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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Apr 24 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - April 24, 1909, Galveston, Texas For a ajar the of a Century the opera s gi/a8s has worked a in the interns it p amp a Quot the Sisa a wait City. I a a. A a a 4 l,<l8ttmi,tt�s"s"fr�?T8�4< >4>l�tim&rtfri8>4im 3� Rosenberg la Fay 0 \. A i the sea Waw the Grade raising and / the opera i Assi y Wili make galye8 f ton the a Outha a t i largest Best City Ani port. A a Quot a a a a a a a i cd i a a established 1s70. , Texas sat urday april 04, 1009. Yol. Xxx. No. 41. Why the Goat bucked. He did not like his Monkey rider or the pin either. A Tod had already Given him a name and what More natural than to Call. Him. Or Moi Loly a that Bong tho name which is gluon to their Mon toys by fully half the showmen of Egypt a Jar Tea Bradley oilman in St. Nelch a Ohio. The Story tells of an american boy who goes to Egypt and is captured. And hold by a band of outlaws in desert Gorge. An injured Monkey oom Siinto the bandits Camp and the friendless boy captive dresses its wounds baptizes it or. Malloly and finds its Alucs amusing. A so or. Malloly recovered and his spirits and with this recovery his love of mischief returned. Ono of. His first feats was to leap upon the Back of a Goat and ride him furiously around the Camp. This was diverting to his Young master and he. Wondered at the animation shown by the Goat As soon As or. Malloly mounted his Back but this sudden activity was explained when he discovered that or. Malloly. Had obtained a pin and while he. Was seated in solemn silence on the boat s Back he was industriously sticking the pin into the poor creature who naturally responded with frantic leaps and great bursts of Speed to the profound satisfaction of his impish rider. It was probably a trick which the Monkey had Learned a during his wandering career with his master the showman for Many of these men have. Performing dogs As Well As monkeys and cobras and the Monkey usually travels about seated on the dog s a a Home made toy. A fun with a tee totem or four sided a a a a top. A a neat top or rather a tee totem no it is properly called is made by buying the largest size Button Mold that can be a obtained in.,. T h1e shops and through Tizie Center hole1 placing a rounded stick similar to a match stick with two thirds of the stick above the wooden butt o n a and the. Other third below. This top is spun with the Pointer on and thumb. A Good game can to played with three of these Home made tops. Paint each top a different color an the three players then spin their tops at. The same time in tho Center of a smooth Board the tops will strike against each other with Force causing one or More tops to Stop spinning. The player whose Champion Dies nearest he Conter wins the same. A 8mall boys plaint t eat and thought a Liilo to Day when Thero was nothing new to play. The hardest age a Hoy can be is Whon lies five Yohara old Llomo How a most too old for baby a toys too Young for Jacklyn Lvcas like big boys. And l Iio Nusha for skates or gun he s lots too Small ouch rough full then if to bats and Kats and tries to grow real tall lies Jii lit the also to Weir the clothes ills Woro when howrah a Lxi two yearn before. Id Altce. To think perhaps bomb time that i could Sii oot and run and climb. And skate and a Lido and then if i should fall not be too old to cry a Louise Hunter Lowe in Detroit Freo press. A the Domino Bridge. Bit of architectural construction for the amusement of the children. To by wild a Bridge of this kind you must begin by placing six dominoes that bad bad boy. This moral no when i went to school i got my a pimples wrong. When teacher says a git in and sins Quot i slug the song. E i was glut Lnu mad and Quot madder. A a or the Fellers laughed at to. And i just can to stand their go Gaglos. Ana x wont i wont a Geel this afternoon teacher says to me a a Noblr John kit up und lays 1 tho Only word 1 know to he double .1.�?�. A a judge. Fig 1.�?the Domino Bridge. Flat on the table and four upright a in Fig. 2. A a take care to make a close joint and to keep every piece exactly in line and Center. Then Lay the pieces in the order numbered keeping each Side equally advanced till they meet in the Middle. The dominoes in the base May now be elevated to the higher positions. First cautiously remove the Fiir Center ones and then the Side ones referring to Fig. 1 to see How to place v. Lastly the whole is a to. Be capped by the two outer uprights and the Structure should be so beautifully balanced that. They May to gently Slid from under and Laid Side by Side on the very top. The. Bridge should be built of the Ordinary dominoes As expensive ones. Fig. 2,--method of construction. Are Apt to have a projecting Point on tho face. -. Again those immigrants. A Little Eleanor smother was an Quot Ari Merican while her father was a German a one Day after Eleanor had been subjected to rather severe disciplinary measures at the hands of her paternal ancestor she called he Mother into another room closed the door significantly and said. Quot Mother i done to want to meddle in your business but i wish you d Send a that husband of yours Back to a Lite. Police fear noiseless gun watches have been Long in use watches Wero first. Constructed in 147c. V i it it 0>i-Ovovoyov&Lt&Gtvovovo&Gt of it it Voz it it Volvo noise might attract rescuers but this Maxim invention removes this. Fear. A no doubt special Laws will be passed by the different. States to meet this new Aid to secret assassination. Quot that the device will become a great menace to Law and order when a placed in the hands of desperate revolutionists like those who for years terrorized russian of Lucial circles there can be Little doubt. Much of restraint Hap been. Exercised Over them by the knowledge that immediate detection Aind death would Likely follow the discharge of firearms or. Explosives. With this Check removed there is no telling to what length the Blind rage. Of such. Insensate enemies of society ill a Var Maxim hastens to rests Rufe the Public that the Silencer will not a give absolute. Noise estness Anil thak though the., noise of the explosion. Is absent the cock of the Hunet tvs it pierces the air remains. He says a it has been demonstrated that when a Bullet travels at the rate of 1,200 feet of Over per second it makes a crack a As it tears through the air that la perceptible for of Olpin 800 see immense possibilities for evil in the recent invention of Maxim. Of the possibilities for evil possessed by that latent Maxim invention the noiseless gun the army and Navy journal remarks Quot the 1 Contention of the cynic that evil is As Quick Toi Avail itself of tho discoveries of science a Good seems to to borne outlay the action of the Pittsburg police who have decided that any person found carrying a Maxim gun Silencer will be severely dealt with. The chief of police of that City is quoted As saying that the use of the Silencer will prove disastrous to the peace of every City unless the ,mq3t severe precautions against its use Are taken. With a Silencer attached to Bis gun a thug or Quot murderer could stand 100 feet away from his victim a Hoot him and then make his escape without fear of detection. Before the Silencer came into use highwaymen feared the risk of shooting for the miss May Buckley. A Wolm 1 a a t x f j a it r it k a a a 4 a a it join by Moffett btudlo.chcfcs�. Now appearing with Dustin Farn urn in Quot Cameo Kirby Quot at the Stude Baker theater Chicago. The play is the work of Booth Tarkington and Harry Leon Wilson authors of Quot the Man from mlis Buckley is very popular with theatregoers. The Story of a string. Barrymore and John Drew Charlie Case Well known on Vaudo vile stage tells How it became part of his act chatline Case is known As a tho Man who talks with a string a for the most important Factor in or. Case s monologue is the string lie toys with. Asked for. The. True Story about that etring in Case said a it began in this Way. When i first went into the business i used to Wear a pair of Black gloves and during my talk carelessly toyed with one of them picking at the fingers. In the course of time naturally a Hole appeared in one. Of the fingers and As i continued to. Work with it it grew and. Instead of getting a new Glove when it became to Wear any linger j took it off and Lilai Kent a a my Hapij. Carrying the Glove at which i still continued to pick. A now in a few months this Glove had become Lite More than a. Rag and after a while All that was left of it was a string and this too in time wore out. But x had begun to repeat my circuit and i noticed that tho audience were commenting upon this peculiarity a so when the last a thread of. The Glove had disappeared i got a string in its place i also Learned that x had become so accustomed to it that i get along without it and now i might almost As Well he without my hands. A one night not Long ago i mislaid it Isoif Ethero and when i got before the people i. Actually did no to know How to act. I put my hands first in one pocket then in the other and they seemed awfully in the. Way but. Yet i did no to have to. Turn and walk off the stage As has been reported though my talk did not go As Well As usual. There was something missing it was the joke on m. Barrie. In a. Letter lately received from Charles Frohman who is now in. London is Glyen the latest acid Best instances of the playwright to m. Barriers aversion to hero worship. It seems that in enthusiastic admirer of Barrio placed himself in ambush near the stage door fully determined to get a sight of him . Jsmie comedy a a what every. Woman know a was being played it the Duke of Yorkus theater. Quot for about two hours he waited patiently when an acquaintance came along and asked him if he had been successful. No a was the reply. carefully hut Only one of the stage hands a Little Man in a shabby Byor suit and an old Golf hat has left the a fhe a a shabby Little Many Wab bar re. V 1 1 a Odd fancies of players. David Garrick to would not permit any one of his company to whistle on the stage believing it was an Omen of ill Luck. A t uncles witty reply to the a touch Inge Story of his Bohemian a Nephew. The a a touching Story of John Drew and his to Jelnian Nephew Jack Harr Raymore is on its Way around the news papers again. Young Barrymore was returning from a tour of Australia and stopped in san Francisco just in time to meet the earthquake Jack lost everything but his clothes and just As soon As he could get to a place where he could write a letter be directed one to John Drew making it rather Strong a dear Uncle who wrote a i am up against it in , and anything you can Send me will be greatly appreciated. I was asleep when the earthquake arrived and was thrown Clear across the room into a Bathtub filled with water. The Shock aroused me and after dodging a few falling Walls i managed to reach the Street still Clad in my pajamas., when i reached the Street. I was met by two Bollers who immediately put me to work Clearing the debris. You can see that i am up against it and i shall Awili an Early when Barrymore received his Uncle a reply he found it to be both Short anti Sweet. It ran As follows a dear Jack i always knew it would take an unnatural convulsion of the Earth to make you take a Bath and i was also sure that it would take a the United states army to put you to but the Ietter contained a Money order. Plays and players. Andrew Mack intends to go into vaudeville. Alice Fisher is to appear in vaudeville Iha condensed version of a Cap Tain Nell Burgess is playing a condensed version Quot of a the county fair in vaudeville. A miss Alma Cruger is to have an important role in a a the Whirlpool Quot a play by Maximilian Foster which is to be produced in Washington soon. A Griselda is the title of the new drama by Gebhardt Hauptmann which is to be published shortly. William Colliery so Ondon appearance in a the Patriot Quot will be made at the Duke of York s theater this Spring it \ May Irwin says she will turn her Home on thousand islands into a summer hotel and conduct it herself next summer. Harry b. Harris has accepted a new comedy written by Mellet Chambers. It is described As dealing with american life. / miss Mary Roland a in John Drew a company during the Paat. Season was formerly leading lady in Robert Ede songs company. V a honors Are easy a a new play in three acts by Kryle Bellew is mentioned in the recent copyright announcements from Washington. R a or the gown at the Lefroi of Lilac tulle made up Over White Liberty. Tho Low neck of the Corsage is bordered with a Ruche of. Tulle lined with a soft Silver ribbon a similar Ruche but wider Fornols the skirt trimming. The Little tii kor is of White mousse line de sole. The Scarf is of the same starting at the left Side of the Girdle and fastening at the right shoulder. Tho Othet end is fastened at the left shoulder and again at the Waist with a paste buckle. A the wide Corse let Girdle is of Lilac Liberty. On the front of the Corsage is a Shower bouquet of Pink roses. A. The other gown is of Black tulle embroidered with it morals trimmed with a fringe of corals and made. Up Over White Liberty the revers Are of White Liberty Pink velvet and Over these Are Little pointed revers of embroidery. The Che Misette or Tullier. Is of White mouse line de sole or tulle trimmed with lace insertion the knot is of Black Liberty ribbon. The Little copse flt tin sleeves fire fouls Rcd Truman with Black ribbon. A a \. The Long tunic skirt is slashed open Over the underskirt of White Liberty Extension to shopping bag. Idea of practical value that will be welcomed idea capable of development. A novel shopping bag is made in exquisite leather with the usual clasp and handle but having an added length that when the shopper starts out. Wither bag empty is folded up and clasped to the Side of the bag a after Supply of Small purchases ha.8 been made and the accumulated samples threaten to overflow and burst All Bounds the Extension Side is a clasped without even opening the bag which becomes twice its original size. Indeed it a would hardly be straining a Point to consider it in its extended condition a one night bag for if the finest of night dresses were used and the dainties of travelling helps they coir a All be got in without a doubt. A-4ook at these leather shopping bags will show the Clever woman How the idea could be developed in Broad Sash ribbon for a fancy work bag that would hold Little or much in the it Vay of embroidery in making the. Ribbon bag the buttoning up of the Extension Side would have to be rather Complete three enamelled buttons a at least would he required to hold the wide soft ribbon in buttoned to Corset. The new trick in wearing a Petticoat is to Button it to the end of the Corset in this Way it does not interfere with the fit of the skirt Over the hips and Back and gives a better figure. This is especially Welcome nows to the woman with Large hips who is trying every trick to make them look Small even if they Are idiot. Ordinarily buttons Are not used As they would show through. Glove Al asps Are used instead. These can to bought at to shops As they come by the Yard and. Can be sewed to Corset and Petticoat without expert knowledge. The Petticoat is Cut Oft at shoe tops or anklets according to the kind of skirt it is worn under. Here is pretty night dress to make the arms plump. The Best Way to overcome scrawny arms is to practice tensing exercises Many times daily. Stretch the Arm at right angles to the body holding the Muscles very. Taut clench the hand and draw up to the shoulder using As much Force As if lifting a heavy weight. Repeat until the Arm begins to get stiff.,a massaging the Arijs with hot Olive crib for 15 minutes night and morning will also help to make them plump. This is a pretty idea for a simple nightdress. It would need to be made up in Ai Fine Quality material. Insertion is Laid on in a pretty pattern 1n the front the fullness is then drawn up at the neck and set to a Narow band which is edged with lace. The sleeve is drawn into a narrow band covered with insertion to which a frill of soft lace is attached materials required five and one half Ards 36 inches wide six Yards insertion 1% Yards lace. Princess slip useful. The wardrobe of nearly every girl will boast of a Princess slip this summer. It will prove an exceedingly Uso Ful and is designed for Wear with frocks of net and sheer transparent materials. It will be fashioned from lowered silk soft Messaline in All tie Pale tones or from Lawn or mercerized materials. It is Cut on Long Graceful lines and fits the figure snugly. When worn exclusively with frocks for evening it is usually made with Quot Elbow sleeves and a Low rounded neck but when wot a with Day frocks Long tight sleeves and High neck May be utilized. A there May be a plaited or gathered flounce finishing the skirt put on with a heading of heavy lace insertion Al. Though in these Days of scanty skirts a deep hem would probably be More in order. The slip is fastened Down the Back with Small Fiat Crochet buttons
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