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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - August 31, 1907, Galveston, Texas A for a Quarter of a Century the opera 61/ass has worked in the interest of the sea Samv City. The sea Wall the Grade raising and the opera Glass will make Galveston the South a largest be8t City and port. A. A a a a a a a a a a a 1 v a-r�?�?-1-f�?-�?-,established 1879 Galveston Texas saturday aug. 81, 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 6 Jamp fan Henry g of it of a a a George a Hobart copyright 1w0, by g. W. Dillingham co when my wife made the suggestion that to should give a thanks gov a injury dinner to our friends in the neigh boyhood it no Robt put me to Tho ropes. You know in a not much on Tho social gag and to have to sit up Ana Mako Good natured faces at a lot of strangers gives me intermittent pains in the Nook. A Why should we give them a dinner a i it asked my wife. Quot Arentt most of them getting Good wages and Why should to kill the fatted calf for a lot of Home made prodigals a Quot John done to be so selfish a was my wife a get Back. Quot there a a Long Winter ahead of us and when we give our dinner to seven people that Means seven people to give us seven dinners. Done to you see How our Little plates of soup will draw compound interest if we invite the right people a my wife is a Friend of mine so i refused to quarrel with her. A fall right a my dear a 1 said a but you must give the dinner one week before a. A one week before thanksgiving Quot my wife re echoed. A and Why Pray a a because this will give our guests a Chance to recover from your cooking before the real Day of prayer comes around and by that time the it a will begin to think about you with kindness my wife stung me with her cruel eyes and went out in the a Kitchen where the new Cook was breaking a lot of our bes dishes which did not Appeal to her. The name of this new Cook was Olive came to the House to get a Job my wife asked her for her recommendations. A lilo said that her face was her Only recommendation hut that she was out late the night before and broke her recommendation just above the Chin. Anyway my wife engaged her be a Causo what Good is a healthy Appet when the Kitchen is empty. Olio said that Bhe was a first class cools but when we dared her to prove it she forgot my Wilfo was a lady and threw Tho Coal scuttle at her. A Day or two after lilo arrived i determined to find. Out what Merit Thoro was in a vegetarian diet. Quot a right a 1 sold to the Cook after Tho last Piato of hash with All its fond memories had disappeared Quot Tulita House is going on a diet tor Arfow Days and henceforth work a o nil vegetarians in eluding the dog. Please govern your half Olive smiled and whispered that veg Otai lands j8 was where she Llvy a. Olive said Bhe could Cook vegetables so artistically that the Palato would Helle vol them to Boillet mignon with commery Enuco and then so started in to fool the beef Trust and put All Tho butchers out of business. But lets go Back to that lag dinner. A Amy Wilfo invited or. And mrs. William t. Hodge it Joo Coyne and his wife and their daughter Cuti cursor. And mrs. Frank Doune and their son or. And mrs. Jacor Golden and their Niece Casanova and or and Riley Hatch. Charlie Swyno was referee. My wife web so worried about the Poolt that before dinner time arrived Blie had an. Attack of nervous postponement. A a As a matter of fact we la fear and trembling that Olive would fond a Tomato salad from the Kitchen a nil before it. Reached Tho table it would become a chop suey. Anyway the guests arrived promptly and i could see from Jthn or faces that4they would fight the dinner to a finish. The ladies began to Chat pleasantly while they sized up our furniture out of the Corners of their eyes and the men glanced carelessly around to see if i had pc to of cigars which a oui require Thor attention after dinner. Pretty soon dinner was announced and they All jumped to their feet As though they had stopped on a third rail. A i believe in being Thrifty but the Way some of those people saved up their hunger for dinner was too penurious for mine 1 took mrs. Hodge in and she took in my wife a dress to see if it was made Over from last years. Young Communipaw tried hard not to reach the table first but a plate of Dill pickles caught his Eye and he a von from old Man Hodge by an Arm. Tho first round was Oyster cocktails and everybody Drew cards. This was Ollie a a Maiden attempt at making Oyster cocktails and she had original ideas about them which consisted of salad Oil instead of Tomato Catsup. Tho salad Oil come from Italy to Tho oysters were extremely foreign in taste. O after eating his a cocktail Riley Hatch a began to turn Pale and politely inquired if we raised our own oysters. But just then Little Cutey Coyne upset a Glass of water and changed the subject and the complexion of the Tablecloth. The next round was mock Turtle soup and it made a deep impression especially on Charley Swayne because Little Casanova Golden upset her share in his Lap when he least expected it. Charlie was very Nice about it How Ever. He Only swore twice then he remembered once a gentleman always a gentleman and he did not strike the girl. After awhile we All convinced. Charlie that the laugh was on the soup and not on him and when the fish came on he forgot his troubles by getting a Bone in his Throat. When Charlie began to talk Liko a Trout old Man Hodge grabbed the bread knife and begged to be allowed to carve his initials on somebody a Wishbone. But Joe Coyne finally pacified him by a second helping of Bermuda onions. I opened a third bottle of commery just to show i Wasny to stingy. Then came the thanksgiving tur key and this is where that Cook of ours won the Blue ribbon. A my wife had told her to stuff it with chestnuts but Ollie thought chestnuts too much of an old joke so she stuffed it with Peanut Brittle. Ollie had noticed some other things about the Kitchen which looked lonesome so she decided to put them in the Turkey too. One of these was the Corkscrew. When i went to carve the Turkey i found a Horseshoe which Ollie had put in for Luck. A it made my wife extremely nervous to see opener a pair of sols Virginia Harned mrs. E. H. Sothern better mow of Ari Virginia Harned will again try her Luck at stardom next season Sheri she will be seen in a dramatization of Leo Tolstoy a Story a Wanna understudied on the so age. A Way they have in London. A Riley hath wanted to Tell the Story of his sors and nine clothes pins come out of that Turkey but Jack Golden said that their last Cook tried to stuff their Turkey with the Garden hobe so my wife Felt better. Tho next round was some salad which Ollio had dressed in the Kitchen but the dross was such a bad fit that nobody could look at it without blushing. Then we had. Some Home made ice Cream for dessert. The ice was very Good but Ollie forgot to add the Cream so it tasted rather insipid. Every time there was a Lull in the conversation Charlie Swayne kept Yelling for a Bronx Quot cocktail and the Only thing that kept him from getting it was the fact that Riley Hatch wanted to Tell the Story of his life. Anyway the dinner came to a finish without anybody fainting and the guests a tent Home a Little hungry but a poisoned. The next morning my wife spoke bitterly to Ollie and she left us followed by the thanksgiving prayers of All those present. A the Only thing about the House that loved Ollie was a pair of earrings belonging to my wife and they went with her. A a misfit bargain. A misfit bargain Isnit lit for anything. A task usually a thankless one and pay is Small. The recent action for damages brought by a lady who had been engaged to understudy miss Edna May was a revelation of the Low salaries sometimes paid to performers in really responsible positions. In this instance the lady was a Quot Well known actress yet it was Worth her while to accept $20 a week to act As an understudy in London on the Chance of being Able to play the principal Pari now and Quot again. Play goers scarcely a realize How Many understudied there Are in a important piece. It is almost like tie House that Jack built. There is the Quot Star Quot to commence with Slie is understudied by a lady who plays a secondary part. The second lady u called upon to play Tho Lead in an emergency would leave a part empty so she is understudied by a third lady who also has a few lines of her own to say. Those few lines Are understudied by perhaps the Premier chorus girl who in her turn. Is understudied by another chorus girl�?1 and so on almost to the Back fowl every part in the production is followed up in this Way. Under studying is usually a thankless task and it Isa very hard one. The artist engaged for a Small part and to understudy has to attend All rehearsals concerning his or her own part and also special rehearsals for understudied tie has. Two parts to learn his own and that of somebody else and it is rather sad to think his Only Chance of making hit May rest upon the absence through illness of a �?ostar.�?�. In Many a Case the understudy been told by Tho manager to a get ready to play Tho big part. The a a Start has not arrived., it is almost on the stroke of the hour. Another moment and the curtain will ring up. A something must have happened Quot and the nervous breathless aspirant it a rapidly dressing a tor the principal part when there is a Scurry in the corridors a panting cry a there i am a a in rushes the principal artist. Once More ambition is disappointed. Sometimes the a a Start takes a Little Holiday. There was one Case where a celebrated comedian sighed for a week at a watering place it during his absence his part was to be played by a Clever but unknown actor. He played it on a monday night and on tuesday morning the newspapers chronicled the fact tint he had made a great tuesday night the celebrated comedian was Back at his Post. He cancelled his Holiday at the watering place for he could it afford to have his Nosa put a Vijil joint by the cleverness of Ai understudy Clarice Vance tells of English drawing room entertainments. 0 a i Don t see Why this custom of drawing room entertainments Isnit a More popular in America a said Clarice Vance the Singer of Quot Coon Dongs a on her return from. London a few Days ago. A certainly our people of wealth and fashion entertain As much and As elaborately As the English but this drawing room work Isnit nearly As much done As it is there. I went to Soma of the handsomest places in and near London several Villas on the thames and i will always hold the memory of those visits As among the most pleasant incidents of my trip. It a the Way they treat performers is delightful and i must say something of a Surprise and a painful contrast to the Way some of the fashionable hostesses carry it off Over Here. You go in As a guest you Are treated As one from Start to finish and until you begin to go through your Little stunt there is nothing to give the Lempres Slyn that you Are not a guest. Quot rather a funny thing happened to me in the first drawing room where 1 Sang. It was due to my Lack of experience and unfamiliarity with the customs and i was embarrassed very much at first but they made me feel All right about it and put me at my ease. 1 went there prepared to sing three songs. I Sang the first and they applauded heavily so much so that i went on and Sang the second. They applauded again the same Way and thinking it was an encore i went Back and Sang my third. As i. Left the Little stage after this one Ali amp master of ceremonies came up and said apologetically a i say miss Vance would you mind7 letting some one else sing a bit a Quot i was dumbfounded and i thought a goodness these people done to like me a i wonder How in be offended them a and i saw some of the other artists As they Call them Over there looking at me with Thunder in their eyes. It was explained to me shortly after that at these drawing room. Entertainments there were no encores and that you were supposed to remain until the end and disperse your songs through Tho notes about the stage. George a de has completed his play for w. H. Crane. It is in four acts and is called a father and the John Mason who was last season with mrs. Fiske in a the net York idea a will be featured next season in a now play by Augustus Thomas. William Norris has obtained from George Barr Mccutc Ieon a farce called a the flyers a in which Norris will play the role of an Etc Eutris englishman. A Good Kite. Fun for the boys. Make the Ope you Fly and you will take Pride in it. Kite flying is one of the Best outdoor amusements that a boy could have indeed we know a Good Many men that enjoy it As much As they did when they were Young. The writer of this is one of thimm. There is a fascination about it that is not easily described. City boys have Little Chance to indulge in the sport except when they it go to the country or the seashore during vacation but those that live in the suburbs or in places where they May conveniently reach the open Fields ought All to have their kites. Fancy designs of All kinds Are sold in the shops but if a boy wishes to have All the fun there is in the sport he ought to make his own Kite. Besides it will give him better service. The accompanying Cut shows How a Good flyer May be made. Out of some straight grained Light Wood Cedar preferred make four Sticks the Kite Frame. About one englith of an Inch in thickness. Let two of then be ,22 inches in length one 17% inches and the other 13% inches. Place them As shown in Tho picture and tack them firmly where they Cross. Cut Little notches at the ends of the Sticks and put a string ground the whole Frame making it taut and tying it so that it will not slip. Now Cut out a piece of very thin Manila paper tissue paper would do but thin Manila is More serviceable one Inch larger All around than the Frame. And paste Tho Edge Over the string. Make a Small Hole in the end of tie Sticks at a. By de and of and put in a string loosely from a to of from b to a. And from c to d. Make a string Loop from e to of to which the tall of the Kite is to be attached. A the strings must come through to the paper Side of the Kite not the stick Side. The Cord by which you Are to Fly the Kite should tie attached where the strings Cross each other do this with a Loose knot enclosing All the strings. For the Tail explains Chicago nows use a strip of Muslin about one Inch in Width and is feet in length and attach ten bobs made of paper rolled up. If the Kite should dive add More Tail until it sails steadily. How to make and shoot the Mintlo darts. Do you like to play with a Mintlo Dart done to know what it is Woll perhaps the picture will explain and if you do not understand it ill describe How to make one. Try it yourselves and you will enjoy both making and playing with it. Whittle a Pine stick perfectly straight and making Tho darts. Round a Little larger in diameter than a Lead Pencil. Tho stick should to two feet Long. With a Small saw Cut in one end a Slit about five inches deep. Into this Slit insert a Plexco of cardboard first cutting it Tho shape of Fig. X. Tack it in place with two or three tacks. When this in done balance the Dart on your knife Blado to find the Center of Gravity and at the Point of balance Cut a notch blaming in Tho direction of the Point away from Tho card end. Tho Success of the toy says Philadelphia Ledger depends on balancing correctly. A piece of some springy Wood is used for the lash. Cut this about three feet Long and the diameter of a whip handle tapering toward Tho end. To the tapering end of this stick Aston a Stout bring about two feet Long and at the other a end of Tho string tie a. Knot to shoot the Dart hold it with the left hand near to the Tail or paper end hold info Tho whip in the right just like you Seo the boy in the picture doing throw the string Over the Dart and draw it through the notch until it catches on Tho retained vitality Long. 1 last Spring a Farmer living near Memphis tenn., unearthed a vessel containing Corn while excavating near one of the forts made by the Mound builders. To planted Somo of the Cereal and strange As it May seem got a yield. The kernels were Small in size and sooty. Blast in color. Birds fond of mice. Gamecocks sometimes take to catching mice which they devour greedily. Why h6 called. Quot you advertised that you had found in pocket Book i believe a he asked the Man who had come to the door in answer to his ring. "1 a you say it contained a sum of Money a a a very Large sum of Money in fact a a an that the owner could have same by naming the sum found and describing the pocket Book Quot a yes. Go Quot that is All i washed to a but you will have to give a description of the purse you lost before you can put in a a i lost no Quot you did to Quot a no a then Why have you called Quot a merely to see what a Man looks like who will find a very Large sum of Money and then advertise the fact in the papers instead of hiding it Down cellar. Good Day . Throwing the darts. Knot. Then with a rapid upward motion switch the whip in the air letting go to the Dart at the same time. The Dart will leave the string and soar High into Tho air. What More could she ask Quot you used Quot she complained Quot to treat me so affectionately and to use so Ninny words of endearment when you spoke to me. Now you Are so matter of fact a a Well a tip replied with a Yawn Quot did no to i prove by marrying you that 1 liked you a a judge. How he did it. Quot so he proposed to you while you were in swimming together How lid he do it a a Well i was wading out where it was Heining to to pretty deep and suddenly 1 feared that i was going to be carried off my feet and i Quot yes a a the happened to be near and reaching Over lie asked a wont you give me your hand it was very sudden of course but had really liked him from Tho moment a he first looked into tay record heir her Corning. Quot James a a she said severely. The Butler looked up with a guilty flush. A James a she asked a How is it that whenever i come into the. Pantry i find your work at Sixes and sevens and you sprawled out Reading the baseball news a Quot Well May am a the Butler answered Quot i should say it was on account of them old rubber Soled Tennis shoes you re always Wearlyn about ibo
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