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Galveston New Idea (Newspaper) - September 15, 1869, Galveston, Texas Yol. Vil telegraphic. Associated press dispatch. I new Yoke sept. 9.�? 62�?Ts 20j. G4�?Ts 20. G5�?To 25, new 19fc. 67�?Ta 194. 68 s 19fc. 30-�10v 10. Louisiana s 70072. Levee s g50gg. New Yolk sept. 10.�?stocks Aie weak and unsettled. Money 7 car Rancito Gold. Sterling Long is Short 8., Gold 35fe g2�?Ts 21j. Tennessee a coupons co a new 52 a a. Virginia or coupons 60, new 59. Louisiana old 71. Levees g6. 8�?Ts 81. North Carolina old 55, now 47. Float steadier. Wheat 1 to 2c. Better. Corn doll la. Lower. Moss $31. Lard quiet. Cotton steady at 31. Turpentine urm at 424043. Rosin strained common to Cood 2 35@2 40 Hata a wept. 10 a Lesca has left the City fur Aqua with a battalion of volunteers four handled Strong. The spaniards put the insurgents to flight in Sevilla Bay. Thirty rebels were killed in a skirmish near Piapot. Washington sept. 9.�?the vote of Vermont fell off thirteen thousand. The mail coach from Helena Montana was robbed of thirty thousand dollars by the Road agents. Prince Arthur will visit bronz9 statue of Victoria at Montreal. Richmond sept. 9 a Gen. Canby Issue 1 the proclamation of election this morning. A. C. Walker a a to be installed As provisional governor on the 21st inst., and John f. Lewis provisional lieutenant governor on october 5th. The legislature is called together on october 5th. The adoption of Tho expurgated Constitution is announced. The following Wells congressmen Are proclaimed elected Ayer Piatta and Porter and the following Walker congressmen Tigar at Large Booker Ridgeway Mckinsie Miller and Gibson. Jackson miss., sept. 9.�?the convention adjourned sine die evening great Harmony prevailing. The state ticket is completed Thomas Sinclair coloured Secretary of state a w. Wills auditor Jos. Mcculey treasurer Robert Lowry attorney general Thos. S. Gate right superintendent of education Jerold s. Brown Congress fifth District speeches were made by Dent Jefferds and Morris coloured of Tennessee exciting most enthusiastic applause. The canvass for the National Union Republican ticket opens most harmoniously. The Mississippi press association met at Canton largely represented and adjourned yesterday after two Days session. It accepted the invitation to visit Memphis and Louisville and thanked Washington College for a tender of free scholarship to students nominated by the typographical Union. The association meets next year at Oxford miss. New Yoke sept. 9. Ept. 9.�? the Cuse of Sheridan to Day and postponed to Bep Shook was culled saturday. Assessor Cleveland was willing to withdraw his charges against Shook but the government did not acquiesce. Kroeck sept amendment co Ventina has adjourned. The resolutions demand it full share of the diplomatic appointments ask Aid from cities and towns on the Mississippi and tributaries for the establishment of an emigration depot at new Orleans asking a subsidy for a my Hateam from now Orleans to Loreign ports favouring the removal of the National capital. Boston sept. 10. A the storm extended throughout new England. Many lives and vessels Are lost. Every description of vessels dragged Anchor and drifted helplessly. Tho Schooner Ellen Eliza was wrecked off peaks Island and eleven persons lost. The mud Digger in Portland Harbor sunk but the Crew wire saved. Tho fog Tell it Portland befit Light was blown Over the Bank into the sea. New Yoi x. Sept. 10, engine exploded on the Erie Railroad net port Jarvis killing Lour persons. New Orleans sept. 10.�?Cotton easier sales 223 Bales prices unchanged. Receipts 970 Bales week s Sale 19c0, Gross receipts 2gu2, net 23 15. Exports Coastwise 1013, Stock u80u. Usy 4>2ii0j t. Gold 135. Sterling 15i. Others . New Yoni sept. 10.�?Cotton steady sales g0u Bales at 31 c. Flour Stuto and Western steadier superfine to fancy state $5 85� 5 a Quot White wheat Western $5 g507 25, Southern a Shade firmer common to Choice extra so 60011. Wheat White Southern is 05 5 1 81, latter for extra. Corn Dull 20 3o lower mixed Vestern $1 1g01 18. Beef quiet. Pork a Shade firmer $31031 25. Liard steady Kettle 19��20o. Whisky decidedly firmer �1 1501 10, latter for Iron bound. Groceries stores quiet. Money Tasier at g07, Supply Liberal. A Sterling weak 8408$. Gold 135j. Governments Strong 62 s 21 a. Stocks firm. Washington sept. 10.�?the commission ors on the of great Britain arid the United states have adjusted the claims arising from the Oregon treaty. The Hudson Bay company gets four Hundred and fifty thousand against a claim of Over four millions and the puget sound company gets two Hundred thousand against a claim of Over one million. These companies required the release to the United states of All possessory rights belonging to them in Oregon and Washington territory. By ibis decision a very Long controversy which on several occasions threatened to disturb the amicable relations of the two countries Are closed. The proceedings cover three thousand five Hundred pages printed matter a Washington sept. 10.�?sherman ass times the office of Secretary of War to Morrow. Revenue nearly one million. Washington sept. 10.�?semi-official letters via key web say Quesada sent 300 men on a Deconno Assance towards Las Tunas. The Par. To was attacked but succeeded in reaching the main body with a loss of 35 killed and bounded. On the 18th Balmaseda attacked the cuban position first with artillery making Little impression and an infantry charge followed. The cubans reserved their fire tor Short Range and compelled the spaniards to seek shelter behind the artillery. Alter three hours Vul. In use a attacked the position with Hia entire Force reported by deserter to Hare been More than 4000, whereof half were regulars. Tho cuban Force was about 6000, of which about 4000 were Well armed. The contest lasted a boat five hours when Balmaseda retreated to Las Tunas. The cuban loss was 72 killed including several officers 107 wounded severely 150 slightly and 4.7 missing. 200 Spanish dead and wounded were left on the Field the cubans captured 270 prisoners and 400d Eser tera the deserters report that Balmaseda had All his available Force in this engagement with 32 pieces of artillery some heavy and 2 regiments of cavalry. The cubans had 13 pieces of Small calibre and no effectively equipped cavalry. This Battle is the first of importance since the commencement of the War and causes much rejoicing in the cuban army. A letter from Havana states that the government exercises a most rigid surveillance Over the Telegraph and mails. Gen. Lesca has been Here some time. Volunteer outrages increase fearfully and Are of a character too revolting to be believed. Boston sept. 10.�?it is reported that the paying Teller of the ninth National Bank is a Quot Quot defaulter to the amount of $130,000. Memphis sept. 10.�?a planter named Burk near Napoleon Arkansas was shot dead while Bitting with his family. The Assassin is unknown. New Yolk sept 10.-Fcoupons 62 s 21 j. G4�?Ts21 j. 25�?Ts21e@212, new 19i@19l i0 40�?Ts 10�@10�. Louisiana a new 72. Levees 66. 8�?Th 84. Sugar sales 220 Hogsheads Havana 121013, a Porto Rico 12, Musco Vado 11$ @12i. Molasses 48@58. New Yolk sept. 11.�?floar rather steadier. Wheat 102o better. Corn l@2c lower. Mess pork $31. Lard Dull. Cotton quiet at 34c. Turpentine firm As 33c. Rosin quiet. Freights firm. Washington sept. 10.�?a Large meeting of wealthy citizens at Kirkwood House appointed a committee of forty to act with a similar committee recently appointed to organize an International fair at this City in �?T71 congressional and executive assistance will be asked. The scheme assumes a tangible shape. Washington sept. 11.�?the acting Secretary of the Treasury has deducted from the pay of Twenty six clerks in the second Audi. Tors office for shirking duty last month. The Treasury is closed in Honor of Fessenden s funeral. The Revenue department refuse to Compromise cases growing out of the Mobile Schooner Mary d. The proposition for. Compromise came from David Gibson of sept. 11.�?Gen. Sherman a appointment to War office reads to end next session of Congress. Omaha sept. 10.-serious Highway robberies have been perpetrated lately Between Salt Lake and Helena Montana. Softie forty thousand dollars were take from the coach and the passengers about a week ago. The robbers were followed and one of them killed and on badly wounded and a portion of the treasure recovered. One of the pursuers was wounded. Newton n. J., sept 11.�?four miners were killed by a premature fall of an old building they were raising at the Ogden mine. Boston sept. 11.�?later advices report additional wrecks. Two schooners Are ashore at Cape mall Point. Only one Man of the Crews is saved. Bangor me., sept. 11.�?tbe Steamer Cambridge has arrived in Tow. The officers and passengers report the night frightful. New Yolk sept. 11, g�7. Bank statement very unfavourable specie decreased two and a half millions. Gold firmer opened it 1354, advanced to it i upon of the Cotton crop and closed at 135� 0133j. Gold Export for the. Week $56,000. Governments Turce Large German orders Are on the Market . To it i. Iii cd �9. Bring to the demand Market however closed quiet partially lost. State Bonds Dull. Tennessee old 614, new 53. Virginias old 55. North Carolina Oid 55. New 45. Louisiana old. .70, new 65. Levees c5, 8�?Ts 48. Alabama 8�?Ts 93, 5�?Ts 63. Georgia 6�?Ts 80, 7�?Ts 81. Cotton a Shade lower sales 1000 Bales at 33. Of motor steadier. Wheat declined since noon. Com heavy mixed Western $1 1401 15. Whisky decidedly higher $125. Beef steady pork Dull s31. Lard heavy Kettle 19�02o Nava stores and groceries quiet freights firm. New Orleans sept. 11.�?Cotton, prices easier sales 370 Bales middling 31 i receipts 517, exports Coastwise .2091. Flower lower superfine $5 75, doable so 20, treble $6 25. Liran $1 07401 10. Pork lower mess $35 00. Lard 20j�22i. Others unchanged. Gold 31g Sterling 45i, new York sign b to j discount. The crops Are less favourable. Cane is backward. Tie cuter Piller is reported destroying the Cotton in several parishes. John Ware Engineer of the Steamer Creole was mortally wounded while attempting to leave the Pontchartrain cars while moving. Washington sept. 11.�?larce numbers of beef cattle fro Western and est Tennessee Are passing northward in search of pastures which the drought has ruined. Uljon Jno. Bell of Tennessee is dead. Dispatches report Many handsome Tho Avondale sufi users. Wolleo tons for their Relief will be made in Many churches to Morrow. New Yoke sept. 11.�?the. Rawlins Relief subscription has reached $41,000. A few Yobi sept 11.�?Bank statements Loans increased six and a Quarter millions specie decreased two and a half million circulation increased a trifle deposits decreased two and a Quarter million Legal tenders decreased four and a Quarter millions. Sterling quiet 84@8�. Coupons of �?T81 21 @21jj. 62 s 224. 65�?Ts 200202, new 20020. 67 s 204� 20�. 68�?T� 20020. 10-40�?Tb 10i�lgi. Philadelphia sept. 11.�?the executive committee of the Union league met. Geary is absent. A report was made regarding at fairs in the. South. The committee took action on the ele muons in Mississippi and Tennessee and adjourned to the first week in october Twenty cavalry men have been ordered to Virginia to enforce the Revenue Laws. Havana sept. 11,, late governor of Ayamo has been sentenced to the Chain gang for ten years for treason. A supposed rebel correspondence about being deposited in the mail tor the Steamer Missouri has been detained Washington sept. 12.�?a Southern gentleman visiting Cuba for the purpose of learning the True state of affairs for himself and Friend a writes encouragingly from Cardenas under Date of sept ,1st, saying a a the revolution i honestly believe will succeed Quot alluding to outrages and destruction by the volunteers the write says a if the War continues six months longer the Island will be a most uninhabitable. Along the Eastern coast the people Are on the verge of . Wednesday morning. September 15, 186� no. 61. Eds Oprah be is. London sept. 10.�?cotwols 92. Bonds 834. It Madrid sept 10 a slight disturbances occurred Here owing to the wih Oval of the volunteers from posts Occupin since the revolt several persons we wounded. A is bops of Bath re Anthis is the conten�.if.1 a v1 Boldt a birth. Of hum tion. London sept. 10.�?1 and w0ii8 have resigned. Live Pool sept. 9, on spot Dull Uplands 13��d, Orleans 13i013. Dull Diplan a 13�3, Orleans 13id, sales 5100 Bales speculation and exports 2000 Bales. Constantinople sept. .�?the Frontier question Between Turkey Aad Persia is settled. The Viceroy of Egypt submits to the demands of the Sultan on All Points except the budget. The Ireat Powe will use All Effort to prevent the Saltan pushing matters to extremes. London sept. 10.�?tbe morning Post says the Pope is about making a great Effort to convert american negroes. Two Hundred of them Are studying tor the Priesthood. Malmd sept. 10.�?Tho disturbances have been quelled and the City and country Are tranquil. The proposition Conti Tiang Serrano s gency for three years is gain id ground. Rabij sept. 10.�?the official papers ounce the emperor s health satisfactory. The Empress will probably soon resume her Eastern journey St. Peters Bung sept. 1l�?the crops of Southern Russia Are Good but those of Northern Russia Are below an average. A London sept 10.�?john Bright says in a letter the Good Harvest will tend to restore health to the general Trade of the country and when we have sufficient Supply of Cotton Lancashire will recover from her distressed condition. More Cotton is what we want and not More taxes on imports. I suspect the people of Lancashire will not fail to understand this. London sept 10.�?the daily news thinks the Spanish leaders Are willing to Transfer Cuba but England and France having an equal interest with the United states in the West indies will have something to say. London sept 10, 92?. Franx foot sept 10.�?bondb 8g. Pabis. Sept. 10.�?bourse excited but firmer. The opinion National in View of the probability of the return of Nap clean a weakness urges haste in completing action on these nates consultant saying that without the Complete adoption of this measure a revolution would certainly follow a change of sovereigns. emperor has arrived Here visited the boulevards and returned to St. Cloud. The Empress was with him. Hayek sept. 10.�?Cotton opens heavy. Liverpool sept. 10.�?Cotton opened Dull and closed a Shade firmer a Uplands 13@13j, Orleans 134, sales 10,000, speculation and Export 400. Receipt for the week 74,c00, sales 52,000, for speculation 9000, Export 11,000, Stock 449,000, american 87.000 Bales. Stock afloat 470,cq0, american 6qq0. Have 8ept. L0.�?Cotton closed declining on spot 158, afloat 1w. A 1 a Havre sept 11.�?ootton Florin of spotl59, Pabis sept. 10.�?bourse dosed firm rentes 7<_>f 90a a pams septal excited fat a London sept. 11. Noon. Of noels for Money 921. Bonds s3. Tallow 46s 6i. Liverpool sept 11, noon. I Cotton firmer but not higher repeat quotations sales 10,000 Bales others unchanged. Red wheat 9s Lod. closed steady Uplands 13gd, Orleans 13�d, sales 10,000 Bales exports 3000 Bales up a the correspondent of the Standard makes minister Mcmahon say of Lopez a the is intelligent courageous und conversant with european manners and diplomacy. Only two or three of the log Lish desire to leave Paraguay Bat they Are to timid to express the a letter from Paris foreshadows a Early abdication of the emperor. His Rolappe is probable. Many think that the maj Oaty of the Prince Imperial proclaimed on his next birth Day. A a Paris sept. 11.�?the official Piper pronounces Napoleon Well. The Rumor of the i probable Extension of Serrano a Regency gains ground. All parties in Spain Are Javo Rable to the proposition. Madrid sept. 11�?the governments re quest for primes immediate return on account of the disorders has been withdrawn non their easy suppression in the City. The country in now tranquil. London sept. 11.�?the paraguayan accounts of an engagement says two Hundred allies and sixty paraguayan were killed. The nature of the ground compelled the paraguayan to forego Pursuit. Brazilian accounts say the allies Are preparing to attack Lopez in Force. Madrid sept. 12.�?sixteen thousand troops Are ready to said for Caba. Pabi sept. 11.�?bourse firm at 71 and 17. The election in California and Nevada. San Francisco sept. 3.�?there has been unusual delay in counting he City vote. The independents elect Shelby As mayor or. Hanna us county clerk it. Freeman As Firo commissioner three supervisors and three school directors. The Democrat a elect or. White for sheriff. Higgins for recorder Klop Naburg for treasurer Roseneil for assessor Byren for District attorney and Marks for Harbor commissioner. The independents claim that they have broken the ring in the Board of supervisors destroyed the Par. A Titan character of the polio Force pro vented the fire department from becoming a political machine and achieved a great Victory. The democrats have carried everything in Sacramento Aud Nevada counties which were hitherto Republican. We. M. Girin jr., is elected state senator from Oliveras Pafunty. It is asserted that his father is and Pirant for coleus place in the United state Seufale. A the Empress Eugenie will have of about thirty persons when she visits this coun Perfi aps Cut ii Ornis. Arenas to visit. Ar-1 and next i by re fails. A a it has been one i Zay a Ica Quot says the empires see new Yolk and in letter from the county jute or brass la i Enaty. Col Tunisia sept 9,1889. Editor flakes Bullet lamentable occur Renee happened Here night before last of which hasten to Send you the particulars lest the fact bad As they Are be made still worse by a Yagge tation. On wednesday night a drove of cattle Wos brought into top for the. Beef factory by fit in or six a cow boys Quot who after delivering them at their destination bought liquor and several of them became quite dry not. After Rooming round town and engaging in various Lars they entered the coloured Church while service was being held pud some of them ,t�0 the pulpit and idea to break no a he a Errine. Induced to Petisi by the More sobe ones a a the party they again returned and a disturbance occurred the accounts of which var but in which Perry Mcmurrey one of the preachers was shot through Chest killing him almost instantly. A Olio Are fully identified lefts on afterwards flav ing three of their horses locked up in the livery Stab e. Arg a posse of whip end coloured citizens led by the sheriff is in search of them Bat up to this time nothing Bas been heard of them. T this unfortunate occurrence is deeply deplored by All pm Irtis. Tia White citizens Are unanimous in their condemnation of the act As a brutal and unprovoked murder and unite in an Earnest desire to fact the guilty parties May be arrested and Beverely punished. There is no doubt in the mind of any unprejudiced party that it was the result of a Drunken frolic entirely unpremeditated and having no connection with political and personal dislikes. The murdered Man Wab a quiet in offensive Man much liked in the Community. The administration of Justice in this county is crippled and impeded by the want of officers to execute the Law there being no constables and no Deputy Sherif is. The sheriff our Only officer though anxious to do his duty a a totally unable to preserve order in a county As Large As the state of Rhode Island and there Are none who can take the test oath who Are not already serving in Bome capacity. An application was made a month ago for troops to preserve order bub answer was returned that none could be spared. Respectfully your Hen null Stevens county judge Brazoria county. Capture or Cueson Cook and Dolce Tayl a or the Taylor Banditt. Crockett september 9, �?T69. Editor flakes bulletin three of the outlaws to wit Kellesor Cook and Dobe Taylor of the Taylor Banditt which recently had a fight with Captain Bell and sheriff Helm in Wilson or Karnes county were overtaken in this county at the residence of or. We. Connor about 20 Miles East of this place yesterday morning by a posse of citizens of Pennington and Vicinity in this county. A number of the citizens of this place and Vicinity headed by our sheriff were also in Pursuit the party was found at breakfast at or. Connors and a soon As they saw their pursuers they broke for an outhouse about fifty Yards Distant. They were heavily armed and in their run to. The House a brisk engagement Between them and the citizens took place resulting in the death of Kellesor who died in half an Hoar after he was shot. Cook and Taylor reached Tho Hoase in safety but after string few Hgt Gnu ,. To surrender. The outlaws ref used to aur Reid Der when it was demanded by the Citi Zta of and the demand was made when they firs Lidda up. When the citizens had arrived within 3 or 4 Miles of this place with the two prisoners and about dust a ast evening the prisoners broke to run and wire fixed on by the Clit zeus. It is thought that both were killed together with their hones though this is not certain. The prisoners said they would rather die than be carried to Crockett and begged their captors to shoot them. This morning a pair of Saddle bags find a hat and an ambr Type were found near where the prisoners broke to ran�?�11 very bloody. If still living they will certainly be caught. The outlaws bad with them a copy of the Galveston news containing an account of their fight with Captain Bell etc., which it is supposed was Given them by some one Here. They had been in this county two or three Days and acted very insolently and overbearing by. Kellesor had two uncles by marriage in this country or. John Box and o. D. Skidmore esq., both old citizens. The citizens who captured the party mostly Young me stand High in the comm Unity and Are All gentlemen of Good moral character. They acted from patriotic impulses alone and out mainly deserve the thanks of All Good citizens. These desperadoes Are a curse to our state and our citizens everywhere seem determined to put them Down. In most cases they Are certain to meet death As their desperation leads to it. Truly a a of the transgressor is have no other local news of interest to re port Bince my last Yoon. A Safe. Mrs. Fosberg of new York if enga de in the heavenly labor of procuring signatures to a petition Ftp woman a suffrage a was with but scanty of encouragement this in her experience 1 she bad been to a very Large nun Abec of per-80q8, but would show Small results. San Inge As it Waight Bow the cold should Era a Vas turned upon her much oftener by her own sex than by men. The women she saw Afla she had been to All classes from the Lidyia the drawing room to the servant girl in the Kitchen they had enough trouble now did she want to make men of them the my a received her with More consideration. Some Shook their Heads gravely and wanted tot Ink about it others signed readily others gave a Futter Ensal a few wan Tod their wives a permission first and one declared the if women were allowed to vote theae Weald be no marriages the speaker Sta de tint she had been among the employees at the Bible Hoaeae. From the men she got Ai bomber of signatures but in the girl by and women a depart Bentshe Laboured in vain not a single ome it wishing to sign. She found them ensue by ignorant of the of ejects of the movement and could get their attention Only by telling them that the woman a vote meant equal wages for both sexes where they did the Sype work. Still they held off. Of the seventy a of pig. Natures mrs. Fobber has obtain of Tesij to amp Twenty five ate women s. Sho wants to make the women vote no Lens Volens. A a the tits Dollar there Are believed to be Many of the Nev counterfeit ten Dollar Greenback notes Inch cd lotion the number discovered docs not a crease As fast As it wbb expected they to nil whether this is by pose the manufacturers Ai them Are holding tip for. A Simul Tanooka a a shovel who a i the excitement of the Kececi discovery a amps to lows a a a or a Little or whether the Ereo ution is so pm treat As to prevent a tettion is More than we Cjuan answer on thing is True no clearly distinctive difference Between the genuine and the counterfeit Hap Quot been made Publio yet that we have Scott. Some few Points Hutte been alluded to but in practical operations they Are found to be unreliable i the Treasury department has Idso published largely magi affied photographs amp the two note Bat Thatje i is the photograph of a new and smooth Apte and the other Ofa Worb and rom ply a Bill the Are As alike As two peas. There is however a Clear and distinctive difference easily discovered by every one Don vent with paper Money Between to sesame genuine and Couch Kerfeit Bills and 09e, too that the manufacturers cannot alter to avoid detection eve a after it is pointed oat. It is in the a color 0�z the red Ink in which the Humbers in the of the notes Are printed. In every comparison which we have instituted or seen instituted the counterfeit is detected at once. A the tec color 6n the genuine note is dear and Brig left the manufacture of be Ink we Are informed. Being a secret and a it a de of expensive Mata rial while the color of the aamber printed o a the counterfeit is Dull a cd of a Brownish Sharib any one patting the two notes Side by Side need not be deceived then or St. Louis Democrat. self immolation. A the following statement appears in the pall Mali Gazette ,. All the extraordinary proceedings of the Many fanatical sects whose rapid increase i amps excited so much anxiety in Russia. Are fairly thrown into the to hade by a terrible act of Seu immolation which is reported from the government of Saratov. A few months ago die by fire As the Only 1 to salvation and so readily was their dreadful doctrine rec ived by the ignorant and superstitious peasantry a he Large Village tec less than seventeen Hundred persons As Sebr bled in some wooden houses and baying barricaded the a doors and windows set the buildings on fire and perished in the flames. The authorities Are doing All they cab to stay Tow Progress of this new made ass but thir task is obviously a difficult one. The punishments which the Law can inflict Mast have Little terror for enthusiasts who deliberately choose n death so horrible As the a Trae Road to a. Colorado and new Mexico have comment a shipping Large que if to my a of Wool to marked Over the Pao fio Railroad. This is but the Nhy ginning of a vast tra Doin Wool Mutton emf Aud hides which a few years will or it it or to huge proportions on the Prairies of the West and Southwest. There Are vast regions where grazing will become the principal Industry to prosecute the business successfully. There Are millions of Square Miles of the Bak grazing lands which nature has covered Witk the richest and most succulent of grasses and a climate where sheep and cattle he a i Little or no care in Winter or summer Tayrac watchfulness to prevent a their straying toe far and Protection to to a fhe rapidly disappearing wild beasts that arc destined to be the general Wool and beef Pio during sections of the septic lib As Oon adequate transportation opens them to settlement and a Market no Man Thohas tto vent a Ltd them doubts. What will by the effect tip oct other less favored sections now devoted to grazing remains to be seen. Of Ohe thing however we May be reasonably sure that if will be Many years before they produce Batter or cheese for exportation. They a re toc in Gehly favored by nature for these Purper be because it is so easy and cheap to raise sheep and cattle for the Sake of their Wool hides and meat that the smaller herds Small Dairy farms and greater Caie and labor necessary for the manufacture of Batter and cheese will be neglected. Bessio there will be no great markets for these products near enough to make them very profitable for years a As they cannot Bear transportation As Well As the raw products of a grazing co Tantry a Delfoni weekly Post. L meeting of Wool . Special meeting of the Northwestern Wool growers and manufacturers association was held it Cincinnati on the 5th inst in the exposition rooms and the following resolutions were unanimously adopted whereas frequent changes in legislation it regard to Tariff and taxes create fluctuations Aud uncertainties highly injurious to business men Anda a whereas the Tariff of woo and Wool no we agreed on by representatives of the Wool growers and manufacturers and adjusted for a Mutual Justice a therefore. A r. Resolved that be approve of us prese Tariff. And consider any agitation a a Radisi change injurious and ill timed. A re solved that we Are opposed to the renewal of what a known As the Canadian rec probity treaty. ,. Resolved that As the interests of the we do growers and manufacturers of the United states Are identical it is right and i Gluf a proper that they should cultivate More Friend y relations and to that end should Aid it Utt expression More frequently. Quot the Wool clip is being marketed very Vyeji idly. The buyers seem anxious to Gat tie Wool and the Farmers retaking advantage the High prices now uttering and Selling their Wool As fast As they East get it to Market the Wool is a much better condition than any previous clip. The Farmers had plenty of feed for their sheep through the Winter and Spring and the fiber of the fleeces is even and Strong. The e continued Cool and wet weather up to the time of shearing bleached oat the grease Ane dirt and softened the gum so that when. The sheep were washed and sheared nearly All the Wool was equal to the Tab washed. Many til the Wool growers complain that those clips which averaged from four and a half to four and three Quarter pounds last year average this year one Pound less to the fleece. A Berdi free press. The of Gisterek voters in Texas in 1869 were White 59,161 coloured 48,619 total 109,780. The a mount of state tax paid was $513,714
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