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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Dec 4 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - December 4, 1909, Galveston, Texas For a Quarter of a cent try thu opera Glass has worked $ in the interest of x the sea Wall City. Th3$ sea Wall tsp $ Grade raising and the opera class 1 will Quot make galve3 x ton the South a Quot t largest Best c2ty f and port. I t Galveston Texas saturday dec. 1901. Vol. Xxxi. No. 21. ÿ4mb origin of the word canard id French for a Duck Quot and was first used in Premont ,3�noo in eight cent Century. You often declare that porno float ing piece of intelligence is a a canard Wyllo hardly knowing wily such a word should lip applied to an unfounded Story. The word it calf is the French for Quot Duck a a and was first used in its. Present Sony a in the latter part of tho eighteenth Century having its origin in n Gigantic hoax. About that Timo French German and English papers wore straining every nerve to see which could publish tho most sensational items. Their writers ransacked the Earth Quot the sky above tho Earth and the caverns beneath its surface for a material on which to found extraordinary stories. At last com Ollson one of the Paris competitors stated that Jin interesting Experiment had just been carried out in that City which proved the extraordinary voracity of ducks can urls. Twenty of these fowls had been placed together one. Morning and at an appointed hour one of the a umber was killed Cut into Smalt bits feathers and All and fed to the other 19. Fifteen minutes later no. 19 was hashed and served to the remaining 18 in the same manner. The Experiment was commenced at seven of clock a in the morning tho experimenters regularly Quot hashing a Duck every 15 minutes and at a Quarter to twelve noon there was but one Duck remaining in the pen. And he of course was placed in the position of having eaten his 19 companions. This Story pleasantly narrated obtained a Success which the writer bad never even anticipated. Before the end of the year it had run the rounds of All the prominent journals of Europe and had even been translated into. Indian chinese japanese and other a Oriental languages. When it had been All but forgotten the american papers took it up and gave it Many amplifications including a certificate of the autopsy of the last surviving Duck which was declared to have swollen out of All proportions and to have had his oesophagus badly injured. A for Many years afterwards the Story a of the Quot Twenty canards�?T1 was a com Mon laughing Stock and the word it self has Ever Sinco retained its novel significance. Circular ties. Magic fan tells your age illustration showing How one. Can As Bertaln How old a Friend May be by Blades. A if you wish to know tho ago of a Friend always Sui Osling the Friend not to by older than 31 years just show him this picture of tho a magic fan and ask him to Tell Youon which of the Blades his ago appears. Thon tells of be do age. Tho Only thing you have to do is to add the numbers at the top of the Blades indicated and you will know the Correct answer. For instance suppose your Friend is 19 years old. Tho Humber 19 will be found Only on tho Blades 10, 2 and 1, the bum of which is 19. A my lady s toilet game players take Nemea of various articles used in lady s Mode of dressing How. Played. Tho players Are All seated except one for whom no chair must to Pio Elded a each player takes the Namo of isome article of a lady a Tollett Hor. Neck a lace Chain bracelets rings comb gloves hat shoos gown Etc. One stands in tho Center As lady s maid and says a quo my lady is going out and wants a her hat a tho hat must in stantly jump up and spin Ai found. If she forgets to do to she pays a forfeit. Each article a must spin around when a wanted occasionally the lady so maid says tho Circio children a Clr clo Dos a is very Biff. He i vim to run around and Ohsoo tho Circle children s pig. The Circle Pis does not object to being re imbed it All arid both of them dome smiling when tho Circle children Call. Machine for indoor running 31mplo apparatus arranged for developing Muscles where outdoor exercise is lacking. An enthusiastic a marathoner Quot who Fey Dently does not get sufficient outdoor exercise has devised a simple apparatus which will enable him to indoor running hi3 running Muscles indoors says scientific american. The apparatus is on the order of a Treadmill. It consists of a rack mounted at an incline in a suitable Frame and provided with a series of rollers on which the athlete runs the Frame is formed with handles at the Side so As to prevent him from falling in Case he should lose his balance and which will permit him to Stop running when to desires to. Do so. How tiny insects breathe curious system of tubes that Bun the whole length of their lit tie frail bodies. Landlubber animals have lungs and sea creatures have Gills. But insects have neither one nor the other. They have Complex system running throughout the whole length of the body by Means of which air is conveyed to every part of tho system. A they Are destined a to contain nothing but air they Are strongly supported to guard against collapse from pressure. This support is furnished by Means of a Fine thread running spirally within the Walls of the tube much in urn same Way that a Garden Hose is protected with wire. There Are generally two of these tubes. Which run the whole length of the insects body., r Many files As larvae live in the a water. Arranged along each Side of their bodies is a series of exceedingly thin plates into each of which runs a series of blood vessels. These plates absorb the oxygen contained in the tall ends in three Feather like projections by Means of these the larva causes currents of water to flow Over the Gills and thus their efficiency is increased. 1. Tho gnat also lives in the water As a larva. But it has to Gills. Therefore it cannot breathe the oxygen in the water but Niubo breathe air. Tails is done by Means of a Spica de situated at the tip of its . Indeed the tall is prolonged into a Little tube. The larva floats along head downward in tho water with this tube just above the surface to enable. It to breathe after some time it is provided with two Little tubes which act in the same manner. What dreams mean candles to dream you Are holding a lighted Candle signifies that you will to Happy in love 8nd accomplish your Plana. A a a dogs to dream that dogs Fawn upon you is very Lucky. To those in love it denotes they will have a speedy and Happy marriage. Peacock to Dre Aiji of seeing this Bird is a very Good Omen. It denotes great Success in business and to a woman a Good and wealthy husband quarrelling a to dream you Are quarrelling with some one signifies that some unexpected news will reach you. Stars to dream you see stars is Good it foretells Prosperity and advancement. Well if you dream you a Are drawing water out of a Well it a by Julia Bottomley. More attention has been Given to children a millinery within the past three years than Ever before. The remit is a greater number of designs to choose from. This ranch of tho Milliner s Art was neglected because it was not profitable to the Milliner. But now the manufacturers of bats have begun to produce numbers of pretty and inexpensive shapes which May be quickly trimmed and the Milliner has been Able to show a variety of models at a Price which her patrons will consider. Nothing will Ever supplant the Plain Quot Flat in Felt As the. Most popular of bats for the Little girl at this season. Next to it Are the Bonnet Elk a hats the mushroom shapes with drooping rom and fall soft crowns two of these pretty and childish models Are shown in figs. 1 and 2. In tho first a soft Crown of velvet is very cleverly mounted to tho brim. Six Box plaits Laid at equally Distant intervals Are slashed so that a Collar of Pett ribbon is run through them and i finished in a ribbon Bow at the left Side toward the bad the so me ribbon in a ruffle about the brim. Little original touches such As there Are in trimming Are More valuable in making children a millinery than any amount of elaboration in work. Fig. 2 shows a Felt hat faced with White moire . A velvet Crown is ii cled with a crushed Collar of or ribbon Quot finished in a the simplest of bows. A finishing touch appears in the two velvet cabochons which Are new and Dainty. Hera is. Something new and. Dainty. In a fall shirt made from Cream Delaine with plaited a fronts and sleeves and finished with a Linen Collar Cut in Points and embroidered with self color dots. This Collar is bordered with a very narrow edging of real Irish lace and the bodice is filled in a Pithy a tucked Collar and Che Misette of White Lawn a pretty finishing touch is Given by a Gray Blue a lilt tie made with open ends. Mounted at the front in place of Metal ornaments. A a a Beehive shape la shown in Fig. 3, which is covered with . The is shirred to fit the shape of thei Crown and the brim previously covered with is. Finished with a pm Lalta a ruffle of this material. A Roseate of ribbon or hemmed makes toe decidedly pretty finish at the left Side. A knotted rope of Gilt or Silver brightens the Model Laid Over Trio brim and tacked Dow Nat intervals. I a v the Plain and perennially fashion a ble Felt Fiat is shown. In Fig 4. A Concession to the Vogue of full crowns is shown in the a a tam Crown of velvet which surmount a Large full puff. Bias folds of velvet shirred Over a wire form at big spreading Bow at the left front and comp ote the Model which embodies the Best features in children a millinery. A Felt Flat which is soiled May often be successfully cleaned with gasoline a certain softness in the brim is Desler. Able but if this lapses into a a floppy Ness the brim must be supported by 030 of several methods employing wire a rims which Droop prettily Are much hire elegant looking and much More becoming than a stiff straight brim can Ever be. Only very simple trimmings Aro in Good taste for children. The models shown Here demonstrate that Only the simplest Are needed. Ribbon above All epee in�?T,th�.pl8iin, soft weaves and having a High Luster is the Best material to choose in decorating a hat for the Little miss. Quot j. Sleeve. Frills. Tie a tailors will again introduce the Laa Arcao a we Reg he filipino of Manila has for generations been the object of education. In the filipino universities and convents the Spanish friars an belgian monks have inculcated a High order of classical learning. Telb includes sciences of every nature Medicine the favored. Everyone is a doctor generally speaking even though abandoning the profession for business or politics a frequent thing to do. Everyone is an orator. The most noted Oculi St of Asia and who was called twice to Spain and France to exercise his exceptional skill was or. Jose Rizal of the philippine islands who was shot As a traitor to Spain because of his essays and poems. These were of the order of Poe and Byron of the struggles of Greece against Turkey and of Lowell on the matter of slavery in America. Find much music. Music in the very highest refinement of its Art is found Here voices not Strong but excellent and musical by nature. The rendition of Chopin it 7b. A frill at. The wrist of Coats. This was to led once before but met with Little favor. Tho american woman insisted a that the frill annoyed her and that she could Only stand it on. Elaborate afternoon costumes. \ the French women have been wearing it All summer to match the Plait cd Frolli they wore at the front of their blouses tit the French women adore plaiting a ruffles and fur Belows and it must lie admitted that these Garnish Ings do not suit altogether the Anglo Saxon women. A Robin Hood hat. It la a design that takes us Back to the merry archers and has a certain piquancy combined with durability that the sportswoman cannot resist. A a brim of russet Beaver turns up on the Side. Above this is a full Crown of Green velvet and two feathers half of Beaver and. Half of a plumage Rise in curved lines at the Side. Velveteen coat the Richness of the Long velvet Quot coat nay be almost repeated in velveteen. This Piat Erial and Corduroy Are both too beautifully made to be scorned. Velveteen never seems like an imitation but Libe a More durable Quality of velvet. This it really is since the weather has no ill effects upon it and because it will outwear any velvet that May be bought. Jsu Root amp its it by p Manila class of graduated performers Wab the occasion for their engagement in Russia. Another set of performers on the violin and piano of the. German school carried of the honors of China and Japan a against the German English and Spanish performers participating in the contests. The violinist who attained the Honor for the bes rendition of leu Temps in the contests was a filipino who since has the honors Given in Paris. V the constabulary band a Here that plays on the Lunetta is an organization that our government has tried to obtain As a military band for new York and Washington. Lately its ability has been recognized in Amer Icay at the Taft inaugural. Botany and geology the articles on botany and geology that have prevailed with our departments of science came from the native filipino. A the filipino of the highest class scorns toil by hand. He will not carry his own letters ii is disgraced if to carries a bundle. He has his retinue of servants. The filipino woman wears waists with wings extending like a Bat. It Bas a Collar leaning backward fro the Heck in shape of a a Good. This garment is hooked to n skirt of yellow or red material flaming in brightness. The fabric is of the most exquisite texture shimmering us Gossamer. Thei Materia is made by native weavers from the spun from pineapple. This is a product unknown to other parts of the world. Formerly it was monopolized by Spain and Ltd exportation was forbidden in behalf of the monopoly. The a Ypina a As it la called is polished then interwoven with a native Satin product and we a a made of a Butterfly a Chrysalis. This Complete makes the most expensive gown known. One ballroom gown worn at the Taft inaugural bail in Manila Cost �z6.00� 99,000 of american a Money another $15,000 jewelled in half pearls crusted All Over the Waist of the gown and Strung in lines vertically Down the skirt. The pearls Are from the islands. Many of the filipino women Wear pearls in ropes about their hair to the value of $20,000 to $100,000. These pearls have been transmitted by their parents and Are badges of aristocracy. Thus the family will do without Reat necessities indeed without a House to. Keep tho family pearls or to. Obtain them. A the Young Belle learns to play the native guitar and always the piano. The natives construct an instrument of the Bamboo. It is like or Flageolet flu Thollke in tone. From this the most plaintive fit hotel Are drawn. Women Wear 8tocklngs. Only in presence of the americana Wylli the women Wear stockings. Their Little naked feet cased in a Sandal Carefree from covering and though the body is in pearls and diamonds and the sandals Are of adorned in Topaz and beads the feet Are naked. The head is always without a hat a or Pina shawl or a Mantilla Woven in Silver threading being used As cover. White Are the Mantilla tor the Young Black for the old. When the girls Are girls White must be Belr gown colouring As Young women before marriage Pink red and Violet after marriage Gray the badge of suppression or subjection when rown in age Black is the Only per missile color. A thus by the dress the status is ascertained and age known. These women have the most musical voices in conversation i have heard in a All Asia. A the humbler people dress characteristically of their station. The men Are Barefoot Alfh White or yellow Loose baggy trousers a shirt with a a tails hanging Over As pyjamas and any form of hat heard of seen or capable of being worn native Straw prevailing. The women also Are Barefoot or Wear Straw toe sandals red skirt yellow Waist of Plain material adorned in All colors of ribbon or dressings known to Art of common fabric and cheap design. Thus they walk tho streets carrying massive loads their beads As the negro women la the South. Lower class Gay. These lower class people As they walk or if Riding crowd in dozens on the cart or. Little gales he or Back matter As they go laugh and Solo cigarettes. Women when old smoke cigars and put like a smoke stack la Chicago. The wife when she works Supporta the Hubband. He stays Home Quot directs the children sleeps and prepares the House rooster for the pit at the next sunday gambling cockfight. He taken All his wife a lost it it matters not. She gives him the remainder or he Sells the House furnishing for More Money to bet. What the horse race is to to French the bullfight to the spaniards baseball to the american the cockfight a to the filipino Only there Are no amateurs All Are professional gamblers in the cockpit. /
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