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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - August 10, 1907, Galveston, Texas a a ��1 i 4 it 4 a a Roien Bare Library a for a Quarter of a Century thu opera grass has worked in the interest of the sea Wail City. V is i Khz the sea Wall the Grade raising and the opera Glass will make Galves a a ton the South a j largest Best City and port. Established 1879galveston, Texas. Saturday aug 10, 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. Ii the first boat builder. Some Intel bating Facto concerning a a a common insect. Would you believe Liat it was our constant and Moat effect donate Friend the most ult who built the. First boat of ten on a pools you. May see a tiny soot Black Bargo floating about. This in Ili Loil with Noat Vrono of eggs. No matter How wild a storm rages the queer boat. The Little boat tossed and tumbled from Side to Aldo will never sink. In a few Days out of it come quantities of wigglers hungry As wolves. They feat on the scum and minute Vega Talon that covers the Pool and in a week or two from each a wriggle emerges Mosquito. At first. Their wings Are wet and closely folded. So each Mosquito uses his larval skin for the Mosquito. A fairy boat to float about in while he airs Ned dries his wings but As soon As. He is Able offy of he goes to lunch upon you or me or the first person he can spy a Cincinnati in. A Quot. 1 three Brave Little ones. One summer evening two boys and a girl who were rowing off sea View in the Isle of Wight were horrified to see a Man slip on the Slimy Green a weeds on the Landing stage and fall into the water just As the South sea Steamer was leaving. Grown up people Aje famous for losing their Heads in the presence of sudden danger but these Young children kept Thelma pulling to the spot As fast As they could they soon came up with the Man and let him seize hold of the boat but in order to. Prevent him a from capsizing it they got him to work himself to the Stern. Free a equal. A picture Puzzle. Cut Dong cnally and place so As to Multi a compote Pula , on Street in wife a Kimono. Peoria 111.�?peter a. Weast a Mil Llo Uuro distiller of Peoria the other afternoon promenade eight bloc los through the business streets in this City Clad Only in his wife a it Mono und a pair of japanese slippers. At the end of Hub journey lip received one Dollar the amount of a War Jirado by James brow i. A for lord who bet him this amount that he would Slot a rear the Flimsy. Garment from his Oll co to the cleaning establishment Liere his wife had asked him to deliver it. Finance. Quo the agreeable visitor says judge. Smiled upon the son of the House and said a a a v a. A Willie. If you recite thut Joem your Mother taught you. Ill give you it . Quot not Likely i can get a Nickel anywhere for reciting it Quot Willie replied. Busy girls of Italy. The italian women Are industrious. Even while a walking along the Street the roman girls Are busily engaged in. Knitting. Story of a a cow that belonged to a Little girl Long ago. Debbie lived Ling Long ago when the colonists were taking a firm stand for. Frei Dom. Juver since the by wild was born the War of had been re Felong and when Only a wee Maiden her Stout Little heart beat furiously when she heard the Story of the famous Quot Boston in a the following year when England shut up the Harbor of Boston her eyes flashed Are and she then resolved to stand close to her country and her people. Hor brother John had been shot dead at the Battle of Bunker Hill and Debbie wept hot tears in her coarse Homespun apron but she dried them in a sort of strange Delight when brother Tom buckled on his sword and followed George Washington to the War. When Debbie had been eight years old two very important events happened. One was the signing of the declaration of Independence and the other Vas the birth of a calf in her father s barn. The calf she named Quot free in Effual and the animal grew up to deserve to name. Free n equal was Debbie s Only playmate As there were no other he Loren within six Miles of her Home Pebble confided All her secret to this favorite and even consulted soon after Tom died during that awful Winter at Valley forge am then Debbie robbed her grief in free a equals sympathetic ear. Her father and her remaining Brothers went to join the army. The cows Low Quot too of plainly said to the girl a i m very sad Over your misfortunes a and then the girl Shook her head proudly brushed away her tears and exclaimed a a in la take care of Mother the britishers soon surrounded the Smith Home i and Debbie and her Mother lived a poor lonely and desperate life in their midst. One Day when the child returned Home with a bundle of Sticks on her Back for the Days cooking Hor. Mother met her at the door and said a Debbie they have driven Oft a a they Quot gasped the girl. ,.�?��?~who?�?T a the British soldiers. They tied a rope around her horns and drove her into .-camp.�?�. A a a a a Debbie uttered a cry and darted from the House and rank the yellow sunbonnet Back on her shoulders and her Brown curls covered with dust ran Miles until she reached lord Cornwallis Headquarters. Without waiting for permission she. Passed sentinels and All and walked into the room where Cornwallis and some of his men sat eating and drinking. A a in a Debbie Smith and 1 came to get free in equal a a who May that person be a a inquired the general. A my cow. They carried her Quot who Are you and where do you live Quot v a a in a Debbie Smith. I live three Miles from Here and a a your father a a a he a in Gen. Gates army or. a ooh he is a rebel is he a. Quot yes answered Debbie a proudly. A and so. Are my a rank rebels and yet you come Here sur your cow. Is she a rebel too a. Quot if she had less Horn and two less legs i have no doubt shed be a red hot one.�?�. A a. Lord Cornwallis laughed loud and Long then he said a come Here my Little maid. I myself will see that you get your cow Back Safe. Andi perhaps a he added unfasten ing a pair of Silver knee buckles which he wore a perhaps you will accept these from one who wishes no harm to these rebels.�?�. Then Lui arose and holding High his Glass he said Quot Here a to Tiro health of As fair a Little rebel a we shall meet and god bless her Quot she dropped a Courtesy clasped her gift to her heart and ran Home glad to have her free in equal All her own again. Athe greedy boy. The night after the feast. She was indignant a Little girl came Home flushed with indignation because she had been Quot kept Lite to Correct her examples. A a a Mamma ill never speak to Jeanie Smith again As Long As i live a she exclaimed. A Why what has a Tranle done to deserve , a be cause Well because i copied All her Arlthon amp tic and every sum of hers was Shakespeare at the seashore. Stellar what was the summer resort like Bella a Hamlet with Romeo left . Y. Sun. A Maude Fealy saw Lula. Conductor stopped train but actress did no to want to get off because the curiosity of an actress delayed a a belated Southern train there Are some conductors South of the Mason and Dixie line who Are watching carefully for miss Maude Fealy says the Bohemian. Recently miss Fealy appeared in Memphis her Birthplace and following her engager ment there the company was booked for Greenville "miss., it seems that a. Small town named Lulu was the Home of her father before lie becama.post-master1 at Memphis and miss Fealy wanted to see it. So when the train left Memphis she asked the conductor to let her know when they reached the station then she settled Down to enjoy the panoramic View of the shortly before noon the. Train was suddenly stopped at what looked like a very a Well conducted farm but what on closer inspection became a Railroad station. Just As miss Fealy discovered the name of Lulu on the door of the depot the conductors voice was heard through foil or five cars crying out the name. Then the cry was taken up by the brakeman until the length and breadth of the train echoed with the word. But no passenger made any attempt to leave. The conductors anger became something Akin to rage when he saw miss Fealy calmly surveying the surrounding country and her fathers former abode with marked though Calm attention. Lulu a cried the conductor almost in her ear. A Lulu a shrieked the brakeman outside her window. I a yes a said miss Fealy a i see the dime of the stator. How Long do we Stop Here Quot Quot Stop a asked the conductor a we done to Stop Here. This ,1s Only a Flag station and we be stopped five minute already. How Long do a you expect us to wait for you to get off a of. But i done to want to get Oft a said miss Fealy. A i just wanted to see the town in which my father Quot but the conductor did not wait for the rest of the explanation. He pulled the rope to signal the of Glne a and added another burning chapter to the report of belated conductors. Feuds of actors. Some instances of disagreements among thespians. During a recent performance of a the parisian Model Quot Anna held the Atar and Charles Bigelow the leading comedian quarrelled after the a Pond act. The result Quot of the disagreement was. Itiat hot appear in the third act. The Shubert had engaged him mias held was put out be cause a had decided to leave her company. Dur Las the last performances that George st. Cohan and Ethel Levey his wife gave before she divorced him each of them waa especially careful to preserve a an appearance of Complete cordiality. Many of Ali eur friends knew that a crisis in the form of divorce proceedings was coming but As they played lovers on the stage they save better performances in those Roies rather than. Take chances of ruining the performance by la to Tang the audiences see How they really stood toward each other. The Astor place riots some of the bloodiest that Ever stained tiie streets of new York grew directly out of the troubles which Forrest to american tragedian had with macready., the English actor. Forrest also trouble with Charles Kean another English actor who was contemporary with him. Macready claimed that. Forrest had hissed him from a Box and Forrest in turn charged that Macready Lead hissed me of these actor feuds have bad serious endings. William Terriss. For instance that Fine Quot actor who gave Henry Irving such Fine support was murdered at. The stage door of a London theater by a crazed actor who had Broo ded so. Long upon what he conceived to have been unjust treatment received from Terriss that at length his mind gave Way and lie slew the other player. Bigelow who has just figured in the Anna held figured also in some incidents at the old Weber amp Fields music Hall. When miss held went to Weber amp Fields it was stipulated in her contract t Hai Bigelow should accompany her. She Felt that she could play her scenes better if she played them with a comedian who was accustomed to her method. Peter Dailey and the other nimble witted members of the Wober Fieldian aggregation had no disposition to let Bigelow in easily. On his first appearance they met him with a storm of Impromptu Side. Play that threw him off his Mansfield who makes convincing a love on the stage and who upon occasion at suppers Rafter the theater has entertained whole companies for a Quarter of an hour merely by repeating the a i love you a in different languages and with varying expression has had Many severe quarrels with those actresses with whom he has played love scenes. Two melancholy spectacles. Nothing except a Hattle. be half so As a Wellington. A gossip of the stage. Miss Grace George is to return to London next Spring under the joint management of Charles Frohm Anand William a. Brady among the plays in which she will be seen is the one Sardou has just finished for mme. Re Jim. E ,. Lionel Barrymore who was forced by ill health to retire from the stage a two years ago just after he had won a marked Success As the Young pugilist in Augustus Thomas comedy a a the other girl Quot is in Paris at present studying Art. It is said he is particularly interested in the american Indian find that to Hopes to make some studies from life when he returns to this country. Interesting bits of news picked up Here and there at the National capital Washington to his hired help Uncle Sam is generous to a degree going Down into his Wallet to the extent of something like $3,000,0uu annually to give them a 30-days�?T Outing at the seashore or in the mountains. Tiibi sum is for the army of employees in Washington alone and does not include the thousands of others who Are on duty and on the payrolls throughout his vast Domain and in foreign countries. Liberal lawmakers decided that ten months each year was Long enough for employees to work and that 30 Days for annual leave. At first this Law Wab for the of Licals and clerks Only and did not include printers Pressman and Navy Yard workmen. Eventually these were Given 15 Days annual leave and finally through hard an persistent efforts the full 30 Days. No sick leave however has Ever been granted them and strange As it May appear they seem to be the Healthiest class of government workers. The government printing office the Bureau of engraving and printing and the Navy Yard Are not classed As Quot hospitals for invalids Quot As the Treasury and other departments Are termed. Not getting pay for being sick those not entitled to such leave manage to remain in extraordinarily Good health and perform their duties with great regularity. So badly abused has been the sick leave Pray allege that at the last session of Congress Wii at appeare/1 to to a determined Effort was made to repeal the Law but the matter was permitted to go Over giving the keep commission and other reformers an Opportunity to make further investigation and secure facts and figures. If one is to judge by the policy of retrenchment and Reform so strenuously carried out by the present administration it is entirely Safe to assert that sick leave will not be Ono of the pickups now enjoyed by government workers after the next session of Congress. There ate in Washington about 31,-, 000 employees of Uncle Sam. The Sal Ary and wages paid will aver $1,200 each male and female. This gives to each individual employee ?100 leave Money and is ready on Call for officials and Perl is any time during the Calendar year but employees of the class stated Are not entitled to leave until the beginning of the fiscal year a july 1. Wilson bars women As pro vate secretaries hereafter Quot women clerks of the department of agriculture will not be permitted to act As private secretaries or confidential clerks for male chiefs of divisions or bureaus. A Sedi chary Wilson has no prejudice against them but be deems it due to them that not one of them be required to perform services that will bring her into such relations with her chief As to enable Evel minded persons to do any gossiping. He considers a it better for the Good name of the women employees in the departmental service to make a Rule that men chiefs of division shall have men is private secretaries or confidential clerks. The fact that the Secretary had prescribed such a Rule for his own guidance has become known recently through his refusal to1 permit a woman stenographer to be detailed As clerk the Flag that floated Over fort Mchenry during the bombardment by the British on the night of september 13, 1814, and a which inspired Francis Scott key when he1 saw it still floating Over the ramparts at Sunrise the next morning to write the a Star spangled Banner Quot is now Lipori exhibition in the Hall of history at the smithsonian Flag which is about 28x30 feet has been loaned to. The institution by or. Eben Appleton of new York for two years upon the personal sol Lelta tin of or Charles d Walcott secret tary of the institution. As the Flag lies draped in the Glass cabe Only one of the Large stars is visible. It is backed by Canvas stated to have been to a chief of Bureau. He is perfectly willing to have the stenographers take dictation from the chiefs of bureaus but he will not allow them to lie detail Etc to. Fill positions the duties of which might require them to remain after the working hours or to go to the Homes of the chiefs to finish work outside of offic hours. Two years ago when there was a a scandal in the department the woman who performed the duties of private Secretary for a Bureau chief for several years was brought into a notoriety altogether displeasing to the Secretary. A majority of the men chiefs do no6 want women in such positions but1 occasionally one i coxes along who Psi so Well pleased with the work done by a particular clerk that he asks to have her promoted and made private Secre. Tary. Requests of that kind Are being refused. Banner that inspired song is now on View placed Quot thiere by ithe. Late Admiral Preble formerly stationed at the Boston Pavy Yard. As Little of the Flag can be seen in its present resting place it is the purpose of the of Licals of the institution to drape it upon one of the Wall of the Hall of history where it can be plainly viewed by the visitors to the building. According to j. A. Taylor of the United states coast and geodetic Survey col. Armstead who commanded fort Mchenry during the bombardment by the British Fleet took the Flag after the rain of shot and Shell had ceased and had it conveyed to his Headquarters. He later gave it to his Mother who was a sister of or Taylor s great great grandma tier. Ethel Roosevelt will have Gay coming out when miss Ethel Roosevelt makes her formal Bow to society at the White House next Winter Washington will see the first of a series of entertainments such As have not been held since the Days of Nellie grand True the social career of mrs. Nicholas Longworth As Alice Roosevelt a was marked by Many notable affairs in Washington but with the exception of a few Small dinners t which were Given for her shortly before she was married there was Only one Quot a Ajege entertainment at the White House which was strictly for Alice and that was her coming out Ball. Whether the continuous Shower of attentions from her friends and society generally precluded miss. Alice from having of her own was never made Clear miss Ethel s first season As a society girl will be notable. According to the present plans which Are being discussed n Brilliant Ball will to Given for miss Ethel next january. A she will leave the National Cathedral school after the Christmas holidays. Miss Ethel is very anxious to make he debut while her father is president. The debut Ball will be Given Jim Tho East room and will be. Planned on an even More elaborate scale than the one which the president and mrs. Roosevelt gave for Misa Alice. It will bring together the most exclusive Young people in. New York Boston. Philadelphia and Washington and will Mark the opening of the gayest season the White House has known since president Roosevelt assumed the reins of office
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