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Galveston New Idea (Newspaper) - September 15, 1869, Galveston, Texas Souter to Maosi car. Washington sept 4 a senator Pomeroy Ima published the following card regarding who copy of one of his Lettera promising to support the president in impeachment lately a blushed at the Westi sin the above slip containing what purports to be a letter from me to one or. Legate Lou coming the Leavenworth Posto Floe and May promised support of the president is As 1 have once or twice before published entirely false from the first word to the last not one sentence or word or syllable was Ever seen or written by me or by my Sano Tiou. A baser forgery could not be perpetrated Asi have proved before a committee of Tho House of representatives of which Hon. B. F. Butler v7q8 chairman called i think the investigating committee and i defy them to produce the letter inny handwriting or my signature. You will i know make the denial As Publio i you have the pretended letter i am very -�?zr.ily, s. 0. Pok Mot. Aston House new York sept a 1869. The letter As published forma part of the s oppressed evidence of butlers committee on be causes of the failure of impeachment and Cornelius Wendell who certifies to the letter being a copy of the original testified Imore that committee at to the knowledge of Trio document. _ the new York Tribune has a correspondent who gives us a pretty Good character Houston Texas. Aug. 5 a i think there is a id ungenerous prejudice against Texas at the is Orth ungenerous because opinions Are so of ten formed without evidence and sometimes without seeking or admitting evidence. It is Ommon a said to be the resort of Prim Inais runaway debtors outlaws and bad characters Ltd every description. But Only a part a very Binal part of its population is of this class. Lawlessness and disorder in Texas to Day is due to the comparative ease with which the Law May be evaded in so Broad a country and the country is sure to outgrow this on the introduction of the Telegraph and steam car. As for myself i came Here a Northern Man was known Only As a Northern Man told Peonie my business and was Reo Elved by them with uniform kindness. I travelled unarmed and was not molested and went among All a lasses of society. Yet if a Man is quarrelsome himself disposed to irritate and insult a people be will not be Likely to wait Long for trouble such men should leave their affairs pretty Square at Home before going to Texas or learn to have a Little respect tor the opinions of others. In the City of Houston a detaining about Twenty thousand inhabitants i aug informed that there Tun been but one Loath from violence in two years and it is r curious fact that during a visit of a week nere that i Mada in june last but two deaths occurred from any cause one of which was the result of an Accident. The people of a Eias have a wholesome dislike for those who to me there seeking office and who a have no other object than to fill their pockets and Thea Lepart with the present military government. J us those who go there to nuke it their state their Home Are received with unexpected kindness. These people Are no longer indifferent about their return o the Union. They do not regard the military government As a creat Scourge but they do believe that a poor i Vii government is better than the Best Mill tar wyme and they ate anxious to return to he Union on the Best Terezis they can. On the other hand they do not disguise the fact that they took part in to rebellion. You will loud the picture of their general Lee and Stonewall Jackson and a Tel Davis in All their it Al oohs Banff houses. Yet 1 have Beard them refer to the War As Quot madness Quot and i doubt that if All the mementos of the a lost cause should in some great commotion be thrown Down any pain would be taken to restore them. When to read the statements that Are published of official corruption As it exists in new York we think that our officers Are babies in Rasca Lity and very simple minded one at a hot. A a Burleigh Quot the correspondent1 of the Listou journal states it would Surprise a stranger accustomed to Home decency and integrity in Publio affairs to Hoar How openly men talk of bribery and corruption in official life. It is understood that most men have their prise they take Abl it Sinh to conceal it and Counder it an Evi a Leuce of smartness that they most to bought anything is to be done. It is a common remark a a is supervisor. Hell Mako his if measures arc to to carried certain men Audi to bought u sum of Money put into their hand or Tho thing fails. Thero is a tout tight Over the office of senator. Tho pay a $3 a Day. The expenses Are $5�?$10 Lor Quot a room the cd rms liquors Etc., $10 More and yet Tho senator will Clear from �20,000 to $c0,0c0-a session. If a Railroad franchise is to be obtained he will want $10,. I00 in Cash Aud a Block of the Stock. Or coming Down to new York he will go to certain parties and Bay a How much do you make in your present position Quot or a what n such a Law Worth to you a or a what could you afford to pay to have such a Law repealed a the Man in reply will say that he makes irom $5.000 to $20.000 a year As the Caie nay be. Quot Well says the senator a that bin into be repealed or a new Bill is to be Ile demand $25,000 or $60,000 to buy up Bis associate and promises to defeat the measure. The excited new yorker flies around raises the Money and Tho threatened Ovil is stayed. Men who a year or two ago could not get trusted for a drink sport their blood horse at the from and live in great style. Everybody understands it for the men Are in office. It Oosta from f20,000. To 980,000 to get elected to a paying a Flo in the City and the perquisites most be Large to sustain such an outlay. I do Sot up pee that any intelligent Man in new York has the least doubt that Many of our judges Are As regularly paid for some of their Are Viola As Are the lawyers. That this statement is True we have abundant evidence but no Man supposes that such things can exist to All eternity. Corruption bus a Short life either the Publio service just be purified or Tho county will go to ruin. We Hope that the Days not far Distant a a bin Public Rasca Lity will be As disreputable a is private villainy. The Waco examiner says the two gentlemen whose name Bead this articles Hamilton and Davis Are the Only candidates before the people of Texas for the office of governor and they occupy the. Same position towards each other in the coming election As did Senter and Stookey in the ten Nenee Campaign. Hamilton s majority Over Davis from pre heat indications will be equally As Large in proportion to the voting population of the state As scoters Over Stokes. To Meluni of the us my big Pali the a a has withdrawn from the Republican to Ima Lethi journal to command the serv Loes of a gentleman who can Devoto greater time and ability to its columns than myself. I a my not be an inactive Spectator however but to the future As in Tho part x shall earnestly strive to promote the great principles of Liberty and the rights of Man which characterizes Tho be publican party which endear it to the hearts and judgment of Tho great majority of the people of the nation and which have Ever been advocated by the Austin Republican i shall my Tho of the editor to Sav in a future number of the history of this journal and my connection with it. I heartily commend the be publican to the favor and support of the be publican party of Texa. J. L. Hatos. September 7, 1869. It is tide stood that the successor of col. Haynes is or. Wheelock a gentleman of learning and Talent an Able writer and one who will do Honor to the journalism of Texas. I vim Mujtaba Dot oct Bute of Texas. Pacarar Texas August 21, 1869. Spa Oil orders no. 148. A a i. Organisation of Tho 15th regiment of United states infantry As completed under the provisions of general camera no. 17 and 19, Headquarters of Tho army. Adjutant Genera la a office dated respectively March 15 and March 18,1869�?tbs regiments 15th and 35th having been consolidated at fort Concho. Texas company by company according to their designated letters Mydlo incests. Oliver l. So Esderd colonel. August v. Beautz lieutenant colonel. John s. Mason major. Staff 0fficeb8. William j. Sartre first lieutenant adjutant Thos. Blair first lieutenant quartermaster. Cap�ah�z8� cd Henry a. Ellis. A Quot a Alfred Hedberg. Do Horace Jewett a Jas p Brown. Feed w Whitte Inore. He Jas h Stewart in Chambers Mckibbon. By Geo Shorkey. Go Chas Steelhammer. A a Fred w Coleman a test Suedie karts. Go a h Humphreys in Gasper h Conrad. Of a Jno w Eckles. 9�?martin b Buffam a a Julian b Fitch. Do Wilson t Hartz. Of a w Clemens. He a Brinkerhoff. He John b Eagle. Kab e Bradford. Second it Uetz tenants. Cd John w bean. A a Edmund t Byan i a John Little. In Chas e Slade. Go p Sherman. By and b Burnham. He dec m Delany. Kii. The adjutant we j Sartre ranks As Junior first lieutenant and the quartermaster Thomas Blair As ninth first lieutenant. Iii. The company officers Are arranged according to their rank in the regiment in each Grade. In. The following named officers of the late 15th and 35th regiments of infantry have been rendered supernumerary by consolidation captains Edwin c Mason James Curtis. George w Smith Edward s Meyer Fred w Bailey George w Bullan Tine Andrew 8 Bennett Charlea p Smith. First lieutenants a Charles s Delipsey Adam g Malloy a tunes Stevens Jas Duemay Charles o Cresson Henry Sweeney Edward o Henshaw Asher c Taylor Chas l Hudson Thomas Dunn. Second William v Wolf Joseph w who Ernest t Hoffman. By command of Bov a to Msj. Gen. Bit Bolds h Clay Wood assistant adjutant general. Canvass of Core Raer a mums. A Stis sept 7,1869. I will address the people of Texas at the times nod places following to wit september 17�?georgetown, Williamson county. 18�?belton, Bell county. 20�?waco, Mclennan county. A 21�?marlin, Falls county. 22�?Calvert, Robertaon county. 23�? Centreville. Leon county. 24�? Crocket Houston county. 25�? Palestine Anderson col qty. 27�?fairfield, Freestone county. 28�?corsicana, Navarro county. 29�?athens, Henderson county. October 1�?tyler, Smith county. 4�?busk, Cherokee county. 5�?Henderson. Busk county. 7�?marshall, Harrison county. 9�?jefferson, Marion county. Before completing the foregoing appointments i will publish in additional list for Northern Texas. A. J. Hamilton. Spa Cial by Telegraph to the n. O. Times. Washington sept. 7 a go no ral Rawlins died before the arrival of president Grant. General John a. Logan Joe Holt general George h. Thomas and g. M. Dodge Engineer of the North Pacific Railroad a re spoken of for the War department. General Dodge was offered the position some time ago. Before his death general bawling expressed himself freely on political matters and in favor of the most Liberal interpretation of the reconstruction Laws and the a arly admission into the Union of the Southern states on terms that would leave no regrets. He also expressed a desire that the moral hid of the government should be extended tto the cubans struggling for Independence. The Postoff Ioe department has taken measures looking to the mire rapid transmission and Dipatri Butiu of the mails in tests. The new York Tribune says editorially a general a. J. Hamilton is a be publican if we Ever saw the article concludes a we Only protest a dust turning Over Hamilton and Baker to the Sham democracy where they do not the flatten on or it. From the now York Herald. A new Orleans paper referring to the estimate we made of thee ton crop admits that there Are three million of Bales grown this year but doubts that it can All be gathered. Now while we agree with the writer that More labor is needed in the Southern states we think that with Ootton at cents a Pound and upwards the people a ill not allow it to rot on the ground. They will doubtless make an extraordinary Effort to gather the whole of this precious treasure and if the negro labor proves inadequate Tho White people the planters themselves with their wives sons and daughter a will go to work. The Southern people have teamed the value of Industry and Economy since they plunged into War and since the War ended and have shown �5r�j?u0�l Ente Plse to improve their fortunes few years to admit the opinion that Urey will now permit the crop with which a Boa Tifal Providence has blessed them to be lost for the want of labor to gather and prefer Corr sept. 7,1889. A editor Fuku a a Platia since my tast of amp or to you the Cotton crop has fallen off to a Yoonsi durable extent 0wtog ? to the drought and a Otton worthy butt this falling off bobs Noi extend to my sections of the county. I still Tolna Honiton county will turn out Tore Bates this year a than last year. The number Ofida Lewill not i Thiak i la Short of 8000 a Large amount is already picked out but not ginned and baled. The first Bale of new Cotton at this place was shipped to by by mesas. Moor Barnett a co., to messes. Burnett amp Wall of your City raised by or. Edmund Hill in this vol Unity. I hear of several loads that will go Forward next week. We Are having Beautiful weather for Cotton picking. Our District court Hon. Sam l. E Rie of Tyler presiding will Convene Here on monday Nett 13th inst we have on the. Civil docket 231 cases and about 30 criminal cases to dispose of. It will take n fast judge to Clear Otto docket Thi term. A or. B. B. Gilbert a a a. P.�?T,�?T will within three or four weeks Issue the first number of his new Pijper which will be called the Central journal or. Gilbert will permanently locate at this place and i have no doubt ii get out a Good paper which will be liberally supported i Send you his Prosia tub. The health of our town and cot qty is Good. Youra g Blank. Utter from naia tsp county. Gaud Actipe Cote but sept. 6, 1869. To the editor of Flake s bulletin this country presents a sorry appearance and the crop of Ootton will be lighter by fsr than any previous calculation Ever made of it. A portion of the san Marcos near Prairie Lea Rand below that embracing the finest farming country in the West suffered at an Early Day by a severe Hail storm which destroyed almost every vestige of a crop. Planting was resumed with Energy and All were hopeful until the overflow swept the whole Valley carrying everything before it still the people were not disheartened and before Long anticipated a fair crop. Now the worm has the Cotton and nothing remains but the Stock to Tell where a crop was planted. Gonzales county has suffered severely As also the lands on the Guadalupe from Gonzales to new braunfels and the Fine crops of the Cibolo Valley Are wasting away. And now where the calculations were made for this county to turn out 4,500 Bales one third of that will be found a extravagant estimate. The people Are despondent Aud Well they May be As sickness exists in every household such As has never before been been 6ince the settlement of the country and although the Type of fevers Are intermittent and easily yield to medical treatment still some mortality of old persons Hus taken place. The sickness is somewhat abating. The crop of Corn is Beavy May be said to a abundant and fruit has been plentiful a the Range is better than it has been for years and the Mast is full ensuing a Supply of pork at reasonable rate. A Large amount of Stock has been driven from this country to the territories and Fine beef cattle can be obtained Here for seven dollars a head in specie horses Are abundant and cheap to that take the country altogether it is Well supplied the great dependence for Money being the Cotton crop when that fails the precious Pietal is hard to find. The freedmen Are doing tolerably Well and would do much better if it were not for the left ague in drawing them from their work and diverting them from useful occupations to a life of vagueness and uncertainty with the loss of labor by idleness two or three Days each week. Politics Are slow Here and fail to draw full . B f Fly bom Corpus Christi is out in the fourth District for Congress and experts to get in Between Stribling and var Nell. He was engaged in some Way in the Confederate service but never did much. His Eiro ular is issued at Gonzales. The race will not amount to much and a Fly will not be in the Way. Yon have seen the report of special office Bell As to the attempt to arrest the Taylor son the Colletto and of the killing of Hays Taylor and Westfall and the fight of Dobe Taylor wounded and two others. It is but Justice to an old and much respected Frontier citizen to say that Creed Taylor their father at whose Bouse they were found has always been regarded As an honest upright Man who never by any act countenanced the boys in their Lawless life but they like Many others have been led astray by influences bearing upon them since the War like too Many of the Noble youths of the country and Creed Taylor is entitled to commisse Tiou As he lastly received it from All who know Bira. _ a _ l. L. / letter from Victoria. Editor flakes a bulletin i noticed a Short time since in your paper an article signed e. P. U., and still later one written to a new York newspaper giving an account of the doings of a gang of desperadoes in Western Texas called a regulators Quot led by Jack Helm and capt. Joe Tomlinson. Perhaps for the proper understanding of the situation it might be a Rell to place All parties in their True position. Jack Helm has been authorized by major general Reynolds to arrest and bring to Jastive certain designated out Laws and desperadoes who have eluded the civil officers and in Many eases defied them. That there has been a regularly organized gang of Stock thieves and murderers preying upon the Stock of Western Texas Ever since the close of the War none can doubt Captain Helm associated with him Captain Joe Tomlinson the old Indian fighter a a Man respected wherever known and he is known All Over Texas. The parties engaged in this terrible retribution come pretend and applet Tate what they Are doing. This a the last resort and Only resorted to after the civil Laws or officers bad failed to give that Protection honest men have a right to expect Long and patiently have the Law abiding citizens of Western Texas awaited the Dawn Iii of that Day when the supremacy of the Law would be vindicated Aind rogues brought to Justice. Bat so Strong in numbers and so Well organized was this baud of thieves to to grand juries were overawed of Floers intimidated or killed Swift witnesses Ever at hand to prove on Alibi in fact the Law became a dead letter. Honest men who by Industry and Economy had accumulated some Stock saw them Dally diminishing. Stook was stolen and driven off by the hundreds the Law gave no Protection. The substantial men of the country have been compelled to protect themselves by ridding the country of these pests of society. So liar some forty men have been killed. No shot has been thus of a find amiss save when it missed altogether. While i am opposed to mob Law As much As any person Oan be i have no hesitation in saying that never were citizens More justifiable in forming themselves into d company nor never was a body of men organized with More care and proceeded with More caution than tbsp same of it Latora a do mid by e. M. the whole a re animation consists of about 100 men so useted from Ewh county in which they Istead cooperate from among the Moat reliable men of that to tatty and no Man of bad or doubtful character is allowed to associate with them Aud while i deplore the necessity for this state of affairs i already Oan notice the Good effect it is having. Oar a tyros grand and Petit Are feel log stiffer in the Back and verdicts recently rendered have prove that Texas can be ma4e a land of Pence and quietness. Victoria 8ept. 6. 1869. Texas i a Tum. John Hamilton was arrested at Seguin last sunday and taken to 8tock of it stage coach line has been seized by the sheriff at Huntsville. Houston concerts gave the by Yund orphans two Hundred and seventy three dollars t in Coin marshal Browning of Hempstead shot a deserter from the United. States cavalry named Samuel 8. Huff. Tie to marshal was justified by the officer in command difficulty Between the bail Oao and has been some difficulty in the Railroad matters fete during the past few Days. It seems to have Arisen from Amof misunderstanding Between the mail Toad com Pany and the contractors. The contractors allege that during the month of july much dissatisfaction prevailed among the hands concerning the Small amount of wages they were getting for their labor. The company being anxious to get the Road through and fearing a strike Emong the hands suggested an enlarged pwn Riser $1 76 per Day to each labourer pledging themselves to pay the hands. The contractors allege that the company through its proper agents obligate j itself to pay the bands $1 75 per Day during the month of july Aud August. The company allege that they agreed to pay Liat amount Only for a few Days during the month of july until a certain heavy Cut on the Hue of Road was completed. Here the difficulty lies and the Are the Plain facts about which so much exaggerated talk has been heard the last few Days. The contractors to Large number of mules wagons Curt implements Etc of band which the military through their request As we understand Bave charge of it being charged that the bands had threatened to Cut the wagons to pieces and take the males off. Since the above w. A written we learn that the if final y Bas Beta amicably cult amp a Enterprise. Mise Al . E. B Sims informs is Tomt a Mineral a Prius has been discovered in Tai i county near the Williams eld Bois. Do arc Mill on Bois do arc. Several families have visited these Springs for the improve Centof theirse Ajitu. The medicinal qualities of this Spring Are to undergo Sci Eutis a investigation and we await the result with much Neves aug 2s. On last tuesday the thermometer Rose to 105 degrees in the Shade on wednesday and thursday it reached 106 and 10? and As this is put in Type Friday 11 of clock 1. In the Mercury stands at"102 degrees with fair Prospect of going higher. Two cases of Sun stroke Are reported one in town and the other on the Prairie near town but neither fatal. Without a rain 600n, the sickness in the country will be fearfully , a Velos aug. 28. We Are informed that two negroes were killed on Friday night last at the farm of Parson Smith six Miles East of this place. We forbear giving the names of the parties accused of perpetrating this crime lest we i but Gire the name of some innocent person. It is said that on the night which it occurred a horse was stolen from or. Norman Raynolds supposed to have been taken by one of the party Aud that a horse belonging to one of the negroes killed was also taken. Such a the state of affairs under military Rule. We Bave no civil officers and cannot legally arrest such diabolical deeds. Were we to at tempt to take the Law in our own hands we would be considered rebellious therefore we Are compelled to Bear it with patience until a new order of thing is instituted. A Texas press Avra. 28. That lackadaisical Way of lamenting seems to us like of j oiling at their absence. All we can learn there Are As yet no healthy and reliable plans for the building of connect our City with either the Gulf or the Columbus Road. We now look upon Tho Southern Pacific and its branches As the most Likely to afford our. City a connection with the outside world. We do Hope that our next legislature will give no Aid or Comfort to any company that does not have the intention and Power to perform what it . A. Herald. ,. Another Boad to Buyang the county commissioners at their last meeting appointed Harvey Mitchell judge Thurmond j. T. Balchi w. C. Moseley and or. Furner a committee to select a for the construction of another Bridge Over the Navasota River in As near a direct line from urn place to Huntsville As practical. We have ample Means for its Early completion. Our friends at Huntsville and East of Navasota we Trust will heartily co operate with us in this Enterprise. And Stilt. county commissioners have appointed a commit tee to construct and build a Bridge across Little Brazos near Blocky Ford on the route to Moseley a a ferry. Bryan a neither dead a or sleeping. Bryan news letter sept. 9. Militar military Cone Mission now in session at this place for the purpose of trying the cause of the United states is. Ben. Brown it Al closed the examination of witnesses in behalf of the prosecution on wednesday last 21stlse>tember. The court Adjo Umed until 9 a x. September 7tb, in order to give ample time foe the prison leis to get their witnesses. Thus far one Hundred and five have been summoned to appear. The testimony on the part of the prosecution thus far Beems to be very Strong against the prisoners a Bryar news letter tent. 9. On monday last John Gregory s securities surrendered him to the sheriff he being on bail for killing Henderson Fie was placed under of a guard but made his escape a few hours afterwards and has not been been Beard of since. An Effort was made to find him. But to far has been unsuccessful. Cleyborn chronicle sept 4. All the information we a re Able to obtain by visits in the country and conversing with intelligent Farmers it is believed that at least half a drop or More of Ootton will be gathered this year. The fair Price which Cotton commands will be a Ati mul note the labourers to exert themselves to save �1 the drop before the old and wet season sets in to destroy the Staple in the Field. The weather is find for picking and there is a general Rush to save All the Colton which has been produced. The Corn drop is Excel Lent and the a Wilt Cohn ibus times uses a was brought ago and placed itt jail Der a to by sat to h of the Jas h. Cago Ani i prices wearing a Stoot Tootick Fri making out wooden a a feb a fair Timof the la at yield i , who time i tat ail by order la a a a a l scribbler were brought in the other do Tram Dallas county. By the tin Lite by being connected with or we pc towing something Abo jat the Maxwell murder it Calvert we undo ratan that they will soon be sent to Calvert. A a a a Johnson a a a hid an affray with deadly weapon with Fly oot m Johnson county waa brought Here by the Tai Litus and released on his giving bail a Fooht Hayw Register sept. L. Ewe were at cd were pleased to not Mao of piss Finto in the course of conic Leiofi to brisk for the season Ottoa. Tyml Boom my Ohee Fdl con a petted health s w _ the toll Fob item rail cd do Xci Teo Quot Prospect for the fit a i a Tell Bridge Puli Breek Loa the direct a a Haiie Tsvilik fat . a. A. A or. Theophilus Kramer of new Braun Elf recently arrived fro i new York Aud Louis Iana honoured is with visit last monday he informs that there will be a Large a migration to Western Texas from Germany the coming Winter. This is the kind of emigration that is needed to make our state prosperous.�?jndianola.9atteun. It it no unusual thing now to see Large lots of Texas Baboon coming Down fir Ofca the Interior for exportation. We were re aided of this fact while passing the Stere of messes. Vance Payne amp co. On yesterday who were just receiving a Quantity in Nice clean hogs head from san Antonio for shipment to new Orleans. A year or so ago we were importing Bacon. We need railroads to change the course of Trade that is instead of amp As now importing bread stuff sugar Rioe and Moat of the necessaries of life we would be enabled to Export the Bame. Texas is fully fifty years behind the times but we a re glad to see that our people Are fully alive to the necessity of building a Complete net of railway itt terse ting every portion of this Large and Fertile bulletin. Must sir Pyou hims Polk county Stephen of Carroll clerk of the county court vice b. H. Curley disqualified. Kendall county Erast Toepperwein Constable precinct no. 1 to fill Taoa Najr. G w. Sanders Justice of the peace precinct no. 2, to fill a vacancy. Peter Heiner Justice of to tip peace precinct no. 4, to i 1 a vacancy. Under the provi dons of general orders no. 108, current series from this Headquarters Franklin j. Taylor is appointed inspector of cattle and hides for Hamlton county Texas. The Cincinnati time a so fortunate As to possess a correspondent who resides at Lockhart in this state. He writes thus there is a wrong Impre Sedon existing in the minds of Many Nort Hern people that in Justice Tom adopted state i must a a Brose this avoral Kcf Opportunity to Cox rect and it is that our people have a hatred for and ate extremely prejudiced against Tomb and do not want them to Home among us. Hint this is not True of the Large majority of on people i. Can safely and truthfully Aacen Rte Bat on the contrary a cordial Welcome will be extended to All who May Home at d follow Peao Efu pursuits. Neither do our people hate that hatred for the government that some evil i Speed men impute to to Bat to we Wil Zaglo a id a cheerful compliance to All reasonable taws and give the government a Hearty rapport but enough for the present j. N. L. To Iipp oblast to a the following important decision by the internal Vevenne department will be of interest to the imports ers of to eign merchandise i Bra but Dofas Nooi office of int Naii Bevz Aux Washington aug. 10, 1869. J. Sib in reply to you letter of the 14th instant relative to the liability of importers of foreign merchandise to the payment of the special tax As dealers that the former ruling of the office upon this subject vix in the Case of messes. E. D. Morgn amp co., a Quot it others was reconsidered and reversed on the 1st of july by a letter to assessor w. Bay mond Lee third District Boston mtg of in View of the circumstance that the assessment of this tax for. Ice time intervening since the decision of october 6,1868, exempting importers from this tax Imd the Date of that by which it was reversed might work hardships and upon thoes who had sold their goods and made final settlement upon the Oasis of exemption from the tax it was not intended to my a decision of july 1 retrospective u it ohs Raeto and operation but assessments tot tax under 1868, and continue Una and after that Date Only butt at no assessment a sold be made for said interning time a for the Pur Peee of Eom Piying Tome full with your suggestion and Btu Tognani amp a i Ity in All of Section 4imriots a Tab Spiet to assessments of import a and Otter of footed by this question a copy of this Atli be published in the internal Vevenne Beresi. Is a be pm Thyi c. Delaho co Mhz ton a. Estimates of the Cotton amp of 8o�th Carolina regarded Here As very carefully pre pared fix the number of Balea for the pin it year at two Hundred and Twenty five thousand against one Hundred and eight Thoua Aad last year. The sea Island Ootton statement is made up As follows t from 800th Carolina four thousand eight Hundred and Twenty six bags from Georgia five thousand four Hundred and fifty six bags from Florida six thousand seven Hundred and forty eight bags the production of Rice is placed at fifty five thousand theroes against thirty five thousand ast year _ a san Load of Fob sours special Washington dispatch of the 16th, arajs Quot information has been received hereto the effect that a Large number of planters in South Carolina have entered into contract with immigration agents to import several Hundred chinese labourers the first ship Load being expected in january next one successful Rioe planter has contracted for 260, and others for ten Twenty fifty Etc. No payment is to be nude until the chinese arrive and Oom Mene work of the Plantation. Many Southern planters Are mating application for them
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