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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Apr 23 1910, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - April 23, 1910, Galveston, Texas Van a Quarter opa Century the opera g�oa89 has worked in the interest off the Bea Vau City. Up i he he a. The sea Wai to tse f Orase raising ans # the opera cjya88, wi-1,1/ make Gai Veston the South a largest Best a Btu by and port. I i t established 1879,Galveston, Texas saturday april 23, 1910. Vol Xxxi. Czar of Russia versus american Mother a Gama Czar of rub a la wih t0 to it bean jmj a american child from its. American sell according to a dispatch from St. Peters Burg. Is it a a Likely that the Czar of Russia will succeed the child 1b the daughter of the countess go Zykle who has separated from her husband count Joseph Gizycki and la living in Telb City. She is a daughter of Robort m. Patterson the Well known local newspaper proprietor who died suddenly in Philadelphia the other Day. The countess secured her child from her husband after an extraordinary series of thrilling adventures Kidnap legs at Midnight and at Noonday and wild automobile these violent encounters her husband was the countess was Only Able to obtain her child in tha end by getting a written order from the Czar and paying $100,000 for it now it is said that Czar. Did not sign the order that it was forged and that he knew nothing about it therefore to proposes to take the child Back to russians she is a russian subject and was taken away by trick Ery. A a a a certainly this Case was a very mysterious a me even before the latest revelation was made Publ la. The american newspapers contained very sympathetic accounts of the countess cruel treatment by her Unwe rth a Noble husband the agon Leb of a Moth Eros heart deprived of her child and her desperate efforts to gain phases Slon of the Little president Taft interested. It it was announced that a the countess Uncle Robert Mccormick recently United states ambassador to St. Petersburg was using his it fluence in that capital the child for. His Niece. It said that president Taft was interested in the Case. Then the countess made a flying trip to Russia. A cablegram soon announced a that Bhe had secured her child but bad been compelled to pay tip6000 for h6r.�?~ fresh thrills of indignation in the United states. The countess came Back to the in led states we her Little daughter escorted by her. Co Tiblin Mccormick. Rth by tried to escape observation when cornered by Tbs reporters the countess a would ,Quot i cart say nothing As to the Arl a nge melts by which Rob tatted pos Hesston of my Little girl.�?�. A by Ewoud not even say whether a he Money or not ,. Wily was the >counte8�?~s St Reti Denti and so mysterious she a Etor user a husband whose a conduct she had frequently1 denounced by Flo thu amp Lufi tie details to the world the As it has been printed in a a Vienna newspaper adds a new and highly dramatic chapter to i this if mince. Count i Pkt was frantic with rage when Hla Little daughter was last men from Hutn. -.he, started on a sleuthing sex p edit Lon. And discovered that fraud bad been prot Lccy on him. A count says was tricked. The count states that when be last obtained Possession of his daughter he left her in one of hib estates in the Interior of Hungary and then went to Vienna. At his hotel. There he found an. Order from r the Rush Lan ambassador a Yang. That he was wanted in St. Petersburg immediately. As. To was a r issuant subject.,with unimportant position and estates in Russia he obeyed the official order without stopping to inquire what was wanted or him. Twenty four hour Slater to awoke in St Petersburg. Next Day a great Carriage drove up to his hotel and a Man wearing the splendid Scarlet and Gold Lun form of an Imperial court marshal stepped out the. Official name of one of the a numerous court marshals of the Czar. Quot his majesty Quot said the court Maiv shall Quot has been very much distressed at the trouble in your family especially As your wife was a. Niece of the Lata american ambassador. Such incidents create ill feeling Between the. Two countries. A i advise you to return your child to her or Bis majesty May compel you to do a i will never give my child up unless .1 am forced to do so. I. Would not give her Quot. Said the count a i will not give Ber up without a written order from the Czar Quot a an acrimonious dispute followed Between the two men and tha court mar Shal went a Fly. F the next Day he returned with an order signed by the Czar ordering him in the most positive to re store his child tothe. Custody of the Mother. Disobedience to this order would have entailed loss of property and other serious consequences in i Ibbil. Restored child to Mother the count therefore Quot premised to obey returned to Hungary and restored the child to her Mother who was waiting let she sailed immediately a or the United states with the Little Tbs count went Back to Russia. After he found that he had been tricked he informed the grand duchess.8ergius of the episode As soon As be told the Czar about the Case he remembered of course that he bad signed to order to the count j a a was indignant he ordered Baron Freeder Lukaz minister of the Imperial qua Ehold the he great Foll Cal of Tjie court to make a searching in Vest Gatlon and find out the name of the Courly re a whatever he Van who it of a a go of Ibe order to count a Gizycki. Gizycki Lias been ordered to remain at the us Osal of the. Czar and the court of inquiry. As soon As the culprit is found and the details of the crime established the russian Mlls Tafrof of a reign affairs Wolfl communicate Witk Washington with a i View of having Tho Little. Countiss Leonora Gizycki returned her father. The russian government will claim a v1 r a p. That count Golzy Ckik a daughter is a russian Subit Rbt that her. Father is her proper Guardlyn and that As she was taker from him in the manner described a the United states should re turn her to him. Counts accession to wealth. Count Gizycki at Tho time of his marriage was very poor being largely dependent on As a Captain in the austrian cavalry. Tho family was of mixed polish and hungarian extraction and one Branch was settled in Russia. Soon after Bis marriage the count inherited Large estates from an Uncle in Russia including several thousand acres and three villages. As foreigners cannot hold property in Russia count Gizycki had to give up his austrian citizenship and become a subject of the Czar. Before be left Austria he and his wife had had serious quarrels. She found him entirely Unco genial. And very overbearing. It has even been stated that he struck her and knocked her Down. She could not obtain a divorce from her husband Abmad. To obtain one in America would give her no right Over her child in Russia or Austria. Her Only resource was to run away with the Little Ohe. So one Day the countess packed up a few of her belongings and with her Little girl fled to London. She let it be known in Tho counts household that she bad gone to Paris in order to throw him off the scent As Long As possible. Kidnapped by the father. One Day a week or so later while the Little girl was our for an airing with her nurse a big touring automobile which was seemingly speeding along came to a sudden halt the countess while making her Headquarters at the Savoy , had sequestered the child in a cottage at campden Hill 0110 of the suburbs of London. In charge of the nurse whom she trusted implicitly. Three men jumped out of the Auto and one of them engaged Tho maid with some questions about the route in the neighbourhood the two other men one of than wrapped up in a big motoring coat and Cap whose. Face. Was. Half concealed by a motoring mask interested themselves with her Little charge and set the a achoo Chook going to Amusa her. While the Nurss was Good Nat redly trying to explain to the very agreeable. Stranger he Little she a knew about campden. Hill and a while Tho baby was gleefully chuckling Over the noise the motor made something strange happened. The agreeable Man without so much As an apology made a sudden jump and leaped into the automobile and before the poor Dum founded nurse girl could rub her eyes the big machine was speeding Over the pc ill and. Far away with him the other two men and the baby. -. I a detectives under the., immediate guidance of the count had tracked the. Countess if a very step she had made since her flight and the Man in Tbs big fairs and the motor mask who had kidnapped the baby was the count himself. Orit the vain and wearisome Hunt to locate the baby and the. Poor Young mothers distracted efforts to have her Little one restored to her Long Story. A offered to return to secured All s influence possible to secure was brought to Bear on the Case and nil Russia Poland and Austria were ransacked by search Era to find the baby a hiding place. The countess who is passionately fond of her baby at last was at., her wit s end every resource that had been suggested a had been tried but hopelessly. Then came to bitter Pill to Swallow. In her intense love and longing once More to hug the of held to her Boom thei miserable a Mother finally consented to the humiliation of promising that Sho would go Back to her husband if Only he Quot would share Tho baby with her. R. During these negotiations in which the count pretended to a reconciliation arrangements. Were made by the lawyers on both aides for. The Mother to see the Chad first in a House near Vienna. The countess. He Vij heart beating High with expectancy arrived in an automobile at the place at two of clock 1n the afternoon. The hour appointed. A. -1but Tobej child was not there. The countess Quot turn Between. Conflicting anger and Chagrin saw. In this cruel episode another wound from the count to torture Lher and hastily a she Rode away again her anguish. The Gpe Ness swore that never again after this i it of a deceit to just Tortore and insult her would she think of a reconciliation or Ever a be his face . Thei count retorted that to was the father of the child and its natural Gulf Dian Lance Ita Mother bad seen fit to leave his Protection and that his. Would keep it till he saw fit tor sufficient reason to change his mind.,1 the countess returned to. America and after having consulted with All her powerful relatives and friends a this country secured her child from Tea count As already american i t old lies fibs told by boys and girls explained. Or. Amye Tanner has 1,000 instances of juvenile a stories a says some untruths should be encouraged. , Willie Tell Mother exactly How Many dogs there Wero fighting in the Back Yard a willies conscientiously. Quot a St. Bernard dog with big ears Long Teeth and a. Little curly dog and several others that lsr�?you1 see Well there were six dogs anyway some of the Black ones and Tho rest of them Kinder spotty a a a a a will i am a comments Mamma a anyway there were a lot of dogs cause i seen pm there was. Well i done to care Thero was our dog and the Jones dog and they almost had a and Willie s Mamma worries at willies untruths and guesses that willies sunday school teacher Isnit doing All she ought to and willies papa who has Well just about As much feeling As. Most men just. Explodes into a Hearty laugh and All the neighbors triumphantly exclaim a what a dreadful Story Teller that lit tie Smith boy is getting to a if 1 willies Mamma is following the work of the new children institution at Clark University Worcester she wll Liget some Light on her troubles. A Why children lie Quot. Is a mystery we Luh is being annexed Quot to Quot the realm of science. Or. Amy e. Tanner a graduate of the University of. Michigan a and doctor of philosophy who Heads the department of experimental pedagogy at the new Institute has made a study of this particular prob Lem her carefully collected data include Over 1,000 lies. They Are lies of every Ord a the Pale ones the 1 deep dyed ones the onery Quot ones and the very lurid flights of the Youthful . Tanner believes that if these lbs. Wero rightly understood Thero would be less anxiety among a conscientious mammas. A every Mother a a said or. Tanner a a knows that sometimes her Little boy tells f lies.-. A she pea i not acknowledge it sometimes and she does t kno Why. He does. It would to perfectly possible for her to punish him unjustly there Are some lies you know that should be encouraged. Quot yes indeed these lies Are developing the child a imagination. A a for a Long. Time children a lies have Beon made an object of study and by Many scientists. My data Are made from 1,000 to 1,600 observations or Brief Quot accounts of things that were actually seen. It is such interesting work and to got such funny stories sometimes. You know a lie to not just 9 Plain lie. There Are. Lies and lies. Quot for instance there Are the lies that Are nothing More than the Workings of fancy. A Little boy comes Homo and tells his Mother that he heard his Kitty talking to his neighbor s Kitty. A child hears a fairy Story and will go on with it. There Are any number of these childish fancies which Aro. Merely Tho working of the the Mother who does riot recognize this and who spanks her Little boy for saying that Bis Kitty talked to the neighbors Kitty does wrong. A then there is another kind of lie that is very interesting Whon Tho child Tell you what he would like to have happen instead of what really happens. For instance you ask a what occurred out on Tho walk a and to will Tell you that a Kitten was playing with a Ball. A then you say a and a As if asking for More and very Likely he will Tell you. About another Kitten. It you keep on saying a and and and he will keep it up As Long As you of dead Empress sculptor produces a masterpiece of the austrian rulers late wife on horseback. Vienna now equestrian statue of the late Empress of Austria has beep modelled by the famous statue of late Empress. Sculptor a prof. Friedrich Haussmen and has just passed from the artists studio into the private s Possession of the aged1 emperor who highly treasures this statue of has Beautiful and cultured wife. Tho statue is considered a masterpiece of the highest order. The Empress is Riding a thoroughbred hold Long the reins loosely in one hand and a Rose in the other. The Empress was a Superb horsewoman. Washington Postoff Iee Hawk caught. The Baron Tho old Hawk which for years has made the Posto Floe Tower his roosting place was captured to Day. Having evaded Tho a bullets of sharpshooters the Wiles of the would be captors and the charged wires placed in the Tower to catch him the Gallant old Bird who belongs to a species of Falcon. Now. Nearly extinct fell a victim to his own appetite this morning. To was smothered in a of Canvas thrown Over him while tie was attempting to catch a Chicken in the rear Yard of Tim Hanlon a place near. Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue the Bird is uninjured save for. A few ruffled feathers and to will be placed on exhibition the mangled bodies of pigeons have been the Only evidences generally of. His occupancy of Tho Tower. When it became known that to was Tho last of an almost extinct race orders were Given that he should Nof be correspondence Baltimore Sun. Thetis scold him. Little a Holleb smiled. A my hair always dries Wien i go in Swimm log i he said herewith he rejoiced that his vulnerable spot Wab his York Sun Earth a most desolate spot. Not Only Are human inhabitants tin known South of Cape Horn More than 2,300 Miles from the South pole a but except sea forms within that s Pace animal life and vegetable he Are practically absent Saye a few Low forms of Hardy lichens and mosses., to it a it Foo possible doubt. A you can to make me believe a said . A that the Man the police caught prowling a around our Houise Wasny to a burglar. A he denied it to it it they found o 44 Calamus revolver on , a it it the was there. A woman of whose death a witness at Cle Kenwell county court said he had been informed came bulb Are not dead the womb no no i am 4 Don Telegraph. I a a Usa hard proposition anxious father Quot i wish l knew what to do with my son business fire end a a what is he like a a anxious , they say he a very a Liq silence new orchestral effects. Musicians in England it Are interested la the Doungb of Joseph Holbrooke who has Given an orchestral concert or demonstration at Tho Queen s Hall London. The performance consisted of his own three act music drama Dylan. The scoring of Dylan say the critics is on a colossal a Bass flute an oboe do am re three Jato phones an unlimited number of Concertinas every imaginable percussion instrument one tuba Hono and it one Selestin have been added to the score of the usual orchestral Fastrup Jents. Many of these a either entirely out of Date or so new that they Ato pro Zucally unknown. A \ did no to stand to reason. Editor Quot what i another menu a Frap tip a. Assistant a yes overheard a at the sew log clrcle�?T475 editor Quot nonsense return it at. Peel there ubut have been Many More words than that a Lapp Locc to a Magazine. Phys clan a great is Tho Best physician who ii. Ujj Best inspirer of Hope Coleridge. Bix Jutt and nobility. Of character and purity of disposition. Depond in. A a Groat Manuro on what is Oaton at Tho . A a. A table service. Tho desirability of careful table service oven for the simplest meals can not to overestimated. A Samplo meal placed on a Woll Laid table is nost attractive and no amount of food however Well prepared will Tako Tho place of carelessness in table service. A if to would teach children table manners we can not expect results unless the family table is the school. A Fow pointers Given to a child before the arrival of company usually ends in mor of Catlon for both the Mother and child so that the training should Como daily. A Well Laid table and Good Tolble manners in children usually go together. A Little strife is frequently a Good method to Uso when there Are several children offering some treat or privilege to the one1 who needs the least correction As to table manners or neatness at Tho table. The Charm of a Well Laid table lies in the exact precision of its appointments. Silver Sli Ould be placed uniformly. No hit or miss arrangement goes is exactness is Tho watchword knives should be placed at the right of the Plato Edge of Blade toward Tho plate the of Vic at the left two inches from the Edge of the table. Most peo Plo would rather have the spoons at the right of the knife than at Tho top of Tho plate As it gives More room there for the water Glass at the top of Tho knife Blade Tho butter plate above the Fork or Forks and the Napkin at Tho left of the Forks. A. A Lay the Napkin so that the open fold lies no Robt the hand and May to picked unfolded with. movement of the hand., a the Center of the table should re Weiye first attention after the laying of the Linen and Silver. A Small con ter piece of embroidery or lace with a vase with a floor or something Green growing adds to the Beauty of a table and it has been tried and. I proven in Many Homes that such Little touches in the poorest Homes have had a far reaching influence in both Man ners and morals. Of you look out and mind your ways a and i must Elk owls do and keep a cheery Corner where the sides Aro always Blue. The a s and by a and h b and of a a work that s Good and great. But u and i can. Do the most to keep this old world stralsht.�?�, a Paulina Frances Camp. Dainty cheese 8alad. Chop nicely bleached tender celery Fine and mix it with Mayonnaise dressing. Lino an ice Cream dipper with cottage cheese their fill up with the celery mixture packing it in Well. Screw out the. Cones on crisped. Let Tuce leaves arranged for individual serving household hints,1 a Cook figs in a syrup Flavoured with Veniua and. Use them for. Ices Cream or with nuts and whipped Cream As a. Grape fruit is said to Boa cur for the grip., endless Chain. works makes work for somebody Olse. A too Many now. A mister a a said tie roaming Mundl cant a a won to yer give a dime to a poor Man Dat can to speak a a what Aro you trying to give me a demanded the prosperous citizen. A a rent to you speaking now a a a ooh x mean i bad a speech to make on de North pole and lost it. Dates Why 1 a soft Quot on the North pole?1 great Scotti Here s a Quarter not to the wrong Man. Binky look Here old Chap where is that 10 you borrowed from to last month Wink what 10? r Binky Why did no to you Como to me and say you must have $10? did t you say you a we so worried Ltd you weren to ourself ? Wink of ill if i Wasny to myself Why in the Deuce shows lii 1 be expected to pay it a family of churchmen. Rev. Gannet Krene vicar of , Nottinghamshire England ban seven sons and they Are All priests of the Church
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