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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - August 24, 1907, Galveston, Texas Rosenberg Library 2 for a Quarter of a Century the opera Glass has worked in the interest of the 8ea Waw City. The sea Wall the Grade raising and the opera Glass will make Galveston the South a largest Best City and port. Established 1879 Galveston Texas,1 saturday aug. 24. 1907. ------------1-t-r----- vol. Xxx. No. 5 v Emily a 3�ommer Friend. 8he was ragged but a he knew the Birds and Flowers and Trees. Quot if you Are really anxious to got away pet suppose you go alone to spencor a and Well to there in a few j., so Emily and or. Spencer met her at the station with a Carriage. Just before they reached die Homo of the spencers they passed by an old Bhatty looking barn that a seemed to to kept from falling Only icy Stout poles propped against the outside. a a who owns this wretched place Nakoff Emily with interest. Quot we Call him Peter tumbledown,�?T1 answered or. Spencer Quot and that old Lionso Over there 1b where he and his Little girl lives.�?T�?T. The House looked As badly in need of repairs As. The barn. As she looked Emily saw Dodge out of. Night behind the. Side of it s a Little girl of about her own age with a mass of tangled hair and a very tattered . Spencer welcomed Emily cordially and she Felt at Home from the very first. Near by was a Beautiful Lake with a tiny Island right in the Center of it. One Day Emily ventured into a boat a Friend in need. That Lay by the Shore and paddled out to the Island. Lying Down to rest for a few moments she fell asleep and it was late in the afternoon when she awoke. You can imagine How frightened she was when she found that the boat had gone adrift and that there was no Way of getting Back to Shore. While she was wondering what to do she saw approaching her another boat and in it the ragged girl of a a if you Don t mind coming into my boat a said she1 shyly when quite near a i can take a a in a be glad to Quot gratefully replied Emily a and in a much of urged to you for your Emily soon Learned that the Little girls name was ally that she never went to school and that her. Dog Gyp was All she Ever had to play with. Ally really Wasny to so bad once you Chow her and too you could riot but pity her. . Emu thanked her again As she left for Home and they parted quite Friendly. For. Arid mrs. Graham came the next Day so she had no Chance to Seo ally Quot Foft some time after that however Thev met often and Emily soon found that although ally had not been to school there was nothing in the country that she ibid Gyp did not know. A i Quot a a Quot a Quot a Quot a or. Graham believes that Emily Learned Niobe from ally about growing than go than she Ever Learned in school. Emily thinks to too and she has Learned besides that though a Little girl May to ragged she May still be a Worth while having for a1 Detroit free probs. That when Yon meet a Friend and say to her Quot How poorly you Are looking a it is by no Means paying her a comply mint he Shandy to have. Quot that artist has such a queer look even for an artist Quot said her girl Friend a a that 1 can to a How you can make up your mind to go out with a Well you see a a she explained a the 1b interesting to is really Bright and they Are scarce you know really Bright people besides which he has taken to making sure enough Bunches. Of Money lately which is even More strange when you think that he is an artist. Not Only that but to shows a Lami Dable desire to spend some of it on pie which is More than praiseworthy to i take him to the cafe where they put a Tranger together at the same table in the Hope that my friends can t Tell whether i am with him or not. A study in Anatomy. Sadie was 11 and Alice was seven. At luncheon Sadie said a i wonder what part of an animal a chop is. Is it a leg Quot Quot a a a of Quot course not a Iep led Alice a a it a the Jawbone Haven t you Ever heard of animals Licking their chops Quot eggs that jump a trick which a will entertain and Arhus in Sotir friends will to myst fled completely 1/ you do this trick very carefully. Take a number of eggs remove the Yolks and Whites so that Only the shells remain. Quot to each of these shells paste one eni 6f a strand of one silk attach the other end to one of your fingers. In doing the trick cautions the los Angeles times be sure that your audience Are far enough away to be unable to see the Silken threads. Now say that you will be Ablo to make the eggs leap into the air by magnetizing them with your fingers or course As you move a Finger up Ward and downward the Strell at t in secret of the trick. Cached to the other end of the strand of silk will move up and Down. You can gain a pretty effect by making them Dalce in time to music. Trapping rabbits. Why the proposition of a store keeper did t pan out. A there Are lots of rabbits in the Woods Back of the Rye Field and in be got six Box traps in the barn. If youth see to Mem every morning Well set the traps this proposition made to a l-1-year-�id boy says or. Fred Mather the author of a men i have fished with Quot seemed a Fine proposition and instantly agreed. He was to put the captured rabbits in a bag and the Man who owned the traps was to take care of them. The boy tells the Story. Quot the next night was Clear and Crisp arid Oil How cold that morning was the first trap was unsprung. The second actually held Rabbit. There was the game crouched in the far end. I let the trap Down and for a few moments enjoyed my Triumph v i was a mighty trapper Quot i carefully adjusted the bag Over the trap arid then opened Ltd. There was a. Thud in the Bottom of the bag and then a glimpse of something Gray and a sound of zip zip and if that really was a 1-Abbit it was gone. A the third trap held a Rabbit and with the last failure in mind great care was a taken in arranging the bag but somehow the same thing happened again. The next two traps were empty ans the sixth was sprung. . Quot remembering what Garry had said about a Robbit not biting i put in a hand and brought the animal out some Way memory fails to record How but it does bring a Back the pitiful cries that rang through the Woods. But i hardened my heart and dropped the game in the bag and started for Home with my prize in Triumph not unmixed with other few Lings. Quot after pondering for a while on the escape of the other two rabbits the recollection of those pitiful cries Camo up in full Force. Then i seemed to realize that they came from a poor Terri led arid harmless thing that i was taking to be killed without the excitement of the Hunt. "1 peeped. Into the bag. Two Large eyes and a trembling form were in the Corner. Somehow the grip on the Mouth of the bag was loosened the Bottom Vas turned up and a White Lump of Cotton in a Field of Gray went Bobbing off into the Brush. Flying matches. Little Irene who had just moved to thei country from the City of new York was sitting on the porch with her brother Edgar. They had never seen lightning bugs before so they were surprised when they saw bugs flying and lighting in the air. they Are bugs Quot cried Edgar. A no they re not a declared Irene a they re matches in the air Quot wanted to talk.Quot. Little Tommy is very talkative and on going out to Tea with his father and Mother the other night he was old that rhe speak until somebody Allied him a question. After he had Bat silent for half an hour he could riot stand it any longer and he said Quot i say papa when Are,.they going to begin asking me questions a deception. Two Little girl3 w talking in a Field feared that a cow would attack them. let a go right on and act As if we. Weren t afraid of her at All a Bald one. but Quot remonstrated the1 other a would no to that be deceiving the cow a miss Maxine Elliott i i re r pm a a v a a r a i Quot a a v / a my pm miss Elliott wife of Nat c. Goodwin is to be seen in a new production next season the play is from the pen of Henry v. Esmond the English dramatist and is to he. Called a under the Greenwood the character to be assumed by miss Elliott is that of a will born English woman who wearying of the conventional ties of her leisurely existence becomes it sort of Amateur Gypsy and lives in a caravan. White her Camp is a private estate the owner thereof comes upon it. And a Romance is the result. Price of stage Success. Many stars pay for popularity with their health. Richard Mansfield will not be Able because of the imperfect condition of his health to resume acting for another year at least. Annie Russell has gone to a country place in Maine where with her. Husband Oswald Yorke she Wili kill time till next december. Her health has Given a Way. Fritzl Scheff has. Returned to the stage after an absence of longer duration than would have been the Case Hail her health kept up Olga Nethersole has gone to Switzerland there to recuperate from an illness that almost Laid her Low. Ethel Barrymore whose last tour has been interrupted several times by illness now announces that if her health permits she Hopes to become a la Palma Donna in opera instead of going on As an actress and she is told that she must take the beat possible care of. Her health. True it is that the a Price that is paid for Success on the stage is a High Price. The first places in the profession Are gained at the expense of great physical and mental fatigue to say nothing of the sacrifice of comforts and conveniences. Mental collapse has been the Price that some of the brightest ornaments of the stage have had to pay Maurice. Barrymore whose wit was As keen and flashing As a rapier yielded to death in. A Madhouse. Joseph Murphy sold Compeer Scanlon whose noting in Irish plays brought him a Fortune went insane. The Strain of insanity that ran through the great theatrical family of Booth caused the tragedy or the Muffler of president Lincoln and it embittered the entire life of Edwin Booth. But while the percentage of the actors who have gone mad has been Large it Lias not been so Large As has been the percentage of those who have thrown away the greatest chances that have come to them to become great. Edmund Kean who by Many students of acting is called the greatest actor that. Ever lived was followed a All his life by the Devil Quot of intemperance. It was his intemperance that wrought such evils in the Kean household that it became necessary for Charles Kean the younger to Jeave school and become an. Actor that to might support his Mother. Many actors since the Days of Kean have loved their Battle and Many of these actors have fallen by the Way. Bide in consequence. Now some of a these players never drank at air until they went upon the stage. It is Likely that the y drank afterwards because of the exciting and stimulating influences of the playhouse influences which always re accompanied by and placed in direct contrast with periods of depression and loss of Hope Thomas at rehearsal. How he modified the voice of a Young a a a Singer. Cyril Maude the London interpreter of a the Earl of Pawtucket Quot found his intercom Rise with the author of. The play or. Augustus Thomas an inter Esting experience. A every one in the theater was de voted . Thomas a said or. Maude one evening1 while making rip. A i have never known1 an author More patient or More plan stain for More Keene to see alien the slightest thing was wrong Aind How Best to set it right. A the or a such a delightful Way of putting things too. I Felt a Little bit bothered a about something and he helped me out of the i faculty in a moment of the Young americans in our Chi Riparip has a Yery deep ass voice a Beautiful voice Feally but not quite sufficiently under control for our English , at All events. It seemed to fill the theater to overflowing done to you know but it was such a personal. Matter Lifet i hardly Lilied to say anything about it to the actor so i. Consulted or Thomas on the subject. A at Orice he said a done to you worry. Leave it to a accordingly when he was running through his notes with the company at the end of the act and making various Quot suggestions he beckoned to our Friend a with the Beautiful voice and said to him a see Here Laddie this is Only a Small playhouse remember. You had better put a mute on that g string a a the voice has been delightfully subdued fever . There is a tremendous demand for a lats fact by Boot blacking stage folks. James Wjk. Hackett has secured the american rights to so the Blue Bird Quot but the expenses of production re said to be so heavy that it is by no Means certain the play will be seen Here. Perhaps it is not Uri reason Abio to doubt. The dramatic value of a piece that is so largely dependent upon costly stage accessories. A the wrong or. Wright a the farce by George Broadhurst in which the late Roland Reet appeared. Some Yeara ago has been revived and turned into a musical play the score of which is by Gustav Kerker the new title of the piece is. To be a the lady Friori Lane mass Marion Garson whose Sweet Soprano voice won so irian Eri Corea for a love me in the Spring and summer in a the a Rich or. Hogge Nheim or a has be ii re engaged to Bui port Sam Bernard next season. Miss Florence Reed the daughter of the late Roland Reed who was for a Tirifie leading woman of the Stock company at the Chicago opera House will appear in e. H. Sothern a company next season. She will have the leading role in his revival of �?odundreary.�?�. It was too Short notice. 6 a old Uncle Jedi wad so fond of his coppers As to have acquired the reputation in Millville of being a a Fleetle nigh a but he was also fond of creature comforts. Somehow it taxed his ingenuity to reconcile these conflicting tastes. The citizens of Millville were Mitch addicted to entertainments of a social and edible nature called a subscription parties a and Uncle Jed was almost invariably one of the participants. He sacrificed his desire tor Economy however by fasting for a certain length of time beforehand. On one occasion a party was hastily arranged in Honor of a transient guest of the town and Uncle Jed was in fort Ned of the affair on the Forenoon of the very Day on which the entertainment was Given. It Ltd no no Quot said the old Man emphatically. A i should have been Happy to go 1i you a Gin me More notice. You Gina rally charge about four times what its Wuth anyway hut if i have a Chance to git ready i can git about half my Money a Wuth. As it is i a can to go this time. Its too Short . Sure to make a hit. A at last Quot said the manager Quot i have a part for you in which you will a Able to make a ,�?�\.replied the eager Soubrette a a in a so glad i but How can you be sure that i will make a hit with it a Quot a haled marches across the Stags in one of the scenes and you Are to give t the Bass drum a thump with a Roll Ling record Herald. Not quite Clear. Blox say can you let me have five dollars for a couple of weeks Knox i suppose you Are an honest Man Blox certainly. I Tell you it pays to be honest. Knox then Why is it you Haven t got five dollars about your person Chicago news. A Case of necessity. Ujj Octora now you will be a perfectly Well Man if you can be persuaded to diet yourself for a couple of week. A patient paying Bill a persuaded to diet myself lord doctor. Ill have to a scraps. Her love. A dear father a wrote the millionaires son after lie had eloped with a chorus girl a i Hope you will forgive us. I know you would relent if you could see How Brave the Little girl is. When i informed her that you had refused to receive us and that it would be necessary for us to live on less than $30-a Day in some first class hotel she put her arms around my neck and assured me that she was too Happy to care. Can you doubt after a this that she married me for love alone a a a with such overwhelming Propf of her worthiness the Stern old Man could do nothing but Send them his blessings Chicago record-Herald., too True. A see that Man leaning Over the rail of the vessel Quot said one european passenger to another. The one who a so sick Quot a yes Well 1 remember when he did t know where his next meal was coming Quot indeed things Are very much changed with him walk tonic. Domany can you Tell what alls my wife a doctor she does not take enough outdoor exercise. A Quot she says she does not feel equal to a True. She needs toning a what have you prescribed Quot Quot a new journal terrible thought. Church it is estimated that the Sun will be Able to Supply the present amount of heat for another 30,000,-000 years. Gotham and after that i shudder at the thought of our Coal Bills a Yonkers statesman. A warning. A my dear when you get to the seashore. I want you to be careful of one Quot what is it Mother a a your bathing suit. I am afraid the colors will run if you get it free press. Quot Asya he that plants thorns must never expect to gather . He Dearest will you to mine. She of How sudden do give me a Little time to think. He i cannot wait another minute 1 have a Taximeter cab at the London opinion. Costly peace. Westerner in Eastern City a yes i m getting sort of tired of Western life and As in a purty Well fixed i says to myself i guess ill come East and Settle Down. Who lives in All them Fine houses residents Well most of those handsome residences you refer to Are occupied by eminent lawyers and judges. A lawyers does lawyers Here git As Rich As that by gum How Many is there a a v. Quot lawyers of i presume there Are about a thousand 1 a a by. Gum it s going Ter Cost too much to live peaceably Here. I guess i la go Back to where folks carry . Y. Weekly. What do you think of that Quot i understand Yon carry dogs on this Road for one cent a mlle a said the red faced passenger. A that is Correct Quot replied the conductor. A and you charge me three cents a mile a a yes Quot . ainu to i As Good As a dog id like to know sir a a yes sir i think you a Little better thai a dog sir a a Yonkers states mantis View. Bius gee but i should to Ink. De wolves of dose pedestrians Down Dere would be worn to frazzled. In a glad i got a Good steady. Safe Job a Chelca go Dally news., t two ways of putting it. A Crit tick read your essay Quot said do re term a Friend a and he insists that you i a beyond your a nah a replied de Riter. A i thought he a you did Thenya us now what he Means Quot yes he Means simply that i am beyond ills the a Trout a fault. A i Haven to had a bite All Day a complained the Fisherman. A and i thought you sold this was a Fine Trout Stream Quot Quot Weil it is a Fine Trout Stream a said the summer landlord. A you can t blame me if the. Flash ainu to got sense a enough to know it can yes Cleveland Leader. Answered. began mrs. Smart where do you keep your complexion a a where you lost yours major in a bottle Quot
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