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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - August 14, 1909, Galveston, Texas T. Foh a . Of a a Century thu Orbea a ,as8 has woh amp is in the in East of the 8e a Arp City. I <3 a a a. $ the sea wait the i Grade raising and the opera cxas8, wx1a Hake Galveston the South s largest Best City and port. S i 44ww4h4<�?T4,w�?oh4m,> a Quot. Quot by. A a a a a established 1879. Quot a. A a a a Avol. Xxxi. No 5. A t How Eagle carries its legs not drawn up in front a .8upp.080d by Many but trailing behind when flying. ,.Eagle flying. Lion tho new $20 Gold Plexco was issued in 1807,-a critic of the design a on the c o i n s asked a who Ever saw an Eagle in a l Glit with its legs it Quot this touches upon a question that has often beep debated but 3>r. C. W. Town enl thinks that the designer right and the critic wrong All Birds of prey he say habitually carry their legs behind in flight except when about to strike their Quarry. Water Birds Albo a i j with their legs extended behind and pheasants grouse and other Galli a act cons Birds do the same thing As soon As they Are Well under Way. But the Jonas Sfire or perching Birds a Nuch �8 a English blackbirds sparrows Robins Ravens Rooks crows and swallows whoop in flight carry their legs drawn up i in. . Tie habit of hummingbirds is Uncertain although some have Ripon photographed carrying their legs i to front. Quot. A exploding toy Gas Cannon. Fitted with and. Connected Vith a Small Battery gives loud report. If you have a Small Cannon with a bore of x or 1j6 inches Bora out the fuse Hole Large enough to tap and fit in Quot a Small sized such As used on a gasoline engine says a writer 1n popular mechanics. Fill the Cannon with Gas. From a Gas Jet and then push a Cork in the bore close up Gas Cannon loaded. To the . Connect one of the wires from a Battery to a spark Coil and then to the . Attach the other wire to the Obonnon near the. Spark plug turn the switch to make a spark and a loud report a will follow. States called f0r?l0wers patriotic Way of for / dinner during the Holiday season. A patriotic Way of finding your partners for supper at a Holiday season is by states and state Flowers. Each Girt is Given a. Card on which is painted of pasted the picture of one of the state Flowers and below it is written the Tiame of thai state. Each boy is Given a which is drawn one of the states in outline while below is written the name of the state a Flower. It is sometimes surprising to find How different a state looks with out the map. The girls and boys have to find the cards that correspond which usually takes a them a to Melmo. The following list. Gives the Flowers for different states. Alabama Goldenrod Arkansas Aster California Columbine Delaware peach Bossotti Idaho Syringa Iowa wild Rose Maine Pine Cone and tas a set Michigan Apple Blossom Menno i. So Tai Moccasin Flower Missouri Goldenrod Morit tint bitter Root Nebraska Goldenrod new York Rose Oklahoma a Mistletoe Oregon Oregon grape Rhode Island Violet Vermont red Clover Washington Rhododendron. T a Little housekeeper at mar House there a a Little maid a the prettiest Ever seen a such goodies she does bake for me and keeps the House so. Clean. She curls her hair so thick and fair. And wears such Dainty frocks. Keeps buttons sewed on All my clothes and neatly dams my socks. A i prize tails Darling Little maid far More Tia a gems or Gold and i d not lose her no for All tie wealth this world could hold. Ticklish trick of hindus. Feat of bag and Spears one of great est of magicians Art requiring rare skill. The feat known As the bag an Spear trick ha5 been considered one of the greatest of the hindu magicians Art. In this trick the hindu Fakir has his assistant in Quot a sack and then tinkerer Moniou sly hurls his helpless victim to the ground without a sign of warning the Fakir drives his Spear through the Center of the bag r. After withdrawing his weapon the Fakir stands and gazes dreamily Over the Heads of the spectators. The body within the bag flounders about As a in mortal agony. At last when the occupant is apparently Deao the Fakir again a plunges his Spear into Quot the motionless body the same antics Are repeated. Then the Fakir releases his attendant uninjured from the bag. A although the trick is performed with All the carelessness imaginable it Calls for note patience skill and exactness than any of tho so called Black Art achievements. From the time the attendant enters the bag both Akir Aud assistant count every breath they Talce. When a stated number of breaths have been taken the Fakir makes Lus thrust and the occupant of the bag is prepared to avoid it. Then the count begins again and at the proper time the Spear. Is driven to Ira ugly the has a second time. In order to evade the Spear and make it appear to pass through his body the assistant doubles up in As Small a form As possible. His legs Are drawn up close with. The Chip resting upon the Knees and. The arms folded round the lower Llinus across the shins. When in this position at the fiftieth breath the Pear passes under the attendants arms. The slightest miscalculation by either the Fakir or his mean a serious if not a mortal wound for Rone and an unheard of disgrace for the other. The Fakir and his attendant Are Able to time themselves to breathe in perfect unison. Find states named hero. Mrs. Wippl let Ida Hoe to the Girden nor Della a Wear Carolinas new Jersey because. She a Aid it a Fth you to go Riding with the other girls. Miss our Rode Island. Virginia said Quot ill mount Tana a a but Georgia said Quot ill stay Home. So i can Sasa Thoy had a Raco up the main Road but let Mary land a i inner. A. All interested in poodle Mark Twain unnoticed by new York Cro Ltd which was watching tick dog. The Sido Walka of the Avenue were thronged. .1 moving at a leisurely Pace a continue nos Stream of pedestrians threw a brilliants ribbon of Dolor As far a the Eyo could Veach at forty fourth Street a at the most crowded hour,1 a Small knot of persons had of Quot a How did you act when a he proposed a Quot i Sank gracefully on one knee Quot a How ridiculous. What in the world did you sink on your knee for to. Quot on his lease not Redd they Tell we some of the intense stick in Tibet costs from one to two dollars apiece. Greene of they Are troubled with the gasoline smell Over there too Ere they a Yonkers statesman. Gathered obviously intent upon. The same object. A woman who was just behind the group observed tho cause of this Little gathering As she supposed and turning to Hei companion a to How she said. A see there is a Mark Twain waiting for a bub and so Many have stopped. To ionic at him he has his Back to them amp and does no to know a thing about it quite a tribute Isnit it Quot wants to try eem a a looks mighty queer a v Quot what does a a. Quot Germany has been building some guns for destroying airships and now she has invited the Wright Brothers to come Over there and Fly a b �j0fptpmeni her m a to hers a there has been a new favor accorded to Patent leather and Many of the smartest new bags for practical use Are in this leather. It does not Wear so Well As Many other Black leathers but it has a brightness foreign to any of the other leathers save Morocco a Youthful air Andri made up in attractive Quot shape wet a lining of some Gay color it certainly deserves popularity even if it does show Wear rather quickly. A the Patent leather bags Are in almost every Case moire effective than any of the other leathers. The details of the bags give them individuality even when shapes vary Little and the last word seems to have been said in the matter of fittings. V for luncheon downtown there is a smaller bag also used for matinee purpose containing the indispensable vanity equipment Mirror powder puff or cloth and possibly other items. It May have the Little opera glasses and fan too. A for visits a Flat envelope bag or Small handsome bag with handle is the thing if one carries anything in leather a purse or bag of netted Gold Silver or gunmetal is often preferred but it should be Large enough to hold cards As Well As handkerchief and if one is travelling by car a Small change purse. Lizard Akin is considered a Good skin for Dressy occasions but the leather workers Are so Clever in their use Oft yes Tiow that one May have a bag to match almost any costume. The very Pale biscuit and Gray tones and. White Are used for Beautiful purses and Small bags often Gold mounted and having precious stones set in their clasp. A new shape As shown by one Well known leather goods firm shows a succession of overlapping flaps enclosing separate pockets. This Model has taken extremely Well. Another Well liked Model has its original note in the smooth Plain mounting of. Metal curving downward slightly in the Middle and in the Plain Metal handle which terns a continuation of the mounting., a from this same shop a comes a bag with right Angle double handle of leather beneath which the bag is Cut Down a Little the sides being left higher a a a he Flap of a Small change compartment buttons Down on the outside of the bag. Proper ser vice e the Young housekeeper setting up her own establishment sometimes finds it difficult to instruct the maid who serves the family meals to do the work noiselessly. Acid properly. Perhaps the first principle to learn is that everything should be handed to the left Side of the person who is sitting which enables them to serve themselves easily with the right. In laying the table one must have an Eye to preserving balance with everything that is put on. That is if a Salt cellar is placed at one Side there must be another in the corresponding place on the other. A Fern or a dish of Fri t or even an empty dish if it is a pretty one must la Lwy is be placed in the very Center. Around that Are the. Extra Forks and spoofs As attractive As you can arrange front of the places of persons who Are to be seated there must be a plate. The Inife is put at the right Side and the Forks at the left the Tine s pointing up. If there is a a up spoon it goes beside the knife the Oyster Fork also is next to the spoon and knife but that for oysters is the Only Fork that is placed it the right. All the others go to the left. Of More Thlin on is required As for salad after the meal the larger Fork goes next to the plate. Spoons for dessert whether they Are Large or Small Are Over the plate that is Are across the top. The Napkin a should be folded with two Points under and Laid in the plate a Square of bread being tucked away in it if the meal is dinner. Item housekeepers have More Quot than the roast on the table the so Days vegetables being at the Side table from which they Are handed by the. Maid who returns them there after each person has been served. If they Are to be kept on tho table one would be at one Side another at the other Side of tie meat or two dishes Jig lit to put at the foot of the table. That is a matter of individual preference a which each housekeeper decides. A a a ,. The maid serving should Wear Small White Cap and a big apron with bib and straps Over the shoulders and crossing at the Back. Quiet in the. Dining room is a filing that must to striven for by the maid. A noisy person is an abomination and of dishes and clash of Silver should not be permitted. Neat Candle Shade design for Candle Shade with one fourth pattern. His fault. 1 Quot Jim has All tho qualities that go to make a g Ood v Quot All but ,. 1 a a what a that Quot a life wont ask anybody to la manner of fairs Bazars and Layn parties Are being held for one purpose or another and those in charge Are on the Lookout for things both novel and useful. Attractive Candle shades fill the Bill admirably As they prove ready Sellers. One of the most effective and at the same time inexpensive variety of shades is made on a Frame of heavy Waterproof paper painted Black with a thin paper such As japanese Rice paper or ver thin water color paper painted in Beautiful Bright colors and a fled in India Ink to give tho effect of leaded Quot it is very simple to make and charming when finished and lighted. 7 the design for a round Candle Shade is Given and one fourth of. The pattern Given is merely repeated four times with a half Inch seam at each end to be. Turned in at right angles to the Slade and fastened with brads. Another Way to finish is to leave a Flap on one Side Only Aud glue the other Side Over it. A Strong glue must be used mucilage or photograph paste will not do. Tho first step la to Trace the Patten on the heavy water color paper by Means of Carbon paper then paint it Black and Cut it out. The Frame will then Jook like the Small diagram in the upper right hand Corner a of a the sketch. Next the be traced and painted in water color using. These Colora Clouds whte sky Light Cobalt Blue water Darker Blue Trees Green land in foreground a Shade Darker Greet Bills in Middle distance yellow Green Hills in distance Violet Castle medium Gray with roofs in soft old Terra Cotta windows purple Bridge Darker Gray than Castle underneath part of Bridge purple Flection of Bridge la water reflection of Clouds in water the paint in perfectly dry go Over All the lines with India in and a coarse pen the panels Are i now ready to it glue into the Frame. The tiny thumb sketch in the upper left Hapij Corner of the Cut shows the completed Shade. Of jct i to came pm of of the remarkable achievements of our Bister american republics in irrigation and reclamation demonstrate forcibly the importance and Progress of these nations. Their far reaching work both past and present in this line of material development of their vast areas and limitless resources astonishes the average Man and is Little appreciated throughout the United states. What they have done Are doing and to do rival the most ambitious schemes of this country and make us Admire their Enterprise and Energy. If the irrigation expert of the United states were to visit and inspect the principal reclamation works Between Mexico on the North and Argentina on the far South he would return not Only with new and valuable would be helpful in extending a the work he re but with for the possibilities of our latin american neighbors that would do much to Foster closer relations of Commerce and comity said John Barrett director of the International Bureau of the american Republic sin an address before the National irrigation Congress at Albuquerque n. I -. A a a a a a a 7 irrigation in latin America is no new problem. Iii fact there Are to be found to Day evidences of great irrigating canals and systems built by the aztecs of Mexico and the in Cas of Peru Long before the Spanish Conquest and Eyen the discovery of America. A few facts illustrative of what they had accomplished in the line of irrigation before Europe invade the new world May be of interest. The student of the problem of irrigation will find abundant material in Mexico. Peru and the Argen Tine Republic to prove the beneficial work done by these Early Peoples. Let us look for a moment at Peru. The incas. The peruvian aborigines were thorough agriculturists and although much of the country along the Seao coast suffered from want it if water As Little or no rain Feir there Many places were capable of being reclaimed and indeed needed Only to be properly irrigated to is susceptible of extraordinary products ohm to these spots water was conveyed by Means of canals and a Subterran Ous aqueducts executed on a Noble scale. They consisted of Large slabs of Freestone. Nicely fitted together without Cement and discharged a volume of water sufficient by Means of latent ducts or sluices to moisten the lands in the lower lever through which they passed. A. Some of these aqueducts were of great length. One that traversed the District of cond Suvo measured Between four and five Hundred Miles. They were brought from some elevated Lake or natural Reservoir in the heart of the mountains and were fed at intervals by other. Basins which Lay in their route along the slope of the sierras. In this descent a passage was sometimes to by opt net through Rock without the a Aid of Iron tools impracticable mountains were to be turned Rivers arid marshes to be a crossed in Short the same obstacles we re to be encountered As in the construction of their nighty roads. Near Catamarca a Tunnel is stir visible which they excavated in the mountains to give an outlet to the Waters of a Lake. Most of these Beneficent works of the incas were buffeted to go to decay by their Spanish conquerors. In some spots the Waters Are still left to flow in their silent Subterran Ous. Channels whose windings and Whoso sources have been alike unexplored. Others thou Ger partially dilapidated and cios a up with rubbish still be a tray their course. Such remains Arefi a id in the Valley of Nasca where the ancient water courses of the in Cas measuring four or five feet in depth by three in Width and formed of Large blocks of. Una Ementi a Asony Are conducted from an Uri known source. A coming to the Northern continent we find again marvelous evidences of reclamation work. T to aztecs had a most Complete. Id Well Era rigid system of irrigation. They a ibid water from the Mountain streams and had a knowledge of Dike building they surround.ed their Fields with Hedges. A a of Stone and directed in Nav a through them they showed Aiso Gopd-.judff-1 ment in the management of Timeir ground. When it was exhausted it was permitted to fallow and its extra me dryness was relieved by Caria la with which the land was irrigated. Around the City of m0x�oc9 the District was Check ered with patches of Indian Corn and plantations of Cacao which required constant it a but what is latin a a inert cd i doing to Day to solve this Gre it problem which is attracting the attention of the entire world surely it is making great strides in this As in All other directions. So me of there. Public Are so a fortunately situated that the problem of irrigation is no yet a necessary ohm. Because their a areas Are Well blessed with Abu Ridant streams and sufficient rainfall. For the present thar needs Are filly met by the natural water Supply of the. Cultivated Fields v the questions of great costly irrigating schemes Hava not come immediately before them. The rapid Progress these countries Are a making however and the steady increase in population wiil undoubtedly necessitate the same consid ration of this problem which we Are today giving it in. The United states the great majority of our sister nations Are a reaching practical solutions of the demands of the agriculturists. Other countries like Uruguay and Paraguay Are so Well watered that there has been no great Call for artificial irrigation. It in the Mountain countries however the rainfall May be great but the valleys sometimes need water during the dry season _ and consequently the problem of or it a ligation becomes a practical one. In Ecuador the minister of the Interior and Public Wirka is very Active in encouraging All plans for the Extension of modern agricultural meth ods wherever applicable. The water Supply of the cities at present a vital problem is receiving particular attention but hand in hand with this goes a the use of water tor irrigation Pur posts and careful study is Given to the latter As Well As to the former near Quito new Drain and irrigation pipes have been Laid at considerable expense and. In the province of a Tel Oroz noticeable Progress has been made on the Rivers Calu buro Buena Vista and pita., by doing too much for their children parents make themselves incs Cable of doing much for themselves
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