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Galveston News Tri Weekly (Newspaper) - January 27, 1864, Galveston, Texas $ l a Ann. of a Kichard Sok. A i failure of she Antral twin Jarm is Driy we Larn or Vire a by in running of is it got it abut inn 4 i a h1 oui the Nam inn of me a a rip i a a. Fdl apr a owie i if or Airt january s 4, 10 ?. Nas movement of in in my report Day. Three Ean Nuj shots heard tin eng i i t Aney a a ppm a red be from our Battery at Yankee a a it parsing dispatches from Aney stale thai Ihu Beech la Clear Lor a Enty note Lra i a a w Attiat plur. A urge a Tenni a peeved Jfe pm that then1 a h = 1 Confederate court held this Oit v the lit Moo Day in february for transacting important admiralty business. Tat ars Xiu first accounts of this ri4 under u s enemy s favorite raiding Leader Weir furnished by the Nemy. Bat now out own afoot thu Smuel Arehur t a Ofca very que a the rms Jfe. He Nua Ort Bly e�sr9d by a oms even if he moves him mtg. Lie we in i attempt a Cape through us Noah it it Fey 0�d, Kobolt who we defend did Ute pm Uit it and Iun ool. Ͽ�ckin0on adv owl upon Hia from Orvii afire or Fri a him tack Wilh Ion a of Sau runt Cid killed Jed won Odd. At Rah had t Een of Kph urd destroy hued Urc a goo train ail Eltea Iao Ard Enre Hurscle. At Utt accounts by waa falstaff Back Warda Jou Nuon sure in halt Tourt am a Are he would a a by Ambo Den. Tbsp Oplt were of Lucking m Lite Start a vial of oar add re. Ion the n. 0. Term j?�1u of the uth met. Says a read that not a Ting Steamer under the Flur Row Aalt Between the United a tatar and Kuro e. There Ara about fifty under Lor Ciao i legs. A Kuglich . Alias Confederate Privateering h pm done us perfect work. A. It we fled we were in error in stating that maj. Vandry Riaff a songs c of. Mcneill regiment mgr. Mcphail Home that office in col Mcneill Tugi inn maj. Vanda graft now learn of a a Boa Tome time in the army in Virginia it we have not earned whether a a by a a transferred this department. In i we have received a circular of the Waco unto Arety from which a appear shut that Ina Titu Tion u in site a Fiona Rahing condition. 171 students have be a matriculated during the past Aen on. In add Dion the Ordinary by Anchlfa taught Trof. J. T. Strother actual the Ecle uce of or thoroughly. The circular h sift fwd by j. W. Sp�3igut, As a Reaid a Board of Tiu Atelea. We Are informed that opt i. O. Wharton Baa Ocefia relieved from charge of the clothing Bureau Etc., at Hia own request and capt. Be w. Taylor Haj been Ani Ned duty a Ida place. The shango we a Necee agitated from the tact Utah capt. Narion waa not Able make up Hia returns while attending the office we Wiah capt Taylor Joy of hit appointment though we question if he or anybody else can derive much Joy fro Mao laborious and Leepon Ailea by Reau. it graph. Be have had a Call from our old Friend capt. 6. W. Pendexter formerly of a Leaton hut Tor at Yeara Paat a resident of Lavaca from Widen Elty Ueha Juat arrived. Paleain from him that hat very few fall tee have Lait Lavaca Lor Hattery few indeed would be Able had Ubety Ever much dread of the Yankee invaders. Hut the enemy have not returned Shew themselves in that it Yaino their first Brief visit though they continue in Poetee Enion of Indianola and appear be preparing hold that place permanently. A \. Mor out a going Leaai Rard and pro a omit re we Fol at Anchor Fourtou Tuuu a 4 usand when within easy Range fired three whom doing damage and then returned Down the Bench tour scout imported the land Force be retreating an soon a the gunboat turned Hack. We now retired a a Karl of Limber Himi is Distant who we bivouacked. Soon after reaching the Timber re Elvod information from Matagorda that the Peninsula was lined with men and Mote Landing. A Ter Diapa Tah from ?.hat place put the number at 2000. During the night ours eouts brought in a prisoner whom they captured Mono of the Housea on Iho Puni Nhuon. He a a Laite a lad Aad says Hia name a twice. Ils tacs that waa born in Hibama and has a Aitt Ter residing Montgomery county Texas that be joined the expedition at new Orleans with the in Tenion desert at the first Opportunity and his sister. He went the houss where captured on the plea of obtaining water and when the Yankees retreated he remained. He says that three brigades composed the expedition up the Peninsula and that they started with six Days rations for the purpose of foraging. He could tuna idea1 of what was the strength of the Yankee Armyon the Peninsula at ajuria and elsewhere but that the current talk was that they were going f Failon the Publio tons Orrin u a or pc. Nice in a a Rea Noti it my ran or r eng in that newly Fri in Al Dorado the daily a ats ave Toa Ted with i Aasen Geri. And the Road Ira thru Bijj a Wiki freight a ont buggies Hort a. of a he my a. The l we and ? Dittri \ Gillii up us pro Vii % with pm Ollous up dined actor dog thu writer i going Ahe Aji in the times t. Rej i of the \ Ommins a appointed try the v. S. 2%\y d part Niflot. Consi inti of three Chi of in Inera in have mud1 careful expert Ninta for five month Shew it g the prac Tira idly Oln in Petroleum r Hydro ear on oils Tor the Parpoe of Agner sting Thean. Has by. J7, 16. Circular the following need persons miss Kate Lur Nett a tuft Ella Virnett. Min a Luis Latham Vitas Kly of Mart and met. Moore a Vimr act etl dire he it fully towards the president and gov pro int of tie untied trial a and a Blip or Ina Oueda the of incr. Siht is and Loyal Cit it a of the Toni cd Matwa had new bled at the can Rah in Yunki Burg on Chr Atmaa Day for Livim braic.�, by a Rutily having said Church at that Point hit a per vice where the official Man later prays for the welfare of the president of the United that St and All other in authority Are hereby Baniah a and Wil Sava the Federal line within forty i i hours under of Nalty of imprisonment. Her i Ter All persons Mida or female who. By word deed or implication insult or show diary Pecl the president government or Flag of the United states or any officer or Soldier of the United sits Tea upon Mattera of a National character Shail be Ilerd or imprisoned Accord ing the Gro Esneda of the offence. Jajika Wilsoh it. Col. And pro. Mar. I7ih a \ we Are pleased learn that the Logis Alture he a passed an act prohibiting Ata Coah Ioen from charging More than a a a cents a Mil if they with i a in a exempt from military duty. u r Jago the tar from this place \ in cd $1 r�0, or the at be men will he cd sculpted. We cannot we Why Mill cd Nhy nil 3 l e in Lowed retain their service you and the men aft i nth when hair places could Bai Well a Ltd by men Over conscript Fatge or Dis Abud old Iarj. Congress never made such exemptions and Otto but the president has the right make exemptions outside of oenreas.-j2aif a. The Texas Kanger reminds us in the following paragraph of a duty we have neglected perform. Both the appointments made will give grand Satis written for the try Wak a Thra a Newt not Friend for the a. Rhos ?.o thy Tauva s a in Virgir a All lonely Dost thou sleep the Tom ind howls a Hui St disturbs thee Noi Tir in blk spirit Long in. " it Thon it be be r v min i thy Fand Tom vhf run a we May rom. Bat most of All we mias t. Thyl fireside of thy Hopfl  a thy friends May Cluster round or ,. Awl Isagh and refit the same. As in bygone Days hat a hear toe w when they in rms a if time of when morning sunlight Falls 11 Jet in Thi Roay Lea. then we think of the and when at dewy eve. The stars come one by one we High and Matt cry Grievo a or the setting of thy Sunva Al my sleep on Youn s . I by work was nobly done thou Didat Battle for thy cont till doth the Victory in thu hot g Ion a a hot fips Ilo Lound cold Jordan s Tina effect Sivy re established. After having suffered ail the calamities of the most terrible War that has been recorded in history for centuries Paat h appears us As we think it will appear the world that All our sufferings will have Leeoin vain if we Ever consent a peace without at she same time securing on commercial Independence. peace can he honorable the South which does not leave the Southern confederacy at perfect Liberty regulate it Commerce with the North with an exclusive View the promotion of Southern interests the same at with Alt other nations. But a treaty of peace requiring us favor oar enemies More than All other nations give the special privilege of free Trad those who Are now aiming at nothing Short of our absolute destruction or our most degrading Rabja Gutlon is not giving us All we ask for nor we believe All the people of the South will demand. They not yet feel that their cause in desperate As make such terms acceptable. The object of the expedition was come up be pen insula where it joins the main and and then Cross Over and drive All the cattle they could find Matagorda or Lavaca for the use of their army. Scouts from Down the Peninsula Day 23j report that they passed the Yankee Camp fires Fhil morning and would judge that there wet at least i 00 of them comprising the expedit Ion. They the Yankees slaughtered fifteen Beeves last night. They left their Camp this morning at Day Brak and marched Down the Peninsula. They Hud some Jim it guns with them but How Many or of what calibre is unknown speaking of the two scouts which i reported in my last As being Cut off by the enemy he says they retreated Down the Peninsula with a View try an j escape during the night but they Law another Force advancing in that direction. Finding that escape was impossible with their horses they turned them Loose and scraping Boh in the Sand they got in and Drew grass Over them thus completely hiding themselves. The yanks captured their Hor ses nud searched in every direction for their riders but were unsuccessful. The two men heard the Yankees talking about them but did Low and last night made their escape tie enemy at last accounts had retired still further Down the Peninsula. Wide awakes Are on the Alert and should they try an Advance in this direction Tobej will meet a severe punishment a we Are thoroughly prepared for them. The latest dispatches received a the enemy Are still retreating Toms conf Dorado. Or. J. B. Lacoste in a letter a Turco & of Matamoros states that Attrill of the la Eoute Baa been sensing in Matamoras some government property a the name of the said firm tie says Nat was made without his Convent or knowledge although he has a two thirds interest in the firm and has a right control and that he will not recognise that or any other act of or Attrill As a business partner. It appears a High handed game has been played on the lilo grande., and we Hope and Trust All engaged in it. Whether tried or foe will be taught that Auch Lawless proceedings Don t pay.-8. A. Al Trad. Nigger and Yankee. Below will a found genuine Yankee testimony in favor of the kind treatment received by the poor darkly the Boitor 6v Tbs Republican a simple butement of facts through your columns will reach not a few benevolent persons who cannot Well be reached by other Means. Judge adv Onte general. These gentlemen have been complimented by Gen. Magruder Lor the eff Clent and faithful manner in which they have filled their respective offices. Under the militia Bill utely passed by the Tea a legislature the a Tate is District de into six Liri Adea. The governor appoints six brigadier and one major general. The troops a divided into three classes two thirds always in the Field one thud on fur Lough of tour months. The classes rotate in order. Exemption for disability be determined by three physic ields be appointed by the county court. A discharges Are revoked substitutes allowed. Those having substitutes fake Tlell own place by the Thot february by which time the und Rawn militia Are be enrolled. Xem Tlona Are few but what they Are we Are not advised not having yet seen the , the and Wui Batky thau2 the n. 0. True Delta say a the effect of the Large demand for Corn for distilling purposes upon the Supply for military and Ordinary consumption is attracting attention Wash tag ten. The decrease in the crop this year As shown by the agricultural report for november exceeds one Hundred and thirty millions of bushels Tho decreased exp it Dematty. However will compensate for a portion of this de Oieno. The expectation of additional tax on High wines has the demand for Corn and other grains for distilling purposes a a it is intimated that a View of the Large necessities of the govern not which must he supplied while the War lasts the military order forbidding the distillation of Grain in Kentucky and Tennessee will be extended Ohio and Illinois at an Early Day. We copy the following paragraphs from the London correspondence of the n. Y. Herald deci3th the great Kastern which 1 have before referred will positively be sold on the 34th of january. If your government wants the most splendid transport ship in the world Why they not Send Over an agent Purchase her 7 she will undoubtedly be sold for less than a million dollars there is talk of Gettig a lottery scheme Purchase her Lor the present stockholders for a 160,000. I doubt if anybody in this country can got bid that sum for Ber. The rebel agent who purchased and fitted out the Georgia was or Thomas bold of Birkenhead Aud Liverpool lie also in Defiance of the provisions of the foreign enlistment act bought the frigate Victor of Hei majesty s government equipped her As Ibe Kappa Bannock took her round Calais and turned her Over the rebels. As we have seen she was stopped by the French government. Bold is now in France completing Etc. A we act of Gen. Magrudor in the impressment of negroes for military purposes ill give More satisfaction the planters of the rates than the restoration of capt. H. B. Andrews the head of the labor Bureau the announcement f which is contained in your paper of theor inst. Capt. Andrews is almost a native of and was reared in the largest planting Region of Texas and try Nim known capacity for business Superior intellect Hlen Tity of interest with slave Otvars Anst earnestly Avo but if those rams Are permitted leave England people will Force us into War whether we Wiah it not. Shell not he Abl control their exase Atlon. And the i i ish government ought and stand this. Minister Adams urdu receiving this letter c la upon Earl it Tuffnell and quid him substance i not Call upon your lordship in my Odic capacity but 1 have received a Plain outspoken 1 Ter from a president Lincoln which though udders meets a private a pintle and not m an a Mirial 4 of the r a i Man j of a a foreign , undo i d by Alvinj this is not flip Loncy your lordship but honest r Ai d of a i in Bluit Tonuu a u cd Iyul half a word the cd r for Thad Tentle re the rebel t inns was prom a \ True i a a the uth. Inst.  9w& of Consu Kratz t a.ihtr.�r8, Wilson s building. He Tine for the various ass Sam Nta und rth tax Law was the first of july gut., november and january last past. Those in Houston Preolo i Vii tiled comply Are liable the Penally w. It. Baskit i assessors Ouk Guhy Harris county i5v,m. Jan t Lis tk1 of lobs a Hera Nuchin what Efty or tic of chop t nut in want it Blin if Rudd work ii int Otler que cities iirj7twtf apply he this of lieu. Vylanta Lovey Freedl Iritz Ane rat be Vunck of the Missi Impi coat and Lor Wislawa then. 0. True l Ota gives us the following information but does not inform us How the letter writer got hold of it a senator pier Boule who has been recently appointed director of a Bureau of the Confederate War Topa Rawot has submitted a plan Jen Davis for the defence of the Mississippi coast and Louisiana it was meant be secret but a letter writer got hold of 4he plan and ventilated it. The plan is or a Oise moving columns of Kuehhas especially it stud fat their Mission and ear Ramg with them la it gun re of Portal a by sections Audi that Xhu a Caubo in Huntly mounted at any Point selected fur attach acid defence. A Hundred four Pounders Are be forged at Ang Tuta. 6a., and distributed the seven Cavan a year pm. He see were being drilled for the Traca por loaf of of new Ian Lemeut. Than fifty thousand Blacks from among whom have been called All the Able bodied men for the military service thirty five thousand of these Vijto those in Camps Between Helena Aud Natchez Are furnished the Sholter of old tent and a subsistence of a cheap ration by the government but Are in All other things in extreme death Sutlon. Their clothing in perhaps the fourth of this number is but one aug e worn and scanty garment. Many children ate wrapped night and Day in tattered blankets As their sole apparel but few of All these people have had any change of raiment since in the Midsummer or earlier they came from the abandoned plantations of their matters. Multitudes of them have Beds or bedding the Clayey Earth the resting place of women and babes through these Stormy months. They live of necessity in extreme filth Noas and Are afflicted with All fatal diseases. Medical attendance and supplies Are very inadequate. They cannot during this Winter be disposed of labor and self support and compensated labor Carnot be procured for them in the Camp. They cannot in their present condition survive the Winter. It is my conviction that unrelieved the Hilf of them Wil Pensh before the Soring. Last Winter during a months of february March and april i buried at Memphis alone out of an average of about four thousand twelve Hundred of these people or from twelve Twenty a Day. One Day we he cd thirty five those who have been gathered into Camp this summer Are quite As destitute As those who were on our hands last Winter. These people Lave come in not As a result of the emancipation proclamation but As a matter of Necea Tyty from desolated plantations. They had the Choice Between coming and staying behind starve. They came Many of them Pensh of nakedness. Common humanity and our National Honor demand that these Woun and Cut Loren be saved alive. All forms of women s and children clothing Are needed a Miketa and bedding and funds which can a turned into clothing and material. A committee in Boston whose treasurer is or. Alphena Hardy is moving efficiently in the work. Contributions from Western Massachusetts can flow tar Hugh this Channel and reach without delay those who Are perishing in need. A committee has been raised in Springfield Winch will doubt egg take the matter in hand and move it vigorously. Yours truly in behalf of god s poorest a. S. Jti8kk, Captain 4th Minnesota volunteers. Springfield becember4th. As Longton Observatory under whose direction bold acts and by whom he is paid. This bold familiarly known in Liverpool As Tom bold is Well known As the prime mover in All the work projected by John Laud where the latter As u member of parliament does not wish be seen. A Nephew of w. B. Lindsay has just arrived Here from Kicha und bringing with him immense orders for his nude s Bone Aad the joint concern that Stringer s and Boulter s Claes Are connected with in the h use correspondence. Vou have probably a pamphlet Lafe in published Here against Hon. Kobe. J. Walker and he efforts end Btu europeans in apr Ctina i your financial commercial Aud political systems. This though issued Annony Boualy x learn from an indubitable source was concocted and written by Edwin Leon Jamea m. Mason and George Mchenry. By the Way Mason la now living in Paris at the private residence of or. You tier thereby saving Hia Purana. Me Lenry George is a pm Ladelphia Man principally known us a Moat violent secessionist and pro a Avery in who was joined with Lis brother James me Henry late of Liverpool now of London a a oat honorable and upright Man and a Aunch unionist. I see the probabilities of an Alliance Between Kua Sla and France Are beginning be discussed in the English and Continental journals and that will be the grand finale of the matter. England cannot War Plase the emperor of the French but Russia can be pitted against great Britain enable both the emperors carry out certain Darling projects about the Bose hour and the Levant. These once accomplished and he commercial and naval supremacy of John Bull is extinguished forever of course All this gives he nation of shopkeepers Juch perturbation of spirit. He must console Bim self with a noted saying of one of Bis it a judicial authorities or. Justice shallow an two men ride a horse one urfa ride of course As or. Bull has Ridden in front for some time he Don t at All like the idea of changing seats i h some one who is climbing up before him. He Gens a Small degree of Comfort from the fact that Leenan was Defeated by kick while he exhibits mortification at the circumstance that this same Deena three years ago waa swindled out of i Victory by the act of the then referee and the present stakeholder or. Bowling the editor of Bell s life in London. 55ut All these Chican eries will soon be cancelled. The a Kiwi is on tic tha j space Beuton the backward and Forward movements of the two opposing armies in Northern Virginia there is a monstrously lucrative game of speculation being carried on by a mercenary set of men who from motives of gain Wal Home the coming Speed the parting Oest and talk Union or secession is the company prompts. The seat of this great piece of knavery is Culpeper courthouse which has been in the Possession of the two armies alternately for the past few months. It is Usu known those speculators that ainu tured Toba Eoo is a scarce and Ai article with the Yankees and that flour Coffee boots of scarce Here Are correspondingly plenty and cheap with them. the Sharp merchant who takes in the Gate Obanks on one aide of the counter and the Confederate Dollar on the other lays in a Stock of tobacco under the Guise of supplying the butlers and bold Ora of general Lee a army. But the bulk of his Supply is stored in the cellar or out of the Way and not displayed of the counter. In the course of events our army Falls Hack and the enemy come . Our merchant takes Tiwe by the Forelock and Ritsa Yankee officer r prominence his House spreads a hospitable Board and gets out bit win. Sharp merchant embraces the occasion while the wine is working obtain a permit Trade with the Yankee butlers of the army. His tobacco at once finds a Market at five dollars per Pound in Yankee currency which be estimates at sixty dollars in con federate currency with greenbacks at twelve Prem Iura. For the tobacco thus sold the merchant can obtain excellent dour at six dollars per barrel Coffee at forty cents per Pound shoes at two dollars and Calico at Twenty five cents per said these articles a e sent the Richmond Market and sold at a profit of twelve and fifteen Hundred per cent. One Par a whom we could name and who has done an immense business of this kind recently sent the Market eight tags of Euffa and obtained eight dollars a Pound Tor the same at auction four purchased at six he sold at sixty and eighty dollars Calico Pur shaved at Twenty five cents sold at eight and ten dollars and ladies shoes Para basal for one Dollar sold for forty dollars and Oil. This is the double faced str Dolhai thit a rfcs front either Way and carries water upon tha North pm and Southern shoulder. 1 Rote Tco by both armies they Are True Only one and that is our enemies. We have positive information of the fact that one boarding House keeper at ool Peper and a reputed Southern lady closed up her House when general Lee s army fell Back but speedily opened when the Yankees came and set excellent meals at one Del Lar a head in ?6" when she had charged our hungry soldiers eight. In Confederate currency for a meal of dry bread and poor Coffee. These fact can be proven and it is in this Way that thousands upon thousands of dollars Are wrought from the Yankees the great detriment of the con federate currency. Rich. Exam Miner. Wanted Uiutf-30 Good Coopers for which i will pay a Liberal hire be Emp Loyed in making four barrels for the c. 0, a. Persons hiring them me will a entitled a the labor Bureau a credit of two common hands for each Coop or that hired address me throng a a. 0. Mckean it oc., Toaston truth a dead Nak minion or myself at Wheelock j. B. Durant Jan 24 wow wafted at tub tkxa8 Penitentiary. 800 Bales Ootton not class below Low middling for which x will pay rents per la one half in Cotton goods. 30,000 lbs. Wool Clear of burs for which i will pay one dolls per Pound either in Money or Ootton goods. 4 .000 lbs. Bacon Clear sides for which i will Alvs one Yard Osna bergs for three lbs. 15,000 lbs. Lard for which i will give one Yard of Naburgs for 3 lbs. 7 10,000 lbs. Flour for which i will pay 30 Oti. Per la. In Cotton goods. The shove supplies must be delivered at this place within eight week from this Date. 8 8. Hendrick financial agent Penitentiary. Attn Taville Jan. 20, 104. Jaa22tw5t for Sale in Necle. T Otil . U 0 10 and 11, in the City of Galveston -4 on Tremont Street the Corner lot and the next it at 600 each and the rest at 300 each. If the Comer lot i alone sold then $ 1,00t a wanted apply p u. Willis & Bro. Arvivion partners of fold Benny Bro. Jans0tw4t Bilund in the morning of the Vuch inst., n main Street by on of the negro 7 a employed at the h. At t. O. R it. Machine whop a pocket Porto Otic con icing a Smill sum of Money paper acc supposed us belong a private la the. It. Scipioa. The Osier can have the a a t4j._. Quarter masters opf1ck, Han ammo exam Heo Imbor slut. A two the following order from col. John s. Void. Of in Mander of conscripts is published for the info Oit Tun of All wham h May concern. Hsiao soar Toju coh Scarr , t acs Tik nov. 20tb, it tix i any conscript teamster who shall leave the tier vice of major Hart Quarter master Confederate rutted army without being released from duty by him a Tutty of dessert Lou and can a punished he Yordi ugly. Any team sic t who Shell Pei aude entire or hire a Onn script teamster quit the wry in for which he has been det /.cd, without permission a subject punishment As an Alder and abettor of desertion. John . Ford col. A com. Of conscripts. The agents of this office Are directed promptly report any and every violation of the foregoing order. Deo Ion a t. Hart maj & q. M. W 1% Iii we notice from gov. Moore a re rent message Louisiana legislature that in a Vonjj in it the if at Vii fitted by i a oxi Lilik Law u of tiny Raj in a while Perry in. Fuho Louin i a is a cum h la an Luiso Diatz ,$11 of the Law Ai the enemy tire now using it against a. Two Keels for immense War vessels we re i the Brooklyn Navy Vard Lunt week. In i la a general review of the present condition of the War the n. I. Herald Suya around the coast from Charleston , our Ruimin Oncea i Nauy pick up a Pri or wanly in a Ufa a eau riling Hia we of t Iho Klo Oranio Norm Maui Gnu. Banka i of Hia fat Kes Tor & j Ctm Pauo in i with Tho move a Vuia Olur troops we Airam from jew Orleans Aud southward from a Stead of inside of Texas u should read outside of Texas along thu islands and Penis shia beyond the reach of our Iveas troops a. $300 a Titard. It Kanku from Houston about the 1st of Deceron Ber two Strawberry Koan Ijo yes. Que Short round body thick Rcck with one White front foot scar on pasture joint of Hind leg. The other Long body Blase in forehead branded j 1 on left shoulder. Both about fifteen hands High. The above Reward will paid Lor delivering or informing about the above horses. W. A Tor Bert Janwa wow Houston. 0 re Otic i ticks of adminis Traylon wit i us will a n of a of on them of trite of a u it lir cd a Vvs our pm Orange. 1 shall proceed sell him at auction a hts ble Bill if not called for within 10 Daya. W b. Thomas Mustang stable Houston Jan. Is of Jami Tot
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