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Galveston News Tri Weekly (Newspaper) - February 3, 1864, Galveston, Texas It air v of a a by express from Shreveport. Hrs Velfort cd 58, wi4 i Bave Soma late Dispa Lonee which Houston Texas wednesday feb. 3, 1864 no. 90. Is asst Job Whyou i Send. Jak. 11th-th adjutant general by lined order for the enrolment a Speed As Pasti ble of a crayons made liable i military duty by the recent Acta of com rest. They Are required to a port at Volunteer or conscripts will out delay. All who delay beyond the lit of f february being con scribed will to considered a having renounced the privilege of Volunteer tog Sod be held for assign men t according to Law. Previous to enrolment of conscripts All such persons will be allowed to Volunteer Ltd companies in service before the 18th of april thai provided the company chosen does no reach the Maximin but must not receive except on certificate of the enrolling officer that they barn vol tottered. In the proceedings of the Confederate Congress thurs la but Little of interest. Or. Henry of Tennessee introduced a Bill to the sect that Pera a owing military duty to the Confederate states who Ball abscond or otherwise Reave the confederacy and go into an foreign country or beyond the line of the enemy within the confederacy to avoid performing military service Hall a bid to have made their election to take aide against Thea confederacy in the War with the United states and a Inch Are hereby declared to be alien enemies and Alt their Alfeis tenements and hereditament goods and chattels right Ami credit within the Confederate state shall be and the same Are hereby Suque stated by the conf Der ate stat of America and i a be Hald abject to All the Law of the Confederate states for the so qty ration of the estates of alien enemies. That Al deeds of Conra Yanos of Teal or personal estates made by persons so seeking to avoid miliary duty As aforesaid be ties Ime Are hereby Deolar had to be fraudulent and void. I quote the main provisions of this Bill As i think it a most excellent one and will have a Good effect. Is . Semmet of la., from the finance committee reported Back with cd amendment the House Bill to authorise the appointment of an assistant Secretary of the Treasury West of the Mississippi River. The Dill was placed upon the calender. In the Bill from the committee on Indian affairs appropriating $100,000 for the use of Benefit of the Cherokee indians was taken up and passed with Only one dissenting voice. Or. De Smette opposed the Bill co scripting Marylander a opposed to the usages of civilized nations. The ebon is item the Richmond enquirer of the 8th inst. La a debate in the United states Sanate on the 8th. Last on the $300 exemption clause of the con car Puon act All but one senator spoke against any hang. It is Bald that at least two third of Congress a opposed to the repeal of this clause of the Bill. During the Dica Sion on the conscription act Oatha same Day the fact Cam to Light that the Torr a of Only 20,000 Veteran Volunteer would sex pro before la 1st of next jul in All the Federal armies. The Bounty question Jan. 8tuno definite action by the finance committee on Tbs Bill fixing the time for extending bounties. Secretary Chaset opposed to the mama fire upon the ground that so ranch Money cannot be raised la one month without embarrassing the finances As it waa not contain plated in by estimate. Immense frauds have in detested in the Navy department i Jan. 8ththe Garrison at st. Petersburg Western ya., a surround id to Day Fitxhugh Lee and Boasso Are moving Between Vise creak and Petersburg. The enemy drove our Force out of Burlington to Day. Cumberland mid., la threatened and Sech excitement prevails her to night it seam probable that we will be attacked Bare about to Morrow morning. A seng a trains on the Railroad have been stopped from running other train Nevertie Les Are moving. The Massy yesterday captured a train of thirty a wagons toe rebel Are reported to be moving in tar main Lutana. Iraq Odin has been attacked at Winchester and driven Back. So tar everything is to ear favor. Snowing head Ity Alt Day. Cox cold. New hair Hias. Jan. 6 the new Hampshire democratic state convention meth a to Day. awl the proceedings her Moa ious. S. W. Harrington of Manchester was nominated for governor and o. A. 3. Vaughan for Sau Rotl commissioner. Resolutions generally Monde Malory of the policy of the administration Ware adopted. The Slat Mew York regiment reached Cincinnati on thursday in Root for new York and the 78th reached Cairo on the my Day. On the it tit lost a new York regime at passed through Harrisburg part a., for new York. What mean the return o Jaum troop to new York t the storm in the West still continues. In Louis till anew nil All Day a it by and the suffering is said to a great we a persons having been badly Frozen. Okiu moral York Jao. 8money stringent at 7 per cent Gold closed at Lily a vol. Foreign Xor it Market exceeding a Jill Sankur Esterling Autv Day Bills Nesge Tatum to 187, and francs from 30 to 3 3. To Stock Mark to closed unsettled. The dry goods import at Tbs Zierl of new York for the week ending today amount it 301,590. Against 1,303,507 last year and 940.513 in 1864 _ the Bank of England Bat reduced the rate of Ali Ernnt to 7 per cent., and to i thought probable tha it will soon reduce it to 8 pet cent. The demand for discount Light and toe Supply of Money was Abund ant and it of cold be bad of easier terms. Bullion in the Bank of in Upland had increased during the week 541,000. We. Mak Spaso thick a the Salt rated author bras Feeal dead la his bed on the Moraine of tb�4th Alt. He was Only taken Iii the Day previous. Bis 4eath is in de to Nave been Ossed by effusion Enah brain. Of the Sun who were sell std to will overwhelm the cons erect ii Tell the world does know that the see Lar in met a tumm a in do tsp not if Jesees comm Nuy. Or Anttn i up of it Corner fur Munty at the or a Ftp Are thou a of the w1 re. Ere m ?9ti-rday. Ninet six is h. Saat Vitot Jan. 31, if64. In a Derbstein the i Deral c in Rorsi exemption of tha conscription of Mas a Bluett. Naid " i think a army 800 000 men Joel 000 Eft Eulive in not think in a Bettha the Over s�4 duo on let re Ltd hav if die Rev i hate Good reason for tha ii Lief. 1 think this rebelling flu la crushed tit by october i 1� not Beli of i array will a deplete of wore than 15,000 Veter of Overe july " .1 it i or a in order to Efow the Stre Vitili of the love  in tie fluid. It will be keen Troni the st Stetor it of the therm a of the military committee in an Senate Wilson of mas3�ct Nett tract Hay have Oaly stunt 400.001 effective men in the fit old at pretest. In reference to Mathiu Hole of new Ilik Hipshire said there has been a report of an argument furnished to kilo Asme by or. Dickinson of new. York in Woksa be Gays fact dates and Al urea 10 show a total want 4. Tha Yankees claim to have destroyed important Salt work to Ocala in Florida recently Worth slow 000. They also burned the town of st. Andrew and caused the burning of a Steamer on the Hewines River. In the new Orleans times of a late Date for which i am indebted to Gen. Bogga i find a few other tutus of interest. The following is from the new York times of the 8th inst advices from Cumberland Asp say that a body of Union troops numbering 3 h men stationed at Jonesville vets turn Yir Mitt to guard a Region which was an excellent place for foraging waa surprised on sunday last by an overwhelming Force of rebels estimated at 4000, under Sam. Jones. Oar men made a desperate resistance continuing from 7 a. M. To  p.m., and on Fot the same passed the House to any. Ujj Russis Vilm Jan. Of a heavy Enow is falling to night 7th the line Are Down eastward yesterday Gen. K. Jonea attacked a Fores of the enemy 300 Strong to Jonesville. In the 3d, killing wounding and capturing the entire party together with three a Tepee of artillery and Twenty Wagon and warns. Charl Stow j to. there has been no firing consequence to Day. Phe Yankee Are still at work upon Tiute batteries. The position of the Seet is unchanged. Richmond Jan. auction in n Yenter Lay Confederate eight per cent of Long a i a a brought from 112 to 113. All Bonds and stocks sold at full prices. In the House the Hill to place in the service Clit liens of the United states and foreign countries was taken up which after considerable discussion was referred Back to the committee with instructions to j report a Bill allowing All claiming in ensue time to leave the country and in failing to leave to go into the army yeas 37,nays,29. A communication uen. Wise s address to the Virginia delegation was read in the House in which he endorses without Reserve the memorial of sea. Hardee and other offi ours in the Tennessee army. He says that from three years experience in the army he cordially unites in recommending so Wise a Polly protect against re organisation by election. He thinks the election system bad and officers who Are appointed Are better Able to command than those sleeved. Many of Oor delays and disasters Are justly chargeable to the elections in the Spring of 1803, what we most want is a to Boron h Reform in the army from departments Down to pickets especially in the commissary quartermaster ordnance and medical department. The hons adopted joint resolutions in relation to the War Dellarine that a Are engaged in a struggle for the preservation of Liberty and civilisation and no sacrifice of Ufa. Or Fortune can be too costly to secure thee blessings to posterity that in tha judgement of Congress our resource if developed with Energy be banded with care and applied with Fidelity Are More than Ruo Clent to support the most protracted War and exhorts to e people by every consideration Wiloh cd if Lusene freemen and patriots to a generous support of the government in its legislation and the exercise of All the constitutional Power the vote was taken by Yea and nay and adopted unanimously. To graph. 1 9l��i Hier Siren align try Weberger flt i Texas supposed Cap Etc Latona. Jan. have been made in the House to have the tax and currency Bill debated a pea ��ianuba4�o w"wltho�4 set Cleas. The Presl deat a o of the a a it Euti of Rioera of the government Aad the employment of two set of agents to a the same duty who would be bidders Egal Nat each other in Market. Of a Eliod in the Senate to Day to pee this Mil Over the veto there were Yea 10, nays coot the two third required by the Constitution. January morning the military committee reported a Bill to increase the filet easy at the army by the employment of free negroes and slave in certain capacities Wulc i prov lots hat All free neg of Between the Ages of id and 50 shall be held liable to per Orin duties in connection with the military defence of the country Sooh a work on for Ufton alone government work for toe Protection or preparation of the materials of War. Or in military hospitals As the Secretary of War May Frooma time to time prescribe and while performing Sochi duties shall receive rations clothing and eleven dollars per month. The Bill authorises the Secretary of War to employ As Many slave a the wants of in service May require furnishing rations clothing and paying the owners eleven dollars per month Aud in Case of their loss by the enemy or escape to the enemy or by disease incur Rcd in the else arg of the a civic required the owners to be entitled to receive their value. The Beer atari of War la authorised to impress at Many slave a Are required from time to time when required the Hill was placed of the Calendar and ordered to be printed Gate Ter la Psachos. The following i found in the Richmond paper Shapo Esanu Momat cok sued Dati Abr Sav january 1804. Boule a i am once ear Aleong Yoa for a Long and pal Neal imprison teat. I am anxious to a Aga Staa the sold. I thereto re fall on All soldiers of my command to assemble at once at the a endeavour which he been established at this place. Your of Eissey needs your services. The Field of operation la it and the future glorious. If we Only deserve. Earn pm a Federal Steemer at Raee Newtown tag land Aad who were recently Dos embarked at that port Lave text Ltd area Weber hew any of year Brave Contra Lea committed for trial. Affidavit were pod toed Shew log that they bad enlisted for terse years for the surpass of fighting in the service of the United Tate. The London Amy and Navy a Jan the sys that the messes. Laird have re Itea several offers for the Mersey Rami declaring that they Are not for Sale. The United states ministers at London and Paris have mad continued Effort to prevent the Steamer Tappahannock from leaving Oalavs for he High ares As a Confederate Raiser. Store for the ship bad reached Oalavs from Tagland. The new York work in its financial article my a that the Money Market continues stringent at seven per cent to first class borrowers and the general aspect of mount Arr affairs i anything but Eno Omeg log we Are informed by a Bank it Rotor that toe amount of Legal tender note held by the basks it equal Only to about twelve per cent or their demand liabilities. The Man hum Raio of Coin or Legal Money to demand liabilities is priced at one third by the my of sound banking and by the Laws or the stat of in Quilana judged by this Standard for sound banking the new York base a Are at tha pre eat moment in a state of pro Loal insolvency. The article is too Long for quotation Bat the whole of it a of great interest to a co Federal Reader at this time the world charges the Banks of new York and Salomon p. Chase with being the author of the impending financial Orlanis. And Tell them that the popular mind is in an Imo Amable condition. A spark Way Light it it any moment into a Mboob Wilt endanger the safety of the new York City Hanks and Alio the credit of the National govern Aie tit. The pressure Tor Money was so great that View United state 20 a Jold i a Sligo out. The tank managers were it seems to Buve a meeting the. Next Day to consider what was Best to be dose to Avert 4he impending Oriel and the world warn test " we or slumbering Over a a Volu fornary Volcano Aad Gisl the Sparks and ashes o i this Voi Oano or scattered Over the Oommen Ity and Haw soon or what it May Taring out the eat porn Long of the Bareng Al list of la the 9th, 10th and 15th Texas regiment Smith s brigade Cubanna a division in the Battles of missionary Ridge near Ringgold of. On the Seth nov1883. Field and staff. Col. Roger q. Mill command ing wounded col. R. Q. Mills Eversly id the Arm major v. P. Fia Erier right Arm. Amputated Sergt major thoe j. Sheffield 10th Tela Arm amputated. Company a capt John r Kennard commanding killed corp it Ham Der web i Caskey 0th Texas a a Duckworth r t my Kirkland Al Willi 10th Texas. Wounded j p Bookman slight in aide p d Brown mortally 19th tons Thos Coleman 0th Texas severe in thigh j j Dos fall. Severe in thigh Labera Good Sas slight la head w w he slight in Finger. 10th ten att turn Martin severs in leg 0th Texas Franklin main t j re severe in thigh and leg b a Pearson. Slight in head loth Texas Ell Job t Wilton slight a of 6th Texas s h Hill slight in hand j b oaf Ralth slight in wrist 10th Texas we solder st Fht in shoulder the Texas we k dil Scall a Llafet in breast j o Pennal slight in shoulder 10th Texas. Killed 9 wounded 15. Company a capt j w Bennett commanding killed John Wagner 15th do fax John Lawis 6th Tex inf. Wounded Lieut Tupta Gibson 0th Texas inf slightly to the Al nor corp c c Grose " Oak slightly to the a j e Bat 10th ire still rising in a Felon s cell. They Call lewdly o Yea for help they expect it of you. Will you disappoint them corneal once and cheerfully. For i want no Man in a command who has u be ent to Bis Date by the Provost marshal. The work before a will he arduous and will req Lre Brave hearts and witling hands. Let no Man falter or a Lay for no my i to be lost. Every on most bring his hone and gun with him those who cannot will have them famished signed John Morgan. Cuba avos. Jan 4th the following dispatch from que. Bean regard waa received yet Tersy at the War department Tim enemy Baa been sounding and Reco Nolter ing in the Vicinity of swe e Inlet North of Long Island in plotting a possible movement in that direction. His encampments on Oole Island have lately in teased. Signed of. T it is probable that this Conj a tired movement of the enemy will make it Necee eary for Gen bean regard to cover Charleston with is whole Tore. The necessity of defending the country and Railroad Between Charleston and Savannah to also indisputable. The Savannah Republican says All the signs indicate that the enemy design tasking their last attempt game to Charleston by jam1 Island and Tuata movement in that direction will Lake place at an Early Day. To this end heavy batteries Are being erected at posts that will command the Landing on the Island and they Hope to get & foothold under cover of their Kuys. Once on this Side they will dig As yanks Only can dig and thus attempt by re to Taler approaches As at Vicksburg and on Morris Island to work their Way eventually to the North end where Belr guns would have Complete com and of the City and at the same tint enable them the assail our batters in the ear such is. No doubt the programme far the raters but is shall see Bow it works out. Daltex january 1the Rel read from Chatta Lithul Texas inf. Lightly in the hand Jacob Webb 10,h Texas inf slightly laths Back John Garey 10th Texas inf slightly id the face missing j cart Wright 16th Dis ear. Total 4 tilled 6 wounded 1 missing. Company a Captain w. R. Shannon commanding wounded cast w k Shannon slightly in left leg and right Mot corp j at d Shaw 10th to lat sightly a bus Jiehe d Mercs st to a inf lightly in and. Total 3 wounded. Company a opt san James Selkirk commanding killed corp John Al Purtan John Dimi oot t a warm thoe s Kimball Sydney jams All of 0th tvs infantry. Wounded Bergt Shavier slightly to face blog Ebert slightly in leg Henry Chafer severely in hand and foot John sidebar severely in thigh John Batman severely in hlp.0 zip plans or by la Arm gee la wis a rely to foot o Gathri. Eve rely to base Morris hints slightly la leg w 8 Stewart slightly in Arm Sll of 0th taxes infantry 3 b Scarborough. 15th Dis. Oak slightly id the head. Misting Thos Nye 6th tax As to entry Cajtaml. Total 5 killed 11 wounded male is. Company a Captain Jackson l Leonard commanding killed Calvin 9 Robinson 0th Texas. Wont Del Bergt f a Mckinney 6th Texas to blah severe Ley Stu Sci 0th Texas Finger slightly be Hyvo Moreed 13th i. Oak. Arm slightly we Bossy loth Texas hand slightly Hugh Smith 10thtexas, mortally in Abdomen in hands of enemy Kiuei 1, wounded 5. Company a 8 b Lyns commanding wounded capt b Blois so corp m o Atwood 6th Texas Baa Wegt Alyi corp b t Blok borne 6ut texts Faset the Vonty Idenna f no 10th Texas foot lightly. Mia tag h Bennett 10th Texas supposed captured. Wounded 4, apis atom 1, Oom Pasy a Cap Rhodes Light to commanding killed Corr b Salth 10th Texas. Wounded m o Mcgregor. 10th Texas Arras amputated Bergt a j Jar Olgaa dts Texas Arm amputated w j Sneed 6th Texas breast is verily. Killed 1, wounded 3. Company a capt h a Hervey Oom do killed Bergt Geo Johnson 0th Texas t l Porter 10 Texas. Missing Jeff Belamy with Texas. Killed a missing 1. Company i capt j a farm wan it commanding bar Dell 10th Texas mortally we g Westbrook 10 f Texas hip severe Jno 0 dearer la the Tex bin severe w 0 Smith 15th dts Oak shoulder sever Fie it l g Sanders 15th Dis Cav Eim shattered 3fie Rose 10th Texas Finger slight. Wounded 6. Company a capt Mem Houston commanding wounded capt m m bout too Arm sit r Bansel 10th Texas leg sit. Win needs Hattis oomph by capt m l Nutt commanding wounded b t Riddel band sit g w Wagon band sit. Wounded ii. At Taylor s a tide. Or Ringgold capt. John 11 company a Jno j Uarrell Oom do miss lug j p Gallbraith suppose 4tptared. Company boat j is Bennett am do wounded Ludwig sluggard Writt severely Danl w Oier Isth div cavalry so truly. Company of Lieut t l Polyet commanding wounded John a v4rl�, 10th Texas head such try. Company d. Capt a Jsmes Halkirk command tog wound i m la a Luis w 8 tur d Compin it capt Lack i f1eor.�nl Ronnand ing wounded 1st 8imi�h. Will Ila 15irt Nivea iou cavalry align by company 9. Lieut p a Larking co Nim a hit t funded John Slaughter Litt. Ali Lttie cavalry. Mar by. Company a Hap talk re rates Olshar. Comm trip \ log woo Odd h re ant j r Harper Lith Dis Cav Arm Tilg Btl p Banders 10th tit a leg tightly. Company a Captain to b Harvey comm my Lnu wounded la Alexander Wutti Texas foot slightly. Of Jimminy of j j per Rowan 1, Cominar Luig m is in tie open car 15th division of Viliy supposed captured. Company a ii Leut o v Davenport Coni Mandlyn no canal to Nutt comps ii. V m. I. M nut Comman Dite no casualties. J a. Willing am Mont id adj fitly loth and uth Texas Regis Telegraph Imojo Abuwi a stoc utne 8cse�iai.--Tlicre appears to have been no exaggeration in the accounts already Giru id regard to the Dondl Tion or the negroes at the various contraband lumps in the misses Valley. at the depots without employment deprived if the food to which they have been Send stored end Oien without shelter or hied Leal care these byte a Ere i Tares perish As if swept off by pestilence we. D. Butler a Delegate of the 0. S. Christian of Timu Sien write to Kev. Or. W. G. Ballot As follows respecting the negroes who came into Vicksburg after the surrender of Gea. Pemberton mostly from beyond Jackson the military authorities became alarmed lest a pestilence should break out among them and extend to the army. Peremptory orders Ware issued to at once remove across the River All negroes of every age and Tex whether sick or Well who Wera not in some employment. One morning i went out to inform a certain Lieut. A who with an inadequate Force was executing the order that one of them in the Baptist Church was dead and that another a woman was lying be bind a Fence dying. He told me that he had detailed for the purpose of removing the negroes so army wagons that be hauled them Well sick and dead with All their traps to the River where be had a Steamer to convey them across to a Point opposite the lower Pirt of the pity that be bad one Wagon to haul the dead and that some Days he found As Many a Twenty that in one Hosse he found six dead oodles with living ones sitting and lying around them a a Brantly Union Rotous of their situation holes were dug on the River s Bank and the dead hurled. The searching out and removal of these negroes consumed about fifteen or Twenty Days. About three Hundred were thus removed to the Low grounds opposite Vicksburg and there left in the creeds without any shelter a Cdr the care of a Man who was appointed to organise them into a Camp and separate Small pox eases from the rest in general to do what he could for their Relief he Bassoon taken lok and a cer Tain Captai was appointed o take charge of All the contraband in and around Vicksburg. The Captain was soon prostrated Buff Isaac but was at his work again when i Toft Vuk Shuburg. Captain appointed a lbs Plain to take charge of those who had been removed from Tut City in place of the Man who a first appointed a entered upon ble labors but was soon prostrated with disease and was conveyed so rata the River in a Skiff whence be mad Bis Way to a House Adiol Nung that of the United state Christian com Mission. Here he was found alone and very sick. Hawa invited to our House where he was still remaining when i left the pity. The chaplain told me that these negroes had offered and were still suffer log untold want and wretched new. That nearly 400 had died since he had taken charge of them that from 8 to so die daily. Sometime they would crawl off into the weeds and be. Where their bodies would be of att Only a a the Stroeh from their decay. Thutt Bare was no a mtg sch wish Tom set a Nephew of his that rations Wera furnished them by the Gover Maest but som mass be had diff faulty in getting them Over the River that Doc they wars ill Days wet hut receiving any food Aad the nag Row in their despair threatened to kill him thinking the fault was his. He also stated that they had no tents or shelter so kept Brush to shield them from the Sun or storm or Dews of night. Cpl. A stated the me that there were in this Camp 8080, at Young s Point 8551 on papaw Island where be purposed gathering most of them 2800 and on blast s Plantation on the a Sago Moo in All Over 10,090. One morning i want among the wretched masses whets they were hauled to the base of the River preparatory to being sent across. I tried in vein to find soms women who Ware Abl to work As we wished their labor at our House. All were either sink or taking care of the sick. I saw nothing but owe sad seen of misery. I Hope you May be Able to do More for the suffering ignorant being than it if in my Power the devise and that god May bless your efforts. Us Phil on quartermaster a state of Texas october 10th, 1603. For the purpose of obtaining Tuppie for troop a a rout whether of to Lin or of the organisation of Texas stats troops Farmer Are author used and requested to deliver the government tenth or any part thereof to the quartermaster and con Init arte serving Wita such troop. All Quarter matter and commissaries thus receiving produce will give receipts to the producer a evidences the t so much of his tax in kind Haa been paid and at the poet quartermaster of the Condrea clonal District is responsible for the tenth Atter the assessor is ast Ablahed and made it known to him the Quarter master or commissary to whom the produce Levi silvered will also so a Imti duplicate receipts to the Post quartermaster of the District leaving the spam to the hand of Tho producer to be delivered tothe Post or i agent when apply a a to Tor the payment of his tax in kind. The Post quartermasters appointed under Tho tax act or the collection of the tax in find have been assigned to the congressional div tract it this state As follow i capt. R. W. Graham.1st, san Antonio capt. Geo. A. Rtve89d, Austin Cut i capt. John s. 8sllrr,.3d,Houston, capt. Gbo. P. Crocket 1st sub District of the 4tu. a Justin capt. W b. Wall.3d sub District of the 4th, Crockett copt. E. M. Bacon,3th, capt. R. O. Harper,.0th,. Form of receipt to producer 1 county Texas Thi Day of-,1% received of of county the following named article on sumo not of i c. S. Tax so kind for the year 180- Bush Deans Bash. Data a undo Hay Pound fodder Pound sugar Gallons molasses. Form of receipt to Post quartermasters to be made in duplicate and left with producer received county this Day of Bush. Wheat Bush. Corn Bush. Rye Bush. So t potatoes j Bush. Irish Bush. Peas s80-, of capt. Post quartermaster for Tho congressional District of the state of Texas for the collection of the tax in kind the following Here insert quartermaster or commissary stores a the Case maybe no. Quant Ltd. Bush. Bush. Hush. Bush. Bush. Bush. Bush. Pound Pound pounds. Gallons articles. Conditt n wheat. Corn. Ry�,.- so t potatoes Irish " peas. Beans. Oats. Hay. Fodder. Sugar. Molasses. Remarks. Lawal Hook set Mokal Disbomxstta Massachusetts newspaper publishes an account or a tans action Between a labourer and a Wall known mercantile firm in that state in which it appears that the labourer had been in use a hit far soms Twenty years of loaning Bis Aav lags to the firm. A portion of the Loans Ware a Gold Aad All of the funds at the time Whan tha Loans Wrt made were Worth their face to Gold. In april last the firm refuted longer to retain the Meney and closed the account by paying him in the debt was s1467, while their Check was Worth Bat 1 1008. This instance of Legal honesty and moral do phones to is put in rather a is Roeg Light by the fallowing statement by the labourer concerning one of the parti during the eight or ten years i have known him he a Given note much Rel Lotous instruction calling my attention to religious principles Sod moral Boll Gallons it has Oost me More thaw i am sols or willing to pay to learn the veins of Art Relt Glou Prenol pies and moral Tew Siess o two Timesnearly two year ago say the me bile Tigi tur. The Yankee paper noted the fast that while nearly All the nation of Europe sympathised with to South Russia assumed and exhibited proper sympathy and unusual cordiality toward the Yankee government. Later Russia Bas assumed and exhibited an attitude of menace toward the great Powers of Western Europe. White de ally log to join prance to overture for settling the War in the United states Russia Haa declined with haughty Independence the diplomatic interference of trance and englard in the affairs of Poland. Now we Bearth prediction from High sources that abuse Pean War during tha a set summer is almost inevitable. Has Russia taken count with the despots at Washington 1 is there a secret treaty be tween the tyrant of Yankee Dom and the autocrat of Subj not millions designed to carry out schemes acceptable to both t it Wera a Nice Little transaction to Divide the territory of the North and West of the Yankee states including Canada and the brith ish possessions. If the coalition be sufficiently powerful and Effo Tive the in May come or the great Bear to Teulon old disputes and indulge in revenge for past humiliations to crush Poland and occupy the lands of the sick Man of the ottoman domains to Bumble France and England and firmly establish the military Power of the Cossack in the Eastern hem tsp Eie. If such events be to process of development it were a signal visitation non that cold calculating selfish and inhuman policy which those Powers of Western Europe have pursued toward it. Our fortunes cannot be effected for the worse. We have received nothing at Belr hands less we could not receive. We have fought our Battles unaided. They Bave denied to us naked evenhanded Justice and l state of Texas. \ nac0�mktgas, january 2d, 1s04. Paragraphs st and 6th of be Terai orders no. 117, issued by the adjutant and inspector general dated Richmond september 3d, 1303, is published for the information of All Persona concerned " v. Quartermasters and commissaries ser tag with Huff so ifs to a maps a arty Sis a Buchtel warm a notch thav a Erving. The names of such author used of Cera will be reoorted"t�t�4 quartermaster Cenera. " i. When prod Oostra Effer to pay their tithe tax to officers authorised to receive it it Tao us Airov upon the latter to receive the produce and to pay the excess of transportation Over eight m Les at the rate prescribed try stat commissioners under the impressment it. In each ease they will receipt to the Post quartermaster of the District for the prod Noe. Upon this receipt the Bee div ing officer will be responsible for the Quantity which he will take up on his property return the receipt Given to the producer will Etor be evidence that so much of his tax a paid in All such receipts the names of the producer and his county will he Farmers Are notified not to deliver produce in payment of their tax in kind to and Qia Fermat few. Commit tary or of of Ofierr wis no was authority required at Abov or non Orti Jemna rating from this office or Post quartermaster of congressional districts. Quartermasters and commissaries who May be authorized to receive the tithe tax will execute the receipts required above delivering the same As directed in my circular of the 10th of out Phr last published abets of Taneu to to red Sigta to pro it Kujore will to . Quartermasters Aad commissaries was have heretofore received the tax in kind Ore notified to comply with the shove order by executing duplicate receipts to the Post quartermaster of the congressional District for the produce received else Thor to pts to prod cart will melt allow As a payment of 7wa 7be a quartermasters and commissaries Are in t author ised to direct Aamott to receipt to producers for their tax in kind. farm an notified not to with Blank receipts signed by them As Preseturd in my circular of the Wal oct last. Poet quartermasters being responsible fur the entire Teltho of their districts it it earnestly that Quarter Tatera commis Fairlea and other officers will comply with the foregoing directions the Observance of which Are necessary for the Protection of Post quartermasters and armours who have or May pay their tithe due the Tok Mommens. I jambs k. Arnold. I�13 Wilja major controlling quart Eimont to
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