boys you May go Home. Til hum the rest of la Quot the authors risk. David Belasco was being congratulated on the Success of his new a. A r. Dran a. A writing plays is perilous business a Sodd or. Belasco thoughtfully. A with every fresh play an author risks his All. Past triumphs done to count. He who has written 20 Superb pieces is just As Likely. To be damned on his 21st piece As any Tyro. A the Public. Is critical and just before it is kind. I remember once a a or. Belasco laughed. �?other3 was once a he resumed a a playwright who sat in the front Row of stalls at the first night of a new piece of his. Tills piece failed. It failed dreadfully. In fact in the Middle of the third act the entire company was hissed Oil the stage. A was the playwright sat Pale and sad amid the uproar a lady behind him leaned Forward and said a a a excuse me sir but knowing you to be the author of this play i took the Liberty at the beginning of the performance of Ftp plug off a lock of your hair. Allow me now to return it to plays and players. Mme. Lina Abarbanell the former grand opera Soubrette has been end a aged by Henry w. Savage to sing the role of Sonia in a the merry Charles Richman has returned to the role of capt. Kearney in a the Rose of the Andrew Robson will succeed John Mason As Alexis Karenina in support of miss Virginia Harned in a Wanna Karenina a or. Robson was a member of the late Charles Coghland a company for several years and on the Road has starred in a the Roya Box Quot and a Richard for Maiden of styles that Are suitable and becoming. Mothers frequently find it hard to dress glrl3 of that age become ugly and suggestions May be Welcome. The title of a Sweet 10�?o seems sadly misplaced. Pretty 21 would be much truer for in reality there is no ago More trying than 16. Girls who have reached that number of years Are either too Young to do one thing or too old to do the other. It May be a Sweet age to study neat and practical Utility suit. Hut to actually live through every girl looks Back to it As a Nightmare. And mothers Are often sorely perplexed with the question of what style is proper for a miss of that age. Perhaps these few suggestions will be Welcome to such mothers. At least we Hope so. Oftentimes the miss of 1g is Quot lanky a and a dress that has a few tiny ruffles on it will set the skirt out and re love her of that tall and thin appearance while touches of velvet about Tho Bod co will always make any dress becoming to the girl who 1b burdened with a Sallow skin. Styles for misses should to chosen As those for their mothers and that is according to their respective figures. The girl who is slim should select a Slort with some fullness about the hips. A word As to colors for House dresses. Avoid Bright reds they Are of the Long ago and to Day we see in their Stead soft Browns shading from Mustard and Topaz Down to the Rich Seal Brown innumerable blues that Are Rich in tone with Silvery Sheens Dull greens that can to livened up with velvet and lace but no Bright flaring shades to dazzle Tho Eye. In deed All colors have almost a faded appearance so soft Are they in tone. A neat and practical Utility suit is pictured and made of dark Blue Serge nothing could be More useful and give better results for a Little expenditure of Money. A feature a bout this particular Model is that it buttons close to the Throat and thus eliminates the need of furs except in very severe weather. It is an exceptionally stylish Model for school Wear and could to developed in such goods As Cheviot tweeds or any Novelty suiting. Corduroy makes a charming dress of this Model and for Tho girl who is out of doors much the goods is highly commended. It will stand the test of Many storms and any amount of hard usage to which every school girl submits her clothes. A suggestion which might help out would be to Mako it up of Copper Brown Homespun material. Have straps made of Brown taffeta of a Darker Shade while the Collar might be evolved from velvet of a Shade Matching the taffeta bands. Silk braid might also be used instead of taffeta for strapping with velvet buttons for combination. Many Young girls Are made absolutely unhappy because their parents never seem to think they Havo ideas of their own. It really matters very Little to the average Mother whether her Young daughter wears a Brown or a Green dress while to the average girl it is a vital question. A girl was 21 years old before Sho was allowed to select a dress of Tho color and style she anted and that dress was to her apr prevent. Give Tho Young folks a Chance to say at least what color they want and humor their Little fancies As much As you can within reason for things that to us seem Mere trifles Are to them mountains of disappointment. Ballast for baby a chair. Simple device that will prevent its possible capsizing. After watching our Strong baby boy Sway his High chair almost to the Point of capsizing i made a bag of cloth or Canton flannel Matching in color the Woodwork of the chair and finished it at the top with Tho usual casing and Strong ribbon drawstrings. In this bag was put a Flatiron and thus heavily weighted the bag was tied to the rounds of Tho chair. Not even the most athletic of boy babies could overturn a chair so anchored and this knowledge May come As a blessed Relief to some anxious Mother who is called suddenly out of the room when baby is in his housekeeping. Or bound with dark velvet or Satin sometimes edged with a White silk Cord. A highly picturesque effect is gained with Coque feathers instead of the More perishable and costly Ostrich tips which Are out of place with runabout costumes. Embroidery Square. Costly veils a necessity. Have become indispensable part of smart woman a apparel. More and More Are veils becoming a feature of the smartly Clad woman s hat but they Are not a Joy. Forever in fact they Are about As expensive As any detail of the feminine toilet inasmuch As a cheap bit of Gauze or net will not in the least answer the purpose. The veil must always be absolutely fresh and usually matches the color scheme of the hat unless White trimmings Are used on it in which Case it is better to have it of that color As it is More becoming to the complexion. Flaring brimmed hats set Well Back from the brow Are the fancy of Tho tailor made maid even for shopping. The shapes Are hot extravagantly Large and Are usually in dark Felt or Beaver. But to be effective and also becoming the brims should be faced a Square such As this will look Well in the Corner of a Linen Tablecloth that has a Border of drawn threads the design should be traced upon the Linen then the lines should be run but and afterwards worked Over in Button Hole stitch. Tack on a Stout piece of paper Cut the superfluous material away with a pair of Sharp scissors being careful not to Cut the stitches then work the twisted bars with thread As in Point lace. Hemming sheets in Hemming tablecloths napkins sheets and towels begin to hem about an Inch from the end and sew toward the end. When you reach the hem turn Back and hem in the usual Way to the opposite Side. Do not break your thread Here but sew Back an Inch. This greatly strengthens Tho ends and hems of the articles. Coral buckles. Coral buckles in quaint Rose Bou Quets adorn Many of the Black Sill webbing belts. A r
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