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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 6, 1867, Galveston, Texas Flakes a Gal Vest v w weekly a bulletin fat a lord the municipal election of yesterday was rather heavily contested \ the lol loping result 1st Ward 2d. A a 3rd. A a 4th. A a Savolt. A .1w .1172 52�o in. "17 2t i �12801 a i. In atop v711sonssenator Wilson l viss., oui feb. 19, Mado. H in to Fate the Rui Litu i rec against Texes. To i r l to Quot 1 a a ass throng or fit of 1 a net spa. A. 1 by a construction ua.-,As under consideration in the course of a Hajj he adduced to show that the civil right ii without some Hora efficient guaranty i Favil rights was Inadi quate Lor of the people the following startling nerf Quot Quot Fhelt Nii rights in passed in. The Spring of 180�?~g. I Lave a Paris list of outrages and Mur Ders perpetrated ii Iio since the Aff officially reported. Majority for in. And. A a Cor . 1st Ward l. A. Thompson129 a a a a. 0. Crawford. 1x13 a in Eter Koehler. .13 a a a a i it. A tie Nimi. Ltd la a a a a a a a l. Sle Lieen. 01 a a a a. 8. Lab min. Iti a a a a. James Reilo v-52 _2d Ward n. B. Yard. ,201. A a a g. C. Rains. 10g a Ward j. L. Briggs.152 a a a ii. Reybaitd174 4th Ward Of stringfellow. 33 a a a a a Bullacher. 30 those marked elected. A Mas negro Man Vas shot daring the night by or. Weasen Dort grocery a keeper. The negro in company with another was endeavouring to break into the store of or. Wessendorff and wan shot through Tolje Bead his companion escaped. The store was robbed once before it is supposed by the same parties. A pilose ii a inquest a the Coroner held an inquest on the body of the negro burglar shot by or. Wessendorf As related in our last evening s edition returned the following Verd Etc that the deceased name unknown Cariie to his death by a gun shot wound said shot having been fired by la. Wessendorf be to ten thit hours of two and three of clock on the morning of the 1st Day. Of March 1807. Ii is moreover established by. The evidence i Given in the Case that the said Wessendorff i property stud inc j ask a was at thu Tibiae of being shot in j the act of committing a burglary in the store of the aforesaid b. Wessic Nodurf. It is therefore the opinion of the jurors that the act was Juat Luble and that the prisoner be at the request of the Coroner an officer of the j freed Ien s Bureau was present. Or. Wessen Dertl. Who had Given police immediately after the killing was at once re eased. on Market visited the above named building on yesterday and found the carpenters busily at work getting it really for the opening which will Tae place o i or about the 20th Insl. The theatre will be fitted up in Good style and chairs will tie substituted for Trio horrible be benches heretofore in use at our places of amusement. Or Iluster sole Lessee and , informs us that it is her intent to to Havo an entire new company and Proli the newest Sterling pm Ayr with Trio legitimate drama alter the style of the varieties of now Irh ans and other popular theatres. The Nan ii a custom which has for j Ages �i>., in Paris of Urivon thru for % Jig Quot prize is paid. The j bo1 a i along in All the majesty j of is proceeded by tri a Imphal cig a Chubby child in the j costume without the , Imd j adorned j and a Laurel Clown. Fol j lowing time the butchers much i after the i in Galveston Brothers on j ait�7hat the a office amp Liy reported maket took him fro in the custody of the civil author a a mall Porti iof the outrages or Imir Ders cities go Pard it fort Beu,1 county murdered by g. G. Harrison who Olio Freedman j. Webb Gas Sun county murdered by j. B. Hills and others for a Borsa Steri eng a a. No action by the civil authorities reported. Quot Cne Freedman t. Hargus , murdered by h. Taylor and j. Clark. No action by the civil authorities reported. A september. A one Freedman Seaton Burleson county murdered. Found murdered by Pait ies pm in oven. No action by civil authorities luu.-, j one Freedman. Wil Iwanij fort Beul county. Aliis a hour Der and by a armed part at night who other Day in Eugy is called shrove tuesday Fromong the Cut Olics of being Shrive a absolution Oil that Day for. Len Teji so in nost pc an Cou Vitrie last of tar vivid Days in which pm Easore t Advance for de mortify cations of new Orleans is the City a where this custom 3 followed As to permit Trio in Asker on the Public streets and even Tom has lost its respectability anally enjoyed by Quot wild boys and i this remark does not apply to c by masonry Practised by the a a Mysia Konigus Quot a procession of Masker a from nobody knows where an to the varieties theatre where the Jar masked balls u?6 held Atnip a part of the City Aud of every Deg stability. With the exception of i Ball carnival customs Huv not Ali american society. The Ball Lio sitome a fixed institution. The Best c is Giyen in this country Are to Jarion society of new York. T a a und aut themes for the would the caricatures with w hich the adorned Are line works i of Art ii tid bring Good prices at a i Sale which flip by i of the a a a Lolly at Tamer s Hall or. Proc to. Ii Ury Hunter who is stage Directo Reeds As we learn to new Orleans during week to meet the members of his company who Are expected to arrive in that City for in All that we can gather this theatre promises to do credit to our City,.and to Merit the patronage of Quot Wiir amused Keiit going Citi. As item Kok folks. We can Well a Uler a time when intelligence from the Ca i by shops around the Corner was full of interest. The introduction of a new style of confectionary was an event More absorbing Tuliau the reception of a veto we thought the Tasto for these new Yizhi truth our new year s but Day Jolli Stom transposed to an committed. Frlj april to december in 1 Virginia is murders and 105 burglaries m one county alone in North Carolina 15 murders of Reed then Wert committed and 86 outrages a some of the no Nebr were assaults with in. Tent to kill i youth Carolina 29 murders solemnities. 1 and 64 outrage in Georgia 79 murders in i i Mississippi ? murders in Kentucky. 19 3 1 murders in to it Jas 74 murders and 10 mortally wounded since the passage of the civil rights Law 375aurdersof freedmen have been committed in a rebel states find 55g rages. The outrages and minders were officially rep ted and the victims of the Memphis Rij and the new Orleans massacre is not of clouded. This offi ii list of murders and outrages in Texas sincere miss Sage of the civil rights act is an ill str Ion of the murders and outrages in the Rebe states. Let it be remembered that these be but a Small part of the crimes perpetrate. Iota. One Friman. Green Taylor Washington county a ordered by James Hall who was tried by commission Aud acquitted one i adman Joe Mayfield Washington county murdered by William Benton who was tric by a military commission and acquitted one , Maria Mayfield Washington Cooty murdered by William Benton who is tried by military commis Sou and acquit a. Uu<2 Reedman Quot Milton do Witt county my idled by parties unknown. No action by. I the Ceil authorities reported. A on n i Niue unknown Quot Jib erty con murdered by parties unknown. No a Tifi by the civil authorities reported. Mat. He fro Esmau. Harry Jones Fayette county thi.s.evenijs-? a Ziy. &.m?dik.ction4_n�/dere4 by�?forlinterlerimj. And from , there is no doubt ule. Inc a was whipping the Freedman s Tainr-int1 ,1u Quot a Ull a a a ant a a a tar omit Freedman Godfrey Robinson Fayette a Euty murdered by parties unknown while Mica Uil i it Heiing sheep. Shot through the body Mit. L to buy a , i am j and head Cut oly. Bothered a of dealers they pester one Freedman Harvey Millican Austin me with Wijt Zuver Strung Quot id Quot or. I Nonty murdered by a. M Clay. Murderer Der Strung Quot Inot und Histand. Can tried and convicted by military Tell Best one Freedman name ,-.Austin �?T�a1.ue is Sii it Suav be. Cd inter no urdu red a Jbv a Quot b. Lee. Murderer no Minier we can do no such a cd convicted a miliary commission one Freedman Luke i Woodward Austin Ling Lor air rankers than the oui county murdered by parties unknown. No we Reeoma mild be pulling our rep y a action reported As having been taken by civil orial earn Aluig them longer to s authorities. Thuv at a but we will tel you j one Freedman Jerry Roberts Harris county a 4. Murdered by Buck Chandler and l. Bales Dill Renei a it to can judge for Yam j j0 action reported As having been Takon by the civil authorities. One Fredman Willaim Wright Victoria county murdered by a unknown White Man. No action reported As having been taken by the civil authorities. One Freedman county. Mur dered by Daniel Dougherty. No action reported As having been t Aken by the civil authorities. One Freedman. James Jordan a Fugio county murdered by parties unknown. Shot while carrying a letter to the Bureau agent at Victoria. One Freedman name unknown fort Bond county murdered by we. S. Collins. Particulars unknown. No action by the civil authorities reported. A june. In a Fri a Matt Ani ird gee Washington a of a qty murdered found tied and murdered. No action by the civil authorities reported. One fiet Dian Peter Higgins Harris county murdered called out of his House at night Dike Toky standing advertisement if la it Ampey a a a Dahl a Quot Isi Nelilie Iriki galve3tos. Was arrested and put under $5,000 Bonds by j. A de Gress Provost a Irshal. Ono Freedman Quot Wasrington Washington county murdered by one Murry in cold blood. No action by civil authorities Freedman m. White Grayson county murdered. Shot while running away from a White Man who wanted to Rob him. One Freedman Jack Thomas Grayson county murdered. One Freedman Douglas Grayson county murdered. Called up at a late hour and shot by parties unknown. No action reported As having been taken by the state civil authorities for the arrest of the guilty. Three freedmen names unknown Fannin county murdered by two desperadoes who said they wanted to thin out the niggers a Freedman name unknown Grayson county murdered by two. White men Quot who wanted his horse. No action by the civil authorities. A one Freedman. Bill. Fannin county mar a or or reason of Lacity of producers in holding inc kids quotations have not been can gecs throw Gap private mercantile at s3j per 100 lbs yellow do. Nos. 13 tt25@5 75 do Browns do. Nos 11 o04 00@4 12ido Cucu Ruohola do. 10, at s3 5003 87 j do.1 shipped Tula week from Havana and Matanzas Seskind 2,104 lids of which to states for new my a had gone out but to were convinced t the contrary the other Day at Miller s whole Jivis , whore there was boxes enough to Supply All Texas with every variety of mint stick and gum drop. If our Interior friends keep Paco in consumption with Liis factory they must Havo. Several Sweet Teeth. Liaw Meh and tiie to have men about me that Uro fat Moo. Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look ouch men Aro so Caid so Iken care. If there the not an improvement in Tho Market to Uhall to an lean a3 Cassius. The beggarly array of icon beef Ono Ceca in the Market is enough to Tarvo an epicurean a log. Thero is hardly fut enough on Thieo flt alls to Greaso a buckwheat Cako griddle. Ono is no better than another. Thoy All complain Aliko no fat Beof. Why not the Facto Ere grave it a Oaid that the speculators select All i by an of shipments to european the Quot i an cattle and put Thorn at Ono end of the 1 ports except ores to w. I. Island for our use anti nil Trio Fata ones on the j ports. Mac Gars with Bales Good re outlier end for. Exportation to now Orleans i a la a. The fat ones Aro so Luu Cythe heaviest that they have to put Toneu to balance and keep the fat Enid from going Down. This is a ser Iona a annoy Luce and ought not to be endured. We ingest that the butchers take their cleavers a 1. I it in in Lyyti m Vui Utill make an equal division take the fat end j the reopening it und received in Ono of far a while and let Tho now Orleans people the Battles sch Nind. On monday try old Bulto for a month or no. To shall publish Tho first fellow we Ueo with fat beef on his stall self. The Jig simply refers to he two lowest cd is an argument by which Freauf string is obtain neck for them and of re Ater volume of a und on the Bai this gives get r Power and in a instrument. Th3 arrangement us been known Foi nearly Twenty yet has not hither Bec a much used a Brealie in the to be Between the . On that sepia i nose made lit Webb specimens of which were a for the Pari exposition the Uteri claim to have remedied tiny objection to the a a overs Runi How Well Frey have sue dec hied i d ear t n they claim the most brillant Square pianos Nide bikers claim distinct advantages for to Ruments tie Chicker ring piano is Ibe Long live. The Light i Aud shot. Piano to be tiie bietau. Found that a cry Ltd ride Anju tier it Calhoun county ears. Each has its Hon Rotre i Wanton and unprovoked murder. No action by the civil authorities reported one Freedman Martin Cro Movell Victoria county murdered by Aleander Cromwell. No action let a Tho civil Anthor Tiea reported one Freedman No. Brown Liberty. County. Shot through the body. Reported by Captain Frank Honsinger. No action by the civil dered by a party who then robbed and burned his House. No action by the civil authorities. October. V two freedmen names unknown Guada Loupe county murdered a found dead. Had been before threatened for making complaint to the Bureau agent. November. One Freedman s. Alexander near marshal county Highway robbery by a gang of armed White men. The grand jury dare not indict the criminals. Decemb2k. One Freedman name unknown Prairie Lea publicly whipped to death for calling a Young Man a Tom Quot a Stead of a master one Freudman name unknown,.-ewiria.lea-, shot Aud severely wounded. A no action reported As having been taken by the civil authority s. Oriti Freedman e. Parson Austin shot and a adv wounded by a White Man named Aaron Boyce no action by the civil authorities reported. One treed Mau coloured preacher near Houston shot and dangerously wounded by a White Man who was held for trial by a Justice of the peace at the instance of the Bureau. One Freedman Nat Henlin near Austin shot and severely wounded and robbed by a Patty of White no action by civil authorities reported. A a 3ne Freedman name not st1.ted, near Houston murdered. Found dead bucked gagged Aud shot. Employer of Freedman suspected. General Gregory assistant commissioner in his report of june 18, 18c6, says a before the civil authorities of Texas where a negro is the victim acquittal follows murder As a matter of and Street. Ambler amp i it a. Sraj Liery. . e t Atto me vain Aylor Geo w amp co. Cumin Mission amp. Cotton factors Ball. Hut Olling amp a co Colton is and com Nirady. J t amp we. A actors. Com. An 1 Micro. List tar a. Bro scr and a Quot ent. Lium amp co a l re Good a Etc. Quot a big shop k. Llomar. Int Ramento. Etc. Conget. Jul of wines and liquors. A c for Taco g a exch Anjo Bank. Droe dec co., Cotton factors Aud commission. Flet Olier Clark of co. Commission. 1 Rederich a Factor and commission. Greenleve Block a co dry goods importers. Gray amp Sheldon dry goods amp a. Hohorst amp co. H. Wholesale grocer so. Commission fans amp goal scr grocers. Taskell a a attorney. Dawes amp Ovren. Shipping. Honse t a Factor and commission. Hunt Anderson amp co. Ins Aranco a tents. Hewitt Swu Ihor amp. Co. Commission Ana ii Ohanio. Hend Msj amp a co we. Commission and shipping. Half amp. Co of tobacco and cigars. Wolonick amp Smith. Commission. Jones Sci g a. Actor next. Quot a Kopperl m. Importer and commission. of cigars lottery a ent. Lidstone amp Barnes auctioneers. Lidstone amp. Co. In tiers. A i no v amp son. Ship Erot cers. La�? amp Zlogar Cotton factors. Maziale. To f. Wholesale vines amp liquors blather amp co t. Factors and commit Aioli. Mckee. James a. Ship Jig and commission. Mama ban amp co. T h. Commission and i actor. Fer chants 3intnal insurance i cot. Fire arms and ammunition. Moses i to Isaac. Factors and commission. Muller amp a s Aud wholesale grocers Oppermann g. Groceries and fronce. Oswald amp co the. Forwarding and commission. Lanpert co. Cotton and Exchange. amp co a general commission. Shackel Forti. Brown amp co factors and coat Misaiko Sellers i co j it. Commission and shipping. A a Ali in a Elf Frey Groe ors. Sessi ims itco.,factors and come Mission Sci Hii Ati Volst. Commit asian. Sorter James. Factor and commission. amp co we. Commission and Exchange. A a r Tooa at y e a for 3t of iary and Timo port per Irful hich nor a 3 Ini Date 0 of f Anto is has 1 of notice. From and after this Date we will not insure tin Dor our open policy Cotton consigned tons from any Point on the Central tail Road unless directed to to Row As Tho president of that rond has increased the s Toa of freight and pledges that he will pay for All Cotton lo3t or Burnt on that Road. A. Ses situs amp co. Galveston nov 22, 18 in. F nov3-ld3toew no action by the civil authorities advantages our laser us st Babiane the. Merits a defects. Notick. Lffi-xb2�As,.i.iajsstata.uafj�.c,. Galveston county. Dirks deceased. Rio he Jon Ohrablo county court of said county hav ing on Trio 2d Day of february instant appointed the undersigned administer matrix de Bonis non with will annexed of th<5 estate of j. C. Dierks deceased. All Persona having claims against said Watato Are required to present them in proper form to the on designed for allowance to Law. T1iekesi.v diet tvs Galveston feb. I.-i6c7. Administer matrix. L be c-w4w, Sydnor to s 4-j a auctioneers. Smith pc co s c i s a dry goods. Soiled u. I Billi factors and Cost Mission. Sanford Ita Nule factors and commission. Schneider amp co. A Prodico and groceries. Schmidt amp. Drenched. Wholesale hard a o. Stoddard amp Burk. Staple and fancy goods. Thompson i Goli Thwaite attorneys. Trueheart h in. Tax agent and rotary Public. Fat Ord amp Jones auction and commission. Inion ins Ranee company. Van Yore amp Zigler. Cotton brokers. Wolston. Wells a Tidor come a amp Cotton factors Wilson t. D amp co. Factors and commission. Wagner the commission. Centre Street. Blakely. E a auction amp commission. Chas. 1 Forrler agent Morgan line Central wharf Mechanic Street. Adams A. Commission and shipping. Bausinger a China and glassware. Bennett fir Brockleman Coppersmith. Galveston lode to. 3, f. Planters Cotton pres a Harrar f. A., Gas fitter. Lasserre j a Fin so restaurant. 20th Street. Bock Peter grocer. Hermitage w a. Painter. 22d Street. Kan Flinan i co j. Commission and Exchange Market Street. Bauss the watchmaker. Kampe a. W confectioner. King b amp a painters. Flake a groceries. Liquors Etc. Cassel c., agent Wheeler amp. Wilson Lla Ohio. Shaper Chas. Dry goods. Tremont Street. A Hull feb. A. From the to Jour Vij t Ulsan a. Advises Fri not i avg been As favourable As cited the of Iagar Inar Kot i since the Arr Eagle 1 been less j authorities reported Atiye and to part of the operations j two freedmen names not stated. Liberty a have been clue Basic of $ to rials i murdered by a White Man. No action by the for no. 12, Oil 00c lbs but j civil authorities reported. Three freedmen names not stated Bastrop county murdered called to the doer at night and shot by parties unknown. No action re a sorted. One Freedman Jacob Stor Grayson county murdered by j. C. Bennett who escaped. No action by Tho civil authorities reported. --.july. One Freedman name a unknown a Robertson York by Adolphia -100 do cd 1 county murder eds do a or not co Hhd Bell 125 boxes and 41 Hhd Haf no act Lott the Clvis liuth0ntlt� to Portland 338xnd to Lalumere. 150 j p0�?T of father and Robertson boxes and 8, to i year a Quot to Tuk Kisool kit Siok time will give lug Oslo dial professional attention to All those persons that May require such in All in equity and admiralty hat should be. A in the a a. S. District and ii Cuit court 3. Of i Baa and the Tipri to court of Tho United states at Washington City. To Rill give his Legal advice to thu president and directors of Tho various Railroad companies now chartered in Texas for their Presont and future welfare and the of the stockholders in general having while in England Fop five years acquired Fibuch experience on such subject matters. Having a great desire to promote Tho future Prosperity of Texas he will give his professional attention and advice to the a landholders association of Terue a also to Tho president and directors of the land labor find immigration company Quot to the Quot president and managers of Tho blooded Stock association Quot of Harris Bank in Harris county Tox a -9, also to the president and managers of1 the direct steam navigation company of Houston Quot Aid should Thoa Bovo to solicit of let a the governor comptroller and trea3-Urcr of Texas Ralat Lyo to the school Undt and a do leaving to two r i1 r Cist a Cir i w. Equal period Quot boxes and 7, 307 bids. I no action by the civil authorities reported. Aono Freedman Isaac Henck Wash Fagton county murdered by we. Fields who escaped. No action by Tho civil authorities reported. A ses firtonalir55a- rials for Mussob Keg. A in Osiier Good a our Decd by Cook Jones who escaped. No Rochau Quot Eto act Ioji by the civil authorities reported. 0 a a one Freedman Gabe Titus county murdered by an unknown organized party. No action by civil authorities reported. One Freedman. Ben Washington county murdered by w. James. No cause. No action by the civil authorities reported. General j Doti recently assistant commission freedmen s Bureau in Texas is lilt a in Washington a Ron fat tue is Tho Day known in Tho Calend in of festivities As hard ora.1 or i at Buesil in. These word., Are French and i . Norton aids of the United states army were 5 the Olifice who Jil in. Operating by removing Sou Ilof Bone which had prevented thu com Heuling and he is How doing i a ill be confined to his bed for some Wax in it w. Of the x. 1&Quot. 7 a in s. Acot st. Surgeon general h one Freedman l. Biol ones Brazoria county murdered by win. Plaugh no cause. No action by the civil authorities reported. One free woman nismo unknown Tarrant county murdered. Taken from her House with another Rree woman both a pod this one murdered. A As May equal tout. And although last not least he will professionally assist 100,000, whose names he has in Liis Possession As next of Kin and absent heirs who hath Boon advert coed for through Tho orders from the High court of chancery in England to be and appear by their certificates produced thereon and Snow themselves entitled to re Cievo As such the several amounts of monies or estate to which they May to entitled no remain los invested in Tho various government securities under the supervision of Tho accountant general of Trio Gigli court of chancery in England. 3i. practical attorney in search of practice with a Cash capital of 91uoo, wanted a Pax car with the above. None need apply unless to has had some practical experience before a Petit jury. Allele tutors addressed to the above on Tho various subject matters herein mentioned will receive prompt attention by enclosing Posto Allce Stamps to the amount of 50 cents. No answers May to of pelted unless the latter Rule is complied Rotor aces to required such can be Given to the roat respectable numbers of Tho Legal profession medical legislative and commercial from Horio one Orthor of Tho southwestern states be tween Connecticut and Texas with California included. A Holce up Stavra Over Trio court Lioums of Trio hour utile United state Oart it Galveston and Pastoni District of Texas,fcvj0<tiawcarrill e. G. Boot and shoes. Leinbach John boots and shoes. Mccarty c a auctioneer and agent. Pillman hs4 co dry goods Cic. Prince it pc bar nuts jewelry store. Key baud a e her and Baths. Estabrook or. Dentist a Post office Street Owell or Greenville physician. Is Dmonson or l a dentist. A Meyer by Kahn Cor �2d, dry Gorilo and clothing. Stancel Jesse attorney. A j Brook e if. Stoves Anco tinware. Langholz a. A Germania House. Burgess i w. Commercial College. A new York. Blum amp a cot and Shock 55 a arted. Burtis French amp Woodward a Croc Rory i Barolat a Biddle amp. Co g a commission 83 John. Farmer Little amp. Co Type found Ora �5 . Fuller John a of team engines Etc. 8 Day. Gardner Doxter amp co., commission tvs Poirel. Hall South Wickli co Boot shoes 231 Broadway Laeey Zine Leer amp co saddlery 27 Chambers. Murray Ferris amp co. Commission Anil shipping. Swift amp co., Henry ice Pearl. Sterling a Ambrosia co �15 Fulton. Tufts Burtis co fancy goods <03 Broadway. Lathrop Ludlon Sitoa amp co. Broadway dry Gioda. Andrew clerk amp co 43 Faidon Lane Needles Etc. Strasburger is Kuhn 13 Maiden Lane toys Etc. Sew Orleans. co a. . Tit Pov Draa Street. Castendyke e. Champaign amp liquors 90 Caine at. Hunter a Stew amp co., shipping. Hewitt scr ten amp co. Commission. Mcquoid Mehlo s co commission and cattle. Muller ii Piaget a dry g of oilily k Chartres it ret. Stumborg . Grocers 69commerce Etro Eti Walie Ilell a ship broker and commit Eaton. . Bossaer amp a Coe Nisslen hav iii. Morril a a a. Attorney Austin Texas. Oliver Row attorney Houston. Phat sex Ciai Abaca com play Earth bad Caber a a pcs cramp co c . Hocus a. T to Bre the uld the i in in a the the Tho non will Ess my 1er, a of Aid a to on Exien pal id 1er Lay is on be �q6 in or it the and of Fri iii Ier is do la pc a to c a p1 so is a it a a a la be Veir As la. Us to to to a is Ai cd a. U id to by a a it a a a a to s. R 13 old Yoy Al to do n Sec a i 00 to to in Reg to in tal a acc by

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