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News-Tribune (Newspaper) - December 5, 1964, Galveston, Texas Stephen l West fungal services for Stephen Lamar West Fivey Earold son of or and mrs Bennie West of Hitchcock will be at 2 sunday in the memorial room of Broadway funeral Home the Rev Walter Wink pastor of the first methodist Church of Hitchcock will officiate Bur Ial will be in Grace memorial Park cemetery the boy died Friday morning at St marys infirmary follow ing a Brief illness he was born feb 28 1959 in Galveston other survivors include a Sis Ter Lisa Ann West his grand parents or and mrs Lamar West of Memphis Texas and mrs g Killgore of Galveston friends May Call at the funeral Home after 11 Satur Day Leon Wright Leon Wright g3 of 114 jus Tice Texas City died Fri Day afternoon at the Galveston county memorial Hospital funeral services will be at 1 tuesday in the Mainland funeral Home Chapel the Rev m j Kimble will officiate burial will be in Mainland memorial cemetery Hitchcock a Wake service will be held from 8 to 9 monday in the funeral Home friends May Call after 2 monday survivors include Hoo sons James Wright of Hitchcock and Darrell Wright of Galveston six Brothers Arthur Wright of Bay City Alonzo Wright and Thomas Wright both of Roshar on and Ambrose Wright Jim Wright and Barry Wright All of Hitchcock and a sister Willie Mae Wright of Rosharon Pirrly Kyle Birdy Kyle 72 of Dickinson died thursday afternoon at the Mainland recovery and rest Home in la Marque following a lengthy illness Union continued from Page 1 Jorty of those unemployed Are not Able to fill the jobs Avail Able if every employee was qualified and every available Job filled there would still be too much he said not True figures Hayes noted the u s department of labor figures on unemployment do not show the True picture these figures do not include the Par time employees those who have not applied for work within the last six months through either a Federal or stale unemployment office or the newly employable people such As school dropouts and graduates who Are entering the Job he said Hayes claimed that if All these were added into the unemployed figures they would be nearer 9 per cent rather than he to 5 per cent set at he present he said automation is in its infancy and As More computers automated machinery and production lines Are added there will be a greater displacement of manpower retraining what should the unions do about retraining and easing unemployment Hayes said they should use their influence and prestige to get More vocational training More Junior colleges More manual training schools and on the Job training programs Start he said that vocational and other training in school is no substitute for experience received on the Job and feels Busi Ness and management should do More to develop on the Job training programs Hayes said labor also favors a school to come after graduation from High school for the students who do not intend to go to College this school could either be academic or vocational and should be Complete with he said labor is also seeking funeral services will be it 11 j better pensions and earlier re saturday in the Mainland j rement to take off the peo funeral Home Chapel the Rev j pie at the top of the age Range vacations holidays he said labor is also urging longer vacations More holidays and sabbatical leaves for work ers George Barren will officiate burial will be in eternity Park cemetery Houston or Kyle is survived by son Albert Kyle of Dickin son i funerals today mrs Alice Oconner of Galveston 2 in strode Armstrong mortuary the Rev r e Makcen officiating burial in memorial cemetery mrs Lewis Mildred Jones 49 of Galveston 2 in St Johns rap list Church Burll in Galveston memorial cemetery Eddie Lee Palmer 53 of in Lofston 7 in Omega spiritual Church Buri no it sunday in St Pauls cemetery Brazoria pending Cornelius Joseph Jones 76 of Galveston at mortuary Trio charged with Briscoe shop theft three men arrested by la Marque and Texas City police thursday were charged Friday in formally Galveston with the burglary nov 19 of the Briscoe Radiator shop storeroom 2516 ave c from Ivsich eight Radiator cores valued at were reported stolen Mainland police arrested Joseph Charles Barbin 23 Armon Moore 21 and Lennis m Charles age not Given of la Marque for Texas City and la Marque burglary investigations before Galveston police led charges while the Trio were being held in Texas City Friday night for polygraph testing peace Justice James l Mckenna set Bond at for each Man who is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing in jus Tice court b monday morning Galveston police said All three Lave admitted the Briscoe theft h m Long and James Wil Liams both junk dealers in la Larque have identified the Trio As having tried to sell the cores to them according to police police said Williams unwittingly paid for the cores and resold them to a garage in Galveston governors continued from Page 1 without naming any names and taking a Strong stand on civil rights convention Battle it was Scranton who unsuccessfully battled sen Barry Goldwater at the bitter Republican National convention in san Francisco where Stop Goldwater orces sought to get a statement then condemning extremism and urging a stronger platform on civil rights gov Robert e Smyllie of Idaho told the association Friday morning that the party during he Campaign should have Een Strong in our exposition of he right of All americans to enjoy equal Opportunity and in i div dual dignity in a nation in Hayes noted some firms such Der Goci As Kaiser have already started sabbatical leave programs As for unions starting train but Smylie said we did con vey the impression that we had an equivocal position in respect j water District vote in Alta Loma today Mainland news Iokeau Alta Loma voters will decide saturday in two elections whether they want to double the size of their water District if the decision is yes a 000 Bond Issue will be voted on Jan 12 to raise Money to Lay water and sewer Mains in the area of expansion expanding the District would provide service in an area on each Side of Highway 6 including the Santa be schools voting for District residents More Gorl mined Johannesburg South african Gold production in the first halt of 1984 amounted to Fine ounces valued at 348million Rand 485 saturday december Calverton newttribune5a 6 my Tvett schools Pace engineering West Lafayette ind of the 10 Icho Oli that Grant half the Natoni engineering Docto rates six ire in the great lakes state the univ Trillet of Illi Nois Michigan and wet Contin and Purdue Ohio state and Carnegie tech will be at the alts Loma fire station those in the area of pro posed expansion will ballot at the Santa be High school cafe Teria in the District voters will vote on whether to expand the District outside the District the voting will be on whether to come into the District and whether to accept a share of the districts debts polling hours Are from 7 until 7 news briefs reds czechs want Parley Moscow a the soviet Union and Czechoslovakia repeated Calls Friday for a world communist conference which red China refuses to attend symptomatic of persistence of the old peking Moscow split was yesterdays Tribune in Brief Isle and Mainland saturday super special for details o these Galves ton county stories and world National and state Ter Day afternoon news read the Galveston Tribune every afternoon except sunday More than Galveston lans do on the Island Irby steel co of Gulf port has purchased the remainder of Kane boiler works 311 27th St reve nue Stamps indicate the final transaction amounted up to the total value of City building permits issued Dur ing november was up above the same month last year a report that the chinese not Only rejected a recent soviet proposal for a preparatory meeting in March but also rubbed in the rejection by Refus ing to accept a letter of invitation another Appeal for the controversial meeting came in a joint communique issued after czech president Antonin Novotny end1 de four Days of talks with soviet j leaders and returned to Prague plans Hungary talk Budapest Hungary a the United states opened talks with Hungary Here and at the United nations Friday on improving relations Between the two countries the meeting at the was Between Secretary of state Dean Rusk and foreign minister Janos Peter relations have been badly strained since the soviets smashed the hungarian revolt of 1956 keeping the nation in the communist bloc under the threat of soviet arms the hungarian news Agency Mai said the talks Between delegations headed by the charge affaires Elim 0 Shaughnessy and the hungarian Deputy foreign minister Bela Szillagyi were aimed at Settle ment of outstanding problems Tehven the two countries inn Cim u to a an cd Ulvich up much 1h j Csc to n argue Why or How this happened but this is what the people obviously believed when they Vot in the Field of legislation Hayes snid the number one objective of the Falcio is the repeal of Section he of the Taf Hartley act Rigutto worst the governors seeking to put the new port Industrial Boule Vard from City garbage dump debris the party Hack on a Middle of the Road track that would Lead this is the Section permitting to gop victories close their slates to pass More stringent j today meeting saturday by i Laws on labor than is in his issuing statements they Are i act which makes possible the drafting Friday night j right Twork Laws such As text police and firemen will move into the new Public safety building shortly after Jan 1 according to City manager Bill Blackwell the second instalment of a award to the uni Jap blasts China tests United nations a japans foreign minis Ter Etsusaburo Shiina de1 bounced red chivas nuclear explosion As a betrayal of the j Hopes of peace held by millions i of people throughout the world in a policy speech delivered Friday in japanese to the 115 i nation general Assembly earliest method of Planinc Gold on a base Metal was he Lyhl repel using an amalgam of Gold and but a Hon we d k i Orrt toll to jct As has he said he feels president ident has the worlds fastest and Johnson is with labor in this j most reliable communications j because the 1954 democratic available j party platform Calls for the Rei peal of this Section of the taft1 k Hartley act he said other j party have indicated if i vaguely this action and i divid i Ual politicians have said they verify of Texas medical i he called on communist China wherever he travels the press Branch by the medical re j to cease nuclear testing and join j ent has the worlds fastest and search foundation for 1954 i immediately the nations Supi search foundation for has been presented in form of a Check 1964 immediately the nations sup t h e i porting the limited nuclear test iban treaty hear Abby confidential to teens Mercury Etzel from okla have arrived limit 10 ibs to a customer truck at too Broadway it 10127 Alq Hwy i 2 Miles won of Hitchcock j repealed we were i Well enough alone or we might pet something he said Landrum Griffin Hayes said labor is also seek ing to repeal the impractical j provisions of the Fin j he find that because some i Union loaders were supposed to Honvo taken some s15 million Iii legally from members it was Felt Loisl Ninn was needed to i proler the in the Pas two years these j provisions have Cost the unions More than what was supposed j to have been taken by the Lead to added i Hayes visit was in doubt for awhile Friday when it w a s found he was fogged in and the i flight he was scheduled to take j to Houston could not leave ily Abigail Van in Reid buy noway away for Christmas give men Acme boots for Christmas just arrived new Stock if you in looking for pair of arms for you Olf or Cru Litman gift it will you to lilt our Thop Tiki of thin big buy a Elci Iilo Cllon to Cooil from 14 Wellington boots Dingo boots Dixie shoe shop 7ho until shoo Ink in Joo and Mun after dear Abby my daughter came crying to me that her husband mistreated her so i did what any other Mother would told her to leave him she left him and then she had a nervous breakdown then 1 was blame and told 1 have interfered in my daughters marriage she now goes to a doctor and pays him an hour they sit around and talk about sex for an hour and close with a prayer 1 wonder what they Are praying for i asked her if he was a medical doctor and she said i dont know and i dont care if he never got past Iho fifth Grade he is wonderful and he is helping is there anything i can do to save my daughter from this Quick upset dear upset if your daughter Doest care about her doctors credentials hero is nothing you can do to save her you must that your daughter hns been Hinnd the chances Are she is not yet fully re covered so dont undermine her Confidence in her therapist unless you Check him out and ind that he is indeed a confidential to All teenagers j Edgar mover the director it the Fri net Down the following Rule which deserve o he remembered 1 if any stranger or even a slight acquaintance makes improper advances Tell your parents immediately Young people Are too often kindhearted shout such dislike the idea of getting an offender into just remember lint if you dont report him hell probably get inn worse trouble later say nothing of the harm he May cause 2 if you know of any pornographic pictures or literature Beino passed around notify your parents immediately Osceno Reading Milter is n in Volto in but n degenerates if this author Lelm can run Down the soil co and Croce the material they May to Able to rid the com a malty of danger before it suits 3 know your Date dont go out on Blind dates unless another Cou ple is along and even then be cautious if someone phones and says Hes a Friend of Jack Jones Tell him youd be glad to have Jack Jones introduce him 4 say out of lovers lanes its natural to want to be alone with your Date but experience shows that lovers lanes Are favorite haunts of sex criminals 5 dont wander away from the crowd at picnics and outings stay within calling distance sex criminals Are easily attracted to any group of Young people and Given an Opportunity they can strike with frightening Speed i dont ask for trouble dress sensibly provocative clothing May attract the at tettion of a potential sex criminal 7 be civil to strangers who ask directions but never go part Way with them the directions trick is a favorite among sex criminals they count on the natural helpfulness of Voung people 8 be very careful about accepting work from a stranger this is another insidious Dodge always make sure that the person is a respectable businessman 9 dont go about the House half dressed this May seem harmless hut its an invitation to peeping Toms who May later become something More dangerous 10 never never Hitchhike and never never pick up n Hitchhiker problems write to Abby Box 69700 los an gulfs Calif for n personal reply in close n stamped self addressed envelope Hale to write letters Send tint Dollar to Ahby Box los an colds for a Hys Booklet How to write for All cmdr Lyhl Man Odom Sam facett 4 install ceiling tile insulation upholstery screening do a Hundred other tacking jobs faster enclosed Magazine i holds Over 100 Staples t craftsman Staple Friday and saturday Only regular save each heavy head sets Staples firmly in opens and loads easily 050 Staples in and lengths hand guard handle lock Staple extractor 7 in Long Cam action assures top driving Power scars one step steel hand riveters kit includes pack of 30 assorted j rivets kit insert rift squeeze bundle and John Lonel rivet Toek with total thick Eai up to Inch cult rivet flattens head in one operation no a r1 2224 a shop at hears and a la w pm 36471 City v Sali faction Gibran two or to u Marque your Money Flack Phil w429 without charge

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