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Galveston News Tri Weekly (Newspaper) - February 15, 1864, Galveston, Texas In Galveston mews. By w. Richards ? in a Fhi 4, i a in. A ? Iuo a i n to i h 7 a a a  k Kirby Smith la it a. It rely Oroa pled Ritli timing a no oppor my tees 4u pm it of Mai my a a both Oto to Tut oar Elti teos desired in hot a api w Allied to pan. May god twit in atm i h a of la Rte the prawn Wue Niy from our toil. We Ara indebted to a Friend a . T of january "7th, a user ilme Hsio we Neuilly received before the War. Straus a at to a f Ken Verf. Fear us pro used ibo a ii to my no Al u pit Iii or ply Mutl Oil Semi Era a not Nuiji Wal not allowed to to r n. Ii Juisti to Dottie 1 a wage t nor a in raid m sir a a Ivanue  per i i 1 u Jet per month3d do. A per my tub no up of t he Nih. Ftp Gree Atlo red no etto oae if a t by i hit wiil he Mund by us Ata in �.,� Silati if Era Elev to the Rule Lvi in a pails i or my a in a Tite transport Atiqi of negroes to a intr cuu Mien not allowed. Hen Bank Juo Llesi the be ti\.-Iioq apes Lagro free loin on Tref Rouos a hot la of a or u i and i41�ae� and vagrancy a crime Aud hit the railed ire diag Itie Aero. The til in flirt ird. Udera la another Dinar Al to Vrem a private letter intr a Stu i Vaird. Feb. Zooi we take the following extract yesterday the Van Keci Ere ii Iio log an aggregate of 1,4 it lo3 we in from the Crockett quid june that a negro belonging to or. A v. Coney was Bung Early a at week in the court House Yard of that place in the pretence of a urge number of Elii Zeni and new Groet. The negro had attempted a rape on a Repice Tabie White lady the wife of a Soldier in the army on the night of the Ltd Init. A number of the citizens after the negro had been arrested gave him a air trial found him guilty be Otid All possible doubt and even by his own full confession and ran tended him to be Hung. The sentence was omani piously approved by the people Ulio ame bled to see him executed. When asked if he had any thing to say the negro said a have noting to to but i Ull you All in Newcie would Only be Asi ski on. J.� i w,-.h our re a a of a u it ther Uch j a pm will support a Rio mitc Aud ii in Biily in Cioth int. Food and shelter Bai he a to become of them when overtakes by or Koreis and old Atte but this of a Queern of the Yankees. Their object is to Luske Money ool of then As Long As they Are Able to irk and then the sooner they die it the Bethur. Tue Ronnal that Banks takes to justify this com Paia Ory Nerro labor namely that Ioor is a duty and Iti Jomoc a vice is the very ground that has always justified compulsory labor Bat any one but a k Spike a abolitionist Masi see tast this Transfer of compulsory a afro labor from Bis Legal owner to his new yanks master is not giving the negroes Freedom but simply compelling them to work for the a treat Pitta a tact can keep soul Ami body together and there when Akk Oess or old age lenders Tsera no longer Smy to work they must uleces Varlly Soi or. Do Aoe to Ira and under our a. Nothing in ave the Nufi Horace from speedy should they fall into Yackee hands. It has been intimated ten a ready half of All those who have corns no Jer tie control of the enemy have manse to a Mike rate do a to by starvation and exposure. Their Owa writers Are witnesses of this fact. The now York Herald is Bent upon having the National legislature Congress removed to a Mere secure place than Washington City. The editor says the experience of the past three years furnishes an unanswerable argument in favor of such removal lie adds that had the capital been removed the Large army limit has been kept there fit is Protection against the rebels could have been employed inputting Down the rebellion. Be urges that the removal be made at once to new York a the Moat suitable place my he recommends Wash nalon Heights As the proper site having All the necessary buildings in Tho immediate Vicinity and having also uie great advantage of being easily protected Gamst any stuck by the Rel la tits Volunteer Buist Iii As it is when the it cat in regard to the Mode of procuring volunteers White and coloured la this City and the country districts Are made known the Public will be forced to recognize a picture beside which All that Clarkson a us Wube Lorce onco declaimed about the horrors ill he slave Trade will be forgotten Iio cussing or the administration of drinks containing narcotic Noison. Has been for months one of the Ordinary vie Thoutt of promoting enlistments. False representation of every variety have also been in use and in Many cases the recruits have been compelled to swear in under threats of physical Viu Leuce in Case of refusal. Nor is this Tho worst. Between the Volunteer brokers and certain of the authorities there is at least Prima Facia evidence of something like complicity in a scheme of fraud the most cruel ruthless and Gigantic that Modem Days have witnessed. In almost every Street of our City parents Are lamenting the enlistment of their hapless sons Mere Boye Between fourteen and seventeen year of age who have been made drunk and then enlisted and robbed of every Dollar of their Bounty. Cases Are on record in which old graph Licad etl Man tottering on the verge of the grave have been carried while intoxicated to a Barber s shop their hair dyed their general appearance spruced up with some semblance of fictitious Juveni Lity and then enlisted their Bounty Money being the Reward of the patriots engaged in this honorable business. Cripples with ruptures hernia Var Crita veins pulmonary diseases broken legs broken arms toothless deaf half sightless hunchbacked wry necked half Ria Gerl is decrepit Aad idiotic have been received Law the service of the United states a certain of the Rural districts the brokers in these cases Seldom giving their victims More than Twenty or thirty dollars oat of the three to five Hundred dollars which they have received fur them through the criminal negligence of the town or Locel authorities. Of the Many Hundred men Riker s be ipad and in other depots it a alleged and with Strong presumptive proof that they have Nat received an average at the outside Al one Hundred dolls s each of the Bounty thru allowing the had Baoe margin of four Hundred thousand dollars to be divided amongst the brokers and Auch others As they May have to Divide with. It a High time that government should interfere to put a end to this system which if unchecked will make our soldiery hereafter be know at the a a Moat Noble army of half a dozen of the Volunteer brokers should be sent to fort Lafayette to commence with and if it can bet roved in tit any officers of the government have been in complicity with thin those traitors in uniform should be either roasted alive or made brigadier generals. It never was easier to procure recruits of the beat kind family and honorable if Only a just system be adopted in their procurement. Thousand of Hearty and patriotic Young men Are willing to enlist if approached in a proper manner but under the system As now administered and it is much worse in the new England states the brokers can obtain More for some Tipsy broken Down unfortunate whom they can defraud out of nine tenths of Hia Bounty than they can Hope to receive from a sober Clear headed fit Volunteer who goes into the service with his eyes open and anxious to leave behind him when quitting Home some provision for the support of Hia . York Herald. Soc terms Plata Toibb to i 1v 8 i ions read to Abs Mottoa Soud crr. We copy the following Irosa the sew of Ork times of Jan.7th, giving congressional proceedings most Batcabe to Ramoss tie Tbs military sub viol. Senator Wilson Bill to secure Home leads to per sobs in the military Ertee provides that All lands not inc Ted is the corporate limits of soy Elty town or Village against a bios derives condemnation and Sale shall be rendered Ander the confiscation Law Alle in Laad sold for direct taxes in i Surrec to Toory districts Pajl be bid off to the Secretary of the Laie rior. And shall be deemed no appropriated Public land of the United state and Shail be sub Jeet to entry order the provisions of the Homestead Law by any officer or Soldier who shall have served two years a Ling the present rebellion or been Dis charged by reason of to suits or disease contracted in the service or by any person of african descent rendering military service to the United states All buildings and permanent improvements on such lands to be appraised and the value thereof be paid into the Treasury within five years by the person entering the aarae and Yoeh value to be a Lien on each lands a a buildings in Fuavai of the United states the Laws of the United state relating to Publio lands to be extended to these lands so far a applicable. A via b0loikk9. The Bill of or. Wilson of Haas Union to to care homesteads to persons in the military service of the United states contemplates the Purchase in the name of the United states by the Secretary of the Interior of is outlying real estate seized under the coach Catic n act and their free entry to the extent of eighty acres by the army Soldier of two years service White or Black any buildings or improvements or Impi mints foe de on the land May be taken at an appraised value and the United states shall have a. Lien upon the Laud Lor payment or the i. From 6as editorial correspondence of the Austin Gazette dated san Antonio feb. 6th, says there was great excitement and pre pin Sioum there to meet Tho expected invasion of the Yankees. The 15m invaders consisting of Yankees agr sea greasers Aad Texas renegades were to be shot from the House top a soon a they came within a mile of san Antonio and not a Man left to return. According to the report these lit 0 men had been of their March to san Antonio just seventeen a uyt at that time the with and yet a letter of much later data written at Matamoras had been received and did not say a word about the formidable attempt to take san Antonio the letter said that All waa quiet in Matamoras and bid fair to a retinue so. The order of Gen. Smith forbidding a Bale of of Cilton or Yard of Calico from crossing the Rio Grande appears la have caused great dissatisfaction and no utile inconvenience. Large quantities of Cotton were Ceca Malatian at Eagle pase but it was hoped that the commissioners judge Devine end or. Mckinney who left san Antonio on the 6th for Mexico with foil authority to Settle the difficulties Woald speedily arrange mailers so a to open the Trade. The following extract shows the Large business doing by the Mutual Aid association of Sanantonio. And the thousands upon thousands of dollars saved to the people. Beard in san Antonio $30 per Day and Horae feed $43 per Day Well the Houston hotels Are thrown into the Shade for onco then is Little or no business going on Here except what is done by the Mutual Aid association. They received a lot of Good which they offered Lor sate on monday last and in three Day their sales amounted la 8130,000. They sell for Confederate Toner to shareholders Only or on their orders and their prices Are a oat one Naif those charged in the other store where nearly everything a valued in specie Board is Only 910 per Day and horse keep $45, yet we hear no complaint. Everybody seems to have plenty of Tsonev. And the Only grumbling 1 among the store keepers hoarding House keepers who Are losing Money All the time. Those who Nave no Barinea to take them from Home had better stay there Aad those who have bad better bring along their Osra Provo Mojo and forage and Camp out daring this Fine weather the newspapers of Texas Are dropping Ott by degrees for the want of paper. The Texas Republican Bellville countryman Aud la Grange paper Are suspended. The Ranger is fortunate enough to have a sufficient Supply of paper Lor another year s War. Hang a. That i indeed fortunate. With All our exertions with orders constantly out i every . Slavs population in tax slave population a various parts of the word allowing Tor the Mantua cow which has taken place in the South american republics mtg be estimated at about seven Mii Horais and a half or equal to the population of Ireland it May be appropriated thus United states 3.&5,rj0u ,3. Z50, h is Paoish colonies 900 000, dutch colonies 85,900 South american republics 140,000 african settlements 30,000. In All. Seven millions and a half. Is. News if Snow Duful in the Soai hem confederacy must extend to Cuba Brail Spanish and Date colonies and the South american Jerp Mittiea. The pro Fotjon they make War for is general " this Lac by Jotha african race Mutt not a per melted co i Isitt Aid when it is subdued in the Southern Confederate states and the Union restored to its Power and efficiency the government of the United states will neat extend its labors to Cuba and other slave holding countries. It thus appears that other states beside ourselves Are to be made Sarjeet to the ultimate plan and intentions of the Abii Ualat. Saw via Valv Meroa flakes bulletin gives Acme late new gotten from Northern and new Orleans paper me ehred by Flag of truce from the Block aders. Of Eon Raa the statement Are ail from the Eow Isy. We give the Mast important items the cavalry forces of Votter fed and Longstreet had bees skirmishing. An attack on Knoxville by i Longs Tite a anticipate. Our Force Are Sld to without restriction As to Priow or ii Antiky or i a then te&d., and were repulsed. Quality and without neglecting any Opportunity to j sea pc Hnata it reported to Timve been do lied at pct Chaee any lot that Baa Oil ered within our no Fri Edge for the past twelve months we have never yet had More than two or three months Supply on hand during that time. The Ranger so indeed fortunate. Fina Ciering in these War times a a great Quality. Moo a new 8ian.mis t Kettle has been giving a series of private concerts lately to delighted audiences. There la a naturalness about her note that in very Char Miligi the music gushes Forth with a warmth and Freedom that is in Craif table and Roll Ever listener to a , Tiff a Effey i 4gae part Lemur a we a. An Osier Yankee dispatch corroborates this report aads s Joh Sioa aks fasten Back Kcf Daiton. Beast Butler has ordered that to More women or children Snail pass through the Yankee lines. An. J. Ii. Morgan is reported to be preparing a raid through Tenner a and Kentucky. The dates from Virginia and the Kurth Are a a. Six Days previous Jan. S9tb, it was Lou & 1q0 4 la hew York but we presume by the same Dale the Advance in new York was greater than in new Orleans. We a Iron new Vyrl i a ,.ors of i Jan. i no indications yet i 4 a pm  a r. Nver a Irwin in it urm is Horri the it Navy re i it it was if a tar Rivoir Aulii of in for to by a a a candidate Fri thurst i Rte a. M j i  c Mutl two Lothel Deatrus Titi of frn Virv senator Wilson a intr Lorna in a Soldier of by abolition army a Homestead m the of ouch. The Bill makes All our lands with u e improvements and houses thereon subject to a a Public lands by every Soldier who has a to two year in the str Len a peo Ator Layard has taken the of a but at Orscie resigned his Seal. Air. Fernando Wood has Nigado Unotti r to troop Anil War speech in Congress. Beast Butler officially reports a meant expedition sent by him to the Peninsula resulting in the capture of Tome Twenty prisoners and near one Hundred org Roe. With some do it auction of property of private families. A letter the Yankee department in sooth Carolina give the times very Little new. It says the Federal troop Are re enlisting in Larga numbers and Hist the obstructions in Charleston Harbor have i ten entirely removed so that the or therul Fleet Cin proofed up to f Harleston unclean prevented by our latter Levi and guns. He nays i lie Tux sales St of it Oil. Salta. A a a . / Satis facile to All Ember my Nam si.a.1 my Heights of the Shenandoah. On lilt High your Festal Robe lest you Crimson us Trisi a Ith the blood of some fallen hero for ii Redden every Hill top and flows through every Valley from Getty Borg to Galveston. When will our people learn to be consistent when will they Rio serve and receive the blend nos of heaven when will they adopt the Noble language of the Brave Ileaure girl. Tills ii no time for f Anvil suit for i us time Sod in t Jurii f Sank say of " a a a no a a s opinion of Telegraph publishes Tetter from the new York Herald dated Matagorda Peninsula dec. 20, 1hg3. The writer seems to have obtained some tolerably Correct information of affairs in Tex. He says the rebel have one fort at Littaua with two guns add another at Velasco with three guns and he says it is expected by mean of these two fortified pbie�3 and the troops stationed there to prevent the Federal from crop Sinju to the North Side of the it Ramos River. 11a says there is a mean depth of 7 feet water on the Brazos bar and 15 feet inside. But he say it will not be necessary to employ the Navy in Case of an attack and that the Witter is sufficient for the transports except three or four. Ija says they have some vague information from do Sorters of it rebel gun boat somewhere in Matagorda Hay. He mentions lha nor Lenl of a Flag of truce bout wild s a or from uen. , desiring to know whether the report wis True lha to two texans had been hang by the federals but that urn. Howlier divining the real object of the visit Hail the truce party blindfolded and led out of the lines Back to their at. Lie Gays they have information of Jen. Magrud a s Grey a unpopularity in Texas owing to bomb of his orders and f face All other Yankee Waltere be takes thu a a very Strong indication that our people Are almost ready for Lite restoration of the Union. This verifies the adage that drowning men will catch at a the truth is the Yankees Are obliged to make Union men of a Large majority of us on some pretext or other in order to keep up the weaning War spirit at the North. The same writer has a Good Deal to say about Oen. Mag Ruder order to born the towns of powder Horn ind Tauaola and Lavaca and the preparations by the inhabitants to resist that order and be pretend really to think that a civil disruption would have been the Cense Quence of an attempt to enforce that order. Since that order was issued he says the inhabitants have shown extreme willingness for those places to be taken Possession of by the Yankees. He Speaks of our last legislators As a conservative body by which he of coarse Means almost ready for Lincoln s Rule and the reason he assigns is that they refused to pass an act making Confederate notes a Legal tender. He then add san act nullifying the recognition of the confederacy would handsomely consummate their conservative he ought also to Call the Confederate Congress conservative for the very same reason for they have also thus far refused to make their own notes a Legal tender. But of course few of his Yankee Reader will see the Pur peae of these forced conclusions. A. C Wackeen a. Co., auction a commission merchants will sell on wed Neimy nest a Largo lot of furniture negroes and general Atuck of merchandise. Fur hire a no. 1 Cook Washer and Kronur and a first Rsie House girl. Ibl4twt� wanted a competent Vialo or female teacher in a private family. Address w. O. Nolan sugar land la fert Bond. F�hl4tw4t discharged Soldier. Over 51 yeas old want employment As an overseer on a Cotton or other Plantation. Beat references. Apply at the " Telegraph " office. Debut Ali kxt8a0rdinary Ani pm Ifim a tit it i of , wednesday 37th in to. A 1 i Otic after the Sale of a. Canton flannel blankets and fun a a undershirts suspenders hosiery in Avery Swiss and Taconet in skins ribbon on French Kip skins Etc a. A also tobacco 8lt, shoes it t.-,i r the Doug Mug of the various Calls by our Banua and bugles everything might to reported All a Jurisi or the Island. Nothing of importance transpiring or expected to. The Fleet is unchanged. Not even a report in circulation appertaining to the enemy s moves or intentions. Heavy firing was heard Here last evening in the direction of Pulasco. N. 9. The chaplains in swell s and Hill s corps army of Northern Virginia Are enumerated As follows. Methodists 28 presbyterian 11 Bapt Isiu in i episcopal Una 7. Us o. Too. A Datum Ai Tod commission Mer quants Congress Street near Provost marshal s office hol Stoh Tsitas. Just received on consignment in store formerly occupied by b. Tully Anglia a and mexican shoes. Shoe blacking and lace Linen Calico shins half Hoar handkerchiefs Linen machine thread. Spool and Ball thread Pearl buttons tapes Hooks and syes bilk fringe holders Pearl powder dressing and Fine Combs lot of Missella Neaus bocks India Ink. Paints Valentine paper card and envelopes. Friction Metches Clay pipes fine4-0ate. Kli Adams pc co. P. for merchandise into nature received on Sale. Satisfactory references. Fob 14 via Ikia Point feb. 3, Stihi. of Absentee of the 5th regiment t. V., lit cavalry brigade Geo. Green s division. Company a John a Allen a s Baker t f Gorde. T h Gillespie a b ugly Ald n b Irani. K b Knowles George Martin a g Mitchell w b mat there. R j Putney a Schubert John s Starratt g j Slack j b Taylor s t Tooke ii s Townsend. Company by a Barclay w a Bill Deli John Harris a c w Norwood. A g nations. George polaster j a Sunder f r steel Job Wright. Company a Sergt w ii Grissett l t Demerit of Oral g w Flint Vav g Council m t Dubose s l Hudgins & ii Jones j f Lynch c Mclntyre Adolth Richards we Stewart 0 l Taylor. J p tack to v i Linton. Company a William Bell. J 0 Bishop Thorn Brown d m to Arran c a Mapier Chai spat h Arne he. Q w Rivers Robert Nelson. W h Davenport t Mckersie l Bell Frank Fountain r p hero. A Benne Wash Oden w n Owens. M Sager j m Forns j ii marshal Louis r Langford. Company a Sergt j s Young w a rumple j c Jen Logi in w Dawson corp j r Mills private p ii Barnhill. P a Gaston to w Hosea r o hat Ris. W j Johnson usury King j n Lyons m me Neill Sam Portia. R a Steven. A 0 Tyler Harnett Welch Geo w we Bush t j Alcorn. Company of Sergt Johnson corp a Wilkerson private m Birmingham k Carver j de Friob w Dakel j Holt j Hail m Hensley. M ulness s Jor Dell. Ii Johnson d Kort Bors j m Lewis c Lincecum t Morelock 8 Nunn j Newman w aynur ii Spratt a Stronck j Webb t m Whetstone. Company a John Hutching. J p Kay t Nichols. P Abbott c Bridges w obey l u Punchard f a Weltler w h Brown. Company he p i raw Ley j grooms w k Pale Robt gait. Thompson j t Clinton f ii Parker j m Rapp d f Standifer Richard Loyd c strode s c linger a b Slaughter. Company i Sergt w a Farris privates a t Bragget j Brown c b Cook x k Cox. James Dar Ling j Farquhar j a Gage r a Hart l Hurt j s Laird. B a Moore we Matchen w Pace w h Reed a r re Lek a Smith h j Hulth. Jno Shatte r t Sawyer Tob Willard. Company is Blythe g s smothers j n Baker. M Kim 8 k line Cha Rivers w Sherwood j f Manly 8 t Edwarda j w Long w s Fondern s Fondern. K p Folly. We Shoemaker a m Robert son 1 w Bragg. W b Glenn b Green ii hardly l prestige d d Cannady a j Kay d l Middleton v r Miliiken t d Sisk f Sillivent i o sell event v Sillivent b p Boyd. The above named absentees arc Ord Eird to report to their regiment within ten a tiny from a mar. Or they will be regarded a Asci As Sci. By order of h. A. Mcphall., Sfax. To Wmk. . Prisuta act. Adj. I ii Alan tins an . Fools twit bit. James Burke. I Ott Sals two late dwelling House Kloc non 1 ate in the town on Hempstead. The House a 4 rooms. I Al of have a flue Young Jack 3 year old and 30 head of Young Horace and mules to sell among them Are 7 Brood mares. The horses and mules Are 3 years old. Any one wishing to Purchase address j. R. Montgomery febitw4t. Hempstead v Uniss Sevko Sai. Of from $500,000 to l, ,0of of Ngwu imported assorted on tuesday Rob. Us at to a m by j. 8. & j. B. Sydnor at non a i the Good Are now being arranged in aul Sahlu lot in the store formerly coupled by jeweller Tho nip. Son on main Street where the a Alo will take place  they consist of hoots and Hhot-3, of every image Nold description if at mid rtt up Flory flood such a blankets sat nets Brown vol White goods prylut i clothing. Aate i Iano and Musli. Inn Oci Iivo i Ino Forte and Tho a lost Assort int of new my ii Over brought into Tho country Lor Nalo federate states for the Eastern District of Texas the 4tli Day of february by George Mason con Ted rate states attorney against Tho Steamer " Clifton her tackle apparel boats engines furn turn by in ers guns and their appurtenances cargo &o., of. Cause of capture and prize alleging in us Hotsu that the said Steamer " Clifton Wai a Vowel of Tii United states of America and carrying Tho Iii thereof and that during the existence Tofau Pomi War prosecuted and carried on bet eco the Confederate states of America and the said United states. The said Steamer  Clifton was seized taken and captured by the military forces of the Bald Confederate states and that said vessel her tackle ice., Ami cargo is now at Sabine puss in said District and within the jurisdiction of said court and praying process against said Vassal and cargo and that the same May be condemned to the use and Beno Fli of mid Confederate states As Good and lawful prise of War. Now therefore in pursuance of the Moni l.8 Tion under the Seal of said court to me directed and to me delivered 1 do hereby give Public notice to All Persona claiming the said vessel her tackle apparel and furniture boats engines boilers guns and their appurtenances cargo tec., or in any manner interested therein that they be and appear before the said a Striet court to lie held at the City of Houston in and for the Kastern District of Texas on the lit monday in March Iii i then and there to interpose their claims and to Mako their allegations in that behalf. We. T. Austin. 0. 8. Marshal. Dated the Oil Day of feb. Ieni go Cruz Mason c. S. Attorney few wed Kastern District of Texas. trans Messih Sill i dkit., Shreveport la., Jan. 11, Isol. J general orders no s. The attention of the department commander ban Boon called to the number of deserters end Ahsue toes who Are reported to be Oro Munif the Miami Alp pm River into this department. They Are appealed to to return the their commands without delay. District commanders and enrolling olt win take Steps to arrest and Send to their Commanda nil officers and men who have come into and have to Malond in this department without lawful Milt \ by authority ainu Tho fall of Vicksburg. Ily command of Lieut. Gen. A. Kirby Smith. A. S. a. A. O._____feb5tw3w trans Missias i Dan Shreveport la., Jan. 11, 1864. General order no. 3. I. All authority to raise new organizations from men liable to conscription in thin department not within the enemy s lines will expire on the Elf Keenth of february,1801. These commands must be assembled immediately and All men absent from and claiming to belong to them after the fifteenth of february next will be arrested by the enrolling officer As conscripts and sent to the cart pol instruction. All officers who Hare received such a therly must Forward on or before the fifteenth of february next Muster Rolls of the men recruited by them whether the organization is Complete or not. Ii. In accordance with order from Tho War department at Richmond major j. Horace Lacy in announced a chief inspector of Field transports Tion in the trans Dopart Iorii. By command of Lieut. Gen. E. Kirby Smith. S. S. Andr Sou a. A a. Debit win Vukad vans. Dis. Of Texas new Munoo ii Arizona. T Houston feb. 10th, 1wh, \ special order no. 41. Xiv. Until further orders All men belonging to the state troops detailed in the various staff departments vis the quartermaster commissary ordnance and medical and All whose services of detached duty Are absolutely it Casary will a main in their present position. By command of maj. Uen. Matuu ukr. By then d. Yakov. A. A. G. Feb 2 i Sloop Reward. Stolen from my lot at night the oth of february a Large Iron Gray Shotae full 10 hand High nine or ten years old heavy mane Long Tail with gear Marks made last november and december Collar Marks Plain on neck from galling deep Chest Gyrtha Well Broad Morofs the hips couples Short walks trots and paces finely and has what is called a of Trot looks and moves Well under the Saddle with head up. I will give one thousand dollars for the arrest o r the thief with evidence to convict and the Horae delivered to me or pay Well for information in leg in a to either or one half for either. My address Courtney Grimes county. Feels tw&w3t. Jno. B. A Iii Olli Jasi or my staid. Note for $7 j0, dated Orange july 15th, imm and payable two a cite after Date to Warren goodly signed by h. 0 Smith and h. B. Force. Febl5w3t_______________ Warren Goodin. Gardner not subject to military duty. Also two Good Washer women and two chambermaid. Apply to fool 2-tw3t. Faunon House. Surgeon a Knihal s Offick i k of my a. A March 1803. I medical purveyor will make endeavours throw ii i card published in newspapers to induce t be Ladkau throughout the South to interest them elves in Tho culture of the Garden they May thus tender the confederacy essential a Erv be. Purveyors will furnish the ladle with Tho seeds of the poppy if on hand or pro oural a and will instruct them,.thai the juice exhaling from Tho Pukuc tured capsules when hardened be cans fully put up and forwarded to the nearest surveying depot. Signell p. Moore surgeon general v. S army. To surgeon Howard a mini medical purveyor Houston to my is j s opfic�4. Columbus Texi i a Miry Mil in Perseus ill Iverlet Estmyr a a. A Cut animals at the Post will twi Elva a Lii i.,i it Wahi. Any information in regard to the of Sigma will be thankfully received. Every Man woman and child in the state is re aspect fully requested to interest himself la thin Lui portent matter. The attention of minute men 1 specially called to the above and if they cannot bring in said Ani male will please report where said property can to found. Udolpho Wolfe clips. C a. Q. M., 0. B. A., Anlo to commanding pout
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