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Galveston Informer Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1937, Page 3

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Galveston Informer (Newspaper) - August 21, 1937, Galveston, Texas The informer saturday August 21 1937 vivacious i by Chester Carter i Illust al John h. Warmsley 33rd degree grand Deputy for the m. W. St. Joseph grand Lodge a. F. And a. M. Loritta of Texas and special agent fori the Mystic Noble shrines has just a ret irined from the grand Lodge which convened in san Antonio to Safe and p6rts a wonderful session. He reports that the most worshipful St. Joseph grand Lodge is a better conditions than Ever before. More than four Hundred delegates from All parts of the Globe made up this great session. Illust al John h. Warmsley has Laboured hard in our City and plan vie Vav reinstating these two lodges and now we arc boasting a membership of 67. Some of these Best men in Amarillo. There were messages from each Lodge in the West sent to the grand Lodge asking his return. The same was granted and we Are very grateful to the grand Lodge for sending him Back. Yorth Heights Lodge no. 914 a. F. And a. M. Coloured Amarillo Texas with prof. J. R Jordan worshipful master prof. W. F. Lott Secretary or. M. Johnson treasurer Leslie t. Kearney s. \v., or. Frison j. Wjames Barr s. D., George Hubbard j. A will Micholls Tyler Bro. De Tennessee chaplain with others were constitutionally in so Ald on la St wednesday night by Granc-dpp�?Tuty111. John h warms Lay 33tfd a degree assisted Hyp pm. Joti Sori and Ivor. Dykes acting mar shall. Pro a V Jordan Isth and Best a worshipful master of we St to Jas find the Lodge is proud of him watch us grow. Tilt Istria onh Warmsley Speaks ii a ii irm ? of the Herald and says/3, copy should ipe in every Home in the. City. Btry the it Amarillo Herald its outs. Its a oils. Its mine. Headwater is teacher at Tuskegee Richmond Booker Laid aside temporarily his cards As headway item of the hotel Jonn Siclar shall and went to Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute Tuskegee Alabama where he is giving d group of students the Benefit of his practical knowledge in the Fine Art of meal serving or. Booker will lecture at the College where students Are being taught to prepare a table do Hote or a la carte dinner and serve it properly at the special of or. Of d. Patterson president of Tuskegee. New and a one a Briliant play gain the Federal Thea a scores a hit this time in the presentation a a ,. Or the Quot trial of or. Beck Quot done by clue Eari by Kenneth Wood l 1. V a n m a 4\j a n Ini. T with u t. Coloured m ciphers of the cast in p age the eds Liness of cite a to mrs. A a Price i was wife of president of general Baptist convention Texas a continued from Pape 1 Kenneth Renwick j. Webb Mason Carrie Adams a mixed group of players who Hail from Newark. It. Even the most hard boiled tit Kermit Augustine Tessie is softened up on this one and or acne Virginia Girvin a Dorothy lauded the efforts of the actors and Wasi Ragtop and ii. Blanche Harris praised tie Nook of the Young col White members Are equally an ored author Hughes Allison. Capably cast and Are Brilliant along having to do with the trial of we their brother thespians a coloured physician charged with murdering his wife the play assumes a mystery drama color steeped with Quot one to psychology Quot if there be any such thing relating in detail As the Story info life possibly for the Benefit of the White Ati Dences the fancies and foibles of coloured Folk How coloured women seek a professional title to marry if they can How women of the race subsidise students in school to september7d. othre<-months c miss Thelma Lee a and a Glover Sudor 19, owes a Short prison sentence for larceny to his ability to Lulu former new Orleans la. Socialite sketch the prosecutor is another addition to the local younger social set. She is fond of a Chubby a her canine pet and resides at 2318 is. Charles. She made her debut in the Young men a Illinois club to open course for Young married cd uses St. Louis and a starting Sudor pleaded guilty wednesday before chief Justice. Michael. L. Mckinley of criminal court to stealing suspenders shoes and Oiler clothes from a bomb and was sentenced la 10 months in Jarl. Al Ald at the minimum term who rapidly Drew a sketch of assistant states attorney Frank Donoghue. Of port Arthur. Ennis or. And mrs. Lenry Callahan were called to los Angeles Cali Donoghue glanced it the drawing fornia. To see their son who was snorted handed it to judge Mekin seriously injured. Ley and proposed Toffi the sentence mrs. J. Hood is Home from her be changed to life a on the Eon. Vacation and reports a Lovely trip. Tire Quot replied the Indue. A i think the Church services were Well at carry out this plan How the color line appears even in the race All is told and told effectively in this a violence in strikes Kcf we Lliam Pickens for and who causes the violence the strikers the non striking workers or the police a or All three the american civil liberties Union has sent out compilation of figures from january through july showing As Fallows strike a re killed .24 strikers injured. 490. Officers killed. 1 6l�ce of tick re Inlo red. 70. A fun str Tets killed a. T\6ria\. Injured. 1 ,13l. Xxx re ii is Iii a persons injured. 140. 0�-course the civil liberties�?T1 pre Quot juices Are just where mine Are with the underdog. But my reasoning does not always follow my prejudices. The civil liberties a Calls these figures proof that the Vio la he is caused by j the police and the1 non strikers. But we Are going to reason about these figures. It a in a. A bit unpopular to reason about such things we Are supposed simply to Swallow the implied meaning of such Well arranged figures. But i can to do it i be just got to think them throw High. Let us see because 24 strikers got killed and Only one police Nan that is supposed to prove that the police were More at fault than the strikers Well lets see every year of our lord thank the More bandits and robbers acid criminals of other types get killed than policemen when 4 they have Battles with the police now please done to get me wrong i am not aiming to prove that the police for these 7 months were not responsible for the violence in the ratio of 24 to 1 but a i am going to prove that these figures in themselves do not prove that the. Policy were guilty of the violence that took place police officers., Are. Generally better prepared better armed tend pore ably supported than bandits thieves and thugs and nobody would Ever claim that simply because criminals suffer More casualties in Battles with tool be got More of the police than the be barred policy get of the bandits i Fri Short the smaller casualty list of the policemen does not necessarily argue their greater guilt but rather indicates their greater efficiency. That is to be expected even if it could be proven that the strikers started the fight every time. The police carry modern arms the e strikers carry baseball bats Brick for Young married couples will be opened at the Pine Street Myca according to information from o. O. Morris Secretary of the Branch. The Only requirements for this free course being that both husband and wife attend and that persons More than 30 years of age ended throughout the City. The reporter miss Gladys Davis is still ill. Rev. Clark Wes pastor of the p. B. C., lost his Brief Case containing a Feihle and other useful inform he on. Henry Thomas in Back from fort Worth and reports a Lovely stay in the a cow 3t. Paul Baptist Church was struck by lightning and. Sligo a in burned. Head the informer wednesdays also. It s a Good likeness and i will reduce the sentence to nine enjoys picnic the Pine Street Myca is recognized throughout the country As an organization that is deeply interested in the development of the Beu ter aspects of the Community and on that has made an exceptional record along these lines. A emr. And mrs. R. B Timpson t. A Flower of Greenville is Here visiting friends. Mrs. Massie Lee Jackson and mrs. It Haymon. .tv., Theo Mae Woods of Houston Are Here visiting their parents or. And a by of Lufkin is and mrs. U. E. Clay a a amp a a ice picks aug Fofe fearful weapons. �1� we Laglye special talks dd1-h but lows to to had by Voy Citi mra Leona eve my of. The ton Zona. Of , have. Asi it cd Uon of pfc 1 by it a found we to guns and dynamite a five Tiari. Stich 3vt/ss. A Iera ii a Tif Ooper Ufiufi i Jav it violation of Law. But the to Home management budgeting Home from Tyler where Scio has lice could carry their modern Wea care of children and financing wiil keen attend Hig sunni i school Pons openly and All the policemen be discus Sefu. Could carry su6h weapons. A the Many recent marriages a or. Morris stated in commenting upon As the. Civil liberties figures the proposed course a and Many stand 21 strikers who were most questions we have heard on All certainly the re lessors in the Gen sides Lead us to believe that these a aral distr de got killed Over a vill prove beneficial and help keep Many marriages of this and recent years from striking danger rocks against 1 other person and 490 strikers got Hurt Over against 241 non strikers and unaffiliated persons. If my memory is Correct 10 of these strikers got killed in a single Battle with the police in is almost ridiculous to emphasize the fact that a Only 31�?� non strikers got Hurt because non strikers had no Battles with the police. The strikers Are the authors of the War and their War May be Jusi even their violence May be justified so far As this argument goes. Perhaps they Are right in attacking non strikers and Evetie police Mcne and in dying a for the Irwin cause. We Are not trying to a prove Here that the strikers Are wrong we Are proving that it not conclusive evidence that or. And mrs. Charles Wei Gnu and their daughter. Miss Mildred to Lemore of Nacogdoches spent a few hours Here sunday w. B. Hooper accompanied by Robert Sawr of Henderson in Cal a few hours on business in Tyler Friday. Or. And mrs. I Yuthin Catoosa Ala. Arocju1 of tus visiting Rei has to set to town in Model t Ford Arivs and friends miss Alyce a Cloudy of it. Enterprise is visiting or and mrs. W. B. Hooper. A or. And mrs. Jessie Hasell of Dallas Are Here visiting a their parents or. Arad mrs. Oliver Hooper. Misir Leona Hooper of Kennedy is also visiting or. And mrs. Oliver Hooper. Abo Hooper of Rusk is visiting or. And mrs. P. A Hooper. The revival of Smyrna Baptist of Austin when he was. Hero in april to preach Hor fun Craf. . To. A a funeral services Wero Hotd for w. For clods of male Nector of to h a i is ill so today at. 3 p. A , mrs. Lone a a b., ills do the Bond Sale, of the in Ona Bap Ca us is convention Nashville term. A if timid in the arte Nooh session at 4 30 a us by the Rion Roni of to churl. . A Man Bors of the senior rred a Quot Dace Knossos arc honorary pall Satink class of Bishop College wore hearers. Members of the Rii Esis of the convention led by of Ronelio or which she was u mini Rev. L. Ii. Worlds. They wore in in Lac missionary Soe Ioly of produced by Rev. W. Coleman the Cruch. Which a c served a. President of the class. After some Prthu indent were Active in the server. Remarks the convention adjourned ices. And attended the graduation exc Floral offerings telegrams Lej cases at the College. Returning it tors of condolence were received was Bishops night mrs. W. M. From every <ec1iou of the a Taic. Kelly trustee of Bishop College in she is survived he Rev. Sgt. Re trod fid pres. J. J. Rhoads who Pine husband macs. Eliza la Atli spoke on the work and achievements Conley Lillian Thompson fort of Bishop College. After the and wort i Norma Van Tassel and de dress a collection of $70 was taken in Mills new York Daug Torr up for Bishop. Sam Luther and Earnest Prin Civ miss Alma i Cadmon c4ipuy�tittg the third Day morning session it sons of port Worth Dolas and and charming guest of her aunt mrs 11 00 was Given to the presidents Kansas City respectively. Plummer a East. Cwon a Jeppi annual address report and election Worth mis a i Cadmon is a resident of officers. A the Clec cd officers were m. Of. Butler president l. E. Willib vice president t. To. Downs Secretary miss o. E. Ames Asi print Secretary m. A dds corresponding Secretary i. P. Starr treasurer mrs. Callie Whitehead. Auditor. President m. E. Butler and mrs. A. L. Walton were elected delegates to the stale convention at Sulphur Springs. The session closed saturday August 14 with an annual musical and literary contest sponsored by mrs. A. L. Walton and miss o. A. Funes. Next meeting will be held with Lillie Moss 22 Ian three Miles com the new Boggy Church la., wednes Petely pude along the Railroad before the third sunday in August late _ tuesday a Trot of i scape 1938. A from her husband Whu had boat. During the convention $400 was a lamp and stripped All. Collected from ail sources. The clothes fat from her Budy she told police officers Friday de Moss the husband came Home drunk and started Bel Geren cies police said. He was later arrested and the wife who was plan go Back to her family in ? de. Although he was not positively . Was detained m jail identified by mrs. Cochran his As a witness to Zoep her Here voice was identified of being the one a most nearly resembling the Man sought and his foot tin a a of tam i a v a i a to print is supposed to a fit Quot plaster red hot sax Man a a cast6 of prints found in the front three Miles from husband Columbus s. Canp a mrs. Willie Cooper widow of or. M. Cooper. One of the Pioneer doctors of in lev. Died Friday. August is. At her Home 1021 Villara she had Beer ill Aboite two weeks. Mrs. Cooler a native of Dallas. Finished from the Dallas High school and Prairie View College. She taught in tl1��?T pubic schools of Dallas until h t a marriage. She then devoted her Linn 1-0 the Owca Chudi Ayd Loher a civic Lions. Hold Eface destroys Home por Glendora and last thursday Sam Jones,-40. Had to Chareu began sunday get to m. P. Sturdivants general c. M. E. Church closed a very store Here in a hurry but his an successful revival meeting. The client Model t. Olivver was in con quarterly conference of the c. A. Edition for the trip. However he e. Church was held at now Hope came any it Vay. Church sunday conducted by elder when he stopped at the store his a police Are violating the Law because car had kerosene in the Gas tank. Pions have 5 rent ready for fewer policemen Are lost in the pump water in the Crank ease and the informer saturday is the w. A Davis a ironic mayor of Houston caught relaxing at Ilous. Ton Coll go Kucnic held at a a Imp a Coso. Youth leaders of South meet in first seminar Yard in his confession White is said to have related How he knew the Cochrane and had known them All of his life therefore it was easy for him to know Jum or. Cochran was that pm Pucul eight aft a i a Hearty a. Rep Briod a saying went tip it Tbs Mico Xvi of i3tir1ci>iirnetf lost to ffie�?~cdctiv6n Homo a i our and Hift a Home in Lames inst sunday n Rhiw from ill Homo went night for the second time on the around to the Back to Bee if the car same spot. the garage finding to gone or. My gown. Who is said to have jl0 the went around to the front us cd the Best negro Homo in the entered groped his Way upstairs Small lows said he valued his losses nip mrs. Cochran and a placed a Between $500 and $1,000. A Texas Jack knife at Lier breast lip said the fire Starler. Whilst forcing her to Hack into the they were attend Nii i Iurii. Init a she broke Tho window and Nurmi i the Blaze of an my stove Olla Hilr on the hand wet i Tho knife. When i Luff site was on the floor the of Asch Hui attended Camj prior Able attention and Shico there find a been talk of Lynching the Short it decided to Talco his or Boner to Beaumont for Nafe keep lie it until tues Nind Here to visit relatives. She Fly afternoon. White had insisted was accompanied Home by mrs. A. Thai he waa innocent and that at fail Good. Mrs. Tinney acid Ethel the time of the assault he wan it. a Perkins. The Home of his Mother we arc be Iea a a a a a a a that was blown by a his wind. Koyi ton mrs. Ada Dixon of Houston to John Berry red hot he it m und the Morti recent Acquisito Ltd mrs lives. The reputed confession Ditte 1� rated As one of the Host men than police officers suffer the police must therefor be responsible for the conflicts. It certainly he a 1 sad for thib lie Public if Ain any year th6 bandits Battles. A the casualty balances Are the tire rims were packed with so dependent upon other elements Cotton seed. Lie had driven 15 Miles. Prof a h. P. Pemberton is speaker at commencement Pine Bluff Ark a and it a a High a. G. Govan reporter. The swelling reduced and Short relieved when caused by unnatural Colle of torn of water in feet and legs and when Prcz stir above Ankles leaves a Dent trial Naotako free. Coli us m13dicink company dept 295, Atlanta a. On conferring degrees upon Twenty four students president j. B. Watson said a a this is the largest summer class yet to be graduated gets Pointing out its rarity and stressing its necessity for rail Page graduates professor h. S., Pemberton of Marshall Texas selected a common Ense As the Sutej tit of Hia and one of the Best address monday evening August 9 on the occasion of the sixty second annual summer commencement at arks Fias Stato College it which time Twenty four students were a warded the bachelors degree and two the Junior College certificate. The reverend o. E. Woo Folk of Little Rock delivered the baccalaureate address on sunday August 8. Cleo Owens of Pine Bluff ranked highest being one of Tho few students to be graduated for the College a with highest the class oration was Given by Richmond c Davis of Clarr on. Ark who completed the work yith Atlanta,1 and Southern negro youth Congress recently held its first youth Leti Dej shop a seminar at Kings mountains n. The Semi Par brought together youth leaders from throughout the South to discuss tasks in extending the Monument for Security and Progress among Young coloured americans. One of the main topics of discussion was the mrs. Lee Ward is visiting with second All Southern negro youth her husband in Houston. Conf Yencic Whilt a will be held in prof. And mrs. Atkinson and son in it in motored to Hallot Lesville August 1 a Briary 11th, and Lith mrs. George Scott visited. Dolphis sunday. As a Surprise All the More to be Here Jill ref Livin frying mud a a t the party Given in the Home sat cause it is supposed to have been unit Fervour to the Tinsley styling urday night a was largely attended voluntary. Refreshments were served. It a a a i i or. And mrs. Frank Ellis and __________9% in mrs. Smith of Kansas were Home % visiting relatives and friends. Onatmnjnn1 miss Inella Motel who has been Boson Biko attending stammer school at Mary. Allen returned Home tuesday. F Hurh Yaniri it mrs. Beulah Toze of Lovelady so ? r r do i a a a a and mrs. Nora Cav of Porter okla. 5 pcs tor m f Quot visited their brother. Mose Phy cur a Fri Rev l j Malone a,.�., i i 4 in. The a. ii. August . Ii Harris mrs. Tia tie Boatwright and mrs Myrtl n Fri Iliria Birmin Hamto i ratio a a is Progress Binming Iam. Ala a a Dpi sister of Woit Llu inner , mrs. Arlee pack eur. Goodwin Werc a opt. And miss Hallie Adam Wex tzar the vocational agriculture teacher from Weimar High school. Prof. J. Ii. Henderson graduate of Prairie View and Iowa state colleges is in the City. There is repair work being done of the school and two rooms added. The work shop has been put on Campus. Ino cd to a Liri Nheme Joi,hu�?zt.aro1�?z, Kennard amp Sijah he ii St a a a ? no web Fin unday school was nil Alrose we can a he. A. Of Kaposi Tom is Siklay. The installation urn m al a Well Jonkin in pm vol torn her 8.10. Pastor Rev. . Lay or. A , after severe jul Ness a Succo ass. One was added Church. Many visitors were presen 11 ii Nita a it Ftp i in i Lorn let not in a in. A the Runny if inn. I j938. Sings with Rubinoff Vav Ahota delegates to the District conference have returned Home. Among them were Rev. L. B. Allen. Or Mary Washington. Mrs. A l can. Miss i. M. Colbert. Mrs. A. Jarvis. Mrs v. Curry. Mrs. E. A. Brown miss m. Carter. Mrs. L. B. Allen has returned from summer school at Marshall. Eftev. A Washall has recovered from an operation. Mrs. Ruby a Waddell and mrs. D mrs. Nellie e. G. Hilliard is Chris s. Degro from Prairie View College a. Jarvis Are Back from Wharton Corpus Chr Lasij received her. B. Where they visited mis. Addie a a Cerf Hom Prairie View College Smoot summer. This is the third Imp due. Their daughter. Miss Frances a ill be Charles Wakefield Cadman us. A la _ a m _ _1 a -. _. Dmm Itola Vij stir of .1 \ Gus 14 and Wharton August 151h. Is Ibert Jackson. Blanche Richardson Movin alien Anil Friend of Houston were visiting with relatives and friends August 15th. Mrs. Chaney Board pc Corpus Chrls i visited in the City this it a get week and returned August 14. Mrs. Beard is formerly of Weimar. Mrs. Edna Somoff resumed to Houston after spending ii few weeks. Mrs. Jrnnie Johnson a Lif Foj Augu a. 13 after suffering from a paralytic stroke for a week. She was eighty years of age. Leaves a daughter son and grandchildren. A miss Ethel Stevens Fin is Homo from summer school. The residence of mrs. Julia Allen occupied by or. And mrs. Willie Bosier was badly turned August 10. Fire was caused by the explosion of an Oil stove nothing saved except a few clothing miss Ruth Sanford instructor of adult school. He is discontinued t a Ching for an ind finito period on a account of ill health. One thousand coloured singers will Floyd w. Walker or it a. Field work to featured in a a Cotton picking or and Snow visor. Attended class pageant called a Plantation Days a to meeting wednesday night. Be presented saturday night August Bov. H. R. Henderson of palettes j.1�?T a it a a Feih Cal Caroland music Lille stopped Over with members festival at Soldier a a Field a00 arid fiends this week. Voice choir led l it i a Wesley Jones miss Ida d. Bit hop and mrs. Win sing and 700 men and women or ant mrs. Mose Jackson of we in by. A a the a a Arverta. And Hempstead visited in Weimar Kim a a Sun not Lionor for the ave nuns program Rev. H. Parker a of Lufkin preached at ii of clock Rev. Spike of Corrigan pro need at 3 of clock. The a a Sermon was preached at. 4 30 by 15. A. Parker. Jim pastor preach al sunday Nield. 13 after suffering from a Arp Vlodic miss jewel Mcclendon of nig Tun s fiend the week with mrs. Kallico Dodson. Circle no. X of Rose Mill met in the Hunnic of i. I Aven Young. Mrs. F1. Sanpson Regii Nofi Lime after Throe weeks visit with he Mother a i . Claud Collari who a been very ill is very my ii improved. Mrs. James Lillie a Ltd it it lilo Nimby d Franks spent a so Haveline Baptist Chur i y. Muli Aci a a s the River with House tile program each Nii he. Her Brandi nother. A Mary Mcleod Belline of the Rev. A ii. Haris is a till sick. Tonal youth. Administration i mrs. Warnar Kajii a Arford is Ako Siek a oort be was hint Ion Graver to s please Savart free rents tor a a Doc scientist i of Laurenr papi r when delivered to door. In a j v mrs. Arietta foie Nan reporte. Prey Woods school my in principal speakers mexican supper or. And mrs. pov.,f,n in. To retained with i my Jari Suptei recently. fire it were or ail mrs. Runnin Hart r., or and i. John Parker mrs. Rosin Oil Albert wheelar Dock Smith and Lium and daughter mabh1 Lee miss Edward Davis of Lufkin Ltd. A Coloma Hardi Sofi and Jota Camp wore Home Over the weekend Resse and daughter Ive of a. K. Rav is reporter. . Frisco s London club draws heavy penalty eminent composer he will direct a Nfn she has a marched from Prairie View them Jacv. Her aunt College. Mrs. Hilliard is the a Aurrli Isabelle Jackson Reu uned Home the 100 piece symphony orchestra in a i Curry is in the Hospital ter of mrs Mary Gull ment an old Hilton spen 8 a my my his composition. A at . Washington reporter. Resident of Corpus Christi a mrs w. B. Roy reporter and. L o k d o n i and Joco Lyu Bingham known a Quot Frisco and Lite proprietor of the. Tanious Chez Frisco Drew Fino last wee if of $fi00 and $210 costs for oper Atili without a License for Public Nusic in of chancing. Frisco who last made the headlines durig the Coronation when a exclusive hotel barred him be cause White am incan guests were said that Only private parties were held at his club and he entertained them by singing and . Meibers of the general Public were not admitted. He also declared that several Well known people and a highly re she table members of the police of rope belonged to Hia club. P�w�olidb�lfeb�/j3doc�. Tints Jet of Ekit a is Rio a vfftspf9\f Lnu fatal �1 Golf a Lew us to Birk by in a in a Atu a i�?3 folilzerak�8�?Tl,00 i a i la so of a a try of tour al in 7 dby Quot a a of pm Zbytek. Writ a ept 3s-a. Chicago Illma a a Madam Jones South a Foremost medium spiritualist Divino healer by cd have you and v m i Annot or. C., m business . Jim Evili to i 1jtjonh Anil nine Fiat in 1er a a of a a Yuri Distiny. Alt in a Xvi. Strictly of Iida fial. Maker of w pm Lomoine Lucky i j j i. hand incense Anil Pliler lwi., product al ,. Phone f. 12j3 _ <03 a. Dalli. Houston. Of Texas

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