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Galveston New Idea (Newspaper) - March 11, 1905, Galveston, Texas 51 8. Galveston Texas saturday March 11,1305. Published by Shelton a beards Hunting endorsements. Postmaster Griffin wants four years More of his Job. Trouble brewing. _ our to chairman Alex Green seasoning f r committeemen Doe Chandler buried South s respect for Ante Bellum negro is amply shown to be Stilt worthy of Nott. A o. A never in the history of the City have White men honoured a dead negro As they Chandler last saturday. Fully three Hundred of them some of the most representative citizens followed the remains to Lake vie a cemetery City attorney judge the funeral oration and or marshal of our own race conducted the Relig eos ceremonies., the Active and honorary pall ing All White men men of the highest social and profession Al circles in the South. U. S. Dist. Atty Marc Mclemore judge Marsene John son judge e. D. Cavin Gus Amundsen sex Chiei of police or , sex congressman r. B. Flaw Ley w. M. Hanson marshal Max Neethe Joseph Sein Seimer j. H. Hawley and f. Me Nichols were the Honor Ary and. Active pall bearers. Chandler was sex mayor or. Fly s office servant having helped rear or. Fly from a Mere child. Doc. Chandler in life was a True representative of what i Best in the Ante Bellum negro. Little did Freedom changing his Faith in Southern sentiment and custom As get the older generation of the race. He loved the Lite South and paid greatest respects to its humblest pro by for it was by these he was in Freedom most revered. D. Or. Fly he was a steadfast Friend and faithful servant. Mong the new race Chandler was Little known he was a Garden As a very Nice old Little did he Ove among the factors of his race social religious or . His immediate family was among the. Chief mourn re at the funeral which of cured from Levy s undertaker Carlors last saturday afternoon. County i Ulunqui Alex a a Green is touring the county begging the various precinct chairmen county executive committee to sign the petition of postmaster Griffin for re appointment. It is reliably reported that a number of the committeemen refused and that they had to be approached a third time and that others have not yet endorsed the postmaster s eleven of the seventeen men on the committee employed in government service most of them regular it ought be. Easy to get the petion signed. Or Griffin if he is reappointed is going to get even with you Fellows by keeping you out of the next county convention for using your rights As committeeman he has the Power. He is a congressional chairman. ? controls every vote in the Post office and furnishes All the secretaries thereby at the primaries and county con mentions from his Post office. In act has taken the control of the local party away from the people and formed an office Trust company with a few hired darkies on the out Side As a Sham. This continued Trust has caused the in Terest in the Paity to die locally and today a Hundred men outside of the Federal employees cannot be found All liked Choite. A i at Don weekly a it of the announcement that ambassador Choate so Long the representative of this country in England has decided to retire the news will be real blow to the London world for no ambassador has known How to make himself so popular with All and sundry As has the representative of the stars and stripes. Or. Choate knows How to suit his manners and his speeches to his company and he is for instance equally at Home at Bucl Ogham Palace As. When acting As the guest of Honor to tiie vagabonds space Lesa men. That a human being can live without a spleen has been now thoroughly established. At one time it was supposed that the spleen produced the red blood corpuscles or the White ones or changed the one into the other but since it is known that the Bone marrow has something to with the production of corpuscles and that space less men can live in perfect health More and More operations Are being perforated for the removal of a is of Fawn. Double Bayou news by mrs a. Q. Bryant. The weather has cleared up at last and we Are enjoying the beaut Ful Sunshine. Everything reminds us of Spring. Mosquitoes have come in already it is impose Ihl for one to sleep without a bar. Pneumonia and Lagrippe Are rag aug Here nearly every one has had a touch of it. Or 8. C. Gill in sick. _j5v-Mijulflr-e_afihji�te.sjin. Its currently reported the president will appoint has. W. Anderson a negro lawyer internal Revenue collector at new York City. This is the largest position of its kind in the country equal in importance to Register of the Treasury. How would you like to be proved a liar of the Glover Stripe. The Atlanta Constitution and Washington Post seems to be loosing Faith in Booker t. Washington because he lunches with White philanthropists and rides tin sleepers they hint that he is adding on More than Industrial education Lor by Mae by be in always caught in White company. Willing to help the party. Of course pres. Roosevelt is against such politics As the above and has issued orders to that effect. But How is the president to know of the offences and offenders some reliable statistics some history of the incidents and organized party voters must meet and Tell him How the party is subsidized and kept from growing in interest and strength by local officials. The oppressed must name a candidate endorse him and go to w Ashington to get the Job or Griffin seems to personally claim his own. All the facts will then be looked Over by the president and Heithe finds How it has been going on Down Here it will be anybody s Job but or Griffin s. Sex mayor Jones me Carthy judge Hackworth John Wheeler or some Good Independent Democrat would make a Good horse to bring out for this Post office. A mass meeting to this end should be held immediately. Sign or Send for the doctor. When asked to subscribe the other Day for the idea a number of coloured folks said they took the news or Tribune and. Could not afford to mrs will Mayes is up again after six weeks ill Negh. Rice Farmers have begun plow ing getting ready to Plant Rice they Are bagging for labourer and offering hi.50 per Day. Some of the men who have been Idle for move than 3 months have gone 10 work others Are walking around looking up at the Trees. The writer is just As Home sick an can be. Services were held last sunday for the first Lime this year. There were eight members out. The boys played base Ball Sun. Or Arthur,.ioek/ou will Bave a mandolin raffle taxi week. Last sunday night this pea of u Little Village was aroused by loud screams of women Barking of dogs and men s voices so loud were they talking that oaths could be heard fully a half mile it wait Learned the next morning that three Young men engaged in a fist fight one having a Little too much ahead fell to the ground while the Othor two jumped on him and it is said beat him much one has a Black Eye Aud a woman badly bruised up. The writer wont publish names this time. Mrs Jacob Branch is sick in otes. The children Are cleaning up the Campus washing windows and get Ling in Rea Biuens for the commence input Friday the Lith we extend an invitation to All our City friends Aud will be glad to have a Many As can come. To Ere will be a free dinner on the Campus and cake raffle at night after the exercises. Several children camels too late to have la Weir names on the program. We Are expecting Many visitors from tie neighbouring Village. Wallisville notes j1y miss a t8. Quite a number of persons Are ill among some of them Are or Irvin and the misses torans or Burton Devoe is up again after a weeks illness. Messes Aaron Scott j. And Ben Davis Are up again. Mrs Moore will leave for Home tuesday we Are sorry to see her go. The social Given Friday night by mensa Robbia Raymond Jan mat tin and Sam Scott complimentary to try Otto Rorr and air Steve Taylor eve to of Naan Are was a Success. Music ind dancing were indulged in until a late hour consisted of minced Hani sandwiches pickles lemonade Wilip and fruit. Misses Martin and godfrey., up again after having Lagrippe. Airs Lillie Katman has returned Home accompanied by or Steve brawn of Cedar Bayou. Or Taylor returned Home sunday. Rev Moore is still sick he was unable to preach Sun Rev is inns filled the. Pulpit. Misses Rachael Williams Aud pcs Sie Campbell returned Home sunday to attend the tick bed of their sister miss Rocksie Walker. Wonder Why or Aaron Scott seemed to be so tickled about after the news came that. Miss Williams was coming Home. Of the weather permits quite a number of Young ladies Aud gentlemen will attend mrs Bryant s school dosing at double Bayou on the 17. Mrs Alice Carpenter of a of a Bluff spent saturday and sunday with her sister mrs Banks. The Farmers Are beginning to plow or Monroe Ludlow has begun the erection of his be Home Lis said of astr the wedding Bells will soon be ringing Lor in. Mrs Moore was the guest of miss Lethia Thomas thursday night. Court sets Here next week there in quite a number of anxious souls. Juliff doings. Or me to aay that your Little paper in making or suds where Ever read. 1 shall be glad when 1 can have it read in All of the Best Hornet throughout the Bounds of South Texas Dinar it. A it Villi ii in old if Jan i that he want the paper Ami will Kub Sanbe for it on my return. 1 wont to Chenango last sunday had a very Good due Etui Day Aud night with or writ its people the notice was Short but the Loyal members were out just the same re Sulla were fairly Good out of which we biped the a Hurcil. Kev father Furnace lives Perry and Griffin were with me thou about the ser View. Send the paper to Kev j Griffin Chenango. Kev p c until p k. Held hit Quarter at Chenango on tile Creek had also a Good time. Kev Washington i. E. Of the Wei run or District and Kev. J. Ii. Lyle were of the Triu monday. Prof. E. 1. Bobbi ii has a Good school at Chenango. Mrs m. D. Wilson will clone her school at Juliff of the 17th. The. Writer Aud wife Are invited and will attend the lord s will or Samuel Smith lost by death his Little grandson on the olb. The funeral services were attended yesterday by the writer. A godly num ber accompanied the remains to lha Pamel s Cine tar. This Phee Wai visited last night with a Down pour of rain land breaking throughout the county was hindered. Your As Ever Kev we ii Stewart i Nimitz for cheap bed room suits. Iron Beds. Kitchen safes chairs 45c up. The Best looking stoves on Earth. Sewing machines & Etc. 2119-2121, Church St. All cases of deafness or hard hearing Are now curable by ouf new invention. Only those born deaf Are incurable. Head noises cease immediately. F. A. Werman of Baltimore says. Baltimore d., March 30, 1901. Gentlemen being entirely cured of deafness thanks to your treatment x will now give you  full history of my Case to be used at your discretion. About live years ago my right car began to sing and this kept on getting worse until i lot toy hearing in this ear entirely. I underwent a treatment for Catarrh for three months without any Success consulted a number of physicians among others the most eminent ear specialist of this City who told me that Only an operation could help me and even that Only temporarily that the head noises win then cease but the hearing in the affected ear would be lost forever. I then saw your advertisement accidentally in a new York paper and ordered your treatment. After i had used it Only few Days according to your directions the noises ceased and to Day after five weeks my bearing in the diseased ear has been entirely i stored. I thank you heartily and beg to remain very truly yours f. A. Werman 730 s. Broadway Baltimore my. Our treatment does not interfere with your usual occupation to a re you can cure yourself at Home International aural clinic 596 la Salle ave Chicago. Ill take any More papers. While the race should read the White papers it should also support its own. What would the White race say of a whiter an who read Only negro news. Why they declare he had lost his mind and was loosing his Pride of race. Friends would declare him weak of mind and would Send for a doctor. Coloured friends Are you in need of a doctor Al that is progressive All that is Worth knowing about negroes All Over the world is printed in negro papers and Seldom in White mens paper in fact the worst of the race is printed in White papers Seldom is the race complimented or praised but abused by some of its reporters or editors without regard Tor their negro subscribers. Every coloured family with out some Good negro paper is denying itself and race the Power which has made the White race mighty. Sign for the idea or Send for the doctor now. I end of a rough recur. Resident Roosevelt keeps rather close track of the Man who served in his regiment of Ropog h riders. He greets them All effusively when they come to Washington and has helped Many of Dhem out of trouble. Not Long Ajo major Llewellyn of the rough riders Vav Honor lives in new Mexico was at the White mouse. The president was talking Over old times with him. By the Way the president said where is our old Friend Comrade Ritchie of the regiment of said Comrade Llew Allyn Comrade Ritchie was out in Colorado until he got boo Gay. Then Comrade sheriff Bell chased him out of the state. Melbs 8 son. Charles Armstrong son of mme. Melba who has spent most of his life on a ranch in Texas is now with his Mother. Young Armstrong who has just passed fits 21st birthday has always lived with his father who secured a divorce from Melba some years ago. When the Young Man reached his majority it remained with him to decide whether he a hould remain on 6hc Texas ranch or go to his Mother who had lavished on him everything that a boy might crave except her maternal presence. He will remain with her until Fine present tour is finished. He has not yet decided Yaj whether or not tie will accompany her to or we Mccullough is Laid up with la Grippe
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