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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Aug 17 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - August 17, 1907, Galveston, Texas For a Quarter of a Century the opera i ass has worked in the interest of the sea Wai City. A a a fsr the sea Wam it the Grade raising and the opera Glass Wii i make Galveston the South a largest Best City and fort. R established 1879galveston, Texas saturday aug. 17, 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 4 Pincushion worked in Bro Erie a Glaise. Material just at this moment has Groat popularity can to utilized in Many Way for trifles. Though Tho craze for Broderic a Glaise has somewhat abated in Tho realm of dress it is More than Ever rampant in the decoration of Bouse hold affairs says a correspondent the fact is scarcely surprising when one considers what delightful Little articles can be made from this Beautiful embroidery articles which have the great Merit of returning from Tho Wasl tub just As pretty and Dainty As they went into it. The work is pleasant and easy and the materials Are to inexpensive that even the tiniest allowance will permit if the Purchase of All the necessaries without Ever feeling the Cost. All sorts of charming Little affairs can be thus adorned. I saw a Little time ago in the Chintz Hung bedroom Ofa friends Welt end. Cottage a really Lovely and Mast original Pincushion made of a piece of needlework. The Pincushion was almost heart shaped and was fashioned of heavy Quot antique Quot Linen completely covered with a conventional design of Bruderle Angl Alse worked in Glossy mercerized embroidery Cotton beneath came a lining of Pale Rose Pink which showed through the open pattern in most enticing fashion. A wee double frill of Linen edged face Cushion All round and Mado a pretty finish. A to the two top Corners Wero stitched the ends of a Loop of Pao Pink ribbon Tho sowing being concealed beneath two smart bows of the ribbon a similar Bow Orna menting Tho top of the Loop. This Loop by the Way was intended to suspend Tho Cushion from the Side of Tho Mirror and thus Savo valuable apace on the Small dressing table. This Shado has taken hold of fam Inanc fancy. Kli Akl has taken an entirely new hold upon to woman of Fash on a hold that is As Strong As was that of the Golden Browns at the beginning of Tho season. In fact there is a sort of frenzy for Khaki despite the fact that it is not. Always pretty. Sometimes raw sometimes Brazen and again indistinct of tone it takes expert handling to be made into the creations that one Raven Over in Tho French salons the Shade however is peculiarly becoming to a Reddish blondes of whom there Are so Many among Tho smart set of Paris and London. One of the smartest specimens of Ithaki silk is Shoffn by Worth the skirt being Plain save for Ati Inch wide band of its own material piped with delicate Green silk and running around the skirt above the hem. With it is worn a pretty Short coat with full sleeves held with cuffs to match these turning Back quite deep Over the sleeves. Kimono Coats of Khaki silk stitched with fancy embroideries Are very smart indeed for summer Wear and some of the Long models Are taken As an excuse for the employment of quantities after quantities of handsome lace in White and Neutral tints. Shorter. Models have Long since assumed of their own Many of which Are truly delightful. In one of Laferriere a designs the coat is draped Over the a shoulders in Bertha effect from a Semi fitting Back and outlined with silk Ball fringe. Spicers injure Carnation. If those who complain of trouble with carnations will take the pains to examine the foliage particularly tie under Side of it they will discover hundreds of tiny Cron Tures of a dark roil color moving actively about among Little webs Alf nost by Tho Ordinary observation. These Are Rod up Idois a. Unless kept in a he a or got rid of Thoy will ruin the plants. The Way toi prevent then from taking. Possession of the plants is to give daily Shower legs nil Over the foliage. If this is per olsted in the spider will stay away. But if it has come already the Best thing to do is to heat a tub of a Ter to 120 Degro be and immerse the Plant in it. Allow it to remain in the Bath about half a. Minute. Then remove it and after a Little give it another dip. This generally kills the spider but a third Bath May be necessary. After getting the Plant free a from Tho pest keep it away by the Liberal use of water. For your prize photos. Frame of White cardboard that will. Hold five pictures. We give a design of a photograph Frame for holding five portraits which can be made out of White cardboard. The space for the photographs should be marked out in Pencil on the Board and then Cut out with a Sharp Penknife. The edges should be bound round with coloured paper fastened on with gum this should be very carefully and evenly done if we wish to make the Frame look neat. Some pretty Little Floral designs May be painted on the spaces Between the portraits. The photographs Are held in their places by Means of thin strips of paper pasted across the Back. The support at the Back is merely a piece of cardboard hinged on by a piece of cloth glued at the top and lower Edge. The Frame can also be made to bang up on the Wall and Gooseberry Green in spite of the flattering attention paid to Khaki and everything suggestive of Brown one cannot pass by unnoticed the Quot exquisite shades of Green the newest of which is Gooseberry a Dainty whitish Green As col and re freshing As the proverbial Cucumber. A number of delightful evening Freeks Are made of Gooseberry net the skirts trimmed with trally of leaves roses and. Buds worked in various slip Des of Green and touched with Silver. When this is desired a Niall ring on a piece of tape is easily attached at the Back. Pretty surplice suit. Ono May feast the Eye on Many a pretty conceit yet nothing any prettier than a simple. Little surplice suit of Pink and mauve Ninon in tiny checks As Small As the smallest shelf herds plaid. This Jaunty Little frock was made with a plaited skirt and a surplice Waist the sleeves being formed Jap style with the plaited Waist portions. Bordering the sleeves were folds of pain mauve Ninon edged with an insertion of Irish Point. Tho front of the surplice was outlined with a Plain band of the mauve while the Vest to Tho Wolst was of Irish Point allover. The plaited Belt was finished at the front with an immense buckle of frosted Silver. To get touch of color. Pale Blue seems to to first Choice when a bit of Colora needed but Khaki is also popular. Khaki Linen raided or embroidered in White makes an Quot excellent trimming for a White Linen and Oliero Are some pretty striped stuffs showing White stripes on a Khaki ground. David Warfield a Well known actor who has made an unprecedented hit in a the music inst Eric in which he has bean playing for three yers. College and the stage. Only of late that footlights have. Welcomed College bred. The stage opened its arms to the College actor and actress at a comparatively recent Date. In the Olden time the Young Man or the Young woman from College who wanted to go upon the stage was welcomed usually because some stage manager thought that the neophyte would be Likely to pay for his or her own costumes than because of any his Tronie ability. But lately College men and College women have been entering the business upon equal terms. The College play has occupied a position of Honor in the theater for self Era years. George Ade put it to the fore with a the co Liege widow a and mrs., Young followed with a Brown of at Yale is another of those College plays which has attained Success. More Are promised. One fault that some of the experienced managers and actors find with the College plays is that the Youn men who play in them cultivate a the Sid pocket school of they act with so much repression that they do not seem to act at All. Anybody who is familiar with College life of to Day knows that in Many respects it has lost some of the exuberance that used to characterize All colleges. Young men in their Early twenties Are nowadays frequently More profound and imperturbable than they Ever Are afterwards. This pose is reflected in the drama which treats of Colleg e life. Brown of Harvard is especially fond of this manner with still hands and face. Yet Lawrence wheat who is to go starring in George Adeys a Archie a won that distinction through his Gay Efy and Freedom of manner the same having been on View in a the College in a just out of colleges Young a a Jap Wheelock who starred in the play was a Cross Between dignity and Good Fellowship and whether for that reason or some other the play did not hit the target As squarely As the other Ade plays have done. One College bred composer is Horatio Parker the Yale professor of music who wrote the incidental music to a the Prince of . Mrs. Fluke in a Mary of Magdala a availed. Herself is College musicians and other theatrical managers ure coming to see that men trained in colleges in which they have been found qualified to teach later Are usually musicians expert enough to Supply the musical setting for plays. Marlon Villard a recent graduate of Smith College has just gone on the stage. Her first part was that of the gushing Young woman in Clyde Fitch a the . Conc Dently with her appearance on the stage a the Shulamite a written by a College student and Quot the great Divide a written by a College professor Weie entering upon new leases of profitable life. It the same time also Percy Mack Aye a College Jan had just placed with a new York manager the manuscript of a new play. His play in which Joan of arc is the principal figure has been for More than a year one of the Best pieces in the repertory of Sothern and Marlowe. Plain Are now decreed for the hair. Outline for a drama. George Farren gives Amateur idea for Quot. A. Play. R a Jwo list i want a George Farren of thai Bush Temple company told an Ami eur dramatist a is a Bright Frothy tragedy something Crisp and Snappy a a Titow do you mean a asked the would be author slightly puzzled. A pc a you give me an idea a a ooh yes Quot said Farren. A a Here a one. Just a Little thing in one act you know. A when the curtain goes up two persons Are discovered on a sofa one a pretty Young woman the other a Nice looking Young Man. They embrace. Neither says a word. Then a door opens at Quot the Back and a commercial traveler enters. He wears an overcoat and carries a umbrella. You can Tell at once by his manner that he is the husband of the Young woman. At least that would be the natural inference of every discriminating playgoer., a a the husband takes off his coat draws a revolver and in the midst of the silent embrace of Jinero and her Oine a the Young woman Falls he fires again. The Young Man Falls dead. Quot then the murderer comes Forward putts on a pair of eyeglasses and proceeds to contemplate his sanguinary work. A a great heavens a he am on the wrong a the son of Wilton Lackaye. _ Wilton Lackaye one might judge from his eternal air of superiority ought to be above such Ordinary everyday human weaknesses As repeating Tho smart sayings of children. However. It is a healthy sign in one of his inevitable pose that he can soften enough to indulge Tho weakness. He is in these cases always the spokesman for the. One tot his five year old son who already insists that the soft Quot will by which his sire is addressed by intimates shall be made Over into sturdier a Bill Quot in his. Case. A to As at sunday school. The teacher asked him a what became of Nineveh Quot a a a a and of Tyre a / it they a a can to abide some old fashioned people think it is impossible for a Man to Wear pyjamas and not be a Rako. Old and jewel to err med ornaments no longer in Vogue sleeve Slink have achieved j Quot popularly. For i uie hair a Ilio Gold and jewel trimmed Combs Are no longer considered in the very Best taste especially . Girls. The Plain Amber coloured Combs and pins for the head of the Blond girl and those in dark Shell for the Brunette Are Correct. The Combs Are usually better also when made with tops without knobs or other decoration. The Button Phis Are used by girls who Wear their hair up. Tho top part of these pins turn Back Over the hair in a Fiat piece of Shell like a Large Button. The effect is very neat. For keeping in flying ends of hair also there Are Corkscrew pins of Amberg strange looking things that screw into the hair in spiral fashion so that one would Jeari they might never come out again. But Uliey Are in fact comparatively easy of adjustment and Thoy Are admirable for keeping the hair neat. There Are also pins which come in pairs called Staple pins. They have Amber or Shell tops and Are in the shape of Large Staples As their name indicates. They are1 worn on either Side of a Low knot or if the hair is braided and turned under May be fora in place of a Bow. The tops stand out Well from the head. Sleeve links Are much worn nowadays by women though Many waists of. The tailor , buttons sewed on. When girls prefer buttons a the styles worn by men Are chosen care being taken to select a suitably Small and Dainty pair., an idea which has been followed out by some girls for the sleeve links of their morning waists of the tailor is to get the Plain Mother of Pearl Jiu tons which Are sold for Wear in menus evening clothes. These Are Flat buttons just like those which Are sewed on shirt waists Only finer and of More attractive design. They Are Small in size and when used in tailored shirt waists they Are exceedingly neat and at the same time smart looking. A Belt buckles for Wear with Fine silk belts Are in Gold Silver or Mother of Pearl. They Are most attractive without Stone settings. The Gold and Silver buckles Are chased or engraved in charming designs the Mother of Pearl buckles Are very Nice for Linen belts or for those in White corded silk. Suggestions for amusements and a Point on etiquette. For a parcel Shower. I wish to give a parcel Shower la August and would like to know something about it. Would it to proper to use place cards and favors also and How do you announce lunch do the guests find their own places at Tho table also what would to pretty to Mark the brides Placo at the table Maxine. Ask each guest to bring a parcel done up and marked with an appropriate rhyme or sentiment. These May be pm iced in a Basket beside the hostess and Between courses parcels May be passed to the Bride. You May use both place cards and a favors. For Tho latter tiny slippers hearts or wedding rings Are suitable or tiny dolls dressed As bridesmaids and the Bride. They Are so pretty Mado entirely of Crepo Fiul May be purchased at Tho favor counter. Tho brides chair is marked by a huge Bow of tulle or Flowers. If there is a maid she announces luncheon if not the hostess does it herself. The guests find their own places. At the Large department stores you can find articles for favors and a splendid assortment of place cards for just such occasions. What cards to leave. In calling on a Young married woman is it proper to leave one of my cards and two of my husbands please reply in the paper. T. A. H. Leave one of your cards and two of your husbands if Tho occasion is a first Call or i in return for some social favor at which your husband was a guest. Much depends on coiffure. New millinery demands appropriate dressing of the hair. It is practically impossible to consider the More extreme hat shapes of the Senson and the coiffure separately the new coiffure is a difficult thing to manage. Women should Experiment patiently and intelligently with it find should consider it in its relation to the head As vell As to the Bat. Otherwise we shall owe the new millinery a deep and lasting grudge for a picnic party. A for a club picnic at which there will to 50 guests what would you suggest for amusement social Committer the Best thing to do will to to arrange a series of races according to age and sox. This can be made very amusing. Then have a Pean it Hunt with a prize to the one finding the most. Partners for refreshments could be found by Matching Quot flags of All these May be purchased in paper and Are pretty souvenirs. A contest May be arranged with a per balls which Are to be inflated. Provide fans for driving them Over a Tennis net or a line stretched up for Tho purpose. For the lamentable influence it has had upon the hair dressing of the average woman. At a recent function one of the most admired women wore a luge plumed hat in All Black. The wide brim turned up sharply at the left Side leaving the entire Side of the head in View the full rolling masses of hair and Tho cleverly placed puffs softening every Angle of Union twixt hat and head the right Side of the hat and the Back were an Avalanche of Beautiful Black plumes but the hat handsome As it was would have been a failure had not the coiffure so ably supplemented the milliners efforts. For a birthday party my brother a birthday is the last of the month and As it will probably be very warm i want to arrange for a Surprise party on the Lawn please suggest How to carry this out in a Way not too elaborate. Peggy. Get some obliging Friend to keep your brother away until the hour set for the party. While he is gone decorate the Lawn with flags lanterns and spread Down rugs with a lot of Wash Ablo pillows. String up As Many Ham mock As you can borrow and provide a big bowl of fruit lemonade under a huge japanese umbrella. If you can arrange for a Tennis or Archery Turna ment you will have ample amusement or you ban have a Peanut Hunt with a prize for the req finding the most. Tutti Frutti ice Cream with a round birthday cake ornamented with tall candles will be ally the refreshment necessary. Let your brother Cut the cake and ask All the guests to make a Good wish for him when Thoy blow Dut a Candle. Madame Merri. Dotted Swiss frock. Very attractive for a Young girl would be a popular Model of White dotted Swiss trimmed in bands and straps of Irish lace insertion edged with tiny Inch and a half wide frills of the Swiss. The Bell sleeves Are worn Over an inner Bishop sleeve. The full gathered skirt has two bands of the be frilled Irish insertion. With this Little frock la worn a White Sash of soft Satin ribbon a tied in an alsatian Bow with Long ends. The White Chip hat is bound in Black Rob erty Satin and has no other trimming but a Large lace Bow of tha same material. Draped Fiche is becoming. Unless a woman can Drapo a Fiche gracefully and is of a slender Willowy Type it is Well to avoid this i it re mailing fashion of the moment. When it is becoming there is something peculiarly coquettish in the fishes and draped Scarf effects that Are so popular just now
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