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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin Newspaper Archives Mar 6 1867, Page 4

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Galveston Flakes Weekly Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 6, 1867, Galveston, Texas He Flke a weekly Gal amp ton bulletin. It re Rie a a i Vlf bulletin v. I lit. B. Bin Kkt. so a Klov by f Flake amp co. . -aia1u�ii 0, list ,7. In Lviv sit my a Xiy. 1a ick. Starts of Oarle a. Panay a , Tho Chro. I of Jo. Acis a it n or York re chives $50n it Alf fur Aix k a scion ii it am c. Calb of of Home Stearl in South or it to be Clil at action. Mir Harris rho Mur it ii vol Turrou solid. At Quot Wash a been committed to an insane Asylum. Sol anus Cobb. Or. The Lori Seratore or Zitur. Truda in choir in the first of it Ewait. ,1. The of Riboka Telegraph says the truth about to a a a trn eel that she Quot oin to the Magdalen a a Vla ii Xiii or the care of Tho Autera of Tho Good. Silo pro i. Tho town of Taylorsville Spencer county. Kou Tricky. U t be let a under water from the fre Suot. Tho Detroit Board of Trade passed resolutions. Tho legislature at Lansing to virtually Noh muted All but tue More noted insurance cobia a nits from doing business a in Michigan. A Lotu a which came from Europe in Tho mail to an i it Wiliie of new York. Has been seize by the of the port found to contain $3, Worth of Diarro amp a. Llori now in her forty second year. She a up priv to Tho Marquis can in Ca Dol Grilo a \ i Omati Nobleman two handsome Chil a son daughter in their teens. Allar Rte Oil a Auy Ixer on her american tour. Liko Jenny Quot a Ilid tin sullied my Quot a a Amine of the great Laluc a matter of no importance. 1�?Theio Are now on the 67fj j Ain a run have Sou with a tonnage of 4i i ton. In a Canadian vessels with a tonnage or Quot fit jul i ions making a deet of-.171 vessels or All clashes. A with a tonnage of 5472jg tons. J Williamson late of the confederated army a. a to it cited to Tho United states Senate from j 7. A i Ulii hic i Nith h i it a prepared horse it hire a Rin a exposition made of raw Ore from the i pm a . Half the shoe finish?,1, the 1 it or Hall shows Ore it Dur lion the Milr a. A Irwin 1�?Tetr t i Yar ship d Teit a rat to Maine vie at to a a a a. the Gull. I i. N a uni i a business.-, in new Yinru very i five i?1. out of employ. Sgt it in juice Trad. H army. Vit a a a a Viat on a a for Rivers harbours i cd j v. Congressional Grubl Fob sic i ne\7spaikrs. The Al a lowing circular bits been issued by Tho editors of Loyal journals in the Southern states a a sin Tho undersigned editors mib listers of papers in the Diso Rajau sized stat . Of the South respectfully beg leave to calf your Earnest Mout Ioa to the following to nuts the vie so of the necessity of aiding by the provisions of a Bill ree utly introduced into the House of , the few a ice Icalla Loyal papers which form the nuclei of sentiments in those regions a a a. �?o1. The government patronage in publish Jing the Laws ac., now bestowed almost exp Clu Savoly on papers intensely disloyal inimical to the will of the a Oval people of tile j nation. I. A i. The prevailing spirit of the rebel element will not Tok Rato their business men in advertising in Union papers or otherwise them.  �3. In will be impossibly to organize sustain an efficient Union party in the disloyal a to immunities unless a Quot Loyal a press established maintained Liero to combat treason error. Lii. Owing to the general improvement of the South acid especially of the Union people who were the Especial objects of rebel vindictiveness during the the few Loyal papers a Ofca in existence there Ara greatly embarrassed in their efforts to Eon Tine the publication of Pioneer sheets a majority of them we a probably be compelled to Dij spead unless assisted by such Aid Tho representatives of the Loyal people of Tae nation have it in Teloir Power to a believing the. Republican members of Congress it be disposed to help in every legitimate in thei Gowor vre Havo prepared two measures , which if adopted will not Only ensure the continuance of All existing Republican papers in the South but will Aiso greatly increase their circulation consequent. Izi dunce for Good. The measures a a re a a a i a set 01 joint resolutions have a ived. The Uvora a consideration of a of the committee , printing to q 1 Hii Lxi were 1"1�?�-ic i a the ii oust a i representatives Sci hiring j a to give then. Advie Silig to Etc Rte Iii nil Rifo Nous s papers named in the resolutions. i papers Are of Kun Owia ii Public cafe principles i a m 10 have been named to prevent the design or in Ostis no there. To the measure Froid being frustrate d. the not there. Not a a. Evus ing . Be Leit v. i ii a a. A Jive petition r now it. A the come tic on appropriations a i. to insert in one of their Bills i notices in corned a customer e. A acted to pay just what any All other i omers pay. There a cause for every that happens Thoro must be a cause Tor the Suc Cosa of s Hill tix he failure of t other Loyal papers. The cause Lound in this fact among others they Uro party a j pers Tho but Ohtis u a Atio Nau they Are j bound by financial loyalty to Render Alle i Cianco to parties Fai tons. The i i it Independent of All. Prat of blames j seems Good in its eye.? of any body else. To hear All complaints again Birch of the mail service. His from the department Are Tif nil complaints regulate to of the postal service in every i Power Aud he invites All who have spam plaints to Janake to Lay them before h regular form for Otinicial action. Daily i i of the remain in a Huston for or two. A May be found it the i e in a. There Aro other reasons people Are not so 1 City. From Here he goes to tfx a w vre Prouo to be vindictive that they will Long Sac he will make i a _ Headri Bartoio eve i Rit ice their own interest to their prejudices. 1 mams state. F if a newspaper Lias the uew.-,r Puoplo who \. Hit those interested see to he att. I postal Quot Quot a a Otter a Texas correspondent of Tho or. We. Daily special Attlio Post a new York Tribune recently read3 can office department in the reared j labor that Tho a a ukr so upon the free Jim but had to let it aside. Leava Cvito i in a i to to that thu a Itera it Ronco of Iho in urea i v buy it it it a. feb a Cir a ctr ii Cir to. We be i to to whether Tho two she Iliin pc a i i Ritu if so. Tho More r Ilour ii a upon of tin o pen it the lexis Hitto to a1 i Ilvia �13. A want to know the news will read it if a paper readers those who have goods to sell will advertise in i if others choose to Trade on the loyalty of their antecedents or to solicit congressional grief to nourish their attenuate i Journ . to keep the Flicker i ing breath of life a. Little longer in their Uos-1 trial they can do it. We do not understand the business. It May to set Down a general Rule that papers which do not support themselves do not deserve support. Besides what the Uso of a congressional Nursery for infantile newspapers / newspapers Are use Are suppose a million copies of unread papers Ore. Thrown into the Southern mail does that amount to anything ? they might we a be printed in greek. Arabic or sanskrit for ail the Good they accomplish. If by any Chance they should be read their influence would be. the path Between editorial. Room a Inid the congressional 11 it. Would be too Aud too direct for the animus to it be.,. Puppet shows lose ail interest when the moving strings ale ill Pla Light. We Clotioe that. I most a it Eia Ai to t a journal do a a. A i ii est. Tire Merit i it a of the so agent Isail Sreh matters need correction new to the safety regularity sped fails. Our mail grievances have old to tear. Tho the mails ions. The eccentric routes that matter nos takes wonderful the delay Difidi entitle. List complaints made in these Atno int j to but Little. Let each Pai grievance be distinctly stated. If Perse tailed to Reee Ivo their papers or letter season let them give a t Enlar info. A that the. Cause May be determined Cor dec Felt. J thei r it a withdrew a. Attempt on a m How i 1 the inter to r it. Pm that will pm no such thin. Ltd a a a Ai k do a its or lorb it in v be the provisions tit 1 a. R a a w Hitu Refuge. A a a a Oil Arv of this d str ii Iriton goes ii . The Texas a a suture make what Laws it c. A a Quot. Tempt made to sex cute a words to Sny a so tar a a a it a the t to oeiier.il.-, differ not in to done but in the of doing Griffin says that object people of Was an Oppert a without supervision an he not pleased with the result. y or a a alien the he a a my i t., a a to Lien., to give to do a. At a a i. It a. .,.1. T11k a Evv. La the confusion Iuo Hie hurry of closing the business of Contis impossible to state the exact position prominent Rne astir. The Militzer quient b d Over the veto of a lev. The tenure of o ice Bill a Over the veto now a Law. It Al tie res. I i int from removing of dec officers i. �1. A Quot iras reasons. It a 2rill Over All the j patronage. A a a a the a proper probably Beme a i , either by u"p0 0quot of f j. I twi that in i it onion Merciai Delto for Home in Noble h a quoth i. A \ a Noble of the n . J , missis journalists. , a�?T.�. With Iii r future. Loters a a a no have to be gentle u v. To Weir it Quot of a n or. So a a a Aget to Tele in my. Slitti f a 1. H it co a re Tus Pei it a.�?T, i the i. Ii a Jan met. But Litte other r other been All -. For i iia t movements in lakes in Cicur a a. I Assipi i River it a fur Dini. Re i re mi>3 Sippi. Thor Oil Aiso directs mry of Var to it c? the Quot i Eye of the re or Al it Ove the Falls of St. Anthony n. I Aii i i a cd . Hid . Aad. J Iii t Nairn tiv a Usu Stetary of 5iat to three it of Tuu seven a. I ii i Raj Siaa . announced to hive i cd Udo to be pub Hui in the papers a tree men a i it a a a ten of espionage Ore the a the Laws voc Luiu Itoh treaties passed. To have t3k.a. Out of then various t Jii j i.-,, Aud entered into since 18�?Tjl. These Ui-Eamtsnrcon-ptos3�anjf re no being published . Around ass Iii a to Aid t a a both a cause of this violation a of j a this measure Aiso received the a Vorbau Lisle a paper in nov 1 a he a consideration of a majority of the committee to especially St irl in it Weott. Of co Ortlani. New York Haa. To which it referred. E,.-. Rovit a greenbacks which Wero taken Ari this session of Congress if near jts to a does t a Clyae it obvious that any measure for the patronage. It tie a Quot r 3 it Well . Encouragement of the it w Loyal paper. U to a Money for anytl.--. A r a a at Salt Lake City recently j Outh requires prompt action we j a 1 t i. A. At cards took of coat hat. Pants Aud Vest. L v drawers. While he bet the Redt of u big Vest pocket last september by a Provini Tuut j who Lili her nest in a Ciu i with them. At participates in i in the Brigit Elk e. It them save a. We believe that mail journal . The editor of a Trier in the a St a sing it to get funds to estatleans., we desire it to Al that Ali tin either Public it re private r asks Tor nor r div h its a tile tit. The .11t.t a p. Y almost to o. the dind. It be general i Quot a in a Aan v at Wei. A tie Cit it Alio top b. I. The .--,-.--i ce.-.,. A a. Ea f tin pm City Gal test a. K it. The the paper. Thes a it Vay. Foit nne a h Lait the a Ray be several t came to Rescue e to dollars ahead. Fain believe that the Justice necessity of a the measure prop sed cannot be doubted . A a Loyal Congress t Thuai alone the Union men of True South look for help. Quot believing that will not Thra a deaf. Llltlilil Eill. The military . Ronen Bill now a Law. that an Etiz Ort will of i fifth 70li Sie. A 1 this issues the first of the 5.h volume of j eau its a Eesle Brno i. We cannot re train 0 1 an occasion like the j resent irm i Riedy reviewing the history of this journal. To our fellow citizens the facts which be shall present Are Well known. To strangers 1 Ark. New Comers Quot ta6v Mav not be uniter a a a ban Edi Gusta a. War Lic j a what Smit editor Newn Trion Ilich a Cal mond a. Id published the , a news Anfir a . I Irmi no. Editor Virginia state ear to this our Appeal we remain a a respectfully Youra alnsr.t a editor nation Aigist. To b be. Ala. J a a a. Jiskra blocs dons editor Homer . I Iliad a a i a v. Dull editor Quot new Erti fort Smith it it no it we have on a previous Ocil Lunedi to the German opera of Clincia an Ezaki i worthy of imitation tic ving that we Van have produced own , Superior to any that Sibly be a brought out by foreign Troup copy the following notice of the Sam Ehe times of that Eity. It will 1.�?T ii tit All the performers Are business n.it of them Money making merchants. Ids ticker he Best by evr an american stage yet to take eve society the i m Enner an for years previous to the senior proprietor of Flash Bulletin r Loyal georgian.1 a in paper j a . in the go Amati Lac Guage. Shortly after the to Quot Ujj Haiie Ort. A a. M. Clave edit or journal. V a Leuester pm to began the cml Ian Iuo sized Ana remained for i Iril after a tie it Iai led f.1 sought a Homo a a. Lis on. Oar Citize thy there it them. We then began a the t poin made by the that patronage at the South by a i it . Luge m were Cla Norou a for no to stowed on i Doyal p. In . To insert an i publishes the treaties general Laws ac., un-Ilnglih column in the German . Thia i or a pr0iui?% to rec Ite in payment provided Pir six a satisfied the Public want which Fin 1 Congress passes the appropriation one Dellar per printed Page of the official copy. This exactly precise in two thirds the wages j i y More frequent information tax i the usion supplied on the �5th of inv it in i we were induced to meet this i a Afj for Newi by print ing such dispatches a. Could obtain either from official sources paid to the Printer for composition. That to say we do All the Presswork. Proof Reading general for nothing Are meal Al Elton Union extra. This continued a ral troops took Possession of i patronizing a or by Privati Enterprise. In the form of slip out of pot of Fol one third besides if be Are Over a ant these wer3 ens at with the caption j a i any thing so instead of Boin Patron j a a sized by theg overment Flake the govern sent. We heartily1, cite in october. �?T62. On the 5th of Jan j agree with the sick men that Loyal pair by 61, we met the desire to have the news i pers Ira necessary to Tho development of j ei�?T.cd Reg Ilary before the Public on a Sheet Loyal sentiment but Riore sightly Bett amp a adapted to preserve cd it i. By issuing the a rat number of a a Flake of be Nakade to super cml court Uenle it. A constitutional yet. Until such decision made it the Law an must be of veil. From 1 the Best sources o information we can learn i a tit Little save cor.jet.ure, of the manner 1 1 which a it. Will lie executed. In these Staie a 1 wer.p oath Taki a Quot men Lav n elected to it office we believe the into at ii to allow then. To Hov their hands i they keep a item or. I scribed Bounds they will be uttered to Contin their . But if they to it a it on i j Bidden Grund or attempt to crowd either j Union not a or Freedmn of the sidewalk they j i i Quot be promptly net a a a to . J.n�?aui4ad>id-Thr&&Gtaglwqtth j Tex hard to surmise. Most if not All i the Ivil officers Are Eien opted from a labor by their disc Elisii of he test oath. A they at a forbidden to officiate. By the . It not that a military Vernor r. Vost m Urshal will be appointed. There one feature to which Quot a a a have alluded before its adaptability. The com Uander in of Hief May give a big lose it of pm Tilic proportions he Mav at discretion give a Lull e merest to adoring of military Rule. The of Jec re psf Congress so the friends of the measure assert to educate in loyalty giving just so much rein Good Tor j Leadin . At any rate shall wait with both curiosity anxiety for what developed. Ryda. Chor doing More a it a this music in America than ail tile county Sands i Peli d on the1 italian of Berghout the United states. The m ins grand orchestra gave their Taij Acnam. Of Undine to a crowded Abcug House last night. Tie or Chor Ilses Ali m nuer chord Are a rarity Aud a Chari it . But Seldom the privilege of sic Loving a Utens to witness Lis the Best opera troupes Fame a die in Voici Are unable to produce a to pow Rini a or More harmonious than it Ilu ced by the. Hundred disciplined finale arc female of the a it Niico Ohori. A i Ltd the a .Mith Large attendance of our native a Opidi nation at these perform Teiei lies constituent uie Moers Are All reside City allo copied at some by Tima Tsor Trade apart trom music Thui portion not the personal were born de ill this City. These facts go butt Quot cd local Pride which Cim inn key in the Success of to operatic of our Ani incan an i German Iii tutors of the Iima eur school. We Vail now since undo ashes its close for the season of the i performers in the a j miss Loci or of music member of everal Chat cd. Rei 1 so 1 i Ern t ,.nd the in ban to Larriu Ryai a a firk., i vis with a Dir a. It. T its pro a a a a a i a .-.vi. R i h .Las a Del. 1 til in Quot or. A a of a to Ginde. Ato out ten d or a. If . A a a in a i. A it Levi git. it t Rev to. Thing like3.1 paid I a my t a "un. At Quot a a above to. A it tii/,."bv Riv a. Titis in will it to the -. Am ,.�/,. Tin. Than any comp Ting in. A i., u. ,3 of Icker freights to All the a r�?~ g a 1 in a it a a w regard a work ,.s or to print a., v Iii the it so new it Irb ans now w Gnu to Rejrer t.iin or Trad Agi to if >n.ptiti it Noj the Cross r it W. To -. Therefore that the through which Iii cited Road a pass will not disc cat Tij gae c the payment cd the transit to h All e imputing a a Iti Tare to to. Sib u be wilftpr.t by m of oar Eastern rival a. It will en.b> the Cross rotes. Stlll-v.?,� a Ali Quot a i. To Quot Trale to new y re. re part r. A it p it its of the.itith. But. The t m. n 1.1 we the ways then Intres a with the freights will a it they arc. �\eryvh&-re Al Opi nent i it Lins a. Xii it cited. A Quot. D i i it 1 e d id u Groin Divrting try it a in Iii irom Upp a a the read i to the shipping p Orts maj ii f a Roase a or a i fue . Gtd line our a to 11.1 a i i a a vhf a a does e created by the construct thr.igh in it try c.v a Nirei we have no right Toni fact a a Bertilda Quot a the Princesi Ian realm to the intentions of the military command inner Maidi Fhy Ackers. A a now edged amur of the Kepi seasons but for the hindrance by the Omar present a be 3eit of Psi. Pfc it f change of her Maidon jumbled esterday j Orick would to it still. It to i t a it i it. I , Ati i the Trad Quot Siux i him uni i of ii a intr a Bic to. T i Iii i a. Certainly cannot enjoy the nuent Ltd. a a a have no High to if we i or a r u Trade claim a right to Dir it it. A Nen new Orleans shall have Complet-1 r.lines of Railroad St Atushi its bit t Beenie the new York of the Gulf. thing., then Tomt Galva ton. any so Faith in City Wiull a term new i it Reshall. Jwj Cir of. A ill be for tha Beux it of new it Irb ans. To ii ire glad therefore to thft-no<2s3s of Nuy work which ends to Render Texas the Region South of new on. Am More prosperous knowing that our cite mus Quot by Moro accessible advantage on for in Side of their sugar Cotton than Uny Tolj r. More favourable for the Puro Fias of Tho in Clu indigo req tired by them in exh ing h c have boat h Satin if d from experienc Quot that a Railroad wisely projected cannot Stopp a a by opposition that the opponents generally by having to take Hack a Good Many spurious a Prophic in uncharitable speeches at an incredulous Vergoni having sworn onco he would oat the locomotive i it we do not think it Nece usary to feed them on congressional Gruel. We have noticed that children raised in slops the name resulted from the �0 Apt to be weakly to have Alao noticed Tbs Fortieth congrc3s it a bulletin nothing j that newspapers Nii oed on government Pat i fit of december Formerlyfor Rea a a Kuhl Boru Quot Undine Lief of the n it Quot It published the dispatches with j Ron age Are Apt to he a a out strength it to Soat of this change there will be several Stutes Truter sufi Ritzl a very icel it Rmer. I j �?ij1 Jet unto or comment. The name Sng-1 oat character without inf Leuco. The Peti j represented Iii Ong the number the Jerold senior of the firm Cro. A. Tested that thu Balateo of Tho eos the would or came to in j toners assume that it impossible for Loyal u be Tion in 1jiirch j boat Dit Mosab it not a a a Quot to opp�?zs3 Iii cruelly it a a bulletin it papers in the Southern state to a Prosper j r or Cut 1 election in april. A i a a a flame a a Bulister Quot became i Ous without government Aid. To Trio trill Island Jael action in april. I in Public co Nom a almost without our i of this proposition flail Bur Litti a 1�?kentucky 9 election in a. I. To Lis continue d until March 7, i living contradiction. Let look at Tho facts. Tennessee 8 election in August i i. coup aus Una ii Iaron Udif Ornia i it election m a a Tomb a. It when the first number of our fee Ekly geographically speaking the new it a i Uriost. I q Juas Alai Imp the new House will con a i wa., a Sheet of two pages congressionally speaking it circus latin in the Ain. O Ltd Ite to a Quot Wheir contrasted with 1 most disloyal Luthern comm Unity. Texas j i Zub. , f a it . Printed on very Good. Certainly bad a reputation m Pape while the Dily often con j any one of the eleven consider Ite Sisters t it in More sombre hues on j thera none that a Ptah louder a than thu r of the Testie Vrzich deaer3us3. For . It Las to�?�jfi.tppiug Sheet Giusio. Thia coating a to i equivocate always a a hoi it it published our j always expressed it. Jln owed in duo order _ our be Goth recember a ii then Aghiage Kajjy ,-.f sight Page a sixteen Page weekly a r. In \ or Tom prize a. Never bail 011 opinion it no Man favor nor to ucitedeh7 Manth patronage. It Eton a the a United Objio Attoh of nearly nil Jemo cents j when All the slates 1 ing Nebraska it will Liep i Blicaus Leruo crafts. A. I years. -ov.jk,&Quot the Squire who Beauti-1 Ini Tenor solos Kuehns or. A Henry Caruth the Mercha ear old Quot journal grown with j Tho journals religions a ocular in the rapidity we compare its present a state. Yet its a a eco hat been perfectly in Luton Tho Junior of the 1 Pitton amp m3 . To ii Oft a win j by l.,. Of Hajj of i Quot Loans the Butler the Mic ch.,r a it no up a to to or or. Coh sticker oomph opt a a a. To -,.toa f have Ali to lib inn chief City of u m r a it i a Ai amt haul no with a tax Tufty five j i it he in h report for t in t Ynr, 1 i Gay a a of the Nunn it a of parcs who to 1 liquor sold in Boston. These amounted 1 to fifteen Hundred Lite to against seven i teen i vudred twelve Klio previous year j it considered a Quito a a to mrable fact the j in i strict two in which arc. The head j i artery of the Misc it to Iii Quot i number a in in 1 1 Irb i coat a ably Jat year at tin tis it a of making thatch i Quot report t to he inert d find Seretti it i k Jim Jhons dealt in spin turns in Jura m Lio second by Unet while Only two i undred an i dealers Wro Quot to eight Are i for that Quot pc riot. Liu cantly the it Tilber of ii pair i 1 shop,., on the . Lrritorv , rubber Heel stiffening a publish them task tent there in Twenty four recording a to apr Are itly g a of. In Al it re , i Clad a 147 i 111 osos tm.�?we u another 1 place a report read by it Nikon it a the Quot Senate. Will be composed of forty two Quot outrages said to have tetrapod on a pts Diehs twelve democrats. Among freed men in d eras the Befi incr its arc classed Doolittle it Are the m�.vinj& Congro in Ort a Ilion. A a a a. i never before Many of Aie been hear have we a a Arance Vith the Little Sheet to first of satisfactory to a rtt. Are abundantly pleased at its scr it v pro spirit. Quot among of i visa i etts Tho american they a not j Osmany Tho a Visy a Apter Quot Couarm find Cliff any falsehood that it authority. Solicit any government Aid. Jodh o govern manufacturing Coni Pany Tho. New eng j Hall. Made known relieved f port ion of a american a a or o work to a done it via ilbo land Auti company. A a 0 the Odin i of the Chav a j put in Luly. 1 its proprietors. Id. Oil

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