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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Apr 17 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - April 17, 1909, Galveston, Texas , Rosenberg Ubray w for a Obj Arbth of a i cent Why the opera $ ,a8s was. Worked in the interest of the sea Watlov City. <wh4l�ll�z,4il8.h>�, i>tll>i.�,>i><h>4 t t the sea. We met the Grade raising and % the opera class wily make Galveston the South s j largest Best City a and port. S t v established 1879. V go a Iveston Texas saturday april la 1909. Vol. Xxx. No. 40. Miss Olive Wyndham photo studio. Chicago who is playing one of the Leadin g Parto in the Tarkington Wilson production a the Man from Home a now running in new York. This play is one of the distinct successes of the season. Othello the hardest Rote. Theater a queues Quot a nuisance. character in worlds drama says critic. A Othello is tho most difficult the most profound and the most Magai i Cen t. Character it in the world s drama a writes a prominent i Amatuc or tic. A a to prove that my opinion is accurate i have Only to refer to the fact that there have been so few adequate Othello a in the history of the. Nineteenth Century theater. Quot there have been charming Romeos Brilliant Lagos irresistible surfaces and sonorous an Thordys but where Are a the moors of. Venice. A Edwin Booth essayed the role but he was vastly my re artistic m Lago. John a Mccullough a ripened unchallenged Art failed to fulfil every detail of Othello. The last Grea Othello wus Gustavus Adolphus Brooke whose performance i shall never forget Quot Othello demands every attribute of theatric Art Othello during the tragedy runs the Gamut of emotions not the emotions of the average ii Ormal Man but those on exotic and foreign temperament is necessary to portray. Othello is not an appealing figure to an audience. He is a Blacutt Man who married a caucasian and therein there to the necessity of Luminati the Moor with a romantic glow. A a the jealousy of must to depleted with so much vigor and Aln Cerly that his ultimate. Murder of Desdemona 1b. Justifiable. When the pall of jealousy hovers Over Othello it is his time to win or Loso because tho spectators Are unwilling to see the a. Fragile and innocent hero no smothered beneath her Pillow. A / Quot frequently the star1 artist will. Choose to play Lago which of course is following tho Lino tot least resistance. Lago is a comparatively simple beside Othello Iago in Knorra in tho vernacular As a Quot showy Quot part Lago is so clearly defined in his villainy that to can be made Dell loudly villainous and text to the Good Man an audience adores a consummate sinner. It is striking tho Middle note which taxes the Power of the actor. Quot i believe that Othello 18 one of the great tragedies of the world. I believe that jealousy is one of the dramatic emotions and i believe that a play rests on the Burer foundation with jealousy As the motive than the less complicated themes of ambition Money hunger and patriotism. Any actor who can Render acceptably the speech a most potent Gravo and reverend Seigneurs is a line. Artist and whoever can smother Desdemona with out arousing threats of Lynching a a wonderfully Grei t artist a theatrical gossip. A Quot to \ v. Fannie Rico was lately married and on the conclusion of her season will a it is said leave the stage. 1 Edna May Spooner is to be featured in a company playing in the principal cities of the South this Suthmer. She will appear in a big production in the to obstruct sidewalks to be tested in court. London is haying its own Peculiar troubles Over the Sale of theater tickets. The right of Heaters to create a Public nuisance by obstructing the sidewalks with Long a a queues of people waiting for the doors to open is at last to be tested in court. Every american visitor to London has been struck of an evening by the Long lines of people that practically Block the sidewalks from As Early As five to eight o clock. Owing to the system in Force at the Heaters and music Halls of not reserving any but the orchestra and the first Balcony pm Ople who Purchase the cheaper priced seats have to stand in line for a ours arid await the opening of the doors. The Rule is first come first served., a it a a curiously. Enough the theatrical manager themselves Are not entirely responsible for this condition As practically every attempt on. Their part to Reserve the entire theater has met a with failure. Quot the Public like their a first come a first served principle and Are willing to endure hours of discomfort in seeing that it is maintained. During Irving a last appearance it was no unusual thing for a queue to form 48 hours in Advance of the opening of the doors. Aged womb a were among the first to take up positions making themselves comfortable on Camp stools and wisely taking along with them alcohol lamps Teapot and refreshments to nourish them during their Long vigils. / the nuisance of the queues particularly in Traille centers like the strand is rapidly becoming More acute and unendurable. A despite the efforts of the police it is difficult for toot travellers to make their Way along the sidewalks of an keepers in the theater Dis Tricia have the most bitter grievance against the system. They complain with truth that it is impossible for customers to easily get into their stores. A Quot. A a a a a a if the test cd Seib decided against the theater the decision will be of great import twice. To every theatrical Enterprise in great Britain and to ill undoubtedly Lead to. The abolition of the queue and the forced introduction of the american plan of reserving and numbering All seats. And Lackaye do not pay each other such delicate Little compliments Willie Collier gave a hard look into the to where Wilton Lackaye was enjoying a the pdtrlot.�?�. A. A what shall i asked pretty Helena Byrne in the lines of her part As she sauntered toward the pianoforte with a sacral Fly Al a a instead of the answer in the play which la a a play the piano of course a or. Collier electrified the a cast and brought Down the Hoube by replying a a won to you play a just before the Bat tie Wilton?�?T.�?� and or. V Lackaye of Pom 4 the �4 . Tie i for an every Day. Wash dress and girls from four to fourteen a hats Are of Straw plainly trimmed. Funny lit tie mushroom shapes in fancy or plan Straw Are seen trimmings often taking the form of Bias lengths of mull which wrap the Crown Scarf Wise and end in a soft Side or front knot. A Pale Blue or Bright Pink mushroom for a child of three or four May be trimmed with White in this Way or the decking May to wide a White taffeta ribbon which Falls in a quaint Sloppy Bow Over the left ear. In fact quaintness is the keynote of All the Best child millinery and it achieves this Quality through smallness of shape and demure trimming. Huge Over trimmed shapes Are put for h for buyers who weigh size again it style but no Mother of really Good taste gives them a second thought. For Young children who have graduated from the Bonnet stage the tiny mushrooms with their smooth methods of trimming Are very Sweet. For larger girls to whom these Are not becoming there Are straight brimmed fits fits undulated at the brim crowns Low and High. Compact ribbon knots put on in clusters at the Side or front Aud perhaps rear streamers simply deck a number of these others have a Wreath of Small Flowers Long worn with perhaps a ribbon Bow in a addition while a smart hat May have a knot of Flowers at the front and a Prim Bow a Ltd a shortish ends stuck Flat against the Bare Crown at the Back. Quot abut if these imitate former shapes in Point of size they Are immensely moderated. Therefore since smallness is so much a feature of the prettiest child hats a girl in one of the huge ruffled. Or flowered monstrosities once worn seems almost vulgar. Fashion has her classes As Well As the rest of us and to be with her. One must avoid at least the mad Nesses of former seasons. _ the styles for millinery change More a quickly than for anything else but a. Moderate style while bending to some necessities May with slight changes be worn several seasons. Three immediate results Are gained by the present Reform better taste cheapness and the knowledge that any Mother of gifted fingers can get up any of these hats at Home. Count from a Dollar and a half to two dollars for the shape itself. The ribbon Bow and the Wreath or half Wreath of posies can to had for the other two. If one can spend More All the better. There is always Economy in buying the best�?tcan�?~6�8 City Star. L0t10n5jfffoce Satin of the palest Pink is the new color Quot for evening Wear. For evening there is a Revl Vai of the Canary coloured Scarf. All a is or braided and embroidered Coats Are sen Vith perfectly a plan skirts. Roses in velvet or Chiffon or tissue Are figuring largely in the new hat decoration. Coloured foulard with a Black Dot in place of the More familiar White Dot have found favor Lii Paris. V. Soft a Freya Rafios Joe a tresses in son a a a Wahoo not. Of the Many preparations recommended to keep the hair in curl none is easier for amateurs to make or 4s More effective even in Damp weather than Bandolin. Made from quince seed. It is harmless and keep straight locks in curl. The Only objection to it is that when dry it assumes a powdery flee Dandruff. An old method of preparing this toilet preservative is to add a table a spoonful of the seeds Bru bed to a pint of soft water. Boll gently until a the Quantity is reduced to three Gills. A then Strain and when cold two table spoonful each of Cologne and alcohol Are added. If the hair is naturally oily one half a teaspoonful of powdered Alum May be added dissolving it first in the alcohol. For applying to the Bair a Small sponge is the Best agent. This lotion must be put on before Al song curlers. Another that imparts Luster to the hair is made from 1% ounces of carefully picked dissolved in a Gill of Rose water. It is trained through a Muslin and a drop of Ana line Dye is added 1 Tbs is put on before arranging the hair and acts As a Bandolin As Well As a polish. A third preparation would be suited a to oily hair. It is composed of one ounce of and half an ounce of the granulated sugar which is a moist. These Are dissolved in three Gills of hot water and when the mixture is cold two ounces of alcohol Are a put in first dissolving in the latter six grains a Ach of by Chloride of Mercury and Sal ammonia Jim. Enough water is then added to make a pint. The mixture should not be used if there is the slightest abrasion of the Scalp because of the Mercury it would be harmful to the less Sticky than any of these Inay be tried sometimes with Sii excess upon oily hair one liked by is 12 grains of Carbonate of Potash dissolved in half a pint of Strong Tea. This should not be used by decided blondes. It is applied just before dressing the hair which is. Laid in Waves and done loosely the application taking effect As it dries. However harmless Curling Irons May seem they Are ruination if used much. It is undoubtedly True that once in a while they Are harmless and become less Likely to cause dryness if the Metal is warm and not hot. The trouble is that the Irons Are not to effective unless the degree of heat is rather great and this Means an immediate drying of the natural oils and consequent dullness and. Breakage. The Best Way of attaining curls when nature has not endowed a woman with them is to apply one of the preparations already Given by Way of Molster ure and then take to the curler that works the Best a a a a my a re the design for the coat May be made up or coloured velvet or velveteen if coloured it should Accord with the skirt with which it is worn. It is tight fitting and open in front the Large Empire revers turn Over Collar and cuffs being of silk braided. A double breasted Vest of striped silk connects the fronts. Hat of Altae Straw trimmed with velvet and to Feather mount. Materials required for the coat 4% Yards velvet 31 inches wide % Yard striped silk % Yard silk for Revere and Collar. 0 Cashmere in a pretty Shade of Blue is employed fori the Home dress the bodice has a very of lace and has Over the shoulders the left Side is drawn up at the Waist under the ends of right Side which Are ornamented with buttons. The Long tucked sleeves Are finished with lace ruffles. A a. Materials required s Yards 46 inches wide % said lace 2 Yards linings style that All Welcome yokes to open in front. The new fashion of fastening a Yoke in front comes from the French houses a which have adopted that method. A they show a straight line of buttons Down front from top to Collar to Belt Quot and it has inspired dressmakers to follow out the scheme on to Bari Yok a instead of arranging them in the old and tedious Way. Belts will match the skirts instead of the waists this a buttons have a tiresome habit of coming Loose card on which they Are originally fixed and to have to search in the Bottom of a perhaps not too tidy work Basket is most annoying especially when arajs often tho Case one is in a hurry. A a it buttons Are kept in Little bags such As we illustrate Here they Are always at hand and if too a tiny Needle Case and silk Winders filled with Black and White Cotton were kept with them what a Boon it would be. These Little bags Are quite simple and May to made in a few minutes of Holland Linen or silk the material a Cut 4 inches wide and 9 inches Long this strip is folded in two the edges turned in and neatly stained to within rather More than an Inch of the top the ends Are then turned Down and neatly hemmed the hem being just Over half an Inch wide the ends of Hern seamed together. Just below the hem on each Side work an eyelet Holo put the bags together and attach by seaming the ends of the inner hem of each together thread baby ribbon of one color through the eyelet from one bag to the other then thread another color ribbon through in the opposite direction and tie the ribbon should be about j6 inches in length to the into pretty bows put Linen buttons on one Side and Pearl or fancy buttons in Tufe Quot other draw the ribbons to. Close the bag and you will see at once what a pretty useful Little addition you Iafe for the work table. These bags would find ready Sale at Bazars. Combination lingerie both comfortable and suitable to the. Present fashion. \ of making lingerie very much lightened this season by combining three pieces in one. A the slim As Well As the Stout woman approves of this plan. After a woman has worn tho combination which fastens Dow the front is i without belts drawstrings plaits or gathers. She cannot turn with satisfaction to wearing the three separate prices. A i the new garment is worn Over the Corset which is placed Over a thin Lisle thread skirt or a knee length com bloat Lori suit. The latter is More acceptable than any other garment under the Corset. The shirt cannot to kept Down and wrinkles around the Edge of the Corset making a Ridge that shows through the outer skirt x dressed in thir fashion a woman is More comfortable than she Ever has been. Her underclothes Are reduced to minimum weight her Waist line is natural and not made larger by strings buttons and belts and the Lack of petticoats gives her greater free Dom in walking. It dress for Small child. White now in High favor color no longer regarded As suitable to youth alone is sure to be much worn a growing inclination to Wear White is a a Parent. White was once regarded As the special privilege of youth. Now with a clearer knowledge of the values of color and a better realization of the importance of surrounding one indulges ones natural perhaps the influence of the period under which fashion is tabbing has something. To do with this for the women who amused themselves at Rianon a used White freely and without stint. Be that As it May White gowns and whiter generally will be More worn this coming season than Ever. White cloth in a variety of makes Satin charmeuse the Cashmere and White Serge in an infinite variety of qualities and thicknesses will come in for much attention from artists in dress As to the lingerie gown its importance in tho wardrobe cannot be questioned. It is one of the most useful things to have and whether worn outside or indoors permits so much individual taste arid Charm in contrast that it is quite indispensable. Here is a Dainty Little dress in Cream nuns. Veiling. A the pretty shaped opening at neck is edged with silk balloon a set of pin tucks Are made in Centre of front below opening and also round the foot of skirt the armholes Are edged by balloon. The Little slip or Blouse which la separate is in Cream spotted silk finished at the neck and Elbow by a narrow frill. A coloured Sash is worn below Waist materials required 2 Yards veiling 46 inches wide 1% Yard silk 36 inches wide 1% Yard balloon. Attractive Empire Combs Eric pure Combs have come Back huh the Empire coiffure and. In Paris and London there Jias been d rage for the genuine Combs of the period very High prices being paid in Many cases for the Antiques. Even where the stones used Are not real gems the design and workmanship often give real value to these Combs but excellent reproductions have been made from Many of the a lost attractive Empire designs and. These will Content the woman who does not care to spend a Large sum Quot upon jut ornament which is Likely to to but a passing fad. Dealers. In Antiques Tell us however that they have sold a number of the genuine old Combs chiefly in. Dull Gilt and Register London. Quot tight sleeves collars. Women whose Arma Are either very full or very thin dislike the Rev la a a ton of. The sleeve that is guiltless of any1 fullness whatsoever. But for the woman who can Wear the smaller a Sieve nothing is More Chic at present for it gives a Yery narrow shouldered. Blender look to the most corpulent figure. Collars Are less exaggerated than they were a year ago. And the shawl collars and collarless Nec a of. The new Coats Are a Boon to women who do their own tailoring. They Are awfully Good style and very easy to , fashion in an Economy. For once we have stumbled on a fashion that is really an Economy for instead of having a High necked gown for the theater and a necked gown for an informal dinner a woman now needs but one dress for both occasions
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