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Galveston New Idea (Newspaper) - April 17, 1920, Galveston, Texas Hear Roscoe Conklu Simmons City auditor night vol. Xxiii no 53 Galveston Texas april 17, 1920 he balls hid Kekry saturday hit the new idea Shiw Diann t s. So called Republican Coil or Mcgregor against Mcdonald As disclosed by recent Republican state executive committee meeting by a. G. Perkins. Truth is the most common property which exists. We should All strive to have an unclouded title to truth that we May apply mrs gives accordingly. With this thought uppermost and for the a Benefit of the Many republicans in Texas who believe infinitely in this principle i shall attempt to briefly state a few of my observations based upon the history of the recent meeting of the re Public or. Other stars were to grow Dun and More dim As they played their parts.  act no. 1 saw h. F. Vitiel a Ltd Kefei to the Republican Council of tint Worth. The form Lati a Nero. If incr Milf or a it eliminate fro the Republican party All Black republicans in Texas Tjit adj persons regardless and privilege to be republicans As Well As the Learned gentleman of fort Worth Republican Council. This Macgregor Aid made a motion to adopt the Macgregor Resolution to reduce the basis of representation in the coming state convention. There was no second to the motion. The Alert Mcdonald was on his feet. I can not write what he said. Only Mcdonald can state what he said. I am reminded Here that during j this Stormy session Mcdonald suggested to one Macgregor adherent who interrupted to put words on Mcdonald s Tongue that Mcdonald did not desire him to make Mcdonald s speech. I Don t remember hearing from this gentleman any More during the meeting. I saw him after the meeting on the sidewalk in front of the Macabee Hall. His last words were Bill everything is All right and i will be Over to your Bank to see you next tuesday or Edue Day thursday any it is enough to say that Bill Mcdonald resisted with All Bis Sou and earnestness any attempt to reduce the basis of representation. The might Cuney in his Palmiert Days never fought Mure gallantly than did Bill Mcdonald on this occasion. We dr.,i i 11 to. To put your Resolution in your pocket but not the Republican turning to the members of the Nain Viltee every one of whom had fixed eyes upon him the Veteran lawyer in most feeling Lone with uplifted arms his face disclosing deep euro ten declared that if the committee adopted the Macgregor Resolution exposed to All the dangers which might torture he body he Khz in ought to be made to find Bis Way to the Losili of Cecil l \ on and there apologize to him pleaded with him Lyo iii for n policy assuring and guaranteeing a representative invention. When he closed lawyer followed. Lie endorsed the Mcdonald Elgin Contention. Lawyer reihe who followed my led himself the victim of 1918 vote and a reason of such considered As having a prior right to speak on the qty Camion. He. Too supported the Alclo Tould Elgin Creagor Contention. 11 was evident now that Macgregor had lost his Light. 1 looked to where Macgregor w ii. Seated. What did .1 behold j Sam him sitting on one chair lie leaned Forward ewer the Back of another resting his head on his folded arms which in i urn were resting upon the Back of the He Sce ined to be trying to find a position of Comfort ind unfortunate As i myself might he considered to be my first thought was one of pity for him. Lint in Only required a moment s reflection to recall the Many years of Macgregor s opposition to True republicanism. My pity disappeared. The committee did not adopt the Macgregor Resolution calculated to make a Vest pocket convention. In the other hand the committee increased the number of delegates to the Quai aug state convention giving each county one vote then one vote for the first 100 votes thereafter or major fraction thereof. 1 promised to say something about the word Lily while before i close my Story. I. Will briefly say that 1 have never understood satisfactorily Why the term was Ever used. What 1 hear complained of and dubbed Lily whitish is just the opposite if in comes within the scan Cash of irony 1 fear it has the advantage. I prefer figuratively. The Plain and Correct meaning of White mfr till Nett �ivivhi�8aa��� a a hit e or while in its superfine sense is All the Morv of i get Ionia in e. or in american persons parading tinder the name Republican for those Odio would thought word or deed nullify any provision of the Constitution of the United states of America or in my opinion Only mildly described when called Ami Republican or in american. The Republican slate executive committee selected san Antonio Texas As the place for holding the Republican slate convention at san Antonio. At san Antonio Texas on May 2gth, will the. Republicans of 1920 stand As the republicans of 181 0 Ami with Mcdonald Green Mccarthy and others whip to a Frazel this same in american Sunli Meiji. Headed by the same Man undisputed is its father now old enough to be its Grandfather. I close and i repeat that in is said that history repeats or. A. D. Hendon urges the coloured citizens to vote the Green Mccarthy ticket. It is Lin a time a a a in" a i hoodwink and in Lead Mil a few a Ilai a. U i a. U ,. In i Ell lit Lien Rar e l Jav i he i. I held be kicked out no polices. I eel m  a i i h. A a in i " .oe,.,-, Man the Chance in i m and to . E bin. Nana ,., my Republican platform. Chen. I an by  representation i to Maui Cal. Lb.-n-i.n-. A -. I b  Man without regard to race or Boi. B. Own i polite Al ri-l.i-. Even coloured Man and a Pam lie in poll Las should to i the Hallow to and . I i. M Arlo. A a Legates at Lane to la. i r Puble a u on a Nln. A. 1, 11 20 is election a Don t a on your i it a Tor he cite and All who i la aun a t to so to it thai to i Roll i ,11,/, i lbs a a Albs .vv.hil.m. W e i m on la. I us ,, is Cini .".,.1. Of ran of a i a Dallas Texas a Lac Nind m minutes. Lei us a a Iron lab. N,.-.u who thinks h. Can which to and i -11 Hie ice it Llla b a 1 f 1  ill cd Lullu Hil iiuo03 jul ii., Anil Lori in april 2h, i Lio. Lir. I hos and or by hr.,. U m. Alai a. We Wu-.,. i. In. 1 of. Kelia incl am so Loti 11 j \  i. . In.-. La it tuesday Tor Oik i i Muir the i Taauau 1 ,., not i. A. Do Olua Eli contour i . Be la a a j me. i ."11 1 Aveni Lri Bel Vinig we an Ash ca1 i at Las lion to the ii Ina Ter tie it t t b Otin in a i uis Iari. Reined ii us Waikem Cloud Ibia Lone the still. I iii 11 ii nil. Tincu. I in of i l l. A Reil ,., ii1. A i r. Tho Muir a lie. Gnu Lime to or. i a Wijdi Baujay Avail Luck us Trio Vav Juu of tit Lite a Bali. Docs not Alv. A., s i a a. Twin "

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