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Galveston Informer Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1937, Page 2

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Galveston Informer (Newspaper) - August 21, 1937, Galveston, Texas two the informer saturday August 21, 1937 Bureau or circulations or or publishing co. Inc. And Avenue Fairfax 8317 Houston Tex. Roii publishers of the informer and the Texas Freeman a the voice of Texas established november 3. 1893 it a rpt Udvance a i motions a 3 mos. C mos Lia y and Satu flav 00 Tut Only 7i u of a or Nitifor subscriptions outside 1.5qi. He stale add 25c National advertising re Presentati. B. Crohn co., 515 fifth ave. New y York. N. Y. Execute White a a we re waiting for daddy Side by Side Florence and Ernest Patten who killed his Eom non Law wife and Bert Anderson White slay to of a fancy hand were Attr Aspeci adj doing chairs Friday morning the state lethal Gas chamber and executed it the same time. A quot exhibits to of Cark zoos Felt and the supreme court i Hose who worked out our Constitution wisely idea in4i.vthe executive Branch the government the legislative a a Micili. And the judicial Branch should All be separate distinct and Independent one of the other. It was their intention to so hedge to Weir positions around with safeguards Aslo make it impossible for either Branch to Ever usurp the a i Arles a a Evvard financial i and Powers of the other. Those familiar with the his Secretary of Gooij Baptist i i \ of the Constitution of he United states a know that churcl1. It Cal sunday August 15, of their Jiro visions were Wise a id have really been the quot four Ida quot Ess of Sci Rai a it. Fun dons upon which America developed the greatest Republic re hit Uriah Del times. Was Oak Park a Mcivery. But last february when the president announced his a a it heme to stack the supreme court and thus ret control of a a fuck scan the judicial Power of the country there were Many negroes a or l it Lis car last t,i0s quot to having Learned of the president liberality were will it term i quot a to go with him Ezeil this raid into judicial fields., bas0 "1? a rinds. Rushed him to a exhibits and representative speak from time to time editorials and arguments have been and of 1,0 was a a need favouring the residents attempted raid upon the hands and face a quot a pm a ?. We by Sivon supreme court. Most of these Good people were sincere Al a a of race group Birmingham. A it and a the a negro 66 years of Progress exposition to be held Al the masonic it a a Battery service station. To Ingle september 10 will depict pled to. Wash the motor with the race achievements both thru friends rushed him to a exhibits and re Presentati no Nib Rufi store where he was it a four act drama. A the Triumph of a race quot will be two night performances. Inquiry ordered Raleigh. a a Groes Tiberie goes crawl re a by m. E. Foster for the past two years we listen id to flip Siren that. Though badly informed. And were their laces red when Roosevelt got a Chance to quot a a How what he would do with the Power to appoint judges a quot the supreme court a first Sample he appointed judges alleged Kun Kluwer from Alabama who will do nothing to id Justice and fair treatment of negroes who go before the. ,. Supreme court. Not Only so but he appointed this provincial j a a Vuu said was a there goes Block southerner whose Only experience and train a and a a quo Iii for the supreme court eighteen months a pfc August 6, 1937 the City Council of Dallas awarded court judge chiefly to award a political puppet Ancl thus 0 p1 co. A 9ra or Anft retaking co., 814 elevated to the Bench the poorest material since Wilson a ,i�0,c ree institution with a set jul quot institution the Thompson children snapped they watched their father Oom info up the Street. They Are left to Riff it Carl Kay Lilian Toyoo and Robert children of or. And . N. A. Thompson 2416 Tuam Houston warned that someone has met with Accident and especially when the sounds of the Sii to were our neighbor tii to shot it midwives continued from Page 1 that has its personnel among the youngest and most Cut i Ici ent men and women that can be Foud headed hey a. A. Braswell vice president and general manager and. Mayor of negro Dallas. Mrs. E. B. Crawford wife of the late e. J. Rawford founder of the institution president. Continued from Rase 1 cry and their friends. Holmes was a Arr Yin some of them to town when rocks were at car. A pc body it fired hut no one was struck. the return trip rocks again were Iii it Vii a my me White Man shot Ardis and the tfir�?~1. 1 the strike Mccause the company refused to sign a Cio contract Alt thu he orally to Lini Oti demands for eight hour Day at. 25 cents a linux to replace the previous 10-hour Day at 20 cents hour. About dozen Whitn men went to work at the Plant saturday. There wan no picketing. Rural Florida to bg.7 percent Mississippi. The rate of negro deaths under one year per 1.000 live birth Thespo Instate was follows a Alabama .4, Delaware 134.1 Florida 84.h Georgia 00. 5 Louisiana. 81.3 Mississippi 59.0 North Carolina Hift Sauth Carolina. 05.8 Texas assistant 8, Virginia .2. The rate of White deaths under one year per 1,006 of live births these states ranged from 15.7 Arkansas to 70.2 Texas. For property. This program it believed based upon their needs insane and constructive and will contribute to the general uplift of pointed his dumb attorney general if senator Black his the judicial temperament or any part of the judicial culture , and temperament that ought to go with the position of Justice of the supreme. Court of tie United states a Monkey can watch. The appointment purely a political one and a raw attempt August 22, they will put into service their to get. Pm the Bench who will do what he by ambulance to take care of those that Are unfortunate wants done. A a a it. Though to need such service. Delbert l. Helms assistant truth., senator Klack qualification Tor the manager of the company will be charge of ambulance his Rabid Suppo of All the policies of the president., but service during the Day and Leon Braswell will take charge people who think realize i hat other issues will arise before at night. For the next two years you hear the Siren your the supreme court besides the new Deal pet schemes. There neighbourhood you can say a there goes Crawford should be the Bench men who Are Broad widely read \ a a deep spiritual culture and Learned the Law. Of none of to lowing quotations. these attributes can senator Black boast. A a to be e Finly of Way left for the negro worked to. President Roosevelt has done yeomanry work Adan Camtam employment and that to study to become More a Jim Nve a cing social ideas for the Benefit of the masses of people ctn ent 1us Job to dignify All labor that his hands find to nothing can take that from him. But this attempt to raid do and to be cautious to the Type of unions he chooses for continued from Rase u the supreme court by appointing puppets unqualified by collective bargaining. There one thing certain quot if employ Ousby during the past . Training to sit the supreme court will gain him no pres ers Are compelled to pay higher and equal wages they cer after asking a what the purpose one goo i of High school . Not even Lite South from which he came has hailed the mainly Wilth Best Fox Scheir Money a. Quot Ifune Eyducat who cd Tor Al con de to each county or at least Nippo moment Oto senator Black. Eyen the Senate Haa Laue Eit Ployer of negroes Someth rift the it people Are Labouring tender the purity. To produce a single sincere expression of worthiness statement or you have decided Tifrit Jthn Educ a a a pro Fri client left the president most ardent negro support statement waa melt Jepy Sonje politician for the Benefit of �.,-s Tongue tied they will give him Little thanks for putting the South or you had decided that some yet Many individuals attempt to put ./.,. a. Sign Rome court. White speaker behalf of White employers Safe Akong to this Consi Rution the problem whom does he serve x Thfstatemtw-03�?T made a state me quot but you Are wrong. Ttc0ncoidp, k Haff education of honest who an1 desirous of being fair Are slow the statement \ya3 made by none other than a emr. To. W. Facts everything without it our to i Mug the quot motives of other people and especially those a ice editor and. Publisher of the Nero labor news death rate higher and Ami can ,1�?ol, a. N Nano. Of a of . I a it. _ a. A no Hinic negroes dying from disease without White people succumbing last Tor Mcpherson a i wished to do Stiss. . F Ujj err apr wit i Civ the matter Witti the governor fld error Hoey editor Izolt Mcalier get the background the a tilt Sun of the High Point Enterprise a before starting the1, probe a Laid plans for investigating Scundi. at the school have tons at a. And t. College of inc Long been a subject of Dib cd Sion at go Ceu Sboro. Declared i among educators interested citizens of the state and said to have selected a the widely t a. Known editor to make a rept to j visa ice quot a a quot the institution after two of the continued from Tase 1 Board of trustees investigations had to the Tum see. Supreme court failed to satisfy disgruntled Munini or do if necessary to the u. S. of the Charlo Spucci proc court to which Binch Ala fic Aliy it hat students have been Bama senator Blacks appointment Given proper physical examinations by the president last week awaits that several important technical confirmation by the Senate. Tenne courses have been nth to. Cossee i Misc so far a the Nedr. M. C. S. Noble of chaff Vhill Gro concerned Colv Blind was ask a to resign Chi Irma of but Deal and dumb Well. Aid has the Board of trustees. T been promised Bledsoe according to gov. Hoey has insisted a that quot Ttye reports by the National office of report be a thorough arid impartial the a act. That All the facts be brought out. No Public hearing will a held by investigator mcphqrses7� will Contact trustees per or ajl interview College official. A and complaining alumni his compensation to be Contin Jude from Page 1 based the time required Fot tie ening. Thursday president Davis inquiry. A will deliver his annual message and a Wier speakers will be prof. Jackson president of Butler College and Rev. J. W. Presley of Tyler scheduled to take part the panel discussion thursday evening Are or. J. Rhoads Dean r o. Lanier of Houston prof. L. M Johnson president i Johnson. Or w l ii Osc director of religious activities. Fort Worth and b c. Shulkey superintendent of fort today baptists most All material things Worth cily schools. Or. T. J Are based Supply and demand. Gooc Jall of Houston Wilt deliver the prepare yourself along the lines address thursday evening. President which there Are demands. At this t. Alexander of Dallas will speak Tinie there a greater shortage by the evening session Friday. The fit Barber profession than annual musical and pageant will follow. Highlights of the sunday program will be the convention Church school Matici the missionary mass the race. This program if carried fleeting. Mrs j m c Amos out All the schools of Tho state president of tie women a work through the grammar grades will and Rev. M m Haynes Field be a decided improvement Over anything that has Ever been done for this racial group the past. A it the plan o the state department of education according to p. H. Easoph who charge of negro education to develop at least it tion ism purposed to Thon Mont Eort Nin by the wrong interpretation held. Continued from Page 1 Mathes Kilgore. Or. E. Ii. Browne Dallas or. I Hobart w. Reid Long reach of the High school children of View or. T. L. Hunter., or. By. Purity. X. A d. Foster Houston or. S. To. His Schoot facilities will Imp Cullen jr., or. O. L. La timbre. Or. Prove conditions ill Mississippi if a l. Larnes. Or. W. J. Howard or. Given to negro children. If. This c. A. Phillips ail of Houston. Any other. Of i were a Young Man or a Young woman with a common school education t would decide favor of the Barber profession the greatest Field now open for ambitious men and women of it he race a real editor for the National Baptist Anco. A be fours Noren r1�?z.demand, thereof strengthening your chances to earn More Money which will make you a greater asset to your Community and to those to whom you Are indebted. We will secure you a Job when you Complete the course which lakes Only six All Over Texas arc writing daily for Barbers and a number of t convention. Dentists with whom Thev differ. Issues looked at ii of different angles cause one Tai get different slants and men May thus interpret differently and still be dishonest. Difficult for a negro to understand How another negro who claims to Leader and interested the rights of negroes will consistently bring Forth the views and angles of the White Man. A a writing his paper the negro labor news sue of August 14, and under his special column head t see it \ w. Rice the editor takes the position wage hour Bill then before Congress would be the worst thing that could happen to negroes if enacted into Law. The Bill at the Lime that the article was written promised to come out with a minimum of forty cents hour and a maximum of fort hours per week the limit of the. Powei of the Board which was to be appointed Der the Law to administer it. A our Good Friend. Or Rice pretends to see a Law thus limiting 11i 11is rating Board the Power to Check wages according to the living standards of the White worker and thus nuke it diff cull for new of to employment. Forty cents imm i.-, enough Money for anybody to live 4,. King or i a i. There Are Many Many negroes the South who now get Feie than forty cents hour. These negroes have held jobs right the. Midst of White people for years e of and bid fair to continue to hold them. But let turn to quot ome of mr., Rice a arguments themselves. We Jive you three guesses we give the Reader Elf acc guesses to who wrote the a paper that carries across the top of the front Page this statement a Only newspaper published Texas interest but it neg re the claim causes to say a god help negro workers if this the Only paper published their interests Texas a a. J ignoring instances where negroes have gone out strikes Here with Whites Ancl been protected or. Rice holds up of respecter of instances where they will go out with Whites and the Whites eventually will go Back and the negroes will be Leit stretching ,1 he sees analogy Iii decision of a Washington court holding that there Law to compel a. Man to employ this quot or that kind of help. And goes of to reason that negroes can get jobs Aftf-10 write the Law . Passed. Not Content with this figment of imagine a a numb Eli Tiosh he sees this Law the menace of the Era which he says should have b Een called the a negro riddance act a to or. Rice the Era was a Means of getting rid of negroes. Of course some employers refused to have negroes after1 the wages were increased. But All economists know that such situations soon adjust themselves. We Are Pray tidal enough to admit that so far the general situation goes. Negroes Masse will be employed Saintil most of the to the same infections proper conceptions our without criminal dockets Are heavier and the toll of crime far greater. The same sit Union True the economic Structure of our Commonwealth. No getting around the facts no matter How Well entrenched our prejudices May be. Not. So then common sense and reason All wrong and this writer has a false Conception of what right and necessary. A so the question asked. A this a problem Mississippi a the question asked and the readers Are requested to draw their own or. W Howard of Houston the association. Or r. E. Beat inn of Cine Innanti. Ohio president. Of Snow White Petroleum Jelly \ Large jars Ait a arc offering lucrative positions Fly. Nol Lefief trained Barbers quot for your Benefit we will state that to Are authorized and recognized by the state Board of edut Awitin and the state Barber Board a class a College. For further information write the Tyler Barber College. H. M. Morgan president 212 East Erwin St., Tyler Texas. A the state department of education has worked out a definite educational program for the negroes. the it elementary Grade level the state proposes to teach All the children of the race How to read How How to talk How to use How to use their hands doing their work and earning a living How to be clean and healthy How to be honest truthful courteous and How to have respect Mexia j a a St a i nuts boys oms at a Timi Josh the Wardle a a a of a noticed my before pm sure glad / used Godefroy Lar use my her the Jolly juniors Mel wednesday night at the Home of or. And . Luther Donion. A Short program was presented. Miss Flussi Whites Are employed any community7in the South. But did no Mson if negroes Are replaced Oft any Job soon the Whites will be the ladies Art and study club leaving jobs that negroes turn will get. This ,ryv.t1 t wine been eternal since negroes Cate to America and will be and miss Onia it by won Bridge Ong tip arc negroes the South bus e. E. Burned was the cite but the biggest misstatement and deception the Fol sunday visiting her laughter lowing a with the ballot he the Southern White Man can a a a Jihu or Ritof. H. Swayne Star Toa Ionuti my Ami mini. 1�?~rit i 50c Iri f St co Aimi rss All r 11 Ltd i a to h. P. A Elan Nult 47 m so. Micoli inn ave., dept. 3-k, cblcar9 a a top worrying do you need a new Start write me. Today. Information free. M. Williams dept journal Square station Jersey City. J. Bring political pressure to have the Wales and Hub r fixed accordance with his Standard of living a if the b oar it can fix the hours lower than forty hours a weekend if weekend t y hit la . And tii , with chill Ltd i do signed to prepare student to Mlika thl vocation air and social n�ei1s of stocks Sui. Living c0uitsis it < to .t1ii� degree of bac�1el�k of him i ai4� offered the folj.owin�1 set Livols of instruction at culture Hus Inest. I Lunio education physical Educ cation Muane kudu cation 1 mechanical industries a Moi Kufs certificates Ani diplomas ask train Iii special Trade courses and a omme Ithial dietetics l. Lor Ltd hrs Cooks arid waiters r Standard Hill Sci Ooi course Avitie Many trades Ron i50ys and girls a r i. Patterson president Eor information address a. L. Turner registrar Tusk be Institute Alabama cd Atman. Pigford visitor. Tip j., u to Btu i i Tebay a senior at Wiley if the Board Home. My. Alice Slahter left of quot a Hor ,.a a ,. Home �11 Minneapolis Minn. Tie they can raise the wages higher than forty cents per Day after spending rive weeks with a a hour How heavens name can the above quotation be True hed from truth Audi ii fact the editorial written Mure Jor Langston. Okla. Wiere she attend. The supporters of or. Rice than it for the guidance of new a a up at Belknap new i exic ,.n wit May tier quot cause Gro labor. When the Negi Oes were striking Here and other stand Down stairs he Atman Hospi a quot no to places. The negro la or news a the Only newspaper Chiw Connor and m,.s. Etc. Exc of i Texas interest of negro worker a Lent no Aid Jvn Foreman entertained . Aliceo a old support to the people strike but instead had much to a a a a a a quot a a to jail iaw1, a Coil a or it. Rested . Gay advising them against striking and. predicting dive nor. Ve�uft8. We Challenge title Negr?0 labor news and All others who strive to prevent negroes Frappi joining the Niove ments for the betterment of labor quot Lironis time to show sus that negroes this Community or anywhere else Tex it Are worse, before the strikes. The negro labor news should frankly publish itself what it a the Only negro newspaper published Texas the interests of employers of negro we ask the editor of the news to cite . instance1 Here a conflict Between the employer and the negro i in5tituj-# worker the neg who labor news has taken the Side of the negro employee. The pure Are several negro papers published Texas tha Are published the interests of negro workers a Ell other negroes,1 Ancl which serve faithfully tie interests of negro yorkers Well other negroes these papers have never been charged with., any deception so far the interests of negroes Are concerned. None has Ever asked Issue Between White and coloured which these papers serve. discovery a i it it h 1� e stir ill Roun str Poi g Nanji hair i r c i to b. iwo a.t k k d to prow hair. Timor or it Vuu set Cost you. One cent. ugly .v.v.v,-�?��?�v.-.r.-v.-.v.-, Short Stinky liar into soft surf Wirht. Jojin lost by hair almost Over let. 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