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Galveston News Tri Weekly (Newspaper) - February 26, 1864, Galveston, Texas Of. I    . Fly to Lite in i to 14im a. Oue Tuk e or in i s a a und refund id Var. Hatif in i in a the a a in a it j us a lifted with the earner sorta of our Eitt tech in behalf it the poor. Onell Oyei Fretard thee entert in in ruts it lbt tace test aleut of the pity in All depart meat at Musj Paior Oitim lament been Aasu duos y and Oare tul y a Ltd Ted and we suspect that the efforts of. Paob to Excel the other to the different c n Cert will be not tha least interesting part of the entertainment let they will i All Well supported who so doubt t Jtj tha. Euc oar correspondent end a. And to which tie refers us hit present Leier la the same a a Given la the my g. Courier a a it it will i in mind hot a it. Or Wye the inform give was a a Talnad front lepers Brough. To Gen. T Ymir "3p theah Cle signed " Patriot i written by one of ear beat Laforme and Oldem items. J to complaint he makes of the non Futi Clinent of the Sif Beia to atm to Wurn their Negroe to our Plant Era i j of 16th. Of january a Onieu Mado to Aesy planter and we Nave noticed in a complaint in our paper out with lips Srp i Heminy hat Lola the Pian Tern Havo papa i of Iii icing in soy drop whatever Anil in nearly i Carea they Are absolutely he Edotj to arable thin w put in full crops. To Are unwilling to Bali ova ill to total a i the Promise made in an official order is the part of the com Viand Iii general but is More probably the result of its placed conf Domce in subordinates who Are presumed without much inquiry to perform their duties faithfully when in tact pre Eisely the convary presumption would be More reasonable. At All events the matter too vitally Vilecta the safety and welfare of the country to be Lell to the discretion of those who Are perhaps strangers in the country and l i8v� but Little interest in it. \ y the new York Herald of january 30th, contains very Little it copying. The editor la giving an account of the capture and Aust quest experience of one of its Correl Pond Evita takes occasion to How the vastly super our Enterprise to the management of that paper Over Ezcry other journal in the world lie oui tis to have had As corny As thirty Moy Cor respondents at one time All of whom Hare to be supplied with in rec Tiar Elint expenses i besides Helig paid their salaries. Of these to tiny ten have Boen taken Sontra. Two have died and one has been badly wounded in Battle of. It a of coarse impossible to estimate the extent to which All the people of the North have been it carved by this army of lying Torrea Ponenti into the Relief that the South out be subjugated. This very Itsue of the Herald has nearly one full Page filled with the Moat Arrom mod absurd falsehood by one of its Corree of indents. Giving an account of what he pre ends to have sen and heard in the sooth while a prisoner until finally part Ltd but for this Syrea Aatlo deception prac-y�e4 for the purpose of keeping no the Hopee of the North this War would probably have been at an end i whore this time. A a a a a it7" we taunt regret t to Seirn by the i e Vera Eva Etc Eddie correspond Eliut c Jlon Els fan Tiuch end f Flournoy were among tie let in of firs Olio were captured a few a syn ago on his bunk of tie Milisis suppl. The same writer my it we Polk s corps and men l Lee s civilly that whipped Sherman that the Cine Oil Neir she Sis Black and not at Jat Stan As reported which pity Sherman has not had Possession of. Wirt Adams was not Cut up As reported but that be whipped the Yankees and a plated Oer Vetal prisoners which prisoners our informant s l a nil to a i fins at Fil he. A rat in Wiio a r attn to Iii Soefer. 1 i -. 1, i  o k it Risi i�4isl a h b s up a  pc. Will a i i Tif time Lori i Wirtl Yilit sell v o l in. By or a Keiiti to so. News a regret to inform you that or. John b. Ashford a Welt known and respectable planter near eur Urey was killed Day Belore be sturdy tuesday of the depot platform by Young Hose the passport examiner who travels on the Central Railroad cars the following circumstances Are Gwen m strictly True. While going up from this City Young Rose asked or. Ashford for his pass sort. Or. A. Replied that he had already Given it to him but this was denied by Rose when or. A. Said he lied. Upon this Rose walked away borrowed a pistol saying he should take Back what he said or he would kill him. Upon the cars stopping at Courtney he stepped a to or. Ashford who was on the platform with his pistol in hand and demanded of or a. That he should retract what he had said when or. A. Denied having called him a Hal. Or. Rose then lowered his pistol. Or. A. Then remarked that if role asserted that he had called him so str be was add liar. Rose then bred shooting or. A. In tin breast and killing him instantly. Or Ashford has left an estimable family to mourn his until death. Rose is a boy about 18 years old. Turn Lames of Wharton. Editor Nice a Goody dumber of the Brave and gentlemen by Nen Barson Den. Desbray s regiment desire through in a median of your paper to give publicity to their feelings of High regard and esteem for the fair and patriotic ladies of Wharton for their Liberal and kind attention Shewn Thea daring their late sojourn in their ii Dit clothes were washed and repaired and socks Given to the Nee by to an extent that places All other communities in the Shade the ebb. U. B. Thrall will also been or kindly remembered for having depleted Bis wardrobe even to tha last pair of socks to make our boys comfortable. Yours respectfully a. From the Toronto Canada Leader j did any one our years ago ask to be shown a genuine representative of Republican institutions As administered in Itu United states to we a in old the inquirer be More justly referred thar. M. Horace Oracle 7 or. Greeley was the High priest of the Republican Faith and the x rib use loudly a Riehel the new gospel at Laid Down by the ," and enforced both by word and deed by their Bucce Sora Tot three quarters of a Century. To whom then should we look to see the fundamental doctrines of maintained with Grea or earnestness than or. Greeley and to Whit paper o or than the Tribune 1 this would to the natural conclusion yet strange to say the Tribune Nocki away at the pillars of the National form of government in a Uijun or which is calculated to canal no utile Auto Nib stent. What do oar readers think ii the latest form in the principles of Republican government song eased by or. Greeley s paper ? nothing Leas than Sash a Teanga la the elective franchise As balt cause to be is cognized As intellectual qualification on the pats of electors. It would not give the right of a drag to any one whose ignorance or capacity renders him More Likely to do evil than Good by there can be no mistaking this language but fearful perhaps that it might be misunderstood the Tribune As it Proca Edi becomes wore definite. We would have the Laws regard and treat every mar it say wording to his intrinsic qualities. If the com tonally say that a Man should be Able to read to qty Silty him to vote we do not of eject. Establish any a pm or intellectual qualification you please and we make in objection so in this is certainly it Range preaching from such a Quarter. We have been accustomed to hear it sait that Universal suffrage Lay Ato basis of Auw Rheao greatness. Any one Sliu a few Tan. Win to j a crack such a oui act in to la t it of states As out j we i no snafu exist red an of i m o4 Are y of -. Krev Pirc o part urn ii it Iti in of song it know what sul a your better a he a they or tace aaltus. La to your try not Iti try turn Doti a Jlyo d Sod run a lilt a a not every wind chill which your imagination Baa eni Jurns into a giant fall of wrong atut Oil Reettia. It so it Dies not require the to trip of prophecy to foretell a it Jour will be a Short i be and pro no la Retali n a violent end perhaps Yon bad better offer advice to general Roith at to  a cold no doubt be highly appreciated Esi Ocieh a off a i to she a lotion of Hll officer in 1 i t put a right Man in the right place. Of my son. A in not see Yon Are mkt Var Mynyr ref a iru1oti3 a a if % min a t Iii ,i5 a i z la la we or Uhl Smith or older Lichy full. But aside Fri to All this. In As con i or your o tons to accepting a Viti to in a Bureau. Whip nude am tiper Venceil clerks Are Doir a Doty w. The Field. Would Jour Able and Piper int a rare i Ftp selves generally u get on to the army will in loudly perform and that without any a mid no Ijuan at Oul til dignity. And above All my , it Cut not. Your a e and Alcraa to a Little too a be and expert Penoeil for their duties. There a Tully grows out of business Transi Tiona certain be in Jishua tin la e mails pious or bonuses which if i on the Eye. Would tie , and especially so by a in Root Home staying civilians who really seem to Epcot that soldiers a cupid Livo on their pay pm allowance and never help the mat lives while the key of the Public Erio a in to Weir , forgetting the scriptural injunction thou aha a nut the of that treat eth out the to suit prejudices of the Public and the scruples of & few Oil of a honed i theoitis it is Urece Spry that the accounts of an officer should be carefully got up. Now one Able Antl experienced clerk u sufficient for Tii a purpose and it is better the a guarantee at once of the respectability and the impel ability of the Bureau to which they Are attached. Now my ton ence and for All let me impress it upon you that a Soldier s first duly is obedience. Nothing is so distasteful to your superiors As this criticising questioning spirit that demands to know the right and the wrong the legality or illegality of this act or that. Recollect the scripture submit yourself to the Powers that be and obey your super its implicitly and without hesitation or Rel Clauce. Another Point in your letter has surprised and grieved me you say that Chu Reifle d has been to Houston trying to get Possession of his negroes who Are illegally detained in the service they having been impressed six months ago to work on the fortifications and Are now employed driving ambulances and waiting on a slicers. And further that you have been endeavouring to assist Ukia in getting them of. Of my son a Vul could have induced you to engage to in undertaking so impolitic. I admit that Church Tlell is a worthy Mau and a Good neighbor and that his being deprived of his effective hands at ibis season is a great hardship Ait it does appear that it is nut quite in a cd dance with Sene Iii orders hut. My son recollect " military no Rotim tit egress were to the pubic service and besides what had on to do Witti it Are you not aware that there is nothing on which divers look with such Peculiar Disfavour to the giving up of Handy a Elul servants ? quite Likely Church Field s boys were wanted to drive the major s Carriage o  to make the colonel s Garden or to White Wash tin Captain s Fence or some other necessary work and yet you and Churchfield had the Assurance to go around among the officials and demand them As aright of course you were refused and equally of course those official on whom you called will now remember you As one who has made an unreasonable request and put Beni to the pain of a refusal. My son my son How could you mix yourself up in an affair like this t Fyhen you know that Churchfield is denounced As a Speculator and of course could hardly expect right or Justice from any one. Indeed. I consider it repro Hembly selfish in his part to take adv cd oui Tisaj Saiu in the Iti for Tho Piniat West via eight on o be c Tiscar have a Cote sea ice of of Vesseli to la log and departing is if Fwy Uii. 1 late the itans t. Form Eilt a now Oarra is now the blockade this morning i six vessels three steamers and three sailing vessels. Yesterday communicated with the enemy by Flag of True. As yet i have heard of not bldg late brought in by their papers citizen. A Iii i it i-rtr.--, has to h 1 x in j t h i m 1 a a a i it Lon. Sri a Maurn. Or a to. By i Svor. You or Mues but mom Tyty obtain from oar in i la president Jua Readi of Chi via the conduct of Vid Aarl and m Imo Uhla dais All our a a . Pueblo Vera Cru Mexico Morel Tobt co. Acc ,. Are my Al by the f ranch. The arrival of president Juares in Elx Temy Lnu a de tide i is Fate. The a Recti Are now compelled to c. military operations Agai Utt this City. with tins Vuu will receive late Oam Praia in haste. 1 i Kwick. A a in on Tritt Mexico t february 13, 18g1. Editor Nawab i Rei Urne Lew Days ago from mat Waiora where our a Ion dim Friend i on Juan Nepumuceno Cortina reigns supreme. President Jar Sci has compromised matters we h him and Ai lived him for the present to remain in Power As civil and Ali tray governor of the state of Tamuli Pat provided that the Revenue of the Matan ionis a atom Houie shall be Falt Fally paid Over to Prev Dent Juan to defray the expenses of the Gen enl government. Senor Lambrano tha inspector Tho. Cissom Honses on the Rio Grande is circe Toro in the heroic City of Matamoras and "0�mmeice. To am the phrase of Thomas Carlyle " in Kin \ most of tie merchants in Lut auroras Are jul. I i fled under Curtina o Rule since tits a wearing the gubernatorial Robes be Steroa to be at in Sij rashness of by past conduct by some dec be the desire to preserve order. Over his autury let us cast the veil of a Cheri table Sileno. The Yankees Are becoming Nuite unto pour in Hita Muras. Thir greenbacks town Ville by Confer iterate forces would a Jolce All the mexicans on the Frontier. They have for the last two years Learned to Lovd our Cotton Trade " with a love that a More than by the by the Yankees in Brownsville and its Vicinity number 3i00 in All negroes included. Gen. J. I. Ii Chron is in command. Their main fortification is situated Between the Convent and Freeport. It is made with breast works of Sand and Earth with a ditch in front ten or twelve feet deep. It a defended by Auten i Pounders. They have besides five Parrot guns. The Terry at Freeport is immediately in their rear. At by sos Santiago they have built a round fort at the place where the Sand Hills Furm a Point on the highest Elevation Ami near the Harbor. H is made of Sand. At Point Isabel they have a Square fort on the old Customhouse around. It is a Strong one. The Lighthouse is also fortified fort Brown has been abandoned. Whilst in Matamoras 1 Learned from a reliable Olti Zeu that Hamilton the " military governor of Cameron u dorsal Jack during Hiss Tny in Matti Ruora made a secret agreement with Brno Serna i then governor of Tamaulipas Lur the Mutual recovery of political offenders. Hamilton was to deliver the mexican Reid Geek in brow Evillo and gov. Serna Ilie confederates sojourning a matamora9. Ofui agreed also to sine and sell All the Cotton on tiatia in that Market and the Money obtained was to to equally divided Between him and Jack in amt ton. Sir. Price the u. 8. Consul at Matamoras whom they neglected to Oiler a share in the Tranmac Tion gave this information to Gen Dana then in of Mukand at Brownsville who with an honesty vory commendable in a Yankee communicated their Dos Graceful proceedings to the v. 8. Government. Hamilton is said to be under charges. He left Brownsville for new Orleans soon after these occurrences. William Alexander a lawyer of Austin a traitor to the land of i birth and of a bom our lamented judge Hemphill used to say he lean excellent student but the Devil take me if he has got common sense is the person selected by Hamilton for his Secretary of state. Is. B. Turner of Austin is also in Brownsville As prosecuting attorney for the negro and Yankee army this miscreant intrigued without any sue Ems with the authorities to Lla Tamora to effect the extradition of messes Nelson and Cline clerks of the District and county courts of Cameron county who with an ardent Seal for our cause and due regard for the la Beresis of the people of that sector have saved from Yankee Hinds the records of their respective offices. But enough of Yankees and renegades. Let us now Oast a glance of mexican affairs. President Narea arrived Here on the 12th inst so Oom panted by the members of his Cao net with the object of making Monterey the Capitol of the defunct Ste Public and approaching the Yankee lines. Gen. Doblado with a division composed of 1.300 my and nine Mountain How risers name with his excellency. Gov. Vidaurri who has never relied on the Friend ship or president joans and feared foal play marched with All his troops into the Citadel about half a mile North of this and from thence informed Tenor jul res that be object and to the presence of the aforesaid division in Monterey. Be was however willing to extend the hospitality of his prosperous state to the president and i Cabinet. After several interviews Between lie nor Dublado and gov. Vidauri who no doubt understood each other Well in this controversy the governor informed the president thai if Gen. Doblado a division would not leave the Cluj on the 14th, 3 o clock in the afternoon he would attack and drive them from it. Remonstrances were of no Avail. Gen. Doblado had a Tew Weeka before sent gov. Vidauri Lor Safe keeping Twenty two twelve Pounders and eighty wagons with ammunition All of which gov. Vidauri bad taken into his fortress. Moreover the latter had As Many troops As the president. Under thesis circumstances Sanor Juarez thought with Falla tall that discretion was the beet part of valor and loft yesterday at 3 o clock for Sal Tifilo together with she ministers and Gen Dobia do and his division. In the evening gov. Vidauri returned to the City and planted Cannon on the streets leading to Bia is Lea. We will in a few Daya see what action president Jaarni is to take in the matter. 1 believe that serious difficulties Are near at hand. In the meantime the French seem to be advancing from san Louis Potosi. It is rumoured Here that a Strong Force has left that City in order to occupy Saltillo. The Boutin official Organ of gov. Vidauri asserts that tha enemy is on the Border of this state. H is feared also that Matamoras will Moon be in Possession of the French there in no doubt of the acceptance of the throne by Maximilian. He is expected in March with heavy reinforcements for the French army the government Here never had a better Revenue than that which is derived from our Trade. This fact will no doubt contribute to effect an amicable settlement with or. Milmo that verdant son of or the verdant Krin in spite of a few treacherous Cotton agents a of Honett. Very Honett and moral quartermasters who for the love of Palf hire betrayed their Tius a and injured the interests of our government. 1 understand from some parties Here that whilst our difficulties Are being settled in new Leon the Trade could be opened by the Laredo route. Much saving will result. 1 pm satisfied that Iho authorities in Tamau Litts who arc aug in Nefdt of a Large to venue to support their will afford a Nica Nigary Protection to our command Iio i Oil i can Bod Foid of from Yail Kee raids a atm a a Kiujiro a tin. 1 ail write of again irom Piedras neg raw. Y ui4, Ever id it Ier Warde Pickwick. Rally a i i i in t n i i which he Oil not to Ink to Brno orig nolo a. 14j, w a to by Good High to. A to to a parc no or aug o to of no  a to h Atim lie. A id told n in he Inukai not m Ti-,1 the curs Iii he hid Given him. And at the Danio time save Tutu a Hanii e tale i Gold u buy a mall and . Article Lor Bun a a lolling Karu to up Ihu a jct a a for Bis oven tip Igod was not Otten a a in in to Xay in Thieo ii Iau returned tithe party who and witnessed Loo shiite by his rna Abr and with a Peculiar and sign of cant motion of the Hind remarked i i be i it 1 like that Way the old Genera one of the by to aiders Alai do a what Way of the Jen eral it was thai to d is liked. Esau rolled tic Way to ii a of men a Gen emn Pul in y oods of Iii big Prii timely " a a of sir Tomor owner i of Toni try w Hoha to Tiomir or n ill Force i Lipit it i Mot. Too Vir i i keenly �,.prrtcmi� Titi Fri list git it Kyau of of eation i it line is Lepo Feu to no i making the a Cental and Public order of a the a a. Lit for the return a ii Oit negroes to tin. Ioto of Jani Inry in order to enable a Liiri in Idem Corn lit nun to Havo both i Hii Poe of real Rue "  rep a pro kit order ban been Iii from Hendi in Ricon for bit iding Rhedis Clargo of Iny no Gre is working. At to Ino Tithof Taney to tort Espee Al a when they Erti i Vinod that there ii it employment Lor nil Iho n Groes at Witt i of it and it Andreon of whom a Uli. We Ari pit Riddle Anil willing to jtiv., to Iho Aid to do Len Miro Atli Blid but to Tiro Iii Villino in pop i Kiniry i 11an to in lip Al. Of nor of n a ill to nit a Llly Titi e i air toot Nihil a Alnuti Van Rall v tiring to in Iny Chin Here Ett Nevi tha tic Success 1 comm cute n i lint Lii to to Prii of tut1. I o is 1 i so can. Hot Thijn it ii. V Ltd a i l of m lit a general Given to a ii the Misiaf Sippl in the lot Aram our notillo and g Orion a a Abb by labor to nos Aesa foil Iho pit mice and l,. Ami in nth on i. Wait Iyoya to every pity of Iii inv of whom Are unworn Ltd i in it the net Ion Vio Carr. Aid t to a i it is r., tip to act. Ioe. 5i_ct. Thnh in tie o ,.-., Iii the Latr in relation will b o and in. I. Of. Ai or Forward the i i. Iii  in. \ i h the Teot with Cunt to a t for i i 0 it on be nov id Hli i . I i ii to is to \ Jam i p in a went. P. 0. Kjep o of a  tire pc tie bound 10 Al let i. To a 1,-tt. Is to rend to the of the mint Phi. To at once o Ilire Iio leed if this express is  in a Chesal Ulo or ii Naa or. Reagan say i u i Illy a Viii lat n of a i private expresses so Anil we certainly cannot consistently advise any to run the risk of incurring the penalties for its Ilion. Ai i or pop want is the Means of Corr to Nice wih absent friends t supplies the Nec apary fact Ana of Public contracts if. Oon tric Ora hoi Iid be pro Triton. All i it to n the Nei Rusf it. Ai on the Flo Vel Ett per Priam by it right that Uit Pevito c \. A 0, .01 o 1 o 1 a ill l do. I by s i Ueli , i to unit it to n i., in m i Oil h 111,11 out o in our n. And v ill it a it the 1 o to l am it i e have been woefully mistaken and Nosy to you that tiniest a speedy Elm go Takei Altoe it will to too Lam to save in. Ohr uary 23d, Htu. Reg. -45m-ylctoul., k. 10, . K i i hate just returned from i Ulyiss trip of Illi tit h Milt a alone tort if of of the Guadalupit. Too wan f Winter ruins have Muc n tit i Tineil Plantation operations on the River. S no of the planters who have arc Fervil their Fiel is from the Traad of Slock Are Well no with their work. They Are planting Core us they plough the Tarn by thin ii Niia the Young crop is putting Forth through the developments of moisture in the first ploughed Earth those who have permitted their Stock to Trump the grounds cannot plough and the consequence will be Sale planting and in All likelihood Short corps. There 1 no anticipation of a heavy yield this year hut utile Cotton will be cultivated bread stuffs be Long the main consideration. The Large crops Olcorn of the last season is fast disappearing before tic wants of the people West of the Guadalupe and the requirements of tha army Baron and lard Ara in abundance. The hum of the spinning wheel Antl the Clatter of the loom a heard in Amuat every House. The pen pie Are wide awake to the necessity of making own clothing and ladies old and Young arc Don g service to their copy try and to the Selvea by the. Will die. Until now the impression that Western Texas kits to he left out of the Pale of army Oier Attona. A caused distrust and Glt in but the report Gen. Tom Green is to assume command in this Sec Tion Baa bad a Happy Iii Lance amongst our people end we Hope shortly to see the Day when the recollection of the disgraceful escapade from Kipe Ranza will be wiped out under his Brilliant leadership. In blk All have Confidence. West. No 1 \ i i i ii n  of Loon is. Astir Ini by t Edl a Noih writ to upon Tho Itile position. Up to the time Young Rose too. That position about three weeks ago it had been oiled by my Between whom and the passengers no difficulty a i Ever occurred. It la painful to think we have lost a Good citizen and Soldier and his Wile and children deprived of their Uii ural protector under such Clerc matinees. \ received this my. Day of february he from capt. K. 11, Harrington the following sums donated by the raspe tabla persons for the use of the Ficu in the Hospital at Chappel Hill Tor which i tender Oil sincere thanks. Icse Muntford brr Troi co$.10 of Wilson. Bran is 0 $1�0 0t j amk8kagan, pure on inc mra hos Wharton on Iho huh inst., Sweet Litto Only Dau Echtor of mrs. 8. Ii. And or j h three years and eighteen Days. " a or such is the Kin Don of heaven l Iet a Ilei tips a id on to e loth of jan., a Mil of n Ami painful in Rio is mrs. A torah t. It main aged Ioyrr. the dec died As born in Faneite a. Keri m by Antl removed to this state in let cd Fri. K was a the Liber of the presbyterian Chare fit ii igt.iy c done with Limo mib a Tau thai Tilten the principals go into the army. Or editor in your Issue of january 31 i observe a Well timed and Able article on the subject of substitutes in our army a which you set Forth the number of Able bodied citizen exempted under the operation of the substitute a w at .fk.k. It was your opinion at that Lime that s great majority of the Cumber of substitutes furnished were sick in hns petals and physically Frum performing Active scr Vic in the Field. In this you were entirely Correct. At the sure time Yon thought the substitutes would be More useful at Home As producers than the exempts who had famished them this also a just conclusion. Since that time our c ingress has passed a Law subjecting the principals to service in the army but that Law and the newspaper editors who so strenuously advocated its passage Are entirely silent As to what will be done with the substitutes. I would ask if there is any rub known to Law civil or military to Nie two men to do the duty of one j Jan the agricultural wants of the country he Nupp led with a further depletion men i can the militia Law of the state be carried out when mind of these substitutes Are Between the Flea of i l and 51 years and retained a the Confederate service it seems to me that the Law of Congress should have discharged the substitutes and left rum subject to the local militia Law or the Secretary of War should order them discharged when the recent Law takes effect As to the principals. At All events 1 consider it an injury to the country to keep men in service who As All admit Are doing Little. If any Rood in the army and who Are admitted at the same time to be qualified to Render Good service elsewhere. In Short every Man Between 18 and 45 should be in the Confederate service All Between 45 and 50 in the militia and All Over 50 in the Reserve. This would Odine up to existing Lawn both Confederate and state and i humbly suggest that the governor of Ilea slate under existing Laws has the right to take out ns1 the co Federal army Over a Jih it a a of tie. To  of years old. Jav we tender our thanks 13 it. Haynes of Jackson county now a oar Western army for late Mobile Papo Tii. Tie lilt. ,1 Oil pause Tittl 1� Tilis w aug to an est nut from u privacy 1 Guadalupe feb. 15th l8ii-i there is barely enough moisture in the ground to bring up Corn but a Low such freezes us that of last night and a continuance dry Wanda will do stroy everything. I have never seen such desolation As Tho country new presents. The grass out West is totally gone the cattle Are dying by Oliou of Texas i n to Msj Cico and artr.., y ii Iii ton i Druary u in Jill Tfir Giitl Ori Aryl l t. O a Oil. T Otto Lurcher or it it for m this o read Quad lets no Fizur will he i sued to troops not of the March but in a i cases so Here Iho troops Sre stationary or where it can be done Walnut detriment to the Keivit e. Corn will be issued in lieu i Hereof. A coins Ted of my. Gen. It Margrui or fat i ii. Yancey a. A. A. G. Feh Man . old orly Fork come Noj Houston. It Druary h. Itti4 Tilk of Licera Ami Meliers of this Rompaey Are Hettby titled to it Ltd regular annual lit the Council Oha Tuter on next monday the2tith lat a at half Piat 7 o clock . For the purpose of electing officers to serve for the ensuing year. Punctual attendance is requested As bulness tit importance Wili be Laid before the company. By order feb24tw�t. Ii d Taylor. Secretary. 11kacqu \rtkr3 trans mi3i. Dept la., feb. Lath kc4. J Central order no. 5. No of properly within the Gratis Mitial Filppi department will be made without written authority from the department commander the District commanders Whin their respective districts of the commanding of lice of to army in the Field. In All cast s of Imp. Surgent tiie authority must shown by the parties impressing. By Cousin Oil of Lieut Gen. K. Kill by Smith s. 8. And Boom Asai Simul Dju ant general. Odic Sal. By Ifuku i. Yancey feb 24t� to. A a. A. G. I Janus a Ino 0 octave piano find a Largo snort mint of mimic ins a a of by ii. A. Oel Clcil second House above t Over Moni stable North of big Lalu Bayou. Tebi4twaiwli s Offick Columbus Texas january 5lh, 1hj4.j delivering stray government animals at this Post will Tec Elve s Liberal Kew and. Any information in regard to the whereabouts of same will to thankfully received. A very Man woman and child. In Tho state la respectfully requested to interest himself in this important matter. The attention of minute men is specially called to the above and if they cannot bring in said and Niala will report where said property can to found. Idol Piso womb capt. 4 a. A my. S. A., la null of commanding Post. Off 1okcliikv if Kali l raitjfohtatlon.dist of Texas Llou Aton feb. 10, 18 j4. \ prop Usala will be it celled at the Effie until feb. Ilith. 104, fur the Supply of three Hundred Mordu of Pinr Wood the aame to be delivered at any bide track on the ii. So t. C. R. A e . A. Istuk x. Pc a. Pm. Feil in chief Field . I.i�,.,. .-.� ,.� to very m Tiews Raj . S i is a Al. 4v is. By Chi Iii tsar Tutu to Stoklo off Swami cd rect heal to a oar hereafter will be 5 percent on every kind of property excl univ of Stroh tax a May be assessed by the confederacy 8tate, county an s pity according to the character of the property sold except however Tor Sale under $ 1000, in All a Moh cases we charge 10 ver cent., Llano is. Executed i kept Esberb 18�� w
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