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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Apr 9 1910, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - April 9, 1910, Galveston, Texas I a a a a. A a fora Stuart eur opa i Century the opera gi/a8s has worked a in the interest of the sea Wai i City. A a. A a a off. Library .1 the sea Waw the Grade raising and the opera cry ass Wii i make a Ai ves ton the South a largest Best my and port. T t s m i \ a a a a a i established 1,879. Galveston Texas saturday april. 9, 1910. A a vol. Xxxi. No. 49.� \ s. Ore to amp a a mow Switzerland recognized the benefits of Forest Protection and development 600 years ago when the Quot Forest ordinance of Bern a it was issued. Tho Sih Wald of Zurich one of the Quot most perfectly managed and most profitable forests in the world has beep handled under a working plan since 1680. The Little Alpine Republic still reports Progress in Forest work and. The american Consul writing for St Gall say a a the government i of Switzerland has so carefully regulated the Timber output that it has never been permit ted to exceed the natural growth. The thick growth of Timber on the Mountain Sld i purposely allowed to be com dense. Has perceptibly lessened the danger Ana frequency of Iva. Lanches and landslides which in tiniest were so frightfully de. Struck is. To control. The Spring floods in tiie Rivers and streams. Massive dams fortified by thickly a planted Trees have been erected at exposed exposed places without the consent of the Federal authorities and then Only in Small areas and when prompt re forestation is guaranteed. Trees for cutting Are carefully selected by forestry experts. A through the forests there Are excellent roads made largely Quot by the cantonal authorities. The year 1908 was marked try such activity in Road construction that the state a which bears a proportion of the expense paid to the cantons the sum of $46,634.00 on their account alone. Quot Spruce is the most important tree in the Swiss forests and then in order of their importance come the White fir Beech Larch Pine Cypress and a few other varieties. It a the principal Revenue derived from the Swiss forests is from a tha lumber output there being no May a fractures of resin turpentine and similar . A to offset the cutting Quot there were planted in 1908, 23,-096,225 Trees,1 of which 18,031,590 were Conifer and 5,064,635 deciduous and Yauvey a far places. In the extraordinary attention paid to its Tom her Anda the government Lias taken into account also Tho necessity for sheltering and pasturing. Cattle the maintenance of the Soli the roads and the natural a prongs climate a and Tho control of Mountain streams. A a thu actual Forest area of Switzerland comprises 2,205,508 a acres 21,48 per cent of Tho entire surface of the country 77,004 of which belong to the state and 2,128,504 to the cantons communes municipalities and private corporations. Seven r Hundred and eighty one acres of Tho state Forest Are set aside As a Nursery. From this Nursery in 1008 Over 22,000,000 Young Trees were taken and transplanted id the various forests. C a Swiss forests Ore classed As a protected and a non protected the for a mar Are Thyge which ate situated on Mountain slopes where the imminence of washouts Stona and ice chutes landslides and avalanches Calls for the constant exercise of extraordinary care and attention. The a non proved ted amp re those of comparatively level. Ground requiring Only Ordinary attention to keep them in Good condition. Because of the character of the country the Quot great Quot majority Oil the forests Are �?~protected.1a the Law provides that the Forest area shall not be diminished and that Alforest Fislid la b6_maint�lnedln a fairly ton. Even in private forests dose a cutting or Clearing up to strictly forbidden especially to no less than seven tons of seed were sown. A Quot statistics of the receipts and expenditures of All forestry work in a the country Are. Not available but a couple of cases May be cited which show Gratifying returns. The total receipts from the Sale of Wood in 1908 from 8,421 acres of state forests in the Canton of St. Gall Ace Given As $24,-457.37 and the expenditures at $7,104.81, leaving a Clear profit of $17,-362.56. In the a forests of the town of Winterthur amounting to 2,833 acres the receipts were $51,174.63, and the expenses $21,634.50, leaving n net profit of $29,540.13, or an average1 profit of about $10.42 per acre. A it is not to be presumed that the Revenue from the entire Swiss Forest area can be approximated by taking Badis the earn Nib of the St. Gall or Winterthur forests which have been for Many years under most intelligent and excellent management Hui the Universal opinion among forestry that the jealous care with which the Swiss Timber lands guarded benefited both National and cantonal it treat uries from Point of not altogether. Promoter i d like to bring a trolley Road into your town if i can raise the wind Here. Uncle 81�?wal, i la Gernedl i s wus still Runnin pm by electricity. Doing up the hair coiffure must be 8uited to lines of face. Parisian idea impossible in. This country for Many reasons How Stylo May be adhered a. To and improved. Among the minor essentials of the present coiffure is that a Lnch of hair at the neck and above the ears must show. The braid or swirl must go above this space. It is. Not considered Correct these Days to pin the switch Down at very Edge of the line of growth. This is one of the fashion that did not survive Long for no head could stand the length of line Given by this arrangement. A another essential is that the false hair must not be brought Down far Over the forehead. This is All very Well in Paris where the French Quot women have rather Odd faces and where there is no hesitancy shown in using cosmetics. One can Stond Many trying coiffure if one does not mind painting lines info the face to offset the effect if one can elongate or curve the eyebrows lengthen the eyelashes Redden the lips and change their contour then one can take All sorts of liberties with the hair. In America it is Only the. Sensational woman who so abuses her face. The Well dressed woman never does it the fastidious woman would not think of it so without the Aid of Art. One must arrange the hair to suit the existing lines of the eyes the nose and the i South. A. A a ,. Wit Lillis As a fact to see How the average american face would look Well with a awl re of hair banded Down Over her brow and. Con fining her ears. The woman who does not want to Poso As a sensational Dresser wont tolerate such a coiffure and therefore she lifts the swirl the prescribed Inch Oil the line of growth and sometimes puts it much further Back than that. Another essential is that women Are new Waist Model. This Model is of Satin shirred atthe shoulders and shirred and draped in front it is trimmed with Rolls of the Satin a and with Metal embroidery the Dolce or Grimpe is of White lace. A the upper part of the sleeve is Plain and to this is shirred the full lower part which. Forms a. Puff at the Bottom where it is finished with a off of the Metal embroidery a band of this a embroidery encircles the upper part. New Frame made from old use of beaten brass will a completely transform tha photograph Holder. Have you r photograph Frame that his a Long Helda favorite photograph has its Beauty waned or your taste changed while your heart still holds True to the face it encloses. If so Halo yourself to the dealer in beaten brass Quot supplies buy about a foot of brass it it a less. If your Frame be Small and after first carefully removing the Back mounting of the Frowne the Glass and the picture Lay the brass upon the Skeleton left and carefully Bend it about the edges of the . Cut the Center opening in tooth like Boc Loaa to that their building out the Crown of the head in some Way even if they do not Wear an artificial Cap. It has become unfashionable to have a Long Fiat line from the Nape of the neck to the forehead. There must be an indication of a Pyramid or a Well shaped Mound Over the top of the head. Some women get this by a Quot Cap of Gauze which is covered with hair and Over which they build their own others got it by using the regulation Roll made of Short crispy hair and others have put their old puffs to this use. Chic dinner gown. A of a ice a afo it a the of att Arrow s up 1 simplicity and elegance Are combined in the gown sketched for to Day. The skirt is Long and made with a gracefully draped tunic of Gold color Chiffon cloth Matching that used for bodice Tho latter artistically put together with Fine folds of the Quot material Over the shoulders and deep sleeve bands of Gold embroidered net similar net is used for band across front and Back and under Arm pieces. The lower part of the bodice blouses Dev. Erly into a narrow Waist band of Gold Satin joining it to skirt this Model might easily be copied by a Home dressmaker with quite satisfactory results its chief Charm lying in its simplicity can Algo be Bent to the shape of the original opening and upon the smooth surface thus made copy with a Lead Pencil or tracing paper some simple design of Leaf or Flower. A conventional Stencil design is Good and shows up Well when the groundwork 1$ beaten Fiat v to give the precious note of individuality that we All desire a Monogram could be added in one Corner and when once mounted and. The familiar face installed you a have a new ornament that will be a Long time pleas ure. When once in bed lie Flat on bad with arms stretched straight Down Ai either Side. Then inhale and exhale Long deep breaths. Many people find Relief from Tho stuffed or choked feeling of colds by breathing camphor and taking internally a a few drops of camphor on a piece of sugar. J done to seen unless you Are faultlessly attired. This. Counts even among men among women Post to Voly invaluable. Your clothes should look As though t hey were part of yourself. One should not eat to quickly should Well Mast Cate the food before it is swallowed and not overload the stomach with Large quantities of food. Highly seasoned dishes and ice cold Drin los irritate the stomach and May produce a catarrhal it May. Sometimes Chance that one is placed Between the difficulties of using Strong household soap or none at All. No matter How caustic a House bold soap Nowc Hurt the skin. If the latter is first Well smeared with grease. Rubbing on a Little Olive Oil will suffice. A hot lather should then be made we tithe soap and after1 the. Skin has been Well washed therein it should be rinsed repeatedly in Clear water. \ it of must write of some of the Char-1 p acte Ristics and Peculiar customs k of the natives in certain parts of 1 the islands of the Philippines in the mountains of the Dengue province at Baguio the summer capital is the Home of the Igor rotes. They remind one in their Ippen Rance of Tho lower caste of negro to be found in the swamp districts of Louisiana or the Mountain districts of North Carolina and Tennessee writes j. Hamilton Lewis in Chicago evening Posl of medium height Black and dark Brown color with Short Matty Black flair half flatted nose Stocky of figure and erect of stature such Are the outlines of these natives. The men Wear Little crowns for hats composed of anything that Dazzles and All the tassels that can Sway in the Breeze. The adornment is set on Tho Back of the head As a Fez is worn by the Turk a shirt of any fabric As Gaudy As can be obtained comes Only to the Middle and there is met with the Belt that is the Only Renia ining this is to fit fitting and held Only by a string. In these mountains the cold becomes great at times. Frost and particles of Snow Are often seen and at night it is always cold yet Thesa men never Wear covering and Sierp in huts and tents As did. The primitive american indians. They go Barefo save that of late a form of Sardal is assumed for perfect dress. This covers Only Tho toes and is worn with no sock. Often one May see anachronisms of civilization in these Igor rotes Flat beaded their ears pierced through or the lower part pulled Down and stretched so Large Aso Wear a spool a the usual spool on which thread is wound in their ears As adornments and their Teeth blackened. To this is shirt of Blue army cloth with brass buttons like a soldiers jacket a hat or Derby of Straw depending on what has been traded the bearers a sword in the shape of an american Bayonet which they have exchanged their head a an instrument they carry to Cleave off Heads of peo ple they meet and dislike or use in assault in War. A with this military accoutrement they Are adorned above the Waist be Low As was Adam if to Trust Tho description of the Bible Quot naked to his enemies a in the language of Cardinal Wolsey. This Igor Rote is a sight Lor to it gods of photography. The women reverse the process. A skirt adorns or flounders about their legs. This it made of a material look in like jute bagging. Sometimes there is a Sandal on the foot at the Waist a flowing cloth fluttering at the ends of most flaming color when obtainable. From the Waist up a abreast the tides of wind naked to the Breeze a in a wait Whitman spectacle. There is not a cloth or covering until the head is reached. Then possibly a shawl or wrap which 1b a lately assumed display of fashion upon occasions. Sunday 1b their Market Day. So commissioner Worcester the most teamed Man in Tho East on the native provided a building for them. To this they Como on sundays quiet unperturbed with no curiosity As to the foreigner they affect the superiority of attitude characteristic of the Indian that is to Overlook supercilious by the fact that a White person is about so. to them Are such unimportant intrusions. At this Market Are brought All the dogs to be had. For dogs Are the chief object or Trade. As it is cattle at our Stocky amp Rob or chickens in our Parket. Or turkeys in Spain so it is dogs in the Igor Rote country the dog is the animal of food. He ib4o the Igor Rote As the pig to the chinaman. But Mark a it Ltd the fat pig which the chinese seeks and the fat rat the Igor Rote. Must have Only a thin poor wasted dog. The thinner the poorer the More emaciated the animal is the More in demand and Tho higher in Price is it., �?�., thus As geese Are fattened in the italian Tyrol and in Franco to prepare the Pate de. Fols gras so in Tho Igor Rote country the dog is famished to the,.Point of starvation so As to keep it thin poor and with Bones barely covered. This is to make the animal Tough. It thus serves As a Chew ing cud like unto dry or Strong beef in America. So hundreds and hundreds of dogs of every Stripe and color kind and bred yoked together As May be seen oxen in America Aro brought by their owners to the Market Here the Sellers bargain and Trade always to the Point of Getty pm the most for the thinnest dog which is apparently the toughest. The women sit in silence a virtue of the Igor Rote woman or in soft tones a bargain bits of cloth and smolt big Black cigars v a they Trade and prattle. The women keep the Money of the House. In the distance just beyond is the bottle mint of More than a thousand years of existence which prof. Fred Erict stari1 of Chicago has attractively described Here the natives have had for years and years the practice and Creed of trial Mair Lage. Just a its shown in the Balkans in one of the Kussian provinces. Here Cun be seen in system and discipline the trial marriage of which George Meredith wrote. Others who lately have surf edited our yearning on this Point could have Learned Quot much from this people say that the chinese malay of a thousand Yearb ago taught them this method and that it a none from Israel and Greece the method is this the woman chooses the Man 1 Tho Man can bid but lie cannot Force his acceptance. If the woman is Satis lied Sho keeps him and then he does no work. If children Como he contributes but in Nowise maintains Tho household. Should she conclude to reject him he must go elsewhere but before departing she takes every vestige of Money or property to Ever pos blessed should he try to Bido. Any of it the disclosure of such fact deprives him of the Hope of any other woman no posing to him. The children Are at Tho sole disposition of the Mother. Never but by her consent can a child go to / the father or but. By the held running away and swearing on the a to take the new Mother. A then the real Mother cuts it out of her heart by washing her breast with a knife. It is reported that not More than ten out of 500 trial marriages result inane disadvantage to either contracting party or to children. Inmost instance the marriage following the trial has proved eminently Satis fac tory. The husband has been carefully supported1 and has no complaint with the manner in which his affairs Aro directed by his wife. If he works As a pastime it is quickly disclosed that it is Only for his amusement or for obtaining a Little provision with which he can obtain a new wife or be in demand by a new applicant in event of Tho death of Hub spouse or his divorcing her for failure to support a a a taking his measure. A what do you think of that Man who said new York is the most impolite City on Earth a Quot he merely gives himself away a replied the a Man says he can to find any politeness in new York it shows that he has neither wealth nor political pull a. ,. New variety. Sam. Sunflower you am thinking of going away and. Playing policy in de East Pete Persimmon yeas i am thinking about going to Washington in investigating Dat a open door policy you Heah so much about quote
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