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Galveston News Tri Weekly (Newspaper) - February 1, 1864, Galveston, Texas So Alvry ton Finis. By. W. Richardson. 1 Pihi army. P. January 1,1 a i 1. 4 of we a vierday 4 of. All Ted not to us to i j Iio i thrilling it exeunt we have be. Seen of he desolation the leu of cd the track us the Yankee invaders of oar ular Glair. in is Emit cd to the t Bank a Oltha whole country for allowing up the. True character of a Antler me beset in All in in a Inree Ota Baquilod infamy and in connection with Inch facets Othla Flen Diah expo Titan in new Orleans an Moat Tran adult Hie name to posterity a one us the Moat execrable tyrants in Ilia world m hts or ii tha a Exigence of Burke consign Fri Haftings to Chr pages of history a a Mourner m Huinan Fahar there be a doubt thai Ihu you Illy glowing language of got. Allen will perform h like service for butter the by but. We cannot believe Lii Cra is a Man in Alt this confederacy unless he be a traitor to Tho South who after Reading the eloquent language of nov. Alien portraying Chetion Dillons of peace now offered to us in connection with the robberies indignities insults and cold blooded murder which be have Etta it retd will not henceforth look upon Reconatruc-m6s As the worst possible Fate that can now retail tit South. The very proposal should be deemed a Gross ins All to any to Etc Southern Man. We seam that tha Awis ors of this liar obtained from a and others a list of Tho Purchase a that hat been made far the government both from regular merchants Tod outside speculators. With this list the have been enabled to discover some Frandi that have been attempted and will be enabled to discover others Tutti say be attempted to be made. We learn aim that id Tome cases where an amount of tales had bean rendered that wan not satisfactory to the assess a re to feel have found by Over hauling the books of the party that Bis sales were much larger than the amount . In the Kaaa of those not disposed to do right we would recommend the a Elul perusal of that portion of the Law which related to frauds. The Penally a very great. The Public Are deeply interested in tha faithful execution of the tax Law. The successful evasion of that Law by false returns to the assessor will inflict serious disasters upon us All. I Titer tront �t�-3 1� to e it int j in the ii Leif. Of i in of i.? i. T a of Votry my. Ii on to. I. i i return ? Rev Oihi Immi is a y Reijm 1.v� 1 in Tofu t a fir a i i Imit j lir a a Yin it la a in in Purpo. I r it or Ritu a pc a 1 on Iaroli attn i lift at 1 o Elim k. F m. And re limn. For a i s in itt .1 Etc tied. 8c it report that no Merona fir Are in to Ithily Nhut Fony Mill in in the a Viii Niento at the firt Mouth of a Ineyl the to Oise i Oil at a re Pei Ful Diat Anci and Ork in now carried on without intent. I of i o \ v to have to r n i a j. Van of Jet. A Jar a it appears that Tho mails from the West joining by Way of Columbus and Alley Ion Are still stat Jet to constant depredations and Man letters Art tiring almost Day lost and never More heard of. 4or the present we must advise our friends who Wiah to Maka a remittances to Send their letters by Way of la Grange and ure Ntim in preference to tha lower route. This May be a circuitous route for Nancy and May cause same delay but there is cer Tatloy no Mitty by the other route. By taking a Little pains moot of oar May land opportunities of sending by private conveyance. It is very Tuatoo urging to our patrons to meet with o Losea Ninny a by. following is an ext incl rom a private letter dated Washington Jan 27th " general Sterling l Rice or River in this ii lace on the-3il lost., on a snort visit to ins family who have Home to this county from Oal Dnell and ars now Tayong Wilh col. Crawfurd St his residence. Trie old hero of Missouri is in excellent health. I of bibly he May vat Jour City his return to j it s we can Only say the if he should pay us a visit Webel Levsho will meet with a most Welcome by Oor citizens who know to up Preuit e his valuable services to Slih c re Filer icy. An Kowa irom a a so l letter from Tonto of the a i inst Bays the news i Ere from Eagle pass is that a Cossid Erable Force of renegades have collected on the nest Bank of the Rio Grande to attack Kagle pass Burn tha government Cotton plunder the town and then barn it. It come by Way of government express Las Sanday yesterday a Force of confederates Are now in route for that Point. Weth Lak Here that the renegades will find Jordan a hard Road to travel or else Back Down. Jujj capt. K. Ii. To pshaw arrived night before Saat direct from Walker s division in Liou Siant Cap. U. Is inspector of Hen. Scurry s brigade. He states that Tho lit eat new Orleans papers received before he left announced tiie arrival of uen. Wash born and his a to it from the coast of Texas. The All re re uj3 Are requested to Call attention to posters notion to soldiers soldiers families in indigent circumstance who Valre support from the state or the county Are Quested to Home to the chief just be of one of tie a Tauly commissioners and make their application without delay. Tool s Only should apply who have their permanent Homes in Harris county or Are permanent residents therein. All of such who have Ait bands fathers or sons on whom they depend for rapport when at Home and who ate in destitute Cir a instances will please Call soon As possible it matters not if they hive heretofore made application or not As a new statement is to be made. I Vau Jan. 2y. I in. Kab Kew 8 i cd my last to you int Illg of e of a reliable kind form sources which cannot with Giro piety. He openly mentioned Hsy readied us w Hill to there is not much of importance developed we Are atm Feii that he information heretofore conveyed to you is in the main. Correct. The enemy hive at f  we Horri a Aldrin not less than Nin thou men. Three regiments of who h two Are Blank compose the Force at Caluris. To Elve org lorents Are St Pond arhorn and old . Of these the time of service of two Massachusetts or gift Ftp is about to expire. Discontent prevails in their ranks it is thought they will not relist. Posmer Ino sail Vasels continue to arrive. A Large Steamer and a Large Schooner Are lying in deep water opposite Powderhorn Aud Are being lightened of their freight by a Small Steamer. They Are increasing their cavalry Force. Yesterday not less than three Hundred mounted men were drilling on the Beach in of the town Minoh artillery practice during the Day. The drams never ceased heir Din from morning till night. Two regiments marched from l Powderhorn to the old town the larger Cumber of troops Are at the latter place. In the Scarcity of fuel they have taken Down and burned Many vacant Homes in the two towns an i it is supposed in the absence of drinking water they have been compelled to transport that very necessary article from the Mississippi River. As the destination of this corps no opinion can be formed or expected in the absence of their transportation. Tip to the present tints we have no reason to believe that they have landed any wagons at powder Horn. If they do so the fact together with the Eer Walnty that they have on hand a considerable Oura Ber of Cannon will satisfy me that they intend to make for the by the Western route. More anon. Wist. Lavaca january 24th, 18 3-t. Or. Riutor it is evident now that the enemy Are concentrating a considerable Force at Indianola. By the prisoners taken by capt. Kelly a few Days ago we were informed that they had three brigades there and Twenty pieces of Cannon. They Are is command of Gen. Benton. For several Days past there has been quite a stir at the wharf by the arrival and departure of three or four steamers per Day. Several of these Are Large and have not been in our Bay before. Quick dispatch is Given to them. It was at first supposed that they were taking troops to the Peninsula but the observations of a Friend of mine from a favourable location in their Vicinity with Aid of a Good Glass leaves no doubt of their operations and intentions. They will invade by our Interior As Well As yours. With four regiments of eight Hundred each to a brigade the estimate of the prisoners their Force at Indianola amounted before the late arrivals to about nine thousand. These arrivals have no doubt much increased this Force. We have Many flying rumours but none that we May credit. The cite Ansof Victoria in compliment to the gallantry of capt. Kelly have presented him with a splendid Charger. His horse having been used up in tie Chase of the Yankees. A kit. Nac r to Amend the i 3.1 and 7th a Estloa of and a. Plem Enlal to an aet to perfect tha org a lat Lon to mite trusts of i p if the Suie of a War foot approved pc St. I Tiland to repeal an act a i to of and a up i menu Jos i i i to apr to h. Rame on s War Foo Long. An a i a i l a 0". H. " March a 1s�13. Irir of a i. Jig it emt Tittl i of a unit Letart my Section of the not above shall hereafter r a cd throng people of Evory Rue and Raco Are to b6 seen and in every garb from the chime state to the glittering stars. Ordnance uterus Are being moved rapidly to Dolfl Orent parts of the Interior for safety and convenience we have news that duffs regiment has had a Brush with Tho Blue bellies and gave them a handsome drubbing taking a Low live ones prisoners the particulars ate not Given but the most exciting tonic at present is the order of uen. Smith top pig the transit of Cott m went it has caused the elongation of Nany a laughing face and forebodings of dreadful consequence n Iris the conversation of All interested in Tho accumulation of Money. It la believed however to be Only temporary As judge Joe Vino and col. Mckinney Are to Start Ina Day or two As commissioners appointed by Lieut. Gen. Smith to Settle pending claims with tha mexican parties interested that War and everything will move on smoothly again until the edict of another order say in some three weeks. There were some rumours brewing at Eagle pass yesterday and in consequence capt. Giddings moved from this place in that direction with a company rained by him under authority to fro Teet his Cotton Wagoun. A Lucky dog Ain t lie ? presume it will turn out As Rumora generally do. But should it be so and Tua Yankees Aro actually at Eagle pass from Elpaso As reported there i,.oic out for equally. Cotton inns he protected in twi u wagons Ell route Lor Ami l i wealthy men. Col. Ford Alia organizing for sum but rest a tired 11, Loiue Thirft will he Piir i in lid. There j a i to ii to Alii hit Iva the hold no Chir ing of ii lil i Kip ii. Wiil Iii up and Back again Wuh ont at a ast one sex salutations with the a sumy. 11-t has not been Well treated by the Powers that be and has no paid r Eny girls but acts will Teal for his held yet before this War is Ovir. More from Home where else. L ours l a. News item. After the most diligent inquiry we have been unable to learn of a single slave in Texas who has gone to the Yankees. This is Gratifying and shown we think that our negroes understand the Yankee character too Well to put themselves in their Power. They have heard How their generals make breastworks of them by putting them always in the of the a. Herald. The Atlanta Appeal says that the spirit of True patriotism Burns brighter in West Tennessee than Ever before. There is no Union or recons Luction sentiment to be found among the people. Maximilian. The Augsburg Gazette has stated that the Arch Duke Maximilian would resign the office of High Admiral of Austria at the close of the year just past and would proceed to Mexico at As Early a Date As possible in the present year so us my expert our new neighbor in a Short time. The Louisville journal invokes free masonry to put an end to the War. The War Aii Only be stopped when the North comes to the conclusion to acknowledge our Independence and let us alone. The Savannah Republican mentions a novel Way that has recently been discovered to smuggle whisky. There is a woman who sports gotta Petcha ref its filled not with Lac Teal j a ices but old Bourbon of the Best Quality and greatest age. What a Jolly old wet nude be would make for the boys up at " the take the trial of a woman in England for biting off a Man s nose the Fornum of the jury decided that if a Man attempted to kiss a woman against her will she had a right to Ite eff his nose if she had a fancy for so doing. The Augusta constitutionalism says we have suffered nothing yet compared with what our fathers suffered in the first War for Independence. Then we had the Savage Indian at our backs the lories Over our own Hearthstone and a fair and open enemy in our . Augusta Savannah Charleston Camden and nicety six were Ali then British posts and Georgia and 8outh Carolina wore occupied almost entirely for three Long dreary years. Yet a heroic ancestry Rose from our valleys and descended from our Hills trusting in god and resolved to perish rather than survive As Pilavis and they drove our conquerors from the soil and so can we even should our land be overran i y vandals. If we Are not a Bastard race our Freedom is our own even if every male has to sleep on his Bright sword and every female Wear at Ber Side a gleaming Dagger. It is a great mistake to suppose that Thia War is to be settled by Long Range Cannon or heavy Shell. Even if our for Tinca inns fall and our towns Are taken it will come at last to close quarters with the Batto axe and Bowis knife and Flint under the Black Flag in every Glen and swamp. Tho watchword then shall a War to the knife and the knife to tie Chan i of Cost Cisa with Calico at ten dollars a Yard some of the fair sex appear to think that they can economize their Means by dressing in male attire. A few Days since we chronicled the arrest near a Symond of one of these Genua crinoline. Jere is another instance of the same tendency a handsome Young woman apparently about 17 or 1h Yeats of age. Giving her name As Mary Allen and hailing from to Ortolo was arrested dressed in mans apparel in the Vicinity of Welden in Friday Miami sent on to Petersburg by the commanding fact a of the it department. She arrived Here in the 4 o clock train saturday morning in charge of a guard and was placed in coot moment to await the posit Oti of Jii Fjor general Puckott. Aiida in m her Etc tire Pior Ivity for Uia seuling a Paul. Which to Iwvin in a for in a Anreei the i i Funt i tid Hein a Yankee spy and if such has not n re. By i the tits neatly Aid Bucom ugly dressed and though she sore he self a Little awkwardly was not Unco sly to look upon Bhe wears her hair Short and had on a Well fitting Cap a dark jacket and 1 ants and boots in the latest fashion. Of ni3i,u Bias men done she a ill la subjected so an hat wit p Bably prove her True Char it Jusimi Lesof the Peak county commissioners co Romeis county 8orv�yors. Con tables and notaries Public and All officers of the Confederate states except postmasters Deputy marshals and Deputy keepers officers c Erk a directory and Quad of tie superintendents and teachers in the Daf and dumb bind and Lana la asylums in f cools and academies not More than one for ovary Twenty scholars atonal y attending school one Captain two pilots and Twe Kag Neirs to each Steamboat actually employed in the service of the state or the Confederate states Telegraph operators actually erg Igel As such presidents secretaries and superintendents Sogl neers Fondue ors not a a Lar and masters of railroads the reporters or lie decisions of the supreme court Orgl Nial mail contractors and oae stage Driver for every Twenty Miles on every regular mail tit age route mechanics actually engage in the manufacture of spinning n cards such Miller toe cd steam or grinds or the Public and As Many h steam Mill in actual operation a necessary by the enrolling off i ged in person for every of or horse r the Public capable of grinding 35 one Carder for every one carding machine engaged in card no for the Public one a Cal Nat for Eye turning lathe used for Boring or dress lug Iron one Tanner for each Tannery turning off one thousand sides of leather per annul such machinists to keep up the mechanical department of All regular foundries working Tor the Public As May be deemed necessary by the enrolling officer All regular in person for tha Pullo All persons engaged in the manufacture of Salt for Sale to the Public not exceeding one person or every Twenty bushels made per Day and f och persons engaged in the Mana facture of arms powder Sulphur and Saltpetre As tha governor May deem necessary and persons having substitutes in the army of he Confederate slates who were exempt from military service to the state shall be exempt from military duty to the style of Texas provided that no person liable to military service under the provisions of this act shall hereafter be allowed to furnish a substitute and thereby be exempted from duty and provided further that the exemption of Millers blacksmiths and other mechanics working for the pub lie shall Only extend so Long As they work or sell the Procedo of their labor at a Cost of not More than fifty per cent Over and above the origin so Cost of the same and it is hereby made the duty of All persons charged with the duty of enrolling the militia to diligently enquire into the provisions of this proviso and to see that All persons offending against the same Are enrolled and placed in the service and provided that such respectable physicians As the county courts May certify Are absolutely necessary for the wants of the country such certificates of exemption to be approved by tha brigadier general of the District and the aides de Camp of the governor provided for by the act to which this is supplemental Are also to be exempt from ill Tasy duty. 8ko. 2. That the 3d Section of the act to which this is supplementary shall hereafter read Ai follows the whole of this state shall be divided by the governor into six military brigades. Sec. 3. That 7th Botlon of the act to which this is supplementary shall hereafter read As follows there shall be appointed by the governor one Mai or general for this state and one brigadier general for each brigade District herein provide for and such general officers to hold their respective offices for Lour years unless sooner removed by the sentence of a court martial As provided by the 25th Section of this act and shall be entitled to receive the same pay As officers of like Grade in the Confederate states army when on duty acting under orders from Tho governor. They shall also be entitled to the same staff officers with the same pay As such staff officers with ulcers of like Grade in the Confederate army but no pay to be allowed such staff officers or any one of them unless when on actual duty under orders approved by the governor. Whenever the governor deems it necessary he shall order anyone or More of said general officers to take command of the state militia now in the Field or that May Here after be called to the Field or to such other duty As be May think proper for the necessary military organisation and defence of the state. The governor shall also appoint surgeons and assistant surgeons to the militia now in the Field or that May at any time hereafter be called into service. Sec. 4. That whenever in the opinion of the governor the interest of the state demands that the militia of the state or any portion thereof should be called into service to repel invasion suppress insurrection or rebellion or whenever the militia of the state shall be called into Active service by the president of the Confederate states in pursuance of Law to execute the Laws of the Confederate states within this state or to suppress insurrection or rebellion therein or to repel an invasion thereof the governor shall by proclamation order into Camps a sufficient number of troops to repel such invasion rebellion or insurrection or to fill the requisition Lor slate militia made upor Bim by the president of the Confederate states in pursuance of Law. In the following manner to wit he shall order the brigadier general of such brigades As to him May seem proper to Orose each Captain within Bis brigade to Muster his company on any designated Day and cause the name of each commissioned officer non commissioned officer and private to be plated in a hat or Box and the proportion of said company which May be ordered by the brigadier general under the authority of the governor shall be drawn by the Captain or any person he May designate from the hat or Box and such persons As Are drawn shall immediately repair to the Camp designated by the governor or brigadier general. Sic. 5. That it shall be the duty of the brigadier Qun treat to proceed immediately to cause the militia drawn into service within his brigade to be organised into companies of not less than sixty four rank and file and to be office red in accordance with the Laws of the state the militia called out by the governor and office red As aforesaid to repel an invasion of the state until discharged by the governor or by his authority or the militia so called ont May be placed under the orders of the commanding general of the Confederate forces la this state for such length of time not to exceed twelve months As the governor May deem proper provided that before placing the militia under Orda Raof the commanding general As aforesaid the governor shall have the same organised into battalions and regiments and if the number is sufficient into a brigade or brigades and the Gover Ner is hereby authorized to assign to the command of such brigade or brigades any one or More of tha lir Gadier generals of the state and provided further that the state militia shall not by any commander a carried beyond the limits of this state without their voluntary consent. Site. 6. That the brigadier generals provided for in this act when commissioned by the governor shall supersede the brigadier generals appointed or elected under the provisions of the act to which this is supplementary and All officers elected or appointed under said act of december 1s01, who Are not exempt un4tl a he provisions of this act and who Are within of Tia age shall be subject to militia Duttry. .jft.m. Sec 7, thai a i hereby made the duty of the brigadier yes Asj so soon As he shall have received an order from tha governor to Call out by portion of the militia urte or this act to appoint three physicians of Good standing in each county in his brigade whose duty it shall be on  Day to be named by them of which notice shall be Given to attend at the courthouse of their respective counties for the purpose of examining applicants Lor discharges on account of physical disability which examination shall take place at least five Days Belora the Day of draft. The said by asians or a majority of them shall after a critical personal examination determine whether the applicant a unable taper form the duties of a Soldier in the Field and if so they shall give the person so determined to be unable to perform military duty a certificate setting Forth the character of his disability in full and upon Tho presentation of such certificate to the enrolling officer of said county to shall erase Tho n a in o of the party from his Roll. I Lio physicians Lor a solid my vices shall receive five dollars per Day each fur the time actually employed to be paid out of Tho state Treasury upon account approved by the brigadier general commanding said brigade. Sec. 8. That any person who shall fall or refuse to do and perform to Lutary service under this act without sufficient excuse shall by deemed guilty of the Corlino of desertion and on conviction thereof by a court martial shall suffer such punishment to be determined by said court martial not in on latent with the Rulen and Rego Latina governing Tio army of the Confederate state so 9. That company battalion and regimental Drill is Arja Pended during the continuance of til s present War. Enrolling officers engage an such shall be entitled to tha Jinjr a 2d 1, i Atil of cavalry to be paid out of Tho treat airy of i he state of Tex so the same to he approved by Tho brigade commander. Sac. 10. That u shall be the duty of the averal brigadier generals herein provided for under such directions As the governor ma7 cause to be Deal sad to ene Ourse and form Volunteer companies Ami or Gania Allens of such persons As Are not subject to militia or other military duty for local defence and Ali necessary police tag lations in the counties where a a h companies May be raised and for service in the Field in an emergency but in no event shall such companies or organisations when constituted of ote or More companies be marched beyond he limits of their brigade District without Ihu or consent Ami when any such company or organization shall go beyond the limits of their District they shall be allowed to re two at their own option. It shall also be Tho duty of the brigadier generals of d strict to appoint proper enrolling officers and All. Such persons As have heretofore been exempt from duty on account of physical disability and in Suo ases As tha enrolling officer Rosy Taluk Are Abs to perform military duty in Tho Field shall a required to present themselves before the Hoard of physicians As herein provided for re examination and those found fit for duty in the Field shall be enrolled and subject to duty. That the physicians appointed by the big Gadler generals to examine applicants for i Schirg on account of disability shall he required to Drosc Barge such duties and in Case of refusal shall he enrolled in the militia and subject to duty unless otherwise exempt. Sao. 11 that All Laws and parts of in Foj with the provisions of this act be. And Tho Sis me Are hereby repealed and that this act ttys Elvest and be in Force from and after its passage. Approved dec. 18, 1w13 or. 0. Maule at the Austin crossing of the do has made saddles for Sot Dica at half Eric Confederate Money Ever thu. Commit and will continue to do so. A a in in we Lay before our readers at the str Lient moment Tho proclamation of gov. Murrah extending the time of service of the state troops six monism beyond the Lime for which they were drafted. This May have been a proper measure of precaution in View of the enemy s threat but we fear it will rate greatly to the detriment of our eats. Opo planting inter state , we Are indebted to Gen. Besser late financial agent of the state Penitentiary for Tai supplies. 350,105j-, employees. ,ai4.�, Penitentiary uses. 1,43 to. Factory uses. 15.512 i Imlej at.c5��"s, Riih Vacti Jan. 1 a his a met it the Hull the Vethe us and currency Bill debated i open lesion. H it so tar without such in. The pro sudent s veto of the Bill to place $l,0oo.�io in the hauls of the provisional authorities of Ken Tricky to clothe a murky Soldier is a subject of non ii . A Bill was pit a or to 3 fill of i Tquary. A troops in jul Poky a More Tyty were mustered into service which appropriation his not been expended. The Bill which the president has just vetoed dlr Ecta one mall on of that appropriation to be applied to the Kentucky soldiers. The or s Dent Oij acts because it directs the expenditures to be made by other Tuliau bonded c fibres of the government and the employment of two sets of agents to the same duty who would be bidders against each Intner in Market. On motion in the Senh a r Day to pass this Bill Over the veto there Wera yeas to nays is not the Twe thirds required by tha Constitution. January 15.-Ti is morning the military committee reported a Hill to increase the Effic Imey of to army by the , a free negroes arid slaves in certain capacities a do 1 provides that All free negro Hen a Tho a a if h and 50 shall be held Hible to perform Caithin Oor Keetion with the Mili tory def Euc of thu Conn try such As work on fortifications govt ii it works for the Protection or preparation of the materials of War or in military hospitals the Secretary of War my from time to timid up Sorihno Ami while performing such duties shall receive a i on clothing and eleven dollars per month. Trie Hill authorizes the Secretary of War to employ a Many slaves As the wants of tha service May req he in rations Elm hint and paying the owners eleven r Mouth and in Case of their ions by the enemy or is cups to the enemy or by disc if incurred in the Dise arg a of the service required the owners to he entitled to receive their value. The Secretary of War a authorised to Ini press Asni Iny Slavca a arc required from time to time we 11 required. The Bill was placed on Cah Isiu i order it it printed . Jan. 30, 1fg4. I. i. 1 �iu3 for the past Wock Are Nioni than near. \ Osmint outside of interest except Tho o i a vedness Lay of an inward bound Schooner which was detained in Tho oils g time hours and then sent eastward with a prize Crew. We Hae Ivi a real London Fig for he Pishl a a Hoins too thick 10 Sec outside. The blockade when last Fen was a Sirop of War two Guu Boitt. A three masted Peter and i Supply bark. Citizen. -.4-. Of Iff a private letter dated Velasc a january t9th. Say3 a Large propeller lying off that port capture Schooner i ai.ual3c,-17. Sir 7h3v. .2 i Jil Sill Jii 1710sir j-2. 1,, 24 k Vij. 2,.v.mi i. A 3v4,4 of 2,6 j4,00l. Cash account. Cash received and disbursed by John i Besser t l Mancial agent Texas Penitentiary Frem december 1st, 1861, to december 8th, Lin a received Frim m. 0. Rogers late agent 30 80 " App. For transportation convicts. 3,.".4 j 90 " " apr. For contingent expenses. 112 50 " Oen sources sales &c�l550.uu3 i of total 1,554.003 00 die bump for san dries on expense a l 584 31 031 to 4,i-30 i 2 001 07 0 i5 00 l,i?22 30 9ch.4g2 70. .81,120,170 22 attention i Alveston Tato troops i in obedience to special order no. 2s. From head Quarter of Gen. Magruder All persons detail Ial or otherwise belonging to the s battalion will report to me at the courthouse to the City of a Weston on monday the 8th Day of february next for the purpose of forming a new or Amilon. Signed t. B. Stubb3, jo31tw3i it. Col. Commanding. Go. Venn take , two  9100 Bills believed to belong to the above Jsmrd party whose address is not known apply to the depository Offick. Jan. Gath 18fi4, __________________jan3l found a Coupon of a thousand Dollar Bond. Apply at the depository Offick. Jan i 0,1804.__i�n31� 950 Reward strayed a stolen a Bay horse branded on the left shoulder with an Anchor Brand. Dan horse ugh mane Ami tall branded j r w connected the property of a Soldier. Left my Home in Houston. The above Reward will be paid for either by my wife at Houston or myself at Camp. Thos. R. Franklin jan31lw3t quartermaster Debray s brigade. Unbe8�kvcd auction Sam. Of from 900,000 to ,000,c0o of newly imported assorted merchandise. On tuesday feb. Id at 10 a. Iu., by j. 8. & j. B. Sydn0r, at Cioa Vaaj. The goods Are now being arranged in suitable lots in the store formerly occupied by jeweller Thomaj son on main Street where the tale will take place they consist of b ots and shoes of every image nails dts a option. Hats and Staple dry goods such a. Blankets sat nets Brown and White goods. Prints clothing a1 1 1 a Khaki storsved or stolen from the Jiuu stable of col. J. D Waters Areola plan tation fort Bend county on the 11 last of the 10ih itimt., a sorrel horse about Lis hands High with Elmo lice and hid Collar Marks on left shoulder shod in branded ii t on left shot Der. The above Reward will be paid for his delivery to meat this place. W. Waters Areola or a. J. Terry Sandy Point or Lor any information that Mav Lead to Hll recovery. Dan c. Richardson Olarri Churg Jan. 23rd, i�ii4. Jan2�tn3t. A Strong healthy negro i. Apply to l1ppman k Kop Pirli i or 8a1.k Oil Hirk a women about 24 years old. Apply to. Jan .1htw2t. 31500 Howard. Re Luke was Yukon from the office at the Fannin 8. Walker the guardian of the per pm sons and estate of the minora wilis and Fannie Walker and also the executors of the estate of John o. Walker deceased has filed his application for partition and distribution of the negroes and property belonging to the estate of John c. Ami Klitia a Walker and it appearing upon record that John o. Walker is the administrator of the estate of Al la p. Walker and the lao of the estate and verson of the minor Carter 0. Walker notice a hereby Given to Alt interested in said estate and in the Wel fare of said minors to file their objections if any in or before the last monday in web teary when said application will be considered. L. wet Ness my hand and thai Teal of office this38thdy or january. Jas3itwiw4t Jho. Mcmillan Cio k. A strayed from Houston about the 1st of Decem Ober two Strawberry Roan Horbbs. One Short round body thick neck with one White foot scar on pasture joint or Hind Ley. The other Long body Bias in forehead branded j on left shoulder. Both about in teen hands he a. The above Reward will be paid for delivering or informing about the above horses. W. L. Tor but jan24itwlw _ Houston. Wanted to Purchase 75 Bales of Cotton to average Low middling and to be delivered at Han Antonio for which a Liberal Price will be paid in Confederate Money. Apply to m. F. Thompson jao31tw3t. At Bosk House. Val Kri k . T. Perry. W. B. Mathis and f. Geisick Aro hereby notified to report immediately to their company wherever it May be or they will be considered deserters and treated As such. By order of t. D. Nettles capt. Com do Battery. Houston. Jan. 2ti, mi4. Jan27tw3t notice. A Rem the Ouie on thursday morning last a pair of Saddlebag lie Long chg to , new 8011111 and Tihor wearing apparel probably none of them marked. There was Arnotis other things a Gray Overa Hirt with dark velvet trimmings and anew Alyle comforter Lor the neck with wire strings which will serve in part to identify the Lia Tsige. The Roan Tikiun this baggage was evidently a Soldier lie left in the us t of my Baggie an old pair of saddlebags with a few articles of old coarse clothing marked r. Ii. M.,and a Quantity of Leaf and twist smoking tobacco. His Sarid Lerags also contained a prayer Bonk with the name of 1 t Evans Trinity county written on the Fly Leai on the Book la also marked St. Andrew s Church. His Saddle Agi a marked r 11. I. Although the saddlebags and baggage left Are us Terly worthless and Uminn valuable there was main similarity in the appliance of the saddlebags and i think they May he a a been taken by mistake. Any information Given to me in the Tir Mises will be thankfully receiver. Dict to my through District Ilea Miqu inters. Jan27tw 4 Thomas Orkun wanted to hire-30 god Coopers Tor which i will pay a Liberal hire be employed in makiii4 blur Birrel i for the c. 8. A. Persons hiring them to Tuu will a entitled in the labor Bureau to a credit of Tare common hands for Ranh Coop or thus hired. Address me through a. C. Mckeen & co., Houston Trabue &. Deadrick Willicm or myself at who cock. J. B. Durant. Jan j4 tw2w wafted at the Texas Penitentiary. 800 Bales us my not to Clansa below Low middling for which i will pay 25 cents per lb., one Hall in Cotton goods. 30 000 tha. W of Char burs for which i will pay our Dollar per Pound either 111 Money or Cotton goods. 20,0110 . Bacon Clear sides for which i will gives one Yard Osnaburgh for three 15,000 lard Lor which i will give on Yard a Naburgs for 3 lira. 10,000 . Hour for which i will pay 30 cts. Per la. In Cotton goods. The above supplies must by delivered at this place within eight weeks from this Date s. B. Hendricks financial agent Penitentiary. Han Lavelle Jan. 20, r-04. Jau22ivy." t m Sun Montgomery on t he Ustalo of James ii. Mitchell on Friday i h Day of february next will of sold to the biggest bib in. Thu following vix Muks horses oxen pork and Stock hogs Gin a to & Iii stand or. Ami hoists wagons farming utensils aka flu s tools household furniture Corn odder. & i a. 8. Lipscomb adm r. Jau Iannot to Jurant dui Bia lie earwax nicely cleaned Vav for which he highest pile will be paid slither in Money or Dongi and medicines. Out not go org Davidio
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