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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 27, 1864, Galveston, Texas Flakes. V a v Gal Vest on Quot 3 a morning March 27, 1804. It it. Flak. I week to. Published by p. Flair a amp co. �?�4>. Rink by a the by a Jim will be issued three Litael a week his receipt of news by Lelej Glyph or express. A weekly edition of the bulletin will Alao a issued a a Atai Aing All the news -4f the week of saturday a Friday morning. A. A a a. A a 1 a a a a Quot a. A Rule Day Macra 12,1864. A the the same As on saturday evening a namely. Ith flagship a bark prop ller t if ree gunboats and Tiro Supply Vessali. They afe keeping a Urit Ihus a ,.having a gunboat a a cd of the Chi Nav la soap to command them the Post a British bark rigged Iraq came up v from the Sno Day evening Andly still a bored among the Blip Kading Fly it 8bo is no debt waiting for the wind to moderate so that commo cation with a . Consul can he had. A str i Ropi the Mobile advertiser o ,yebruary29tlii loaned to us by a gentleman recently arrived we extract some interesting a Iamb items among them the Confederate currency Bill i Fulu Quot a a a get Quot 1. A i a 1 a a a a. 1 7 a it. By Lient r. H. Daab amp a of col. Hobby a so it Tamand who was captured at Gettysburg and made Bis escape from fort Che Fly on the eth of december last arrived Here on the 18ty inst. He feel grateful to the ladies of Baltia ofic for their kind treatment towards him. It. A a a a a a to Tel currency a Citty la meal of. The Mobile Register a advertiser has series of a tides on the currency Bill passed a Gay Congress from which we condense a the b. Pc a. Regards this measure As Worth More to is than the most splendid Victory that has yet been won by our most successful Central. It will replenish the Treasury sustain the army and sustain the Ganral ita4 in Mobile the Bill created some alarm and panic among the people. Some people Are alarmed lest at the moment. Of transition from the old currency to the new they should be. Left without the Money herewith to carry on their business and prone for of of. Necessaries of life. The b. 4 a. Shows that Congress Bas Folly provided against this difficulty in the Ith Section of the Bill which enacts a that the a Cru by of the Treasury May a the the 1st or april next East of the Mississippi River and after the 1st of july West of that River Issue new Treasury no test payable two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace in Exchange Lor old notes at the rate of two o 1-fars of the my far tall dollars of the old Issue except those of the denomination of one Hundred dollars. Another class of people in Mobile refused to Rem Iva any Confederate note above five dollars. To Bene men the b. A a. Maya a Are people who handle Money All gone mad v Don t you see you stupid dolt that you Are in the same boat Jwak Hyter neighbors a if be cannot buy four meat with the currency Bow Are you going to buy is bread and Bis groceries ? the Man wac under pres i ent circumstances aids in this ridiculous Panie is either knowing f or not a enemy to his country and an enemy to the society of which he is a part. So wisely Eibink the military author ils for they have Shat up the dry Good Bon so of messes. Avert 11, Vitioe a co., wbk have publicly brandished this firebrand of pernicious exp ample in the face of the Community. Take the Moose pass it a of me it until the time for funding and then heat of Bro me la jew win pc in <9�cllim to Supi to. A Ous excite sent to subs grit that 1st, the Mlois Wippl River the five Dollar note share the Fata of their brother Proi quotes to pay of Unger denomination. It it 1 Quot a t f _ the Mobile advertiser says of Sherman s Riis tha Ibe Dinnage done to the to bile a Ohio Railroad extends from Lauderdale to two mile s below Quitman a a Stanse of 4s Miles All Bridges and trestle work destroyed and the tried torn up for Miles at intervals. Everything at Lauderdale was destroyed. The Road from Icksoo to Meridian is completely torn up. The enemy Baa com matted few dared ions upon private property1. It is a posed Tupy married off fcb out 800 negroes selecting the likeliest and id one or two instances driving Back earn that Hoy did not a in Nadir eligible. Soma Persona about took the Yankee of to and joined them but this was Dohe entirely voluntarily no attempt was a a a to enforce it. At Utti Tauaa the Yankees conversed Fri Ely of to Beer plans. They said boy had no intention of. Moving against Mobile but after uniting with Grier Sou Aud cog i. To Hove upon Selma and Montgomery. A their next scheme was to hasten Bank to Grant and March a Pou Columbia 8. C. Important up bpm Tun end Mvi to learn from undoubted authority hat the United state is Vav it scars commanding the blockading flee a off him arks a Florida communicated with tie Fonfe Dorac off Cern it that port of the 4th last., on which occasion the former delivered to the fatter mrs. 1. Hatch of Alabatra who due needed in making Good her Way from new York the United states officers informed oar officers that Thoy bad received order from Washington to the Elict that so liar Ole or Relo Aso will in future be granted to i captured a Lookado runners that the same Are be Satter to of hold an prisoners Ana no release made until after the War. A tic United states Loti rement does not regard the Confederate Stateh Steamer aut Bama com. Semmes amp a a National vessel Beau is she did not sail from f port was nails from foreign Piort and Toni. A Emirto tools.o6mmand at sea. Hols therefore regarded As a pirate and be treated As sulfa. If a to Turid. With regard to the Confer Bukato Steamer Lerida this in respected a a Iii Tiofila vessel the fact l Iai it it he i Luteff out Paul sailed from a Confederate port �<1 if captured her oth Catt and Crew troll be treated Ai irl Sonery of War. A i h a a Man. Hatch supplied ,.w, Ith Confederate Fand a the will Street at b or. Cedi and thousands of dollars Tui he bought of the genuine at Tab same rate. A Char lesion courier a / i.,.-�?--�?. 1 an am to Fie in Titus a an Ait Tot fund,2 in and Javit 4,. 1 the. Aurtency a % Xoi Wojt l. The Corres of Trio states of a Aurica Dequack that the hold is of All Treasury notes abort the amp of five dollars not Bahng interest Hill be allowed until the first Day of april 1864, a lit of the Mississippi River and until Tho first Day of july1, i864, West of the Mississippi Rio red fund the tame Aud until the at the places Tate the hold Fern of All such shall be allowed fund the same in Regis a Bonds payable Twenty years of. Later their Date bearing interest at the rate of Ftfe Piir cent per aant Fri payable of Ithel to of Jamiar and july of each year. F. So. T4�. Seere Fary at Ahe Treasury is hereby authorized to Issue the Bonds required tor the Funa ing provided for in tote preteen Ding Section and in til a Herb pad it an be prepared he May Issue ter till Cates to answer the purpose. Such Bonds and certificates shall be receivable without interest in pay ment of All go?ernment7du�� payable in the year 1864, except expert and a part Nutua. So. 3. That All Treasury notes of the denomination of one Hind red Douay not bearing interest which shall not be presented for funding under the provisions of the first Section of this act shall from and after the first Dat of april. 1864, East of the Mississippi River and the first Day of july 1864, West of the Mississippi cease to amp a receivable in payment of Public dues and Slid notes if not a a presented at. That time a Hall in addition to Alifi tax of in arty Tjarbe Quot a d one Ili ird Zedta a posed in the fourth Section of this act Joe subjected to a tax of ten per cent per month until so presented which taxes shall attach to a Aid notes wherever circulated and shit i be dematted from the Fate of said notes or Tience resented for payment prior fund ing and said nates shall not be exchangeable for the new Issue of Treasury notes provided for in this Sec. 4. Tia on a. Said Treasury notes de or used Jav payment of a axes at the Dales and places prescribed in the first Section of this act there shall be levied at said dates and places a tax of thirty three and one third cents for every. 4pllar promised on thi face of said notes said tax shall attach to said Homes wherever circulated and shall be collected by deducting the same at the. Treasury its depositories and. By tax collectors and by All government off tiers receiving rhfe1 same whenever presented for payment or for funding or in payment of government aues it of for postage or in Exchange said trem it it finding qaid notes at part Hall Ceaine a herein pre-acritjed., a a a s to. 11 that a Treasury notes heretofore issued of be denomination of a to Dollus shall con nue to tii receivable ins payment of Publio dues As Previ de by Law a pm findable at Par under the of offis acty until the bust of july 184, East end Fin til the first of october 1864, West of the River hut after bit time they he All be subject to a tax of thirty three and oae third Pac cent. Of every Dollar promised on the face thereof said tax to attach to Gaid notes be Reefer circulated and said notes findable and a a change Abb for new Treasury notes As herein provided in Bidet to the deduction o said Stii a ,. Pc. 12. That any st e Bolding Treasury notes Cei Ved be pro the times vein fixed for taxing said notes shrill be allowed till to of i fat Day of january 1805, to fun the same in six per of the Confederate states payable Twenty years after Date and the interest payable Semi in dually Bot All Treasury n6tea received time fixed for taxing the same tio. Hon. Lumen Lutis elected to Reprez ent to big flir Tato for six your Frutti Guthrie received 51 Voto Bell 4, an amp Futler 1. A a of Kentuck state in the the 4th of March 1884. Or _ or. Burnham 31, by Cletner 8, atty has been United states May. 1st/ so. A by auth of the i a rat a Ecta farther s2dt 1� be a by tire or for new notes pro Ury not a shill be findable in Bonds Ai provided in the first Section of this act unto Day of january 1865, at the rate of sixty six and two thirds cent on the Dollar and it shall be the duty of thu Secretary of the Treasury at any time Between the 1st of april East anti the 1st of july 1864/ West of the Mississippi River and the 1st of january 1865, to substitute and Exchange new Treasury notes for the same at the rate of sixty six and two thirds cents of the Dollar provided that notes of the denomination of one Hundred dollars shall not be entitled to the Pri Yelegen of said Exchange provided further thit the right to fund tsp a any of said Treasury notes after the first Day of january 1865, is hereby taken away and provi a red further that upon All such Treasury notes hich May remain outstanding on the first Day of Jan sary 1866, and which Ray but be exchanged for new Treasury notes As herein Bro video a tax of one Hundred per cent is hereby imposed. Score Oil 5. That after the first Day of april next All authority heretofore Given to the a Secretary of the Isaur a Ramsury nutes shall be and ia.her-. A a Quot Quot notes in two years of of peace with the ignited states said new Ian ties Type receivable in payment of All Public due�,.except Export and import duties o be issued in Exchange it a old notes at the rate of two dollars of the new fort Kree dollars of the it cd issues whether a Aid old is a a Fie surrendered for Araba fige by the holders thereof or be received into Ine Treasury under the provi Siaa of this act and the holders of the. New note or Fethe old notes except those of the Cit Iii Hundred dollars after they Are dowed to sixty six and two thirds cent on he dour by the tax aforesaid May convert the same into Cau. Certificates bearing inter est at the. Rate of four per in end per Anim and payable two years after the a Tifi cation of a treaty of peace with the United Stales ten let sooner can Verlo de into new notes. Is of. 6. Taii to pay the expenses of t it govt Mont Dot otherwise provided tor the a Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorised to Issue six per cent Bonds to at a mount nut exceeding five Hundred millions of dollars 1ue principal and i Ute a st were def shall he free from taxation a a for the payment of in tire at thereon the Ujj tira net ref Pat of any import duty Bere fit a Laid on to value of any option tuba oco Ana naval stores we Ich shall be exported from that states and net proc bag to it of Thel port Julies now Laid so m thereof As May Bjo noes so by to pay annually the Otei Are hereby specially pledged provided that thedus now Laid on imports Are hereby pm Gud,.atkl shall a a ter be Jat in it specie or in Oje Jug Exchange,.01 coupons of said Bonds. A a to. 7. That the Secretary of the Treasury is by airy state after that a As aforesaid shall be held to be been Rece Yed it i min imbed by the. Amoute a of a Aid the beige Etc the notes subject to the to and those not sub Jeet so Libby ,.j ,. A Sec. Iti that Treasury notes heretofore issued bearing interest at the Rete dollars and thirty cents Oil the Hundred Foll Are per annul shall be received to payment of Publio dues but shall be deemed 40d a ondi of the co st to pay Ajule two years a after the ratify ratio n of a treaty of peace with the United. Staf Ejov hearing the rate of interest specified up th6 re Azef pr9yablf on the 1st of january it each and every year f a a a it Sib. 14. That the Secretary of. The Treasury be Ojo he u3/er�by authorized in Caen of he Govejr neut should require it to pay the de mond of any Public creditor whose debt May be font acted after the passage of this act Trilling to receive the a Amo in a a Kurti Fichte. Of indebted Naes to be issued by said Secretary in such form Ashe May Deeth proper payable to years after the Rati it fiction Dflia treat of peace United states bearing merest att Erate of six percent by fan num parole Benji aunt Fly and transferable Only by Spedito endorsement under regulations to be prescribed Iby the Secretary of the Treasury and a to Atea shall be exit not from taxation in and interest. J he Secretary of the Treasury in author if ease the number of depositories so Ai to Equitero fights of this act and with that alloys a of of the Banks of the a Terai essay deem expedient. The Secretary. Of Tolje. Treasury shall Dyer Tise this act in Auch a newspapers 4 in the several states and by such other Means Asi shall Secare immediate publicity and the Secretary of the Navy shall each cause it to be published in general order Fot the information of the army Kunfi Navy. 1 Sis. 17. / the forty second Section of the act for Imu ent and collect Ife of taxes approved 863, is hereby repealed 1 tha Secretary of the Treasury u4ere-Iztteand re to Ira a upon the application Ildy is of on Call certificate it wlm Ich. By the on if the set to provide for the funding and Asue of Treasury notes approved March 13, wot required to be thereafter deemed to do to Issue to such Holder a Bond therein the terms provided by said act. When. Off Bolivar pen Uniula the but a i a driven ii Ere monday even log. Be. The Clifton burned to the Waters de. A a a a a a Quot a we Are informed. That paily of tan keep in a la unches Cate pm the blockading ship into weat Bay through san Louis Inlet to eap Tare a a Schooter that a was lying Agron of Negr skin Iati Island Patty of Quot a troops com Iii to the school res Fias Isune the Yan a v ses returned to their ship without Efi to their by 4said cd Rte Principa Sia is iced to in meet the few to states ast 8xo. 16 forthwith published to unseat maligh�z4�8#4 a team Clifton at Etna item to run Ibe blockade at Sabine past but ran fast Agronti on the Bari the deck Load of a Sotich Wraa then thrown Tovy aboard to Elf been her but Sofij Baiani 8tie Lay fete Unn to morning when she was discovered by tha tank is a Btu at about 8 of clock pc sent in la Nobes. To effect her Cap tar. The Captain seeing no Hope for a ships to Bra if tut Penhune in several places set her on Hje Aud Fig Ether a tithe cry or started in a yawl of the Aislin for Gaff Piton. By fit the exc Lanoit of ?0khit8.�?the Atlanta Appeal learns that arrangements have been made Between Lens. Johnston and Grant or the Early and a Puit Ablo Exchange according to the usual regulations of Euch As May be captured i Gay either Situ within the departments com handed by these generals. Authorised Frodo to time a Otto wants Rea Iury May require 4t, to sell or Hypothecate Lor Trei try notes said Bonds or ony part Theroff up to the bes Temu be Oan so As to if get approbation by con Gresz and at the same time Rednor and restrict the sudust of is Treasury notes with a reasonable and Safe limits. Sic. 8. The Bonds author Srby the Aih Section of this act May be either1 Regis lid or Coupon a Jones As the parties taking them May elect it and a Bey a i a be exchanged for Paob other under Sufle As be Secretary of the Treasury Mayi prescribe. Jubey shall be for one Hundred dollars or Stone multiple of one bundred dollars and shall together with a he of Poos thereto attached be in snob form and of set fish authentic Alioa us the Secretary of the tii Ashry Molj prescribe the interest Shell be payable half Early ofe tbs first of january and july in each year tbs Price Iii shall be payable a less than thirty years from Uzeir dote. Sac. I. Ail Call Operti Fleites spam and shall be taxed in All respects As is provided for Tho 1 Treasury notes into which they Are of Oak Ertile. If converted wore tie Date Given far Taing Ute Treasury notes sub a Rte fixate shall from that Yutian Bear interest upon Only sixty sex and tw0?thlrd$ cents tor every Dilser promised upon to pair face and shall be redeemable in Nety Treasury notes at that Date i out after the Paa age of this act no Call car ii tes shall by issued unil after the fim Zayori a Lite. M v by a. 10. Bra of any Bank of Dij posits shall Gire it depositors the Bonds authorised i by the for Section of this act in Range for their a poets Ana specifying the same on t by Aonie a inti Nativ Mark or Token to be a grim upon with the Secretary of the Treasury then the in he depositor shall be entitled to receive the amount of eave oeds in Treasury note bearing no interest and out Tandig Jiahe passage of this act it Jyro. A ogs mob a Eor respondent Alf the Mobile advert set writes to that pap0r trom Richmond a the la fixes a maximum upon production maximum h keen placed upon importation and the suspension of the Hareas Corpus fixes a Maxim Forest and out Tandig a of Cine psf see or this act by it upon personal a Quot Quot v Utti the said bowls Aro prese ted before he in Vilegi t h 4/� t earner Heel a arrived to it my a re a a. From use Easton to the 19tk of fir�4ry. Of Juba 6ih a Battle was fought bet Vaen the austrians and Dane at overage the Dane were Defeated after a Rassu ice. Lanes lost m heavy pieces of artillery and 200 prisoners. Thereupon the dates Efini fuated the Danne Werk and the a Ducky of Sohle alg. Upu of the works at miss undo and retreated in Baste it Leo Jutland via Flensburg the austrian m hot up fruit. Ife a stand at Flensburg but wer. Again a Fea Terf. Austrian i9ss before Flensburg 1100. The Cru Salaus entered Lenaburg february 9th.a re get Enciu neut at copy Hagen. The danish com Mider in Clinef has been re called and enlarge tip prosecution of the War Resol esd upon. F thl Duke if Angua Seaberg Baa been proclaimed in several Toscos in Schleswig. It a reported that the Are Ivee of the Ufa Tiomai government at Warsaw has fallen into the band of Lee russians and that important discoveries have Beem made. % four Days Latip a the steamship Asia from Liverpool 00 the 15th, via Queenstown 14th of feb a arrived it new York of the morning of february 28th. No additional fighting m Schleswig is t�i1ofted. The allies continue to reinforce Teir army and Are of electing Hoats Lor a Landing of the Inland of Alsen. A i the London Post repeals the statement Tea England with the support of Russia France and swamp in had proposed an armistice. A 1 he danish cavalry had retired into Jutland acid the danish vessels of War were beginning to commit depredations on prussian qom Meroa ,. In Tea English House of lord on the bus Sel Maiu tailed his refusal to papers in the of by of tbs steam rams and complimented the North sri government in its course in prise cases. Lord Derby claimed that the foreign Secretary had been governed in Iii course by the Man ill sewards. In the commons adhered to misstatement tent no mets Oge bad been from or. Adams in reference to the capture of English vessels. The Resolution calling for the papers was finally postponed it he engllish papers contain a Atory that one of the fastest screw Steamer afloat was about to be seat after the alabama.,at the expense of two first class English &oub3 who Hotd Sut fared by tha a blogs of this Vassek the Manchester examiner this be another Confederate Dodge v a it. The Queen of Spain was safely delivered of a daughter on Tho 12th february. I Qoon has set Encsy Lieut. Lowe commanding the gunboat Cut to inthe Battle or Galveston on theist of january ims a a few not doing Hie duty in endear orig to recapture the Harriet Lane to three years suspension from the us Quot naval service. A a correspondents of my bile pipers say that financiers in Richmond Are divided in opinion As to the ultimate effects of the currency Bill. Soma Belleve the first a sects will be the. Enhancement ,.and the ultimate will a the repudiation of the resent circulation. They Pisart that experience bad shown that a tax beyond a certain amount impeded Tipon government is sues made them perfectly worthless others entertain the idea that to first or Job shrill is much enhance but befds0.a Snori a a Ovet matters will Settle Down Orr their Owna Asis. Tuej-11 agree to tbs volume of the Cir cuu Corr will not be sufficiently diminished. A a a a of feral Gilmore has been relieved of his command in front of Charleston. A on Knees , a a Mittli a a Tab i Jolt. Of t in f British Stevins a that arrival amffqgbeblockader8 on unday evening proven to be the Lally the same to Sel that was a off the Barin the latter Pirts december she is Oit the a Rit a half Squadron a a \ Lient. Bax the Alioe officer Teaf Iriana on Shore at the time 4h�. A Sel was bars list Canoe a a res Quot gain of tuesday morning. A reporte the Lilly 1tfrqti Jan cd via port . La Box stated Tourne of. On officer a at Headquarters that it was Etc Rry nil re to a Mexico was not of favourably wed Apo in France / that the a frenc re hear to be ended As it bad already Cost a Large number of Lyle through sickness , and aah mme Are Amo flt of Money for hic there was to Pyoss Iees or Ade. Uate return that Maximilian orthia recent visit to a Ris had not been Favory Lily received by face Freak Aad. That it was much doubted that he Mejta of. At a Tam pips Cotton we com Jig in freely Stoin a ote. A a a a Merji ame Down the River Mth Home two or three Hundred Bales. A it a a a a Tox Bron of a Alarab find a a ber of papers Aiby a Ali of old Date. The latest a re have. Seen a were the London no Enof 11th and few Tork Herald of to Jannay returned vessel tuesday evening. 3b�ieft again wed esd or to ratings a a a. Fest a fire broke int i wednesday night last of about a of clock ln4he iwo Story dwelling boast to or a. Opper Mafton situated of Mohanie Street in a the first Ward Aad of Eup fed by of 4.0pjtariiuiba.�?T�h.e fire and Book and ladder con Anwa were $9japtly of the ground but ajl their efforts to subdue tip my entire a a by were unavailing in consequence of the Strong Kast wind that was blowing at the time Ablerr to upper Story had been a titty the l�.atoi.t�rai�wiu the Are was cause Why a Defoi in the fit ii a get in the roof. The Houle bras one1 of to lib oldest by of the la. Land was built in beat 1838 and formerly belonged a a col. Rhodes. A won Val cd at to $2,, specie Val nation a portion of the furn lure a to a pied value not known. Col. Cook and a Large nut Ober of soldiers were present and to Kim Dali the Aasin Tab or. i ii . It a a a Bellville partially destroyed by the late to to. A. A a the a Bell Rill countryman says Thaten Austin county everything seems �?~1 to Bejre Duew to the a a Cie basis and As specie 6r is do Ikon id Fot everything a iat to Raj ii scrip tion food advertising on a specie a it Asla. A. A Georrea Ponder to of the Galva Ston news win tes Frons Rich Soad fort Lith t �?o4 heavy Frost .lm�tli6t. A1i Corn Matibe killed that waa Large enough to be we notice that brigadier Ceneria Iho Pijas Green has been promoted to major go tier Al and sol Gnedko duty in con Inland of cavalry. Quot it judge a. A Thon Pion wave let us be order of. Houston on the joint Quot i i suspend ii Ibe writ off Sahrai corp a. A my to my spend the privilege of the writ of Hai Qiu or f we bras the amp constr cation of to a of federate states of Ara Erica Rorthal in a Ticie i action 9, paragraph that Quot the privilege of the writ of Hareas Corpus Sll Oll not be a appended unless when to ouse of Reba a lion or. Invasion the up Blitz safety May require if a and were a the Perrer of Auspex dig the. Privilege of in id in a aia article i is vested solely in the Congress which is Tho. Cx�lti8ito lady i of the need fatty of a a -1 such a suspension and whereas in the minion of a Congress Thea Niblic oaf try requires Chovau Pep Oion of said written the existing Case of the. In Aaion of the states by the armies of the United a Tate it and Ali areas the of resident has asked for the sur pension of the writ of Hareas Corpus and informed Jonm etis of the Pablic danger which readers the soap mansion of Tite it a in Auve proper for the Public defence against invasion a and insurrection How,.therefoi a . The t Confederate tatar Thep amp Fittge of the Brit of Hareas a corps be a amp a the Aamli Dieb such suspension shall up Persona arrested or detain Dent set Petary of War or the a neral of hot com mad log the trans my Lite by depart ment by the authority and Vader the Coli try von he president. It is hereby declared that the a a Nrose of Congress in the passage of this to provide my re offeit to ally for the Public Etc by a ape Naium the writ of Hareas Corpus a be follow Reg Case and a oth r. I. Of treason or treasonable sorta or combinations to subvert the government 0�sthconfederate states. A. A. A ii. Of to overthrow Thul. Government or conspiracies to resist the awful authority of the Confederate states. It Iii. Of pm Bining to Asgi Rbt the enem i or of commune eating intelligence to the enemy of in a ing him Aid and Comfort
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