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Galveston News Tri Weekly (Newspaper) - February 3, 1864, Galveston, Texas She Saiva Teri Linvs. By a Richardson. I we Cava found it to and otters id whose Tot oily oar us cps eat been q bartered or Enta Perl Bare a Esse Tott first seen who 4ea not Oue aplasia bitterly of tit depredations too matted spa has property by the troops they say their Leoo Shava West takes far fuel their hogs kid 08, their Houry take Bee hive broken up and robbed Mir com taken ate., and gear ally without spa jog  Stogie word to the owner or offering la Soste inst Ucas the officers Tresis Rei set lbs example fur these de Pride Sloas and application to them for Relief m go a rally Jad to no purpose whatever if Vaoau Allieve the be events Jit an us Soras of oar Citie Erm Hare been Wall nigh rained by these depredations. These so soon stare doom Leet sometimes exaggerated Bat a a cannot doubt that tots lantsm Dea Malion of part ale property it a Greet i alarm Ler evil and of that list and to fax Taia Duto Altea uus of tic Oak Wui Daf a a his of to we bad a Omott is lbs a Coopat of so Tatt a Bawaen ooh. Ram my oort Oak by Itam it of Tutera a at Ria a with that Glrber. Hour to Mape Edaa t Monte Ray la whoa end i to team my pits stat oct Doraa. He Carta Al a a Nemani of of Arraet Law Brattis and la a a otly mad who no Var Titi of thing Tho truth of Whigob Baba any Dot thu Bonk a a by fun atm co duty Eai Koas we Are glad to Tea Aoi to make known to the Muollo treat owing to the Lataro airs in Tbs Wahibi Ottoa coat tar Braai mail read bold a Thyra u to Boogar any detention to croaking. Another look motive make a Dally con do a a fit and fraught with the up and Down Talna from Fiona too at Hempstead with Tea Antral Badroad. a a i Ift arose Iron tic fast that Tia Tafa Taoa from the balk la a Art Tota m Tea non Wara Tao a Belos Gitig to ool Baylor a Awn nand Lunata in of being Jan Haikara Andy to Thea Tofa Ravoe Tawa Tea non examination waa not Matt led by the Ballet in i paragraph. Tea fast that the bulletin did not say what Man they were be thai to Hava produced Tea general Imp Radalon that they were Bis own sen and it wat Thia Imp Rafilon that c 1. Baylor Aelred to hate a Zjr a a Oare of Alae tatar att Capeci Aily to Pilot a Ratti decided on monday last by his Honor want p. Bill judge of Thia Olst riot on a writ of aft atm Owr Yew. Three Yoang saw Mesara. Java Owen Joaeph Baui Lwood to i it Bart Clark who bad bean employed for eos be two year put in Tea private Job of Besof major a vet Haing determined to leave that Tobee a voted for a Suva oct in the Newa of toe Ana a we had jew Petrie contracted to print the Laws of Faa Laai lag stare a of Doune needed help add wo%6rd1nglk engaged their Aat Rve a. Espe Dally As we to a other Publio printing on band re help. To Baba Gentl Ernen bad Alio Meeb Tat Protse Aall printing material of their own which Wotus greedy expedite oar work of which we had bean Dresden a Fri alone the loss of oar of Floe by fire Twa years so a. Their material at Well As their Sarrides we a the of a Kra Trattl needed by us having to Nab Tbs a i Greece a with there we accordingly notified of Chat. Wished tha the list of Vowary Ai Tweti ii a private in arts they wet All Trogon Stoer of this county that be the re Young men to Bradd a to in oar Elbta Whigob we had pre Brigg the Derbat such he Matt fwing exempted in to Llukan for the very next Day. Anitao Irod to appear before the in Roung off Loet a a . They then Akkad to by that we needed their help in. Doing thu Nejio printing. The enrolling of fear my a. Moora Ray or Balf Appl Loaton to the or def no Conj Trinci top the Telegraph s Lerna that a Balthas been Intro need into the zanies co Ogress tetting apart a portion of t tvs for a negro Colony. A ret Olatta was there introduced declaring the occupation of Mexico by reach Troope an act an Friendly to the United stain and that if those troops Are not the 13lh of much next it will be the duty of Congress to declare War against 9ranes. The Reeo Lauon was referred. A Resolution by warns do Wood arc using Butler of Cor Aptton and 1natio�  of a to i a Foiw ate open Aid the people Are ire 10 follow  two r it u i a Tri Otto a Art Oaid a left to a Llata iia if la far m re it to to a of Tbs people the other Odin their i a eur Iii to interests re cd a Rumeo Siu re a a.-, offence Tojiu so Forn 1.1 n Anil into diary supplies a Law o1 Gnu crop ton or a urn of Impre tement in such to Ait would by of tie in to Eil Nch of a pot Ltd Bat a in Are now my ii us Why to f Bera oar Ibe Louo by it to the m at Perilo a condition requiring the a to new is exe Ruonala a the utmost rest res of tha people. Property Liberty Honor texts Deooe Tbs pre seat Tkv Mure Are Alt at stake. The rely in such a crisis on Patnott am left to regulate itself would be to Connot to Subin gation and Oslav Nanel by oar More powerful Neaty. Fat when everything else dear and sacred to pc a is thus not Only widely but Riekea Varlly taken under the Strong Quick All powerful hand of the govern Menis the Only recourse Tor the Talvi Lohof he country is Trade to a Lent free to regulate itself 1  import what Yoa please Aell for whatever you can net take out from the Southern country what ewer you Thia it the language a Mutt and diets to Trade that great Power which Mutt not a interfered with whote interests alone san identical with tha common cause. We differ Tot co to. With any mob doctrine. We know that who government is a Oussaty to come Aerial regulations. We know that Trad should not be tampered and tinkered with and that it should not a open to in Egal interference to military or Ders from the Headquarters of tha department or from the Headquarters of Tbs District and from the Baady Tartera of Paob sub Flat ret As it May strike Tbs officer in command that he Oan improvise Besant thing or other which would a useful towards this or that and i supposes e Palte Good. Nothing Short of divine Wisdom to guide each and All of the official could prevent such a system As this from Wiki a roof option ii Justice and injury but we Navert Elsaa have the clearest conviction thai Trade ought not to be left to regulate it self but re Ulrea the most controlling and indie i Bla regulations Poa Eible. Of All elements it has Al Waya been the Zoei eel flesh. It looks alone to gain. To put Money to Ita Puree is its Ante motive. Is Ere Are patriotic men engaged who Are exceptions but Trade a lrad4, Earle not for Yankees or confederates cares not for the necessities Al the government or the distresses of the people Carea not for hat is be caul Orfio what in baneful it looks alone to mating to easy. Left to regulate itself it would brag whiskey Brandy and other articles bought the Abe peat which would sell tha Hla heat. It has a ready currency and has found out that a few arose a Little powder a email portion of necessary Artielee for tha nubile Semcer must be introduced or that to irrepressible indignation will stir the human Datum of everybody into a very violent and dangerous disregard of that time honoured Law leaving Trade free to be own regulations. Whoever believes or Agnea or imagines that the Paramount of the Blee Kade Trade in any other than hard dollars to be Pat in the most eee ure place la utopian to say Tbs Saat. It Somas after Southern Cotton. It assumes More shapes and More Dia Ulsee than proteus did to escape from the Creek hero. It is a demise Patriot devoted solely to the nubile interests. Ita Zaeri Feea have see a unparalleled. It la the Sam Friendly of All Asa Truls Pamon to oar pythias. It holds influential rotations towards Soma is cleaner cuban governor or other foreign official and can Moat wonderfully promote Good will and Good services towards a abroad and May is effect our recognition provided Only it can get a full cargo of Cotton. It is the staunchest embodiment of state rights. It is the Moat determined stickler for legality. It a a profound political economist and Ean prove to you that though it is our duty to conscript and impress everybody and everything Eise for Trad is the vary thing for this oar Lima of it is the personal Friend of president Davis a trusted agent of the Secretary of War. It besieged the Headquarters of god. Kirby Smith More inveterate by than the Yankees besiege Charleston. It invades Gen. Msgr Der by Day and by night. He it is who has the most incessant encounter with the Meny formed proteus. It is the horse Leech of the scriptures Only Caen gang Ita cry into Cotton Trade to the Southern states has no other signification except to get Cotton. Instead of being left Toita Elf is should be glad to Aee every Bale of Cotton made Aube revient to the resources of the government or the main Nee Essilee of the people. The greatest mistake that has Assn made lit our policy was lbs failure of the government from the beginning to acquire the control of the entire Cotton crop la the Southern states. Our Money now Day by Day approaches an abyss. Cotton will be our main and last. If not on Only resource. Financially 11 a on life blood. It should is guarded and hat bands widely and rigidly. Not one Bale of it should leave the Coon try unless the return of its entire proceeds in a substantial and useful shape is u Eurid. We know the intrinsic difficulty of such a system and the floodgates of opposition which for a time would be a loosed against it Bat is know its necessity and Trust that Congress has had the Wisdom to devise a measure which will prove effective and salutary. The unfair cd a Ancu who it will a remembered wandered ten confederates a Missouri a pay i Jahsman order that a will Haag a rebel  Rte Onsri Sao time his tale graph wires Are Fey the Estopy. From the s. A. Herald we have just arrived from s recruiting tour in Northern Texas extending an High no the country As Bonham and have succeeded even better than we had expected. We can report the people generally in Fine swirl to and determined to resist the advances of the foe to the death. The most of the men subject to do service id the army Are there already still there Are a goodly number in nearly every town and county who fancy they Ean serve the cause better by staying at Home than being in the Field but4be enrolling cancers and recruiting officers do not think so. And hence they keep stirring the a up with s Short Pels they Are very Mack like the drones in Tbs hive cannot be got out until they Are stuck ont. The weather has been As sold or colder then was Ever known before in Texas we have seen it Felt it and smelt it and Don t want any More of it if we can help it unless it will be the Means of freezing the Yankees to death. Ita effects upon the wheat prospects we fear will be the Sauee of serious alarm. We Hope the crop will not be As sir Leasly damaged As it appears at this time but there is sufficient danger of a failure to induce All who Ean to Plant extensively Spring wheat and Corn. A. Cannot have too Roach bread stuff we May not have Enos go and it will be tee late to Plant when the Fallows is known then 1st on people is weds a Waks to the danger hat band your pres eat supplies Plant sow and secure mors Ere it u too1 Lata. We Here Many mors months to teed this year 1 than Eoal Malliee from Arkansas Missouri Louisiana and Mississippi Are among As by hundreds they add to our Mene of producing it their Labouring Foroe is properly managed let Thoss who control them look to it. Oar latest advices placed is quiet in the nation and Arkansas. We place no credit in the Federal report that Quantrell has been demolished by the tanks As he is either in Northern Texas or with Price in Arkansas at this time and Bas been for the last two months. Brig. Gen. Us Lallooh has been relieved at his own request of the command of the Northern Sab dist lot of Texas. Gen. Steele will probably take Bis place we presume Gen. Coal Loch will go Down upon the coast. James Steed the sheriff of Collin scanty ass been arrested barged with the murder of the Osl Bonss in connection with the other Bush hackers or whom is spoke in oar its list str is Hope for the Good ass of Collin of panty that be will be Able to establish his innocence but 1st Justice be done. S. Her the Shreveport news learns the following f Roc a Friend who has just came from the other aide of the Mississippi a regimen of negroes stationed at eed Tine cd Neh. On the big Black near tick Surg revolted sad whipped oat the Yankees sent to redness them to to Esburg. The Yankees were reinforced and returned and captured the negroes. After they surrendered the commanding it finer told All those who wished to return to their masters to step to the front. About 3 i0 nearly All of them came Forward when they were All immediately shot. The tame paper Sty a learn by a Letler Raj Eihud Fruin Alexandria dated 2� to inst., that gun. Johnaon is in command of the army of Tennessee and in Winter quarters at Dalton. Gen Bragg has been appointed Secretary of War. Several gunboats Are at the Mouth of bed bluer awaiting a Rise wheat Makr Mir Lotf. Tbs Lori blood inquirer a non from tie r. T i pc 1 it h of in add a so if fax opt and icon great of the i 8 a a que party of a the Art 1rr�e n in re i by ave of of the Ladli k p Aan Ornta of Iii a uti who it Forth the Ariosta us trades in Lincoln upon the Peep la of Kes Tenty. Id a Light that Oes of All impartial men. U will prob Fly be Iro Rae twi to it i i in Tulej Noali of history Serlet of acts if in re an care Ting deip tiam tbsp the Floral the people to nil act in Etta to make a surrender of Ali eur Aisne to the Federal authorities Proias which never were intended to be fulfilled a. Bat when a people thus a Lvi up i hair own rights at freemen far the Tor did purpose of saving their property and a Velding any co operation in toe great a Rug be with their Lis Ler state of the South Laving like in Euttu tons and common interests to be protected against a common enemy they then desert the suffering sad humiliation Onax Maent upon i re Reancy to All the duties of fre Traen. The inquirer use the following truthful language we Mobil a this Mart a at the request of Many gentlemen from Kentucky the a hidden in the folds of these tendencies Ami tacitly accepted with All their Mona Trent Eon sequences. Ler a time at least by the people who Are carried Onward by the All potent and dominating Laws that govern modern society. Thus we Bave been within the past three years a great free intelligent and Noble people apparently indifferent to the most sacred political arid even personal , end turning their backs on ail that was achieved by of cell lathers seemingly entirely willing to give up every thing if they can save what imposters and fools Call the Union Bat what is in truth the great and a dominating principle of modern societies Unity and universality which Tor eighty years past Bas been so magnificently Manifest in the 11 e and Progress of the american people. True it la All s mistake a total Horr lbs mistake and instead of or. Lincoln being the exponent or Leader of this it Tat principle of Union he is he obstacle to its Progress and the exact exponent of All thai tends to interrupt u is to destroy it. Bat so Long As it is tacitly admitted that or. Lincoln represents the Union and s striving the put Down disunion just to Long the people will a attain blk and All the editorials stump speeches constitutional arguments appeals to history and other Petty efforts to restrain him will be in vain and fruitless. Indeed an Angel from heaven Weald not to listened to if he did Dot first stake the admission that or. Lincoln i wis the embodiment of Union and Sti iving in Good Faith to Pat Down disunion. Nor is this a mete Blind sentiment in the people Bat on the contrary Wise and glorious instinct however mistaken in the objects of its desires it is assumed that or. Lincoln was elected Joat As other presidents were elected and administers the government Joat As his predecessors have done and that the sooth resists or rebels against blk therefore the Robe Lioa should be Pat Down and the Union retired. Democratic editors and politicians tacitly admit these premises and sop port the " War for the Union on opposing Tbs administration in respect to details or when they find themselves hard pressed by its ases sores. Now these premises Are false utterly a us. Or. Lincoln was not Elto Ted As Ether presidents does not admin i str the government As did his predecessors and instead of being the exponent of Union he is the Leader and exponent of disunion and would he crash Down resistance St the South he would Render Union impracticable for centuries to come. Indeed if be were to place Bis administration on the. Grounds of copied by his predecessors and administer it on the ass principles As that of or Buchanan that in stunt secession would collapse and disappear forever and Tbs Union won id be restored without the Samorl flee of another life or another Dollar. His party was organised on the sole principle of Mongrella that is Een True the Constitution As equally applicable to whits men and negroes and proc Palma As its Mission to reduce this to practice. With a handful of negroes in the North is do net Realise the monstrous Eon this but with for millions of negroes a their midst the people of the sooth will become extinct rather than submit to Equality with their negroes or rather than be rated Over by Northern abolitionists. Of Claro the men in the Field especially the rank and file do not mean to fight against Tbs order of nature or to degrade themselves and their children to a Leel with niggers Bat they Are As absolutely the instruments of the abolition Ohlef As the Kissiatt guards or those of their ally the Raar. They most de he bidding of the people at Washington and they mean to abolish All distinctions of White and Black and make a Union As it ought lobe of mongrels 1 what a tvs Pendant crime Thane people Sre blindly and madly saving to commit i to abolish All distinction o race to reverse the order of Natare to Nail Ify the decrees of tha almighty and Foroe eight millions of White people into a forbidden level with their negroes. Or we might say the were invading Tbs tenth for the purpose of exterminating the White people As Tach extermination la All that is possible in the pts less. Bat the messes of the North mean neither a these leap Ioas and bloody things neither to nullify the depress of god a or the extermination of their own White Brethren at rhe South. They desire to restore not destroy to reunite the states not to exterminate sight millions of their race but they do Tot know How to do it. And Are blindly and helplessly Drifting the distr Aotoa at Tbs heels of the madmen at Washington. There Sre St this moment but to parties in the after can states one striving to Veise the aider of Natara and to Mong close Aras lets so Claty tha Ether striving to escape from this to retd doom by secession or separation of the state to a third party alone can Cave the country North and oath from Otter rain it must stand on the oort Stutton and the Union As it and respect the Tec Reee of god which keep rate races. It must first Isy to the North abandon your impious and bloody efforts to nullify the distinctions made by the baud of god shirt restore the Union of the thru a years to and then the cause being removed secession most Oease. If a Aeh a party cannot be Fer said then god help us All is and social anarchy will become on versa. Tyrna Fly exp Rose for a a Fri stat Between a. To. A. By j. 8. To j. B. Sydnor ii fit nmn the goods Art new Heing arranged in suitable log. In tha store formerly occupied by jeweller Thorois too a Mala Atrom. Where the Sale will take plan. They consist of b of and floes of every s5rlptton, halt i he pity floods such a. Blankets sat nets Brown and White Gooda prints clothing. A Sec Johll twid . Dilt. new Maximo a Aatif a Houston Texas Jan. 31, 18114 Qun Rai or urn a. 18. The governor of Texas has called open the state troops to re organise by the soil of february twit. In Ece Ermanee Witt so Andora Tindog Between him Afef and the major general commanding. The major general commanding has found it absolutely nerve aary to charge the time of the Organ Salon into comp Aiea to the St be Brusly los sad of the 90th, of those who Are liable to conscription or those who May Volunteer for three Yeara or the War in accordance with general orders no. 10. This organisation will therefore take place a Accord see with said general orders no. Is which orders officers commanding Confederate or stats troops will be guided by so a to insure their organisation on that Day  by command of maj. G o. J. Bank sad Magrudor. 31kpukn d. Yanov. A. A. U. Feb3w to a lantern Tilio female Neon Leary. A Plizia Superior school has entered upon its 3th x session. L Pitlon in literary cups Rani it per month. 310 00 ma.io53 00 Board Ean he procured for Twenty Young ladies in the Village my Vicinal to at from 828 to f 40 apply to miss Martin principal or to Rev. T. W. Blake Rev. Job m Baker. Rev. T. Wool Dodge Stu. Laurence req t. J. Smith w. C Kendrick. Jeb3tw�.�________________________ wanted a wet nurse. One without a child preferred. Apply at thu Xiaoe ___feb3_______________twl" 1158ad v�ua1vvrb&, out tkx.,s, m. A., hons Tom Texas Jan. 31st, 1r?c4. I a no ral or Dart no. 19. The major general command Long announces t those who May Volunteer for three years or tha War under general orders no. Is thai a will giant n furlough of Twenty ave of thirty Days Between this and the first Day of May if their presence in the Field is not absolutely and immediately necessary. By command of maj. Gen. J. Bankhead a Grudek stir Hehli. A West a. A. Gen.___feb3t� u to country mkrchant8.-a general Assort ment of fresh Garden seeds on hand. Pries seventy five dollars per Hundred papers. jambs Burka Houston. On hor8b came billed to this Houston station from Millican dec. 94,18ti3, to Shackelford would like the owner to prove charges and Uke the horse. A. H. Tomb kit feat wet agent 0. B. A Tao her gentle Esan Wal Quail fled to teach r he Baglash branches in a private family. If qualified to teach the magnates he will the preferred. Must be of Good morals and a competent to Salehar. Address j08bp8. More and feb3iw3t________ Fairfield. Texas. 1 if ii l or stolen from the 1uu stable of cel. J. D Waters Areola plan cation fort is red conf or the Nasht of the j eth it �t., a not Tel horse Abb fit to Handt High with Blase face and had cellar Marks on Jett shoulder shod in front branded it on left Skoul Dex. The Rabovs re word will be paid for his delivery u meat the Uprate j. W. Waters drools or Landy Point or for any information that May Lead to Pla Bovery. Dan c. B1chax1&oh, Harr Lahurl. Jan. T3rd, 1804. Jso39tw3t. Wanted to Purchase 79 Bales of Cotton to average Low middling and to be delivered san Antonio Tor which a Liberal Price will be paid a Confederate Money. Apply to m. T. Thompson. Jao31tw3t. At Rask House. Val Verdi battbr1.--b. T. Perry. W. B. Mathis and v. Gei ticks Sra hereby notified to report immediately to their eos Paay we Tervey Tussay be or they will be Ernst dared deserters and treated As Sneh. By order of t. D. Nkttlb8, capt Eom Reg Battery. Houston. Jan. 98,1884. Js�stw3t� notice a Thiol was taken Fra the of toe at ibs Tannin Honse in thursday morning last a paly of saddlebags temp Simf be toe Bont Alburg new the arts and Ether wearing up Pom probably Nob of ism marked. There was Knoef octet Damn k Bray Over Short with dark velvet Trima tots and a Row Jtj be comr Bartev for the neck eth wire apr legs Widen will serve in part to identify the beggars Tbs Man taking wis  Soldier. He left in rhe plane of my fax Jarff a old petrel a few a Erse Eleth lag marked b. H. M.,Abd a Daf and twist sow King toffs to. His sad Dubats sign eem Talnad m prayer week with the name of i t a was Trinity county written in the by Leaf on tha Book is also marked fit. Andre Charch. His Studl seats Are marked r h. although the saddlebags and Regis be left Are utterly worthless and mice Vera table there wis some similarity in the Suppe adasm of the Saddi tags and i think Ibey May have bees taken by so stake any information Given to main Tbs prom less Eft be thank a 1 by received. Direst the toy Headla Arneti Chron go District Headquarters. Jan97tw.4t off visas ass. As. Wanted to Htkls-30 Good Coopers for which i Viii pay a Liberal hire to be employed in making flour barrels for the 0. 8 a persons hiring them to me will be entitled la the labor a Resu to a credit of two oos Aoa hands for Sash Loop  or this hired. Address at to Briegh a. 0. Oksen co., Buaton try cabs pc Dsa Driek Mulien or myself at webs Rock. A b. ,tw.w� air a Aue by fear veytsm be Trees if obedience to in Metal order , from head in Aruba at Gen. Msgr Der All pcs oaf Deta Lud a Etker Lse Beto Ogata to this battalion will report the see at the Oenar Thomass la the City of Galveston on monday the 8th Day or vet Oary next fax the parties of renting a new organisation. 8lened, t. B. 8tubb8, ass Lewsi it. Ool. Oomman Dlug. Tax notice. Ostrica of sons Mirauta tax Wilson s building. I tub Las for the various Art easts cams under the tax Law was the first of july oot., november and january last past. Thoss in Houston prec Lect having rafted to comply Are liable to the penalty. , assessors of Gregory,5 Hants county. Houston Jsn so Jim jn87tw2t s of Fiji. A coi Umbas Texas Jao Oary 8th, 1884. persons delivering Estry Govone men animals at this Post will receive a ube Mit a Swap. Any Colora Ationo in regard to the wherty we its of see will be thankfully received a very Man woman and child in the by Sta is respectfully requested to interest himself in this lev port ant matter. The Ati Tattoo of minute men is re Sally called to the above and if they cannot bring in said animals will please report where said property Oan be found. Idol ibo Wolf capt. 1a.q, a 0. 8. A., j so 10 of ooh Sandia Post t a Sale. Nabs the town of Montgomery on the Stata or Jasa Esh. Mitchell on of today the 9th Day of Yeb Roary next will be sold to the highest blvd cd the following vis i males horses oxen v Ork Aud Stock hogs in Luff will stand sex and his a so wagons farming Utt Rajih. Blacks Ittis Twyln household Furo Turs ooh i. Odder ave. A 8. Lipscomb adm a Jack Twet Wamtbd-1000 it Geewax rth Tely ele Arad for which the biggest Price will is paid it thai in Money or drug and medicines Julf let 0b0r8b a datjp80m,
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